The Tara Show - 7-11-18 - Hour 1

The Tara Show
Wednesday, July 11th
Trump pushing NATO members to pay their fair share; Starbucks to ditch plastic straws in favor of adult sippy cups; Anti-Trump FBI activist Lisa Page openly defies Congressional subpoena; More evidence FBI broke laws investigating Trump for Hillary

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My thing and oh welcome to it in your home today. By the way getting. Some precious present you where's Ole what have you done that with him. Now he's done a parking lot and locked my trunk now he's on vacation do not panic he will be back and believe me I'm count me hours. As well I love working with Lee is a great guy. And what is his Wednesday yet Thursday is today has been going on for years that I normally. Sends a lead an email. Inviting him to come back now. Please. Come back now are right so. President trump. Add to NATO's summit. Doing some unbelievable things. And when when when applicable term strategy together for our country against so excited I I I literally have to just you know went outside runs circles like my six year old. But does when he in skakel brings in Coburn energy off we'll be OK okay and I say god should run circles I was joking. And eastern doing it so we've done is say you're too excited to go OK who govern outside the circles I feel like that. When you understand what the trap strategy is long term for our economy you just. Com she yeah she could jump up and down like a little kid I really do on and that's what he's pushing at NATO and had a premiere in the background here. That is when you understand as you understand the potential for up America for manufacturing for for our economy for expansion. On that it is always big here we just never understood how to get there. And really cool watching how their children she does early morning show and I've actually known Heather for years she was a reporter and Charlotte with Maine and Heather really gets it. And it's cool to watch her getting in on Fox News and she gets it better than a lot of the nighttime host. And in your potential is explaining what is going on right now is Naia. Does the same for a long time they see no other nations need to pay more exposed to pay 2% of your GDP. It's via NATO and then we're gonna join collectively defend everybody bullet that ends up adding up to his us defending everybody. And headed Childress is getting into. The trumpet 3-D international chess game here listen to what she says about what trump is demanding he's demanding. They pay. But he's also point and he doesn't. Hit where are on track by twenty Tweety being the world's largest producer of oil and natural grass. Why is Germany not buying it for us. Affirmed brush. Set any percents of the I German you know energy dollar budget. Is spent with Russia and they just cutting a deal with Russia. An issue sense. Now that eastern European bloc countries buying oil and natural gas from us worst final reloaded on the tanker works OK no problems. Why did Germany expect us to pony up. But the biggest part of the bill for NATO they're not paying 2% of their GDP. They spend 70% now our they will of their energy costs with Russia and did you not want us to protect them from Russia. Centro is trying to get a bag of for the taxpayer but he's also simultaneously trying to open up markets calm for US exports. And that's the thing that's going to be a game changer in this country to glisan. It makes a lot of sense what he said that Germany sitting way up to 70%. You know on their energy. From Germany may yet we're paying to protect and Germany's standing at I am getting it from Russia but yet we're sending money protecting Germany for Russia doesn't make a whole lot of sense he's right. No no it doesn't. And that's what he's saying at this near some. We're protecting Germany we're protecting branch were okay well researchers. Men and numerous other countries automate the pipeline deal with the Russian. They present nor are we protecting them from. Russia. I. It's higher energy products refer and it protect yourself. Why are we paying the data that the biggest it shared NATO dues 70%. We're okay. Billions of dollars into the coffers of Russian and I think that's very appropriate so you can tell me instead. Mike can complain about this. The title and you should never have been allowed to happen I have to remember hitting his furniture are kind of he's very good sure tax okay. I think he's got to check this out without notice have you heard it just I don't know immediately. Darn skippy. So what is he tied together with all of us. He then points out saying that speech was a speech wasn't a statement. And by the way we shot a massive trade deficit to keep. Europeans. You market are good supporter you couldn't really high tariffs. On or significantly higher than ours or work. I triggers toward goods would put those on nurse got that level. As these tight altogether for them and when nobody's ever done before on my lifetime. He's lessons we weird hearing the biggest portion of the bill for NATO's 70%. You're buying your energy. For the people you want dissipated offend you from candy you market are good order. No more. Ratio cents and eat a lot were racket what twenty trillion dollars in debt the same size as the entire US annual economy. Why would we get through Europe. We get nothing. We get. Nothing. Frontier. We can't even sell cars there. Not any significant not not not any significant way like they do here not to apparently because why the chairs a July. The duties of these. So he's tying it all to get he sees all of these things is connected and they are. And he sees the way to spur merry men and American manufacturing as. Com was so open new markets. We'll look at our trade with Europe and you think China's bad you're number two on blocking or goods to border. They are happy to Chinese model. We want access to the US markets for our goods but we don't want US goods common in our market to compete why we will crush them. We just want fair trade so he's tying it. All together. For that. Really cool here this is a follow up from Heather Childress she explains. And anybody else on television. On Fox News in the morning too I love watching to glisan for president chops tough talk. Is not what many of these native leaders are used to hear it. The Wyoming senator or member of the foreign relations committee John process says that it is helping the president do something than his predecessors. Could it to get other countries to pay up. The president is right for too many years. NATO has not been doing enough and president trump is not the first person to say that. Dwight Eisenhower said that when he was president in the fifties but Donald Trump is one of the first ever actually get action. The NATO countries have paid fourteen billion more dollars now that he is an office over here then they did under President Obama because president trumps. Tough talk America first. Really made the difference. You now know Alyssa is to say is the sanctions since her I mean the difference but anyway. Should pay more to talk did not conduct is not to panic oh yes it's nice we'll move on now we're gonna continue robbing you blind. It's the terrorists. And the threat of more but anyway. To defend because the NATO alliance. In the different NATO countries were right there in the location do they're supposed to go 2%. Very few of them have now many more are up to that level but there's a lot that they haven't paid over the years and it's time to catch. Time to catch up yet got caught up there at the end yet so I'm sure has forcibly extracted fourteen billion additional dollars are these countries for Naomi that is no small feat. Mean something no one mentions he doesn't get credit for. When they Hispanics to sweet. Sweet. Heck is that he's German auto manufacturers are freaking out about the terrorists and demanding. That job. Under the Merkel had a Germany. Com. Or go along with trump. Lower this year it's on American cars eleven guidance we can sell cars in America before we go. Salmonella this I love this I love watching miss and I can't wait to see what this is gonna do our economy when we can sell American cars competitively. In European markets. Good morning Daryn. Time to make his liberal heads it explode what a pleasant suiting up seeming. Sam that is. Yeah irate judge tester race. I is said and everybody is air a little does combined Iranian discarded your whimsical things that I've learned about us switching to the radio dot com app went on until anymore. Bomb and that's causing confusion people having trouble finding us on Alexa for some reason. Arm that didn't get good thing about switching is we owned radio dot com and in a reason we're switching is because. Armed we will actually be able to find out how many of your. Listening to us your streaming not on actual radio. We never never do that of orcas when you listen on your with a places like tune in and we're not on tune in anymore. Com you know we can't get that data it's on our swing on army. I'm so and I have been pleasantly surprised OPEC shocked when we pulled the plug. And Tina took the station off of those other. In listening stringing. Apps that we don't own how many of you are not listening on tree and tradition terrestrial radio you're listening more and you know what what every computer you listening on your phone. All and I suspected those numbers were huge and were being missed arm in in the books in in the ratings. And I'm I'm seeing confirmation that's up we've for the first time or to actually be able to know how big the listening audience yes. Which is exciting but we're doing to switch over and I know that's causing some confusion at. And where you how I tried you and I apologize for that am I don't know what's going on little except under a TARP management about that today after the show. As some people having trouble finding a some elects an hour you've been cut off usual anxiously stream I don't know but I'm going to ask them to put a pro might get that a tell you what to do about it. Text your rates. Where where where did this go com. Can add please explain why we have to intellect Hoover to have a vote on scotus why not August 1. August 4 weeks they have to rest means. Yeah drop kick the recess. Really pisses me she's really makes me angry. We have to go on before we know you don't. Know you don't and a four week vacation I needed to wake and it too we saw all year. It's a special bond counters will be it's gone you don't. Sit around and do your job if they I agree with you run into October you run the risk something goes wrong. They get a vote problem and now we're past the election Asia's great read she is she's Republican Party leadership stupid that's what it is. It's just stupid. Out what are we protecting Germany and France from Russia do we think it's likely or rush out will invade a Western European. Country. Rush is like no invader Western European countries that they they don't have to think he's just come off the energy control them completely. In fact they have cut off energy supplies over twenty times since the 1990s. There's no reason to Monday. And I trust sitting. Trump was which was what we know wailing on Russia. Since you expect us to pay 7% of the NATO bill to protect you may only from Russia. Any European tiny oil and natural gas from Russia and not us. What that. I mean you push yourself in a position we are completely depend on Russia Russia has power over you through energy. And then you expect us to pay to protect you it's just it's great American stupid. As got to end. And trust point here is. Bio oil and natural gas must. Which ran from them for. And here's the other day this the other great American stupid here. That don't read it you'll look. At Russia at the combined oil and natural gas revenues. The day taking. Is almost 80% of their GDP. Erica will be on call. They don't do anything except organized crime. And hacking and the department of revenue here in South Carolina nest as with its rich dude dies. And so if if if trump. Can get. Russia Germany and France and in countries like that to die from ice instead of Russia. Russia goes broke. And I could be able to repair the change to rule them anyway. And then we won't have to pay and they don't have to pay. To protect countries from Russia. Right in NATO I mean it's just it's so much stoop. It's so much stupid. And we're still operating on a model from ten years ago. When that we thought we were at peak oil and we were gonna have to use Windmills or something. And so that made sense and it doesn't now. It does. We need to build as big pipeline across the ocean like your fastest it. Tester race still listening to you in in north Georgia via the new app a good as a working Torre had its radio dot cap say it. I don't think that they called a radio dot com. The guys that implies that you have to go to web so you do you can't listen on the website but it's actually an app. Seeing you and yet you go to Google store and get the app and and do it that way but it's a radio dot com map and it's really easy to use when you download it. Still losing issue in north Georgia via the new app love the shows and information moved to Georgia for kids and work but still thinks. At this the best station how wolf thank you I appreciate that. Dexter writes welcome Democrat party refugees has Ted walk away you did you immigrated legally. Text your rates terra. I yet I don't like pre dot com the shortened backer arrows do not work at no bells and whistles like Tenet we are working on all of that. Com and I didn't say these text message actually just cut paste and cinema to the management so. We're gonna have Simon have a meeting about it today and doing my absolute best within and I I apologize this comes down to us from corporate. And it's arm's sore left to deal to to deal of the printing long term it's gonna be good thank text or race. But if Russia cut off their energy want to turn right around and buy it from us that seems like a good thing. Yeah. That's exactly. How what they will do after causing enormous disruption look Russia's been doing your tip. And Russia paging just teamed up with oak OPEC and the saudis. To withhold supply. So they can Jack energy prices worldwide you wanna know why don't a barrel of oil cost that much inaction cost that much is his Russian coup in the Nokia. Oh I used to be able to control apart the price of oil but now Texas alone produces so much that they can't. We just laugh at them. So now Russia has to team up with OPEC to cut the price so. You know I'd guess they're doing it right now they're literally. Jack in the price oil artificially who. While these idiots in Germany and France cut deals with that. It's just it's just so stupid and and and trump is right. He's right. Text your race hey Tara much like the Walking Dead analogy essential last year. This NATO Trump's decision is making waves akin to the bump friends you allowed to stay in your house. And so they get back on their feet once they aren't forced out of their comfort zone they get complacent European nations. Our foreign free health care and free college because we've paid a defend them. Time to make a free loader get a job kicked him out. For their own good and hours let your show keep up the good fight thank you. So you probably heard the Starbucks is eliminating have plastic strives. From all stores. The headline from CNN wire. This is an actual headline on joking. This is our WG and knowing in Chicago. And their new service CNN wire. Just wire service headlines. Actual headline Starbucks eliminating plastic straws from all stores Kama introduces adults. Sipping cup. But don't see because. I'll put plastic jars contribute to ocean pollution pose a danger to marine life. Some governments have begun banning them. So Starbucks is Doug Melanie one billion plastic straws per year. Com and phase outs but don't cut. You CNET top of the dome and in the management drink Starbucks around here Humana and it looks like that the only ones who can afford to drink it. Outrage would there one time. Twice I don't know. To the PT like what did you get through that. And you start to dirty committed ten million dollars to help develop recyclable. Composed double cops. Adults should be caps for hot drinks. Okay now for this object to this I love I love nature I really do. UK government said that one million birds and more than a 100000 emails die each year from eating and getting tangled in plastic. Waste. Plastics Joseph president Berisha to devastating effect on species. It's a school. Yet so they're going to sue the adult. Sit because. Was if you are opponent did to this if you are outraged your body this right and left they're taking your straw away from you well. Now there's somewhere you can go. To complete. Tickle us. There are those in this country didn't want to strip away your freedoms this may be tough to swallow America but there are those that want to take. You were drinking strikes the right to carry home. And usually a straw is under attack by her loving environmental wackos sure they'll say just distraught. So what's next sipping cups travel mugs. Go right to a drinking itself. In 1775. Patrick Henry while waiting for calm Omar Kyoto would have Virginia Starbucks proclaimed. Give me a straw. Bought give me death. Jordan and Helio when. Right to suck sugary carbonated beverage through plastic tube all right granted by our forefathers by god himself is deemed threatens. I remember straws don't kill turtles. Turtles. Don't know how to use drops till hurdles. A message from the NSA. The national strong association. 803471063. Tax line 71307. I should would be like people super cup concept. In my has been recently bars both we turn wine and I have a long history of spilling mind. I spill every I and I'm the biggest collection only. So he got us adult ones who becomes. I left my side. Mean they're not billed as that but that's within an art that they'd look dear just they're doubles exactly with the kids string for plastic everything on top and then it's got like a I too easily made at a steel and it's served. A pattern of some cash anyway keeps a cold I would let that thing. What that did not overtly spill anything. So I don't know might be good idea on Starbucks part right minimized to spoke some gonna spill idea. Text your rich just matter of times start actually selling reusable stainless steel straws to their customers brilliant you know Lee Rogers is one of the house. Avery used a reusable stainless steel struck first it was supposed to and I laughed and that they could you know. That could double as a weapon duke to some damage with that thing. You could. Text a great start but as the home of the double liberal. I drink it black racial coffee. Is a good. Text your rates says Starbucks just bridge should just ban fish. From getting straws with their coffee. Note to have to punish everybody. Our moderator. Meanwhile. Could love the iron oh the irony. If only to mainstream media had a sense of irony there so many great stories appeared to be doing instead of ignoring like this when. Well this particular anger angled her boring anyway Lisa page. Lover. Peter struck. You know the insurance policy guy. Our show and it didn't become president. Larry I got to stand up. Okay what is the FB like dual direct. They issued subpoenas to regulation I was like us. You have to Torvalds the kind you cut EEP c and Wal-Mart. Voters you know people like us a disservice to. But are those for the FBI elite. Cup. Lisa de age lease age. Is there re fusing to testified before congress. Paris. Has subpoenaed her. She says she's not showing up. She says she's not shocked. How many people the FBI's subpoenas or bring. Peebles she's a finishes below. And she's just am not ready to answer questions she is this good for her. Wonder if she would have accepted that excuse from may. Defended. I somehow doubt. While. Freedom carcass members about a five people are in congress who genuinely care. At least enough to speak out they were in the middle of the 22. Oust the president by people who think subpoenas don't apply them. And they lost yesterday mark mark letters for love representative partners. Losses minds of this yesterday. And I texting this guy is satisfying to our request to explain this go to the interview the resolution is Deborah the Mubarak. None anomaly that was OK just around one might Wear it now. Sorry about that. Harry bank account. By the trainers. Dermot you hate when that happens. Here's just went okay. I am yet he summed it up in one short sentence on Twitter we're choosing to ignore it congressional subpoena. Indefensible. And the weir has turned her where. Bob good let. Now they're. Packers member Lisa page plans to blatantly defy congressional subpoena by refusing to appear for her deposition. She's a key witness and is critical that should come before the house judiciary to answer questions as part of their investigation appears she has something to hide. Think. Is representative Ron Desantis. Anti drug FBI lawyer Lisa page is defying congressional subpoena because she doesn't wanna answer questions are being held accountable pathetic. Representative Jim Jordan tweets yesterday. Lisa page ignores congressional subpoena once again showing the double standard once generals for regular Americans a different set for the swat. You're on the terror shall come at the justice system. And tried tweet about. I wanna Air Force One flying to NATO and hear reports. The the FBI lovers Peter struck and Lisa page. Are getting cold feet aren't testifying about the rig witch hunt headed by thirteen angry Democrats and people who worked for Obama for eight years totaled just Curry's. Exclamation point you kills me not just. This same Lisa page we found out on Friday. Was sitting out memos along with a lover Peter struck. Going back and forth saying we've got to find dirt. On you know I'm people on in the trunk campaign so we can get a warrant to spy on him. Didn't have leader today had to find some. She I used to get the information. To get to see. More despite think she is day. Subpoena. Text is wait you think Lisa page subpoenaed the Warren and I think that's how subpoenas work or were no identifies a war. Gap now they used it from the spying they did too I get their hooks into Carter page subpoenaed him to come in at and then they used what he and I told them to get defies war. No point being what the memos showed us in this the most significant thing so party came out Freddy got buried. The memos back and forth they were so why we gotta get your we're through each member of the show I'm Tina did a broad campaign as evidence we have tried so monies need. It's a bombshell. Because it is the memos. Similar ones or written about hill and liberal publication. The memos are dated eight calm after the 31 of July. Infection or dated or raped before he won and some right after. In other words can have an economic. Horry went around. Like he told congress that day. They told congress may launch this investigation in July coincidentally the month that he was nominated by the Republican Party. Are we had to step decides that you know the Hillary does you totally you know we did nothing didn't. With the memo sent. And the other thing about the memos that are set that is so disturbing. Is on the that they are going after the trumpet campaign in bulk. But securities name is guy you listen journalist named Ella tomorrow's singles she won't I don't. Apple's CEO we have this virus Alessio good concur operate now. But we cannot yesterday this is even a crazy year. Do you know. That Muller's top deputy. Special counsel Robert most top deputy Weisman. Had begun interviewing people. For their investigation into trump. Yeah for obstruction of justice rush collusion. A month. Before Mueller was appointed Burris is the month before. They start. Processor that for me. There was no investigation until the data Mueller was appoint. There was no official investigations nothing. There's no basis for an investigation. To risen Steen you know break point yet they had already started. That's just why why this in this is is we make it simple for this is opposition research. This is opposition recession isn't this a DFQ. It always there for Hillary. The FBI file gate look filed Qaeda aspect before everything was electronic and it was easier to spot. They were illegally keeping files. I and political enemies of bill and Hillary and and those who might potentially challenge them in the future. They were illegally gathering knows. And then I walked out of the FBI. And took him to the White House to give and I did given to the clintons. Tommy was broken Eric cleaning keeps track and nobody went to prison because nobody ever does Sony when he Hillary week is the tradition in America it is. The FBI does her opposition research breaking multiple laws in the process. Netanyahu has been going on since the nineties. Which means the people who did this in the ninety's. In hiring for the next. When he years mean it's it's hard to say how deep the infections are the FBI goes. Today at least a page. An FBI lawyer involved in god knows how many subpoenas. Of Americans. Childress subpoena Lamar what I did I. Actually she's not stupid why should she do that was congress can do it. Should be. Any punishment. Of any kind czar given holder in contempt I mean MI if somebody. It would you know it's offensive. Swap and memos back and forth where just because you don't like the president. You decide that you and your lover and everyone around you are gonna go after everybody on the charm came to me until you find something. That's offense. But I'm right now until congress takes action you'll you can do good how scientists. Happy you're here early FB why even if you quit the FB Eli because of your price on you don't have to comply with subpoenas like regular Americans. Trust me they don't take action on her. That's what they'll be say.