The Tara Show - 5-16-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Wednesday, May 16th

NAACP president makes up racial profiling incident during traffic stop refuted by body cam; Left spinning Hamas attack on Israel border as Israeli attack on innocent Palestinians; Nikki Haley drops truth bomb on UN; FBI tried to collude with Russians to entrap and frame Trump campaign; New poll shows illegal immigration the number one issue in America and Trump popularity rising; GOP trying its hardest to lose control of Congress


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Elaine good morning again Terrence Murray so this quickly went viral no surprise there a South Carolina NAACP. It. President. Reverie injure rotten old tree. Claim and a FaceBook says he was racially profiled by a police officer. During a traffic sucks your medicine now okay now what's this happening Timmons film and he was outraged by how the officer. Treated right. And there he put his best recollection of V stop. Up on his FaceBook page is Lisa the app said other sir I am stopping you because you failed to put on turn signal. And do you have drug drugs in the car. He claims it that. The officer. Asked him where you work. Whose car is this and why are you in this neighbor he was driving Mercedes very nice car. And he says well I answered the standard blade CP chairman says well I answer I'm a pastor and I live in the house on the left in the opposite says. All right and I guess I'm Bill Gates. And the NAACP shares says around sir what's the problem and yardages says I asked. I'm asking you for the last time whose car this is and why are you in this neighborhood. NAACP chairman says president says I told you last time whose car it lebed last time whose car wasn't where I live. Com but awaken as being cheered by turning officer walks away with his information. He says he was racially. Proof for this of course. Went. Viral. Well. The balloon is that black lives matter has pushed for body cam. Which thank you read this port police officer was wearing. Are probably would have his job this morning. And by this afternoon there'd be national outrage. Did any of that happening. Except every got pulled overt now. Com in the dock in the actual bite him video officer Chris Miles tells of missed animal trade that the reason he came in contact with him his due to I'm not signaling when he made a right turn. Which at the video shows. That's the only reason I'm coming in contact with you OK miles said the video. There was no mention of drugs did not ask him. If he had drugs in the car as paltry claimed miles did not mention. Did acquisition question laundry about why he was in that particular neighborhood or make any mention Bill Gates. He did not suggest Vermont street to not drive the car and Julius track improper he did suggest the most re not trying to cart glee is proper documentation. But his registration handed the officer came back is a 1990 GMC truck instead of her Mercedes. That's a little problem. Yak. Tim still police chief Billy Graham said he was surprised when he heard a small trees allegations against. Amal street is the president of the local NAACP announcement here in South Carolina. And as they are not you know generally something you would think you know miles we're doing has miles well the police officer. He said he immediately got a captains a look at dividing cam video to see what happens. Palm and none of it's it. Tom Browne the police chief. Said most trees false allegations of racial racial profiling need to be made public. He should but I think him being president of the NAACP the Timmons the area that needs to be on public for the simple reason. If and when something else happens they needed it a look at the credibility of who's presenting it brown said. I mean to be a lot of this to us still lie about anything to anyone I just don't think we need his type of representation. Now this gentleman's a pastor as well as with the NAACP. Says he is at there probably something goes long ball and I'll show montella. Bear false witness against thy neighbor. I remember something like it's it was pretty attend some things they were important suggestions suggesting it's it's this suggestion yes. By guy and a got a severe threat. On yet OK so anyway and then the police she goes on to say. That this is actually prove finally to police. Might be NAACP. President. You're not terribly this that's exactly what one of the other questions I was gonna ask you isn't this profile as of office. And what it's say. That. You have to make out. Any incidents of racial profiling by the police because you Kiet rightly come by one in Timmons ruled South Carolina South Carolina yes. Way. Streets the pastor was bearing false witness against the police officer in this who has. Moon. Her. And you know here's the problem this happened so many times. And not thank god there was Kim in this one in many cases there's not now. And what happens the media takes it runs when it goes wildly off his name is destroyed for ever heard he's got to watch his back for the rest of his life. He's gonna have problems anywhere he goes trying to get another job. And it goes on forever and and it it they the officers are never giving. The benefit of the doubt. They never are and here's exactly why ain't. They should be that doesn't mean officers don't you know is to Moscow and Randy some bad things about saying that doesn't mean attacks but what I'm saying is. Could we please give the benefit of the day sometimes. Just just once or twice isn't it now we can go to the videotape or you know yeah digital recording. There's a video taken by the way what is really interesting about this. Is that a look cool the community activist and he waters is a black activist. Simonyi some trees FaceBook page she was very upset that a black person be racially profiled for driving a nice car and a nice neighborhood. And he went straight to the Tim's a police department to take a look at the copy of the officer's dash can't he's worked in the past with mostly Kimberly Malta was treated this way down. He get a when he started he's black but when he when he saw the video he became even more upset. Now at the officer animal tree. Well and and rightfully so. He said the opposite was very pleasant plot kinda launch into an entire Foreman traffic stop. Here's what he said once a copy that by cam video it's as if he made the whole story of and I felt like he set us back a hundred years. Because. Think about all the racial profiling cases that are true settlers them. This is why every one of DC police departments his gat insures proceedings got to get these body cams and carry costs. You cannot take the risk of this kind of thing when you have the reverend Jerry mauled three. President of the NAACP. South Carolina chapter for Timmons now. Willing to make this kind of stuff on student has anybody asked for his resignation from that organization you know what am I make a note to myself to people a week or so. I bet he still holds her office that does is it that had been let's say. A local Lum the gun rights group owner. Gun rights group representative you know have some some group like that. That is generally considered not right leaning. Don't you think to be asking for the resignation. From the organization yet. Now okay I'm I'm just I'm pulling a separate now so far. Nothing here about anybody asking him to present here's didn't think you two left he ends in a U to be done now as a pastor dale. That you think well. All the center of we know that. But it's just when you go out of your way. To do it's a new restaurants restaurant exactly snell. Now this wasn't a momentary oversight is is very deliberate. Columbia. Just another reason why sometimes we gives somebody's invokes the benefit of doubt. Did all we have been just fingering a good morning Joseph. Our character quick comment stung. The so called reverend. It. Like he needs to be sued by the police officer for slander and defamation of character. To be taken to the paint outlandish kind of non essential problem which stopped. I dropped search Syria where repeat he has. Secondly. The so called reverend. Each to apologize to public. And only then. Can the healing begin. I used to dealing that's the most important part to heal us. Eric but managed to apologize so they're healing. Can't we get. Well so hard Joseph. An emerald but the healing here understand. We are as super Joseph. The only person company pastor's resignation from the NAACP or his pastor position is some guy on our text line. Who goes by the name of sir James Russell senate Mike. He says I'm from north Cara I'll Carolina and I'm asking for this man's resignation. To line. We got wind. And sit. The chip Perry outlets 200 harder stuff because we got some double got a lot of stuff going on okay so come the Palestinians. Got themselves killed. 58 of them. Am outside the gates of your Arafat Arafat Israel. Now a few days before. The whole young you know opening in the amber embassy in Jerusalem. The head of Hamas a State Department designated terror organization. Announced they would try to storm the gates a break can't. The Israeli government announced that they would shoot them if they attempted to breach the that the gates. He says the people anyway. To do it. What was the goal in breaching the great negates they wanna tune martyr themselves trying to break through. That's what they want. She did you aren't daily news runs a front cover photo of Yvonne got calling her daddy's little cool GH WL because 58 people die. And she seemed oblivious. Well course she was oblivious I was thinking my fifty miles away how would Sheen out it was happening simultaneously to the opening of the embassy. And then this. From these new propaganda mouthpiece forty terror group Hamas. MSNBC's. Joseph Scarborough. Forward the rest of the world do you actually saw. And administration and a White House and we'll say it's and so vodka trump was there a family. Completely. Out of touch with the realities of the reason they're dealing with and you know it didn't. You you had 5555. People. Killed yesterday fiftieth than 58 and he had a split screen. Of what looked like the VIP tent at the Belmont Stakes. And and they just. They don't care seemed totally oblivious. To what was going on. Not in the not so far away. I didn't care totally oblivious. It would GI Joseph and Mika we're totally oblivious to the rest of the story which helps if they gave you free don't context. Here's Benjamin Netanyahu. With. The rest of the stories they leader in Israel they're pushing. Civilians. Women children into. The line of fire would do him good encounters when trying to minimize go to casualties they're trying to improve casualties in order to well. In order to put pressure on Israel which is horrible he said they want kids to die. Putting kids wanna fire cash. Junior army goes too far. I don't know I'm telling you would do anything differently to pretend to borders people say we're gonna destroy you know we're gonna float into your country. He tried other means control switch from his Chicago. Nonlethal means and they don't work so from the flu. I choices. And that's too bad choices. But. Yesterday and I and I Malaysia's would Nikki Haley specially lately analyst up its Nellie yesterday. She's at the UN they're having a hearing. Online name not Iraq its data ran his fired from Syria into Israel trying to kill Israelis and care about that. And not about any recent underfunding of Hamas. Com and they're violence by Iran now back then and how they had a hearing on whether the Israelis committed genocide a move by defending themselves firmly on slide. By the Hamas terrorist. On their border Nikki Haley drops this truth bomb on them. At the hearing and then turns her back and walks out it's today's at the grant at the UN Nikki Haley and it. Is awesome. But let's remember. That the Hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years. Long before the United States decided to move our embassy. In recent days multiple news organizations have documented the Hamas incitement in Gaza. They've reported that Hamas maps and social media showed the fastest routes to reach Israeli communities. In case demonstrators make it through the security threats. They reported on Hamas messages over loudspeakers. That urged demonstrators to burst your defense. Falsely claiming Israeli soldiers were flame. When in fact they were not. This. Loudspeakers are used by Hamas to urged the crowds to quote get closer get closer. To the security fence. I think you know what's bad about this they're burning tires the whole time. To make it harder for the snipers the Israeli snipers did to shoot the civilians. Well if and as they're urging them go to defense imprisoned civilians can't see that the snipers are firing. Because of all the smoke from the from the tires it's like a curtain. They urged him on to their deaths lying to them that the Israelis were fleeing so they'd get shot. This should Joseph Scarborough and we got our defending. Hamas' attacks the core rain shalom crossing the biggest entry point in Gaza for fuel. Food and medical supplies. They light Molotov cocktails attached to kites on fire. An attempt to fly them into Israel to cause as much destruction as possible. When asked yesterday why he put a swastika on his burning kite. The terrorist responded quote. The Jews go crazy when you mentioned Hitler. Unquote. This is what is endangering the people of Gaza. Make no mistake. Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday. I ask my colleagues here in the Security Council. Who among us would accept this type of activity on New York born. No 1 morning. No country in this chamber would act with more restraint. In Israel has in fact the records of several countries. Here today suggest gay would be much less restrained. This have to do or does not rolls on his explanation motion. But it almost doesn't seem dangerous. Finally kept a tide comes in slowly. How people get cotton. So long to come and that they walkway out and they get stuck. Is sure the way out about to get stuck. Revenue NN is ahead of the Intel committee in the house saying exactly what I was trying to walk up to yesterday and recap the facts here. His they're shilling. You remember the Newsweek article mentioning yesterday. May 2017 Google it it's a heck of a read. Ain't supposed to hacker charged by our government with hacking. Several US. At major US company web sites including Linkedin. Is charged and held in check prison. His lawyer tells Newsweek three FBI agents visited him. And it they made him this deal. If he would be willing to testify that he hacked the DNC computer. After request of Vladimir Putin in order aids trump. They would give US citizenship drop the charges and paid for his apartment. Or you could just ride. In the Czech prison. His clerk he it is clear not only said no they said heck no and blew the whistle story was all over the Czech papers. They trashing here though except in Newsweek. This ought to be pretty easy detectives think the three FBI agents go or not. Stories never Penry jacked tracked it still stands and it's chilling. It's just an FBI actively looking to criminally frame president trump and I mean not criminally him I mean criminally that. And it pits the exact same MO what we've learned this week. They find Russian. With some needed that the federal government can't fill. And they try to get a humble or erred. The FB Eli does. On with their Russian collusion narrative why they have no Russians they have no collusion. So they did a seed is Russian oligarchs and wake him up they weren't even this dossier. I would mr. rational guy please get. I commission organized crime and a desperate need for whatever reason to be in the country. Yet he is. Requests for a visa passport to enter the country been turned on multiple times because of his connections to organized crime so what is CJ. Spends quite five million dollars at the request of the FBI trying to rescue an FBI agent. Or is it CAA agent and who was held them captive by the Iranian T ultimately fails. But they reward him with a passport. They can't Elam. Waking up second presumed to middle of the night. And unborn would this dossier thing he lasts in their face. Again this is a guy who wants to stay in the US very badly 2.5 million dollars badly. He's old ultra wealthy. And not connected to put. Is the same darn and is an. Can improve that they did it I got as Newsweek article miss. But it stinks to high habit. And I'm not the only one who thinks up. After what just came out the presidents. I'm judicial watch. Com well Lou Dobbs show on fox. With this warning for the president. I'll just clear that the lessons mirror I think for the president and for those that serve been and is inner circle. Is that it's now time to fight like hell. This kind of sitting back and letting it play out. And really all these characters kind of Rio run the tables. Make your various declarations moving the ball. Look this is this is really not a legal investigation. This is slow motion political coup. That's being carried out by a legal processes. He's not align. DeVon NN is saying. What essentially and fox and friends and morn saying essentially what I said yesterday. They didn't throw the Newsweek article and I don't know why nobody out there seems to remember it Britney Google it's a hacker Marie. DeVon you know as head of the House Intelligence Committee suggesting. President trump. Is in the process. Of being framed. Buyer FBI lie and Department of Justice. And you're reader reading again folks. That they got to source papers that launched this in turn destination they had no evidence. No wind chill eminence and no criminal and as you can not lines and investigation without evidence any United States of America. In a regular courtroom. You cannot it will be thrown out. DeVon it is asking again how on earth. Is this investigation still up and the running we have uncovered Tre getting in myself know what evidence. But they Hillary dossier paid for by the DNC and Hillary. An and he said something. Equally chilling if they were and if if the campaign was somehow set up I think that would be a problem. Right if there were somehow some meetings that would that occurred on all this was a setup because we have yet to see. Any credible evidence or intelligence that led to the opening of this investigate you seen that it makes it sound like you believe. Donald Trump was trick to look I believe that they didn't have that all first of all I believe they never should of opened a counterintelligence investigation. Into a political parties counterintelligence investigations. Our our very you know very rarely do they happen and when they do happen right. You have to be very careful because you're you're using the tools of our intelligence services and relationships and other countries. In order to spy on a political campaign probably not a good idea. To set up you mean frame. Winning. Frank. Jim I think she's a component American televised this was source would. Be Israel. It's real grown so used to it doesn't seem as bizarre as it should but it is. Terrifying. Everything you're seeing right now it's all connected it's all interrelated I tell you that all of the time nothing happens in a vacuum or for no reason. And these poll numbers I'm about to give view. These are widely known in understanding. By the liberal left I don't just mean political liberal left. What do we seen the last couple weeks. Late night talk show hosts do you do nothing but bash trump. As a group in masses back up charmed little bit here and talk about him as much as we did. That's our. New crackdowns. On conservatives BJ announced by both Twitter and FaceBook. And this time FaceBook doesn't curious that. They've never published their actual rules for the site. Until a couple of weeks ago I spent ten days ago actually. Before you know you're violating. And rules they put that it will be considered hate speech. Previous suggest that somebody who is undocumented. Supple on United States of America why would they do that. Orcas are not yet that but now there's another reason why now. They just they Gallup poll showing the number one concern of Americans is what immigration. It's the first time in over a decade that's happened. They get to shut down the debate on this. Yet the Harvard here's Paula tell you is old time showing 60% black 61% of Hispanic support trumps immigration plans are Democrats. You think FaceBook hasn't seen these stats. Sue what we know. Dilution FaceBook account and be shed done good faced a prison if you honestly debate. Immigration. Taped speech. CS works. See this works Democrats to cannot name massive recent days. This isn't so sure Hillary Clinton to talk about you may be nicer to trump why. Here's what this is devastating. Zogby. A liberal pollster. When asked. Who they trust more. To grow the US economy likely voters to anyone for of 41% say trump thirty 5% say Democrat leaders. The rest 25% don't know what planet they're on. Please Chris keep America safe trump 40%. Democrat leaders at 38% the rest point 2% they have no idea what plant there on it gets worse. For them. Certain key groups according to Zogby independents women and when he hills all have more trust in trump then and Democrats. Regarding the US economy. Winter. Wind. And independents favor him if he donation saves ugliness. Which importing Erie race is numbers among the key groups millennial women independents. He'll be a factor between teen mid term elections when it comes to the economy independence favorites from thirty to eight point 2%. Rather than Democrat leaders. And drug ties Democrat leaders with one minute 34% millennial 36% that's devastating in less even when Republicans have a winning year. These generic polls usually favor the Democrats. When it comes to keeping America safe in the pen is go thirty to 3229%. For trump. He keeps things close with millennia else. 44% to 32% goes to listen eighteen to 24 hour. What I'll. That's the YouTube out. Favored trump to keep Americans safe and women 41 to 34%. Over Democrat leaders. The last ones to kicker that. Zogby concludes. It could prove to be why is at the moment portraits fellow Republicans. To align themselves with the press. Democrats get this absolutely because they want to win not GOP. That's GOP so easy she Mark Zuckerberg ice appear named did attorney said FaceBook account you talk about immigration. If you say it and the undocumented don't belong in this country as hate speech. What are Republicans doing right now. Under the leadership wants the loose. Push and speak. Their cushy amnesty. To loops. Headline a break par GOP reps is he can passing amnesty after the may fifteenth primaries. Yeah did I screw themselves in mid terms a par ranking get paid by his buddies after he leaves office so this is about.