The Tara Show - 6-13-18 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Analysis of the Republican Primary elections; GOP in Congress fall short of forcing DACA vote; Obama’s Federal Election Commission joins IRS and FBI on list of government agencies manipulating elections and persecuting conservatives

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You play good morning Terry Connelly to get extra shot cuffy. Really I'm ready just at the ivy out there I'll just I have horrendously injured is clear here late last night what a morning. The average turn commend I would have any other way cancel it for hours asleep and I'm pumped. The red. It's about when I got that you told me once. You can tell my heaven and a lot of sleep because I'm loopy down in a can tell so I hope nobody consulted AP you know I we hear I can't even tell although I mean the end you know. You have Lou we are better than most you know went oh full tilt anyway. Wolf thank you appreciate that leak noted sip a lot of interesting stuff happened last night. Lesser the top of the ballot shall we. John Moore and blowing by Katherine Templeton tennis so it was used to be surprised. Not a lot. Just mildly. I I kind of had the feeling that time it was going to be a McMaster Templeton thing because I've I I just had that. You know feeling the depending upon how does the demographics of the whole thing went down and have a releasing the breakdown yet of the counties how that went by top. But you know I've worn rent an excellent campaign just like Templeton the McMaster and you know Bryant Kevin Bryant as well all men are very good a campaign. Is assisted an issue of I guess the issues and you know we've we've got a true outsider. Who was in the you know worn the only true outsider they year. Going up against a mistress that Grossman which is the governor. Yeah we've got all of that and it it would do what things I was so interesting about this race and I have been thinking man's fur Wie is not sent to several Cuba and I'm Pattinson on the air. Bomb was about ten Katherine temple since message didn't make cents. Because it it even in her ads she would vastly back and forth from I'm that your outsider. And I got great experience in state government working with Nikki Haley yeah yeah that's Ron Arad said and didn't make. Any sense cognitive dissonance hit it real now and she's there will we weren't together to clean out when we're in Colombia working Ali's agencies we cleanup job Bob Bob Bob and Omniture outsider and I've current. Well and it just it didn't make sense and here's the other problem here. I'm weird texture last night that the nail this he said listen I've I voted for Healy toys and I've done that and over that. Catherine Templeton ran for Nikki haley's third term and that's what she did them promising essentially to be Nikki Haley or is close to Asia could guest. I own and she you know was banking on and Haley was still popular enough here. That she can get elected. I'll blow when your turn give you are what Haley over and over and over again mr. an outsider that doesn't make sense and then on top of all of that I mean Nikki Haley. Is known. As an establishment type now. She and if you look at it these things that surprised me and I she said this my husband couple weeks and he's. Pretty bleed big political seemed like I am so we watch all the minutia and get deep down into it. And he's and you know I just I I it's it's sure there are real risk to take its used seeing. You know that Nikki Haley endorsing you is gonna go any differently than it has for anyone else they Healy is endorsed a mean she endorsed forcefully endorsing campaign with Mitt Romney he went down in flames and nick you know Newt Gingrich went on Benny she I'm endorsed Marco Rubio is on the cover time with. You know you couldn't miss that he went down in flames Donald Trump won almost every carrying the state. On and then you know Cindy Sheehan you know who who wish she endorsed since an agent has not worked out really well for anybody Nikki Haley has endorsed in this state it just hasn't. And so she does take a tremendous risk taken Andy Keeley endorsement and when you look at what do people. A deadly in the have stayed out or how they feel low country as says it Nikki Haley with. Taking Jana confederate flag to please Washington would be number one when he when you what do you do you like tonight Indian and a lot of people really really still hold a grudge against Akeelah flat. Bombed there's there's a huge sentiment that and then number two what is the other thing she's most known for opposing from backing rubio and using that state of the union speech response. Where you're supposed to stick up for your party right after Obama speaks and give hey this is what we do we could do it batter and she instead uses her speech to trash trump. And denigrate trump and conservatives my. I'd really be able ever forget that speech by beginning to when you're running not me thanks Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley loves me endorses me mom I am I the whole time I thought she was doing too much that a little might have been okay. But sure I fish is too much and I think people said we don't want a third term for Nikki Haley. Well and also Nikki Haley remembered as being opposed to the gas tax before she was four. And she really you know when you're when you're trying to answer some she'd that they did the content and was saying you know even on the air here in making these espionage he and we thought that. You know we she would say we know from that we can't go born or together and Mike I just remembered that way now I remember Nikki Haley ever fighting anything ever I mean she did ribbon cuttings. And then you know if there was a national face time opportunity for her she ticket the last couple years she would she did nothing she was a while from all of these fights. Com and says say you need human clean stuff up I mean you're ruining Healy put out her list. Of people she was gonna go after him yet she's gonna clean it up brave man she's got a clean up Columbia. And the people she was going after work for the most part hardcore conservatives. Who had done nothing but thought the Columbia machine and she went after that. Com and show this whole idea and it did Templeton was gonna clean up Columbia. It it was a real stretch. Given no way she'd two pairs up over the year she pulled it off flee if she left Nikki Haley pretty much out of the equation. But she did not think it was a huge tactical air. Okay this this dispute Fox News GOP house moderates falters signature Shia forcing ports in the dock a vote think got a disposition that what was the disposition. Petition was that a yes I've I've tried may get with the getting this but anyway that was and I'm I'm sorry to interrupt or talk about the state election but that's an important breaking news thing there that just came in from Fox News. I called the disasters does it put us yet and it's 45 never shoppers who are trying to force an amnesty vote. Bomb in order to help the Democrats take the house to stop comes agenda that's what that is it is. Sure naked politics. Com they they all know that when they get out office are gonna get big paycheck if they can come from moderate people taking. Turn that house over the Democrats mean they would love that more than than anything and an eight notice discussing about this is so obvious to him but they're doing here do you remember the last time the GOP lost the house and the senate. Lusted dam boom gone wiped out at the polls and George W. Bush right after amnesty. Any member of the RNC and in your articles currencies the fundraising arm of the Republican Party they were calling and calling and can't be bored hanging up on them screaming at them damn bomb. You know they they when they could raise money and then they lost the house. At the last minute Tom bush did that flow Rose Garden fence act signings down which she later undermine nine months later they got rid of that. Because they knew that amnesty was Killen then and and they emily's house and so they finally did detonate in full anybody. They know it's GO penis in his polling they've known for a long time best way to lose a house is embassy and that's why they waited till now. Anything about it they really want to do this for honest to goodness reasons. All they would die a year ago so people could have forgotten by this time they didn't they're waiting for the mid terms that these I'm telling you we have a contingent other Republican Party. That would rattle is controlled house and heard Donald Trump and keep power it's it is it's staggering but that's what we're dealing with. You know he really has in its sound is that. Text your raise hell election coverage thank you. Well we appreciate that we certainly do pay you know what a contrast by the way Lee speaking of election coverage rate John Warren. Young and successful all bright energetic. Total outsider Bo is nobody. Om and came on the show the other day and I loved when he said this he said Al ivory got somebody recruited to run against in Lebanon honorees money forum. Com that's and you contrast that with Henry McMaster. Status grows great everything's going good iMac and seems any team we don't have a correction from what correction from. Everything's good you know a guy who's in his seventy's nothing wrong with that but it's just day cut huge contrast suggested to John Warren. On this is gonna be a really interesting race yes. This next couple weeks is going to be variant Dinka. That in the district four race to yes I have which shall we and Lee bride to came out well ahead of everybody else but of you know far from the 50% cut off right there. And so now what's we you know with Hamilton and Timmons within 400 votes of each other. That there could be even I I I don't know if there's going to be a mandatory recount or how this can be handled yet having her officially but obviously that's going to be on. That's still up in the air to his opponent's going to be. Yet that's some that's how that race. Yet you know lie because. Everybody's gonna come out of the woodwork for that one home and your game here ads on my you know on the on the air here that will on absolute lie about Lee bright young guy. I could mean listen to our breaks for awhile and then knocked him on the senate. I'm with ads that just were absolute and total falsehoods so many pages were made up out of you know clean clear. I can't be there were some opposition ads from some hacks outside packs attacking him this past time that work. Mostly not entirely accurate about his sudden deaths. No on that story has been from that series been totally twisted to put on the button but yeah I mean when you look at when they took you said this Tennessee Indianapolis. Some you know these tablets and it says here in South Carolina punishing him for the gas tax more than anything may use the bathroom bill as an excuse well that WW. Re litigate and yes jobless people that come out of the woodwork in addition to if William Timmons is that irony against early break he's gonna have his own money. Om and I I suspect in this a lot of Washington money flowing here on the densely bright as well so on pre prepared for the air war. I want to tell everybody before you hearing as to remind everybody we have two choices greatly weakened take no political ads. We're all of fallen and we were that I'd also like federal regulations and as as long is Steve is in charge of drug sales pitch. We will be doing what makes what he has. So we're gonna take a most of you here ads on our air that make you mad at we we can't sub that he and the candidates. Usually my voice now late this without my attrition we still can't use we still can't Tjornehoj they're ads so then that's that. Texture says the worst candidate and a house district for a loss. So says Dan in Simpson Billy hasn't endorsed candidates. It's. Text your eyes should yeah they did pay you for using your voice in there and shaking my head I think you should send them a bill. Well unfortunately by federal law they don't have to pay. Text your rights I'll bet my Mac ahead the Templeton will show her true colors and not endorse or. Mean seems she who Templeton endorse is enough. On the text your rates please tell all the people who didn't stay up to one. I only get a lot of good news last night Bobby Cox beating Phyllis Anderson. Big difference between body Cox and Phyllis Anderson is that by the cut Cox campaign oppressed who socked me trying to get on the show for an interview which was refreshing. Phyllis Anderson has refused from day one to come on the show. So moms to be nice to have a state legislator who wants to talk to you. Represented that district she got what she she she got what she deserved. Photo for the gas tax in wanna have anything to do with you when you went to the polls and said the you know why having to do with her that's how it should be. I knew Collins in Peking is represented Neil Collins in a runoff. I sent a great opportunity there text director of Easley will rally around Allen Quinn to make neo cons get a real job for once. And mister Collins is the genius who passed the bill and you have filed the bill. To give illegal aliens in state college tuition at you are expands he'll be subsidizing that is taxpayers he thinks that's a good idea. Com but also wants to allow illegal immigrants. Doc is in particular to get stage licenses in over fifty categories that would be. Everything from crying your hair to being a teacher each child's school. Would they are they should get say license and compete head on with Americans that's when you Collins thanks. But he she Republican Utah wondering what is that in the Donna Democrats I know he's a Republican. I with the people Pickens were thinking. But they had they chance it's you're right the ship there. In that race and vote no on Neil Collins. And just I'd just you know rally around Allen Quinn we're going to be talking more about Collins. In the coming days Abbott is that is that is one person you really need to get out of the legislature he is an absolute. Just disaster. Com. So I don't know please tell people who didn't stay up to one looks like can at this time I. A prelate Erie county but William Timmons going to be running against league Trade Minister for. Runoff. As we got that going Mark Sanford going down in flames he deserved it that's it Katie hearing to I don't know who she's going to be though don't get too excited about her. As she was huge supporter of the gas tax. And huge in fact criticized ten reigning master endlessly for not. You know just signing the thing instead of vetoing it Ximian ads. She is this is him and really big of pushing that fact rein her whole Somerville campaign. Used to live in Somerville. Around the idea that we needed more taxes things aren't so I know I don't be surprised if she doesn't go up there. And fall right in with the leadership just where Mark Sanford was he was a tremendous and just just total disappointment there in Washington I mean he. You could see that collar. Where you know John Boehner. I kept Connolly Shimon men mark can end and then no power Ryan and he just it is useless it was a rubber stamp for the Republican leadership so he's. God that's a good thing. I love to hear from you about the results last night 803471063. Text line 713. 07 text your right I still say Catherine doubled since it downfall was voted for Democrat Vincent she'd seen in 2010. Or at least that factored in I agree with that tip if you're law if your whole deal is Nikki Haley loves me. I wanna ya I'll give you Nikki haley's third term and then you but then you admit to people that I voted for a Democrat Olmert Nikki Haley when I had a chance to vote for her. That's just it just none of it added up with her. And folks concert that I think at the polls. Good morning on this Paris to election morning crash are still in the middle elections disease like. Everybody is going. To a runoff. Any really interesting watching it Jon Moreno ran against Henry McMaster. I just put in the numbers odds are damning Macedonia had a tough one to beat he's RD of 44% he has had to get a lot more. You know votes to. Push him over the top of the same time more people voted against Henry McMaster. For one of the other candidates than voted for so does it make you really inching bitter kind of really cool interesting thing here. Which I'm more and is. That pro part of green hills problem for a long time is that we not had anybody as significant leadership. You do it we have a chance to take a hold Somali. With John Moore and being that the governor. As we've seen so much transportation money in another money lump sum yes they've done road projects here but lump sum go to the center of the city. Because of the leadership is go out to I'd Charleston. So we've got. Eight a shot to finally great ship here. Where we're not just write the checks. Aum and where the big you know spenders in terms tax is an and they had been receivers we've we've got a chance to maybe begin to turn that around so really an interesting watching their race. I can't wait to do that. And they are really coal. Ari so many things going on today I can't add eight even I don't know where begin. With what's going on here. And when you put together. It painted terrifying picture let's just. Jewel wide angle and your move way back. And just look at some headlines from this week is if we were looking back in history twenty years from now. I won't we see in this week were you looking forward history for forty years ago headlines are unbelievable. Rudy Giuliani. Very respected person. For many years on both sides of the guy. Shaking his face the deed stay. Actually asking on national television for the FBI not to to interfere in the mid term races. I just just think about that's. I was criticized for it. He was ignored. Because they all know it's true I mean Fox News talked about a new fight the mainstream media ignored it they expect to cook. Because it's a real possibility. That's terrified. It's just it's too. I get to really should conversations that we're having in this country and and held that's not a big deal anymore how far the goalposts. Have moved. And you heard me talk for a long time here about the about about the FBI. And the Ira slowest learner and how the lowest learn tax Kim was in les cancel the targeted. Was much bigger than anybody realizes. You know the judge ruled about a month ago. Nom for the victims in case they got class action settlement that does like a class action settlement some legs will definitely do with the government. And what other things a judge found was that 25%. A donors who gave it to Tea Party groups across the country or audit. Only because they gate to Tea Party group 25%. That is political persecution. That is system that tries political persecution we also found that the IRS files of lawless people donors to the Tea Party donors to conservative Jewish groups donors to pro Israeli Jewish groups it's about nazism. Over a million files remember this were taken under Robert Miller's watch Marmol is west of the Irish illegally you need it you need a warrant for every one of those files. Taken out of the iris and take her to the DOJ by the FBI. For persecution. They teamed up with what was learned they were gonna make these people's lives miserable. They were going to investigate people think find any thing. Gary auditing them they terrorized its people. Now we find out. First weird just one election away from genuine political persecution. I cannot tell you how close we are look at the headline today. This time it's the FEC. Federal elections. Commission. Wait what this is now at yep. Federal elections commission and federal judge holds a secret federal election massacre anymore. Federal elections committee plot to target group GOP groups and their donors. Here we go again and yet we are getting should appoint his country. You could not you checked if he wanted to. Be your life is gonna be hell. Federal judge blown the whistle on a secret federal elections commission scheme to punish Republican groups and their donors the latest signs of an cited an anti GOP buys at the elections watchdog. Thank god for trump was in his truck appointed district court judge Trevor McFadden thank god for that. So the key measure of Hillary gotten an appointment. Shined a spotlight on the FBC's are General Counsel. I would they highlighted was how they were targeting Republican groups and their donors for investigation and harassment. I am while on ignoring. Stride donations. That we're going to Democrat groups. So Daschle as usual lawbreaking on the Democrat side that was being ignored is going on for a long time. While in Asian donors. Two Republican groups were targeted. That's the FEC. They don't this is just one week. And that doesn't even care it's. Rod Rosen steamy number two really is number two at the department of injustice. I saw somebody on FaceBook. On one of the guide to support congressional candidates have FaceBook page is making fun of me for calling them the department injustice they did not suggest what I should use instead. To describe this monstrosity. Right Rosie Steen number two at the department of injustice. I even we even hear about this for almost a year. Threatening members of congress toward tasked with overseeing his department that is their job he answers to then. He was going to subpoena their personal email asks. We know what happens once that happens right admitted illegal an illegal. As they did it to the punch. Well that is a stunning thing he was threatening that. You investigate us some kind of get government is your email he got a boyfriend got a girlfriend who is enough. Oh. It's a mindset. Eighties deep inside the federal government folks at a time that we are one election. Away. From USSR style former USSR staff. Cuban style. Chinese style persecution why is it elects in a way we get just a couple of years to fix fix when he's elections is so important. So enforce Weisman so much time on the questions and as these candidates in background in the. I mean because if they get pat Howard before we crash this. At. Yet you give you running for office and put your name on the ballot but your business can be disturbed you can write a check. To support a conservative but your life's going to be turned upside down. Even be audited you're gonna be investigated by the Justice Department the FBI may be the SEC. The IRS you need so many lawyers you not even to be able to keep your life straits. That's what. We're please seek. I should book sisters think it's not just asked its members of congress. Threatened by Robbie Rosen steam. The guy eight. Who's got the news are around president Trump's net with a smaller investigation and is trying to figure out how to kick out the chair. From underneath them. That's where country stands today affect that ought to terrify you. Don't you need you need a vacation. Yep and a new vacation destination. May be opening up. Student. Visit beautiful North Korea the rest relaxation. And radiation and you'll be blown away by our beaches and our soon. And enjoy premium television without Tuesday night's state TV people aren't all else and you know. All pain eased but hey it's just the photo that's why you can't believe it's beautiful North Korea look people's paradise. Travelocity dot com. Says please send back I know you. Owe black it it looked like. If food. And beverage manufacturers were actually you know tell you what's in the stuff that she. No go one step forward for their marketed as which are actually eating. And look like this. Scene this. It is still pretty New Hampshire is marketing its new whiskey. Flavor. With Bieber in this. We went. Yes. I protect our whiskey is flavored with Bieber Danish are saying well who know we know it is. The whiskey is infused with something called cast story. Which is the oil but beavers have and little sacks by details that they used to know mark their territory. Hitting like heck I don't need that I know eerie dead. Normally need that no you do he did you have. Has story on is actually pretty common food item and because it's cheap substitute for I and I guess to be greenest tastes like well they say kind of a mix between pinellas strawberries and raspberries. Oh and affords you smoke Barry's. Boy. Maybe it. Anyway the F hit the FDA lets companies just listed ingredients as natural fleeting or flavoring. It's natural Lorraine. And not beaver anal secretions. UST industries so you might get a leg your its intention right a draw some attention to lead a tell the truth about what you put in at. Radical idea why not. An issue probably eaten plenty of 'cause storing them without realizing. I think he does to whiskey the bill ciller distillery says quote it exudes a leathery raspberry taste. An ax to fortify the whiskey flavors and good. It's so will be available sir name and name liquor stores by the way they're calling it Uday most and the USC or. Water a mosque. Sonia beepers blue raspberry counterpart Ari. Kids doing in the curry no dissent but on on the radio and they do lose and in your kids ever go through that phase. Who eats cheese. Arab party jokes. Running when you're like you know 68 with potty jokes. Grew out of Italy ten. I'm now. Tires sage superb guitar sing no known don't know each say yes sometimes. You know once that ends like aged thirty. Tester it's cat crap coffee why not beaver but whiskey. Hey I say why not.