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Monday, May 14th
Interview with Josh Kimbrell – Candidate for 4th District seat in Congress

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Inning and went out well common district for a congressional candidates judge she Kimbrel fellow talk show host you may recognize from the market. Hey just. Do you wanna territory. Are either and welcome to show appreciation join us. I just glad I'm glad to be waited too good Monday morning. A ping an dived right in how many you were elected to congratulations. It is your first day in office all the furniture has been moved in what is the most important thing he would even do first. Enjoy a dollar deficit we've got imagery and our deficits this is something that we were outraged about and our deficit. It's under President Obama now are our Republican congresses. Try Q is it look like they're on track this year to run another trillion dollar deficit in the present at the white house budget director Levine you're trying to cut the budget cut spending and congress he's fast he's one point three trillion dollar omnibus spending bill also my first order business to be. The federal budget look in other words re introduce what it already tried to do it eleven got the federal budget capita percentage of the economy. And balanced the budget we got in these deficits or it's game over. Do you support deed tax cut that our presidents are trump who led the way on and Republicans voted for in congress. Absolutely people who say that tax cut pleaded deficit they're all the laughter Kirk prove that what the true when you cut taxes revenues ought to Washington accused. I smaller percentage of a bigger economic ties a bigger percentage of smaller I had every time we ever cut taxes. And reduced income tax relief in a grossed an economy that's driven to be true now. I don't view that is what's driving the depth I think entitlement programs out or form are the not fully repealing obamacare is these kind of things have to be addressed to prevent or reduce spending and tax cuts. Our good economy good for the budget. You you know he's ended doesn't that tax cuts a good feel kind of good for the bison didn't they grow the budget and I would assume that would look work on the local level to act is asking on him last year you led the fight for a tax height. In Spartanburg county and tell day press conference with the Democrat party the local chamber you were the head of the Republican Party at the time. I'm campaigning for a one cent sales tax heights. But and I have a flyer from your campaign where you say you fart a property tax hike but she didn't mention the part I your campaign flyer where you fought for the one cents. Tax taken in would you want to cut taxes end in Berber Tammy T spurt there. Like you should legitimate federal government. Whether the difference in income taxes and they'll then factor I think that the two worst ones taxation architect who's. I'd apart reject number one the property tax Mathieu. And not lower than a permanent land lead Soledad take people's property put it into the government and don't make one regular shall update property tax. Are or are expensive I think there in front of the American revolution. And an income taxes especially progressive income Jack that there are a punishment all successor to those emotions. Our owners formed in my view there is the difference between our gut the federal level. At a local consumption tax that sunsets and excited about supported tax hike I think this lady what I have set. And what was the situation airspace slit his barber county last year it really talk about the local government time and I think you talked about that show. They're really since 2008 the doctrinal legislature it illegally not duke. Which help local government sponge and the county this means hundreds of millions of dollars while our state. There were local sales taxes collected at the county level that we're supposed to be handed back the counties to find. State mandates state magistrate courts state our obligation that these are not mandate that state requires counties in low carb to do. And the government is the state government continually does mandate on the county. While illegally withholding money that's created major fiscal stress all counties particularly Barbara county. And we had a courthouse issued its fiscal lot collapsing infrastructure. There are hundreds and none of the dog of potential pending lawsuit against the county because they aren't they port department. Did you I council was trying to figure out how we build a building. Justin Bradley's one of the most conservative members out county council who has. I endorsed my campaign for congress. You know I'm mad about this many times he and I Roger not and others trying to waste I avoid any kind of property tax increase because they were majority decal hole. What sport they wanted to increase partly to accidents Spartanburg county. The boats were there and they canned a compromise and that it take you get legislation enacted sort of one snapped. Our sales tax increase force six years paper yet destruction namely the courthouse facility that's crumbling. That they would doubt but that on a ballot referendum if step past. It would preclude a property tax from being considered not gonna happen and so. We we felt like yours that bats which by the way that your that's fiscal mismanagement prior to the current council. And because of eight years of illegally withholding local government signs from the eight. We had a situation where this county could not afford to be even bonded by some people are set well Josh should supported. Allowing the county cal just gonna take out on. Well our doctor I just sat out against deficits and debt I don't like god of the county adding 200 million dollars. Our debt service for future generations to pay I don't like the bond option. Let's play that we like that that county council in Spartanburg didn't have enough money to even pay the interest on the new bonds. So the only key way to do it in the infrastructure product that happened with. Are some former revenue increase face certain. The problem that would have been Attila the property tax hike that would have been permanent it would have been 10% at least and it would have laughed at the rest of my lifetime and would upon all the eldest children the Spartanburg county voters and Barbara county tennis in the property owners not we felt like okay. It's the only way to avoid that is to pay a penny of course security at sunset. We certainly support the referendum to the county 66%. At Spartanburg county residents voted for that in favor the property tax and I think it would have to pick our poison I'd prefer that to the property tax permanent height. Well yeah but you did this situation just can't trust Kimberlin Laurie can get the district for. You know does seat currently held by train guided the but the thing isn't to say the thing is hinting at the federal government level. I'm would you support sales tax hikes to balance our budget the federal level anywhere in much red worse readying students aren't going to an enemy that would vote for that yes it is a stand up and. Not the same thing Jeremy got millions and millions billions and billions and billions of dollars of waste fraud these federal level you've got billions of dollars out. Mandates that the government pledged. Federal government side you've got our entitlement programs that are unsustainable cast and they're trillions of dollars of revenue trillions of dollars in revenue going to Washington every you're. The metallic there's nowhere to cut its ludicrous admit that fact as I need to restructure entitlement to make sure we're not bankrupt the country they need to only repeal obamacare. Did you guys do an audit in Spartanburg kinda see if there was anywhere you could try to use our guy doesn't try to find somewhere to cut before he supported the tax and. Apps absolutely app first elected a budget documents to members are cal problem it could there have been placed in the cut. Only the state allowed that she got the problem right here that's the difference to state that the counting the federal government the federal government is sovereign. I think cut it's cut its spending cut its own budget the problem that most been the county level. Particularly as Barbara county assured most counties hit a lot of good stuff they have to pay for it mandated from the state. And so without mistake cutting some of these mandates on the county there was nordic cut it. Discretionary spending and Barbara county had been in fact. If you look at our is Barbour county Chara. We had about a year or I think 4850%. Turnover of our council members in the past decade a lot of liberals on the county council kept trying to local property tax hike. Were ousted people like me helped out still and we have had a property tax increases Barbour county more than a decade struck that we look at both. It is in those stats and points. You're really I don't want you well you know we did not just last year he had a one cent increased because of the building issue but for ten years prior to that we ever had any kind of property tax hike and we just ordered one again. So I mean the planet that would have been a 10% property like increased it was permanent. Our and that's a sudden the citizens of the county voted on it does sunset is no way to account Security Council renewed its tax. Without it being a referendum and are frankly I trust the voters at the county much trust the members the county council to adopt that same day that the federal level at all. This current congressional candidate did judge should camera joins us on the hot seat today is the hottest seat in South Carolina anybody want to sit down with you mean get some kudos are from us for not being afraid of their constituents there Rome are many who will not sit in the seat he is sitting in. Tune Jay welcome back to show Josh. But Garrett thank you it's a pleasure to be here. If I ask you about this you bad yeah him harness. And by fits news you wrote a yet you wrote an and I talked about the some FaceBook page you're you're a pro amnesty. Editorial. Backing 2014. Supporting the gain of aids. Amnesty immigration plan. Mama where you know eat you mean you have said recently there should be no amnesty grand to people who knowingly violated American immigration law yet backed. Then. Use set American easier words needs comprehensive immigration reform like senator murky or Marco Rubio has proposed. Which provide a pathway to citizenship to undocumented in are immigrants currently in the country what has changed. For you learn NN now. Yeah swab or Starbucks saying that editorial was you may have the date right and wrong that they are we thirteen when first proposed in that would have been the year after Fresno about post doc got. The 2012 President Obama of course initiated doctor that I am not used election's key and he did that. Frankly try to win some votes in. Our Hispanic community ahead of his reelection campaign it was a cynical about politics so. Senator rubio headed when he can campaign against rounding up by amnesty we sort. And it did you horse this is the same senator rubio that gem to bat onetime plays as. He said he would rather have 49 Marco Rubio in the senate that sixty Arlen Specter's although I'm not sure we have become a Specter out. But it when he Surtain are okay good this is good rubio had an anti amnesty guy he was anti. I grant blanket amnesty to people candidate Tory candidate maybe this is an answer to President Obama 2012 felt like it was a chance even with a democratic president. We might prevent a flat out amnesty a twelve to thirteen people. And and it parcel proposed a policy what happens now I know all. It became pretty painfully clear the same rehab stuff from 20062007. But the same exact bill with a new GAAP proposing yet it was still going to be ultimately McCarty body lead the country at re apply. At one point he said that it would that it would have our people leave the country apply. And so it was became the same bill that President Bush and Senator McCain it's underground it was in 20062007. Much. I don't bit support so and also terror aged of course I'll I'll pick a big assist on immigration I was hopeful they're broke all that that we might actually be able to prevent. The doctor executive order President Obama ran a blanket amnesty. But then after became pretty clear to rehash 2006 whether or. Also I got married to the first generation illegal immigrant and not why slowly it's certainly prank she's born and raised Ukraine. At a time it was still under Soviet communism she grew up an early years in their error that the shadow of the Soviet Union and wanted to become an American citizenship like to come here age I need. But grant a work visa came to America would not CNET nation got like hundred bucks owner. And dye had to learn English language pay 24000 dollars over the course ten years legal based. Become a citizen pass at citizenship exam and I can tell you that they patriotic. Christian conservative Republican and it's you get it right why Amway. I said that at the bank. Let me just let me stop people act but but but hold on okay you eat your right DD dated this is 2013 but again that is after the gang of eight bill had been introduced and in your words. Mr. Kimbrel. Contradict what she just told me American need salmon reasons you American needs comprehensive immigration reform lakes senator murkier Marco Rubio has proposed. You get anime bill was Ari out at at timings and and he's an icy nor does it well which provide what are let me reassurance which provides a pathway to citizenship. To undocumented immigrants currently in the country so you know provided a pathway to citizenship. And you're fine with it well no no don't let you do and you're out here what we're not really unless what you wrote I'm I'm I'm not arguing it would spot here's a dose I don't import sport are broke you ready at the let's climb the tornadoes and wait Surtain senator rubio was saying at the time. They were still working on the bill there was no formal vote on that note that point China east that there was going to be up by a provision extra people had to leave the country and go back and try to come back and that's what he said that not develop low debt. But so whenever they got around the bottom on of those men never got that. It never got voted on and of course I end up not would've supported the bill when it was going to be a rehash 20062007. That's not a contradiction. But it but it did a stunning ten reads huge enemy your concerts yourself right now on the radio just general Roy American comprehensive immigration reform like senator Marco Rubio has proposed which provides a pathway to citizenship to undocumented immigrants he knew was in here. You support outplayed us citizenship no doubt played a citizenship this week that 2013 he said yeah whatever are people. To leave the country and come back and that's what he said look and ultimately be in the bill now I'm not arguing that actually what the bill which is why they supported it yet and I don't support it now on if there was an attempt now to go back and try to grant amnesty to people allow people mostly in the country who knowingly broke the law would support debt. And I just add also the opposition to become even tighter on even harder on it like having married a woman you had to go to the right way you mean back at Christmas club last year when he seventeen Christmas. My sister in laws still has huge crane tried to come to America for Christmas we had to sign guarantees or. I had to sign off that I was going to pay for all the meals no she was gonna stay driver all appointments. And I thought wow we're gonna this country does retired Democratic Party and frankly a lot of folks are parties say are it was just. Let anybody come here when they want to and have open borders and I can't even have a sister locked up Christmas. Without me signing away my whole life and I total only asset honey element I'm told the back so run across Texas pechora. This situation is out of control. How they married first generation legal immigrants last year actually much more are clearly now whenever now how badly screwed up the system does and I would not reward. People who broke in had a folks like my wife can line that's as simple answer. Well but it's it's like you have supported the gang of napalm we do not not just enemies from our audio. The question pair I don't know the question out at thirteen and 2013 it seem like it was an opportunity. To avoid President Obama doing stuff by executive order Obama issued Obama banished Obama issued and wait twelve. An executive order saying he was gonna grant legal status to millions of people automatically of course that was docket he says it was all an act like kids. Oddly illegal immigrants you came here you know all their all apple that's not true and it became. Eight hobby horse for amnesty to tens of millions of people overtime and it would have been done by executive order. I saw at the time here senator rubio who again mark senator demanded Ted was eight. Are a conservative so our back into when he can when rubio ran into when he can't. He said he would not support branding and media pathway to citizenship or amnesty to people who barely broke a law. Yeah obviously moved away from that issue and it weighs thirteen about Saudi was still gonna be true to that not okay he's supporting this must not be the same rehashed. Mets from 20062007. Look at it turned out the base so we just don't write an editorial the mistake chart they're hiding data or like. I led to and we see a week we'd we ginger he sometimes will do but then in May 2014 you've joined senator Lindsey Graham's campaign you were on. You're part of this campaign you were part of his. Pro family pro life leader coalition that he had and your job according to this press release as part of the Lindsey Graham campaign. Was to focus on building support for senator Graham among pro family and pro life voters drug scene so you know here campaigning for one of these dang big guys. Omni and you're on his campaign Josh Kimbrel in torn. So what happened that's where his what happens when he's working on that that would of course tank capable legislation senator Graham was trying to push incapable legislation federal level. And I supported that are supported what he tried to do on the federal level of regard to the paint capable bill which of course a doctor finally just passed I think it was time last year your last. And I thought okay great if we can end twenty wake up abortion then yeah I'd say it's subtle level great and so good idea I had openly support has dimensional map. I was passed by a group of pro life leaders in South Carolina I would support a broad coalition that supported senator's position on the pay cable bill must say that I would. Are they put my name on what molest and had ended up being flat out endorsement of the campaign and that wasn't my intention and I should not told about the comments look I don't think this is the right I all the super and not the now look like a flat out endorse senator every thank. What I truly supported him on the paint capable situation and if you go back and look at my contribution ship ever given on each and and I didn't raise any money or learn how wide and an active part of the campaign so I don't deny they used my name when he portrayed. I had acquiesced to do so on the paint capable bill that became a much more broad. Blanket sort of endorsement that I intended it to DM. It's not should've bastard to be removed at the time but I never contributed money to allow never raised any money form and I never went door to door campaign. It had a question for you just can roll on did you used to vote for president trump in the primary. Or a guy who's who did you vote for. Our sports center crews in the primary and I'm out actually early to Rick Perry supporter sported Gary Studds supported Kerry twenty. Fossil would have Karzai court 24 point twelve. That's supported Perry and when he twelve and a sport Terry Gannon went sixteen to drop dotted I in twit that he ducked out. I ended up by did not vote count in the primary vote screws that Dan Indiana of course but it's a confidence gross unintentionally Clinton to president. She should read this Lindsay Graham thing you know an intern to meet ya I really you say don't even wanna be on his campaign after he you know he really your username. But you know one when he initially agree or disagree it's truly did it bother you that he said voting had voted for Sonja Sotomayor in 2000 I don't support abortion that's allowed to be on court. Sure enough if you India and Harry your on the radio station of course but it it's anybody goes listening you're ever it'll be. I'm Emily Post I did support the gang to join to try to ram through liberal appointees that they're not I never supported the logic. Did you vote course sort of I Elena Kagan it's on a certain hour and hope sometimes Democrats might vote one of our guys that never happened at. When you extended out bachelor was more often than not they jerk out your hand and get the tablet apple that was plot logic in the beginning and I mean I listen to it argument on that and I heard him hurry said that it ligament. I even in an interview he was only are we want him I got fairly heated exchange and up against as far as college despite the pretty close to one over those who judge those judges that's one area I think he's been phenomenally weak and tired and. We're talking and shoot to support candidates and judge stick to roll. Welcome you back kids see the show. IIST this question. Bomb and in yours can ask adventure about a divorce case and I I was in I I covered a lot of Femi cases and Phil McCord and and so I I know is reported that having an act accusation of sexual or physical abuse. On an a contentious custody case is actually not that unusual. On it happens oh a lot and they judges realize that. And had a higher level of skepticism usually. On that show it was two things in your case that they're highly unusual number one you've. Arrested at one point four allegedly sexually abusing you or signed the but number two a judge did something else highly and you won your case and that is. Awards you full custody that's pretty rare these days from judges who normally if both parents want Christie will split that somehow yet you got full custody. And your wife. I'd visitation. Using courts is not do that unless they want to manage the other spouse so can you walk me through. This case because I've never seen one like you whit what and why why this can't understand. Why. Where you. Are resting the second time what what made them think that you might have sexually abused as how this happened. What are quite an item a thousand that we nearly thought they. Lawsuit against the city green looked at vertical 100000 dollars debt. So not number one and let's start the arrest piece in the wall back out what actually happened works but not former wife it is truly an even more important than what you just said. So number one and week out like. She made multiple allegations multiple times over the course or I yours are ready to eat everything I tried debt. Start the baby at best and I try to bought on the best and cheat sheet everything you can say she threw it out there just as you do wanna Cust each it was a disgusting. I discriminatory. Are ridiculous. Set of attacks all along. So it when he fourteen which I found somebody to. Udall that we shall now be there is a very young detective Latino detective with the city Greenville which just become attacked she'd been on the job maybe. A loan say six weeks she didn't they were due diligence. She didn't your job market about flat out. And she ball the sob story of my former wife's about looking through the court file but look at the court I'll bet allegations for years and I'm not a they'd have never been true at all bunch of crap for lack of a better way of putting it. But you do any of those things she'd just emotionally decided to get up and whenever my lawyers ask or discovery you know actually evidence they supposedly had. They still don't haven't been to get your they never gave a two week we discovery turned up nothing. They did there was never did anything not son ever setter yet to indicate that this happens corset that happened. He went through three friend that can read not one not two but three all of which were totally clear. And this city detective never had any evidence nothing we can never get discovery so no greater what are preliminary hearing a terror that greatly parks. There was never an arraignment there was never hearing we never had a criminal court hearing ever. I never want that far. Now once everything it is best not only a lot former white police custody are shouts she did lose custody apps are all legal custody of now she gets visitation or a year at least a year maybe longer she had to just do it ESS treatment plant even ER charts he could not see my side. Put out a state supervisors sitting in the room because of what caused substantial risk of potential injury. The army made against my former wife was that she tried to coach our child and a exciting stuff which he never did in an interview we ever had missed they they call harper coaching he was trying to force her child to say things. To do same to me. That she can lead the stage he would kill it started dating a young man before our divorce finalized how. How far back that had gone that she was dating a personal forum our marriage is time forced our horse finalized and she he joined the air force. You know she needed to leave South Carolina detectives did dire air beta three was going to be stationed. And that's what probably the allegations the court denied promotions relocation cheat dot. Well what the heck let's just acute in the second between what happens. It was the most egregious indicative ever happens is somebody at the worst allegation debate but it was completely paddle ball. And I believe our court system fundamentally failed early argued Darden on our ballot port to a report it right. And we never went to court all the supposed criminal charges but I can tell you the satellite degree vault city police department botched it. I detect it should have been fired and not stand by that this night. On the hot seat is intended to ask him who is running for the district four seat currently held. But Tre getting welcome back just Kim wrote. And a pleasure to be doing it today terra yeah okay tap the sentiments and to be limited to send top three things you would do if elected that are the most important to you go has. I want to eliminate them that said the beginning of the program eliminate trade knowledge that it's in a plan to pay down the national debt backed into that all wine. I wanna make sure we secure the border into illegal immigration to make sure folks like my wife legal markets get there right yet to come right lake. And then I want to work to reform entitlement programs and and Obama chair so that we can assure the country doesn't go opposite so let the come a very large version of go to be the top three things I wanted to immediately. When I'm mid game when the obamacare would that include repealing it. Completely. Probably even a complete repeal what can we got off the rails to the whole replaced dot Connecticut can repeat it back in 2010. And then the first election cycle Republicans at the calculus we're gonna repeal Obama Cherokee Sunday. They're somewhere along the way this village repeal and replace it of course not read tell us they were working to replace its delicious repeal it. Probably not outright repeal regardless to replace we can deal with any kind of our healthcare issues later but we ought to repeal the a molecule law innocent party. What about its dock there's been a lot of thought talk about about dead about some sort of version of the bill to legalize is the 700000. Plus leisure stance on that. You know doctor have to Mia I don't they wish you even have that conversation until we can't chain migration or police secure the border it is probably doctor conversations and last year. I initially it started at 700000 and it blew up like two million into might mention I can they are how they. Kamal these numbers and Heidi doesn't 700000 can tell you about that makes lost issue not you. I don't think docket discussions need to even be had until we reform the legal immigration system to end. The chain migration and secure the border completely optic that I ought to include. I'm not only the wall that making sure we keep the National Guard down there a permanent rotation and he troops. Keep the troops on the border rotate National Guard units on the border to they certainly are doing a great job buttress seem Border Patrol. I just you will also ask you will you won't vote for HRT talked a lot about balancing the budget and you know on your engineers and getting us on the right track well the problem is that Republicans in congress keep voting for these horribly unbalanced budgets and then using excuses like why I had some. National census in an Alley type devoted Ford will we hear it for you are from your will meet you you will commit to if it's not a balanced budget. Did you know budget would no borrowing we you vote for it. I'm voting against budget to run a trend Augusta period I mean I I don't care what sweeteners they add that the problem now we get a lot sweeteners you snuck out of port to that's. Temptation may eleventh that's one of the continue to dig the hole deeper for future generations to pay. And number two does that include funding for planned parent advocate here we are. What nine years and Republican majority plant parent bunny still in their perhaps a million bucks. Have been includes funding for Planned Parenthood and continued to dig our debt all gets that period. Started just it kuril coup is our running for the trade Audi seat. I just cannot anything else you want to add a mile to make your pitch here and then tell us where we can find you online. Well look calmer relatable guy I'm a relatable represented this district I'm not coming into this is some how well he got a touch with the people I'm trying to lead I'm a self made businessman out. Run a successful business I know what it's like it's on the front and the back the paycheck. I understand what it's like you have to balance the budget live within one's means. Also for ten years I did a radio program on another station. And had a lot of experience analyzing every politician you can think about the national Fox News. Our panelists and commentator dealers are Democrats that don't every issue the national level and the national spotlight where used as straight Gatti. They are representative having an outside influence in the source desert either national figure that's rare remember congress. I think I'm the most likely got to go to congress need to give the pork sister. It's outside influence and boy on the national stage in national issues will do that. And I'll be as proven in just a conservative on fiscal social and national security issues and how people a check out the platform check out my experience both Josh Campbell dot com at our web site at. Boat just a little dot com and Alice very thankful to come on here at all but the today and make the case. Harry again our viewer I Josh Q roll and no we really appreciate you joining us this morning he again is running for these see that tree Gatti is vacating. The district for congressional seat into Josh Kimbrel. Irate let's say it jump on any text line she was going on near Tara would you please announce what time the doors open tonight ad is and 530. His first come first Cirque so. You don't have to had a boxer herb or BS special person to get in there you just gotta get there early to get to see it's it will be packed. Out or you can watch it DO governor's debate that Connie Mack tire hosting on our FaceBook page we're gonna live streaming also on our web site when I was 63 WORG. That carried listen alive. On tonight on there pretty stationed here. That way as Wilson. To meet.