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Friday, May 25th
Amazon’s Alexa triggered into sending overheard conversation to random contact; Men are better navigators than women and other ways men are more efficient; FBLie and the DOJ are lawless organizations run by people who drastically changed their tunes after taking their positons

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Well another attempted to mass shooting only. Job attempted to being the operative word there navy wait. Right here it. What I hear much about it normally this is big news rate and we don't know there's a reason you probably didn't hear about it. CB could figure out what it is as I read this this is in Oklahoma a restaurant. Now you remember the last major shooting where her around you and me and alum dis armed with his bare hands. The shooter right we are all about that right waffle Waffle House yes and her odds you'd be hearing all about this but none. In Lilly's bar and grill Thursday night. Single mother takes our her daughter and friends every birthday party celebration. When a lunatic shooter. I alleges that this is great touch the shooter a white male who was wearing eyeglasses and your protection. Your protection. Why wouldn't wanna damaged my ears motion what may be just had his headphones on could be. So we got is an air. Met and he shoots the mom the daughter whose twelve and another girl who's fourteen and a terrifying birthday party. Mass shooting. Dead did not last flaw in. What in new last month. But as a guy. A good day with a guy and just happened to be in the parking was. Which is why the killer who took special care to make sure his precious hearing was damaged. Had a lot more damage than that when the guy. Was done. He killed and I'm thankful he was a better shot than the the shooter shooter. On the fourteen year old girl who was there at the restaurant celebrate friends protect. Her father are Jabari Giles says his daughter. And had no long term or major damage from the bullet that haters thank god she's in stable condition. The good samaritan he said that killed at monster. I wanna meet you and shake your hand and tell you face to face thank you for saving my daughters and everybody else in that restaurants like you are my heroes are he wrote. And he is here and now meant to blows you may have a problem of them calling him a monster. Will assure casino bill this is a law abiding gun owners c.s so yeah I mean they are monsters oh no I was referring to the shooter but the I'll analysts say he was a monster like I tell us are okay yeah I don't explain humorous failed war or no I don't think so because it's. Now an ice no I don't think joke is I'm knows a white male so now I am not a thing is supposed to inject at all to mean called monster. The shooter had shot at least two people. Before he was taken down with a hand and other in surgery for their eight injuries but expected to survive. That being. Police. Intellect tells us all the time it totally day don't want civilians had guts as it's just it's too dangerous. Actually know. The local authorities. Did a press conference after the shooting. Then to the man and praised tip. Amazing yeah. Which is why you're not going to hear anything new about this and I read that containment so. Yeah you'll end you know may be some of the local TV stations may have been on the website battalion you're not gonna. It Agassi too much about that is not going to be the lead story in the New York Times or Washington Post or anything. No no no because some those stories where people use of guns up defensively bring in severing them TO the timing you know here in South Carolina and Georgia present died on NBA never going to be on the local level. Even when the person who does it is absolutely heroic. Doesn't make news not news when it. Okay. I another sent to each year about this Portland family Lee. Discovers that a snippet of private conversation they had been having around their home. Was recorded by their Amazon echo. And specially random person in their contact lists. Can't cure was seven K arrows seven a local news station reported. Found that that couple freaked out when an employee of her husbands who lives like 200 miles away. Received a text message containing an audio recording of one of their conversations. About hardwood floors they got canceled a Republican aren't you. Six that shoot them. You know very well how does have to pay wired has printed an explanation. And this that they got from an Amazon spokesperson Mike here this yes this is fascinating. Ed woke up do word in the background conversation message requests. So I'm going to be here Alexa or and here's something that sounds like Alexa users and everything off cross dumped it into and I'm sorry about that there's one downstairs by the way yeah. At which point this machine McAuliffe the site today and inane set out loud to him. At which point the background conversation was interpreted as an eighteen in the customer's contract list now. The device by Amazon starts today ends with say then asked out loud contact name right. And indeed guide device the Amazon device then interpreted background conversation as right. That's a lot of this interpretation not wired rates. But it's not completely implausible and here's the fascinating part okay. After echoes here or there wake up word usually the name of the device they transfer what ever a user says next into the cloud for processing. Ya I know that if you have one of the house now. You know as you know where do you sing next after that word starts today and DNA is going to the cloud like may be forever. The ability to send snippets of voice recordings to contacts say standard echo feature. And once he echo here's the command begin with a voice message it double checks that it has to correct contact and records until the user stops speaking. And since the fire law. It's like the echo equivalent of a but dial up. But potentially far more damaging but far more damage yes but far more damaging no pun intended them or something. Yes so if you had word starts today and Wednesday it begins recording. And says whatever you say up to the cloud because that's how it you know interprets the commands. I wonder what people do in a household where they there isn't a person named. They that in its and he elects I'll say it. I mean how all the time and I assume fox Carroll on the lovely and talented Alexa Rodriguez what does that formally do in her socialist. It's an all her friends do don't they can talk about her by hunters actually get a message she's currently can report I know. I know yeah I got his friend Alexis forget that Ollie never buy one of those things down one of those echo things. Yow Debbie Debbie total total mass. Meanwhile. What if say you're gonna by Alexis. I don't know when call the car dealership because I know I don't know Alexa more than thinks that that you're talking about her and I don't know it's just. You really freaky about those anatomy to go full on conspiracy that on you but I can't help it. All leagues the fact that Amazon pesos also has that massive. Armed. Contract with the CIA. On to store all their stuff don't clap and we'll see doesn't faze us on the Washington Post to yes now. So I mean yeah I'd just the dissed the fact that this thing's record set sending it to cloud and then sending gosh knows where and if they have all the CIA's enemies just kind of freaky. Amazon has just also come out. With that I think terrifying. New software that they ran to like sheriff's departments like six bucks a month. And it'll take the security cameras that you have all over town and and isn't weaponized to a to have you know facial recognition Sasha and software yet. Arms today can you know they can see what's going on his spy on you all like kind of semi Pawlenty Gary Amazon is just creepy. Now the facial resignations that doesn't bother me so much because you are they here. I mean an end if it is right in you are they here and your they're what he did it mean you know once Rodham public surveyor. Text your rates what was the word. Drop. Secured 1000 dollar and Soros has won a figure that one GR OP. Drop a pin drop passes. We must have been dropping acid when we decided to give a thousand dollars away instead of giving the hosts a race warm front may be like the guys that are Manning RI CBM silence. Oh. Could grieve. It takes your steer this is Amazon PR and we sure you. Our next generation digital assistant will be completely safer and will also have video capability to have a nice day. Have a nice day. Tester race hardwood floors so that's what kids are calling it these days. I'm am I wouldn't snow. I would know. Texture rights dialects Sicily. Are you. And I can redress. To dirty minds on a Friday morning you people have. Yeah Gingrich okay Arnott no you try to get him a Teddy trying to trick me into reading their. Their filth but I've been on me now I'm too fast Korea just ask the likes of great Leo okay we have a whole of state turning a soft now there'll diving for their Alexis. Maybe record essence ended somewhere this great marketing for the sake go on you know I don't know enough. OK I need your opinion on a very serious issue. That was discussed extensively in my household last night. Bought a new study. And it may have to apologize for the segment later if it's reported to have. Their corporate. 'cause I may inadvertently suggest that men and women are different mentally and physically I know that his radical. But I can't help but because we've got yet another study that shows it. You know if you think this is true. A little village yesterday. New study. Met and are better at navigating. Back in your car. Than women. We watch yes. Never ever researchers at university California. Conducted cern experiments. And it found that men are more more efficient. At reaching at their destination. Then women. When driving. They're just better at getting there and navigate. Allison there's no why is checking as predicted from previous research. These experiment showed that men were more likely to take short cuts. And when driving and on average reached their goal location faster. Then women in contrast the participants were more likely to follow learn to routes and to wander. My poster sale adults and he's they're really wondering percent just adding another point. Along your route. In contrast Fino participants were more likely to follow learned routes and wonder explore explains Boone. In experiments meant significantly more efficient and women. Even after controlling for the effects. Of strategy. The participating men were better. At reaching goal locations. Whether they reached the location by following a direct route. Or not. Now it's important point that point out. That there were some exceptions generals some women in the study were just as efficient as the best male performers. But overall our research indicates that these sex differences in navigation efficiency. Is so large. And it's partly related to navigation strategy. Women tend to take director routes. May intend to compromise looking for the fastest the most efficient way there. Has this your experience 8034710632. Excellent 71307. Text your right. To do with when we were cave people. Many navigate by direction and time today's Stu walked toward the north to find the buffalo. And women and by landmarks. Looking for plants et state. They were the gatherers and hunter gatherer equation does women can find any place. As long as she stood. As well she stirred them are only see how Burton you can get anywhere if you start them. And looters. Even if the destination. Is in another talent. This is fascinating is it's actually fascinating. That that's a real science repair. Third meters. My guys. I have my husband and I am battle it out of this now I know and I like fighting. No OK art GPS is pirate we have we have it installed our car like we don't have those newfangled car GPS so we vial one or both have the same ones came out. And it is biased toward would you vote in wants you to take would you reflect everywhere which as he knows about idea and show. We don't think the Woodruff road routes Ernie good. We think GPS is gotta run so we're console looking console looking for shortcuts. Are still compete his short peppers is my short cut. That was started to fix this nation and would you Fred 'cause we're you know we're always in you know end up meeting places in two different cars for kids activities systems are coming from different places. We got so much going on and they are mark get set go. And then we do it. And then it's a mad dash room to see who could be who. Shall do it multiple tribes to simply get the day I'm not coming does couple town road. And we were competing to see who shark that was better. As a good discovered something I have got this I've got this and he comes full officer I'd root of a Bethel. And ran across the room with my kids in his car. Oh yeah. I. It's redirect to basically the same spot at same time. Approving it at both. As our shortcut routes were in fact exactly equal or would have been had he not gone to the last moment. Texture it's nice husband drives this Memorial Day weekend will be quoting the study LO well. I did text it's men are better with directions. This is my shock to a key. You text your race. Ellis is true for my mother although she has lived in the same area for quite sometime she'll go around the world to get to her destination to avoid learning new routes however. My wife will take shortcuts. Dexter rates two more in terra but said this is set his house aimed lonely anymore since he's been listening to you this morning. Now Q I think. Tester race. They actually did not study my ex. That's fully loaded Emily bell and a text or writes it. Alexa helped me out at gunpoint by my real blow. Robot vacuum recent parents resistance is huge child human. Oh boy. 803471063. Tucks line 71307. I just going 12 in the text line. See I tend to think. Yeah you know I won these micro. Kind of fans this is the text word. We your job. And Marcia LP. And western media advantage over everybody was diligently listening. Or god forbid turn one of our competitors stations and you come back and you want to text way. Sees I don't lose a lot of hate elements excellent is Bobby Mac titles you all and he gives you detect soared when you miss it. But I am a big believer in that you know I mean I'm an early bird gets the warm kind of person. You know instead I go see somebody in a text line finally supporting me in this is telling me urging me please don't give. The listeners who were not listening attacks were reminiscent. I feel where he'll listen that's what we're doing I don't why should I help you if you weren't listening. Is the way I look at. Good argument I could change my mines. I'm like that she couldn't make this up you could not make this up if you tried. You ready for this. I get the whole reason we did obamacare 'cause it was ever lower your premiums says the total cost your health care by like 2600 dollars a year for failing force can be awesome. Right and neither reason we had to do because it was unfair that 15% of us were uninsured as fourteen actually. Was totally unfair it was totally not right and so we had to do it. To make it fair okay. You ready for this. The custom Obama's here are your obamacare annual premium Natalie did not go down by 2500 dollars year. It doubled. Went up. By a 105%. That's according to the federal government Health and Human Services Department went up by a 105%. In four years only the government can screw something up that badly. And I'm going to hire 5% of those UN common core rapist like double. As double. Double to cut any guess Zimbabwe style inflation. A few shifts across the typical Ford truck doubled people would free. But shot if allowed to forget about is the important thing is that we bar but you brought down the rate of uninsured people in America. We didn't. Well we doubled the cost. Of healthcare pro cease. I'm. In order to cover everybody signal would be uninsured. But we're we didn't. Make a dent. Headline Obama care uninsured or raged hasn't budged in three years. CDC sets. Tell you only the government only to government. Could screw something up. That badly. Dexter writes you won't read this terra but the keyword to soured when a thousand dollars is dropped. Text your grades. At your lesson from 6 AM to sense REM is the code word I had to get the grandkids up for school and they Oreo didn't you have here on my iPhone with my earplugs and a my dad love your show brought. There due to the keyword ninety you know Tug at my heart strings okay. Married so none is a very important debate. This study that his stamina or men and women different meta significantly better. Day then went. Shock has ensued naturally. I that this could conceivably. Be the case. Adds texture race. Tear up my wife couldn't find her rear end if it were inning hole in the ground I totally believe the study. Boy. You know I don't know adequacy okay yeah is it this part of a phenomenon. A calming and cuts. This is saying is that think this is where men. Value getting something done it is sort of a B grade level. But quickly over women who value getting it done correctly. Here's an example. I'm I have to go I go over the kids' teeth every night before they go to bed with a with a two predicted big brush and cheap I wanna make sure it's on properly. And res have to do this is because my husband's. Snorted his kids onto school on time slice him up in a row. Bright and has the older one brushed the younger ones T play great on to on the line. Which is you can imagine doesn't work really well. Right so you are not do teenage job on the teed put your husband's credit he will bragging his troops he can get them to school twenty to thirty minutes faster than I can. He laughs at me one you know I have a day off I have to. Putting out his efficiency. Why I point out I have to clean up the mess later or will have teeth right. Suzanne gratitude and we would warn urged her so we notice a little T cells Rehman were once you're gonna notice. If the child has you know some sort of infectious rash like three days before that the husband will. Oh yeah and it's it's to the doctor fast as we know his little details get mental value detox. Women's it. She's this may and cuts as witnesses valuing efficiency. In getting stepped on the quality of the job. Text your rights to keyword for all those who want you to repeat the keyword is snowflake. As NO WFLA. KE context that it. Texture it's my wife once drove around Baltimore Maryland to get to my house. When all she needed to do was go straight and I 85 and wouldn't save tourists. Ella Mayo. Oh boy. Text your race. You could drop hints for the keyword. Maybe they were driving a bad area and the signal would draw about maybe they had to drop off the CDC uninsured list. Maybe does that include are those who drop. Any diet drug user and affordable and paid the fine instead. Very nice. Add text or rates here are not able to tune in right now can you texted to me. I was just Alexa. At generates does a kid brush his own teeth to I don't know you have to ask my husband it's convoluted system he insists that works and believe him. Disarray it's in my marriage and the protection is not my wife. You should see how she paints a wall. Text your race. Quick navigating I am better at large scale macro Niagara navigation and my wife she is better as small spent the scale micro now under navigation together we are unstoppable. I think it's awesome. I judges get no input which brings together worked as a team. And see anything wrong with that. OK so yesterday. Did you see what is happened now. The FB IN DD department of injustice have long taken. Twenty viewed that on things like subpoenas that in the usual time. Or go to court to get out they did they try to regular Americans but not today. This is seeing new trend watch out for that. Pretty much just since trump was elected. I did it begin behaving in this manner. And so triumph over the BI and laid into the weekend trump says calls to the White House frozen Steen. From that the department of injustice and raid the suppose a leader of the FB lack. And I'd tell us Millicent turn documents over. Turnover. You're not define the subpoena on my watch anymore so they're like okay going Arizona tournament so trade Audi and Debbie Noonan has go to read the documents. There's no documents. So now we defying the president. And congress. As deep as they did didn't see Chris Ray and Jeff Sessions actually run. The FBI and the DOJ. And here's another question are you say what the president just declassified doctrines because he can do that as that as the commander in chief ray. Okay yes. But Norris should declassify the document to make them public so we don't know the truth about the FB Eliza. Then they have to turn right. And they all over the congress and you want to remember when the president asks why would they turn them over when the president demands it. And what Arnie would make them. Now thinks.