The Tara Show - 6-13-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Interview with Lee Bright – Runoff election for US House District 4 seat; Obama’s Federal Election Commission joins IRS and FBI on list of government agencies manipulating elections and persecuting conservatives; The Deep State deepens as Rod Rosenstein threatens members of Congress; Analysis of the Republican Primary elections; Rand Paul calls Lindsey Graham “dangerous” for suggesting war with North Korea

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Good thing I grades to election results. It looks like organ or not the governor's race can be John Warner and net verses Henry McMaster. So it is your four or congressional race on any Republican side. Looks like it will be leave great and probably William Timmons. In the primary runoff joining us this morning no Lieber I'd Haley Halen. Are you all right Harriet. How you feel about last night. Well you know we've we've got that's on the run all that we needed blue route where Y actually and now we've just dump it worked extremely. Well. I yet and numb Mick Williams Jimenez right on your heels their mom what was he about six points behind you. He was numb but did you amount of money the least bit but probably eight purses will voice and I think they're done now we go again this Ronald. Then we know we're gonna start spending in this target my message across. You know I NN I was wondering about because when you you know you ran nick to me knowing in your your rates raise keep senate seat. An entrance remember this I mean it's like everybody crawled out of the woodwork to punish you for your opposition to gas tax. To punish you for your for your bathroom bill I mean you had the environmentalists you read this chamber of commerce thank you had. All of these two and they respect they she had they spent well over a 100000 dollars just on radio. Armed and so I. The register for congressional seat very easily Lee break. Well we get give manager selection you last election which I'm not a Democrat primary this selection that you were or a Democrat primary. It wants over the net primary yesterday they can't vote the Republican primary in two weeks. So that's the dynamic that's that's definitely different because I did turn a lot of Democrats in the primary. What are some deep here and you're gonna be facing off with that you know with the with William Timmons so what do what do you think about running against him. Well you know he he's. He's with timid. Certainly somebody if he's not really strong on immigration he's not strong loan Omar. Are going to concerns linger and so I think we didn't. But the contrast especially with the don't actually do Graham went. And in about tiger and the gang of eight which is that you had in your normal which hit some. It was very telling some audience is again absolutely you wouldn't answer that perfectly can draw clear contrast. We wouldn't tell folks said this morning Ali ready get your running for congress in the fourth district. Oh it's crucial the next two weeks had to turn out to friends and neighbors are with Dennis. Got a solo eat tools to pull snatch some of the by a race horse her. If donations we need people like phone call owns the local owners are. And you know only bright for congress stock common volunteer eventually brought it to congress dot com. Because links next to woods is going to be a sprint so we're starting this war in either round to date isn't. Out top so confident in a lot of the other candidates voters will come our way and all that is it to 2% plus one it will actually unique. True conservative finer Q while Washington. I'm anything else you want to have folks in this morning we break. Well I'm disqualified him home or car or your panel and you know I really appreciate have a concern regret you want there are. The spread dementia particularly this year Zetsche is actually quotes around broke loose. And likely be conservative when they elected they don't all the wall and function guerrilla city ulyetza won the opposite has little ball. I really do that there's genocide as it is going to be you know only a little bit. And the end end and really that's not just rhetoric from you on you were pressured by everybody from Nikki Haley to the chamber of commerce tube. The you know NBA the NCAA on your bathroom build a bomb and you were pressured by the leadership on the gas tax. Com and you wouldn't back down and it costs you your sanity they spend so well over a 100000 dollars taking. You out you never backed down on and I that's a rare thing to see in politics Hamels never CNN merit when they do because it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. And backbone to take that kind of Hayden watch that kind of money spent against you and still stick to your principles. On so I say I I am confident that you can do that when we send jobs to the hopper up there in in Washington hasn't seen me do it. I see due to the local and I ask you that's a name because people are going to hear I noted in a run ads on this. I know they're good they're going to an and one of the things about used to mean honestly bright is that your bathroom bill has been so mischaracterized. As a hate bill as a why media he he didn't wanna you in my change genders it and. An all your bills said tell tell us about discussion and here lies about in the ads they lay lied about it last time all your bills said was. That a local City Council you filed that the state level a local City Council countries or what ever. Can not force businesses. Until led men into women's restrooms in women into men's restrooms but is the business owner would like to do that may think it's good for business. They came. Yeah it's not it's amazing to distortion but when it's it's been that way to the left in the media for so long but. In it attract black conservatives win the list this side this year. And the fact is Charlotte City Council is gonna find this citizen or Caroline. And it would not allow me and you who thought they were women to use the women's restroom in this state will allow what. They would learn new. So this was unintentional private businesses up and know a lot of local people don't realize it was the it was not. Widely reported is they try to do that in Columbia south Caroline. In the miracle of butane and testify against the Euro so the bottom. Is there were one vote short clip this out early and without prompting attention to a don't they don't that your structural. So. You know we've we've got to fly it and then to left as that in the end you know week. Folks are are not paying attention that they believed in the mainstream media's told the truth. Yeah amen to that absolutely Willie greatly wishing the best of luck. And I know you be stopping by on throughout the next two weeks of course clintons is welcome to do so is well and hope he'll be joining us again. Eileen where can folks should go online to find out more about you. It's lead Bryant. Someone namely bright or congress dot com. Carrie Lee thank you was so much for joining us this morning congratulations again. This is it. This is the election and the next one we got two left to make critical decision will we be a republic or a banana. Republic. Headlines this week are I need be to leave global. And it would put a lot of get a step back from a simple way back bird's eye view. And look at what's going on this week look at the headlines to see where we're going what are we got we get Rudy Giuliani. Saying. Asking. Vijay the FBI. Personally asking them not to met not to interfere in the mid term elections not to meddle and try to effect the outcome. Cherie criticism that. While he's nuts now you didn't did you because he's not. This is gone mainstream now. And nobody hardly batted in on. That's how things work. In Russia. Where the Intel. Committee determines who wins that's how things work in China where the Intel committee is. Are more powerful even in the party itself. Look at the headlines there. So Rudy Giuliani strict safety could you please not meddle in the mid terms. Could Mueller not meddle in the mid terms. This. We had this this just out. Nellis CFC east day. Federal elections commission. Eight trumpet judge. Thank god from point a trumped judge. Blow the whistle on a plot. By the federal elections commissions to target Republican groups and Republican political donors FCC regulates political donations. While ignoring it Democrats. I mean you are using straw donations elite elite. Of one Democrat campaigns. Same pattern that's banana republic. Persecute these political persecution. Which inspecting what's this is what you expect in Argentina is which inspecting Cuba and China and Russia any tear. Headlined just this week set just this week folks just as we headlined this week here's another one rad red ST number two at the department of injustice. Threat to choose subpoenaed GOP led committee in chilling clash over records. You know we think we did. He said he was mad sixty server cheesy Department of Justice. You know listen to watch CNN. Paris can abolish the Department of Justice by noon at lunch today if they would like. You have to have a department of Justice Department just this answers to congress that is how it is. So dies they're law enforcement arm the FBI that two could be abolished by congress. By lunch today. If they steps that's how much power congress has to oversee and they absolutely answer to congress they are. Refusing yes it was a deadline for the subpoenaed documents they didn't turn over. They in turn over FBI DOJ would turn into every screw you. You don't have a CS where a fourth co equal branch of government which could tell that the founding fathers the what. FBI what's that they would say. Don't know enough about that that's sounds like a real bad idea yeah well it it's here's dried roses to yet another study must have come on now. Armed from people in the meeting where rubber Eisenstein threatened. The very congress members that are supposed oversees his agency. If he would spy and then he would get their personal call records there emails. A this was one of the emails documenting this. Going so far is to say talk about resisting that the committee alike to being alleged lit a litigators then we need the DOJ. Where it litigators to and we'll subpoena your records your emails. Black out. Cash Patel who is the senior counsel for terrorism. That's what's going on from the DOJ terrorism he was there he wrote an email document next. Patel wrote quote let me just add that watching the deputy attorney general once a sustained personal attack against. And congressional staffers in retaliation for vigorous oversight was astonishing. And dis heartening. Also having the nation's number one for these matters law enforcement officer that's resistant threatened to subpoena your calls and emails was downright chilling yes it is. And they can do this and members of congress were supposed to oversee them what can they do you. And meet. What can they do. As woods folks. Interfere in the election people don't start falling down elevator shafts none had around the possibility. Is not where they're folks we are read on the precipice of that. Subpoenaed documents will not turn in Lebanon your business. That's where we are are you could if you realize it it is we're only a month passed a federal judge finding. As in a settlement for their victims of the fire rescue and it's funny 5% of those who donated the Tea Party groups were audited in punishment by our government. Natalie finance today the news is that the FCC Federal Election Commission there are going after donors to. Member does IRS documents all those people's reaching out Texas is where they end up illegally you can't take them out of the IRS without a court order. Muller's FBI did one point five million records to Karmi the DOJ they wanted to persecute those people. It's Canada's for every single direction the DOJ the FEC the IRS the FBI Padilla reject. It's terrifying the issue rolls right over us. Because we're used to it now and that's the scariest thing of all. Mean we got two elections it best to get this right. Is it looks to me right now like we're losing. Anyway. You see what is going on car straight up is there any kind of priority on fixing the snap what are they trying to do amnesty. He would post we can't even do a docket in scenes country do you why we can't to a dock in a C math is called math. President Donald Trump who lost the popular vote as you liberal techsters like to remind me he did he lost it. Nobody on our side is probably ever going to get the numbers trump did it get. As it stands. If we had one point five to 3.5 million Backus. Two of the voter rolls we will never have a Republican president again we will never have a Republican appointee judge again. And this stuff is gonna become standard you're not in a deer or put your head up and run from June I can at dinner ready Jack. You what they're you'll be audited he got a business good luck with that that's gonna be ruined. You have the FBC uneven the IRS on UT how many people at the IRS it must've taken. So I had 25% of those who donated the Tea Party in pro Israeli groups. Yeah how many people they still live there and are either waiting there waiting for you there waiting for me they're biding their time. Let me get upset about is this what is on the line and you much roses I mean those subpoenaed documents word do. Yesterday. They just said not our turn more we don't care come make us. And Jeff Sessions apologized for cholera concessions. This is what's online pledge these are why these elections so. And toward I'm thrilled by the way to see all of these establishment. Anti trust types bite the dust. Thrilled with that. But first we wake up and when you pay attention because we don't have a lot of time left here we don't have a lot of time left and we can't pass that amnesty. Because we are going to be dictated to by then. If we can never win a presidential election again and that's what they're voting on next week in congress when they vote on AMC that's it. That's it. Text your can you may understand here why people are still learning for Henry McMaster I should trump endorsement. Text your eyes surely can remain after winning all but two counties yesterday. Actually he won all but seven. This is 71234. Succeed all the sept one orbits of elegy is captain Templeton only one for counties. Her hunk Downey of Charleston County Buford Downey. And then randomly shoot one Mike McCormick count me an edge field time Cho was contacting. All on the but yes as if she won four or. And John and that one too but does the chilly one were pick in this and green McCain once overwhelmingly Greenville county that that's. That that's what pushed him over the edge and he was able and job Catherine Templeton so Warren and Henry McMaster will go into the primary. As she can and Templeton got Clark tearing greens. She had 15% of the votes. McMaster got 26% of the vote John Warren got 46%. So I mean I'd see a John Bourn did 21000 let's hear her seventh house so I just interesting commentary on not on the upstate. And Pickens County John Warren did come in first 36% but down. Henry McMaster was right behind at 35 point seven cent and tumbled and got crushed there too it fifteen point eight. So the whole you know I'm Nikki haley's best friend let me I was Serb Nikki haley's third term thing didn't work out so. For Templeton. 80347963. Tech's mind. 71 theory as seven. To see this do you believe this. According to a new study. People keep getting dumber. Okay we've seen some of these studies but this one. This according she'd be red fish center for economic resurgent Oslo. They analyze the IQ test scores and over 730000. Men who reported for national service. Between 1970 and 2009. So pretty simple Polaris is not a phone you offer phones are. They found young people's IQ scores. Begin to fall after climbing steadily since World War II with a follow equates to seven points per generation. That's a lot. And they think it began around you know with those born in 1975. They think perhaps. Quality of education is getting other education and how many do the right to. And IQ was not what's now tells march are they can measure that knew each mission is getting worse they think and every generation has more exposure to meet. Are people getting dumber do you think. Sometimes think that the bank notes my imagination. May be on the wrong. Maybe im not 803471063. Text line 713. As seven. I'd Charles simply ridge good morning. Rewarding terror. You know if you analyze it but let's get right getting only 7% of the vote to it. 93%. Of the Republican voters. Themselves got a we're not talking about that and it didn't need 3% of the at the Democrat voted Citic. Get how to lead and want it legalized. 93% of the Republican. Voters. Other are told seem to match I had paying three dollars four dollars five dollars and up. But yes related idol literally may not be able to go up one up big kick up a lot of retired literally and it may not be able to vote. In these run on us. Because I can't afford to get into the into the global equity. And yeah like it. John Warren answered it his ads make it sound like it's a big deal he would let death but police check. The idea that immigration status of gang members are lower he can do well. Check what are concrete assault in this country in Asia is that we're suffering I expect threatening our very existence. In many ways about anybody speak in English or anybody speaking at what they have the accept it or kill anybody that glitches. Bit like to have their immigration status check that no big deal but it's killing American innovation is killing American one more thing. People I know about business district or a runoff. Need to go to degree Polk County cute guy party web site and click on GHX. Mostly. Don't know all they need to know about that right up. Ths expose yes and by the way he said about the run off like Charles is thank you prefer uncle Charles. Between what it looks like he's going to be William Timmons vs Lee bright. In the district for congressional race. Text your answer on people getting dark it she never comes has since tried the best. I and a makes sure of IQ in some ways. Surely learned either haven't you don't you know tester is people are getting dumber kids are eating tide pods and snorting robbers hit an out and he'd school. Text your race what did you captain Thomson voters do you think we'll 'cause cast a vote for John Warren in the run up I don't know. It's good music I imitate John Warren has really has his work cut out for. Abbott is again I mean it didn't Nasser did win name. You know every county in the state except for Seth. So I you know and he's at 44 cents or he doesn't have far to go to get fitted to fit to post what bite. At the same time more people voted for somebody who is not Henry McMaster than voted for somebody who is. In that race you look at it two ways it's going to be a heck of a I'm a brawl. And contrast it. Yet headlining master everything's tied to status quo I just endorsed you adamant against. It is I went corruption in Colombia and then you know verses John Moore. Who wants to fight corruption and money and and byways self running his campaign so he like trump doesn't have. Does Al when he. He's young Serbs country. And Amy masters kidnapped there is kind of says quote so you know but McMaster has the trump endorsement. So be real interesting contrast to rush watch that race. As CFO on Q. It's just this peace is breaking out. Live your realm was to go towards shore with North Korea have been less chance you know. Filing AM yeah used to fours. Thing in getting it through congress measure gives him an award with a if it talks fail. Yet. Here's Rand Paul's reaction of that and it is priceless. Lindsey Graham is it is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea my goodness. Are so that should be something that is a scene is nigh eve and seen as something that are really serious people shouldn't even really be discussing. You're calling her fellow Republican senator danger to the country I want to elaborate. Well if you've watched over time I think we've seen from Lindsey Graham is basically. I'm not I naive worldview where he believes that war is always the answer. It's as our son pieces breaking up. Arrows are. It's okay. Aren't sure when. Oh boy Ari meanwhile. Democrats of course criticize it unbelievable. The trumpet North Korea deal. Yeah I. Dropped off talents. Of cash. Billions adults over fifty billion dollars and pallets cash and pretty good Iranian regime. To shine a deal. And deal Disney every current M today you know pure eyes. This is unbelievable. And still owe the Democrats think this is a bad deal the same people who praised the RNC. Beyond his view this is the weakest state and I have ever seen. Come out of any team and I engaged in North Korea much less. At the highest ranking of the president of the United States need. And Joan. It's amazing. I think that we have to even change the nature. Of Ronald Reagan's. You know trust but verify it is we have to verify. What North Korean these people we've never trust it. Larry representative les Elgin mills this. Find joining us now causal link is seldom Republican from New York so you are on the foreign relations. A part of fast committee should saying congress. What do you make a settlement under us a statement that I says it's a week statement to say. Completes. Kim Jung and put his pen to paper and sign off on Iran nuclear deal we never even got a signature. Just. Over fifty billion bucks palates carries. Everything got his signature. Canadian even have to give up your dukes. Just had to wait a few years and we give them the missiles to deliver them to our shores Owen we couldn't get him to sign. Oh my guys carried him through losing your folks I am I'm gonna lose it Jimmy. They got Jim in Asheville kilowatt. Jenny national you voted for Kevin Bryant Reggie do that are used in Nashville today. Don't I'm Romney's play god I didn't. I don't live nicely this is what I do. Here to find out how Bruntlett to good old boy I lacked in a may not. Or being a politician not his style you like the raiders built a building on the air into that basically all I'm only other Iranian owned ovarian. Actually it or most moved bitterness that don't know both. Marie. And I would pay a bit but I didn't know it grapples it first. So I voted for him first when he split spec the basket they get most soldiers' votes. We spoke in her group is status that he has more somebody in their bit we true. In complete marine crop outlook on both my heart the first round sect animal mobile Lamar. Let's stumble OK let's see so you say to you think that these people who alms where Dem Bryant will support John mortgage that would put him. Let's dig instantly thirty. Seven. Personalized and 27 nights when he dead gained like 36% roughly. Om and not a single. No broad further cripple or you know it's not like the mask but all of boat it every player. As Ali don't yet and you may not get there yet. Good point but written. You point that he came to I have no idea. Jimmie this is can be absolutely fast and what is can you see Katherine Templeton voters voting for John Thornton John worn out. And I'll buy chip if people will sport note due to the polls which is you know way. Copyright. Under other he. Great I would Greg battle hurt it Airbus had a lot of both what they were both. Yeah I umi both. Brother they spears service.