The Tara Show - 5-16-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, May 16th

More outrageous details surface regarding Parkland, FL shooting; WORD Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum; Airlines cracking down on ridiculous emotional support animals


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Played good morning terra Ari so. You remember the cowardice of Broward count you know where Maru this time yet meg if you still around him when he knew. Even the floor. That students were being executed on. And instead hit. Waiver other officers to respond. Com and finish in an end and in people where you know laid there dying at wade for other officers responded even told them where the shooter was. As he Keller. Post which which you're about to hear. Is. A cautionary tale. Of why you can never ever ever ever trust. Give up your guns and trust the government to protect. You cannot. You will be roadkill. And those who failed to protect you will write off into the sunset with bags of cash slung over their back. This is what she gets. In liberally and when you print you when you fail to protect innocent lives. From a shooter. The Tarrant County deputy. Who stay inside during a Kirkland school shooting. Is now receding. Wake Forest a monthly pension of 8700. Dollars. The 55 year old I want that deal the 55 year old is eligible for the payments for the rest of his life. The Florida department of management services told the sun cent on any member and the carrot county sheriff. Could have fired him but instead let him retire. Peterson was paid a base salary of 75000. Dollars the last calendar year. Which with his pension totals out to a 101000. Dollars. Gosh where law enforcement get paid that well Lee really that it's the best about the salary of three or four. Deputies around here I know. Bomb enemies. You don't even go women to see when he sure starts. Is I knew I believe global missiles gross that this guy was and fire. That he was allowed to retire. I really like it if you asked what would you have. Did do to be fired. From the Broward county sheriff's office. Seventeen dead I want you know he could've helped each. Here have a nice pension had 8700 dollars and this what the left will give you if you trust them to protect you. What do you needed guy. Unbelievable. Peterson was captured of course on surveillance footage standing outside the door of the school Wally gunman. Unloaded his AR fifteen into instant. Students. OK speaking of the gunman. More coming out on this Nate remember the holes or does it tell you this. That these superintendent RNC lied for months. I'm seeing that the promise program did not fail. I this is the year is it prosper and was great shooter never had any contact with it turns out that was a massive lie. But then the only people live media wants to go after here's the NRA so I guess guess nobody knows about it must they redid The Washington Times or the publications like this. Am I here late unbelievable to enter what is happened here. I'm in images Obama program is they have turned it. Decisions. About the justice system who will be prosecuted they're normally left the justice system over to school bureaucrats. Which is unbelievable. The after one of many cases. In which should be. Shooter. Defaced school property. In some cases violently at this at this point he trashed eight. Bathroom at school doing hundreds of dollars of damage. He was guess what referred to the promise program. Okay this is an arrest a bowl offense. Because of it didn't damage any you know the dollar amount involved. And so if you know if somebody did it Broward County you know at a gas station rest opposite meaning you would beer arrested for. Well and he was it was put is the promise program. You chose to go. Bound into it through the program right well he didn't bother to show well we don't show according new agreement between sheriff's department and the schools you're supposed to be automatically turns over. To a judge for prosecution. And the school and school is they they're the ones who would turn you over to a judge. No record of that ever happening. Houston bother. Point of having these policies nobody enforces them. You what I say it's particular I bet it was deliberate iPad because if you turn over the judge that's gonna mess appears statistics are when you have been praised national. By liberal groups pointed to is it a shining example of vending imprisoned. As go to prison pipeline to mediate in Asian prison that you imprisoning you can't have died and show you just don't refer. Timid PS Sternberg a former assistant principal who helps run the promise program from 2014 to 2017 said there's possible negligence if no one ever followed up. The Mormon parents. To imagine if he did some crime like your religion a crime in the police to sting bothered to turn him for a distant like they just didn't turn in paperwork. Slick Politico. Mean who does that. This happens when you literally put school officials in charge of enforcing the law which is what this program dead now. The district was lambasted. For we do bursting its story and a promise programming and program in Maine last week that the shooter was once referred to the counseling intensive program even though superintendent. Robert Ren she had insisted for months that he wasn't in other words he writes. He's big fat liar. Wait teach having to resign here now of course not publish this Brawley of fat pension wait for him somewhere. Yes. He and a have to resign now. Being. Erik Howard sheriff's deputy doesn't have to resign doesn't get fired. Seventeen people are dead and you don't have to resign and you lied about the promise program. Critics have pointed out does The Washington Times that of mr. Cruz had a criminal record he had been barred from purchasing the air fifteen used in the shooting it's done in Douglas. Which left seventeen dead now. Something in Ari the needs to be blamed at these politician and ends administrators. Who are still not a joke here it is still an ours like the school superintendent is still. In office by the way. You know when he defaced the bathroom. It was one of 58. Incidents. Criminal incidents. Committed by him either at the middle school he attended or at the high school by the one guy one can. City and state so we have an explanation for what happens in one of them. When did a 57. As it is just an assist him over and over and over. Just do it every one trash about him again we don't care we'll fix these are the consequences of their being no consequences. Yeah. Meanwhile let's sue the parents of dead kids are running for school board trying to see you know he can can make you may shoppers. What school board doesn't fire superintendent like this. Mean this is the guy who the first thing he did was coming in negotiates its promised program he said it up. He weaponized. This case now. What kind of killed and he still has done those gets killed later he's closed up so what this shows is when it need liberal left is in control. And fails utterly to protect. Those who fail be rewarded them with protection and continued employment and a fat pension now. Is what you can't ever turn your guns over to these people you cannot trust them to protect you you're absolutely correct yet. Moralist story. Let's funny you know advantage and tackle my name is Charles in a bleary its use are the debate would you think the governor's debate. I got aside and let them do it online last night Ellis looking. Political and it was flat but three statewide I thought all little lack of fundraising. Kevin Bryant with the stars of the show. And today because I would differ plot and why basically was number two but eagle I can and I literally. Half debt debt debt because. Keep your use of this great but it. Eight he said to be adult court energy independence and getting our resources. And but hot is South Carolina he meant what he said that and that's what the hell we needed 49 it more governors say the same thing we're being. 45 dollars for gas that would not already doing that. Heck it could be exactly what that's like go to Wal-Mart 22 cents in an hour. Yesterday but just. It's big and of course certainly aware aware surrendering to the terrorist. I thought that was very unbecoming. That the only one they got there right where it was so. When Bryant didn't I'll Wichita. Obviously Miguel was an easy little subtle things that about the Democrat that he is like oh this. So called state article five convention battle out battle out the young people to get an idea you eat that does that. Indoctrinate straight out out of defenders yet let let let them pay their constitution forest. And yet they've built the worst single I don't know like Templeton got to pass on what. Nick he had you Nikki Haley Nikki Haley Nicki yeah I mean that he had been looking at it like the Ed Sullivan's song book from but I birdied. Let let me let me nobody called her on the back in case she actually ducked a question which you could have acknowledged it but you could say a word about it. Said that actually voted against the idea for a Democrat opponent. And that all this wonderful conservative rally rhetoric remark is unbelievable she's gonna govern the way. All right those do what you get an office. Adam's sake unfortunately she's scored a big if not sounding so conservative I don't buy it. You don't bite so yeah I've do you like today you led Kevin nab Brian who's your number two choice to think that race for governor. That in at that makes you gotta warn you are not literally numbers to look at lake. Rose just I don't know you know and look. But but I didn't think eight I think I thought it was a it was a disturbing debt debt debt he he's that funny little exploration. Up our coast and then also are. His and diet is that we'll worshipping a charter schools that was the charter school principal in DC and we charter schools work. Because the government right there on the and end and they get more more leeway to say I do nothing but but but left wing zealot that split wasn't easy. I can do terrific. They blew the roof but particularly closest after what you're gonna like Hitler and think for themselves that that's the problem the charter schools and government as too much authority over them. And they're given in Napoli lead they get tired they want and usually that they're gonna buy less stiff and tired nothing but left wing inducted and you don't need to have the little. Our teachers said that there to support that badly you don't really wanna participate in the hands and don't do too much of it. Nothing you've got nothing but the gelatin that's the way it was immediately. Tirade while Charles thanks true analysis of the debate and by the way no 163 WRT the top and topped the page is the debate if you want to. What she regretted if you were not able to see it. Okay. This country I swear every day is going after rails in even small ways. Imagine this anybody putting up with Disney and it is amazing. What people businesses put up with now so as not to beat it down you know accused of some sort of bias or bigotry. This is what it is come to. First United Airlines. Announced it is barring. At first in our Kate first airlines have barred an emotional support peacock. From boarding a plane in Greece and emotional support. Peacock. No American Airlines is telling passengers some of their service an emotional support animals including goats. Hedge hogs and touched. Creatures. Can't fly. This couldn't happen necessary need which bring an innocent and emotional support hedgehog a plane. Goes. He got. Federal law requires airlines to permit passengers with disabilities. To travel with service emotional sport animals and Cabot. Don't airlines requires statement from licensed mental health profession. Congress. Salon letting you bring an emotional support to peacock on a plane but we can't secure the borders in this country. Is that even possible. Was this this series to win it is not a joke under the new rules which go into effect July 1. American is adding and Bibby goes hedgehog insects. No household birds. Heard of praise. And animals would tusks horns or grooves Tillis and those that can't fly as services supported. The final make critics though. For many it sure worst cities. If they've been trained to service and now we're not dissing legitimate service and most plea Thomas understand. Emotional support animals something different. If you needed a dog to detect. But you know you're diabetes. Heart attack. Or because you're disabled we we we have your back those animals are trained the per is a lot of these animals are trained forty house broken. Annie fell want to play. In the eighties UN internist who had just been so embarrassed he would have now it's Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi I want my emotional support could go to. That is not house broken on the plane. That's what I want and I care about anybody else don't you dare criticize me because. That would be discrimination this country I swear I swear. Let's sit jump shooting doesn't managed heartland to the people have to say or Wesley in it career good morning Sarah. They can or good morning you know I hate each keep China hearkens back to this one issue that. Talking he thirty years he relied maybe you have a liberal brother who is wrong about everything. We can't let. I'm sure you love him just like all of my brother ya can't. Care I wouldn't vote for him for doll catch your brother. Yes OK that's but he attempt to Inchon say that she's a conservative this that you know that and bode for the likes it she's eighteen I mean I'm sorry. I'm getting real simple besides ache they can come down to one thing for me. That's the one thing partners in no way you can explain to me that she had any conservative ideals whatsoever. And vote for the likes a chimney and then when your asked about it you're excused as. Ali Hulu. Lou woes and a neighbor a modern certainly the Middle East. Yeah and again I mean when you hang and I didn't end and I don't agree says there are things about her that I like but. On when that came well let me get good good good question you hang your whole campaign on Nikki Haley likes me and hired me. And you voted against Nikki Haley. For. A liberal Democrat and if if you little country as I did where Vincent's and he lips he's not a moderate Democrat. He is is wild eyed and rat yeah isn't only you can guess as anybody up they are Nancy Pelosi and him would be funny how they fellow soldiers comrades I mean. As you just how an inch she lives in the upstate Tim Mangini low country tis of lives. In Mount Pleasant to me she knows he's in the news every other day willing. On the on the idea us as so. It you know half. Ari there's limited due to be fair to her okay US didn't just leave her sit this is her explaining. Why she voted for Vincent she heat. And pay particular attention. To the last line of this is Catherine Templeton. Yeah he's an important. I'm okay. The world learn. How many. It's. Rumor and I did a limited only hope. Her. Read her own primary again and she really paying lady Andre here. He's worked really hard core can't bear. Emanuel the primary and you know it's. At all but I hello and in need is you the truth. And it turned out all right. Seeing. Well. He was the truth tell. And since he. Here's. He was tripped up. Great well but the thing is he's also rapidly pro choice. And you say they year. Four. Year pro your pro life I mean this in she Keenan you know is the guy with legislation after legislation after legislation. Iran to make you know IE abortion more accessible and easy and in our state is part Republicans and every thing they have attempted to do to stop that. It doesn't. Yeah he's swinging at. Anybody with a burning netstat does banana. It's exactly the greeting but I'm very proud that you at least gotten they're getting manic eat that I'm right there wouldn't eat. We are sick of this we are absolutely. There's no more room in my back to stab and not okay. I've got nods going all the way across much older and I'll lay down or there's no more worried and I can't afford to be step in the Pat Riley speak. And that's what all the assists that's what more. A lot of Wal-Mart justice thank you I'd like give a bullet by united. When talking about try to get out. Nikki Haley to Scott and Lindsay I don't you idiots. I mean when you do that I mean literally I just I'm sorry they'd been there two or. They shall marry and their truck haters. Say they are only doing what they have to do now to get a let. Okay that's just my opinion of those people so quit talking about really do our team completely out. I'm sure you got some good odd weird but it it sure that did commit terror from us they're not paying attention. They don't know what's going on and I clicked okay. And I'm yeah. Oh yeah a great man and you've just bad technique when you put. Mention that it's and the life that they acted the pollen why they came out of its trump when the GOP in the bush snap their fingers. Which which want to settle on their back and leg he just did whatever they are masters told you all local. Any any doubt William Simon that you do transition to William Timmons as one people to be cleared that we're not. I'm not timid I'm talking about try to go out he already okay Georgia trying to tell us sort sprint to the curse and that they wanna do it their way. And how much will now most people did the bidding. Until of the GMT when the GOP snap their fingers and make you not remember the day after Nikki Haley in all of this came out totally. You sought to turn out and Mitt Romney. Com are awful and I mean they didn't like they were in the army and they'd been ordered to do it from the top Daniel. And everybody did it I think scenery only did I care because he was on its way out. He did you know there was no downside for him to back. Try to and yet you to my personal I where we know it only segment was is that you return William Timmons because Timmons. McKay is you know touted himself as an ally of Haley dowdy and sky it's no longer aren't over and over again and in our Ed Garrity. Scott writes. And rubio. Who Simmons is now allied himself within he's learning edition for race mean they all voted for the omnibus. Right only carry you look students are you beating with the troops okay and they can't stand it. Are you can't do much reading skit statement. Over and over to them again yet he can't books are really got me this and all our quote the sort of this sort. Now that either believe in carbon don't do it that's what we termed them teacher real sort of we cannot go long. And and allow. The other side beat it 90% of what they want as an excuse because league 10%. That's what's got that's where we're at somebody's got to stand up and say this stuff it's got stopped state do you have a sect leader both in looks like it turned up problem that you. Yeah unless the charisma up against the break will be back into it just dissect. They police. Gets racially profiled. By an NAACP. President. Yet come like man bites dog and he can enjoy this one. But first. Wes was on a roll and I usually let people I carry over a segment you're a little. To open today at some attacks liner with you so well would what is your second point this morning. My second point you like you bring you know the service animal protection how fast they spring into action to a school right this wrong. Okay. Are on top shut down on my watch about a week. And we looked out. A confidential. The whole congressional was congressional racket remember her there here in protest tomorrow. Can't pretend I want to trench expire she's not a very big political corruption I suggest everyone watch the entire thing now the Sox found by it would against all eighty kinda keys to look are you monitor. A non patent a humor a turn yourself all types will. That was that that clear late in every. Diamond and cereal they like October a lot from the beginning care I don't understand what's happening to us now look it's called censorship. Can we don't have to go any further than that. We don't have to care what they said what they might assist called censorship now sport. Our hundred years fifty years cat out and Kerry you know you're Catholic from what I've heard Shaq now do you call teen years ago in New York City that they had an art. Expose that had a crucifix. In a bottle of the year are okay and what all the liberals tell every about. It's tough it's called. Non censorship it's called artistic expression. Bomb you don't like it looked the other one and now also. Everybody sitting here including our side of a little brat like L censorship is just a credit and yet. Now on me we were never censorship on that was until dropped in law. What what stand Kruger actually know about care what are you are shut you should earn between. I beat you heard conservatives. Are blood diamond and still make all these beautiful only about censorship and try not fully. And say nap and yet you got to the CNET and do nothing Cox you know white west you know like my. You don't want conservatives saying in the same. That is Italy's makes the bad. Think US recall I was into those text your rights that captain Templeton. Tim says she was a foot soldier for Gresham Barrett in the primaries a known rhinos scumbag who was book blew off the stage at the pilot center. By the Tea Party. Add texture race at about your callers Wes and Charles they get. The Cheshire writes I just wanna say that it's like people are so worried about being offended that they don't want to hear the true. Yeah I ocean why everybody is so worried about being offended. They com that jet girl who wore the traditional Chinese dress to prom and got savaged on line for cultural preparation. She's like I apologize. By another one I'm aware where I want. That was it and we are a little closer and it shouldn't try to poke I did it you know what that just adds fuel their fire. Are you aware don't want it and the conversation. Do that. It's not just tell them. Sure it can my spouse fly as an emotional support animal. I don't know about tag check with the airline is she who.