The Tara Show - 6-19-17 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Monday, June 19th

UN wants to outlaw cultural appropriation; Mysterious circumstances in USS Fitzgerald collision with freighter; Violent hashtags to "Hunt Republicans" trending on Twitter after Steve Scalise assassination attempt; Greenville News ignores important details in housing market recovery story; Idea of a Deep State coup gaining credibility in media circles


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A morning Elaine good morning terror and a happy be elated Father's Day chipping Father's Day yes very good there at national poll of Americans at 70% agree which is always catches my eye because in a 7% of Americans agree on nothing. The tremor tree than almost. But still agree that a man's most important job is fatherhood. Yes yes. When those knots in these 7%. Our friends. Let them. Always offering words of wisdom not a friend of mine. Nagged the next boat yet you ever alone has Jesus wandered in the desert fully forty days. Yes you're never yes laughter trump one she wandered in the desert resort. For forty days. And she was talking to rocks from that comment asking for wisdom can well I think she's got a rock somewhere else right exactly so anyway. Here's this between yesterday and this is. This is money and says feminism for your rate wait until Father's Day to declare they don't really need a father. Here's a treat you don't need a father dashed so many families work so many ways dash but you have one he better work. Now went. Great work volume. A leftist once and you were wet that's that is on although I agree with the sentiment that spirit hurt yes but well wait a minute she spells were WE RK. And I went maybe she left off the tee. Bet he paid yet. Well no work says like women now I hit to the street but I've never heard now one. So I'd go look up in the urban dictionary to figure Ella language she was speaking out there yet okay work to New York K. On that means be you know it really enthusiastic. Alone make an approving an an easy going you know about him. The second and we have a liberal who is using you have do you see these urban dictionary. Now the urban dictionary implies. That there is an African American tent to this word. Now if that is the case and we have a white actress that is using an African American street word then that is cultural appropriation. Eight. You know what I'm glad you pointed that out and she price price means to do that but she should probably apologize immediately yes. By the way speaking of forgiveness later on the show this whole cultural appropriation thing we've been Lafayette. But you should know their deadly serious about it the bag UN. Is attempting to outlaw. Using international law outlaw cultural appropriation. I over the weekend this this came up and I came up this this idea okay. If we are going to follow cultural appropriation. Then we must declare and make it known that there is no black Santa Claus. That the Santa Claus is a European. Construct. Now the audience absolutely no. Reference to that. That we're aware of he and African history. So Santa Claus cannot be black. If we're going to do go to this cultural appropriations thing. At Caylee you're not understanding how this works currently. On that's what I'm white so I cannot. Ever accuse anyone else of a probe no you don't appropriation as racism okay Chris is yes now see other on the line to Marshall is cultures can not appropriate. Only white people okay REC a keep forgetting that part right there's there's there's a there's a dual system here. Writes this is like for instance in it pits a college where white girls were told not to Wear hoop earrings out there would be beaten. By the students and the administration had nothing to say about that rates you wanna hammered dye your year rate has that'll cause this car. And so and east they're not Wear them and then we looked up in town actually starting Greek culture which was you know mighty lady. So I actually appropriated from my spam but it doesn't matter and says he would do what would cultural preparation is into our famous out. Bombed as opposed to three steps behind them unfortunately. That's what went daddy is is speech heads. And dressed Keds for white people that's what backs and apparently menu codes cause of white people. Set up authentic. Taco stands than that that's cultural appropriation to we have learned right now you're still you're still want to eat. The talk out right you can go buy it and in but yeah as long as it was and made by a wait person. Well then I'm fine because this week and in fact Friday night. Then the four of us because my daughters with moves with her husband. And charm of this you should be but it they write the four of us that are remaining we went to a Mexican restaurant in my hometown and that is run and owned by. Hispanics. Well I had today make it the traditional authentic way. Yes yes I want to know is I had one of those on the corner of the street that I live tarnish her right arm which was mostly Hispanic and black the neighborhood that I lived and and on the first to my husband Eric. And Mexican restaurant corner AB can dog yet until we lived there and we're lake. Wow this is not what they served in American reg totally different. Totally totally different everything was spice missile launch of the bear lost launcher at this it is is not very spicy and you ask them for salsa and they look at you funny. And then they hand you corn and so launch rent. And end at you know are you supposed to say they have. What's funny is I did see a new menu item on the menu this time yes what Mexican tacos. Well wait they put Nixon they had they had autos are on the menu hide in various places you know on the combos section and yes specialties and all this other stuff but then they have another low block down there it says Mexican taco. What would you get it when will it now now I did not I didn't want beef tongue this time that was one of the ones that I'm just not a fan of its food we can taste back. Oh boy. Well but I'm pain in my how many I would think in terms of the Mexican restaurant corner as a link which kind of Mexicans wanna get it was two completely different things out and a good very good but it's an acquired taste out. The authentic cooking it's not at all what we think. Now that's sure I have been to some those couple places and Anderson that that I've been to that have got what they claim to be the authentic and and it is very different. If I'd I think what I went to a place in Charlotte. With my own daughter husband. We were up there one time in the room to displacement it is a very different taste than your usual. What's referred to receive Mexican restaurants and in this country that that followed I guess is more of a an americanized version greatly static menu. Testing means that we don't about a pound the lard and everything. And Trent Thomas salt sugar and content and Collie is she it's good now and it's good. Okay RE I any minority begin to push your big thing over the weekend what I switch but got you going precisely aside this does Mexican tacos I. Am very concerned and sadden about the situation with the USS FitzGerald and for the life to me I cannot see why. Howell. These two the USS FitzGerald this you know guided missile. Forget the short term usher I don't know money be terminology that well. But the USS FitzGerald how in the world can be struck by this giant container ship. I still don't understand that and I'm deeply saddened by the loss of seven sailors who have given their lives in defense of their country and the others who were injured there. And I just can't figure this out I don't understand how that happens that you have these two. Large sea going vessels that are unaware of each other's location and meet in the middle. Still we get that and also to be him staying on the military theme here. The downing of a Syrian. As you 22. Fighter bomber by an FA eighteen. Over the skies of Syria defending. American backed Syrian rebels. This is just too bizarre world. Yeah it it it is bizarre world com when Branyan and all around the show what are the things I heard about you know that the collision the first thing you're talking about. It was interesting. Mom that I didn't know on the to a needy person explained it on is that they on any radar those ships are designed to look more like a robot rowboat. Tiny they minimize the footprint. For obvious strategic reasons. Arm but that the cargo ship what do look like a skyscraper Korea on dead then you know the radar so for that you know for the Carter ship timid to two run in the other one is tonight is is actually explainable. But for you know it's. The navy ship to be earning their cargo ship is not yeah I'm I'm not trying to point blame here I just still you know it might. It seems like you must be a situation where there were some blame or or. You know part of both parties had to be involved here. I just I'd really just do not understand this and I do wanna hear more. About how this happened. Meet you the whole thing just very very strange and. Hard to explain what else I am I don't really go too deep in the woods on this but it is interesting that those is a Filipino flag and Filipinos staffed. Cargo ship. What's going on the Philippines right now. What is going on Thursday there's a lot of guys yes planetary today's race so I. I'm just say in answers as you Richard I'm just contemplating going down that. Will weeded avenue there nest text your race on the checks like 71307. Terrace a UN wants to make a lot against cultural appropriation if they want continue being viewed as the illegitimate joke they are the UN need to focus on important things like terrorism and human. Trafficking. While she trafficking now that's cultural appropriation. Holy Karrie coming out. What housing recovery. Is what we're being told about the housing merging Greeneville true. Next. You jump on the conversation and time by calling 800. 34710631. Separate topic on the table here it is good to the end of it the show. I seem to shrapnel want you know Colin and arm onto another topic for the time that your phone you're near Amos is up on the screen and then he dropped now. You you we will go back if I put it on the table here it is still on the table up until about 956. Today. And being trek opponents talk about you probably take a phone call to if I brought it up. 803471063. Text line 701 at 307. Also be sure to check out peak when a 63 W forty. Twitter and FaceBook accounts where you've had some awesome to beat this week began the man. I get into some what you had to say over the weekend. Boy I tell you what this country's coming off the rails is that. You feel that. Yang you're alone at a couple polls here from the weekend and early interest in won't get into before the hour is up. But first to see this New Jersey Democrat strategists. He has worked on campaigns from the city council of TV congressional. Level in New Jersey. Creating to hash tags over the weekend that immediately went viral wildly popular. When I would work. Hash tag punch Republicans. And hash tag hunt Republican. Congressman. And showing no signs of backing down. Despite practically breaking Twitter with those over the weekend. It's right James DeVine. Onetime political strategists in the garden state. I say bring it about the violence. Here's his tweet one of them we're any war was selfish foolish and narcissistic. Rich people. Why is it a shock when things turned violent hash tag hunt Republican congress meant I guess I guess that's was to kill Republican congresswomen. Or maybe yeah maybe they're just tonight on acknowledging that there are any I'm not I'm not sure what his tactic is here. After provoking if he is reaction to the tweet. Which he points as sent as Steve's release the Republican congressman was still in critical condition. He followed up with the idea crying he ringing on Fox News. Sweet I can only stand so much hand wringing on Fox News hash tag hunt Republican congressman. When he got to do even more criticism for that he doubled down. The in this attack I yet I had. You know illustrate this training should have. I cannot be going too far. And here it is. It's a shame on me for not going on the record pre exist the serious. I in I thought you know what what they're gonna do with this police thing it's gonna start to demonize police teaching in order one change the subject. From the fact that it is is a left wing shooter clearly provoked by their rhetoric. And it lack of action on violence. All but soon. In order to delegitimize police as a victim. And you're watching this now. James DeVine tweeting and she doesn't choose the least was aimed does speaker at a European American you Ian read and our rights organization a group founded by David duke. Now they did happen and he didn't realize you know we was invited to a disc in his schedule are sent him. That he was speaking to a white national script as soon as you realize what he had done he informed GOP leadership apologizing condemned the court. He says a Catholic p.s are people who hate me to. Farms so this is being brought back that this is fifteen years old. Hasn't been an issue of for a long time. And side now this is coming back up Simon and his beast and MSNBC joy in the morning. Bringing on net William Barbour junior NAACP just he got over the weekend to trashed police. Well you know we are we condemn issued being dragged you know he conned her races so yeah any prize what team desired elite and instead added. Then you are telling our allies said Abbott I mean amended. Now say that but amended. I know him well he's from North Carolina. Many admit is literally fighting for his life. You see how does go well yeah yeah I got. Shop these are tonight so let's move on here nothing's. Coming up the next hour by the way we're gonna do this is 720. Still thinking about this over the weekend is basically shooting and some things on them something profound. Had a lightbulb moment. The country's reacting to this. Because it was so patently obviously a politically based shooting. Encouraged. Nurtured amplified. Excused now by the left. But his first. Or Izzy just the first one they haven't managed to provide police complete cover for. I'm gonna make the argument. That the viscount is actually seven. Polices the seventh victim. Not. The first. To be shot by crowds primes. Riding in. His case is armed by the left not by guidance. But you know with pepper sprayed and things are now turning empties on trump supporters. This is actually the seventh murder. By the mob. As encouraged and justified by the left. When you're six. And Hillary's if I didn't recognize them psychologically the way they do is police. Was because the media provided to cover. When hopping one of the my that you never even heard of but it doesn't make any less series. Ari did behind your apologize for that. Our friends over to Greenville news so it must be true. Last week we're trained. Campaigning in the amazing and marvelous. Unbelievable recovery of the green bell housing market. Your property values back where they were in 2007. Is it true little. Or is it dispute. Manipulated number what do you hear this coming up next. So last week Greenville news proudly proclaimed you Camry covered in. That's rate we've hit. Finally recovered two point housing prices they were back in 2007 that's true but it's not the whole story. Are you still adopt upside down in your house it's 2017. Aria like yup sold at you'd have to chip in some cash. But at the height of the market. As just bush to be the case ray were all recover all done nothing to see here. Except it isn't. This is interesting. What Ted what's going on you can see from these statistics. According to her average annual state of the nation housing report. The big news this is coming you know at the end of the Obama administration to begin to proclaim the serenaded countries recovered luck. I looked at home price index instead see how hot. Right where we were in a separate. But that's not the whole story. Most of her eyes was generated by a handful of urban markets like New York City in San Francisco. Leaving your most Americans behind. So where we seeing Americans left behind while mostly in more rural. Areas which make up quite frankly much of the country. But housing price increase so big in places like San Fran and New York City and covers it up. Ferguson's home prices in the ten most expensive metros. Always a blue cities with high taxes and that you know high property taxes that helps stroke the price of the house. Have risen 63% since 2000. I'm praises and attend cheapest areas of dangerous three point 6%. How we doing in Greeneville. This is really interesting actually. You look at the map here. This is again from me Harvard annual state of the nation housing report via home price index. On the shows Greeneville is actually in the bottom. Quarter second and I know I'm sorry second about a quarter in the country. So what does that mean well I would yell what is it what is the gain bent. Weary there in zero. To averaged nineteen point 9% into negative nineteen point nine the so called Tony. You're negative 20% so what's going on angry but what we god he's what that means is we've got these areas that are really hot yet everybody wants to move there. Lot of Homer Simpson well since a village just managed just explodes at that may never in the red mud. And turn everything up to build a house as me and they throw them up like till he needs liking you go home for lunch come back there's a house there. You know it on your way you drive back to work. And so was going line is these high demand areas. That are fluent. Armor going gangbusters. And the property and a house is that are now being built auditor or you know have been built or Dade it's going to derail which is great. But what that covers up. Is the rest Greenville. Which is still down negative 20%. From 2007. As a big average. Cindy visually what that means issue that's Mon claims to Greenville that are that are going so gangbusters and earn such demand that it hides the fact that everybody else is not seen that recovery. And a lot of you are still in negative territory. Let's hear from you at this issue and then you keep hearing about that marvelous recovery you're going what recoverable for you there was not. And that's what gets in here I mean we still. Economically. We have Greeneville ranging from. You know 0% so we have not gone past 2000 does permit this to be a big deal I guess is good means spending going backward. But it's yeah yeah we hit the 2007 prices blossom it's pretty seventeen I mean c'mon. It's 26 shares of the shape this country's in howdy statistics can be played with. The best you can hopeful angry bill is full recover ridge Europe percent you're sure where you were ten years ago. You've had no housing games. Not get too negative at 20%. Which is justice means the Sonos is still very much living. Housing research means it's real for folks out there. Let's hear from you if this is EU in your hearing about it you're going widely talked Canada. Mr. rates. Texture I text rates Sherry yes chart tied. That's MSNBC. Repeatedly said that president trump needs to be kinder because he's to blame for bringing people to the edge up. You know once and it seven point. Because. Enemy Gary and Steve's release the terms of political murders. Encouraged. By the left tolerated. By the left that a come out of this leftist culture. Of paid for an organized violence. That word you know now seeing all over the country from black lives matter now to Berkeley. That that Steve's sleaze is actually a seventh victim murder victim. Or attempted murder victim won the super news and murder and attempted murder not first. People are saying this is the start no it's not tough start just latest. Tester race. At Terrell and watch what you expect unless reaction to the attempted murder of congressman's police progressives don't value human life no they don't. The only value your life I'm according to the membership did you have a group. Texture taste your dual play judge. She is editorial on Fox News this weekend about the week Republicans in congress right on the money thanks Jeff yes a little later on the show it's today's at a grand plan to anyway. Tester race let's see. How it James DeVine feels when that congressman family member or punches him in the throat. I'm more condone violence here but when when you're out there putting how hunt Republican hash tags out on Twitter. Sums wrong and you know skinny not gonna see them condemn that you're not. They're baseless it's Barack again American in the way and I. Heck no. Had no. Ari also coming up fascinated by this. I mean where this is going. She's a ruling and a suicide text case conviction Michelle Carter. Went to see her cracked. Makes you feel good is that wrong. She's an evil evil evil person. Horrible person. I'm encouraged her boyfriend ex boyfriends. What every was it was hard to tell. Conrad Roy the third to get back in his truck and go kill himself. Can't words kill. Up until now for the most part no. But lawyers are saying her conviction on involuntary manslaughter for talking him into suicide could change that in our society if V. Ruling stands for send stands. So what does attorneys according to the door to a direction where words can now amounts of weapons this is absolutely all new territory yes it is. I'll ask you what that means also coming up in the 7 o'clock hour we'll do that it's 730. Whipped today is our first. At big grant what makes this epic. No one talked about a deep state cues drinking like that except you don't talk radio. Endured a national television where they were much more you know stayed about these been crazy conspiracy theories. Last week is begins to break it through this idea that there is a two going on by the deep state. They will stop at nothing to take over the country. Is becoming more mainstream beside Tucker Carlson do it last week on fox who played that. Now it's fox. On now it's a Fox Business. With Lou Dobbs. Today's scene first. At big grant he's doing an interview with historian Doug go we'd. Take a listen. We need young human. Community. They have participated. In the overthrow of governments on how many continents. And it all looks a laurel and it looks like that's what is being tried here by the beach state. Components of which are from the intelligence community as well as the the far left and of course our. Components of our national left wing media. And the State Department yes we've we've we've got very skilled talented professional slave overthrown. Governments in Vietnam and in the Philippines and deny Iraq and I ran in Egypt did iris. In the Ukraine duly elected does democratically elected government so they create what they called up. Popular uprisings but I. And are alone. Hit that's the crazy thing here. I think the uprising here is by the left. And the left. Big I mean Trevor beaten by President Obama his administration. They are continuing to agitate. To organize. The are gonna the organizing for action. Over 30000. Trained. Quote and quote organizers activists. I mean what in the world is going on here a president for the first time an ex president. Staying in Washington DC. Rather than leaving. The the nation's capital yeah outlook. So that's Lou Dobbs and historian Doug we'd interesting point. And they are they're great at overthrowing governments. They overthrew the Libyan government they overthrew the Syrian government further still attempting to. I'm causing the uprising there that that came by the late Siri it was a peaceful place until the CIA started dropping out propaganda into. On encouraging. Sunni jihadist who had been put down by aside again and again and again because they attempted to calm forcibly install Celtic there. It was a defensive may have. Om and encouraging them to rise up until they're neighbors and that and promising them that we they would get US arms if they get it we started did this whole series situation we've they didn't happen we started. And they're trying to do it here. Not with Sunni jihadist but with others your some more of the epic rant by Lou Dobbs and historian Doug week. What would we expect though will these at that that's their skill set these people that work in some of mental State Department summoned intelligence. So at some in the media. They've worked together to overthrow other governments say it was inevitable that they used the gun on our cell hopes supple. Here they go let's see we can do this and America and it it looks like OK could it tough I don't know how else you could explain it. You date who we had coldly say no to New York Times story was totally false well that's driven the narrative. For several months now I didn't none of the networks are saying hey we're sorry backed up forget what we told you the last few cuts it was based on false information that you know are attraction no going back. There's no going back because there is only one narrative and it is the narrative. That the laughed. I has a its moral superiority. Over the the rest of the country and irrespective of the the unlawful actions they take. They're illegal. Up resumptions. And actions. That they deserve. Such. The permissions within our decided that they can overthrow. Our constitutional. Government and it duly elected president.