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Wednesday, May 16th

Trump opponents try to pivot accusations of anti-Semitism from hating Jews to hating Palestinians; Left spinning Hamas attack on Israel border as Israeli attack on innocent Palestinians; Nikki Haley drops truth bomb on UN; New poll shows illegal immigration the number one issue in America and Trump popularity rising; Social media banning “hate facts” regardless of veracity


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Accordingly good morning terra narrates Noah on net here Wednesday in this so predictable. Leading up to the opening of that Jerusalem. Embassy immediate trying to score points. On on the 58 people killed. In the Gaza Strip right what a living out check all of the relevant details that would balance. The story what are you what a pity here for the media if you if you actually watch them data daylight you an idea okay they have pitted from. If you look at their record on covering trop. They have pitted from condemning trump. As an anti semites don't. Mean this is a heck of a gymnastics moves in certain arms sales this is is this is like this is like princely sum of it condemning trump as an anti. Semite. Two condemning. Infante and Jared Monti is Trump's daughter who is age you. Who he sent to open it the Israeli. Embassy. Aren't you condemning them as being anti Semitic. The palace kids. Homicidal. Com toward the Palestinians. So he and we have pitted from he is an anti semite toward Jews actually had a guy. They were using for quite awhile not for about six weeks. Who was with some small organization when ever heard of and he was Jewish and so he was saying trump was an anti semite to a must be so there's they would mention Ned. And trans obviously favored daughter of Lanka. Is Jewish. And he's brought in to the administration that kills an area so that went on dieting anti semite doesn't like geez bubble bubble but now that he heads. I'm done no more for the Jewish people of Israel than any president has bothered to. On in decades. They've pitted two he's an anti semite against Palestinians he doesn't care about the killing of Muslims. It's unglued yeah how can you. Both exist inside one person I mean she is so what does argue remember your their record. It makes absolutely. No sense and you know wouldn't we we covered here yesterday in American overall this year and I I went back and read the headlines. Of the Hamas leaders. Encouraging people Hamas is a State Department registered. Terrorist organ is a recognized terrorist organization the Hamas leaders encouraging. People to martyr themselves. Trying to bust through. The Israeli border. And the LA NN Yahoo! warned him we will have to shoot you if you try that. During the whole opening of the embassy. This went on for days before it they were warned. About what would happen and that they did it. Anyway. Which is absolutely. Remarkable. And yet you get this. On them. Morning Joseph. At formerly known as morning Joseph now acting as a mouthpiece for Hamas a State Department recognized. Terror organization. Forward the rest of the world do you actually saw. And administration and a White House and we'll say its sense of vodka trump who was there a family. Completely. Out of touch with the realities of the reason they're dealing with and you know it didn't. You you had 5555. People. Killed yesterday fiftieth than 58 and you had to split screen. Of what looked like the VIP tent at the Belmont Stakes. And and they just. They don't care seemed totally oblivious. To what was going on. Not in the not so far away. New York I dearly need is running a friend page. A story I have beside Lee a daddy's little cool yeah GHW elm that was refiners are of age first of all the it was intense it was six miles away there's no way she could have known it was going on to talk. Even if she did. Exactly is the underside and the story. Here's Netanyahu. Pushed he's the head of Israel is it they're pushing too. Civilians. Women children into. The line of fire would do him good encounters when you try to minimize go to casualties they're trying to improve casualties in order to. In order to put pressure on Israel which is harmful to you say they want kids to die and putting kids ought to fire cash. Junior army go to far. I don't know I've known you would do anything differently you have to pretend to borders people say we're gonna destroy you and we're gonna float into your country. Control of the millions troubleshoot some his neutralize you know nonlethal means and they don't work so they're looking. I choices that some day do you neutron. You go form your local news sometimes doesn't work. Unfortunately Houston's. Horrible. Avoidable if Hamas had not. Pushed and there that nothing would happen Hamas claimed responsibility from doing this. And and they're deliberately doing. This Li is from vice d.s which was actually on the ground filming this whole thing from. Com. And today brought tires sued to the border to burn nemesis that the snipers couldn't see them as they attempted to ram their way through. There you know to gate here is a quote from vice which is a liberal publication. On you know what was being in. This but was being broadcast as Hamas exit line com to get you make it over the border we're going to Jerusalem even if a million of us are martyred. And yet he was trying to reenter your border duties was to do handout lolly pops up. Bonuses this note it in its its release. It sand that you got an American Media this willing to participate with the propaganda that the Palestinians are trying to put out there. Analysts say this is out of Thompson folks who have some knowledge of this the situation there and really. Looked at this for years the Palestinians the Hamas groups they have a history. Of hauling people off on stretchers looking like they're wounded yes they're not. They're not they're acting it's called Hollywood. They should call one of them on video on its its online right now common guys you staggering around like he's been heard an and then he thinks the cameras off and he turns the crisis don't want by way exactly. This so I. I've. Is regrettable as any loss of life is even though these people are bringing it upon themselves. I doubt I have serious concerns about the validity of that number to begin where nothing award anyway. I'm trying to be nice here I don't want anybody to die needlessly but it's it's it's obvious that these folks are doing this purposefully. As as a means of propaganda. Because finally you have got the US and Israel on the the same page here or at least this aspect of what the capital of Israel actually is which has been for decades. And and the rest of the world having to acknowledge it and the US moving the embassy there to the capital of that nation which makes perfect sense. Even though getting use you are going to anger a segment of the population they are. This their problem. And they're the ones that are putting themselves in danger. There was not an attack by the Israelis into areas that are occupied. By the Palestinians. This was the Palestinians injecting themselves to the border forcing a confrontation. Forcing their to be a defensive move by the Israelis in the blaming them for the defensive move. As was plants won't step. It Vance day in day a world where warns that this was it was going to happen. Coming up next. I have criticized Nikki Haley on on many occasions I am particularly Bailey for trying to undermine trump and not running a Covert ad campaign to run against him in 20/20 however when she gets something raped and now we're gonna listen led to an want to give her mad props. Affirmed what she did the UN yesterday deceit Ellie yes holy cow. Probably one of the best anti grants I've ever heard and then turns and walks out. The session the UN was holding was an examination of the Israeli violence on against the Hamas terrorists at their border. And she just got to treat bomb on them and walked out. Bringing you more must hear radio like this acre ranch from our former governor. Need key. Haley and this was epic. Yesterday. Meet EUN she's the UN ambassador now under trumpet. The UN was holding eight meeting. Now on all the rockets that Iran has launched into Israel in recent days. That he might not the terrorist group Hamas is Iranian agent Payer funded by Iran accurate they would arm. You have billions. Over hundred billion dollars Obama gave them for not signing. The are any nuclear agreement which we then adhered to anyway even though they didn't sign it because well we were idiots under Obama. O'Leary overran. Many analyzer rim wants knows. Ancient Israel not I don't care. Recent violence. The closest ever are Rand has youth has gardens he used to target Israel they're launching these from Syrian position now. Now don't they wanna talk about these Hamas terrorists. Who were killed at trying it to breach the Israeli border so they could martyr. Themselves but she was Hamas gave them instructions. Four email if you get through. How to reach civilian. Populations. So they can then inflict bodily harm on civilians. I wanted to do hand de wanna do is really do handout welcome wagon baskets. Sure yet it did the nearest Israeli settlements that way go ahead never relies women and children. Would we do. Actually that's a bad question. From liberal judge would tell us we had the ligament and then we just what. Here's a Nikki Haley with today's first it epic grant this is hurt. Run the floor of the EU way and Kellan who's two and what's what's about Hamas and the 58. Palestinians. Killed by the Israelis trying to breach the Israeli border. But let's remember. That the Hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years. Long before the United States decided to move our embassy. In recent days multiple news organizations can document and then Hamas incitement in Gaza. They've reported that Hamas maps and social media showed the fastest routes to reach Israeli communities. In case demonstrators make it through the security threats. They reported on Hamas messages over loudspeakers. Urged demonstrators to burst through the fence. Falsely claiming Israeli soldiers were flame. When in fact they were not. Loudspeakers are used by Hamas to urge the crowds to quote get closer get closer. To the security fence. Hamas' attacks the core range shalom crossing the biggest entry point in Gaza for fuel food and medical supplies. They light Molotov cocktails attached to kites on fire. An attempt to fly them into Israel to cause as much destruction as possible. When asked yesterday why he put a swastika on his burning kite. The terrorist responded quote. The Jews go crazy when you mentioned Hitler. This is what is endangering the people of Gaza. Make no mistake. Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday. I ask my colleagues here in the Security Council. Who all around us would accept this type of activity on your border. No 1 morning. No country in this chamber would act would more restraint. In Israel has in fact the records of several countries. Here today suggest gay would be much less restrained. This is suggests that the Gaza violence had anything to do with the location of the American Embassy are sorely mistaken. Rather than balance comes from those who reject the existence of the State of Israel in any location. Such a motivation. The destruction of the United Nations member state. Is so illegitimate. As to not be worth our time in the Security Council. Other than the time it takes to denounce it. Amen to that and then with that she got up and walks out. It was up. It's Rick so she with the folks are saying on the Tex lines morning. Kara do you ice here and a chance Nobel Prize but least I ran North Korea. Knocked. LOL. And North Korea's get a little square in not to be not not unexpectedly would get into that later in the show. Picture race. Sell Hamas wants a space to destroy it. Like the drugs in Baltimore where give by the mayor she can mine here says miss Veronica well good morning Veronica. No other text your rates could Maureen tear and Lee guess this might be needs when he teen version of the baby milk factory. During the first gulf war and are fake news media is falling right in line. As usual. You know surprise there. None whatsoever. Meantime. Vieira about Zogby the pollster Zogby delivered his liberal pollster. You've got to hear. About this poll he's just put out. I worry just pulled him to get into this in the next segment. Along with a couple of other things. You'll understand everything that's going on around to right the web has his polling information please what's gonna last week. Late nineteenth commands it. Might not be so brutal as trumpeting or through some think. What do we had announcements of India last week. But to ten days. Major crackdowns new crackdowns. On conservative speech is your additional crackdowns on FaceBook and Twitter. Why they've got. This data and about to give you in the next segment. We've got to Bloomberg for mayor New York also owner of the Bloomberg media empire. Coming out. And saying that to. Paid speeds which is code for conservative speech is actually more dangerous than communism ice is or terrorism and must be clamped down upon. All last week. Why is always happen. Tell you old time everything you see in the news is in to connect it all use it is because. They have these numbers internally for some reason Zogby had chosen to publish them. Wait till you hear about the ground. Trump. National Citron trams message is gaining. We it's not just blacks and Hispanics but win and we'll let Eagles. And you'll understand why they're running with their hair on fire here. Does his retirement planning at Texas and the morning share as that was a definite drop my limit for Nikki Haley. Wow. But who else have folks who texted me Yasir Arafat loved Hitler he used a lot of Hitler tactics which Hamas are using today. Here's another one was number one of the struggle okay yet we just had been news the this is the straw poll taken during a gubernatorial debate was which is really cool. We did it said this is the. Gubernatorial debate Monday night who's to buy myself on and Manning and by the Mac and are we had they had to Greenville news had an apt you could download to vote. If you are listening to. And here's the results of that among those who listen to lead and enter a debate. John that Warren. Won it hands down her running away with 40%. After that two ways. Kevin Bryant in the number two pole position and after that. Catherine Templeton. And tell people felt like it went. Oh by the way and you know went. Now announces clearest Sony you've asked me for my interviews lately I was congress members of folks and am and I know that they have they've become legendary and take normally for their own on line. Some of the interviews that I've done lately in anyone hear them we have them up all I need my 63 WORG. Com web site. And I don't try to get Chris to create a text or you can text into Cisco there's you have to search around a year dornin I had the email up now I can't find I know I'll announce that later on the show. When I get this at the break but we we are putting a mall in one place you need to do that if he is sick of those B we're down 21 or two candidates seeking to site. My interview at Miami's Bobby Max interviews ought to do it for. Not to get this kind of information on these folks anywhere else and that Libya on our website won a 63 WORD got Paris delegates are at the exact location for. Ari here we go. You ready for this. Tunnel time everything you're seen in the news is connected. He cut the undercurrent of liberal tank here lately. And you can see every time the polls turned bad for the left there's another FaceBook. Twitter Google crackdown. That happens. They all see these polls they've all got these would or can get a Google FaceBook all of don't doubt that. And still FaceBook recently announced. To consisted did they actually publish their community standards which they would not do before she would not know what you couldn't set. They publish them why. Because it included a rule that says. That it will be considered speech its usage as that in undocumented person does not belong United States Merkel why would they publish several at this time. Because they're crate well yadda nights. And if for open borders gee apple why. Paul. Immigration just hit number one concern the American people. That was a crush. Independence. Republicans and a plurality of Democrats. They want to let you know what you'll no longer be allowed to debate immigration from the standpoint that illegal immigrants do not belong here or you face punishment for FaceBook. Suspension. Major accounts. At FaceBook jail. That corresponded exactly with these poll. No coincidence folks. Meant they cannot immigration is a winning issue for the right the cattle out to be spoken about it. This is what we just peddle hate faxing from Twitter. Expanding the definition of hate speech to include hate facts. How orwellian. We need an example of at what you have written for any at it would still does hate facts would be anything that makes a particular a particular current particularly protected class. A Democrat voters look bad even if history. Page fax. Like 93% of the rates currently taking place in Sweden are committed by migrants who might lose your Twitter account for that. But I mean but is it true yet mr. No longer the truth is no longer if it's a different so. If you're Emmy and screen to be careful when you could it be shabby way yesterday admitted that they shadow man. UB shadow bands. For using paycheck now so how does have an argument well I guess what my slice. Kind slice kind untruth the only kind allowed all of this folks is in reaction to this. These poll numbers we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg here Zogby has published as I guarantee they've got much more detailed stuff on the some left and their freaking out. This is why again the late night comedians have done a son and it. And announced in a recent days practiced to make advantage ending. For awhile why skilling left. The more they hate on him the more popular he gets listening to this. This is Zogby a liberal poster when it comes to growing the economy keeping America safe likely voters have more confidence in president Donald Trump. Then in aid in Democrat liters. Trust the academy 41% survey says trump. 35%. Trust Democrats more. An arrest. Living in caves some where they're unsure 25%. Who gets back. I cheered ballot questions like is the Democrats almost always. I cannot hate leaving years when Republicans winced when that trump ahead of the Democrats by 6% on the economy that is not good who do you trust to keep America safe. 40% say trounced. Democrat leaders thirty to 38% the rest of sound asleep 22%. But here. Is the killer. This is why they're doing censorship of retirement faced with this is why Mark Zuckerberg announced. In front of a bunch of media CEOs a couple of weeks ago including CNN Bloomberg. But the clampdown would get tighter and tighter and tighter and ray wing groups leading up to the election. This is why. Because sir. Key groups independents women and to millennial us. All have more trust in trump. Then in Democrats regarding US economy and the city liberal pollster mr. Zogby. And independents favor him to keep the nation safe. What is important here is the numbers among the key grips millennial women independents will be safe in the twenties to mid term elections star skip pretty. When it comes to the economy independents favored from 32 to 22. Rather they end. Democrat leaders and tried ties Democrat leaders with women both at 34% and millennial both of 36% is devastating. You wanna hear the last line in this. Just Zogby concludes it could prove to be a you know what they could prove to be wise at the moment for tramps filler Republicans. To align themselves with the presidents. Now. Was he was going on right now T can understand why the leadership is fighting tried so hard in their determination to lose because they have these numbers tale. Paul Ryan has already flown the coop he's quitting why he got to get too much. He's got into money. Today paint on it paid image chamber congress are those guys you can't pay the modern office that's illegal for the stuff they do. And so what I wish it usually tap out after a major victory. An an addition multimillion dollar seats on boards places that you actually have to do anything because of the meeting. And that's how they pay. It he'll do it if it from Padraig could manage to lose the house. To the Democrats while getting amnesty passed that's what they're trying to do in the house right now to try to pass him you see in order to enrage their base and lose the house. And millions of dollars that's worth in pay off to Paul right. He would be their ethnic wonder boy for the rest of elegy to money he would raking in through that. So leadership is trying to lose why should lesion is doing. They are taking you she's most popular with independents blacks and women. From the track position trying to position and they are attempting to do the opposite right now this is why they waited till now to attempt to ram amnesty. Downy American people's throats. To kill off their own a majority folks. Don't think Mitch McConnell is gonna be paid handsomely for this either when he loses when he leaves office if he manages 22222. Hurt. On the part. I mean. Crazy is this is our beat a pollster has to conclude it improve lies at the moment for some speller Republicans to align themselves with the president. The only thing when you win. Only if they went went. Somebody thought had a perfect place. Maybe even his horn and paid. But I was she. Your life was so blessed. And then you find out that what is nothing like which would've thought it was. Yet to see this the news are so bad for him former Clemson University golf star Lucas Glover. Who's been on the PGA tour since 2001. Police called. At called police on his wife. Pre US open nudge champion golfer Lucas Glover missed the secondary cuts at last week's players championship near Saint Augustine. His waved green gimmick hot at home with a shower and insults and he beat down. Krista whoever. 36 years old was arrested by the saint John's county sheriff's deputies. Charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest. That is still that these Christie got to not get too violent every time he hasn't played well in a major PGA tournament I'm gonna help complain that motivate him to play. Becoming nervous wreck is more like it. And since C had a bad day live on national television along steadily Tiger Woods. Dustin Johnson and Jen and Justin Rose she went off finally got home. By the fight to Jenner did it into something physical in front of the two underage children and lucas' own my own mother. Such fights. The crystal deputies are on usual. He described how when he plays in that round of golf Christa perceives to start an altercation with him telling him he's a loser any blank. We need to fire everyone and he better win or her and the kids would leave him and he never see the kids again was sweetheart. Saturday night Lucas told deputies couldn't take it anymore. But stay tiny try to dissuade those deputies from arresting Crist on and claim there was no physical altercation they believe it. Noting in their reports there were fresh lacerations to Lucas is right arm and multiple lacerations to both his 62 year old mother. Mother's arms as well as blood on her close. To help catch. 38 year old golf for a best known for is 2009 when the US open in 2011 Wells Fargo open says his wife had been drinking. All day. I Chris claims she was attacked by her mother in law during garden of their husbands but the report noted she had no visible injuries only they did. Well look this is mother was interviewed she told deputies she tried to stop the argument between husband and right away but Chris the turned against her hair repeatedly. No listen to list the drug didn't stop once Christa was in commercial and go easy. Deputies Rosemary port she resisted them refused to get the vaccine is squad car by trying to tense your body and blocking herself from sitting in the car. Even raping her legs and feet around the frame of the open car door. And once inside damaging the car by kicking. The door. Wait till the PGA tour hears about dish she screamed deputies illusion job this is why cops get shot in the face. Who. Well let's talk with the judge you'll be blinking fired over this. She is released Sunday and 2500 dollars spots. We changed capitalists poured cash.