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Monday, June 18th
Trey Gowdy shifts gears again and vehemently criticizes FBI and DOJ bias; The tide is starting to turn

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Adding late good morning terra it's today's first at baker a rant on that IG report yes you know you're asking for awhile. You know where areas trade Audi and what have you done with him right the real straight anyway he was back down over the weekend. He is asks him by the interview on Fox News is IG report just this truck says it exonerates him. What do you think. Here's what he said. Does the IG report exonerated president trump. Our oldest certainly helps him christening keep in mind the same people the same players are worth more in the in the Clinton probe move later moved to the Russia broke John Brennan who said he should be in the dustbin of history Jim called we use an impeachment was too good a remedy. Loretta allege she wanted to Hillary Clinton to win and then we got Peter struck release of page. The two FBI employees Chris and this is what's most important to me. Those two presumed emperor announced Hillary Clinton's and a sensible for her investigation attended. And they presumed and for now it's Donald trauma gill before the investigation even big and so when you have that. Pervasiveness of all I ask yes it's gonna help a person who's complaining about the investigation. So he is Canada's yet but but again trump says that this is Greg general's report exonerates him would would you say about that. Obstruction of justice Chris. And by the way obstruction of justice whomever that's what risen Steen really decided to investigate trump for after he fired Komi. They have an actual crimes against it he must have been obstructing justice when he fired call me that's it. And so that's been one of the things that two main things that Mueller is investigating so trick daddy says here okay. Add obstruction obstruction of justice let's take a look at that. Obstruction of justice Chris. Good block having your star witness big Jim Colby enable prosecution from shoplifting. To obstruction of justice. Good luck if that is your store witness for many of them are pro was about what Russia did in 46 seed. And who if anyone they did it would so that's what I'm me when I say more pro and all hope he does try to definitive accounting of what Russia did. But there's no evidence Donald drop and it went down and Jim go only would be about the story as witness that I can imagine a prosecutor could have. I'd try this very significant as you have not been. Eight in the Chinese firm Kerr president drama on all of this not now. I don't know I understand that I'm not saying you are now when I'm are you saying this morning. That Donald Trump does off the clock and the Muller investigation. Well I don't know what mower had. As I do know this it biases so pervasive and everyone who's ever students on the jury and had to explain it away. We'll tell you it is the most miserable ceiling on the war in the world. And I have never seen this level low biased. While. That's a really different tree Gatti lead in the one defending the FBI just a couple of weeks ago now doubles occur around awhile yeah Kobe will Chris he's hardly affect just the trade gap he's so talented don't puts them puts it like him the tree dowdy that. I've long said could've been president could've been a contender. If if you would just stick to his guns. On and steer stick to the facts and in in ninety some of the stuff that that he's done it's been so disappointing. And maybe he'll be back for awhile and trade Audi then talked about Peter struck. You know the guy don't worry you won't be president was duly taken out because that's the FBI's. Job great. So you have Peter struck who can't think of a single American who can vote for Donald Trump and you've got Peter straw says will stop them. Big campaign and the presidency won't stop campaign and then if that doesn't work that day after the election he's talking about impeachment so how would you like that to be your lead investigator. Two weeks after you're resigned to look into what baseball or country did Oscar the only thing he could think to talk about is an insurance policy to give Donald Trump and winning. And then he says we'll stop it I assume though we eat. His the FBI so how would you like if you're Bob Mueller to present that case to a jury. Great point. How are you getting an obstruction case him. You're not and that and therein lies the answer of why they're pursuing everything under the sun. Stormy day and you lows. You know you'd cull in. Why you you're gonna go into a yelled Trump's own attorney go grab everything he has. To heck with attorney client privilege which attorneys were absolute polled watching mess dig through all of it and she would confide some 'cause. We sure can't make an obstruction case I mean that's. Essentially would Gabby say. And desperation. A desperation we think of all this over the weekend. I it's just you know. I at a certain level I'm just not even worried about any of this anymore. Because this is going to have a life of its own. The left is going to assume that trumped lies about everything he says that if it lips is more moving that he's lying Republicans are some of them or are going to. Basically sort of turned her shoulder not to look at what's going on in just you know whistling through the the cemetery there and then there are others who were going to try to defend the president and are gonna be vilified for doing so. Amen to that. On an end on top of all of that. Over the weekend at where we're look you know we're watching all of this go down but just back up for men to Wheatley we now have an FBI agent. Safe filming assured trump was never president. He's been I had in Hillary investigation and the trumpet investigates. He says Iliad Doerr will stop it. OK it's on noon Monday and we learned about this answer when Thursday Julia. He still. Has a job on him he's still works. For the FBI. I can't. Wait here. Are the media calls for his fire out that this this is the stunning thing it should be bipartisan yes it should be bipartisan. If if this had been as someone involved in the Bush Administration during that time when Obama was first elected or are campaigning on the list. And admitted that that Obama will never be president will make sure that. The media it's a high ranking FBI agent had said the same thing about Obama in oh wait immediately lost their collective minds yeah people would be in prison to. They would've gone in saint. You know they would you you leftist kid even text me as his son did is they would have. Exactly I mean this is another typical example of the the left wing bias that is that is going on in this country. You know Republicans can do one thing and there's a set of rules for them Democrats get to do another and there's another set of rules for them. I mean this isn't the prime example of an I mean could great folks how many good example of this do we have to show you this is black and white. Period. The land he wants more black and what you and I talked about this for a long time we've laughed about the rest his decision huge story that that barely got any coverage. And now we have any answer to have been waiting Ford forever remember the devices. That's Hillary's inner circle raid my righteous you know no reasonable prosecutor OK yes you broke the law. Envoy sending all of that to classified data over unsecured servers and unsecured devices in yeah we know multiple foreign governments axis state because Conley told us that rate. And show that keep in mind you you you're watching Cohen get rating you're watching me in a fork get ready you're watching president trump. And millions of documents to people oh orbit of people determined. By their own words in your own text to frame this guy and get rid of them right. And yet they have no interest in the devices that contained it's the text nerds that detects the emails out of the classified data okay. That's actually answered finally Li in the IG's report. The crazy reason the FBI didn't bother the even search the device is Clinton her circle or ask them to be turned over. And that's cases where the FBI didn't destroy the devices themselves. That can paint contain information under subpoena by congress congress wanted to see those emails. And had subpoenaed them they were on one of the laptops the FBI destroy it. It they are literally obstructing justice by destroying evidence okay. So inspector general Michael were assassinated yup yeah pet how can you say concluding your investigation we even asked. For these devices over here in the once had you destroyed an ailing turned them over because remember they got immunity well here you go was the devices will destroy and you get the immunity. Every young crimes covered upper deck on the in the agents excuse wise. Com that the culture of mishandling. Classified information at the State Department. Was so vast returns like. The culture of breaking the law by sending classified data over devices that were unsecure was so west there's so many felonies here. There we would just be overwhelmed if we saw all the suitors speak too much work it would be too much caught him and so. We it says it it makes the quantity of potential sources of evidence so fast they said when they FBI when asked by Horwitz the Winston Beilin investigate. To us like a sheriff saying that you know what there's just too much crime in this area we imagining violence all the stuff all the evidence we get the evidence room just went all the way emerged just start all over again. Have you seen how many bodies we have in a morgue this week we can't get sold that and so you know. We're just not gonna. Put another way to Washington examiner rates the Asia's stock they might find so it's classified information. On the unauthorized servers systems and devices by Hillary and her staff. They would become lost an amazing. It would be too hard for the so this is the same server that we were told was not. The did she was not you know trading classified information. She completely denied. Re not really need to see it and can use its tests it would. They be lost in a mace. Another example of the do justice system in this country. What's tiny they're not worried Mueller and the same some of the same people that he recruit even the F get. Are not worried about becoming a lost in the maze of Malta and millions of documents that they've gotten from track strain yeah. Esherick Giuliani talked about that over the weekend the same people that wanna frame trumped. Up and ask them for the documents. This whole thing is made of fools of all of us and they think we're idiots. We we supplied. One point four million documents we supplied 32 witnesses no I know privilege arguments. And always apply them to people who have already concluded to frame Donald Trump. I hope not feeling overwhelmed William and when I mean we'll get a prescription for that or something you hope you're okay. The media's support animal. All assistant George grumpier and totally. Or media support minister course we should take him down similar headquartered exec talk yet. Absolutely. Rough play raids Tara you must listen to FBI director Christopher raised press conference. On if you wanna hear him say it live without blinking. Quote our actions are subject to close oversight accords from our elected leaders and from independent he's like they expect inspector general. Meanwhile back at the ridge Christopher Wray is stonewalling. All over say yeah including subpoenas. Is purely the again another creation of Paul Ryan in the GOP leadership. DeVon Eunice is out they're demanding that they comply with the subpoenas and Paul Ryan's got his feet up on the desk and he shot. And FBI's point prop all right here's into one assistant to turn over he's a speaker we snow is just it's just this crazy DeVon newness. Ryan is allowed this I've been screaming about him for a long time he has asked the FBI turned stuff over. He did last summer and any went back to sleep nightly grip and sessions trying to get away with this. Yep let's admit but what I make the point of here is a lot of the problems. Almost all of them come back to the GOP leadership. And I was still are tacos across the country they wanna blame Democrats for liars who tell you what Democrats wouldn't get away with 9% this if it weren't for the current GOP leadership they are. Problem number one in this country. Huge problem. In this country. 803471063. Text line 71307. But she I she said yeah this feeling. Is feeling right now I I I can I can't quite tell you. Factually. Still in the tightest turning. Ever so slowly. I see a couple months ahead on stuff but not to some particularly Smart but because I do this for a living you have to make a living. She tried turning a feel it every day. Just one example. Tray Galley. Actually now that I think about it the FBI is. Incredibly biased. It totally incredible. Strength would have been nice a month ago. I suspect some of that 'cause we rearranged his rear end so badly on this station. That his plans to I'd check out make millions here for a few years and then run for Lindsey Graham seat. Are being scuttled by us bringing down his approval rate I suspect that's a lot of what you heard over the weekend but still a turning point. Think about it why was Gary don't want to come unannounced meeting with the FBI why not Paul Ryan should have been him. But they send Dahlia. Always good look how great. Is. He this was an absolute hypocrisy in trade guy for a long time. Would there are some great miracle I didn't but they're currently define your subpoenas sir and making a full of we decided the FBI is in disintegrate placed are not rich but tab the data was tabbed as millions deduction is a scam. That's thousands actually. They subpoenaed let's get I'm wolf what find mr. get you may be red or not. Why should advocate for them to turn it over instead telling has agreed the FBI is being a tool as CNN. And it finally doing its part of the turning. Did you RI until Friday. Normally he would shame trumpet try to ram this bill down the stretch. Gary Ed polarized it was a massive camps with chain migration. Least nine million would've you know gotten citizenship from it was just a massive amnesty. And Ryan says fighting ended a front won't it try doesn't do drag out well. Now I'm getting out now Powell Ryan. Wink when not nice drive a lot of stuff at the border with the theatrics with children still is a turning point. Well what's happening here drip drip drip drip vs kind yet. Kanye is a marketing genius. We're the best in the entire country this guy makes more money from the com products he pushes on Twitter that he does from his music which makes him cuckoo mind front. He's a genius says Kim Kardashian marketing need they tell you did she doesn't do any think. Two of the best workers in the country the whole family that's what they do they mark. They use metrics like nobody does they have diverse audiences. Black white Hispanic. Lower middle income. And Kim Kardashian goes in three weeks from how we don't my husband likes trumpet necessarily mean we have different politics to beat the true Ed trailed in the White House so she can be seen there why. She sees summon her metrics are mind. A judge duty. See he's kind of a good guy. Black entertainment television founder Bob Johnson he's on CNBC you know just kind of awesome he voted for Obama he's a hard core Democrat. Praising charm for the black unemployment. Numbers why he's seen in his magic tail. What is it. I know I've been hand to had been hinting at for awhile. We see 60% of blacks Hispanics agree with trump on immigration this is why they're in his Cyrix at the border first these Democrats are seeing in their magic still. It's turning. And yet trusted dissenter and it's turning toward trop. And you're seeing people not to find trouble not defined as strongly as they used you can feel the energy and that it's moving across around a corner. Sad okay is going to be awesome it was like truck is not that it's not the cold to try it's not that. It's trust agenda that he Celek that's the turning. He don't go and now like that guy trumpet he's right and ever since those metrics people wanna be close to and it's drip drip drip drip I'm Tony what folks. Tony buckets. After the dripping such as people do it. I know this new poll finds you breweries Ciena fell are still calling. As many say political correctness is killing. Pro football. Far stays poll finds voters think political Greg this is gone too far by 68 to 19% margin has dropped as the turning into ever everywhere. Best chance we've had to win for wanted to don't get mad. Don't be down. I can see an energy I haven't seen before and I've started noticing at the last couple ways I'll keep you updated on what is I know are you seeing it too it's here and there and everywhere around the edges. Text your RA CES chair I was just talking about a reaching a tipping point but my friends Friday night the turning Israel. Listen one had to keep in mind here and I. I keep this in mind to take his I don't wanna depression people is I'm telling you about the outrageous things that are coming out. A better country and how it's been turned into a banana republic never lose sight of the fact that if Hillary had won. We wouldn't be a banana republic. The hounds of hell would still be holding office Komi would mom be gone because she would've blamed him but all is people struck all of they'd still be in place. They go right on with the persecution. That's what they were doing. And they begin mucking in mid Turks. We know about the now that is the most powerful thing. That we know about that that we have Rudy Giuliani out there and it's bizarre statement not by Judith Giuliani but the fact that he had to make last week. Warning the FB lie and Mueller not to mess in the mid terms. Original warned him of that now but the good thing is we know they're out there. That is so much better than we were we were three years ago I noticed. Just fast sort of social do it again another turning here. It's this is happening at the collective conscious is not level Tony Kim Kardashian can measure it in her metrics soaking Kanye. Those two don't do anything including marrying each other and Massoud fits the metrics. They're almost identical audiences I still maintain that's when a married. Not praising the two of them don't misunderstand but I do admire their marketing savvy. When they do something I pay attention to what idiots. Because they're following their metrics. There's a reason that Kylie Jenner gets a couple million bucks for endorsing. A product on Twitter. And there's a reason those metrics are matching up with tribes for some reason so much so that Kim Kardashian risks. The you know outright hatred she she could get it did get some up from the media to go to the White House what is. I don't know but it's here to in this poll it's around the edges. This is why the Democrats are on the border screaming hysterically about illegals why they're losing that argument. And so now they're so desperate they're like they all know Obama did this. There are fine with it. There are ignoring that to create a fake story because they're losing the immigration argument so desperately among their own base to track. Here's another example. New poll finds that approval ratings for the NFL are still falling as many say the political Greg this is killing of pro football. Now think about this from Hillary went race. Woody single conservative or Republican of high stature have fight the Neil. And why now the flag in the anthem would have been ripped out of our high schools that would be gone by now. Trump took this argument. I used to to wind on a much higher consciousness level. I'm getting into group think you're now in this country you can see some of in the poll the Fox News poll finds voters think political Craig this is going to follow our. By a sixteen to 19% margin they get that idea. Trust it to the NFL it was huge. I want and listen this numbers 46% of respondents. This is a poll about the NFL okay. But within the context of the F Ellison but they arrest 46% of respondents famine business leaders and politicians. Often make bad decisions on political correctness and other 34% said they sometimes stick. That's an 80%. Agreement level again we agree on nothing in this country we split right down the middle except now let's change. Is the turning. The particularly worrisome for the National Football League. Which had checked Milo favorability rate. Never did they fix it is okay Hayley wood and a policy move money. And help the mikes. The poll taken a few weeks after the listen this did a few weeks after the FL's recent announcement of new rules to curb player protests during the the plane Daschle and a founded that pro football is. You'll losing ground but Americans. Only 42% bleed futile league favorable. That is down from 46%. In last year's poll 46% approval league last year 42% that was noticed and white out. From 64%. Approval in 2013. Turning. Terms leading. Me to do all we ever had to do was stand up. Nobody is helping him. Look he's accomplishing for the first time the poll found a more respondents had a unfavorable view of NFL that a favorable one at 43 to 42% that's groundbreaking. Again that's after. They capitulated and change the policy. Think about that. This is the make you at all what's happening at that. That number sticks in my head 62% 62% when asked during all kneeling thing do you agree with trump talk yet they should Neil. We've always spend the majority. Our mindset the center right mindset the right mindset Centre right well over 50% of the come country and Paula deployed and we are the biggest group in this country. But we were made to feel like we were minority. There's no TV for us raid we we got Rosie amber did take their way it was doing too well can't have those views anywhere people concede. And what trump did was say no you're in the minority would choose it would use imagery when you think is normal as normal Wear veils takes. A I can say they know. I can believe then yes. OK cool I'm not going to be traded him that's what's happening here the media had people can as well you know I've always public keeps Haiti because she might wish. S attorney. And you can see a turning in what has happened in the pack over the weekend that trade Audi didn't. Beat a path as fast as he can go. To have a meeting with car and the FBI and the DOJ to demand those documents. I think what happened a couple of weeks ago this Sunday. Said today at the White House I'd trump calls blears in DOJ and the FBI and since you turn those documents over now. Sununu is getting going in the meeting do they have the documents now. And by bring the ones under subpoena. From congress. Ever Gatti came at a meeting gave the FBI cover. Other little thumb even though there are violating our subpoena making a fool of me. Now the sudden. Poem I am not to tell on the turn them over to. Getting chilly. To be there has to stick his finger common in the FBI's face. It's attorney. Ranked kid done they should have done is say months ago we have the documents. They did not essays could turn out great and ran off into the sunset don't misunderstand me. But the point where they need to have cover what are your calling is telling them they need enough cover to look like they're doing something why. To break into the popular consciousness and I am getting deep 1 here for the morning. Tech straight to hell with the NFL you talking but this. I don't Kennedy an affiliate there I don't K year. Text or junk kill me would be kneeling none of on none none do you not care what it's about no no no it's not that I'm telling you this is all part of something. It's all part of something it it's whining to be on the winning team why earnings to be a bit people have been hearing need for this. One thing it should be with the group that's right whining to be with the popular majority. So high and high school didn't check published a different. Look at trump on Kim Jong you know on Boone on Korea on everything all of the link all of the things that he's let you want. You don't nodding their heads even if they don't like tramp and that's a powerful thing and and it's driving stuff. I've written Dennis Rodman in the mag ahead top part of the same thing tester is Lindsay he's sucking up to trump. Big is closer rerun election does that every. Six years eager to or against you is in office. Yeah lose these numbers are abysmal. If it is to do something about the he's gonna be headed the way Jeff flake who can't when election. We don't Wear their way worse like than last time he ran. To a busy doing. Now given message somebody got to think Sino bashes me for hanging out would turn up. Like intra he's he's been he has done nothing but undermine trust. With the occasional. At commenting trust you know thrown some you know some some light turns charms way to make himself look back. Yes try to turn. They see their numbers just like to Democrats to swipe the Democrats are freaking out about the families on the board they LC it. Lindsay he's got a boot code book who money you do calling he sees it he knows look how he's acting the same way is Dennis ride. The muscle of non ATV with him mad hat. Same is Connie say ms. Kim. Lindsay all of. They know what it is. Matt in green boy does she poll that demonstrates seemed to it's coming I'm looking for that Greeneville what do you think. Terra got a theory on and on our ice cream we eat that it's happening and I immaterial why. It is you know trumps background that cultivation and and promoting. Golf courses and I know you used racial you know you say whatever else you want about him is HL. He understands tightening. And all the stuff the cap. I think. I think they're letting it had become too ahead because. The biggest slam I'll say against my fellow Americans that they had the attention span and that. So you know they want disturb explode afforded our tests. So that's and while we're sitting here grinding our teeth being impatient I think. You know I think conflict up at 4 o'clock in the morning in tight with the press is gonna talk about that. I agree with that and the need you know goes off and open to a hundred million acres of wildlife reserve some employer. While everybody's freaking out because Cole Rosie O'Donnell fat Utley lesbian I mean you know it's I think he played like a fiddle every moment. I think that's really all that we're seeing here. Does he keep he's letting the crime happened. And you know liking her loading them. You know only god knows how to put on the show. Well he owns it he does he does but she noticed propelling him these numbers there were think it's the power the argument that he's make it's not truck turns great marketer. Yes do we works exactly nobody knew it and began speaking to the trap strip. You know kept their head explode about cultural that are being ripped from for ST tee markers oh my god. You know I open and he used in the opening up 4% GMT. People who boats further. Yup and I keep it keep in and and to Matt Greenville for your for your phone called keep them on again. There on the border doing this because 60% of Hispanics and 60% of blacks. Like trumps immigration policies that's what they're on the border doing this for why the desperate. And it is not telling you a lot of stuff. A lot of important stuff that would allow you would understand what is going on here. The head of DH yes. I secretary Eric Pearson Nielsen. This reader twenty this mr. recording by members pressed an advocacy group that was going aren't aboard a separate from the parents. Must stop it is irresponsible and unproductive as I said many times before if you're Seeking Asylum for your family. There's no reason to break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry. You are not breaking the law by coming here and Seeking Asylum at AB ports of century. So that should only be severed an apparent when he illegally try to course across the border they could go to port of entry in stale tickets. They choose not to. Well the press didn't tell you that. When the Democrats were still there's a desperate country it is situation dredges eagerness in May after it and now they can go to ports of entry. So why why would you not. Goteborg venture why would you discuss the border legally instead. Pressure released. You know the Catholic got. They make you used to have to pay a coyote gets in the country now the Border Patrol do it by order of the federal judge. Not law. That's what trust big dent and the catcher release. Us port of entry or won't be separated from my China. You can apply for some but I don't collision country. So your asylum request is clear to see this works. She did try to illegally entering US generally separated from adults at the border for only three reasons if the child is in danger. Has no clear relationship to the adult or the adult. Is no known criminal they do a background check governments ease economic and they got a separate is he trafficking and child for sex. Or is it to start we don't know. We can't let cared chosen whistles and trafficking for sex to sell for sex we can't do that. This league only three reasons a child is ever separated from the adult there with act aid poured a century if PL let me separate it. Go according Sherry. I mean he's telling. Not perfectly good story went. The parents aren't choosing the separation which is the gloss is 24 T. Break her book the story. I have posted the original bright part article appears you can watch the kids any quote unquote cages. In 2014. Under Obama. Rules always been the same go to port of entry won't be separated and she got a criminal you know history. The child is in danger. Or some really bad but but no they want. The catch and release. That's why they break the law its audit apparent from this orleans' ninth congress is they won't end catch and release. It would destroy demanded they won't come.