The Tara Show - 6-18-18 - Hour 3

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Monday, June 18th
Leftists have ulterior motives in debate over separating kids from illegal aliens that have nothing to do with children’s safety or wellbeing; Liberal judges and Democrats are responsible for immigration policies they’re trying to blame on Trump; SC proposes database to track citizens from birth to death

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You did they can legendary upsets. Lee let's say is John Moore and people would say hoops six on CNN John Warren I've said. Had her master at the polls yes it would yak. But at least one poll by the trapped trapped for old guard group I don't. At least that one anyway that the state needs favors channel a dishes Hendry master of the massive lead to. More than 60% support. From a likely primary runoff voters. Compared John Warren at 30%. For him invest heavily vessel Robert Haley led group Trafalgar group out of Atlanta yes. And up pretty accurate in fact they called the trump victory before anybody else chips last year homeland during the that we sixteen collection rather. Yet the put out a poll was taken before Warren got the endorsements of the third and fourth place finishers. Com in the GOP primary can Bryant and Catholic Templeton prize. That's still a big cat to make. Yes it's yes it is and it's a short time to do so. Com if you look at some of the areas calm in the northern part mid mid northern part of the state late you know around the Charlotte area for a all right camp. Yeah he is polling well over 50% there. And in some of them over 60% is counties and nom so that's going to be hard for her. John mourned bridge that he's not from around the air and he's from here. I don't know I know given up citing health can be a long road for him. Yes it is I'm not trying to diminish that but it is interesting to think that you know you had a majority of Republican voters to vote did not vote for the current governor. Yes. And a and will they do so in the next election that gap and that obedience to an animal that happened in the runoff and will those folks show up I mean this is sought isn't always he has is going to be a good you know dependent on who shows up. And the sad truth is that in these primaries which are very. I generally falsely low turn out a run off after primaries even lower. I mean you may have. Anywhere from single digits to maybe 10% turnout. As far as that's concerned but after Toronto. By Tom you know the war ended extreme the laundry will carry one Greenville county. I yet Rainer. And out in Greenville county but once again minnow but the thing is so John Warren really wasn't the known factor. At all in any political arena prior to his getting into this race so sort of the hometown advantage thing to me doesn't have that much. Is not that much of a concern it's it's the message. And what he was able to get out now obviously was probably easier for to get that message out in this area having you know while some. Other surrogate who were willing to to go to bat form in this area and the amount of time we spent in this area but. You know knowing full well that if you're going to win you better get a hold down home field and didn't do well and other areas and he was able to do that. Absolutely. Calm and today you that's gimme instinct and we got to run off district four races well oh yeah that's that's going to be a barn burner. Absolutely calm and I coming up I had that got some clips. Com that show one of the candidates. On sing a very different thing about immigration. When there at did the chamber. Slash Greenville news events and then when they were at our events and curious curious young going to play that as well all that coming up on the show. Question I just tremendously frustrating over the weekend choice the media's been. On that kids being so kind from the parents and a quarter. There's only one legal remedy for back and see union once tell you what it is. Is it and that is to have open borders and let them just walk across together. That's the only other legal remedy that we had there. Arms so it. And this kills me is that the media is not telling you what they're doing on the border. Why are they they are Aggies came. I know no its that's that's not quite hit your EU China administration. That the big show in Lebanon border was down almost nothing is very very low compared appeal wearing had been historically. And then that changed now are being flooded again why. Roll up there's a score. Know what what happened what you have to go back to understand this. It it in and week we have a sigh analyze this country Sammy is a different thing. From coming here and getting you know I apply for green card went up asylum. Is when your politically persecuted and and your government is trying to kill you and on it is very very difficult to get. If not close to impossible to get and if they did it. You get the full suite welfare benefits boom right off the bat if you're regular immigrant you coming near the drinker you can't get those benefits. They yearn illegal immigrant coming here you can't get those spent his baby you get asylum you have hit that jackpot. You can get a richer brighter Morsi you know set of benefits an enemy then American tax. But it was only meant firfer like ya mean maybe a dozen people a year that was hit well Obama waved his golden wines and said hey you know what. I'm minute change federal asylum while we can't do that buddy. That congress has the vote who cares Amadou. And so what he said was Eric why if you're from Guatemala hunt door is a submersed aren't there see you get a sudden if you would like. Just come to America while reading it better welfare benefits than Americans if we come home when I had to be citizens now. I guarantee citizenship. Idea as Dahlia due to show up. Is that legal now. No it's not legal congress never passed that knowledge is automated so and so try and beginning of his administration says where answer intentionally cemented in that. By judges reversed and so yes you will Obama knows that they knew he makes is a lot and so it's back. And so all of these tuition over the border there's there's first. I mean he only did about. I don't know why you see by blaming now I do you kidding me is lit up Christian life on welfare asylum no used to be I would get a deal sue their mobbing the quarter. With your kids. If you want to stab the separation. They need to do would track cassette. The Republicans in congress must pass legislation. Overriding the judge and Obama no you cannot have a site. If you come here unless you know meet the party pre agreed to stuff from you on and where it's so hard to get it almost whenever cuts. That would end most of what's going on on the border these parents are willing to be separated from their kids. At the border. Did these. I don't blame I do. Is better than living in those places it's terrible and a lot of these place and then on top of it in this is the even worse part. And all she's not telling you about. You can come to one of our ports a venture in a clever sound you fiber sound in your own capturing them. You have to be separate you have to. Wait what you kind of border. I. They're choosing U haul well we are they doing now. Judge ordered catcher released CDC didn't get over that border they can wait for their asylum declaration which could take years calm in the country. And given it a couple kids and they've now they're on the Medicaid. The child there on the food stamps big advantage early on at CU should should they they don't want to do with the lawful way. The once you're having your children take them are the ones who are going and breaking the law but coming across the border not waiting airports. On other entry Jason shaped face. Attempted to explain this on Fox News where they deal and actual facts on this. They act as if this is something new that just Donald Trump thrust into the equation that is absolutely not true. First off you wanted to play this isn't this a policy that just started in April they don't look if you wanted to claim asylum personally go to the United States embassy in your country of origin sure that if you're coming in the United States listen to what the Homeland Security secretary is saying. That is go to reporter venturing claim asylum where it's the people that are going in between. That are trying to cross the border and you know what and that domestic policy comes in a separation I may do so right way you could don't pretend that every one of these kids is matched up with mom or dad. That is not the case you have way too many people that are used. As drug mules and others that are being pushed and thrust across the border they're 1415 year old kids. That are exploited it to make the right drug runs so I don't think you know again he got to take every case individually. But yeah I can get a little four. Five year old kid of course she wanted to be as close proximity to the Mamas and possibly can't. But there are so awful lot of human trafficking it's also going down on the important don't don't be naive to that left. Amen to that. Arie real quick Ricky Greeneville. Garrick morning no larger shows the thanks it's not forty. Com we'll be ruled that an additional court here aren't hurt but he's been being in the output in the mix here. I'm against parents and separated from their kids. Now more at McKinney or actual thinking American would be I'm sick and tired of watching American mothers. Being separated from their children and worry ever because they gotta go work a second job. The pay their taxes so that we can give money wait till legal. I'm tired of watching Erekat but walked out the door here at 6 o'clock after rushing a legal. And screenings fifteen minutes quicker can't schoolwork sect and tribe so they kept the pay their taxes. What about the American. That being separate between their children because they're having to pay the ridiculous tags so we give money away the only. I know here's. And you know what if you commit a crime here in America and you are convicted of that crime what happens if you have children. You get separate from your kids are tackled. He had separated from me kits that's what's going on on the border. So what's going on an. For real on the border. Well this the Flores settlement agreement and that's his view this as a kid any kids. I showed the border with and say hey it's my kid. They cannot turn you away and rapidly deport you. And and this for years. What are things said these coyotes do is they get. Com you know they they they buy kits that led by and their parents firms for 700 bucks they can put up with an adult the border Casey looking game yet yet you can't turn is back. Get a prison detention facility. So. And that's a judge's ruling. If you keep the family together the best way to do it turn a mall way at the border together. They want to air that more comp. Air. Rate can do it. Why not judge made immigration law in 1997. Truck had asked the Republican controlled congress and Democrats to end it they could it. With legislation they could overrule the judge they want. What else is causing these parents these kids to come to the board decides that did the dinner developed asylum and you they have. You know you're gonna eat on on the government you're gonna live on the government put arresting your life. Without asylum benefit package that most people that used to be able to get ninety cantor from Honduras Guatemala all this was the country's. That show Obama gave the tip. Sweater and a quarter. There rain it. And that's what I'm coming to the ports of entry. They're breaking a launching here to get taken from you the port of entry. Publisher cream that criminal record. Or the child is otherwise in danger. They keep them together you do it legally well guess what. You don't get to go over the border and do the catcher release good reporter mentioned snitches and break a lot that's why they're being separated from the kits from the kids act is nobody knows who they are. They have to do. Listen I'm my dad was. In over the weekend. Which was awesome spent Father's Day with him in my husband my two favorite dads and com. My dad was telling me he does a lot of work for the church and the church works with as social services group big one in Charlotte. And he helps has held for years. TU dispersed the church funds directly to people who need is say you know you're here you need Jerry you know your apartment paid for you going to be on the street they'll pay for. Andy's ordered immigrants for years and years and years we butted heads over this many times. And you know in the beginning it was legal immigrants. Who would struggle when they got it has been killing which elect Christopher should make a dissident can secede in the country but they but you know what it. Now horse a lot of illegal immigrants when stat I've really gone three rounds of well the last couple years you know what they've been seen his new. Illegal immigrants. Women and minors Cuban brought across the border. Against their well the sex trafficking. Kidnaps or sold by their parents. Or the cartels in the sex it's trite. And show you about just won the latest as shown up she's seventeen bottom of the border if it did thirteen. Coastr fourteen British she's pregnant. Passed around among the gang members pimps out sold in the prostitution. Why there's a market for a year. Who created congress because they want sixties repulsed an early kidnapping girls. She wasn't too muscled and my daughter when she was by across that the and that the border or sold by their parents. Into sex slavery. And she's sitting in. Waiting rent. This is every Dana. It used to be this way as there was last few years my dad used to talking about a this year immigrant stroll on out embers up now is the women have been sex traffic many of them underage. Angie is she sitting in the lobby and she's terrified because there's a glass and you can see through as administration ciskei premise thirteen she's afraid they're gonna kill. You try to get it back and I try to convince him to say she was the ball because she so afraid. She penny or because she chose to. Jim rink or come near the parents Bhutto and was separated. Tip right here against our will. And so increasingly these social services agencies my dad tells news trying to tell us talk to me some your story you believe it I am are having to how I don't. These young people. The man right here. By the gags and sex trafficked against their way. As kits. It's sickening. I think in many houses he and tell me where they put him because he's different gangs will find. Where they are. I don't know they are. Where they hide them this is gonna cities all over the country. And so we say and entered the border and we're separating them. We don't know if you told their witness. Paid 700 bucks for that kids who he get over the border are not be detained according to Flores ruled that manages ditched the kid on a street corner. We know that child is going to be sex traffic by pet files is there's a lot and I go and I and we don't know if it's another fourteen year old girl like that one in the lobby. He's been brought here against her will kidnapped terrified to speak out and sold for sex. And so we're being told by the left. It snicker just what it's every day and that they never satisfied years ago. They get these people he's good he's very good cabin people height Eminem clothes. Horse put. Risking their entire tell you this. Petallides. Oh yeah that nice man with that girl they're just let him do I'm sure he's her dad or is he selling her for sex. While none of our business we'll just let go sensation of a Democrat who cares what happens to are in the meantime is passed around. Brutalized me you know just killer and jumper somewhere. That's left wants. She goes Democrat the matter. Was trafficker votes Democrat than Mac. Until cheap labor don't matter. But inhumane and we don't know who these kids are. If you port. Are you good AMC. And you apply for asylum which you should not be able to get Obama did text. He just decreed it that's not federal law. It if you go the year then you bring what your documents you go through the process. It's normal when you are queasy if you're terrace with deeper drug trafficker we dizzy if you are in previously less RS in bad thought. This amounts to separate the kids from the parents unless the parents credit where the person with his crime. When they cheat and they try to go run the borderline. They are. You think honestly you do you think we should just eternally. Hey it added six trafficker when Ellis 1213 1415 year old Liz clay and now that's the that's the reasonable thing to. That's that there argue. And you know what the Obama administration left knows because that's what they do it. That's what they did. For the same reason they have bright part Ketchum. Let gay criminal gangs through was sex traffic children. They headed check. They have to and that's what trump is doing. It's all forced on empire effected the Republican congress will not end catch and release a judge decree that is not Federalist you have to be catchers there's not enough space in the detention facility got to let him go in the country. And more end Obama's fake fellow asylum policies. You wanna know who is responsible such romped. Paul. Ryan and Mitch McConnell because in this by noon today but they want. And so they are letting this port girls be preyed upon. This is our country folks it's immoral and horribly sinful but not for the reasons they're telling. Let's jump eyeliner lip thing David in it Simpson they'll David good morning. Good morning. I think all these kids you need to be reunited with their parents. In the country local sports. And did Democrats Opel to portola to students touched member in 1990 by you leading to polyps. Now he can't he came from Cuba they sent him back to Cuba at gunpoint in Beirut demanded the armed episode grandparents. It's an impact Cuba at gunpoint. Did point to detect until symbolic it's back to Mexico and that we can help them in Mexico. Democratic. Yep I am and and you know we could do that. Starting in just today. If the Republicans in congress would end catch and release catch release is a policy created. By a federal judge. It's not a great yeah I mean it was you know we wouldn't even have to use gut. Real simple. The CE buy me an. On. Right now we have to really get any studies there were falsely. And enjoy TI retirement I didn't know they were false and I tried checking the day I did it at no techie verify. So simple you can't work here. We end the free asylum how the welfare problem programs and win the catch release and compare. We don't have to fight with the border we don't have to bomb you know separate them considered to be here. It's not hard to solve these problems elect wants you to think it's hard. To confusion. They want them to continue. To come. President his brain part. President's trump. Has asked the Republican controlled congress Democrat lawmakers to close the loopholes in the minors can be swiftly deported from the US. With their border crossing parents this is brain part but lawmakers have failed to end the agreement. Scott the Flores settlement agreement. Will there here while we're gonna have to bring him into the country and let him go why we have to do that judge said. Again folks any time we wanna fix this weekend. They just refused to. This is he deliberately all of our proms are deliberately created this is another one of them thank you David for your phone call. As it takes is reporting more than a 100000 unaccompanied minors have been released into the interior of the US is 2016. In fiscal year 2018 alone can about a 100000 this is from this Flores decision. And 2018 alone at more than thirteen thousand accompanied Myers were resettled across the country. This year ice officials announced that nearly a hundred MS thirteen gang members arrested in a recent stink just one state. Where resell across the US as unaccompanied minors. Why's that. They reckon it'll port of entry and apply for asylum. But his Kenyan be able to see they're not miners. I wanna get a record is MS thirteen. So they use this to get a that's what they do they take advantage of some idiot come unaccompanied minors I had been. Used the drug more needles some of them. Come have been paid as escorts. Add to bring adults across 'cause the Flores decision knowing that you can't be deported border to got a kid with you any kid doesn't matter which one by one. May end up getting ditched there. Bomb other kids you sent up to rejoin parents some come on their out. There's a lot of different reasons there at the voice not all mom and dad and kids to board that's just not the case. And it says is just tremendously frustrating 80347106. Story. It is again for your real quick. He had Democrats mean getting out of control last week grammar on John Cusack in the Democrats. They blocked. The French doors device in Washington. And border enforcement as they blocked the door is they could've been arrested they were. Now other going to detention facilities and demanding to be left it to be letting the only way we can do what they want. Is alleged feet quote unquote families which would be some adults with some kids we don't know who they act. Went out there drug traffickers who are out their sex traffickers who kidnap the kids and they're going to you know prosecuting a live yet. The the the Democrats want us to just let them on delay on delay or Reba across the border no questions asked. They want flat out open borders that's the only way and next. Dare way that's what they're asking. Are you just fix alana won't count the Democrats don't want that. They don't want that this is a Democrat in dating they a New Jersey illegal immigrant detention facility over the weekend. Democrats pushing their way into an immigration center. What we're doing as a nation is inflicting enormous harm. On this kid's hand on the parents this is a choice that the trump the administration has made he did is inhumane. The group of angry liberal lawmakers who think they're above the law. Yet they demanded to be let in and they were letting. Meanwhile their policies. Are causing nest those people would even be on the border. We're not first Obama's asylum policies which they refuse to and. It's it's absolutely mad. 803471063. Tex signs 713 resume the Democrats weren't controlled congress to do it well what are we gonna dip. But the Republicans are in control. And it has spend as has been explaining many times Rosemary Jenks and will be able bound show did you trick. If Paul Ryan thinks that a build a six this will pass he won't call vote. They've got the votes to pass a lot of the stuff. He just won't call vote. Text your rates I don't funny people in the Catholic faith that had illegals all day every day from authorities. Who by the way are not being sex trafficked or anything else. They I'm just broke lies in being pampering cared for. All along the way go ahead and puts. This one in the ignored text file. Willow file it right there. A texture race. I think I'm surprised you because they think you're missing a big part of the sex trade thing. The traffickers are evil but where is the market that's just did he nice deck. They created a market fitness with her why open borders in Paris. They would even thought detract they weren't doing despite seven years ago not at the level they are now. Close supporters market goes when he. They ate. I'd texture is terror on the US born citizen I was just wondering if it would be a possibility that. I applied to have an amnesty status here's an American I feel pews persecuted by liberals. And afraid of former way of life. I don't know give me trying. If you if you vote Democrat that would help a lot of yeah. What if this state of South Carolina. Want to track Q. For life. So integrated dairy. Hope my guys. Headline in the South Carolina policy council lawmakers proposed statewide data warehouse for individual information. Pump. It's for our workforce development purposes of course yeah array. They actually passed the first part of this. Already. And it would give it admit they. Well I'll let let me back up for me there's a little known proviso in the current state you know a house budget that hasn't passed yet it's a conference committee. That would Kris did biting personal information data warehouse. It would charge you from birth to the grave. As we don't want that break. The provides a language is vague permissions are sweeping. Any accountability medic mechanisms almost absent. Now. It is not taken at the conference committee this all encompassing data warehouse will be created. Okay the enabling law for a RD pass last year. It's eight you quote unquote universal identification system at the state level. And it was primarily focused on student testing in school rating you know methodologies so. They're gonna attract you high school graduates entering college added to begin tracking you from. I know the tiny once or schools don't have all read data in the state database is not just gonna be kept at the school your child goes. They'll track working in and Asian vigils have college degrees. High school graduates who train change jobs within five to ten years graduation data on student achievement and growth global block. They're gonna take all the data they have from all Bob Hope when city state agencies Department of Education to our social services the technical college system. All of our universities the department of commerce department of employment college university are an input and a database. Sylvia file on each person could you know they need to act. So that they did last year. That was step one. State government. What is the purpose of the data warehouse. South Carolina policy council asks. The main heard this is attract children and funnel them into the workforce. Alleged. Here's the problem that. With this second part of it. They'll have a data tracking. System. The scope of this is the one considering how the scope of the data collection is some limit. Basically includes everything they can get their hands on not just education that. Where they track you through adulthood. The data warehouse would be controlled the sounds just like Washington by an attic cannibal board of government officials. Odd the RS say. Would design control on regulated data warehouse. The board would consist of agency heads an educational officials. And nobody no one department would be in charge I get to get how this works. Law makers that's like you know legislators. And their staffs would have direct access. To the data and data warehouse. And that must be great for background research for campaigns. Bombed it it's as specifically states that the members of the general assembly and there's staff would have access to the data. The possibilities for misuse of private information by legislators. The lab virtually unlimited power they have virtually unlimited power ready. Had dangerous implications they rate. But it gets worse. They could use the data for political purpose six nothing bars them from doing that. These guys are Atticus wit when I master says he wants to keep the status quo this is what he's talking about. Any Indian government cores as soft on policy council could access the data and do practically anything would it. They could striking green missed the town boards that are gonna receded data. I make transactions any federal state and municipal agency public institution or private individual partnership prefer. They wanna so today and a safe fight they wanna so to Google great they can do that. The accountability and privacy protections are vegan week and in some cases nonexistent. So think about his wit what is your kid as pilot school good that's going to be and what they do in third grade we're gonna. Tracked all voids your high school. And then through adult employment. From the front Britney had TV and proper disposal insensitive to a medical records sock your eyes is not reassuring history when it comes to citizens as data now they don't. The data warehouse is part of a large dangerous project. That would pose multiple threats had absolutely no discernible bat that well unless your politician doing campaign backed research which cases pat. This is unbelievable. Now the only thing I can't find in here and Emma and try to track this down today. It was all of these agencies state agencies they'd be getting your personal information from a putting get the database. Does it include the department of revenue is are they gonna put your tax data in your tit. He said be the holy Kamal and they would have everything. On. So this is what you're legislators didn't wait this is why it. They wanted to scheduled the vote to pass the budget until after. The primaries. See where they did that. Out of control thanks totally active misses does colony UN wanted to coach. Henry McMaster sent me you wouldn't wanna do that show he's got to keep it the way it is.