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Wednesday, July 11th
Getting Brett Kavanaugh confirmed before the midterm elections; Court rules illegal alien children can’t be DNA tested to confirm they are reunited with actual family

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Reading tirades why didn't prison changed from pet pig Brent Cavanaugh. So happy you went to pick a lot of view you know wish the president head did pick somebody more animals of that Scalia. What are you saying he's gonna be somewhere umbrella between Justice Roberts and justice and gore sit so we are proud entry edit. But nights is Scalia but then there's always the reality of OK but how do you get somebody through the senate. Now Susan Collins has to do is decide that they're not liberal enough for her and the guys complain so. You could look at this the political reality way this is it just the discovery get through displaying I don't wanna wait till after the mid terms because. Anything can happen in this country especially with smaller run around and I don't wanna lose the chance to put somebody on Supreme Court but. This a good news about Kevin on a lot of people haven't heard and when you when you should read this start to understand what troubles thinking. When he reported. And here person with Kennedy if you watch trumped trump has slashed more government government bureaucracy and regulation thing in a president our lifetimes. By by a long stretch. Ominous part of the reason why you're seeing me economy pick up. He has been going after these agencies not feeling bureaucrat bureaucratic U bureaucratic positions. On you know as said people leave them. As he's been cutting government but he's also cutting through the red tape parade well that's gonna mean some pretty big court fights. And pretty quick fights over there we had these bureaucracies. Assume the powers of congress in just start making law they may be real bureaucratic rules write this devastating greasy meat EPA due back. You know I'm good when it went about left arm is what we regulate your property you've got to putt liable who doesn't have a puddle on the property. What Lance. Mike as we said so why does congress gave his ability ability essentially to make law whenever we feel it let's unconstitutional. But the reason nobody steps it is because we have not had an original as majority on the Supreme Court since the thirties. I did that was the big deal with this court becoming original is that things it would take for granted the EPA rates rules and now have to follow moment. Oh look over there the EPA's arming itself. And strange were any night vision Scopes. Doing is that while they spend tens of millions of dollars on arms would EPA do well they can do whatever they want. Now anymore. Not anymore. As we look at trumps the commitment to slashing these regulations urge devastating to our economy. Devastating energy expiration devastating. Arm you know T it's a capitalist. They gonna take this power back from these bureaucrats. And the best way to do that. Is to be nice she's given a slash empty to get to do when they're gonna suit. Our second and up Supreme Court. You look at Debra can I he has got one of the best records in the country. Among Circuit Court judges. Of ruling against the government bureaucracy. So I mean a lot of these. I prison simply bureaucratic agencies are given the ability to write rules will let me start writing rules saying they can't be removed. And the committees that oversee them can't be remote idyllic little fiefdoms where he's been saying that yes are you don't have the constitutional power to do that when congress goes to bat. He did that one ruling whereas bureaucrats were basically on ensconced themselves in office. Is it written rule saying they couldn't be removed well Lisa and I can't do that. Congress overstepped its bounds. The get a Clean Air Act at Casey's that he has sir hurt. So that is been devastated to industry in discussion liberal and make things with got to get rid of these regulations do you remember on US steel. The CEO of US steel and it was jet was itching to chambers were forced from took office after he won. And they they're did the potions CNBC are baffled and you're back to the country yeah why. Annie is what he had our biggest obstacles regulation. So biggest expense but to hire so many attorneys Lisa Richardson get rid of that sort coming back. Minority view that you need people who get it on the Supreme Court and cabin on dots. Sodas out of course it's he's our got a great record on that tip. So I Anderson thanks anyways is string of Clean Air Act cases cannot ruled on. Com where the county executive agencies and taken too much power for themselves and they can do that you can you you you can't he can't if you can hear you can't do what you want. Home and he also weighed in on net neutrality and he's done so many great things basically saying no not again be as easy to carpal nope can't do that sack masters on so much with these agencies do is not constitutional. But again because we've not had a five person majority and the Supreme Court to stop and they've been able to do whatever they want that's changing I mean that would be a complete. Game changer. As we look at trump and in and when the biggest things he's done is slashing these regulations. Economic sense. Exel a sense and it is a lot more here than just at the second amendments. And abortion issues and in things like that did you know that the hot issues you hear about. And you look at real real government power and how they intend to rule us from the bureaucracy and those things are scary. I mean anything we couldn't we we could not kids. The Kyoto protocols to congress because it was so devastating to American industry so Obama shrugged his shoulders and at rooted executive Lee told the EPA to do it. It was going to begin doubling energy Carson 20/20. Entrants come through in just on Donald. Well that's gonna hit the Supreme Court eventually there's cases and that's why he appointed cabinet. Twenty cab today is there is a great pick that we have to look at that side of it to. Text your rights and my prison and deployment the drinkers have CNN and MSNBC on sorry. But they may indeed did you drink Starbucks Starbucks for this to become too. And at my place of employment the break rooms have CNN and MSNBC on the two television silly thing they wanted to talk about history was Brett Cavanaugh. I was extra selected him on his views for not indicting a sitting yeah I say is president as an that was trust a 100% motivation for the panic. Look. There are tons of legal experts and lawyers and judges who are of that campaign. But the president can't be indict is not hard to find what side he's the only that's decent. Dexter is Democrat party is a direct result of make different if we make it an an argument on that. Let you weighing in on lease to pay each FBI attorney. Is part of her job spent a lot of time writing up what could subpoenas. Yeah for chumps like you and I so she gets subpoenaed to appear before congress to explain yourself. She's not coming. Yeah me. Some. FBI elite. Tech straight perhaps if you were identified as Lisa page type you would be excused from your subpoena it would be a sign of the times and worth a try. And not if you're a conservative Republican but there's a separate set of rules for. Which Lisa pages now living just told justice system why and apply to me. Text arranged. Send federal marshals track marshals to Jerker at a dead Holler down. The the text your race. That patient knows CDC courts a full liberals wanting anything to her for not comply with the subpoena. Not a jester race news page says she needs more time to prepare how much freaking preparation beanie did tell the truth. That it's not when she was intending to do so the answer would be probably a lot. And it finally. Text or rates black rifle coffee is awesome murdered out. Is my favorite plans record at home. Listen strong coffee barrel have to. Give it right. You what here's something hard breaking. Yesterday at the Border Patrol found 83 this breaks my heart. Three year old little girl wandering. Alone. In the desert. Yes. The coyote her mom had paid thousands of dollars to get her and her mom over the border had gotten imam of the over the border did mention two to three year old over the border and just dumped her. He's come to their. Money here's some a break your heart. Google. Rio Grande and dental. And routinely find them floating there almost didn't make it. Anything for cheap labor in Democrat votes rate. This practice whenever we want but it's about to get worse. And I warn you about this a start warning about would you guys eventually be conservative he's got picked this up their figure out which is what just happened here is just devastating and it turns out I was right. Member judge we had a hysteria over the children radiant I have to read. Yeah you have to to root we connect to kids with the parents right or otherwise it's human rights atrocities. What was about to get delivers don't care than to say about this the first when went Obama did they didn't saving the first year truck was doing why now. I told you why because we just had a Marxist win the presidency down in. Mexico and his platform was at the Mexican government will now openly assists. Including physically moving it Mexicans up to the border region to help them cross. That this was an economic policy they were to settle in the border regions not as they had before all over the country but in the border regions and the reason they sorted Judas. That was to create a hybrid zone that would no longer be aboard. His lot of border is sparsely part two is flattering his stuff out there. That they can easily move into the towns take them over I disintegrate the border that. Placenta cash help. As Boehner fastest ways to Exel and extra trip to cash that could take over law enforcement cities towns along the border an and enforcement. And it is now the national Mexican plan by the way did you know that and so he is encouraging millions of my border. The same time and do you think escalated since. That the left all I was so all children are being separated from their parents that's terrible. So there was this ruling and I told it was devastated stating and that and I was right. Now the judge's ruling the kids have to be reunited with the parents will one problem we got the Florida's decision says kinky good kid. In testing more than twenty days possessed like imprisoning them right but the parents. So yeah 390 Kitna parents guess what. Don't always do that folks. Tension release. After twenty days to got a kid with you catch a release. Ellen go in US. Virtual open borders as long as an advocate any kid is Vienna floating in Rio Grande will also be who cares by an Ottawa. Even accrual policies are congress will not stop they're awful they break my heart. The way these kids are being used. Well I just got worse yesterday it got her critically worse yesterday. We say with the doing now. District judge Dolly G. Ruled yesterday. That's all the children have to be reunited with their parents know DNA test. Where did take anti hampered DNA tests and and now descends a front end up. Right into left as one DNA test. Because he's kits have been sold. Passports to tickets to the country. It's. Devastate. So yesterday. Judged a dog eat visual entrance to zero tolerance policies bread are right directing him to comply with the 1997 florist decision by releasing migrants with children after twenty days I pulled gee that's what they would do. Nailed this. Now that before the judge he did it I knew what they would do. You got you suffocate. NEK. Don't matter. To let's go to twenty days catch released into the country. Not. Emeka no no into this country why. EasyJet liberal judges Allan ray Clark is ray. Big but folks they just we we just had an open borders were when do you realize what is that all you music pig. That's what they found dumped three year old yesterday. You know what I carried dumped certain. Mommy is sickly across the border. To get company's board shall begin near anymore. This is what we're doing when congress won't act. Is horrific. It is immoral. You talk about some yar cry about Rachel -- that's what chart cry about with these liberal judge or do. They just ring the dinner bill. Kids are gonna pay for. A lot of them when their lives. And then they wanna step further this is her briefly. You know I'm even hearing about this the trench is. It is not reunited kids went to parents job all press indeed. Why not. The DNA testing him. Why. Well for the purpose of the lawsuit they took a simple hundred brake assist thousands killed and at some wondering. It's example hundreds that they trump in you know include concede department only security to show the judge would happen. Well guess what I. A lot of these parents. Aren't parents that's who DNA tests to show they're not kids parents kids just meal ticket. So it was so that you are out of this this hundred. That they had begun to DNA test but they've been an able to sort it all out. For the reunification. Yesterday found. Murder verse. Been convicted in Mexico. Murderers are were among the parents. But drug deal Ers. Cartel members. Know leading immerse. Yet and a lot of actually related to the kids they brought over. Eight other purported parents is 700 world I will not be reunited with children do have failed criminal background check the turned up serious convictions or child abuse. Are due diligence is protecting children this is the department of homeland Kerry. Let me be clear. Health and human services could transfer every child out of her care to meet the judge's order they had to do by July 12 tent they see no we're not doing. We are not reuniting kids with sex offenders and murderers and people who are not their parents and people who are and Mr. T rad do that. They say we didn't Unita will be reunited him on day one we won't. As a drug administrations refusing to comply with the judges were good. According to court filing she this is what they want for children have been reunited with parents are ready adds a united hundred these parents. We're fit electronic monitoring bracelets in relation to the US because they brought children with them illegally. Melissa this line from reprint this catcher release policies effectively mandated. At the law for illegal aliens who are I would children younger than five. By judge sat rose Rula I told you this is what this ruling would mean I knew exactly what it was my site. Was wondering how long it would take conservative media figured out majestic. Along with US district court judge Starr he's refused Monday to modify 1990 seven's florist at some of these two little bit liberal judges who just order to catch released. On and added to it that ditch you could get your free ticket into the country to have anyone under five. We get open borders right now folks. They you're gonna mob that border. They gonna mop it. I. Guess I don't think you. I'll be seen. I mean works. The parents. Are refusing to take kits. They're dumping them at the border. And going how. Thousands of Central American children cannot be reunited. Com with to their parents are department Homeland Security has wiped the kids to parents of temperament border just implement a month. Why. Well guess what. Four children and used toward left the United States for the parents. Are allowed to file for green cards on the grounds that their parents abandoned Dan the migrant children are eligible for welfare aid programs. Right. Once they get green card what happens. When you Vinny your kid at the border to get a green card and guess what. You're eligible to bring it to begin a process. On the day kid applies for the green card which is day one when they show up in the country you're at your eligible to begin a process of guess what chain migration bring parents. The new American will be allowed to bring an hour for parents and siblings via I reform chain migration laws. And thousands. Are being dumped on our border by their parents just don't see that can get the green car. Harris could fix this by noon today. But they refuse. To this folks this is gonna get a lot worse. Let judges surely no significant portion. I'll let the kids that have been DNA tests did it add to border hurried or not the children of the people who claim to be their parents. For their parents have a criminal records records in child abuse records of murder records of gang involvement records of drug dealing I mean you can't reunited child. With that kind of parent who would never do it he. It be scandal if we did in our own communities and into left and these judges are demanding. They be reunited no DNA test. So what's not here with all of this you know the average liberal protests and nowhere 'cause for the first you're the trump administration didn't have cared less than trump was doing this same care what Obama did indeed. Separated gives the parents. They care now cause it won an open border. In time for the massive influx. That's gonna come with the election of this new president. In Mexico the left knows this. And they are using chart children to undermine our border and border rules are borderless. And that's what this is these are decent to judge ruling is devastate. One judge basically willing up you got a five year old with you welcome to America at a catch and release. And the added judge. Ordering. That they be reunited to their parents by the July 10 deadline and no DNA test forget the DNA test. Is that judge ordered that. Knowing full well because they had that simple hundred cases that represent the thousands that department Homeland Security had provided him. That some of the people ended up once they did DNA testing whether or you know who they are anyway the murders that criminals you know how we know. Is how stupid this country's. Because for years bush started this program where we would go down into the Mexican prisons and DNA test and a government quietly let still. And the reason we did is sick when the worst criminals from their prisons and appear they. Or government was three. Anticipate. The arrival. Of some of the most brutal criminals in Mexico across reporter did care. Wanted to know who they were once it. As your government. Talk about something that make you cynical. So we know who these criminals are who have committed these crimes in next coax would but in Mexican jails I drive would DNA testing everybody we're finally the deck. And so did the drug administration instead we don't we we we got a teenager we can not put these we don't know these people are. Jason and got to reunite him don't care there. Liberal judges for your right. That rich matter I don't cry over that that makes me want to cry. That's devastating and horrible and immoral an awful. Here's just some Fox News coverage of. Judge ordering the White House to reunite illegal immigrant families who remained separated faster and be an expedited process. We'll cut out DNA testing that government lawyers argued it was needed. Knowing no windows judges knew. Who those parents for how dangerous they Wear their records of child priest and he didn't care. It is one I'm shoved over the border. That's the left folks. Don't you put those two rulings together for the last two weeks against essentially if you have a stellar five day Kenny if you child under the age of fight became stop you with the border. And I did to get DA says she can't do anything ticket. You sound over five. We have a little rougher they'll have let's go after twenty days in the country catch and release. And now with no DNA testing. Unbelievable. Here's what Tron said yes street Tillie was an arranger with us. The same judge that issued that or other border is as anyone who oppose the Tuesday deadline. To reunite a 102 immigrant children with their parents that was yesterday and most of those kids remain separated this morning. And in the hundred T that's not the total let's just the simple for the court case there's thousands the president answer to that listen. Don't come to our country. And yeah Allen's words in the wind now because our judges making law. I don't how long it's gonna take Supreme Court ever to overturn these these rulings we're gonna give me eighteen months two years. Can imagine the flood that's coming after these rulings it's it's going to be devastating cuts could be huge story. Pay attention to that show on aligned with. Sharon in Spartanburg hey Sharon. Hey there I declined to comment on the Supreme Court nominee. That these women are so hypocritical they have protested as. If it were are they don't even want to treat animals like they want to treat your failed. If they wanna use that abortion is birth control. Shame on the him. That's my biggest objection. If they have animal shelters they have to be no kill shelter everything is. And save save save the children there dispensable. They are just the principle is so hypocritical. And their kids out there for political reasons that he had nothing to do with a portion. Be patient began at the border protests disrupted the. Now they are you kidding me. It can't get enough sex offenders are the border traffic those kids. Well the other thing too is Lee is you know it's just a goalie and have an abortion come out. But somebody murders a child or whatever. It too is already this person is an animal you know which they are. But it so hypocritical what is the difference except but the each. Yes and I mean you sharing hate your mic in our area a good point here I mean you can do is would you date with the last couple seconds I just did what you decide I mean you're watching the last. And what they really think about kids on full display. This week. Tester race. We estimate DNA test in the US military in spite of our objections on legal and privacy grounds what blank do you mean illegals don't have to take them at the border. I asked liberal judge they're the ones right in Los. By the way but did you did judges trying to step discipline needed if they want to pass legislation put too busy. And ready to go on an August recess. Would want and strain themselves. Or anything. Text your race your children have always been a pawn for the left. Destiny keys for a long time and it's shown to a world. By how much just look no further then get Planned Parenthood just as she sat. Re hearing it tester is the Supreme Court can grist and a president are co equal another not. All others are and then come on need to actually we were taught that is cool but it's wrong. It's congress first in the power structure then Brad the president under that and then is Supreme Court and that in terms of strength they're not co equal empower. In July they cooked up in the 1950s. But anyway the Supreme Court congress and the president are co equal the sector raise all others and Emma are on. Under them on the power poll therefore a judge to think she should decide law and policy is outside his fear of office. Only. If congress does not overrule him. And that's why placed the blame for what's going on at the border are squarely defeated Paul Ryan Mitchell com. Text rates taint your assembly in Mexico is doing the same thing that Fidel Castro did with. And Mario boatlift emptied out his. Presence. And his asylum is and saying those folks over our border. But it's worse now because this new Marxist president is saying it's your patriotic duty. To illegally immigrate to America he wants millions to. On straight I snowboarders wonderful idea no worse no federal government no federal government no federal tax is no federal tax is no federal subsidies. Lovely that you find other one day they want to they don't want ice that they do want to department education. No use simmering just in case so let Rezko does okay you're in chief not. Wore the typical Democrat running a primary but and I repeat myself and you don't. You wanna polish ice. Why not construct Siegel. Okay. Well if it's trust daddy. And and Sarah go we should apologize to ensure we not. Add given effect entrant as evil also abolish the Department of Education. The EPA. Pep talk up the iris while rat. Most powerful agency they decent stuff. Why is knocking out he's like go out. And he says no we do. Sees hypocrisy. I mean to seek re going to do. This or did its. History stereotype Kohut is going to be in court today. On the mass murdered Todd coolant. How was that me and not on death row. Home Hewitt mainly go to their castles are tearing my hair out again. Is he he's not a detriment as we have not answer the question in South Carolina how people do you have to kill to get the death penalty. What we do know is that number is higher than seven. That we now article have Paris hopefully. Helped us to establish. That it's an outrage. Texan I'm not going their intent Duncan's stolen get wound up. Add texture average and tried molesters are really killing themselves is heterosexuals are they doing that I'm not surprised. And I did winning child. Yet to be normalized somebody needs to check those judges social media. Am. I gesture are twice president trump and I easing his judge that he has installed wide and I hang back and wondered about this for a long time. Is she like Democrats have the ability to get their cases. In parliament judges but we don't have the ability to get hours in front of judges we have what I think that's because a lot of these are rulings come out of the ninth circus where a lot of the judges are liberals so I. I don't. The trying to figure that out for a long time. I yeah I am is mystified. As you walk. 803471063697130. Cent. And by the way and judicial watch does an amended check cinema chuck him into something good. We hear this you know is unaccompanied minors before suffering children he. They're not all miners and their not only innocent. Reports included those. A thousand. Processed into the United States so far found by judicial watch. That were. Did you don't miners they're listed as an unaccompanied minors in and battery to come into the country right. Yes. Among those who have committed a murder for the drug cartels. Up prostitution running prostitutes. Sexual predation. Dreaded. Deal she cut at the DNA company might as you come here and you're I don't know 23 and you claim to be sixteen you don't papers. So we just go check. That we can't share where you are and show you say and a company might Barack welcome the United States. Yet eight is hair raising who Obama let into this country and the reason that coming up in the next hour. This is got to stop folks it's it's just it has to angles. And you know just and chuck is right to me appeasement terms about immigration he's right. He now he is. And you're trying to set a few months ago I'm gonna make this about at this it this mid term about. Immigration. And did the Republicans better and catch release and then GOP illusions and. Does. I wanna loose. They don't talk about immigration it had to do something about it text your race that topical at the murder. John your head all or management need to call nano environmental solutions. In probably ocean to. Sure it's your I live about four minutes away from tired call had house remember that day because check crate and majestically rode through different jarred our horse. Diddy now. Diddy. So what's great empty kind of mention QCQ not really sure if that's true or not he's a good guy I could see on a horse.