The Tara Show - 6-13-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Mark Sanford loses primary in SC District 1; The Deep State deepens as Rod Rosenstein threatens members of Congress; Trump’s tax cuts and regulation rollbacks boost business confidence; Analysis of the Republican Primary elections

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What do you make these elections late. Kelly interest thing you know a lot of times in the there's a power in the incumbency but there's been a few cases where that didn't work like a mark Sanford and Phyllis Henderson. Absolutely out many don't forget Tim good reasons I mean Mark Sanford has been nothing but a thorn in front side true and he has been recalcitrant. Have to say the least. End in law his. I tenure will you know particularly during the top administration tried to distance himself from it. And just now this it's time's up it's going to be over I think. Happens and I heard a lot about us you know when I was in Charleston because it was their during grace is that when he this is despite my theory on him and I actually know Mark Sanford really well surprisingly. Com. I was when he talked a minute running. In the first place for Nancy. Which I now apologized profusely for. I thought I was getting to Mark Sanford from the when the pigs go out yeah yet and we get that and I got I got his straight up cellphone number from a source and you know a widow rumor was that he was planning on running. And sorrow I see Greg and militia. And in my on my Sharon toast and so I called a cellphone number up and in years to see hey when you are you gonna McCain to make announcing what's going on you come on the show if you're gonna announce Weydedat. It is. I don't know how many did. Any says to me. What should I do it and I know this guy should he is him one time something years prior now he's like what should I do yeah. As in an upstairs because player and sing on the floor for like two hours. I helped him make a pro and con list and I whether Iraq. I'm in front is and how are you talk talk talk about. You know like he's just curious at what the heck is this and I am I I sat there and cash to Mac has got them. As those of you you know you still have your conservative bona fide you've got died you know I've got a lot of baggage and stuff like that but people know you they trust you. And you know I said listen you're not going to take this chance he could he was afraid how it would do it I heard his family. To drag all the dirt back on another him running at a C gab but you're never gonna have a chance to right the ship. Amish you don't take this chance I was gonna go down as what you were and that's going to be a stand on the tip. On USA went back to prevent when he decided by the end of the protocol to and I talked into an area which is crazy and the rest is just and the rest is history. And arms show when he would dare to Connor is one of the things that I was was hearing and I and I stayed in the intentional contact one of the things I was hearing from mark. And I mark was said the GOP leadership actually spurned him because of his. You know taken down right on the app lets try nominee Jane there he didn't want him as part of their you know Republican Party they thought he was going to be. A liability the Democrats could point to us they want this government closet somewhere and show that he attempted basically. June. Get the leadership thing in an IOU position you know what I'm saying like being there with them voting with them doing the never charms are saying whenever chops up. And and I'm in order to sort of get himself back on. On solid footing and he just lost mine apparently he just. Lost his my I don't know who he became music deep deep deep disappointment to me well he's always been very nebulous. He. He's of dairy fairy intelligent man SES and and has a real grasp of fiscal policy. And economics. And politics in South Carolina and and I've I've you know there's there's a part that really likes him but. He's just what he can tend to be a little bit odd and to go off on tensions on stuff that is fine where are you going with this exactly but and every wreck graphite now he could be dependable presented up Perez and quite honestly I think he was a good representative for South Carolina during the Obama administration when your fighting against a Democrat president. But obviously he's not necessarily what the people of that district are looking for whom we have a Republican president now and they go up there and it just changes them Lee and you know I mean you just change what you look at his voting record I don't think he changed that much I think that the circumstances have changed. And the expectations. Have changed and and the people of South Carolina. Who helped elect Donald Trump president. Expect to see a Republican up their supporting the president not fighting against it. So a lot like a said it was easy for Sanford to be who he was during with a Democrat you know and in the White House it became much harder for him to do so. With with his look in his perspective on things. Once trumpets and there. Yeah and I I don't know. I decided no he was thinking by. He really bad on the arm on the wrong side now. And here's when here's one now as an example where you're right on Sanford voting no on on this exam that's well. On so you know still definitely doing that kind of stuff but I'm undermining president from ball all the way and that's not a good you're not goodness so. That's kind of weary ended up and that's a shame because you didn't have to be that way they'll be inching to see if he continues to have any. Influence or position within south to on our national politics down it. And and it. He was barely Torre didn't earn him racetrack and the grassroots missed a lot of rest yeah elect him because they remember the fiscal conservatism and we're willing to overlook but the thing with the with a fiancee so yeah. Com but yeah. This is Sharon this is unbelievable what is going on today as you look at Washington. Those subpoenas did its subpoena my. From guys take when Connors askew for something they oversee the Department of Justice OK they don't they they is sure to congress. I think if congress wanted to abolish the Department of Justice with a vote tomorrow they could. They are totally. Bomb congress is animal to do with what they want. Deputy attorney general writer is a scene in amber to add the department justice threatened and I. Threatened to subpoena emails and phone records and other documents from lawmakers and staff. Because the Republicans dared to ask for the records that are required for them to oversee the agency. During intense meaning earlier this year this is reviled and on multiple times in the Yemen had been talking about tougher for awhile was not new news. These revenue source on right. On this it was at age to say describes a personal attack Germany go get your emails and aggregates your staff if you wanna ask us for stuff. But. It's congress' job to oversee my apartment just. And they have every constitutional right to request that information from and for that person duke then turn around. And tried to bully. And eggs and and basically it's a form of extortion yes. You know US threat yeah exactly you're threatening. The people that you were to answer to with formal do you try to dig a girl Maria we'll dig up dirt on new. That's exactly what that was. That is exactly what that was and you know I get so many texts from people saying hey you know what what they have on so and so that they're behaving this way. Well everybody in Paris knows about that threat. Down day and here's the thing they don't need to subpoena anything. They just go 702 on the computer pull up biggest Samantha Power couple couple hundred more points do that. Al they have access to this they don't even need a subpoena. But if they want one they just go light advise corn should defies accord will continue handing them out but candy if they wanted them. On this just did actually disgusting. That he would threaten them. With this bloody showed issued absolute power struggle going on our country right now this is they constitutional crisis and then you have rip and sessions up there. Head of the the you know department justice and you've got multiple sources saying this happen in this meeting and says he's like well I'm sure rad resisting Thelma truth. Syria's. Now why would run Reza Steen threaten congress members this way well. Because this scene is one of the five people we we know. Thanks to DeVon noon as. Broke no luck with that price application at least five federal statutes were broken with advise application we know that for a fact nobody cares but we know. As a rhetoric is he has every reason to make sure this information doesn't get out because he could end up in prison. You have a guy. Two. Is literally prosecutable. Active head of the DOJ because they're ripping and sessions is you know rolled over and gone back to sleep. And he is threatening members of congress who are trying to get to the bottom of crimes potential crimes that he had a direct part of it. Think about that we have really any criminal or running at the Department of Justice. Right now. I he's running it as if it were a co equal branch of congress not subject to any kind of oversight by the of the branches. Stunning him. And now as president some nobody or do anything about that the deep state deepens yep indeed states. Deep cuts. So when you cease certain members of congress do inexplicable thing. In defense of the FBI. And the DOJ. Things that. In a c'mon make statements that contradicts all available factual evidence so much so that you it's easily somebody telling this guys read when you look at that and split. Ask yourself this what are they afraid out. What are they afraid these state doing to them personally is now Lee and this is Gary a legitimate question in this country. It's a legitimate question what do they have on members attackers. DC this. Let me say what's driving messed. We heard a lot about the crimes you know the individual tax cred may be got a couple hundred or maybe you need a couple hundred a couple thousand dollars. More year maybe in even get that as an individual but nobody's talking by the massive corporate tax cut we just had. It was huge. Now we haven't gone as low as says socialist. Countries like Canada. Which has an 18% corporate tax very reckoning at that radical right. But just a level of the tax cut that we had was this small business optimism sword made its highest level in 34. Years. With some components hitting all time highs the national federation of independent is this is said Tuesday. The in Friday's small business optimism index restrict points he made to a reading of one as seven point eight its second highest level in 45 years. And the strongest level of recovery. Of the recovery and economists are expecting the index to rise to a higher in five from a pattern for. May reading was just under the 1983 reading of a 108. Says that's it's small business optimism at the highest level in 34. Years. Several measures. Of business optimism hit the levels have highest levels. And her re courted. Plans for business expansion. Reports of positive earnings trends and compensation increases broke new record let it can't business works here. I know my husband owns one. When you are optimistic about the future what do you get. Now they tell us right here. Several measures had the highest levels ever recorded plans for business expansion among them what do you do when you expand this. Most talked region. You hire. You hire people. He can have a big business you need more help. You more help. So I'd tell us your looks she I didn't even know it was unless like the next line. Plans for business expansion at a record high levels. Compensation. Increases broke new records what happens when you plan to expand your business empire what happens when you hire. Let's competition. More jobs. Compensation goes up. Expectations for strong increases the sales reached their highest level since 1995. He's the tax cut working at the corporate level folks. Corporations investing people all the time. It grizzard GDP. Anyway that that the federal government never will be able to. So excited. So much opportunity there. Small business owners are continuing an eighteen month streak of unprecedented optimism that which is leading to more hiring and rising they're raising wages. And if I be chief economist bill I don't cobra except. Today got. That's a imagine if we were to cut. Our corporate taxes down to the Canadian business level. These socialists because Canada is its socialist country Canada the socialist Canadian level. Well we can get. This is just super excited. It just it it's I mean an end this is what you get. On you when you slash regulation like drug test. It sound it's just it's super exciting and I can't say enough about it we we get we have to keep control of the house no matter what the Republicans are trying to do to lose. With this'll anesthesia amnesty stuff they were put wade didn't before the mid terms the bush. So we can lose the house. Did you would think the election results 80347. No one has 63 to just waking up this morning. Looks a cameo run not to have for governor in their Republican primary between Henry McMaster 42 point 4% of the vote. And John Warren who came in there with 27 point seven net percent of wrote he out what to Katherine Templeton. She was behind him with 21 point 4%. Of the vote. It was interest seizure look at them to breakdown of this. The reason it dead John Warren may have was able to beat Katherine Templeton. Missed a V. Air roughly 43000 votes that separate them came at a Greenville county. And Pickens County John war and no one nick Greenville county running away and I'm not surprised he's front here. He had 46% of the vote here. To Henry masters 26% Katherine Templeton did not play well here. 15% of the vote. Says that as she went over like a lead balloon here. And then you look it's done that show way you should judge weren't so it only carry two counties in the entire state. John Moore and also carried Pickens he had 36% the road they're Henry McMaster got 35 I'm headlining master carry every other county in the state. Except for against and kills home county. Katherine Templeton did just to barely win Charleston. And she'd just barely one Buford county. To do that well in her own stomping ground where she's. Which is kinda interesting. She picked up edge field county and Joseph picked up McCormick thank you know what's really interesting. To look at where Nikki haley's from Lexington county. You would think if she's running you know she is she running for Nikki haley's third term. Steal the third dare she crash use in the Nikki Haley thing. What don't you think about Alice yeah cab Thompson's message never made any sense to me. Whenever she started to greet me after awhile and I say why because she would say in the same you know breast. I'm the outsider I'm going to Columbia to straighten stuff up and I have the recently I have the experience to do because I worked in Colombia for so many years and it didn't make any sacks. I urgency current that in outside you you're now setter or you were to say government which is. Why are we making me a case you're not an outside she's an insect. I wish would switch when is it end she'd real actress she win over played the Haley thing. Ramadan okay with a little additions he's endorsed Haley but I mean and you you know when you vote against Nikki Haley for a Democrat. And and spend the rest of your time telling us how much he really loves you mean that's kind of bizarre tale. The whole thing just did the message I don't know who crafted it it didn't make a lot of sense your reader an outsider arena. And having it was weird to me she she just relied so heavily on Nikki Haley. When you know Nikki Haley head conference nerves toward the end here a little bit. But they you know with the old confederate flag thing taking that down she became media darling for doing it. Com and then you know using her State of the Union Address rebuttal to Obama which is traditionally used to make Republican talking points. She is distressed trop. And learning about Katherine Templeton either but then make a lot of sense to me. When you're you're a big part your campaign is Nikki Haley loves me endorses me that is not worked out well for anybody. Every need healing endorses an estate goes down in flames I don't know why. I had a direct tax down in flames she endorsed Mitt Romney and campaigned for him Newt Gingrich to stop to. Nikki Haley endorsed Marco Rubio lemonade they are running around separate our budget or even on the front page in time magazine. Rubio went on flights trump won almost every county in the state. So any idea that Nikki Haley could suddenly put somebody over in this state as a matter where that came for a DN. DNA and Simpson telkom morning what do you think Dan. I dare I am I loved her election results from last night. If you look at the candidates who. Supported or were supported by the establishment. Republican that Nikki haley's rubio is bush family Romney. Groups. They all went down I would I would silly slowness you had the docket supporting tax raising establishment Republican and Josh Campbell. He went down yet and if you look at Templeton who's a Democrat. She. Campaigned for Chad but. And all this sort of stuff and and she went down a machine even gets a runoff. And Hewitt earlier. I guess that entry into the rate just hit the longest time campaigning get a message out there and she's still went down and planes. Clearly. I don't think nickel Nikki Haley is as popular as she thinks she is. Or outsiders from outside the state don't. Realize how unpopular she is. I'm with all the outside money common and from Club for Growth and everything and then I just I just don't think they're they're they still don't know would trump supporters are. How we've seen now that if you show up to vote you can get these people out. And I hope that in the in the general or for everybody in the run off that the people show up and they vote. These people outfitter of the incumbent or. Are not conservative minded individuals. You grade points their dad and he wasn't gonna add that American future fund was running ads for Templeton a lot of those ads that they ran for me it was a lot of the ads running on the air for her. I mean that is according to open secrets dot org which is very trustworthy nonpartisan site that reports. On donations in groups in her ransom I mean that is one of the top three. Com you know political organizations of the Republican establishment in Washington means it this was a bid. By the Jeb Bush Karl Rove Nikki Haley met in a Mitt Romney Paul Ryan on wing of the party to take over this state. Amen to put it they're column and I I think they do actors so strongly Dan because. Trump backed mig masters so strongly in this was a real battle between trump any establishment far out and our primary. And I don't even know outside the essay and you are reporting on it anybody even knows that but she still went down people figured it out I think they had a sense of it. Even if they know all the details. I edged couldn't be happier first lead bright that race side. Being from Greenville county I could never vote for a because Spartanburg. On another reason why I'm glad just to bowing down to keep getting back Lee bright in his. I've failed attempt to. Win reelection. In just a goal ought to pretty much. Back to the challenger who would be on. A tool won't be. Chamber of commerce and did exactly what everyone warned it when he would do and that was vote for that. Down gas tax increase so. Once again the establishment wing of the party I think really suffered especially in the upscale last night now I was very happy to you got considering where supposedly. The conservatives. Epicenter of South Carolina so it was it was a great night. I thought I was still I was done I was there I was really happy melodic death thank you for your phone call. Text your race did John were funds his own campaign as he did. Elect him yeah I am hey you may master data speeds it did interview with yesterday when he could have been on the show. Break part. He's charging you break part national. He could be talking to you. And he chose not to. I unbelievable I just unbelievable. It's look alike are less color DN cab went sound. It's looking like this whole. Outsider thing. Through the insider out throw those out who don't support. Trumped. That kind of thing. Was not a fad. That this is in becoming a permanent part of the way we think. Politically. And there's sort of this politically awakened political awakening of why I always vote Republican or you know to. I don't well for most of these Republicans and I take our real good look at these Republicans make sure they're not Democrats it's kind of a greater scrutiny if you. And people are beginning to be able to get out not all the time but a lot of the time. It's just it's subtle difference but it's one I've not seen before. Trump for Iran and Gladys she's still alive. You know in the primaries yesterday. Jimmy eat in net Spartanburg about a mini here we think Jimmy. Yeah Altria you know it I'll watch a lost or what I can you know hey you look at players what's bad or not. It's also I've been listening all. More political savvy you are no player and a game yeah. And I've my roommate does not pleasure to agent do it and I told her that. Catherine temple is not the whole way it because. He's basically they intercept what did it Mickey alien. Now like Nigeria an old. And you look ready to eat it and do any great REIT searched. On the ground that side out like. I triple. Good point. And you know what here's the thing you know what politicians make mistakes like that because there insular. She has been make combined to million dollars you're at a state contracts they are NS or is nothing wrong with that but you know what they don't rub shoulders of people like you Jimmy. And so they don't know how to craft to miss it message that appeals he and you knew the people they hire because those people run in the same circles. And I also older save some I mean they Graham but I hit it let but also Mark Sanford go and they help. My dad's shadow over it back up. Yup. It it sure is it sure is yadda pay attention that.