The Tara Show - 6-18-18 - Hour 4

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Monday, June 18th
Leftists have ulterior motives in debate over separating kids from illegal aliens that have nothing to do with children’s safety or wellbeing; William Timmons takes conflicting positions on amnesty when talking to constituents vs. political group; Armed citizens stop would-be rampage murderer by shooting him dead

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And played good morning Sarah married show. There at the border where for no good reason and that the children are being ripped out of the parents are just taken them writes hey Tina Marie deer no good reason yeah yep. Now they go when they K this was gonna happen because Jeff Sessions warn them and they know because it's been going on since Tony fourteen at least when. And I present some my FaceBook page. Braid part first documented the separation at the border of the parents and kids. Com and there's pictures of what that look like and edit it's bad that in June when all this got started it got started over a weekend couple weekends ago. And does the left a lot of celebrities were sharing pictures of kids in cages and they were outraged now that the kids were in the cages and then a lot of them had to delete your tweets as it turned out that was from the Obama administration error course we don't share of that wreck happened during the Obama administration you don't. We don't want anybody seeing that but if we can blame probably break today in the media swept that under the under the rug and now they've gone on with the theatrics. Not using the Obama era of I didn't see UN and right now a yeah it's ridiculous yet. Tell us about that you read too. Well it's just that the UN official the story earlier this morning Fox News had covered and there were some. Other Simon Owen reporting from London at a UN officials now are coming about and talk about how inhumane Davis. Inhumane hung up yeah yes yeah I mean Europe's got a great history to tell us about inhumanity. I don't know they sure knew well OK so why is these parents showing up anyway and I talked about a silent this whole shot and talking about a for awhile because. Again Obama took asylum which only a few people used to be able to get your base your government had to be killing you. Trying to kill you feel to get it before she used to have years were moved a couple dozen people got to dented. As a six cent until I condors is in Guatemala. Is like dad this extended. Haiti and it has some sun and yes not a law. He he just decided guide. Truck tried to re invented a judge stopped. That's why they're mobbing the border what do you get like it would be so good aside from the full. Array of welfare benefits you automatically get you not to be an American citizen if you get a sought. Why would you come to America. In the meantime breaker lies and be willing to be separated from our children at premieres on -- you or you will for short time. At the border. Why would you. Well I've got decide if from a couple Lisa is Brandon Judd head of the board for trying to keep he's trying to asylum asylum is a different thing from just showing appears in him. If you're from certain companies countries you can't get us on Al Mexicans can't get a sound Obama didn't include Eminem but everybody else can so that's why they're all coming up through Mexico. On including Sony's patients paying a lot of money. To get from the islands on two. South America's ticking come up and get free benefits for life why are they doing net. Here's what. We're talking benefits for refugees in the first only wanna start off with his medical care. And that it appears 67%. Almost 60% of refugees receive Medicaid or medical assistance in the year 2015 talk about that. Okay here's branding Jud he said the board excellent but listen these are why these people are massed on our border. Any as a saves even know you they'll be separated temporarily from their kids. Play if you if you look at that that's that's one of these major magnet that draws people to our country to break the laws. Can you imagine if the fifty United States citizen broke the laws of another country and then demanded medical care what would happen today United States citizen. So a win win these people come over here they cross the border illegally. They then they day they demand this assistance and then it goes back on social media it's there are other good to their country of origin. Which then draws more people to come here to cross the border illegally. And then of course they claim asylum which view after their cases adjudicating years down the road it's determined that they did not. Deserve asylum. So you saying they're they're crossing illegally under the guise of asylum seeking. And that's why you say there legally if they actually are granted asylum and are refugees than nothing about what they did was wrong you're saying in most cases. It's an illegal move it's a trick to get into the country. You have eight about 87%. Of those individuals across the border illegally claim asylum. Aren't granted asylum they don't deserve asylum. But they know that they'll be a allowed to be here for several years until their cases adjudicated Kenny get there they're their feet set all right Alice thought about foods. Well again do you look at this India and like that's the driver that's what drives people to come to our country China and leads and break our laws. Because they know that they're going to get all of these social benefits and food stamps is another major benefits they get and we just show they're 92% 92 and a half percent. Receiving substantially come into the country we do take very good care of people when they comment. And they're claiming that they may need help in this country short term cash even. And financial support for up to five years 72 point 4%. Hope people claiming refugee status received cash assistance in 2015. That is a very nice luxury to have when you're coming from a country from another country. And from a law enforcement standpoint that puts an awful lot of pressure on the Border Patrol agents because it. We add more people cross the border illegally are stress level goes up the danger goes up we have to deal with a lot more people. And again if we do not deal with these magnets now I am confident that this president is going to deal with that. OK so you heard the magna is clearly now an Eminem Eminem really needed a phone call us and we are wrong no limb records they can't they can't get welfare no. Normal immigrate and or normal immigrants can't legal immigrants can't you typical illegal crossing the border not claiming asylum camp but if these decide les. They can't. They can get it all food stamps cash assistance job training Medicare Medicaid depending on your age they. Meaning it off. He talks about the magnets that are attracting people to that and we see the deadly consequences of that. Just this weekend in Texas and more and suvs loaded with fourteen people a vehicle the supposed to seat eight. Loaded with fourteen people now the moorings seagulls apparently twelve of them ejected from the vehicle five of them died. Those magnets are attracting people to do that. Then they border crossing from Mexico to Texas that vehicle was tried to be stopped by Border Patrol agents. There was like three vehicles and a con for two they stopped this when they did and it was going a hundred miles an hour crashed five people dead. That's what these magnets have done if killed those five people who were trying to get into this country illegally here's a share from that county. We need more. More crucial. We need. But we need better way to wall in my opinion. Yup there's somebody impacted by the story some guy whose job it is is to protect this country and the citizens of the county. And that's his account of the situation. Yes. Again will why are they here why are they willing to be separated from their kids well and you should. You're you're gonna get a set again of welfare benefits that Americans can even get. At one time down. You can collect old leg and you get free cash assistance job training Medicare or Medicaid depending on your age food stamps. And it's a lot more than that there's there's a whole bunch more programs and humid with a high and hard if you can get here well they start. Giving you all of that as you or asylum application is processed. And so as he was saying are emptied three years down the road they make cuts you off. Good and he lived in high and a hard in the meantime they are going back after that there's no way in heck you going back into an in May notice in congress. All it would take to stop mrs. flood. Is for them to pass a law saying no Obama can't just right. Immigration law no we're not giving asylum benefits to whoever shows up from you know Honduras El Salvador Guatemala doing editing but they refused to. And the Democrats know this Sudeikis deficit anytime we wouldn't have to separate his depressed and using only I don't blame. These parents I would do this if I were them the desperate conditions that they live in. Ion bit bitter created by that corruption in the cartels and their country. I mean I do it I'd separate from my kids to get that kind of life and that's why there on the border. And then when you have policies that attract people to risk their lives. And their families. You know what together earnest basically. In some cases not all cases but in some cases and that they're willing to risk all this to get that. And as you said which something which many Americans don't qualify for. Of course they're willing to risky to get back you know and makes complete sense but you don't give me arrested them the story now. They they won't we could easily close some loopholes which closed at Florida's agreement we could return we could turn back families at the border together. They walked here together they can walk home together they'll be okay. Maybe your maybe not but you don't have him this long coming to first place is tremendous selfishness. On the part of the Democrats it really is. Did all votes and so it's always power that's all it is yet and for Republicans is suppression and depression wages and into. And it temporary cheap employment for which generations will pay later. You don't back down memory lane real quick on because it you know in his Steve Bannon over the weekend made a great point Eads in John Carla ABC was harmonizing. And geared to kids ripped through their parents are. Like what are you even care but the 82 months his kids are killed by illegals. So fourteen year old boy it was our mowed down by an illegal over the weekend on his bike nobody cares you only read about and bright pardon hear about it on fox. And then by the way I don't see the mainstream media. And I'll see the liberal left embracing that Angel moms those people that were permanently separated from the children because of illegal aliens he came over here and committed crimes he's killed people. Your very selective. About it. Yes they're very site do when that the Ford parents. And the two teen girls who were hacked to death by MS thirteen were featured in trying to stay the union address. Asked of the trumpet ministry yes that's what the the joint session of congress are for the. President's state of the union great so finally somebody's paying attention and nobody cared for many the plea scared but like nobody in politics care now. They appear like you care less about the debt hacked up children and Mac and CNN story read. Not to the president. And the family this. Freed having it all up. It gives a speech tonight. Which makes it sound like the biggest issue in the United States are the biggest thing is MS thirteen I didn't know all in but it doesn't watch Fox News never heard out. And then today clip is played for the parents on television who looks silly like can barely stopped crying talking about their kids to slams and nobody cares CNN. Here's what the parents reacting to that clip from Tori read I have no words police. I have no words left. President is mocked for caring about kids you people killed by illegal immigrants that's destiny's Lisa when he would tell you they care about it they don't. They care about him under Obama they could care less they don't care now this is all about trying to get some kind of amnesty passed through congress right now with those two bills. Seems strangely that all of a sudden they're there they're really into this. They might even add into this one when sessions reiterated like what a month ago I am a by the way you're gonna be separated if you get here that's our policy always been our policy. I mean but now I haven't seen is an explosion of hysteria. Well that's a coordinated effort yeah he's got these Democrat. Lawmakers who were going to these various things trying to force themselves under so they can see the horrible condition trait and that and then they have the UN weighing in all this is coordinated every single bit of this is coordinated. Astor insert it's all about. Deluding the votes like they delude sure wages. Say that they can do what they want because they can't sell you any more on what they want to do and today need your vote to go away or at least be marginalized as what this is about. How we get here. Is mess on the border. While congress. I didn't explain that throughout the showed today. And it swayed to and that is to not send more people like Lindsey Graham to congress. And ended. That's why you need to know what William Simmons has been saying now we had him he's ready in a runoff election densely break we had him he showed a begin gray showed up today. Debate. And I asked a specific question to debate what we wanted to know RES answer will you support docking amnesty for 700000. That are registered. Or docking amnesty for at a couple of million that would mean it by age we wanted a yes or no answer. On that. He said no. He's an out. That's what he set. Cancer is now. When William Timmons was adds a different forum with a different kinds of people then you'll find in these are this audience. I Greenville news chamber that kind of thing he had and something else to say. In -- Now you this is just a price that William Timmons wrote a check for a thousand dollars. To Lindsey Graham in the middle of the amnesty debate due to Vienna she donates twice thirteen were frantic we we have we have shut down the congressional switchboard for a couple weeks. But our calls talk radio is driving this thing where Mott and Lindsey Graham's office Willer calls no amnesty no amnesty to common knowing what is oriented tennis doing. Rates is let us. He writes a thousand dollar check during that period twenty grand. Jaw dropping. And sort of basic nine Diana for an iMac for adopting m.'s dancing in the great good. Tell another group down. Tillis is he uses toward comprehensive immigration reform that is what they called. The amnesty bill the big what that would legalize twelve men does add it twelve meaning illegal fishing he chooses those works. In the nation things they just come. It just address one another and we can't just security. We can't just secure the border. Pump. Yeah we can't. Hit just secure the border. Yeah this camera we can't just moon. What are darkest yes we do want to and he told us now. Johnson not. They got a criminal intent. Yeah. We kids to support the border without its. Armed. Doing doc. So explain to best the hijacked position as grams possessed. No I you Boris dirty Guinea border safety you don't need to have that due to be sick to your own country until you knuckle under reducing C until we just in my group who would you. I'm playing that audio for you for months. That's how they think. We're gonna protect you. Closed their border are you kidding me not seen on the American people when you agree to submit to cease to duck and no we're not do not. The seated Simmons again in the let me play you Lindsey Graham. And you'll see why he wrote in 2002 by the way his family he and his father have donated thousands to Gramm's campaign it's. The basic things just come. Just address one. Just secure and we can't just secure the border hum. Option why not also not getting any doubt about it. A criminal intent. Well. Lindsey Graham said the same thing about border security. You know we don't get to be secured to a to an amnesty. You know what the sweet spot assess which is border security. For doctor. Yeah. 200 gram immigration plan right there. Here's another one a different day at the right approach about solving the problem. And getting border security in return. Tape so he's trying to dock there. And we legalize it once and many did you he did you American Felicia good to be shameful we might secure the border that's William Timmons. Under the runoff is on the 26 folks I can we have a chance to take. A choir is a global list seats trade caddies which is leaving. A put back in our hands. And I'm absolutely hurl if this guy gets elected. I I'm gonna lose it. He does not represent us and what names straight with us at the debate. Still serious he said the he's at the other gathering. And he's justified as high as they were doing like you know group. We know you could you're grouping got to sit down with with the congressional candidates for awhile for the district four race and so he's asked to win timid disaster. And we get a deport twelve million yeah I could do that mr. Timmons. Maybe okay. You're not did deport twelve Limbaugh did say that no idea how important. Great and so it's pointless. It is on to say once you get to my tax rules TM that sounds like comprehensive immigration reform H telly and he told us a debate. Well mr. Timmons what do you know most Americans. Large majorities. Including 60% of black people 60% Hispanics once you cut. The flow of immigrants into the country. What we can't REU would shrink. We're gonna have immigrants continue to come to this country we're gonna have to happen to continue to grow our economy well he got that right off to chambers talking points. The question of the day chamber sent out we need to have doctors to grow the content gonna happen. Look if you believe this you just does different opinion with meat I get it. When you sort of eight U Telus wanting an and you go to another one you tell some totally different you sound exactly like Lindsey Graham hero to thousand dollar check til. This thing gonna go well if he gets elected. Again let me let me translate these clintons get addressing immigration concert comprehensively sex there's things. That's how immigration I think he's to be addressed comprehensively. Just ask one. We can't just address one component of it can't just secure we can't just secure the border. Wow. Hostage situation. Slid Gramm's position at the right approach about solving the problem. And getting border security in return to get. So wait. I don't Mississippi I don't get to have more security from my kids I didn't imam who lost a fourteen year old son over the weekend city illegal immigrants. Alyssa Guinea doctor Delaney CNN racer gossip not a I think that being reasonable for the drinkers that I criminal and they elect criminal anti. To be built guilty of the current. Who. Ice artists and twelve million. I actually. What we just like Lindsey Graham to congress to. Folks you got to vote in that run off on a 26 this guy is gonna be your congressman. I don't commie wanna you is no we didn't he was exactly who he watts. Good thing it was caught on camera. Get a jump on the lion no wins so or Monday in Spartanburg here on out. A car amok well my my problem and that everyday Americans can make and have their children taken away. Chop it desires as. Make a man like it's done and how the home but it let Foster parents and then it that there aren't able to get but they get adopt. But now everybody an up or are they illegal day whose parents brought their children you're known you're great options and that they would be separated. Why is that a bigger deal there it is an. And why on the other hand Rhonda good good point would we not check at the border when we don't know who people are if there wis. A minor. Exactly and then. Parents are he met at the border they're at their hand in the maverick you ever in the states they and other elite and then that can be really cute. Human trafficking and and and many other things. You mean these parents that are bringing them across the border. Third the lines that are let their children are in danger not at work and I have ability to where they can be taking care at. Clay. Says an educated. They rented out Rhonda and an in and actually grade point and yet. You have never shrimpers like Michael Hayden. I unbelievably. He ran the national security security agency from being you know the NSA from 1990 nine's the other five terrifying than was CIA director. Comparing trust border policy which also but where was Obama's. And fortunately to Nazi slave labor camps you have Laura Bush hysterically. Going on about this leak all as if as. As if her husband didn't create 90% this problem you know but I see doing border enforcement along national parks in the but the border let's. A lot of miles know there's a very simple solution to this whole situation. In force the border. Period. Well enforced border lobbed the ball but right now it will require changes from congress to do that to overrule the status with the fortunately. And and that's that's the problem is the solution if we had a secure border. Where no one in hurdle left this country other than through the correct places of entry and exit in this country and and more documented. And did things the right way. We wouldn't have any of these problems. Any of them. Now of but we wouldn't if congress would would act. The left cheers yeah we cancer averaged 200 but they don't say what they would do instead. Brian that's because he later Russian and is what got this little more credit mr. LaMont right through this and that to what are they won't yes that's what they total open borders. Meantime. Some you won't hear much about. Ireland these stories. There's a little bit of sadness and strengthen most of all victory and our civilian. Straight aren't shooter Ed Dijjer about this the Olympia Washington Wal-Mart and we do yeah company and he was gonna do mass shooting deal. And at least two people were shot by him Sunday night at a Washington State warmer. Put Denny. The armed civilians took after. Quit this is from a witness may get nick Chadwick in talking to KI RO 7 NEWS quote there was three civilians going after him the shooter to shoot him. And two of them had their guns up. And then the third guy shot him through the window of the car. Hey man nice shot in good shot. Turn please to the civilian describing officers as a good samaritan shot and killed the suspect act deceit. Going. There's one case to prosecute I'd never let let them yet. So me is it was it a good guide that guy's never stopped by good guys well three of them in that case. Found. I quote I think for saving my life Berwick said of the attempted. Carjacking to to try to carjacked somebody move on his way out who shot the suspect he didn't look at like he had any regrets. I hope he doesn't have any. Yeah talk about the dean good samaritan he not a bad guy certainly shouldn't know he should he did a good thing to the right thing yet. Another witness the shooting sit her husband so I'm a civilian take down the shooter. He said he watched him take his last breath the shooter I mean there were three civilians going after him Bubba Bubba boss says yes. I mean I did any else frantic hundreds of people running up this one season left does not have an answer for legislation should the place. This let him shoot it. Meanwhile all the police in Trenton, New Jersey at an all my arts festival course too doesn't own my arts festival but they do entry of New Jersey apparently some guy out on parole. The name of the gang type situation ones at the shooting some folks one person dead twenty something entered. And the governor's warning to blame the guns of course is the guy of course because he knew yet democratic governor there in New Jersey now yeah it's unfortunate may have had one before but. I digress yes absolutely. I'm so yeah all he got all of that stuff going on. Meanwhile. This is what is safer for our country and I'm very glad to see tree dowdy and Paul Ryan at least for five minutes doing a great thing. Given credit when credit is due yes after Daley's though I ask you straight out even when he gets derailed as you know. This is that we finally have the missing link Paul Ryan needed to tele FBI and the DOJ. On you know comprehensive Gleason says the big word arrogant they needed to turn over the documents that have been subpoenaed about the trump investigation they cannot. Just just blow off the subpoenas anymore as they had a big meeting Friday night. Does the high anxious or brown when I'm sorry here yet. You can and I hit when this happens. Eric. We had a meeting Friday night under the heading a minor miracles you had members of the house. Working on a Friday night Paul Ryan led this meeting yet Devin newness Bob good laugh myself and everyone you can they go from the FBI and the DOG day. And we win I don't buy items on both of those outstanding subpoenas. We either have compliance we have partial compliance always have. No on compliance and Paul made it very clear there's going to be rational floor of the house. This week. It's the FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena requests so. Roger is designed Chris Ray viewer in the meeting you'll understood it just is clearly is I did we're going to get compliance or House of Representatives is gonna users full arsenal of constitutional weapons. To gain comply. I never thought this would happen only I mean how many times have I said. Yet there is avenue and is again threatening. You know obstruction of justice legend some legislation they can impeach these guys have taken an office thought that women about house members working on Friday night is that yes no I have ties to Connecticut on a they've been working on this (%expletive) out that's you know mid to organize like an amnesty on Friday I don't surprise me but like. But this I mean. Yet some continue as he's been out there screaming into the wind we're gonna impeach you were kind of freely you literature and art is ever an LA yet Taylor. But her Paul Ryan say yes and we're gonna have. On you know the house pass you know do you take actual concrete action that's a big deal that actually puts them on a high TV like. We could theoretically rain in the deep stated they did this kind thing theoretically theoretically week and I'm not convinced it's real well not for show mine but it's. Just Paul Ryan getting on board and sending trade idea to say that is a big deal now that is that is progress. But what's at stake here there is a great piece today the American spectator that explains this. On its is why the OIG is Carla didn't articles YE LIG report to scare the hell have you it's I posted on my FaceBook page. And out of the doctor it's into law and I did take its on time I put sizzler seat understand these OIG guys who are ready. No highest in all their facts say otherwise and they're scared to death. I'm the Democrats. Here's what he says you Elizabeth Warren said last week. On that she was scared to death. Com she said I I run every day filled with tear that Democrats want retake the house and Republicans just Donald Trump remains in control of the house and senate. So Thomas Friedman. Goes NASA leveraged green in your what I mean what what he what does that mean. Here's what he writes he's a liberal New York Times writer it's up to Democrats to get a load of at least one lever apart from the White House. Why these are his words in the New York Times to protect the FBI the Justice Department and Robert Mahler. And Edwards to protect. All we've got the. The yen bogus investigation going as long as they possibly can and that's the only thing they've got because they don't have any. Legislative agenda to push that the American people would elect them for. Place in Britain but also to protect only grossly corrupt FBI people in other words they rated Democrats want to win in November to protect corrupt executive branch departments. From their boss dropped. Who. They think it's fear. Found on the among them part of the inspector general because what if the Democrats do win. Gooden had turned loose on you could be the FBI you baby care I Wii was not the. He's a name out there of Democrats who were literally asking for prayers. For Robert Moore smaller. Wow really Democrats asking for prayers now realize that there or. There are some good people of faith are sadly Democrats but he just it's seems rare that you guys. Invoking prayer. For a you have particular. You know government official player picked them. I pay separate return to survive this all the time then Bynum to stay in office mom and Robert Murray for all of her lighter issue. That's going on but he does Peter struck incredibly is still. Going door today now. After his taxed about how he wants take out the president that's the job of the Afghan anti unbelievable just think of think of this for a second if you as an employee. We're sending out emails. With another employee talking about your boss the way that he was talking about trough. I'd be fired right away we all I had to get guys out and yes I know lend and look okay shoes every spread is calling for start to be fired. Not to Democrats and not to media. GOP leadership there. I mean daddy real far saying you know corruption by is what a mess in the FBI good for him to where it calls for these people to be fired or resigned him. They're nowhere. That's terrifying and I wondered. Is it fear what they survive. They're coming after me the same way I did commence in the present anything they won't come after the speaker of the house surgery getting again they would usually. They got your stuff. Go get whatever they want anytime they want. So we're up against folks. To be a text line and we get no. Stressed politicians are great history lesson for for human in behavior will we ever learn. Well we can avoid making a repeat mistakes if we have all the information in the primary. Text your rates if Tre getting Paul Ryan arm or the rest of the Kamal a charmed arrangements syndrome lunatics. Think finally doing this at one now somehow restore my faith in them they are crazy. Text your race. Good morning the problem is people not government everyone condemns is separating families Democrats Republicans. But we'll either see the forest from the trees and put humanity first don't bother candidates know you know what I trust the American people to make the right decision every time. Are almost every time if they're given all the information prom here's the media analyzed they tell. Text your rates good morning Kara. Why can't the government just temporarily stop all immigration to the laws don't they could. That a majority in congress I'm sure trumpet Sinai. They she's not too. Tester race. They should give the good guys out actress they should give the good guys who shot the show would be Nash era Wal-Mart put him down. I wish I could see that. Cali to be a flammable. Three gun owners. Chasing the mash shooter who are he shot two people wanna be Nash shooter. They shot him dead when a rented. With their guns drawn to beautiful site. Is this site you never see anywhere but America. Maybe one or two of the countries that's it. And it chasing him I love it US but the one thing it'll stop mash shooting is got sick. Armed dieted all content harm America with a God's gonna take me out. For a can make my name famous. And where's it go back to watching TV new moms space. Dexter is what why do we support why can we see through the White House lawn. Or I'd think Horry football game but not the border and will do it tomorrow from one to. I tech series Democrats can never troopers think this is the ticket to winning an intern I think so. I don't see he's got little kids in the board think. No I think trend reversing the declines again when you have 60% art is terrible I Harvard Harris poll of Democrats and and you know was Hispanic 1661%. Respectively. Agree with trans immigration cause they're of their own voters back. I'd texture rates. I can't vote for William Timmons sets in the district for congressional race on twice and June 26. I can't vote for Tim is going to gain abate member rubio endorsed him. I tech straight Sherri your radon I asked Timmons an interviewer what numbers he had in mind for docking amnesty he said twelve million. Now I was in there and let's be sure twelve there aren't just I mean doc as he. May have been talking about it. General amnesty I be really careful with that comes up I didn't hear it so I wanna say it's the truth but. Nothing would surprise me about him at this point he told us one thing and he says and other things somewhere else. I text your rates. Remember. Where were you out Terry it's time for Linda Graham to put big girl panties on and go home. I don't spend the next 6810 years trying to remove a Lindsey Graham clone from congress analyzing that. It's this is just too hard but she is defeat him on June 26 if you can't vote in the runoff on June 26. Go get yourself an absentee ballot do it now please do it now. I'd tester race. Ads here if you ask Donald Trump the same question you're asking Timmons how would he answer. I had to insist that I very step to dot the Donald Trump would say no I'm not sending the twelve million. We also went on to say he would deport those with felonies. At the twelve million. And that's Obama's policy. You unaware that came. An in his first truck. I grew trump the trump on doing docket and could undocking easily by now but he is not. So I don't wanna send anybody of and it trim scientist shame on him were taken to the woodshed at time. We will but I told this before. Trump lost the popular event. He lost it. And he did better I would argue that any living Republican liberty again we had 700000 so one point 539 Germany darkest of them voting rolls. Country's done. Will never have a Republican president again will never have a Republican. Appointed Supreme Court justice again the FBI will run wild the iris will run wild the FCC will run wild and we'll persecute you. The deep stable do whatever once you're not don't wanna live in that country where you can even write a donation check. To a Republican candidate of your choice or conservative candidate without being audited that's a country Garland and if we do this amnesty and I hold all of them to the same standard. Charms the same standard I hold anybody else to vast area.