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Wednesday, May 16th

GOP trying its hardest to lose control of Congress; Airlines cracking down on ridiculous emotional support animals; NAACP president makes up racial profiling incident during traffic stop refuted by body cam


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And lay good morning terra OK and this is an act if you had this to be the Democrats okay but it's the Republicans. Acting on amnesty act only exactly the time. Women assigned to lead the biggest concern the American people is immigration. And I'm glad across every electoral group Republicans Democrats and independents at least a plurality agree with president trump. And won his policies excuse joke and you did prominent laid out like seven minute tour does discretion the Democrats. In these polls exited the GOP leadership has got to do something about this natural partisan leadership. And I find is people armed. They don't know or it's a legal. You know I'd. If pat Ryan were to do the big debating where other Republicans of us turned lobbyist and while in office they can just write big checks to them that's illegal you you can't. Just paid you know literally by yourself congressman to what they do. Is that after you you know or leave office. It's understood you're gonna get a big fat cushy job doing nothing. Com and you know maybe several if you've done very well. For that and you you gonna get month millions of dollars you're sitting on board somewhere that kind thing in this is why congress members. You know don't have squat when I go to congress if they behave correctly according to certain K street lobbyists they at emerge from the deal extremely rich. Calm afterward really JD Hayworth and you'll play your game. And he still lives in the same ranch house he started off to recovery yet that's the difference you don't get all the bucks unless you do the deed so. Am I say eight years she brought Paul Ryan is in multi multimillionaire he can get amnesty rammed through. Own and stop the GOP from winning back control his own party from winning back control. Erie this Tia. This kind of address a sunny early may mean some of these current and not mean to them your your talk to these candidates in this is not fair this is why. I am this tough it is joke like this headline in bright brits might. GOP representative. Says he can passing amnesty after the may fifteenth primary. Did you Palin is legislature legislator who pushed the discharge position is telling lobbyist. And I'm GOP signatures to force an amnesty vote in the house once this week's primaries are finished. Dizziness and an absence didn't pretend your Republican anymore after the primary California GOP representative Jeff Denham. Is the front man and a petition attempts. Which he's just seven more GOP signatures to reach the 25 it needed GOP signatures on the discharge petition. Does 45 signatures will add a 193 Democrats to take these 218 vote majority control of the house floor. And pushed through a no strings amnesty. For at least three million illegal immigrants. The amnesty would also but raid by the way. They get Dem voting rights in time for the election it's. Lights out when done. That's how tight the margin is right down his country Lisa between Hillary and entrant you don't need a lot of votes to pull one party in power initial about do it with chain migration. Oh by the way which they're adding so I go ahead multiply that out to about nine million. Error when Lindsey Graham did theirs Lee I'm he says tracked. Your ability to vote right I they regain five years Z wanna make sure that the Republican party's been lights out knocked out on an an that would about it okay. That is telling people don't it's funny five I don't get to tweet right after the primaries because members will be free cosponsor the dish you know after they screw their voters. What is your state primaries are over and right now I'm guaranteed these guys are running around San. Sure is not why should your words no you. The good meat. Should my guts. Missing John Daly stepped. Because they think their voters are dumb bomb another shrimp I know source cobra pardons that house majority whip represented Steve's release. Is the only member of the GOP leadership currently trying to stop the amnesty about it. Bomb. And they're basically saying aren't going house speaker Paul Orion is on the way his way to a big paycheck to pull analysts off signaled his support. For the petition as bright are you know it is no news noted during his may ninth eleven press conference may eleventh press conference when he said. We wanna fix this doctor problem we want certainty and we have a border security from the needs to be addressed. So far Ryan has not publicly criticized the petition signers nor has he threatened to deny any of them his party's reelection fights. That's sounds is interpreted by activists is a tacit endorsement of the amnesty push of course it is. He should discount he just won't. Mom and he'll also reported a Denham says he's commitments prominent GOP legislators to force event. As his ultimate betrayal of the GOP. Base rate here and particularly when you're talking about doing something after the primary once you have secure the nomination. And yeah understand this is why hail I'm all the while Paul Ryan has Ben the two majors have blocked a good let bill from coming forward for a vote. And good but bill on again that way didn't it win many verify system that would make it very easy for employers to tell who easily go one who is not. I it would make it very easy for ice into arrest employers who then hire illegals anyway. On the because you either did or did not check the and so I mean that would put such a chill on their ability to hire illegals. And you either did or did not sack they have a record. Bottom line you aren't illegal it's gonna be very easy for ice to pursue interest for doing it. Bomb and finally do you see this and this is part of the reason for the desperation of these GOP people who are owned by the chamber on trumped. Is actually arresting business owners. And their managers could yes and and our rest Ted talk listen to this 800. More than doubled the number arrested last year. This is a crime on both sides if you guess are in this country illegally. And you are not making an effort to become a citizen and you or illegally getting but what ever you do when you hear here illegally to begin web. But if you or knowingly as an employer as an American hiring people that you know or illegal. That's that is to a crime and both sides both ends of this deserve prosecution. And keep forget this is a tax avoidance scheme this is taxed products like employers do this because they don't have to pay taxes and then I had committees when he. You illegals aren't working for rent for less in the construction industry they're not they're paid the same peep the same as Americans but illegals are far preferred because guess what you have to pay any tax is on. If pay taxes on the American scene Americans love more expensive for you to hire. And that's the problem and this is a massive tax avoidance scheme wrapped up as some kind of act of love. According to Jenna Bush and it's just it's just absolutely evil that was unfortunate that you know what he's yet it was unfortunate what oh what they're doing and I'm telling you. It is actually tried to these polls. The GOP is doing the one thing right now that the polls tell them will most enrage their voters and independent voters. And your ticket a big fight honest I'm. And the Jewish and Tony they're doing this on purpose to lose the house muted in procedure and you lose house I mean when when it. Win no win. All right and why write off in the sunset air bridge to cease. Alum agencies actually discuss and want to mess. Com especially given again their par and he shut down any discussion of bills that are just sitting there that have been worked on for months that would end all of this. Ended the fact that our judge at these liberal judges are forcing catch and release that's where doing and try doing catcher really stack as he wants to at. He ended the policy when he took office as is his right. On the data liberal judge decreed that it must happen. And then now marker rubio of Tim's guidance and Sri Gatti voted for the as you know for there on the omnibus yeah the ominous Bill Thomas yeah which or as per announced that cut. Yes and then cut detention beds forcing even more. Release of illegal immigrants into our country sitting near undermining us at every at every turn it is it is just it's maddeningly map. There are part. Again you know I I'm not so sure it's our party will also printing its stake here though the ultimate thing that is so intoxicated. Is that me and you get even three million of these would chain migration. You give him voting you show up trump did not win the popular vote he won the presence of his skin of his teeth now and the electoral I'll let you get three million of these protein. Let's up to over. It is it's overstep it one party system. You really country run by the FBI lied their permanent injustice Nancy Pelosi. And you narco like that country. You're writing good or recognized as countries like when you either exactly. The exact problem you'd thought iris targeting was bad well that's just the beginning. Of what that country's going to be like now and these guys un un you know these these lobbies on held they don't care. Because they get to double bonus of they'll be able to repress wages until we're practically slaves massive influx of white collar labor don't think if you're educated that your gonna get away with this because they're not. And conservatives will never be able to stop it again to their votes will be so too diluted polls win when they can do whatever they want for the rest of their lives. It all hinges. On an amnesty vote. And any country is not just it's unfair as bad this is lights out for the country that we're talking bearing on they get one of these indices through and it's over. Over capital alarming to depression. What you have it's it's over. An intuitive break heading right into the mid term when the GOP's on our. Tell me when you know she Zogby. Who is aid liberal leading pollster Lee is saying. It through very well why is it terms fellow Republicans aligned themselves with the president they could just crushed there the Democrats thank you captain obvious. Yes it's not doing it either are they an issue these polls. They see these balls I'd come next. Some animal shows of scorpion. Yeah if you don't feel good you could have went maybe. Text your race. Means certain Toomey Republicans dare reservation is. Don't let yourself be manipulated at China treated any thing you're not tough enough don't feel bad for killing cockroaches. Cockroaches. Back today is his does not say everything it's funny. Oh my gosh this is funny was dying reading this this morning. But it's just a bigger in this country. The absolute absurdity. Of cattle telling to any buddy. Could claim is it to be part of a victim. And it is that kind of political correctness who that is lead it to what I'm about to tell you about next. You have power in America today if you want. It's never had before. And that power is this if you can align yourself with a victim group. Nobody can stop you are criticizing they can't stop you from using the bathroom if you don't pay. Can't stop you. From being eight bringing year on the non house broke an emotional support goat on a plane. People live in terror. Especially corporations. And somebody saying I was discriminated against I do not know why. And that is what did it in this read this is of this would have ever happens in the 1980s. How bad this is going to headline American Airlines billions emotional support amphibious. Periods. Goats. And more all of these things have now been brought on planes. First United Airlines barred an emotional support. You bring more of these online and I am on an airport and in 1980s personally never let it let it ought. The and a fled to correctness that we had political curtains we have now. The past sort of freaked people discriminate you. With fear and as it unleashed in spousal or dial. We can imagine the feedback you get today people are terrified was an emotional support peacock. An emotional distress oh. And a groom themselves did not miss any thinking that is the power we have given complete idiots. And I don't know why. Now American Airlines is telling passengers some other service emotional support animals including goats hedge hogs and tusks. Tusk creatures cannot fly. I mean kind of punch poignant. Now a federal laws require airlines to permit passengers with disabilities to travel a service an emotional support animals and can I hear you're blinds. And you need an animal to detect your diabetes should be fully trained animal I am totally with you those animals are great they usually wonderfully will be hit. We're not talking about it. But if congress passed a law and included. Emotional support. Which served port. And lets you bring your commercials supporting one on clay you hit me. What a joke. But airlines can't require statement from alike according to a lot from licensed mental health professionals documenting the passengers need promotional support it. So what are now saying is they're going to do that. We're a new worlds are designed to protect passengers legitimate needs for service and support animals while avoiding problems so you can still worrying. Your emotional support animal on an on board even if it's cloven an on house broken your risk gonna have to get a letter saying you're crazy. Which are kept wishing you a letter saying you're crazy or is not self evident. And the new rules which will go into effect July 1 American is adding amphibians go hedge hogs in sex in sex. Not canceled birds. Of prey eight. And animals with tusks mourns or who loves. Back to the list of those that can't play as service or support in most of the airline. Will make an exception for miniatures courses that have been trained a service animals. Of course again if you have a negative note. Here's how crazy this this is how crazy this is. Service to supporting animals flaw in the cabin for free unlike household pets which. American treasure hunt a front anti dollar fee for but emotional support animals don't always have the specialized training. Rate. And listen to this. This is this is how they're granted there's still also freed this is how tough are getting irate passengers won't have to sign of pork. Promising animal can be it properly did it to submitting a signature from a mental health care professional massive crackdown. Animals seen sushi British and moderates say it's generally. As a house for animals seem growling fighting attempting to by jumping or lunge at people without being corrected or controlled would be considered pet subject to appropriate rules and feast. The airline is well won't charge the passenger retroactively. If this poll supporting Obama's behaves. Step it. If the passenger and why haven't finished their trip so it happens you is if you're mentally in your emotional support go to crabs everywhere. Advice to people is it going to be forced to step it. This is them getting tough mind this is how afraid they are some Lulu bird. Sings like Q sir I have depression and I am bushels supported taco. It was an illness. Was is this is how insane okay this is a vis how we senior political crisis. I don't airlines or Chicago based united. American Airlines won't require passengers with supporters service in most to submit animal health and vaccination forms. Once. We crier. Swimming leninist who claims he can if you can get a letter from your shrink saying you're crazy. I need an emotional support an. Even if it's not today on its rabies vaccination. A big people. You all are more more if you might be it is more. Any actual physical safety and prevention from the spread of rabies and of the diseases. To the other passengers. We have lost our collective minds. United is now asking veterinarians to document when the animal has never been scratched her tag tempers. Tracks. Which. Straight to bring dinosaurs by people though just take a funny but it's a good free rights or not. This would never be put up with nineteen needs you would be RS did. If you did this. But I says fear. Depression and I can't get high without my under house broken social support. Bites. Right no telling other people I don't care about the cocaine Hampshire. Sure that's fine. Just remember a global club could not only to calm down. But he did that woman and she's bleeding. And then be cares about her. Credit hedgehog this. Is. Looming. How might this country. Ice is if we fight somebody lit a horse and emotional support ahead target. I Caylee maybe it was a little hasty. A U hasty comment on and jumped the gun jumping to conclusions. MA I shouldn't have knocked to the idea of emotional support. Animals. And you know I can yeah affect and isn't things debris to may have changed my mind. You know like I really honestly start to afford to the last segment and considered the adventures advantages of Syria owning NM new emotional support. Scorpion. Here ego from may company that retails. Numbers emotional support. Scorpions and if you wanna buy. Could happen to anyone you know physical or emotional problems and no medically diagnosed condition whatsoever. In fact you're perfectly healthy you just don't like people in your pain in the hands. Can you need support scorpion it's people who support animal guaranteed to be permitted everywhere because no one will have the guts to tell you otherwise I. Crowds especially at the airport and why is that what. But what my supports we're okay. Fairly quickly and he had to say that's because the key to support for Venus it's deadly venom just one day. Talkative guy from business class take a long naps all the way to your destination. Well it's nice sun moon and the movies altogether we just couldn't stay in the crowd theaters now it's my girlfriend's streaming. Thanks support scorpion the end of every supports working comes when an initial support best of people though. Hi I'm different I'm sorry I can't help she's we have. So don't look silly law prevents you from bringing your non traditional support animal everywhere you go order supports scorpion today. You call within the next forty minutes they throw in a free call for cobra. Now combating absurdity with absurdity element yeah I know by the way I'm if you want to get a. Well yeah because who wants have to define it just all the things on the scorpion is the problem is that the civil when the material there that idea as do issues. In a too emotional support scorpion. Mean OK yeah right well they know whether that's Greg Gutfeld. Now just hysterical mother. Another entrepreneurial enterprise to but it could be real. We could big can be real meanness of it could be real easy to check our sales department may have them a schedule I don't over the tech stories I'll put my emotional support rattlesnake applicants are scored in any day. And it checks your race I tried an emotional support goat but found it wasn't enough I know I travel everywhere with a go it's kind of like Sheppard. I don't text or race lay off hagee he is vicious this quills are sharp. And it checks your race if you're commercial support animal bites me it would be my next meal almost bug. And a an extra like to what texture is your do you think that the airline would let me bring an emotional support shot guide. No no no no and I. Not less is and checked baggage delays and judge texture arrayed I wondered how the airlines would handle my emotional support black 43 Leo and I love her. The shadow. Add text -- signed by a mental health professional yeah you need does somebody to sign a document saying you're crazy to bring your emotional support animal would you. Bomb which as I should should be self have it's gotten emotional support go to. That is our house broken you wanna bring on the plane. On narrow why you need a years since her doctor to commencing when you're nuts but you know like issue now according to these airlines which are cracking down. Citing mental health professional professionals doctors have us in the open good graces the texture rates they will sign it they're cracked parts. Texture is I necessarily aware here in Ohio test animals sounds really folks trying to travel with their emotional support pot belly Bork. Dexter writes I know a penthouse pet she would provide a lot of emotional support can I bring her you know I don't I don't I don't think well I don't know. Are I'm not sure. About that. But there. Will look closely know I'm right where it is. At tech generates the big a scorpion the better just remember that smaller ones have more powerful venom really duly noted. To duly noted that numbness. Yeah but no I mean in all seriousness is a perfect example of how political pregnant sister is completely gone actually in certain off or else run amok. You mean like this you can't even have unless it is truly. Eight we know early June amends disability animal or some people let me truly have need for disability not an initial supporting laws disability down. Right and and there was well trains and an awesome and but you know ring that's just pandering and junk in to insulate you know air restaurant and this is texting me. Com this is different you mean just yet here is we can't Porter dog kennel without all the shots. We don't wanna infect other animals in the panel decides and it's okayed you know but it's okay infect all airport yeah. Correctly they're not crackdown so Farley as actually requiring documentation. A vaccination. That your emotional support and rain had its shots I know. They're very hard documentation or anybody else on the plane is just that one person might go on TV you know. They might demy and we can have damage these days sit there offended. The little gradual hub and then what I know something bad. And long lead emotional sport scorpions and have. I app so I am anyway and speaking of which. I attractively we talked about this earlier Brent bomb in in today's man bites dog story and com N double AC. NAACP. Right. And are so he pushed this paste a post about how terrible is that he got profile. By the the police in that he was drab Mercedes and he's pulled over and the police officer you know asks him you know do you live around here and live in this neighborhood and he says no way Younis is yet do announcer says yeah I mean Bill Gates nanny wants to search the car for drugs. Nominee keeps ask him c'mon this is your car loses belong to he says he their racially profiled when he percent of FaceBook in the thing goes. Barrel everybody goes nuts and well a trillion check four. You know body can't. On the officer. None of that happens he was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal which as you can see from the camp he failed to use. Com and guard the officer never said anything about Gil Bill Gates never asked him the surge is car. Never question what neighborhood he lives and I never questioned whether the car was somebody else's nothing was perfectly polite he flat out lied so. Put those sex then saying you know it's his. He he's a reverend and easier as V preacher and he's at the end of lacy. So far. Bomb a search of the Internet I cannot find any calls for his resignation don't want to be calling for now. And no calls for the resignation by the Indio police chief says that they feel that they have that profile yeah. Sounds accurate to hit him so I I checked America's it was much for so far I cannot find any evidence. So I put a Clinton down out on my AM you know outlook reminder to check and we see no onions and you have to resigned for access journal yes thinking about this league. Just imagine from it if that department had in Timmons they'll fare there is is in South Carolina that this happened with the NAACP got. Can you imagine for a minute if the officer is dead department had not invested in body temp right. Here's a really had NAACP screaming and yelling and protesting outside the place. We would have the opposite AB do main jobs or was fired. If the police chief did not fire him. They would probably to be demanding the resignation of the police chief the media would be all over they be covering it with their usual buys this would ruin the lives and the reputation deathly the officer. Who would never be able to get it you know and be employed in rust if he could retain his job. You know where you kind of what I even get a job after lack. You can't survive a background check. Al we nobody could've gone so far is the police chief has fired. They would have to do read yet they have to do what mandatory training I can already see that I am the City Council would get into it. Everybody would go nuts over this they be talking about racial buys the NAACP would be screaming. It is that's a power we've given them. This is our we've given them and you know. This goes to prove sometimes. People lie you know sometimes are false accusations. An and quite honestly the of the trouble that is that it didn't cast doubt on when there really is a violation. Because then you don't trust you know you don't know who to trust who to believe anymore and that's a local of black activists who super spike was marry his work with the reverend reform was of course black. Unsaid here this dissents is back from her years to do this. Yeah for the for the reverend to make those false Claudette that's true. He's actually right about that I'm sure a hundred years par but it it is a setback it does create more issues than than that you wouldn't solve any thing. Dexter writes about a national support animals and these people are that far out of their minds should they in the general public. Maybe they should be locked away. Am pop perhaps they used to be before the ACLU got involved. It's a long story shall we just say committed not to what it it is committed a system deployed genteel and currency goes on with you know there's. Public locking the mob it's just you know. Text your rates emotional support poison dart frogs double a self defense you know CA going to need o'clock. Our aren't height at the front diet or somebody else not you yeah I mean I don't know that that would be an issue yet that would require some on some definite training there. Texture grades you're we don't have these Condo which we rent out loud it's a complex where pets have not been allowed. I seen a couple lately though and when I asked if our Condo could have had dogs in it. I and she said well as possible. Because we can't tonight emotional support animals. I find the beach emotionally supporting just moved re there at that. Yet and both the wall around it after I have a big fat wall. Covered with emotional support scorpions. It's man. No it did Gerald in Tampa and on the new North Carolina Pam designer hey Gerald. Good morning John related all of the blue wave is approaching the Chara locker. The dog that ball or drop after the great job art can't top proper. It would walk trot maybe you don't need to hear the lashed out at inflated their date it was. Well. Yeah judge he's going to be down there and dealing with that but the gang ring. Turn and yet taken any. You talk about the books obviously everybody Obama. Yeah and yet an aunt Kay says glad to see that he had. Paid so much for Mateen. Thank you Gerald. Appreciate this. Well come and go out a show on a positive note I love it this editorial today in the New York Post trust chaotic style is starting to make sense. Now everybody taunts him for his alleged chaos. From the revolving door of senior staffers including two secretaries of state three national security advisor to chief to step. To the president brash and sometimes Boris personal style to his politically incorrect taught tweeting. Trump has refused to conform to his political science conventional notions. And it's working. It's working. Brilliantly. The economy is coming price of regulations have been rolled back the unemployment rate is down job openings are soaring taxes have been cracked black joblessness is in a law all time low. Prototypes for the wall on the Mexican border being tested raids by surrounding a dangerous illegal aliens and it travelgate and travel ban against Muslim nations was argued last month before the Supreme Court. But the president's authority over immigration will be up held. The ice is cabin is in effect cal since been effectively destroyed just last week trying to yank the carpet out from under the Iranian mullis and canceled the nuclear deal. He goes on to talk about a North Korea were at whatever the state that is right now. It is on this day. Some. Chaos. But trump understands is that many great leaders have on I have what many great leaders have understood about K us. That KS not consensus is the way ideas are tried and tested bingo. This one person gets it.