The Tara Show - 6-21-18 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Thursday, June 21st
Trump caves to pressure to change policy of separating illegal alien families; Democrats can’t risk saying they support open borders because it puts them in the position of defending sex trafficking gang members; William Timmons calls Bob’s show to complain about Tara; North Carolina groups running ads supporting Henry McMaster

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Adding late good morning terra narrates. Let's get the president cares canceled some folks are saying and know that may be the case. Yep. Pretty clear to me that that's what happened here. Com and you know at the US in any given Democrats a talking point that was a total lie to continue using on and on and on but here's or what he said yesterday and this is true. So the Democrats want open borders. Let everybody come. People are and we don't care let them comment from the Middle East. Let them come in from all over the place we don't care. When I'd get a let it happen. By the way today I signed an executive order quit yet they keep families together but the butter is going to be just dissolved. As it's been. I. I. As soon as I heard that he did this yesterday Lee you know what I thought immediately. Because I've been watching or listening for so locked in asking I am I've been watching all this for so long I knew immediately what what happened. I knew immediately. What would yeah. The Democrats. Wouldn't give one iota of credit I've slowed and they would demand more yeah. Oh yeah because when you give them a win right they go crazy now. They G. And their goal is open borders right it it's it's Obama's joke. They don't want anybody stopped or changed. Permit for any grease. You're sick six trafficking a thirteen year old who Catholic social services in Charlotte is and now how did you look she's pregnant and I finally got me. And I encouraged to escape MS thirteen. Because of her baby as she's sitting in the waiting room scared to death because there's a window in the front MS thirteen might searing killer. Zach thirteen year old whose body here at thirteen just before fourteenth birthday. Didn't wanna come. Against her will she was sex trafficked passed around among the gang members om and sold on you know receives sexually. Om and that's they see those. Every week I mean it's almost a constant drip drip drip drip your my dad tells you that it all the time. As of yet today desist so what are happy she was the sex offenders. And had a file illegal immigrant cartel members just won the right to take their sex slaves. On and be housed with that on the way into the country. That stats facts as big a win for a Democrats are shirt you know they're just not thinking about that they're thinking about debate he'll mention vote Democrat to heck with how the baby got here. But that's what happened yesterday. And and their Reid and the Democrats. Doubled yeah. Doubled the debt don't. And it said he was cruelty. To imprison children and parents have. There's just no pleasing some people as they're now here's Nancy Pelosi is Damon the president's executive order seeks to replace one form of child abuse with another. Instead of protecting traumatized children the president has directed his attorney general to pave the way for long term incarceration a family's in prison like conditions. Now we well then the only other option. This is just not the wac in the country. Right well that's according to Nancy yeah I mean there are no other options. Are always options. According to Nancy Tammy. Edwards if you're not gonna separate children and parents. And you know when you catch him breaking her wasn't coming across the border and if you're not gonna put them together. And it detention facility when you catch them breaking our laws and come in our country. Then what you do I mean you you you're gonna have to let go. And that's exactly. What they want. And Democrats just moved the ball on this and this is why you can't compromise. With the Democrats you can't do what they want they only take it is a sign of weakness. Palm and then move move to further impose their will. That's what they do and you shot this from via everybody Esther. And it's did tweets but Irish ran down as senator Bernie Sanders. Tweeted this. In response the overwhelming public outrage at his policy of tourney tearing children away from their parents' a deported. This administration thinks the appropriate response is to a definitely detained families. This essay what he should did. His eighteenth. They have to tell people we want to open borders when acted detain any they should investors no suggestions from Democrats on what should be get because they can't. Say it is they lose massively at the polls in the mid terms so. They just say what we can't detained families. This says senator Dianne Feinstein. Tweet it it's extremely troubling to present executive order would require immigrant families with children to be detained indefinitely. Com. DO order that appears to be the next step in the drug administration's larger agenda to eliminate basic protections for an asylum seekers now know. No that's a lot. Asylum seekers can come to a port of entry at the border and apply for asylum they will not be arrested and he put his detention facility they will have to each. They don't get to walk in the country. But if you do it legally in his but the Democrats won't tell you if you do illegally leaked. If you know going to a detention center in fact if you want to apply for asylum in your own country you can stay there and do it from the comfort her own home now. Normal rest to no one will push you isowich your failure that your fans they don't want you to know that. Here's Kimmel Harris. On who I proposed it disbanding ice skis and on human or smack into a mini border enforcement. This executive order doesn't fix the crisis she said. It would indeed it indefinitely detaining children with their families in Kansas inhumane and will not make a safe. I don't know if there ice is it will. Yah I don't know old. Well Campbell burned down exploded buildings is a small price to pay a course to future Democrat votes. Armed so you know when you when you look at is again no one thing the Democrats screaming Alley inhumane couch woods blob blob light in here that's gonna continue for weeks. But you might catch a single one of them. Saying what they want. Two days because if they told you. They would lose elections. And trump soared even telling people what they want to do they want open borders trumps at least saying that which is true. Yeah that that there is no other conclusion if you if if Democrats can get away with the claiming to know the intent of this executive order and what it will mean long term which they do not know. To begin with. But they can make this statement the the president is perfectly within his right and ensured and Republicans. Excuse me speaker Ryan and I'm Mitch McConnell and the one of the senate RNC was a Romo mum. Bomb the votes last I Mikey theorized but right now where where she. They should be backing the president thanked all obvious with a Democrat wants the Democrats won't open borders they won't know border enforcement they want anyone from any country at any time to be able to in this country. Illegally without any protection whatsoever the American citizen that's what they should all be saying because that's what's going on here this is not anti immigration. That is not what this is and they should be. Screaming that every time that they get an opportunity to say that there is nothing in this that is stopping people from immigrating to this country or Seeking Asylum in this country know. And that is not what Republicans that is not what the president that's not what even Republican leadership want right now. Priority any time. This is not anti immigrant. And once again only. Terms Angela and gas is doing exactly what she said there's not a word for the GOP leadership. So the Democrats want open borders. Let everybody come. Let everybody Mari and we don't care let them comment from the Middle East let them come in from all over the place. We don't care. When I'd get a let it happen. By the way today I signed an executive order we're gonna keep families together but the butter is going to be just his stuff. As it's been. We get crickets from leadership terra but immediately yesterday afternoon. Congressman Jeff don't get on FaceBook was already talking about exactly what the president signed an about the two bills that are in the house right now. The they're talking about about immigration reform so at least he's responding to it. Too bad we can't get the speaker of the house or the senate majority leader to say any thing. Yesterday. Senator William Timmons is running for congress in need for a district called. A complaint on Bob's show he was not happy. With your humble had a list. Ever pointing out. His long history of association and support for a members of the gang of eight. Who sponsored the gang of eight amnesty bill he does not want me to talk about that. That to you he says he wants me to stick to the facts and only look at his voting record. I can understand why. Arm giving know what's out there on that but let me eyes set this up to tell you kind of went what what went down yesterday. On bugs chat. He colony and let us know he's not gonna come to the Tea Party debate debate. Big cat is Bob and IA and the Tea Party are too biased. Unlike the Greenville news. We have this last minute debate sponsored by the Greenville Tea Party scheduled for Monday night. Is it your intention that it did not appear at that. I'm going to the debate tomorrow night with the green and you know what are the one on Monday. Those both had unbiased. Groups putting them on. As as if the Greeneville daily worker does not have bios senator Tim and you don't think they're a liberal left. Organization. Well I don't I don't know I mean I've did you tell a. They did but it where we're both victim and Eric Moulds out there for a conservative record they don't like meeting where they're like yeah. OK so why am Timmons is upset at me on for telling you. That he writes checks. To Lindsay great. Like you know that isn't it is fair that I talk about. Because can't she support any thing you know Lindsey Graham does. He sets. Ounce is really. Not fair that I told you that he wrote a thousand dollar check to Lindsey Graham. Smack in the middle of the three month period where we were fighting tooth and nail every day calling the switchboard congressional switchboard trying to stop the amnesty bill. Begging our congress members not to vote for. And he writes Jack in an element but that's not fair for me to tell you that calm and that makes me. Biased. Let me let him explain. I'm not about that may not actually supporting any Atlantic and partly the dog to guerrilla. I didn't check the that you addressed to president and and that's looking at me too. And all the EU and all that Tara talk about another leap right doc dot. It out for amnesty I have now I'll watch in a million years that I ran because I'm not. So that'd be regurgitate it again and again it's not factual this fleeting at this shot. Number one as he admits there he wrote a check. She read to. Wonder Lindy Gramm's presidential campaign and yet when 2013 in the middle of the amnesty debate. You trust somebody like that. Sitio you do what you want him and if I providing information you let me tell you about. They'll put I would point this out. A strange. To the two premier members of the gang evade amnesty bill to premiere co sponsors Marco Rubio. And Lindsay great. He's written 22700 dollar checks to rubio. Rubio endorsed them. He wrote two checks to Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham staffers. Are now endorsing. Some and it does have an unless they think you're with now. Do you remember the last amnesty. Bill sponsor gang of eight amnesty bill sponsor who endorsed Lee break. Meaning there. Me neither of these people don't endorse conservatives. Mark rubio is so liberal. He won't even support the Republican senate candidate in his own state. Rick Scott. He won't endorse. Package. He says. He's he's one endorsed democratic liberties not endorse him against the Democrat yes he endorsed. Blame just. Questions I'm asking. I guess he was that unfair. Is that unfair. He's a big hits. No one Timmons says. I have not told you the truth because he never said he was for amnesty. I never said he was for him. I'd say he said he was for. If I could find Dante had played Torrey I can't find it anywhere him saying he was for interest. But we want me to play are these. Clips. What I did today. Was he came to our debate. When we asked him to see yes or no are you for a docking amnesty for the 700000. That registered or a couple of million that would require that would you know apply by you know by age. He said no unequivocally. But when he was at the chamber. Angry no news you know and brightest for. Some different answers on those questions. No he set was we have to address immigration comprehensive and the name of the embassy bill was comprehensive immigration reform. Everybody knows. And show he tells us no I'm not voting for Dak at. And many tells them we can't just secure the border. Unless we do Hackett. The basic things they just come. It just that's one thing that we can't just security. Can't just sit secured supporters of the woman in the formats we gonna do Duckett. Also not having any doubt about the. A criminal intent. To. Seat that's not what he told us. That nobody jokes. We said yes are you doing duck if he said now. Fair Chris it's he's a fact this is why he wants you to focus on his voting record and now what he says now here's the doozy. You might I never said that he said he was for amnesty. What I did was play this clip. There's a guy who says you don't Wear what are you put a guys ask him a question the form what I did deport twelve lane people. Record record quarter. Tennis is like you say that. Yeah. Out. So what do you do with a mr. attempts. Now are beyond dock. Now or incest comprehensive immigration reform slash amnesty. You know that amnesty you're wrote a check for thousand dollars to Lindsey Graham smack Manila him pushing that bill mr. Clements. What are you gonna do with the twelve million. If they have felony she says they have to go home the rest are going on the tax rules so. What I said. The twelve million people. You have also been committed. I'm here. But most importantly we've got to find a way to get those to me. They are okay that's self. Mean. That would toasted debate nine clips. In one of those guys who what he says depends on who we can take. I suing because honestly not committed bait because Bob and higher priced. You know care or any you're not unbiased you are advocating or senator bright and there you're dealing it'd dishonest way and I'm not gonna show up and get railroaded by a group of people who work. Not out for the truth the truth is. There I am the best candidate to replace straight out the truth then I'm the couple under heat up a bit better. OK he said yesterday I endorsed Lieber a 100%. Or deny. I've explained this did not endorse Lieber a 100% 60% 25% of into. I've explained this for a week now a little weird about putting on an endorsement that's something that a politician to us. You stand up there beside him at the Mike there's cameras and you say I endorse. This guy over here so what are your studies and endorse a product endorsement. Let's. Where I compared all the candidates. And contradictions. Side by side. For every candidate in the top tier that race I do again before Tim's. Sister and coarsely bright doctor. Did I tell people go to the polls to vote against the Williams tennis for the reasons I just played a yes I did. I don't trust him to get within ten feet and that congressional building. They will. What you gonna do when he goes to congress. Testing. Just. Asking. You the vote that you look at and say this was back in a policy you wanna look at that I've taken. This was bad but this nonsense trying to make it about Lindsey Graham trying to make it about. Need any trouble and the U gotta. Records are attacking you for facts and not for hyperbole not relied not permit we permissions. His own words folks my. Yang wants is look at his voting record 'cause he doesn't want me atop. About the fact that two of the four Republican architects. Of that amnesty bill. He's written jags do forged checks. And what do Lindsay doorstep. We talk about. Wonder why. Well why is the senator claims women's are crying criticize me for telling the truth about the checks he roads to Lindsey Graham. Which she says dishonest. Tester is two told me yesterday he donated to gramley sees presidential bid under the advisement of mentored David Wilkinson. Seems to me he's easily swayed by others to make poor decisions for a future political favors. Yeah that's punched me rate between the eyes yesterday. When I was listening. Today it's fatalistic. But I'm not the ballot and not actually supporting any egos are in the audit diggreel. I didn't check but could you address the president an ambassador looking at me too. Let me get this straight from time to comprehend is you gave. A check. To the author of the gang of eight amnesty bill. You disagreed. With all of his policies. What you did it's because somebody asked you to. So when I ask you. To approach. For aid bill you completely disagree with. He'll do it. When. Ambassador Wilkins askew. William but major vote on this amnesty. Obama trade deal. You'll do. Ali I do is ask this why isn't a question. What about when Kevin McCarthy. Is TARP money group is spending 200000 dollars to get blamed him elected this district district four race. Ask him to vote for something. He disagrees with. Willie do it will William Timmons do. Legitimate questions. This guy Lindsey Graham. Is the absolute. Bomb antithesis of everything William Timmons says he stands for any random check. A check. A big 2000. Dollars. He says he didn't agree with Marco Rubio either he wrote him 24700 dollar checks. So Marco Rubio who endorsed him asks for his vote on amnesty. Even though though Wilkins wrap Riley asked me had to vote. I say is somebody asks need to Greenwich excellence Graham I'd laugh in the face. You'd have to put a gun to my head to get me to do. Would you would then consist of a small children in the house. But short of that. I'm not doing it. He's a problem. If you can't clearly understand that you're getting eaten alive in Washington. Funny. Rubio seems to think William Timmons is one of them I wonder why are rubio doesn't endorse conservatives. The Lindsey Graham staffers who've endorsed him and seem to think he's one of them mention why and Democrats to McCarthy's. Kevin McCarthy was the US chamber of commerce is they're open borders global lists. Choice for speaker. And any advice did having an affair with Renee Elmer so he would talk out and then they went with Paul I. Kevin McCarthy's dark money fund is running ads 200000 dollars with him right after Wellington's. On he is big amnesty open borders Paul Ryan's. Com. I mean mini rescind Ed furlong time on on the show and yet it just Kevin McCarthy seems to think William Timmons. Is one. These illegitimate. Question it's. Annie wants me to focus on his voting record. Big head is hit it on meted talk about this T. And I want you to know what's going on. Text your rates paid here at the William Timmons commercial says Nikki Haley says Lee bright has to go isn't that the kiss of death for William tenants. She said Lee Brady had to go because he fought so hard against the gas tax. Because he sponsored the bathroom but. We simply said a local government can't force business owners. To make it bathrooms gender neutral a local government cannot force business owners to mandate that a man can go only seven of the local business owner. Once. That gender neutral bathrooms with men and women's that it became. Haven't added if you think that's best for business it's the exact same bill that passed in North Carolina. A purple legislature. That's why Nikki Haley said Brady had to go out. A text your rates a terror credit every time hearing aiming mastered talking like fog horn lake aren't too much. We are spot post's Vicki speaking of McMaster. Fitch Suze is reported. This is bizarre. Fitch series and it on fire lately. In a way ahead of the mainstream meet. This news is reporting. That a lot of money. Arm behind the attack ads against John war. Are coming from Democrats. Something called the palmetto pack. They collected more than 56000. Dollars in a single day from a gaggle of Democrats in Shelby. North Carolina. Including a 101000 dollar check from a local Democrat county commissioner any hope for. What in the world are North Carolina Democrats doing subsidizing attack ads. In the south Carolina governor's race on behalf of main master. Our guest. Pragmatism. And master victory over Warren in the GOP primary on Tuesday. Would be music to South Carolina Democrats ears. Why. He need be he'd be easier to beat them warrant. Moon. Interest. Are you gonna take your phone calls and your text coming up next. Isn't it in a way kind of small I mean aren't you sort of saying. Did not I I don't like it has this girl on the radio is attacking me. Let them know about what I'm saying is it's your track in April record that is actual act now you'll vote that you look at and take. It was back in a policy you wanna look at that I've taken this was bad but this nonsense trying to make it about Lindsey Graham trying to make it about. Need be trouble and the speed that's the problem. Eight cell that was at senator Timmons yesterday they're reading by the way in a district four race be run off. Is on June 26 this is one of these votes where you really have a chance to make a difference because the number of people voting is gonna be so small. I play the audio for him to do it again a couple times today. Couple more times say William Timmons explaining. How will only deport among the twelve million those who have felonies he's gonna put to rest a voter rolls. We're beyond docking your folks. And when he confronted by a guy who's as good deport those twelve means I didn't say that. He thinks that's not fair game. He thinks that's not fair game. Folks there's a reason. They there's a reason that Kevin McCarthy's package spanning 200000 dollars to get this guy elected. Kevin McCarthy is the number one darling of the chamber of commerce and he needs Timmons vote and he knows he's gonna get it that's why he's doing. It's that simple. Easily. And a monitor market. First a quick plug for your sponsors. And I'm passed along to click here. I sent my cousin who had was getting upwards of 300 our own so force 300 browns and she was theirs for her real solution allows same issues Alonso talks about. And I told her about felt better and chief since we don't. A church about once a month don't like ME percent and a lot. So thank you are sort of a watch let me know about it not told horror and the there's there's been a blessing and a lot of it is new and Bullard the differences that is the bet it did sort of luck somebody waved a magic walk almost you like. Thank you pull the hill and really awesome. Also Rick I was disappointing because we got about a minute and a half you're right you always like to. Followed local how old record of the British drug label analogy that I just heard wolf first Leslie he won't small and petty about a whole play vessel waited maybe analog. But. What Bob as you get a -- to follow these large well you you need to be told the truth and he basically so it is that you needed to be telling people to do tended. The best. The other in the world war got out of the better Canada got a better record on the better that's which should be sent to you most. What I'm getting out here is leading you'll be happy. If you're doing for real and what he got it in his own beer he would be happy if you're doing true hero on what he thanked her due to a lot but stranger Doolittle and not a hill as well. Little you would if he comes back about what you're telling the truth and talking about my record and I'll let you wouldn't call it you're talking about him here on the way you were talking about labor. Let's just reverse this all wrong and you've got to be talking about this and you gotta be targeted at went. Yeah no on EE you are rich. On NN is bliss. I don't know either of these two guys in terms of being her friends have been made there I'm sure they're they're both fine individuals this is. Not personal list to snide bias this is about. Facts and I have only dealt in fax I have not dealt and personalities. Al. I could have there's been a lot of personal stuff thrown around I could get into I don't want to do that these races Ilie to deal in facts and listen thank you you know why I've done this. Sick and tired of these people go to Washington and the opposite of who they told us they were in the primary. And now we're seeing why. They were exactly who they were in the primary they just told us.