The Tara Show - 6-21-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Thursday, June 21st
Europe caving to tariff pressure from Trump administration; William Timmons calls Bob’s show to complain about Tara; More examples of power shifting from GOP establishment to Trump

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And so we're headed straight toward an Eddie is gonna cry so much relieved that we're we're all gonna die. Sounds like you've been in Alabama too many Democrats did sorry weight to what had my head. And is gonna be terrible as did MITRE and work and we're gonna lose lose lose. And joke you can't just did they have Terrence like ten times harder are you you'll can't see them. Because. I'm sorry let me turn the pages into the next talking point he's been so out and it's good it did. When women and children hurt worse women as a hub. It's from the Wall Street. The trade alert will kill us so journal. Today now thanks for the listener who caught this now like the beginning. Abbott drug trade you. Question. Where what. These are different and you can't tell them they did in have. I'm mark our goods at their border we win we cherish their many times hard and are you is that if wait well. The Germans are potentially. I. Like Russia the world's investors this column she's Wesley downsides. From president Donald Trump's confrontations with Ellis the terms of trick. James Rubin writes. But. The best news of the day. Isn't in Sri possibility for trade peace and more open commerce with our friends. In Europe. And. Add the IG seven meeting Charles suggested sheriff free trade among the participants. Yemen terrorists we have known terrorist we compete eye opener footing raw. Capitalism. You know like. For real free trade. Well now Germany leading makers have I said just what happened have to throw your support behind me abolition. Of all import terrorists and now we're talking for cars. Between the European Union and the U less. In an effort to find a peaceful solution to the brewing trade or. Of course they did. Why. Abby is they depend on the US market leader for a third of their auto exports and it will pass rush there auto industry and actually. Other than some of the European brands that export models out of here of course we're talking about BMW. There are very few American made cars. That are actually sold overseas in Europe. And why is setting canned because there are mustang or Camaro which you could buy in Europe hum cost about twice as much as it does here because of terrorists. Terrorists which didn't like at ten times higher tariff on our cars than they do we do one Ayers would that be that would be that would our okay. And dare acknowledging that the US ambassador to Germany Richard grey now. The proposal for a border by a broader industry trade pact to the trump administration on Wednesday day Ned didn't take blunted at what they last week. Pretty much that would mean scrapping the EU's 10% tax on auto imports. From the US and other countries any 2.5 percent duty it's the same thing contacted interpreter. On auto and parts imports in the US. As a prerequisite the Germans. Want president charms threats and imposing a 25% put attacks are on the European auto imports off the table. I shouldn't be it from he city remove it if they remove its. The trade war that's all they got tough negotiator for what free trade yeah exactly OK this guy James treatment. Eyes then no one of the leading ones in the Wall Street Journal. Our. 150 yeah that we end you're gonna. Why. And he's like well who would who's most unexpected. It was but if you heard of auto exports from Germany come here so what. Did he. They tell us what you import Larry Kudlow. Who's been a heart attack but I mean literally I do an angry god bless him and end Republican leadership. Who've just stop trump from having fair trade. Palm oil what at what what was an audit of the terrorist why is is it taxes pitted head seamen we would try did you detect no. What was your goal the terrorists the fastest way to grow you as manufacturing is to open new markets currently blocked toward Goodson. So that we can't compete. While step. Best man wins best car wins at the lowest price that's capitalists are not ask kidding. Pretty sabres were not protected our goods. Would Terex. You you get ready Ers. We hear in a box let the consumer decide but the consumer dissect. It is the most libertarian. Freewheeling. Trade policy. Ever introduced in my lifetime. But this man Donald Trump political protectionist. It's madness anyway. News. And I think it's I predicted this as sixth grader who had at the facts explain to them could have predicted this unfortunately don't have a sixth grader. Working at the Wall Street Journal we have these people. But we were saying this all along. All along when this all along this is exactly what does it is a tactic it is a strategy it is the art of the deal at work. And if these terrorists get lowered for our goods going over the air and trump does away with any other kerosene on the incoming goods. Consumers can win. We will having massive boom. In manufacturing. In this country. And and and the real secret here and trump hasn't said Jessica. But. Our regulatory environment is is is spent much better since Tron took office rate movement but still disaster now but is nothing compared to your office. Oh yeah we will crush them. In a free trade environment where we have no tariffs on their goods and they got non ours. And they know. What they're forced there and that's why they put up the screaming yellen fit to day debt run their socialism is gonna get in the way up. All especially with our corporate tax rate down now and show on you know would what's gonna happen there. Well I'll what's gonna happen is that we're gonna kick your rear didn't sell cars exactly as Larry Kudlow said and you're gonna see a massive expansion of US manufacturing. Right way they did last a week leak and you know why. She they would only lasted 24 hours but for the media Mitch McConnell Paul rein in people like that protecting them mine. As discussing. And a protection is for you big multinationals what they need the protection. Because. Of these socialist regimes in which they make cars. So I mean anyway. Our investor in Germany appears to be yet another great trump higher. Just look at him out again this change treatment the most anti terror of guy I'm probable Wall Street Journal sat except the editorial board. Okay over the past few weeks mr. Goodell our ambassador to Germany has held closed door meetings for the chiefs of all the major German auto automotive companies including bilateral meetings was CEOs of Daimler. Dime Arab BMW bus and public. Com which operate plants. In the US over Germany's auto makers and suppliers provide a 1161000. Jobs in the US according to association German auto manufacturers. Since there is another possibility besides as paying more for stuff. Because of terrorists. We might have jobs and pay less for stuff. Is she just happened here and a little will now play less for European cars if they get their way and I'd guess what will have more jobs. Win win global social commentary to on this here because you mentioned the US ambassador to Germany Richard Brunell hunt. Who was the first openly gay ambassador to Germany from the United States yes he was nominated by Donald. No yes are really there. Wasn't held in the detention facility not only no not at all. It's okay. And I thought that that was that was announced this all into university MLB to do than debts you know so you know. We should be happy to be happy. Yup anyway bad from one of the biggest trade skeptics terror skeptics at the Wall Street Journal shocked at this morning. Now in all shocked and saw it actually nor did sentiment didn't give understands what do why is trams so and a terrorist is pretty stupid now. Which singer capitalism or no it's because the only remedies given in to us in the sixties and seventies trade laws he's implemented right. On the way and we had an affair unbalanced now they have hired her than we do you do once you think she'd do a trade investigation. We then found they were written us off filing our laws. And then you could impose a kind of sanctions on them which we didn't involve you know like blacking them out right tree you know terrorist Obama. Or you could use terrorist trump doesn't have any other holes. As a enables a body which is due something else besides yours what ask nicely. They never say with the something else's. Yeah asking nicely as what got us into the situation 203040 years ago. You know we had some of our candidates in this district for congressional race to say well you know I'd. I support him but I don't I support Cher's I don't think they understand what they're saying I truly god bless him. And and most of them lost then got I don't think they they act truly even know what they're talking about which is really frustrating. This whole debate has been one of the was an informant had ever seen in our country. So looks like perhaps a small went and with a German carmakers will get their way Imus they they they will mean that is. One of Germany's major industries so aren't. Look sort of am less for the German car you why not more like the boobs in the media tilt. Get a tiny phone net Lanza will and Greeneville the morning. They do it entered and we'll call your own whole quarter listen to all. You on the knuckles on the comment about the war in McMaster. On the wrong then. It's become one issue for me who has worn in McMaster and I'm a artillery or more vocal warned. Just because he's the only guy that got her. Own state that he's gonna make. The DOT part of it at that and make them accountable directly to go all. Pretty much cookie if he becomes governor. Of home and that and that's pretty much the other that that will come down to me consider it just seemed like. It mattered and in politics and he's been. You know. There's civilian or in the government curb. Forever that out and seek and look at home. I don't know be there were filled private jobs in the private market there. Are just things sovereign together here. All of the pin and I think also. Back all right that Khartoum are alike know oil running smoothly. Lie about mean just what you play I think what you've been in about them and you should play at top of every hour. Well welcome state how do you expand on immigration for him come on the radio. And say that. Knowing that he's basically double talked himself pretty much everything you went to just took a piece is crowd. Is that it's it's scary. So well I'm well I'm I'm glad even but it may do that because I will be replaying that comes in every hour. I'm on the show today Timmons says he doesn't want me to talk about him an amnesty he wants to talk about his voting record looks because he's never had a vote on amnesty. So. I will be more than happy to oblige him. By continuing to talk about what you know what he does has said. Am I did admit you know when it when it comes to two Symonds. What what what do you think he's this district four race is is huge and it's huge tree that is you have a big chance to make a difference in this race is going to be it's a runoff. It's on Tuesday the 26 is going to be a very low tar turn out. This is one of those three can really help shape come country we can take. That seat this weren't quite sure I had spent hours a talk I can't see how many times we've had pizza and the last like what two months. My has been connect. To see finally gave up waiting for dinner and went ordered it album because have been background in all these candidates you've heard me. Interview these candidates. All of that. And I asked really hard questions. Of all of that. Including. Labor. And it in fact asked such a hard question of Lee braid. When I interviewed him. That I got a phone call from them afterward we are hashing out for half that he was not happy. This idea date I've been tougher on some than other Ers. Com you know he'd he'd he'd do we we had to deal with the questions that I asked him about his federal taxes. I was not happy with me. To find ironic an amusing given but I'm accused of now but I also Avis. Facts are facts I've watched Lee bright for five years. Do Y and you know my friends in person to a non pretty well I'm mad but biased toward my buddy or something silly like that dinner here this is Charleston. I watched him in the legislature. His record is consistent he does what he sets. If I could find any wiggle room in the air I'd use it. There isn't an. But I don't need to tell you that because you watched. You watched him get decimated by a 100000 dollars. Of chamber related money. Because what he was the number one face from the upstate a fight gas tax. He was out there every day that ranged in them and even knowing the money they were spending against him he didn't quit. I'd never seen anybody not crack under that amount of pressure. Except maybe Kevin Bryant who was the other face from the upstate and the opposition the gas tax. Vocal. Opposition. On the air every day knowing it was enraging them knowing they were raising money. You show what they did to him. And so I didn't kudos for that. That doesn't make me biased. It doesn't. And I got I bet mr. Brady is running against you know keep. What do you says about immigration straight from one of forum to the next that's a heck of a contrast and on the pointed out. That doesn't make me biased. As a public service I spent hours researching these guys. And you think I'm vice go wasn't in my interviews with every one of these candidates. It is is a wonderful guy he's one of the most successful business owners I know. He's an amazing realtor. I know would. Might husbands and real estate business. Is a legend he's my clients. This interview with him and ask me ask you something find biased. I was is tough on him is I've ever been on anybody. You don't believe me ask ad was Alina. An ample single punch. And could cost is stationed thousands of dollars. You would never know he was my it was my client. I it was tough on all of them and you know that if you listen to this out. And I'm sorry that mr. Timmons can't take that. I'm sorry that mr. Timmons cannot explain. Why he wrote it's a Getty images two of the architects. Of the gang of eight amnesty bill the two foremost architects Marco Rubio. And Lindsey Graham. He wrote two checks to rubio and rubio endorsed your shoe checks to great. What is smack in the middle the amnesty bait debate for a thousand dollars newest president can't think and you think I'm not supposed to bring that. We get Lindsey Graham staffers endorsing tenants while I. Think he's one of the these are legitimate questions. We had dark money be important this race on both sides. Let Kevin McCarthy porn NN for mr. Timmons. This isn't everybody knows it's his group. McCarthy's guy at the chamber of commerce recruited to run for speaker. But they get busted having an affair with Renee numbers so we had to back off and they had put Ryan and Ryan was her second choice. And some out. This guys asset management 200000 dollars taken LE bright yellow eyed but he's picked up. The newspapers and they shyly Brett Favre the establishment consistently. In Colombia. Led the fight against the gas tax vocal and paid for this seat. And oh my god we can have a guy appear. So. Am I biased narrow door dealing facts yes to Wetteland records yes I did it that's the record. And it says it speaks volumes that mr. Simmons doesn't want me to tell you about that record. I'd cancer rates high gear and they mended here you are the next best thing. They political lie detector while still being fair and balanced keep fighting and exposing the truth. Not a picture race. Does have explanation for his grams. Friends. And ambassador asked me to sit Timmons is the order by for the swamp they ask. For Timmons votes. Eliminating things yesterday from William Timmons calling in about the district for Ares to criticize me and Bobby backed fun action taken. This star drops my job. Is why Bob and I are not as balanced as he said any said Dennis. But on the ballot and not actually supporting any Atlantic and I'll see the Odyssey guerrilla. I get a check but could you address the president an ambassador looking at me too. Oh. I I wrote a check his ambassador Wilkins Assam tea. If ambassador Wilkins calls esprit vote for amnesty we vote for. An ambassador Williams calls and ask you to vote for Obama train. Which would strip trade authority from the US congress and committed to unelected international bureaucrats courting an American citizens we love that. Trade I did. Marco Rubio but ask you about something we vote for that. Since you put a gun in my head to get near a check twenty Graham. There's nobody on this earth who could ask me to do that that I would comply. Because he asks me to I wrote a check twenty grant. Art up. That was a presidential campaign how do you explain check US Lindsey Graham in the middle of the amnesty debate when we are fighting tooth and nail to save this country. We have to congressional on you know phone line shut down melted down with our house and you're ready check to men in that. Did ambassador pelicans ASCII that. And all somebody's got to do is asking. That's the scariest thing I think I've heard a politician saner really long time. And it. When you look at the facts which she says I don't have but I do. Million effects. Checks to Lindsey Graham. To checks to Marco Rubio those are two for architects of the amnesty plan. Endorsement from our Kara marker really he doesn't endorse. Hardcore conservatives. Are rubio right now has gone so far to left. That he's three fusing. Anything now does this could help the Democrat this generation in court he's refusing. To endorse. The Republican percent Rick's back. Even though he acknowledges that will help the Democrat in the race. So he won't endorse the Republican running for senate in his own state Marco Rubio want but it endorsed claims against. What's a tele. Why are staffers Lindsey Graham staffers. Are endorsing William Timmons. Why you think he's one of the and you know when you say you know I I don't support Nady was granted but he Kyra I Rimage checked to Asia my friend he embarrassed or ask me to. Went with when you say that. I I wondered did you have a core beliefs. And what are the what you do because somebody asks you to. This is exactly what's wrong with Washington well Odom I asked he asked me do yet yes we. Yeah and when he came on the first time nine times in ass and you Marco Rubio. Yeah he's he's Somalia architects of the gang of eight amnesty plan would have I legalized prominent people. Yeah had great support and I think as support him on that. He's a conservative ten cents. At a support on ads that are dimming a district so you've written checks so Lindsey Graham even though you don't supporting. Even though you don't support what he stands for and you've accepted rubio is endorsement even you don't support what he stands for. We vote for legislation you don't support. Your question. Why earliest people think you're one of them mr. Timmons sequence question I'm asking and lovingly writes why am. Saying that stand up early break. These are fair questions. These people don't endorse conservatives they don't. They don't. Not known ones anyway. When he's not enjoying the freedom caucus which is the only hope for this country to oppose the Republican leadership. Yeah I knew that and yet Kevin McCarthy start money pack will militants. Spending 200000. Dollars to disappoint you to take Kelly Brian support you in the district four runoff which by the way got to vote on Tuesday. In this thing. When you have been happening and that is the guy again the chamber comets won it as speaker. And any you know had the affair and got busted so they had to go pol right. And he's sure want to and what we do Lindsey Graham staffers Marco Rubio and anti democratic why you think you'll wanna bet. It is really strange I'd never seen happen to another. Limited government conservative who supports border security in my life he is the only weren't so any legitimate questions. More signs of aid turning a shift in power. We're told James coming was the most powerful man in Washington. In the same week by but the Daily Beast. And by the New York Thursday liberal and conservative liberal and conservative publications respect them up he's gone bad that that power vacuum is wide open. Who's the most powerful man in Washington that's been an open contest between Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Donald Trott. You could feel the power shifting in a lot of ways. Let me an example of what I'm tubby is so great thinks are going on today that could get bloody huge stars to get lost here. Here's the first one. Headline mark meadows he is a come day one of the two leaders of the freedom caucus met in the in congress. Mark meadows throws down on Paul Ryan in heated immigration house floor exchange. Yelling I'm dot. Nobody dared do this to grind they weren't terrified him this is a guy. True literally just two months ago was funding attack ads for the Democrat against a conservative Republican. Nobody dared to do this yet yesterday. Those of us who follow his watched when our jaws hanging open. As mark meadows openly confronted Paul Ryan and it would prop all right did was. With the amnesty bills he gave a set it's harking points to all of his Republican clone soldiers and sent him out but to defend his amnesty bill. And what's in the bill doesn't match what's in the talking points it was a bunch of lives. Many switched up the legislation and it wasn't what he told the freedom caucus or anyone else who was. And meadows lost but yelling am on the house floor dared to nobody dared to do that kind of thing. Then you got. Poll right. Pill has coddled the FBI and the DOJ. The FB and a DOJ isn't Carson might be subpoenaing documents about our crimes but we're not turning a lever because Paul Wright hasn't demented. It's just that DeVon and has some wrong Rebecca. Well last week Paul Ryan knuckle under. Finally met with him and said no I'm with newness turn him over devastate. This is the reason folks congress has not been able to oversee the DOJ in the FBI this is the reason they've had to subpoenaed documents which issue really. It shows congress is no power anymore there are plenty chops. Erin has allowed this because he wants the Russian circus to go on around trop. Well now. Because the power is shifting there are trip they in the Republican and Republicans were talking about kicking Ryan out early. Allison do you. He's a freight. He's having meetings. With the DOJ and the FBI and demanding they turn over the documents and guess what they just started to. On this year ago Ryan was enabling missed he's not now why. The shift he could feel it's a shift of power. Not a huge one but the beginning of what a way from the GOP leadership to try. From the you know party to try. A lot of documents it was just trickle. The subpoena documents but it was beginning. They never did this before. And it took saying listen we're gonna impeach yes we we're gonna have a vote on the floor this week we don't get docked him. Now let's see if they continue kinda that is a huge shift for write a huge capitulation to people who watched it makes him look weak. Her. Weaker. The it screen like on the house floor headed you know party himself Paul right in by a member of the freedom tack this. Why now. And then there's Kim Kardashian. Yet Kim found the mean to some. To see this. I want trump to succeed she says it's crazy and everyone else doesn't want them ever talk about Kim Kardashian people's it was Kim Kardashian do for living she's a genius as a mop. She markets well the best marketers need her company country. And believe me they watch their metrics. As does Kanye. They had a lower middle class to low income following black white Hispanic very diverse. There she and Simon knows metrics Kim Kardashian has gone from. Well I don't really support what my husband Kanye does politically too I go to the White House and you know kind of defend trump why. Pace still freezing Kardashians do anything. At face. There's some she's seen in her demographic something good. It's part of the shift. I told you it's like just drops of water in a park top top top top. The defection by card dashing in and can contain all next. The shift. I can see the beginning and it. Howard wins don't ever gonna wind. But it could take.