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Monday, June 18th
Leftists have ulterior motives in debate over separating kids from illegal aliens that have nothing to do with children’s safety or wellbeing; Liberal judges and Democrats are responsible for immigration policies they’re trying to blame on Trump

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Play good morning terror and happy belated Father's Day to you thank you very much same to a Remo Loko breast Adam. Right well thank you I had a great weekend hanging out with both of my favorite fathers. My husband's and my father took them. Both separately now at the same time to lunch over the weekend so we can you know and dinner to say thank you. Respectively. Two fer you know all stuff that they've done that's a good thing down because I got two great dads two great guys in my life. And I wanted to thank them you are blessed woman because of that yes I am I'm extremely lucky to tell you what the caliber and quality of men you have in your life and in your life. Makes a huge huge difference. On in you know what kind of life to have up for wives and children yes absolutely. It's it's critical and you know what is really color really can't brought tears in my eyes on. My dad has away empty net as he gets older and more reflective about his slave and understandably. You. He's in in the kitchen and he called my husband ever and he thanked him for being so obviously intent anti humanity thanked him for being such a great father to his grandkids week. It was a Haas and months like one of those battery shall never forget and tearing up I think you better now but it was just were it was really cool and non. And I dad management on his hard not makes these are proud of of my husband as well and you know it's the job that he's done and so. Item and your smarts for picking him to begin with I'd like you know what I'm not argue if you're gonna. And and they agree with you on that he but anyway dad and I talk a lot of lived and we can we at least can we hang out with you or friends. Regardless I I touch my got a bunch over the phone but on. One of the things we butted heads over for many many years as my dad. Is really the kind of person who believes that you have to live your faith and he does. Aid to high net of work with poor people them. They're Catholic so social services he's a liaison for our Turks and so he. Handles has handled literally hundreds and hundreds of families. Nobody does is he doing tricks donates. He oversees the disbursement of all the money and do they don't just give it to organizations they given directly to people they hand to people to ask her for Iran there actually and then the checks to get paid about. But they you know they buy feed a bad feelings my dad. For years has had what would essentially retirement is is is a pretty close to full time job he's slowing down a little bit now just because of this he's just tired his age but. Unease he's out. Com and you know they were bridging the gaps for Catholic social services and our social services department in Charlotte. An and now a lot of Murr illegal immigrants. And they don't tell you that when you come in the door my dad just kind of figures out who's huge you basically does mask but you kind gets a sense doesn't know pressure. And so I I've been telling him for years and dad you indeed you're not helping the situation when you're helping illegal immigrants you're. Encouraging them to come here it is deadly path across that you're in the desert between trying to analyst Dan I'm but but it hedges for a long time. No he's only over the weekend was remarkable. And in these Tommy is for awhile we BD spend media company to convene year too but it's getting really really bad. Because they've never seen anything like this before in Catholic social service is my dad spends a lot of time. Com and and what they're seeing is kids. Girls mainly but some boys girls coming in. Terrified scared out of their minds. Because they had escaped from banks that are sexually trafficking man. They've been brought over the border completely against their will they're dis ease or not. People Hugh British trying to game the system hearing gets an offer they had no choice but to come over the border. Romney because they're being sold sex sexually there's a massive market for that. And John he was Tony that the latest girl that day he showed up in in the lobby and and they're absolutely terrified they Catholic social serves is imagine asleep. Is having to find places. It isn't Chara hide them. From MS thirteen. I mean my dad is not super political person he tends to be extremely conservative except on you know anything having to do is helping poor people right dead. Bang heads or that group for years we've argued but on anyway. I know probably in helping a legit it immigrants who were you know porn we decide to let the mean in uniting let too many and we can't afford them with twenty trillion debt but. Illegals as where I draw a line. But boy this is sad. Did what she's pregnant. She's just turned seventeen. She's been at with the gang traffic for three years they Natalie cylinder customers that passer around him. She is butter mile border when she was thirteen just before her fourteenth birthday against her well. A lot of these girls believe or not are sold by their parents. In today's busy parents are 78 kids they're you know they're just barely above subsist in themselves. And says she's pregnant and she's she is absolutely terrified skinny she won't say a lot Asia attorney in the back because she's afraid that somebody will see her there there's a window. This is not unusual plea this is every day now now why don't we she. Or about this aspect of this of the of the results of illegal immigration and and the porous border that we have. Just like this situation down in Texas weather five dead and who apparently illegal immigrants. I'm trying to be smuggled through into the US in that SUV was a full sized suvs that normally would see 82 hours. But twelve people in that vehicle then five of them died. And although I'm sure that there are some who will say why shouldn't care about that because those early legal and illegal immigrants yes I do care about the loss of life. Even though they should have been doing what they were doing or where the calls now for Democrats to stop supporting policies that encourage this behavior. You know you you you attack a president to attack an administration you attack a party. Because there are laws in place that occasionally. Occasionally. Calls the separation of a child from their parent when that parent is doing something illegal and there is no document able evidence of that child that parent belong together. And then that there is criticisms of president and administration and a party because of that where is the criticism in the media. From policies from the left that encourage illegal immigrants to come into this country like that putting themselves in danger. Where is the outcry for those who lives. They don't care now they do not care I don't care has to grow in not being here right there and they do not care about it or either our border policies have created demand. Arm for prostitution. Bomb because you can now get these kids over the border to prosecute them to American people that's who she was sold to by the way by the gangs of some Americans. I'm an ugly legal processor used to the fullest extent of the law absolutely am outraged by that I am tie I am actually arrangement but I doubt they're talking about he's I said look on this is it for years until he died to help these illegal immigrants. You know and and a problem with that is that creates a magnate and now I got a big population here they want the services of these girls and so guess what you're creating a demand for then guess who paid the price. She did and and you know and that actually outrages we need you we both talked about this before I mean nothing breaks are currently the toddler's been the dead toddlers floating in Rio Grande to mean bright parties documented that. It is deadly dangerous to cross that border. When you and Gloria matter. Media talking about better showing those pictures show you what we do not get an honest view of what goes on in this country about this issue. All we get is the left wing media and the left of progressive socialist who want to promote this type of the you know the situation. Blaine Trump the blame Republicans blame conservatives for anything goes wrong but they don't talk about what the other consequences are. And now we've guide elderly ball. Tears and social services Catholic social services is PeopleSoft earlier tour who are to the point where when. When the space they have been my dad's is I I don't I can even tell you I don't tell anyone where we hide these people I can't tell you because they never got around. Did this gang members could find them and easily got elderly Catholics that work in this you know work with social services. On that take them into their house because they don't know where else to hide and I'm like oh my god they're hiding them in their house from NS thirteen even have dangerous that is. This isn't China Russia Venezuela Cuba. This is the United States of America 28 team and then I should doesn't she get don't put one. In the house he says he won't because my you know my nephew lives there and he doesn't happen in danger this. Every day in America now. You know. And and a little wired those kids on the border wired they veer locust charms we know that's me that's not why there. They're very easy very good reason that they are there any could end it. To morrow is a deliberately created policy by Barack Obama leftist judges. And our members of congress. Out there who refused to change it as trump has been banned today. This could end it tomorrow. This whole child separation thing if a home they would fix our immigration law mr. at least just on overruling these judges. That have created immigration law from the bench that that congress never created Sam it's a maddening situation such as interesting as we can a dad and I are having that conversation. Just as all of this was happening by the way. The reason they have December 1 of the reasons they have to separate them at the border there's a couple of them. Is because a lot of these and and they're bringing in children and sex trafficking them you know if the guy with the kid. Is an MS thirteen trafficking member with a girl like the one I just told you about or her father. The presumption. That I'll it's her dad don't separate them that's exactly. How they girl ended up in the lobby of social service is terrified for her life. You can't XP you can't assume that. That these kids are all with their parents. Because a lot of them arts. Can you imagine no working really hard for something. And many of get it you're kind of bond rate does all of us it's a part of life. But what is he really didn't get what you worked really hard for humans in this. Lawsuit. 2013. Guy name Eric Aybar amendments applied for a scholarship to music school school in Los Angeles plays clarinet he dirty won a bunch of competitions. Scholarship would've allowed him to study and one of the best clarinet teachers in the world right. Bad. He got an email saying he'd been rejected but you can apply to the same one year later so he goes to apply for. And find out. He did get the scouts. They were surprised. When you day. Never heard back from him. It turns out his girlfriend at the time. Sawed the email. You know telling him he'd won the full 50000 dollars scholarship and deleted it all because she wants move away. They broke up on for unrelated reasons a year later so he's nine with her anymore. I never knew what the scholarship telling that the teacher and we she soon he's suing her. Claiming the scholarship was set him up to make a lot more money is musician. Judge agreed and awarded him 350000. Dollars in damages all who. Alone. Urges an oval overseeing that money because his ex block them on social media disappeared and no one's been able to track her down. She's like an illegal immigrant the border. 803471063. Text line 71307. Arkansas. That is awful. Right so you've seen the left they're in full throttle Armenia over the weekend is your reasons for this by the way did they certainly care about the miners on the border. One of them is to distract had something to distract from the IG's report that's huge. And the other reason is because they were they were desperate to get Paul Ryan's amnesty bill threat. Umps they said they need both those things going on as what these do it you'll see kissing cages. Separated from their parents I got a great pressure for an ad posted on FaceBook. It's from a break part article from 24 T. When this was happening under the Obama administration and they were hiding. From the public jet headed to voters in here is lot as you look at deep children a lot of them are not clearly not children and their you know 192021. Element turns our MS thirteen members they anti dusty tells the media doesn't include. So why is this happening on the border. Well. Parents taught you remembered Jeff Sessions warn them by over a month ago. You come here you're going to be separated. At the border they notice OK. They know this they came anyway. Who's to blame here. While first and foremost. The parents. Oh this is going on now on since at least 24 T if you read the bright part post. Again that's from an article in bright part not dated today dated 24 T. About how this was happening. So what is driving miss. Well there's a couple of things that are driving is one of the big things they're driving next. And over the weekend when the Democrats protesting this said they're just coming here for asylum. Don't even coming here or there escaping their fleeing terrible conditions here we are ripping them across about a ripping him apart the book and why are they Seeking Asylum. I explain this a lot of times that's different from regular regular immigration don't give. We used to give most immigrants to sound effect your government pretty much had to be trying to kill you for you to get it it was very rare for anyone to get. Used political prisoners dissidents people like that would get a shot. And it comes with eight complete Swedes. Of welfare benefits that most Americans can't qualify for all at once you hit as she did jackpot. Will Obama decided to make immigration law. And so he's got it here from my gag by Jamal Honduras match that it's a it's hard for Uga is a cordial sourcing the all asylum if you get the board. Normally it becomes how is here is illegal immigrant. You're not supposed to be eligible for early as welfare programs. Regular immigrants art. Legal ones aren't illegal ones are paid you hear honest yeah hit the jackpot so what they what Obama did was ring the dinner felt. And that's what they're mobbing us on the border so it would want these parents on the border will I need to be separated from their kids to get dinner down. To get to the dinner bell the free stuff. Then we needed to revoke Obama's executive order on aside. And let his trip just did that he did. Judge overruled. This could be fixed by congress and do all the angry. So number's plunged and almost nothing in the beginning of the trump presidency. Yeah that was before you got overruled by the by the liberal judges there's something else going on and it was should this is completely. A disaster. A creation of the last what is going on our board at the left and that of course includes the GOP leadership because they refused to do when he. Catch and release. Is not a US policy you know we catch them again we have to get we have to let him go that is judicially ordered policy. Trump has begged we've covered this year on the ship. Begged congress to end catch and release they can over the rule the world the judge with legislation congress more powerful than any judge. And explain that to the media does what you know that. They re fuse to acts Paul Ryan's immigration bill which he was pushing up till Friday has no end to catch her release is they like. Don't care who gets killed come across the board I don't care who gets prosecuted they don't care but as seventeen year old girl that my father told me about pregnant. Kidnapped in our own country brought here against her will by MS thirteen a prostitute. At least thirteen over the border. And a pregnant met in the lobby Catholic social service is scared for her life because there's a window in the front she was afraid this year and she was trying to get into the back. They ushered her out the back door and their hiding her. As he's one of so many now that they see in Charlie Catholic social services like Bellotti who come out of order don't want to. It's against. Their will they're trafficking them. And selling them for prostitution. So what else is what else is driving this with the kids on the border snatching these secretaries some public Flores settlement agreement. There was a ruling by a judge in 1997. And what instead. It really alien adults you come across the border with children regardless of presidential jury didn't Ayers. Usual Rentokil a lot of them do. Bomb they have to be taken into federal custody. Processed. And then released into the country. So here's what's going all right they're using the Florida settlement agreement which is a judicial order congress could change at any time. Today you'll hear I got a kick. You got to take me and processed meat and then release me yeah act is Mike coyotes have to pay for that. Coyote get Christie to cross border now the border guards who afforded thanks to the judges. Chase did chase his former our current congressional represented explain this over the weekend. They act as if this is something new that just Donald Trump thrust into the equation that is absolutely not true. First off you wanted to play that site isn't this a policy that just started in April they don't like if you wanted to claim asylum personally go to the United States embassy in your country of origin sure that if you're coming in the United States listen to what the Homeland Security secretary is saying. And that is go to port of entry claim asylum where it's the people that are going in between. That are trying to cross the border and you know life and domestic policy comes in a separation I may do so right away you could don't pretend that every one of these kids is matched up with mom or dad. That is not the case you have way too many people that are used. As drug mules and others that are being pushed and thrust across the border they're 1415 year old kids. That are exploited it to make the right drug runs so I don't think you know again he had taken every case individually. But yeah if you got a little four. Five year old kid of course you want it to be as close proximity to the mom as you possibly can't. But there's an awful lot of human trafficking it's also going down on the important don't don't be naive to the left. Yeah that you can apply for asylum in your own country you can apply at our ports of entry. He will be separated. Why aren't day but it is if they come in illegally gets what they get to catch and release they get the coyotes say to take him into the country. Yeah ports of entry or your own. You know you're doing your own country. You're gonna catch your release you get to get into the country. City. He's the media forgot to tell idea might make a difference. Not even make this a story if you were told the truth. Are at the weekends. Steve van and who crawled out of whatever hole he's been hiding but Iraqis been hiding under and good. He show she's so good with words. And and making. The argument. It is great job of that. On and gabbana and is out there and he's asking the first that there would it would dances I the first thing that I was thinking about it. These media people who could care less when Obama. Had to separating kids. From the parents on the board they'd care. And they get into the these the same people Nikkei Stanley died in her father's arms on the pier they didn't care. These are people in the same mindset as the activist who as the activist liberal. Jury that let that illegal immigrant that killed Kate's I'm ago. To send a message. Here's Bennett. And then by the way I don't see the mainstream media. And I'll see the liberal left embracing that Angel moms those people that were permanently separated from the children because of illegal aliens he came over here and committed crimes and killed people. Your very selective. About I know. Yet they are very selective and he was lecturing the ABC guy. As you should have do you remember the parents four of them sitting its State of the Union Address. There are parents of two girls American girls hacked to death with axes they were teenagers fourteen and fifteen. By MS thirteen. You remember them. And try imported about and your MS DN zero ever CNN being outraged. Brightest that dead trump would have to those and there were black by the if you're a member Melissa calling appear in losing her mind. Over that. He's black parents nobody cares their daughters have been hacked to death by amateur to nobody does it mean to meet the police do but yes. Democrats it's not sign a major news story just like you know they tried to bury styling and and all of these other people who have been killed by illegals or maimed by them. And joy we read went on CNN mocking she was speaking specifically about trump having those for parents in the audience. It gives a speech tonight. In which he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the United States are the biggest thing is MS thirteen a game no no but it doesn't watch Fox News never heard out. She started specifically about having those parents in the audience well Fox News plays that clip. For the parents. Of the hacked up children. Who are permanently separated from their parents. Here's their reaction. Had no words police. Stop the violence it's not. How much won't let us do we have this day. Sit CNN when children are hacked yet it is an act but midair separated Fatone days when their parents of twenty hours or whatever it get down that is an atrocity. Remember what the left somebody gets sick of being offended is always worse than somebody being killed. Tummy in Chesney good morning. Okay dad god what's on my. Yeah I just want to play and really quick on the we just had a different preparation and yet I'm. In my opinion. I thank mr. Netanyahu and a world phenomenon as they probably love. We'll be available and have kids and a blunder dead. Bring dignity and a better life to their families so they know that their kids are safer and then have better state here in America. Total. Have a panic me myself I would be one of the first want to deploy all Wilson and much he would. All totaled ten other side of the papers Latin. So he's still on the bag and it's yeah. I don't I don't think it has. And I believed about them they're kids didn't play day in American custody says bet. That was sitting all home and be in detail about it who say says. Because. They need it include just about like mission accomplished they came here to get their kids. And American life they don't hear a lot of that they get in America I think that you expected. As. Let down well I am yes you know dad and we don't last week alum I'd rather have a note of opinion on the other side as well. The cute they are placed in the activities these here the are kind of isolated from culturally isolated if you will. So all of the likelihood that they grow up and all recruited into MS thirteen. Is a little bit how. Give and tragic situation. Very hey there's kind of dark so there's vote. Likelihood that they maybe should be duplicated by MS thirteen men on a lifeboat. And the entertain you from now they maybe didn't live action Obama yesterday. So yeah that map out. We and a lot Limbaugh and a lot of and thank you so much for your phone call from a lot of them are you were missed thirteen when he came into that country as children remember we've really verify how old AR. We don't we don't know any that. As it protects is reported more than a 100000 unaccompanied minors have been released into the interior of the US since 2816. That's staggering. That's staggering. And fiscal sweaty your trade Tina alone more than thirteen thousand unaccompanied minors will we were resettled across the country. Why catch and release ordered by judge just can't keep them at the detention facilities. Once in detention facility gets to a certain level this is why it was so devastating. When streak Audi and Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham voted for that ominous bill and trump signed it. Because that ominous bill cut detention beds to force more catch and release Paris is actively working with the cartels and the smugglers. They're criminal. They're all criminal. This year ice officials announced that nearly a hundred MS thirteen gang members arrested in a recent sting his time in China that were resettled across the US. As unaccompanied minors. Keep in mind as explain you because of Florida's decision. If you get yourself a kid. To take across the border it acts alleged are true. Soon it was an you have to register. Got has to happen. And Joseph these kids and I've been taught in a dispute these kids. Parents will sell a child. Sued the traffickers. Since it can be paired with an adult. And get across the board. Say it the asylum has asylum I mean that's Jack part Americans can't even get that package welfare benefits it wasn't meant for everybody in Guatemala. And everybody in on El Salvador and everybody in Honduras but Obama extended to them. You should just be political prisoners very rarely did you get a site. Extremely rare. Now the Yankees you're on the border as a parent or sell under kids 700 bucks a pop single with some illegal immigrant over the border. Guess panic. Then the kid ends up in the country and guess what the rest of the family comes later and have to reunify the all of this is being created because congress won't close these loopholes the judges have created. Trump has day Dick congress. To close them. They are creating a magnet. They liked kids. This is what they want and then when he inevitably. The kids show up. And you don't show up they scream and yell at. The only person trying to solve the problem. Feel like you can't quite as sharp. That is best. Is Smart. But is with it together as she used to be. This kid Jim Press was probably attribute that to age rate. Some of it probably is the case. Well try something. You ever accidentally tried this. And and I have a boy it works good works really well. Tried pumping yourself up from like six to seven hours of sleep to eatery and a half. According to researchers is to Penn state university might be shocked at how high of a level you can operate on especially after a couple of nights and I. What is is don't do that. And a new study by then in addition to telling your dad advise and MR life's gotten so stressful we now need a half hours of sleep not eight to be healthy. I ask is that they do all the distractions and just sort that fried frenetic you know feeling. We'd wake up a few times during nights are you really do need aid and a half hours in bed to get actual you know eight hours. I'll sleep. 803471063. Text line 71307. Duggan Anderson good morning. Good morning very happy Monday to city and I hope you don't well. I eat my wonderful weekend have you. As possible option. Arm. I would love your ball on this water beyond. The Republicans worked actually put a different spin. On the immigration. And instead of separating them actually taking this family. And allow them entry. Like they've been doing catch and release however they don't get a dying. Of little benefit they don't get. Food stamps they don't get Social Security benefits they don't get at all. Medical benefits and get nothing they have to survive on and until that actually. They're case adjudicated what you thought. I'm well that's exactly what we're proposing here. They didn't used to get dad. Dog unless they had a child once they came here than that child porn on Medicaid gets food stamps their ads and a mom's eligible for all the welfare for her Chara. But remember Obama decree. That I am asylum would now be available to all these other countries. And so now they can get again a better package of welfare benefits and Americans can qualify forty get all of winds. And so I mean you run the dinner bell so all we need Doug. Is it and end truck ended that and a judge overruled trot. Unconstitutional all we need is the Republicans in congress to stop undermining federal immigration law. And overrule led judge and say now asylum will return to what it says in federal law we don't care what the judge says. Almost nobody gets it. And it would dry up real quick at the border. So your right Doug that's all we have the new congress won't act and that's because their donors want the cheap labor. But they keep putting forth. The children are getting separate however. They're not hammering home built the fact that. There's a law that's been violated there's so many countries that. We. As Americans can't go over and become citizens. We can't go over and all up for their benefit and not let countries if you try to illegally off the borders of Jerry. Yet you'll get shot at anyway. Note that there are no you don't that is a bad day noted that today's sag and congress she you can't just when the Democrats here. And you know you wanna blame somebody. Bush blame all right look at his amnesty bill. It didn't end catch and release. It didn't return asylum to a federal law actually says. And do it six. He likes it. So you wanna know why children are being separated from the parents who deliberately brought them here look to congress. Talk to me into about a month ago that they end catch and release that congress do to overruled I judge he won't. He won't do it 80347. Did Paul Ryan I mean match. 803471063. Text line 71 theory. 07. We didn't all of this stuff it's going onto. With the FBI rate now. Unbelievable thing happened on Friday. Paris actually worked ladies tonight Paul Ryan Deb and you as trade Audi all got together. And brought in the heads of the FBI and the number two with the DOJ here really is number two right rose in state. And they said listen we had thousands of documents under subpoena for me. You must. Turn them over. You must you you cannot go day in and day out repeating regular Americans. And I think the law does apply to you we have bashing internal every wouldn't we subpoenaed the document. So all the Russian investigation including the spying. Turnover. Turnover. Now this what's been this is huge. Huge with a what I'm but is this is what's been missing. Up until now. Is what's been missing par isn't connected to it and who can you describe. And so FBI and the DOJ is not why speaker of the house he separate much largely been a while he has one time. As said they should turn documents over. But no she's new all new and is over there who once and had to turn him over but you've been subpoenaed debt we don't care Paul Ryan I he had once or not turn them over. Will that all changed. Over the weekend you're straight dowdy. Paul Ryan led this meeting yet never known as Bob good lap myself and everyone you can they go from the FBI and the DOJ day. And we win I don't buy items on both of those outstanding subpoenas. We either have compliance we have partial compliance always have. Non compliance and Paul made it very clear there's going to be rational floor of the house. This week. If the FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena requests so. Roger is designed Chris Ray viewer in the meeting you'll understood it just is clearly is I did we're going to get compliance or House of Representatives is gonna users full arsenal of constitutional weapons. To gain compliance. Saying it didn't happen six months ago we'd probably have the documents. Extra step it up guys about time.