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The Tara Show
Wednesday, July 11th
US military lowering physical standards again; Group pushes to remove white people from campus; Trump pushing NATO members to pay their fair share

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This. Rob I new fitness standards. Push absent. No sedan this. Not easy it is one we pick up the remote again and again yes. I feel like thirty those in rapid sequence. Yemen violence in. And my. That read even doing Jimenez put Simpson him. It's insidious nexus is being at a which will supposedly better simulate a physical demands encountered on the battlefield. Opal. Who says nothing to do with their recent announcement that like I wanted to access to your 80% of the population now is like they can't. That they became sick because they're too fat. So here's jumped some new items that are going to be included spinning backward power throw of a ten pound ball. Doesn't sound too hard. Home three repetitions of an increasing strength dead lifts when they proposed two week range of 122420. Pounds of foreign tournament of some of the women times. If you're moving furniture even if you're fatty could you could do a couple of those rate. You totally connect. Instead of two minutes of us sit ups. And pushups. Two mile Oren we'll. I hope. Wedeman. Tim has a push him to his absence and a two mile run will be retired. Before the end of the deck kidding. Turn can. Gentlemen need to hold Taylor for him yearning for nicest human scent. They're after us after after you. You get stuck your anatomy Emma you know now got to be able to run 803471063. Sects like 71307. Okay CDC this. I'm Mike Nash Ari. On the eighteenth to free university this kind of think your don't hold diversity thing with inclusion right we want everybody included didn't. Mom and yeah efforts reverse he's okay that's finance and you would only make many out we want things representative Ari I'm I'm I'm I'm on board with all that. Brey. Knew we might be good people kind people mentally people. That has been flipped on its head. At colleges are you watching what's going on with this. A California University. As their actual campus policy. Is not it they're not they're not working on policy of include city. Now. They are working. There are yours not mine to reduce the number of white people. On campus. So that's the opposite of inclusion. Yes this is eighth Reggie White people. Our lowest increase of people I'd tell I've color and campus. They say. Com and to decrease the number of white people. So when people got to got. It was inclusion it was. Well white people can make it Marines taken but we didn't make sure that we you know we take other people who might have been dissidents or whatever they argue it was a time. Now let's eliminate white people had he seen a shift here. This does every I could you do stack every day I don't get to a lot of the time. Then there's this. University of Wyoming professor University of Wyoming city schools bomb cowboy slogan. And mascots. Dressed ago. It promotes white heterosexual. Masculinity. White heterosexual masked women can't have that. Moon can't have this open whiteness. So this is Hillary share. This is generational a racer. History of this is from the professors the history of cowboys of course is much more diverse. Then that racially and presumably also have for sexual orientation but the image. Adored cowboy means. Often talk almost everybody tech and I'm almost everybody said the US is the white heterosexual man. Skies are tendency Brokeback Mountain. I just a parent does not embarrassing ourselves as an institution across as yeah do you wanna have anything Reuter mail meaning simultaneously. Associated with him in that is. That is embarrassing. This watch this this this. This this is the new normal for these people. Folks and it's. Not it's. It is. Texture so much for art Luther king's I have a dream speech or whatever happened to the don't judge by color of someone's skin of their content of their character. Yet you're supposed to look at content of character at all and nicest she's totally the color of the skin. Tracy you Ichiro is an army Radisson never written by officers that have been an actual combat. You'd never holds a rear end until you've done it under fire just say. LO well pre show is all well. Thank you. For your service to our country. A big piece in the new PTC it is for the army are nothing more than a what's the occasion. Both our military. Should put Mexico on the list of countries banned from coming to the US. Yeah. But here's another one. Try should take into Jackson approach when he ruled was ruled against basically saying where is your army to enforce it. And sixty says that C. Tom bishop put the abandon children at the border of the Mexican children. And Central American children issue private adoptions perhaps send to parents who bear and they're drilled at an initial offer green card will lose that motives. Capital. A terrible what's going on and get back in about 9 o'clock hour. I'm here at two mile I had to let our rent is still any army PT test where are you reading and is being remit. It is still NS says she still do it but it does not count as mandatory any more than and replaced with like five other things. The sixers is the real issue is how they are going to change the scoring system yeah so it doesn't. Is this fatty can't call real reruns and mr. protect us. Boy texture is pretty apparently those people at the college have never seen Brokeback. Mountain. It's not techs are actually wrote a hint and the IRA. Ads you're calling all white heterosexual American males to take money out of the system and quit working but he had networks. At this is one day for congress to fix this. And finally. I wanna know what general Mattis thinks about the new PT rules how ever I don't think the FCC will allow you to tell us. His responds. I'm gonna jump Condo lion it wins Cary Ann in Greeneville. A am January re tired air force lieutenant turn Ellison true. Yes man on. I know wolf thank you so much for your service we it's it's very much appreciated here would would what do you think about Alicia. It's going on. It madness. Fitness is. Important matter what you do or he marvel here in the military. And it's not just to combat situation particularly actually about but. It it's you're leadership in your fitness acquired. Chew set example for every one is under review. And if you could shack all her at all adding your your entire unit that will emulate yeah. I understand we're going to drown in that we're going to shoot yes dot technologies but the fact of the matter is it that isn't anywhere near it. You're gonna have to moved quickly and potentially picked up a whole other. And it didn't. Do trailing ten counts for you know the grenade hit it. That's a clarion. You know this is literally taking out somebody who. You know while you yourself are wearing a helmet which it carries weight eat it requires. Pretty serious neck but all you hold that up and walk around it got the idea A which is down. Slate bitter rhetoric in here it's here we had eight. And then hear your debt that it goes on and break it all here this year and your alma. And I know that you know about your chandeliers here. Hello wait a lot well you know what you re cannot wait a lot more than nine mill you probably got about one or the other at least. And then you you usually got a backpack on your your stand shop they really are and tell all that it got it how about that on. It is ill are wary of any comfort. You're supposed to get it on the dock. And it got boy you know you wait yourself you wait you're here and then you have the potential of wait another person. Is they're here and they are stopped. And you know I would say that the minimum debt leapt at the time I was. I would 125 pounds and you didn't get let the guy that ED right your body weight and I realize that that crowd. Right you can't beat the (%expletive) In the gym bag he not able to pick that you know up on Conrad and that it gives you. Until I literally trained to pick at my ate my biggest back to crack. And and hours you know something that. It's not required. We will not be required. And we'll definitely result in people who are left to compare it could be yourself. So it is the worst case scenario I got back at you get you can bet I don't Haifa street can. You know ugly got it and you don't have to rent secure mild right you really don't know it gonna get you to my home. And I appreciate it in black hawk down the wonderful mark Allen a book and dumped. If you had a night a lot of running but my my point which you know but then I got back and. Baghdad I recovered enough to go to the Pentagon instead guys should. I hear you but at least you liking your achievement we got to do you have to be able to all. Me. After about 200 yards. Listen Jerry heavy stop and relentlessly. Relentlessly miss with the ability to focus Greek. And don't you know there's a thing called eleven mile and that's pretty cool you bet it's mom and back but I would. The retina quarter mile how fast can you run. You know with the same bag every move back like iron. And perhaps you go upstairs as well because. You chill rain it is never. Miss it by definition. When you need it your tree is going to be horrible. Go. Mikey and in the black since they often see only that survivor maybe that drone operator. In about a. College armed. Karen I gonna say I am totally impressed I was gonna tell you about the time that I held my husband moved the couch onto flights is there's one time. All but you can't just and I have to say I think that was the most stringent than I've ever done but compared DO I'm not to embarrass myself. I had put it down a couple of times if ice is today on my tail and we would open all of pound. Add so what are we yeah I mean they if you if you need to have better put a good physical seniors what do we need everybody so fat I mean you did you see the numbers are a huge number of people can't qualify for the military so. What do we just. Have a twelve months. Physical training period instead of 63 weeks and we do. Eat you know I I can't say elegant you know mandatory. And it yet at the programs out there if only that we want. He's gonna get you there and that's bad luck that I Rick I meant and I didn't know anything about it I need. Follow the standard that the military that Ernie I would. We'll run in I would do shots and he's sad and interesting that he you get twenty trichet the minute you're at beach is really neat bit. And I walked back in the Pentagon that the that this crap. And a huge. You really got to do an at the time to 2006. Debbie knew that they're. At all like what they picked up all you college it was. You know I wish it was something that are tailored for the special operators that what they're doing how did you get like you are. And you know after my experience on the street but I I think I am. Your signature will go Kilmeade what do I do and they're kinda this year but I would think that. Out mandatory process. Period full stop and some cool. Odd expulsion. It fat people and if you don't make that you don't make it do that much of retirement at a bad. Threw well yet that coming next that's tough Karen Ann in Arabic certainly appreciates a phone call I don't know what the answer is. Rampant but just talking about is so much more extensive and turn at ten pound medicine ball. So I'm it was just have to rely on intern operators I had a no one knows the answer is with the military again thank you so much for your phone call. I very much appreciated appreciate. Knowing that a FE now retired air force lieutenant colonels listened to show that practice displacement. Until it does. Speaking of making my day. This makes my look let me set this it's a bit this is Obama. In. That years ago in twenty. Tech I tech. In and twenty cent take a listen to what he said back then reminisce. Oil is a finite resource. We consume more than 20% of the world's oil would have less than 2% of the world's oil reserves. 22 at 2010. Might. Today this gives me tingle up my leg. Yeah this is a Bloomberg US is set to become world's top oil producer government says oh a year ahead of schedule. And nineteen yeah AA forecast of the United States what averaged nearly twelve million out barrels of crude a oil production a day. If the forecast holds that maybe US the world's leading producer of crude. I'm sorry Barry what we've same. And that's part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean. Because we're running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water. For decades. We have known the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were number. For decades we've talked and talked about the need to an America's century long addiction to fossil fuels. And for decades we have failed to act with a sense of urgency that this challenge requires. Dan we're adding oil. And you know what I used to citizens show ID IDs peak oil people calm some humor Republicans. And in your fired up. It did some. Parents who knows now we're not a Iran of oil yeah. About then cone anymore. And Conan. That you don't it is problem that we have for now is this is what's amazing. Were a year head scheduled become the world's number one producer of oil. Again that clip was 2010 I know about it and I. Jeanne we could be getting so much more than market but you know why we're not. Transportation log jams. Which we kid where we're having trouble transporting me that's a much of yeah any idiot environmentalists won't let us build dread the oil pipelines there the ones who are funded by armed. The Russian government mr. Barrett collusion. Yeah anger at Greenville news trying to you know keep us from building oil and natural gas pipelines. Across land to to move. But so yeah. Oil said Barea what would study says our web it will busy yapping about tech to ten years ago. Time and again the passport has been blocked. Not only by the oil industry lobbyists but also by a lack of political courage. Yet oil industry lobbies or trying to tell you there was no peak oil you idiot. And camp for decades. We have known the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were number. For decades we've talked and talked about the need to end America's century long addiction. Okay yeah wherever. Number one producer in north of oil. In the world age. Years. Later. Listen. Universal truths far I'm folks are far apart don't listen to them to listen what they said then and don't listen to what they're saying now. It anti China headed or where. Am I wanna watch that thing. Yet if you put the innkeeper to try and like standard I was standard is unaware warned. He's such blood flow and got a blood flow by 8% of the brain. Slurs you're a processing down and in extreme cases could cause a stroke if you're prone to back. So be careful. You loosen a sucker up. And then we find this out. Your draw could be giving you headaches. Yet another study -- percent of women in the world where the wrong broadside is if you're one of them you can now add stressed your shoulders which can lead to headaches back pain and neck pain. Nancy policies bras to type. He think. My short it's hard icy show I don't think she has that the blood to flow to go and she could remember Mitch McConnell saying yesterday. He's the head of the sent that guy should get sent. It. Our solution everything on up to get to work. Larry meanwhile to see this. In shale gas dealt with this is about. Saturn are never brought I've had her ball and he's Wal-Mart just three field each State's most uniquely popular today should ignore. This DO CU you knew you you you slipped today should be at the pay for that she weren't real black really dat you should have to have. So what do you have to have the most in the suitcase so in Alabama it's K mixed. But that can go to store and get tempered okay enact Tyrod it was the ingredients for so mores I don't brown sugar. Kansas instance Rama noodles a little prominent house. At Mississippi cream of asparagus soup. Learn and he piano but that in South Carolina. It's there was some. Can't help warmer Sheen yet you're holding your hand. Some of the you break him and how did you just holding her hand when you're currently in warms her hands when you hold them. We're doing the dose. And look to end nobody knows how does it mean he would I can see. George records colds. It's common Massachusetts. Most popular today shipping order questionable wipes and I know what kind of personal emergency that is. And now. Yes so what you swing set for right except I think a hunch eighty a lot of hunting year. Khatami would what do you use them for 80347. When I was 63 text point 71307. Meanwhile. Trump is doing. It had to NATO summit today I was means or he's gonna go over to Europe he's already over there and I he's gonna make everyone mad. Good. Good. Heather say Childress I had one of the best. Breakdowns of this on foxy she seems to have a better grasp of the whole trade thing than just about anybody else on their air. Com and choose which which is doing is broke. And it explains the whole purpose of the terrace and a whole the whole thing with Europe is to open up markets for American goods. That is the girl. That is a that is what he's trying to it is the fastest way to jump start manufacturing. Right. So we tried that tied a whole trump thing again he concede. What he's doing and it's brilliant he's tying. Economic success. And together with national security and any said he was gonna do that. And and now he's doing and it is amazing thing to watch. So let me just tattered shelters in explaining next. At what's going on here on English printed was he just well on the Germans and French Tuesday could these new pipeline deals with Russia and by the natural gas oil whatever. From from Russia and same part of same vice prost Eastern Europe is. Piglets. Well president chops tough talk is not what many of these native leaders are used to hear it. A Wyoming senator or member of the foreign relations committee John process says that it is helping the president do something than his predecessors. Could it to get other countries to pay up. President is right for too many years. NATO has not been doing enough and president trump is not the first person to say that. Dwight Eisenhower said that when he was president in the fifties but Donald Trump is one of the first ever actually get action. The NATO countries have paid fourteen billion more dollars now that he's in office over here then they did under President Obama because president trumps. Tough talk America first. Really made the difference the US should pay more to defend NATO the NATO alliance. In the different NATO countries were right there in the location do they're supposed to go 2%. Very few of them have now many more are up to that level but there's a lot that they haven't paid over the years and it's time to catch. Yet I teased this a pay 2% of your GDP. And they're not. So that together with yeah he's d.s he's fresher cutting deals by the well mention gas. From Russian Elena could be buying it from us and then they want us to turn around and pay 70% of the NATO bill. To defend us from who would. Where's the Russian Internet company in. The oil natural gas the gas fumes as 80% of their economy the Russian economy. It makes a lot of sense what he said that Germany sitting way up to 70%. You know on their energy from Germany may yet we're paying to protect and Germany's spinning it I am getting it from Russia but yet we're sending money protecting Germany for Russia doesn't make a whole lot of sense he's right. But does it make any sense. Act here is that common never trump Burma column they sometimes into a trooper Stephen Moore. Operating in town hall dot com. And and it's starting to get it some of these are Republicans he's so long term establishment types. Europe is pretty European allies have created anything but its plant level playing field. There's shares or about 30% higher than ours. And this is not included ten to 20% value added taxes slept on American price when they hit the shores of Europe. Took solar allies that he is not against free trade but it must be reciprocal. And right now it is it's. See you're you're spreading money with their with the Russians the joyous to pay to protect you from the Russians. Meanwhile is trying to set again this morning it would 151. You know billion dollar trade deficit with Europe well of course we do. The second only to China. For couldn't drone of trade barriers certain goods can't compete there markets. Is ridiculous. How badly we're getting killed. Here's a trump. At this NATO summit. We're protecting Germany will be checking in France we're okay all of these guys these men and numerous other countries to automate the pipeline deal with the Russian. Well okay. Billions of dollars into the coffers of Russian and I think that's very inappropriate so you can tell me instead. I can complain about this. From the time you should never have been allowed to happen I have to bring it up getting his furniture are fast he's very good sure taxpayers. I think he's got consensus I'm not noticed any user that just I don't know immediately. Scenario. So he's tying it all together. And is prone. It's absolutely Britain. But we're gonna continue subsidizing beat a military in any blocker goods to deport east anticipated to lead to protect this outrageous what we Bridget. And it's awesome that he's challenging them and I hope he wins a dip. Text your race addicted to will no empowered to bio oil. With Earl products for fuel and the raid machines with guaranteed is and even flaw. Ash gas and oil are awesome okay so tester race. Nancy Pelosi burns on her prized years ago. Let me know what does something's obviously restricting the blame for a flow to her parents I don't know what to what it is. On the tie is a joke people aren't Aaron sit next to was making politicians dumb as a box of rocks. Guest showing what what is so Carolina the number one thing we're today shipping apparently is those hand held hand more rumors. You know the ones. They work two ways you can hear the hunt still is stimulate the heat by a dope didn't rationing your hands he can break him what I can't and Norman his keeper hands warm. And that was the thing most popularly two day red shipped to two people in the state. What what what are you doing what. Tech story to get a personal emergency requiring flexible wipes. Listen Stanford which when some think the midwest. They were emergency shipping flashlights. If you think personal emergency requiring flexible keeps you need them a lot sooner than two days yeah I think so too. Boy antics during steer is need to policies brought to tell you just threw open my mouth so assist Jeff sorry about that Jeff. Tech stories you'll look on YouTube for instruments was handled worse. And it should do that. There is that can. Trick up the porn filter in my nevermind. Ancestor rates Adam. Powell I would dollar deal and even. And that makes sense is we're among the most intoxicated people in the nation nest sure. We show up and drive and drink and drive down more than just about ever anybody else until people one more in that state we told about those studies. This is okay text your rates for earrings or Google hand warmer Ers and you're assisting. There's your answer. Apparently can. Do. Some thin. And that would allow. And gal okay. Hit more hours or most commonly used in this state to heat up cold urine samples for drug screens very popular way to trade cheat to test. Does it work. Yet text your answers painter please keep us informed on a minor sisters kidnapped by illegal aliens by the famous sentence an Indonesian media continues to ignore this issue and pray for their safety. And there will be. Yeah we do. We yeah we ups and oh by the way did you see this fabulous new invention. So guy has invented a Smart Smart Smart phone handgun. Now okay I'm oh era for the 2.0 version is not tell you one minute. The idea conceal Smart I didn't know Smartphone handgun. Is now in production and shipping to dealers around the country. This guy Kurt Jo burg. Created a handwritten got a hand and it looks like a cell phone she's not actually soft today could actually make you people actually that would be awesome. That was actual soccer softened but anyway the main difference between a handgun in the Smartphone. I said the former fires two rounds for self defense will lateral unless you dial 91 why after you've been attacked and need for responders. Is terrorism and away from two players as are many more than two rounds. You can teach you the shot that I am Ayman and the need at least five to get the job done. Up this idea Joseph explained that his motivation for making the garden was to give Americans a way to carry their self defense told discreetly. He Sid joke you know one a little child a boy about seven and some neat as it is is is at a restaurant and said mommy mommy that guy's got a gun and a whole restaurant of course turns and there's issue. I did just got to be something better to do Dennis. He said the decision to use the Smartphone designed grew out of his desire to allow people to carry without having to engage other people. About why they're carrying. That got this this is where the idea still Smartphone gun. Goes to rounds of us to Rihanna. But the three act OK and part of the gun folds out to make a grip. In the Pentagon is needed in self defense situations. So there you get looking for Christmas to fight as are many more ample capacity in the eyes two rounds that keep the job done for me. Tester is here are you running out of topics Hannah mourners come up may. Show with more info you can't get anywhere else did anybody else on here is an enormous that you mention it. Now that the consultants may need to. That a that was turned to the chair shocks me if I do to excel stop at least once every ten minutes I apologize will move on. Text reads here in order to keep the Yankees dead body warm until we can feed them to the gators. Well. Okay. I look at me. Oh my gosh have you seen this. School. District GG KGU member. When eat at Republican Party spent millions. Dollars doing that electoral postmortem. On why Mitt Romney didn't win. And it would to concluded was because he should have been for amnesty and illegal immigrants rake is to win it all Hispanics why is like older illegal immigrant friends to come with a rate. This should they went. If we get that they know is to get. Once tried the opposite. How does that work in. 61% of Hispanics agree with trump. Instead of the Democrat party's immigration plan. Charlotte is not so good I know this. Six in tennis fans know poll six in ten Hispanics say their financially better off. With the trump in off Chris. This and they were a whole lot of not. Only hearts. Yep this is an Emerson College poll that's a liberal pollster. 62% of his British respond or better opera came to finance this 25% to they were where stuff. At a significantly higher than the general population 4642%. Said better off for 26% said worse off. Why you think it he did and continue this way and so what I tell you what we're gonna yank those Hispanic voters right out from under the Democrats.