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Wednesday, June 13th
Millennials expect to become millionaires by saving late and retiring early; Trump’s tax cuts and regulation rollbacks boost business confidence; Dems start complaining about Obamacare premium increases under Trump after ignoring them for years under Obama

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Hey hey good morning terra at okay new study. Found that 53%. A Mullen mills think they'll be a millionaire Sunday. Yeah and they sensory torrid 56. Even though I don't plan to start re saving for retirement tiller 36. That's not a very good plan net. As a especially since John doe a majority of them. I wish we did try some other kind of financial system besides capitalism gather the some of humor or some for some restraint reason enamored with socialism. Yeah I don't know how they square all of but all I can tell from that side that study. Is that our education system has really really screwed up or the parents have warned him as the parents have run and it will show let's contrast these two things. Shelley meanwhile vomit knew it 34. Year high 34 year high. In an Tom business. Optimism. In net the percentage of Swiss mob is up to zip in their percentage of businesses that say that they're going to high. I mean these numbers are absolutely incredible the as the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Answer measures hit in this last survey hit the highest levels ever recorded including plans for business expansion reports of positive earnings trends. And compensation increases broke new. Records. That's what happens when you give corporations a large extract. We've been focusing on the crumbs. For people and let we forget that the corporations had a big tax cut. Crumbs for peeps yes Armand that's that's kind of gone under the it you know under the radar right. Okay meanwhile. What's opposite that will play well here's Seattle. On the Seattle taxed for that gels very liberal blue bars announcing Seattle task force recommends Pentax. On to help. Finds the homeless and amp rate that was last month that was last month. Bomb the cities Seattle City Council adopted a 75 million knows freer head tax on high grossing businesses to help address. Homelessness rate casesa left that's what they get. They come date gauges and an initial pay for everything right. Don't know if you permit him and is aren't great calm because it will solve all the drums and we congested tax the rich some more be just anti big corporations they seem to be doing while. Then you know it was some all of our proms. And that lasted it howling and we know just about a month. May now lose and we're talking some very large businesses who were talking Microsoft and Amazon yes. Com and this is among Muslim places on in the entire country and other like Alina here in the syntax is Erica. Mom won't remember that you moderates were listing the charade now bomb when the left tell you we just is taxing corporations. It lasted a month this is not a viable option to never say never read here at actually enacted right Brett. For their pie in the sky should stop. I just. Com. Well there's certain realities about economics. And the left refuses to see that is just like the whole thing that. You know conservatives total look if you wanna set these sub minimum wages and artificially won't be any minimum wages artificially high. Limit because it's obviously above what the the market wants to begin with. And an and what happened I started losing jobs. Yep I'm fewer people are hired. And Ari any stressing here is. That it is on you know is a liberal runs they are you know what I mean and and when this tax went through Amazon immediately halted construction on a new facility in Seattle yeah. Am talk the talk with an along canal or no not at all. No way. They they should there is day on there is now eight ad campaign. To reconsider this ill conceived text. How does that go in the campaign is raised to 35000 dollars with many employers pledging support including oh wait for. Amazon via a Starbucks in them and Paul Allen's Vulcan there Yukio. So when it comes straight until it. Comes right down to it they got a little bit with what they say makes them different from us what they did. There of her right back in conservatism. Every time even the lastly and county in the last. Even if you get to capitalism and it conservatism why because it works to keep your hands off of my money. That's that that's that's the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to taxation. Yes. Absolutely it is absolutely hypocrisy in you know here's the other hypocrisy to. When you see in this mob is optimism Saudi. You know this this survey found several measures measures hitting all time high slit a record ever recorded including plans for business expansion and and compensation increases for a new records rate. Well what are OK when businesses are doing well consider flush with cash what do they do they put it under their bad pillar arraignment has been no. Never picks and then oh and so what happens you keys you cannot expand a business without hearing people now. Dom buying things and binding and when you when you and we buy things or hire people guess what it. On that Kris Moore doesn't Kramer just what happens wages go exactly and also taxes go up tax revenue goes up because more people are working. Can't people understand is that I might my son was asked me what Hillary believed what Democrats believe they like I don't know maybe six months ago where an Har car haven't discreet conversation. As well they wouldn't take money. From from rich people and it would take about forcing me give it to us support people and he thought about coming went. Ever worked with people that that keeps gates the out. You know obviously he's a I didn't tell him that he just he second she wheels turning in his head he could figure this out. He's date the Seattle City Council cannot figure this out. They're adults. By the way did you see this of the irony here. Headline Democrats complaining. Wait for about a massive obamacare premium hikes. After you really know. Exactly. Yet that was not gonna fly they're they're gonna try to make an a case that is the republicans' fault for the since like none and and a even the even most Democrats are not that dark and come through and I'm gonna fall for that. You know this one anything with regard to increases and obamacare that's on you guys. Do you ever went up with the guys think who wrote Obama Kerry goes on CNL we have 422 parents when he has influence and yet an either like them. Changing it usually these rates is given going up a double digits every every year I mean he can't for their health insurance he's. Well just start increased the punitive tax if they don't buy that work. They plans to changing cleaning care now. And they sold out at this is investor's business daily in his first year obamacare force cost I am an individual insurance market up by double digits. Subsequent eye popping jobs followed. The every premium climbed about 7% in 201511%. 201622%. When he 17 am by more than 30% 28 to. Now I must admit that we can blame the Republican leadership for not following through on Trump's efforts to this year you know human replace obamacare. You know but you can't blame trump for this because he did everything he could possibly do. Look this seat dirt ball worst forum will we're facing down on the potentially largest ever double digit increases in our health insurance sees decade it's deadly because. They're too busy doing amnesty. Make his dad's more importantly Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell right to service habitat but you know if they get around to quit. Then maybe they can do some stuff for actual Americans but I don't want to press turning and I used to have around two dollars and number one set. Yeah and and. Sir is did aiming hazardous say oh man years. And I know oh years. And is one of the options. Voters have. Deseret I tell people all the time to listen CU. Imus and Bobby. And this and get out. About enough. I appreciate your efforts anyway. Chester race. And we had a scan screen text earlier. Wasn't it was a good it was a really good taxi and I love my listeners who don't agree with me. But they still hanging on anyway here is text during its impressive tear I have to Hannity. You become a major player in the state. I think you have more influence than Nikki Haley. As an independent moderate I struggled to like your show. You'd think things through in supply your listeners an important insights as you know I often disagree with you but. With sincerity. Congratulations LaMont congratulations to you for going to the painful process of listening to the other side. Do it often and I know it hurts so I appreciate debt. That you do that you give me a shot. OK. Can get patted state girls track champion chips. Last week. How bad gap I predicted this and here it's. We it would start to cease systems based system in which girls were no longer allowed to dominate the top of their sports anymore because they would have to make way for X. Transgender boys. To transgender athletes crushed. A slate of biological girls. At this state track championships last week taking first and second place Terry Miller. A bullet the localism connected at Connecticut and transgender student instead a record. For the girls competition in the 10200 meter runs according to the daily wire. They. Second transgender. Girl and dry here would. Break came in second. These biological girl. Bruno the first place win that was flat out stolen. Bridget will lawns came in third. To compete now. Replacement. Ford college. Scholarships as the third place runner instead of the first you understand how how unfair that is. I'd tell you why it's unfair I can quantify it doesn't do it changed genders like you're not liking transgender is I teaches. You go your way out gold mine. But they is an absolute biological fact that boys have 44 for 40% more lower body muscle mass than females do after puede Peabody biological. And I muscle is not the same mail muscle is ten to 15% denser. Than Arce got more of it and it's denser. We can't compete. With that physically it will never happened. It is impossible. Also raising eyebrows over the big win it. Only months ago during mean. Jury source she is an locally who now identifies as a girl. Was competing on the state. And they made any change uses net. I mean biologically. An official for the New England championship since the move to us stronger faster bigger boys to compete is girls while adding she feels bad for all the girls gone out of shyness. I am so glad to transgender to compete. CI AC executive director Chris said Nihon said a feel for them to agree it doesn't feel good the app accusing good but we really do have. To look at the bigger issues that speak to civil rights and the fact this is high schools for folks watch this watch this. But it's key US could be tornado watch the men's competition the Olympics and then we're gonna watch the men beat the women in the Olympics nobody's gonna watch. That's going to be every sport. These girls were so hard. From the time in my daughter's age she plays well about your round which you can play volleyball a year round she's good. Can't wait to see which in Dallas and sky's the limit for her. And what's she gonna have to play a team I have poised. And lose. Add the only sport she's ever been good that. SA RA. Is is that that's fair. I get parents are now signing a petition. Demanding a rule change they say transgender sprinters certainly should be able to compete Abbott in here on special category perhaps just for transgender Ers. I just watch out sick easy this is cropping up ever re aware. They disappoint you have a little girl is athletically talented why bother to go practice yoga practice driving EG the camp should pay for campaign for one right now. By about it. Physically girls cannot be became not against boys. Or maybe they're rare girl who could do. And she is the exception and and a founder yet Connecticut. Every boy who enters the state track championships comes in the top slots ahead of all the girls who were dropped. Absolutely robbed of the wins they earned. Text racist society of the insane it's what happens when liberals take over education system or the courts here's another one where's the outcry from the feminist block. Crickets. An ancestor is the real girls should just walk away and refused to participate in this force this farce. Another one only a loser boy makes being a girl to win a race. And finally stop with the facts it's my net PC. Are the senate pain for title might. Right we need girls sports clinic just like bush are. What happens when girls aren't allowed. When girls sports anymore. I guess they just don't care. Campaign. Text raised your women are not created to compete against Mendes is ludicrous and completely wrong I know it's. Tech stories tear up I don't think you caught your own folks caught after talking about your daughter playing volleys and she's going can't compete against the team of half voice. Have boys is hilarious. And a good team with half boys I never. Add text or race. Have you new study out this brilliant you know does trump endorsement doesn't carry nearly half this much weight as he trump disapproval. Your rates. Couldn't push and reigning master of the topic is you know inheriting master is. I'd texture race. Why Aggies are gonna let transgender offense run it do they not having separate race for transgender Delaware remember him to do this. And protect straights terra those are hate facts to exact twittering column hate sex yes don't dispute that it's really just. Thinking it's painful C can't say zip the adding layman talking about election and there result. She sharing to any new beat market CN attorneys and maybe. Article yes I had brought that up yesterday's huge supporter of the gas sentence. Bomb and is an emptiness in my dad is dead in the live country to gas tax was starved is the greatest idea ever and. As they think that nobody but that visitors to the states. You know spend money on get straight to his end in a reason that that that happened is they they had just very milk toasts talk greatness today. IE if you have good talk radio in your rented. Community you can be blamed for what you think because US honestly have not to what's going Ozzie we need them we need to get an affiliate down there and send to shoot down there needs a company enact. Like you know on how the would drop like pamphlets you know our cereal like that right. And we need to do some of that into the green maybe get a sponsor for that I'm. Don't see one I know. Sin or give the guys who sells pet and other is that for making money belt there you go to the craze have excellent column but yes timing and a CNN to a country deeds they don't know it's not as you know how could talk radio so they got a combo of late morning zoo and pattern. Give the girl radio down there so what you dancers get Anthony's never studied fearless gone safely mainstream media he's. Yeah let's say like you know consulting prompted to see what's going on so. Com that's that's part of it so. Bag kind of ironic here I'm not sure what kind of Republican key hearing is going to be when she goes up there. Found well do you Washington she won't be one criticizing president trump carry my second yes at. Absolutely I'm take a look at some of the numbers here and come and this is something that I always find interesting is. The the differences in the primaries would you compare support. And I looked in the gubernatorial primary so this is statewide. There was a difference of 97000. Voters between the Republicans have voted in the gubernatorial primary and the Democrats from 97000. How to the district four race. There were 23246. Votes cast that we have counted so far for some reason still haven't upon getting over Greenville county precincts in. 23246. Voters in the district four race total. The end this is us and the up primary for the don't for the Democrats 7067. That's a 161000. Voter difference. So now just looking ahead to the general election. Don't look like if if that trend continues to looks like no problem and whoever wins Republican primaries would be the winner now we re generally feel that in this area but. You know you never know. But that's that's pretty indicative. Because it it certainly shows. It certainly shows in South Carolina that there is not a any weariness within the Republican Party in the grassroots about Tron for anything else net now well drummers do not apply the state. But I'm 97 almost a 100000 vote difference. In the Republican primary in the democratic primary for the governor's race also the voter turnout statewide we averaged 18%. Once again agreeable Kelly does not have turnout numbers we we don't have some information here. But Spartanburg county 19%. Anderson county 20% Pickens County 22%. So where are all of us are over above the state average of 18%. We just don't like good. Yeah. And said there's still mud I'm going to be as she sees how this all is turns out you know. And Henry master hasn't had very party go to get to fifty plus one John mourn has allowed just furthers the question is. Will. Katherine Templeton bettors to go forming master would they go for. More renewable lady of. It looks like to me that your. Most if it would seem. It would make sense if most of the Catherine Templeton voters and Kevin Bryant voters. Would go for Warren because they didn't vote from McMaster. There and there were looking for alternative 56% of the voters who basically were looking for alternative or 55% were looking not to alternative to the current governor. And that race. Yeah I going to be interesting no and a if you can support Katherine Templeton is not a big jump to support. McMaster I don't well yacht that in your my minds yes and some others that may be all the difference. Mostly. We shall see going to be interesting to see loaded with you know what's going on with our. And an end and then in need and it's in the meantime. And did you see what's going on this James clapper. Yes I caved former top spy pressure national intelligence. Says brake part and the Russians attacked Hillary was screaming headlines. Screaming headlines are there any other kind from the media was that a band screaming he's got nobody should be. If it's night. Bomb okay and the problem there is yeah exactly. What's well it's just like the Washington Post New York Times are attacking trough with screaming headline that's okay we only tennis right now. I mean we have your head to your Intel agencies being outspoken about this being a problem that's little scary don't stay as it is it. You've opposition movement is is the you know one of the hallmarks of American politics and that to the opposition can say and do what they want with the almost impunity. And you know four for the director of you know for for somebody who was involved in the intelligence. You know business in this country to be complaining about that is just a little bit disturbing. Yeah. Why is even taking notice of this and you don't we used to have these Intel guys hang out for a long time after the surge Udinese has names much time. You know commenting on what's not fair to break par didn't like Hillary. Why not sure exactly one night and a zero when you have that people like rod risen scene number to a DOJ threatening people. Bomb. You know with Yamon don't use mice by Paris to gauge your private email and I'm very issue. Well okay that's a little scary when you when you consider who it's coming from these people yeah he's basically threatening the balls. Love how did very same people US clay court absolutely. Nuts. For thinking that trump was persecuted. Tom buyer Intel agencies that they miss use their spy powers to spy on him to infiltrate his campaigns do all of the things really later on find out they actually did them. Am great. These same. Very same people. Com who say and Keira conspiracy theories your nuts. We didn't find out that rad risen scene is threatening to uses varies by powers. Against congressman. That's unbelievable and yet when we're like looks like the Intel community Xena may be abusing its parent little bit. No and I you're nuts it's. But if you criticize mere ask for any proof that we're reading these programs appropriately and legally I ordered a surge spying on YouTube. Okay. And edged then issued a massive contradiction here I mean you literally proven what we're saying. By right resisting threatening these members of congress. And watching how some members of congress are acting I dare say it works. Yeah out sadly that's. Earth and I don't want my emails out there must nothing illegal in them or anything maybe if you embarrassing things. But you know we all have that some of our email Shirley great women identify whether. You know whether in respect of other we do you I don't know I don't do that I mean that I'm either. And that's we're taxed but anyway now and now he's a fight wells yet again yeah. You know but I mean everybody disagrees being used in the it all of this kind and it's just it's so frustrating it's just it's so it it's all right there in her face and can't do anything about it. Cheery and at Spartanburg tardy about the fact that in Connecticut. In the state track championships. On the top slots now are increasingly taken by transgender boys and girls are shut outs is not just one. It's the top slots judge jury and in Spartanburg. Terrell. I wanna talk about sports and school and the fact that it went right even with our football. Right from the get go 50% don't like. And and of these other safety cursing at how many people actually get the play sports school. And then a stray bits so I'll bring in all that money I think we ought to have individual sports taught in our school. That you can take with you to the next in your life in not yet not to be a spectator. But to play golf to be its landmark could be. You know. I'm a runner but that is something that you can take with you the rest see your life to be basically say. And a lot of the Asian export things that they have in school. Aren't they I mean I think soccer wonderful because all of that children can light and not just that selects he. And my hat there issue with education is expected they don't go to school year rang out. Maine think about 90% of your summer for pretty much Turkey get your white it may be that I do go short camps or weeks. But how much of that summer vacation is right. When they ought to be going to school year round they would make it go back fiscal it take shouldn't the November till they get back in the group again. Yet and in no I did hear a lot of what you're seeing them I think she's calling on none that trend genders dominating him and in Connecticut. I worry and just like watch the men's sports Celine and and thank you for your call by the way what are we just gonna watch the men's alerts and turn off the women's because. Just a bunch of men peace then make a cut on the male source name their running with the women yeah. And they're going to be a mall anyway so why bother to watch we know exactly how this is gonna and I guess that's how it's gonna go. Well it's. It will it will certainly. The support of that warmth will be questioned when that kind of stuff starts happening. Owner how far will let this go. You know that's that's the best question I mean. Will it be loyal to go to the point we're just ruins the sport period and people just walk away. Yeah I think it's the point where girl's just don't bother. You know I mean you have to be able to see your idols right cons whether that's at the state track. I you know I got into my my daughter alleged Furman play out. They're volleyball team down bomb as she loves to go up. Iowa you buy other when it's a bunch of guys out there and you're never enemy to team anyway because she don't you know they have 40%. Mean I was more lower body strength and you them McCants you can inspect the bullet so why bother to go. You don't have idols they don't wanna go to practice is what's the point and I think that's where you know if this continues to. And now it's time to score and ran and ran down Max. Leno fender the guy who invented Fender Stratocaster. Electric guitars could actually play. Guitar. Yeah. Well never you there have never been more than six living presidents at any point American history and bring out there are six Jimmy Carter and George HW. Bill Clinton George W Barack Obama and don't try. Written segment three and successful industry for investors. Since 19100. Terms returns ready for this Wednesday to a week. And recoil ring webcast. Tobacco. Is Ted annual returns of almost 15%. For nearly every symbol you with the Atlanta so her account. It's cheaper to by the Clinton Greece had back CNET. British of course Saddam Hussein was a big fan of scarface one of the companies he set up to launder money was called the Montoya management after Tony. I was proud Montana management after Tony Montana. Rinna Federer I think there was an episode of Tom engineering in 1956 we Jerry and calm we're both depressed over the girlfriends leaving now. So they set I train tracks together to commit suicide at a time that was funny. Not so much anymore and a episode ends it with Sarah and the train barreling. Toward that. This is today's. Ran the you forget food poisoning. He can only eat that much constant. And he didn't. New study found. Possible source of food poisoning in your house those kitchen towels. If honest. My mom had written curse was actually. Does sponge. She is budgeting get washed very often. That well and I can tell you it's gross. If you've ever had food poisoning and I was extremely claimed her she's in Houston. I mean it towel. He passed a little cheesy after lap. No entitlement your mom have one of those. You know where you're they have those restaurants. Oh they they change shift to shift to show I waited tables and so many restaurants attorney went over a decade. And at practice tells man I don't know if they ever got cleaned. If you've ever had food poisoning you probably blamed it on something you ate. Com maybe Conover restaurant yelled and only American society for microbiology. Found it it's a very possibly a food poisoning premier kitchen towels and has feebly isn't it rather hand and toy about services and dishes in the they say you should change just your towel. And wash it every day. Hatred prisoner I have a great rest of the day.