The Tara Show - 5-25-18 - Hour 3

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Friday, May 25th
FBLie and the DOJ are lawless organizations run by people who drastically changed their tunes after taking their positons; Parents try to evict uppity Millennial from their basement; Scouts will start passing out condoms now that girls can join

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Lake County terra okay well more good news. It's a sick of this good news just so boring to me during could use all the time how is Brad said fastest pace in twelve years. Moscow if you're selling cancer above up up they go. Yet there's parts in green and Greenville county where you know certain school districts you're aiming your seemed like 5% increase in Jiri can get a CD to do that no kidding it's it's it's it's unbelievable Ari. Anyway. So shaking my head over this. President says to the department of injustice in the FB like calls and the White House. Her late in the weekend and says OK you all knocking off. When congress subpoenas you UN answered congress. Congress created your journey agencies and they can destroy them if they would like with a vote. A US congress turn a stuff over. And so they were supposed to turn it over yesterday to DeVon noon as entry Downey. Who went to the meeting. And didn't get anything. These are documents leave they have every right to CD they have oversight capacity these guys have the classified. You know status is to see this stuff. And are they get the point is that explains so there's no leaks yesterday. Considers the FBI the DOJ are just not playing ball to. Meanwhile three FBI investigation A agents are set to testify. Including the lead investigator in the couldn't email probe who quit in protest of the sham investigation. Dot ought to be interesting if ya. And here's another interesting thing that's going on. There are agents with this you wonder about the FB Afro on time and how deep does the corruption gut. And my guess is pretty deep sends in a mile a day they had what filegate 1996. Where I mean this has ignited FBI's been doing that Clinton's opposition the opposition research since at least 1996. It illegally and my dad. Out when they found all those files at the White House that the FBI was keeping on people that Clinton's political enemies that does is we keep in the files but they Wear. I just idea that you go into a campaign or into people's offices or whatever inspire enemy in this total standard operating procedure for the FBI and has been since at least 1996. Well I know leaders were the ones doing the hiring since 96. If you think about it I mean even they're gonna hire honest people who just love their country now. Are you kidding me there's going to be able our detriment. So there are FBI agents right now according to daily caller who wants. Actor who are waiting to testify about the gross and vast corruption inside the FBI. But they say they need congress to issue them subpoenas. So they can reveal the deed bureaus dirt. That Ab protects them they say that means congress would have to pay their legal fees. Matt and the protect it protects them from agency retribution. Subpoena is preferred. Ed because when you're subpoenaed cat person pays for your legal counsel and a subpoena protects the agent for organizational retaliation. There on their own is whistle blowers they had no legal protection and they it will be a there'll be organized retaliation against them. She's got sort. A puts a damper on the whistle blowers doesn't yet these so whistle blowers are going through two. An attorney should see a lot on Fox News victorious announcing her husband Joseph DiGenova and they say the special laid an agent. Com you know of of alleged rank dead and file that wants you these ages that once they're fed up they want to testify to congress and tell him what's really going one bomb. That but that it's. An and they will receive no Komi prosecuted there I see McCabe prosecuted. Al but here's what they say the administrations. Are so politicized. That anytime a special agent comes third is a whistle blower they can expect to be thrown under the bus by the leadership. Does this go against the Muslim Brotherhood your crushed go against the clintons your crash. The FBI has a long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement. The former. These you know I officials and say that the bureau the proms the bureau go beyond just into McCabe and economy. And that it's yeah did your chat in their. They're testing too narrow a net over just those two guys there's a much broader corruption that has seeped into the seventh floor at the bureau. Apparently it's pretty massive. Am not surprised. So on they say that they are you know they're just waiting for the congress to subpoena that. So. Like that's gonna make for a C part of the problem though. Com there are currently 33 request from congress. TV FBI the DOJ or both. One of those requests. It's just the names of all the FBI agents who were involved in the fire's process all the FBI agents who were involved in Hillary investigation she can't. Mom you know issued them a subpoena. Com or even you know a request of records relating to them like sealed or emails or something like that all the texts or whenever a mushy underneath you don't know who you mean are the targets are fine. And should the FBI won't even turn over the names of the people who did this stuff can't tell the players without a program. Exactly. So I mean can't. Can imagine just and local police department level. I'm afraid it if we called up there today and we will yes ignore the you know where the officers who investigating how XYZ murder murder investigation. We can't tell you that. They can't it's public information. They had to Cigna reported earnings are on the report government gonna tell you. I knew we get that information every day here from. Every single law enforcement agency while a put this when most of the counties sinister reporting every day the daily media report they sent out. And it gives you the you know the names of the investigating officer and those who are chore to various crimes. Every day every day yet and that's how it is in local America where where this place is still something kind of like America right but DC no way. We're now slim where public law enforcement officers. Give the information that the public is should have to the public. Radical concepts out announcing it Sarah was at CNN they call that obstruction of justice Houston. Okay. Why Allison as a man accused of supplying firearms and sensors to serial killer tied cold up. Has pleading guilty to all 36 counts of federal gun charges. Dustin Lawson 32. Was accused of purchasing firearms is now answers from area retailers for the purpose of deployment of Cole happened okay. So. It's alright so. OK Alan this guy is looking at potentially a decade on each charge. Scott struck by somebody who doesn't ever Agricole have as a racist every while he may be reasons he's a rapists. If convicted rapists that our word yet and probably a racist too is easy ball come anyway show at a lesser treasured 36 counts. And Anna Sarah prosecuting him. Okay wrap okay. May false statement to purchase the firearm. Conviction carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison Laurie fine of 2250000. Dollars and three years probation. Casey's attorneys charged him in this go go to prison for life okay you want some gun from his country. A lot of these guns on the streets are bought by straw breyer's. And we have penalties that tough start using. And why is it that we're not reading about more of these and remembered in the Obama administration. They prosecuted almost nobody. Four I using a strap fire which is using similar data record to go by you're gone for it. So we know where are we hear he's okay you have to supply guns for a serial killer before we'll go after you've. You're why the Justice Department said they didn't go after them they said it was because of race because stead to right a percentage of the people they would have to prosecute were black they weren't willing to do it. I meanwhile who is killing the most black people in America. Other black people but illegally purchase guns. And yet somehow this policy's not called racist. It's it's it's unbelievable. I'm so glad to see we never see this anybody who prosecuted for struck by you never see it. We if we started making examples of people we can really. And a lot of that was rubble just enforce the no laws and we have bush now right now the vast majority of this book country's problems would be. Either mitigated or eliminated and now we could have congress and our state during house in those senators in session a lot last longer. We just don't enforce the laws on the books. Text your rates keep spinning Terrence triple blog broadly declassified files because he probably wants to swipe them clean first. Protecting Don junior and Jerryd concerned but none NRC that this aren't if there is anything. Unsure ward or even remotely implicating trump. Don junior Jared. Really trying to. Please and absolutely there would absolutely lead to make you actually think I had paint as he did the FBY. Is gonna sit tight when there's any damaging info about trump and not leak. Again and may be in another time space continuum of what not to smaller would have had settled any of that information if he come across and he will leaped in immediately. That's what they do. In violation of law. So you know those are those stocks are clean we trust me we know the bad stuff that was an. It would have long since been linked the Washington Post where the New York Times the thank you for playing. City about this week one of the big stories at this week. Thirty year olds. Man Michael Redd Tonto ordered by a judge to move out of his parents' home near Syracuse. In New York. Thirty years old has only relived away from them for about eighteen months during which he got a girl pregnant. Michael held a press conference. After his eviction by the judge which by the way he's telling me eviction. So calm until my case is heard it he is slim at home guess where he went right after a court hearing with his parents. Who. Home anyway but for having a press conference. In which he deemed his parents demand and now the judges that he move out of the hum outrageous. Outrageous. He said. Here's some more from mom Michael. Independent. They don't provide a laundry or food. I just wanna you know reasonable. Time to think he was considerations that. It was not really prepared us for myself a camera serves these notices. I don't see why I am the judge most of them street. Well we just don't Thompson goes way. There's no. Has been instances of anything. Well he's not alone was nervous. And twice sixteen Pew Research Center found that more young adults eighteen to 34. We're living with their parents than with a spouse or partner at the first time that's happened. In a hundred and at least a 130 years looking at census that. So believable. That is so unbelievable and and you're saying this year turn events is fueled primarily by the dramatic drop. The number of young Americans are choosing to settle down romantically before the age of thirty top. Just to get married and you got to lead him to you pay in Iraq just wanna yes and weary you with mom. And dad this year young men with jobs peaked around 1960 and 84%. Tony fourteen only 71%. Of eighteen to 34 -- were employed disguise unemployed. Partly as a result median annual wages for young man plummeted over that period. From 27000 dollars. In 1970% to 2013 dollars that's in 1970 around 15102014. Wow last immigration tip. But those size entry level jobs being taken by legal and illegal immigrants. To see it if you all the problems that you wage wise I'll let that this country has you contract almost back all of them back to the sixties which is one. That we passed that immigration bill that really loosened our immigration laws. But anyway there's thing you can do to help. Four young men like my correct condom who just live with mamma died a little longer like six till they're forty. Were sent. Take a list. Did you know in America there are thousands of children over the age of thirty just briefly to be adopted. None of the house is a free school my heart ache potty training. Adopt National League groove issue email. For just 14100. Dollars a month. The thirty year old boy. Like Phil here. That's no discernible skills has never held the job and he will never be if you. No way. Every adult adult comes with his own Xbox. And assorted collection. It's also covered the 100% lifetime guaranteed to never go outside. I don't adult. Couldn't sleep. Can get so if one of them. How amendments but pure joy do you have in your life just bliss. Was that mention the happy used. What's worth makes life lived worth living as it turns out it's the simple stuff. The steps that you don't have to have money to have access to it. Take a listen to this new survey asked people how often they truly relax and figure forget about a stressful stuff going on in her life in just enjoy themselves. The average person has 432. Moments of pure happiness. In year that's about a week. Ness and NGOs like. I go back to the grand. Yep I hate cashier's interesting okay so what for the mom support joy pure joy that you we enjoy the most in our lives. Number ten and sing along to the radio and the kids connect its own army and get all pumped up. Number nine playing video games I don't know but I take it and play video games. Number eight when your shopping with a friend. Number seven net a movie night with you are kids. Number six meaning friends out for drinks watching sports at a bar. Number five. When you're outside walking your dog. Food. Remember that one for me but OK. Number four when you're at a friend's Barbeque picnic or house party just generally you know tone out with friends. Number three. I date but only if you're already in a relationship. First dates are too stressful number two be on vacation or away on your way your destination and number what this is this is this is it was for me. Hanging out on the couch or in bed with your significant other. It was the most common cancer people okay. An interesting. There's no way. High dollar experience here really mean mini vacation back. No it's just the simplest stuff when he Collison down everything's done and for the money you can just relax chill out hang out. Number one have these moments of like icing that's fascinating half these moments of people's lives number one just hanging on a couch. Or in bed with your significant other just edging doing nothing watching TV. As a my head that I have to say those app is parcel of my we my has been nine pound had a photo date night Friday and Saturday night where we don't have any family in the area. I would want to hire anybody I Kennedy you know New York inning in any ax murders some snaps meaning that nanny and she acts the kids anyway. You can't have that leaking stressed and like so I mean you know our kids have never Garmin anybody who's not a family. So we have pro day night which is Ricky journal of the talk to us like unless the house is burning now. And mean I'm mad I'm not talking smoke enemy like actual flames and would be doing suing you know we have we go again you don't do asinine we let staff we hang it shill. Happy he's part in my week what's happy as part. At your week. Yeah we get eight moments of pure joy a week ago. So I mean yeah. This nest a lot of if you think about it but it's no audit it's what keeps going. Texture race. How can if you think it was another semi if you think about a terror all of this diversity stopped started when Star Trek came into the picture. Blames her track. Russia for phone logic there but. OK maybe you know something I don't. Just by speaking opposed diversity stuff did you hear about this with the Boy Scouts. This is the Q could a okay. You know the other world the boy scout jamboree is coming up to have one of these everyday at every day answering every year and every year. But this year. For the sec here in a row oh. They have added a new record has served for whoever. Requirement actually for whoever posts the world jamboree for Boy Scouts from around the world's media. You ready for this. That the Harris. The jamboree. Provide condoms. To all that are attending. Any Chapman vice chairperson. Of the world scout committee. Cindy tell us are working to implement that requirement previously laid out by the world organization of the scout movement. The world scout jamboree organizing team has the co host countries to align these requirements. Tagamet to free condoms. For all I wish I'd been in place for the past two worlds gouging embrace. News of the current requirement. Comes months after the Boy Scouts announced it would allow girls to become scouts. It's those of us were there going with this. Before you not to which is not be fair she doesn't get the ball boy scout experience similar issues in the same time into it is. As she's convinced say it is. Scanning condom right to me and get Germany economy that make it fair and just give voice to kind of what kind of message would that send. The organization of scouting movement and dock which lays out the rules for the world jamboree. Re the host organization to ensure that condoms. Are ready and easily accessible. For all participants. At a number of locations. On the sites. Abut doing the theme of this year's. Jamboree which will be held in West Virginia. Is I'm not unlock. New world. On this is a whole new world. Jaw number chair of the board of its real life USA. And alternative scouting organization. Which does not require condoms. At its get together for everybody who participates. It is not clear how far down the record all the Boy Scouts will continue to fall. He said. All of this should be deeply disturbing to the churches. That are chartering boy scout troops. Stem Berger said in the statement posted to the Ford Florida family policy council website. At this policies present a clear you to protection problem. That the blade debt to BSA would not be a sane anymore there's two scouts to snowball in front absolutely refuses to recognized. The fact that theory querying it that condoms. And this is Jim Greer an orgy. Condoms should be readily accessible. And are communicating this to everybody including the youth participants. Shows that he PSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous. And completely irresponsible. Again that's the competing group at trail life USA which some now joined said the Boy Scouts. Surprised there's still lit no way I'd let my job go to one of these gatherings they're crazy. That a text or it's one of my moments of pure bliss be curling up with a good book yet to be number two for me. Could book so to find another smashed junk out there. A text your race. Curiosity she teach your kids not to talk to you on your show day night. How you enforce its starting out they being so young. On the until. Now they think can talk to a sages can hang out the most innocent statement. I would is they know the DOs and always. They were you know born basically. A texture it's my happy time when you wake up every day Donald trumps my president I had that to the sleep number three for me. Text your eyes stare at what point did the left wing net jobs take over the scouts. That was this a slow boiling in a live and a frog. Yeah apparently but you'll both front dice he does get a complimentary content so there is that. And sixty raves about the boys gets. What saved taught what they condoms. Are they can use them to tie knots or mean suppose you could miss. And don't ask me I had no. Text your original but how does he have any boy scout logo on a nice nice logo on. As a Boy Scouts anymore the scouts. A judgment about you know sex. Neo sexual and I gained like your gender. Texture is what marriage that merit badge do you get to the proper use of condoms. I guess it would be not having a baby. Dexter writes I support everything our president has done except for one thing. What happened to it looked like he was wearing a pair of glasses when he got his Jersey shores spray tanned. Yesterday. That is straight Imus in the old days when you could even say condom on the meridia. I'm just a good old days when they didn't get our economy is everybody at the boys guarantee amber or green as required by the dot Errol handbook or whatever the thing his. Siren is prob almost up and it's I OK when I shouldn't talk radio does like what ten years ago last month twelve now I think. I did this and reduced. I never had to I have some my dress content I have to shave until after eight. It's really beginning to greet me. It can give my best contact my content my this content on in the early hours Mineta infects my written why. So perverted I can't tell you but until the kids are NN com Ers. Early demo of no wholesale boycotted my hands. So kids you'll have to show and you don't segment of the show. Used to be like me that maybe one segment and there was he I never used to do this so much of what's going on now is just it's profane. I just done act and and if you're going had sued the world boy scout dot jamboree. You're gonna you have to condom balls out discounts for everybody so yeah I just know. It does Syria by eight A popular. So aside item they icy dip photographed DR condom Bullock is unaware they have people around restocking. I have no idea. Text your rights. If they re handbook they wouldn't need a condom. I'm freed three to handle these days. And it's I eerie coming up on the show Dan Hamilton is running for congress in district four. Will sit down with him in now. The next segment if you've got any questions Ford GM text just text into. 713. SM by the way you've got to see the summit FaceBook page. Nor are going and so I shared on the we're page two it says everything you need to know. It is a picture from 2016. Of our governor Henry Mitt disaster. And heat is. And add a Lederman a campaign event that was the year he endorsed Hugh leatherman. Whose main charge that year was you know of course hiking gas tax is when you lay amid disaster is at the podium. And as a sideline intended says senator leatherman welcomes. Lieutenant governor Henry meant disaster and then there's assigning French disaster that says hash tag vote leatherman. What says everything you need to know he's one of them not one us. And he always will be.