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Wednesday, July 11th
Anti-Trump FBI activist Lisa Page openly defies Congressional subpoena; Congress isn’t going to do anything about lawlessness at DOJ; Liberals don’t actually care about children, they care about illegally importing voters; Judicial Watch acquires hundreds of documents showing Obama admin knowingly admitted violent illegal aliens posing as children; Trump pushing NATO members to pay their fair share

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Let me know on the takes line today. I'd Cheshire race. Well les page beer rested today if we ignored a subpoena what we lose. Our jobs. And it won't Lisa pages RD I'm I had to quit her job at the FB lie in Xiamen. Found it if we ignored a subpoena will we lose that yeah you try you lose your job. I wouldn't surprise me now and be arrest warrant out for you so many get arrested and you know. Most places to work that's firing offense especially for network has her arrested. The irony in this OK so DeWitt did cutter Susie she disappeared demanding that Lisa page. Appear before them. You know the one and that she was so Peter struck slaughter. And I guess they know is hardly the insurance policy and how to risk averse how horrified they are looking at the rest of his trump voters who they see is so Wal-Mart are either of those people. And Ahmed to add to top the FB luck and says she she is Susan attorney cheese heads high ranking FBI turned. Shimmy she did a great. To penis. The penis and buys a warrant applications up with that for regular show mostly cuts. Matched par. She letter her lawyer read a letter to congress. Or listen to music and yeah. Enough time to repair this gonna farming knee is all we need to be diet I eat I got their way error I too. Can you match. Sending that letter to the FB locked. That's a PD yes I I am not gonna have time he's I'm I'm not yet they'd they'd. They throw you in the pack of some kind squad car holly in. So and Jack Weiss. To put together. You know all of the legal stuff needed for the subpoenas. Is so you can subpoena they not want me I don't. Now I'm not going to come when it's convenient for me. Post it if if aren't judicial system. For regular people operated like dead according to a halt. It's just. So. It's I am just absolute. Let's add these two now and what we just learned about Lisa page and Peter struck. Friday OE eight it got paired on the Supreme Court stuff everything going on it was a bubble and did very deliberate it was a bombshell in here. I talk about this for today's. What is a series of emails. John Solomon got a hold out at the hill. John Solomon doing pretty much the only real reporting now for mainstream media reporter on this issue. In lunch other went back and forth so yeah and in big Dave didn't get it on its dirt we Niger Molly strong people. Got to find some bad luck so we get a warrant to spy on. And put it bluntly put that's what they were saying. And what is remarkable about those memos and Lisa page one and it did a couple of people that were exchanging them. About what was so remarkable about those memos Chris from the hill the day after trump surprising win on November 9 the FBI counterintelligence team which included. The zero supreme subpoenas don't let me Lisa page. In days and you mention but let me describe did had a string of emails. Though pride pride to buy another easily ended too soon to string of emails that they wrote a long story but. Singles that they rent. And they were saying setback but later we need is hardest to hold front seat. We lose we have to find a bomb derogatory CI. In front that's counterintelligence and today isn't this just start these investigations from a chain was that a trip to disclose or hey. This person did this in the appears to really wanna go whole. Tron T. Is go through one by one we find any dirt. That's not have a Fourth Amendment works folks died stats start that. So this woman. Whose sit around up there at the FBI when she's not you know. Issuing the subpoenas and doing the work Arab League or to get them is an intern. Is trying to find dirt. On his emptying cushy like a and yeah your position is. Subpoena me. Dot. Of course he truly it's doing greener. It is tried congressman Dooley thin I would actually recall caught you know we require Paul Ryan in nineteen. Had some sort of vote you know enemy. Censure from congress content to content channel attack. You know and I'll get a Lisa page you might well. All is documents containing her crimes have been under subpoenas relate you know a year and well he's Blue Mosque and congress isn't doing anything. And other happens is trade data entry Gabby bangs his fist against the desk and says that's that's gonna happen but then never does as she just goes back to falling earn else. Isaac is did X. Paris did it's I don't kids to establish the edit it. If if you won it and comply with European data be fun but you know and he don't feel it comply with the subpoena than you know we'll be OK with that to. Trying to find his throw quick justice's son. Average diskette. No I don't have an. And putting instead it was a scene. And she was just freaking out last week because of Sardinia Devin Nunez is on there is Jeff does a good guy. Other DeVon is was saying hey you know Werner cracked aren't they don't meet our deadline and she's like. Yeah NN day and you have given a deadline to turn over the subpoenaed material Ali there's been like three of them in the last two weeks they keep ignore you mean are it's some points. Our our knowledge herd and I he active fire are not ever going to you know make some comply have a vote centers somebody has some didn't. Now. So let's is going Soledad. So recently and you know if she my show I mean by gosh why should she. Why should she show I I you know I would almost say I I would does she ever shows. His that would require actual. You know not vote to be scheduled by Paul right to disconnect here is this judge Jean wood seven minutes. After early return of. Ended up off of all it's what I wanna know now is if they don't deviant and information. What Kenyan doomed the FBI DOJ you've given them more deadlines. Now if we had yesterday they were supposed to get a stop now maybe Monday or Tuesday. This investigation's been going on for you are at some point don't you guys feel I'm good tip. The FBI DOJ about plenty of opportunities. To tell us what happened before July 31 what they have they have not right I am not they have not. Now ultimately hear the president of the United States is his DOJ and his FBI. And at some point here he needs to get involved. Additionally translate what definition said there was a calm on the carpet. Congress hasn't been doing. Ran out and doing. Yeah nudism surely loved is that he's a good guy he's been eased beyond then you know probably the number one person congress finding that the Kennedy tempted to want a president. I'm by the Intel agencies. This is detonate as essentially saying listen I can get power and called by the action and get them to not do anything but have trade gap to bang on table. Say bad things happened with a minute to do so he's saying is you know I I it's not to have a chance gonna have to do. Turns out to do. So that's where we are. 803471. A 63 tax on 71307. Meanwhile. Should the Democrats who don't. And Democrats every discovered the constitution which aren't they do not light. When the Supreme Court justice that you nominate wants to implement anything having to do with the cost is like actually follow the constitution freak out. But don't you lose the constitution. To save our democracy. Windy here. What they're planning to do if the GOP. Approves Brent Cavanaugh. Sure it's. President turned to the only one they do not have anything on he is the only one that can do something. Without repercussions. Oh yeah okay getting down on the jester race. The breadth of defies a Lawrence scooped up much of congress is they do anything now be exposed to the crooks and perverts they are the FBI knows that. Jester race about Sarah Brecht had not let's force left into a long expensive fight make them hire more protesters. Reduce their advertising budget going into the mid terms. I. As she's George Soros is money down. Now. Text your race if Lisa page can give pie with it ignoring a subpoena that improves my theory designed testicle in congress. Mean. People let it carry guns need to learn to conceal them properly. Iannetta check your rates elicited a mystery of these hand wars being the best seller four yes would put people fast shipped the most indices South Carolina analyst for the whole country. Hand murmurs. In the south rim McEntee like you know leaner and mark asylum from my part here. Where do all it does Sam farmer's. Text rates used to work in a factory in every one near lake to smoke. His and so what they like to smoke everyone they're like to smoke we all had fake urine and him were immersed in the car. They care. And somebody else's turn to actually fake your we had fake urine and he enormous in a car for ransoms. And we knew would work because that's how. We got the job. Obama and at. Texting back and let me know which solar manufacturing. So I cannot not buy it. Indeed this American meeting is overrated after all. I don't know rate. Boy where to begin. I write it great to someone or something this is this very Broward go back to what is going on. Artwork is a huge thing just happens. And I I forecast this a couple of weeks ago. About this judge's ruling and I says keep it would take the conservative media a little while to catch on just so much going on and I nailed office. Not contrite I had a feeling what was going on here Kindle ever does anything for no reason. And it just if disagreement children from the parents divorcing was a big deal and one to members travel that they weren't on it today took office. They would have done it you know his first job they did it's thing care but children being separated and they didn't care Obama does so what's going not. And you could how was going on when he. A liberal judge immediately. Arm responded all the protests. With a ruling that said it to kids had to be reunited with the parents. And I said this is going to be devastating. Because the noise they can reunited with the parents. And still need the floor as ruling which says that the kids have to be released within twenty days. The leader released the parents tell. They had this whole thing the Astroturf protest three Tamara is tears all of back. Which is disastrous her. In order. On to force the catch and release of the parents and kids. It was open borders if you if you did you come here. Your freak you you used Venturi days in prisons up there that they are going to let you go with you can 120 days. They're gonna have to which is burst into virtual Obama or straight. As a brain intact. As a dead that's what the judge was doing well it turns out it was ray. I its course and much much worse than to see what happened yesterday. This is an outrage on so many levels another liberal judge. At kicked in a second rule. Here's a and on you you probably heard it. And this courageous so liberal judges ordered to the kids be reunited when that order was only to force Department of Homeland Security to release everybody's just explained rate. Judge June 26 federal court ruling mandated children under five years' age age as custody. I'd be reunited with parents if they were separated at the corner. Right. Rob and good guys showed that trek people should not and we can't just you know did turn and lose in a parking lot what they're supposed to press wood on the other parents are. This time to DNA test is judge says okay well that was yesterday was the deadline July 10. And with some of them they dig they haven't reunited him and the reason they haven't reunited them is. That the parents. We're two parents. Or. A lot of these press Democrat to be charged with murder. Cinema had been charged with the rape. Various other serious crimes. Had gang affiliation is accused of child abuse. All of that and a government is refusing to reunite them even though the judges ordering them to because a singer and we can't place children and adults who are completing the checks. I would note never go model ultimately you know locally you engines don't get off the first person came to pick them up my ear had to kick. You fire on everyone went Arkin Jack people would be outraged. The judge yesterday ordered. Forget it no more DNA testing that would add to an ad anymore. Just not to take US China just dump kids with whoever brought them and how to do it again. And if the kids aren't your kids in if they're not your parents have been Charney who cares. Well DHS right now is refusing. So I don't know what's gonna happen standup it's about time refused wanna be stupid liberal orders on something Anderson now we're not we are not let them go until we did you know DNA test to figure out who's who and what's what. So that is going on right now at the border and they had a for the for the purpose of the case they had a hundred representative sample 'cause they can't control of thousands of cases they have right now for reunification. I'm a sample. There's a hundred suing the sample. Of that at least fourteen. Have not been arena with the parents because he doesn't question aren't your parents. Are or have been convicted of serious crimes including rape and murder above about Syngenta said I don't care and in that reunited with sentiment in the country. Is that you know look the left to care so much for children OK no DNA testing food. Worst racial matters tears. As cruel. And that is that's it they don't care. They don't care they want dumped into the country now let's celebrate part rights. Com this is it it didn't give parents then that actually the parents. These parents have according DHS officials been fitted with electronic monitoring bracelets and releasing new US. I because they brought children with them illegally across the border. This catch and release policy is effectively may mandated by illegal for illegal aliens arriving would children. Young prince five by judge separates rule. Scientology. Along with US district judge Dolly g.'s refusal Monday to modify the 1997 floor as a testament to what happened was they asked her hey listen. You have for a settlement it says the delicate kids go after twenty days if you put together. Would judge judge severance Roland says after twenty days all illegals could dump to go free in the US with the kids if they have a kid. She went rot modify so right now we have wide open border. Crisis. We have an absolute wide open border if you bring it came with a. And I don't you grab me this is fully hit the conservative media yet I expect them after the spring part article to begin figuring out a bit out of the next couple days. So put together. The Astro turf it's the crying in their so he had hearing after years of Obama doing an about kids being separate what was about to get court ruling. Over the border. If you have a kit. If you dedicate this year opened the door open a port yet he stuck. To try this perilous the suffering that eventually the Supreme Court will rule on this. Jenna does Libya eighteen months two years from. Elliott could only get a four because I mean putting the pieces this to gonna create a big for you for a couple of weeks. This can we be asking the question. At this whole Boris who has heard the. Get rid I daisy scream Rihanna to kids. Ammerman I pulled it and the American people including blacks Hispanics were trapped. Not you know in in much larger numbers and they were with. The Democrats so why the Democrats doing something go into the mid terms that hurts him anyway because the games are much bigger long term they think like that. And the reason they had to open the borders now. Which he's judge's rulings. Liberal judges. Again it comes back to the Marxist president whose just select. Who's now going to make it open Mexican policy. A dig your patriotic duty is to rush the border and integrate. So as to dissolve the border between the US and Mexico and that the Mexican government will help. Facilitate the trip to the border getting everywhere all the stuff they gotta do McGovern is actively for the first time gonna admit to this that's going to be government policy. They are the less sun is my home. Okay so he's just and millions and remarks aboard a moderate like nothing we never see great if if if they listen and do what he wants. We finally in my over the border. And this is the ingenious play scream about the kids. Odd got a theory united judges again got to let him go on the American side boob. To this kids today you saw the kids today when you go right over that border welcome to America. It's brilliant. It's for I think is expedite this case the Supreme Court or some that in this is got to stop. Text your recent border policy pretty judge's ruling would be any criminal Mexican who wants to escape to the United States only needs to kidnap the kid. Or pay a good some for one and that we'll get him into this country as a refugee yeah. Judge they don't want to DNA test. They know what exactly for trump sits his stall. They wanna Ribery on gladly right over the boring you know who cares if it's the kid's parent or somebody who conducted they don't care. They don't care. Sure is winter federal judge is saying kids. I have to go back with so called parents. Any kid is murder of the crime the judge should be prosecuted. Moon even have to know about it for that have been enemy won't reported. Text stories did judge shouldn't modified a ruling congress should act never mind solving problems is in part of their job stretched description. It is the fault the congress. Is is I didn't know they like this they like to say did you serve kid any kid kidnap the kids and Mac and dumb you are easy to get across the border. Guys are we have virtual open borders right now. As we have because it is judge's ruling. I mean more so than we have had in a long time because trust department Homeland Security is powerless to stop them. Basically good kids up for kids five under welcome to the country. I guess some kids five and older man it can hold both you for twenty days immaculate go. I had I had the immigration judges to process all these people. So trumps hands have been tied by two liberal judges who really can't when they call we mimic lineup. I of course it makes Lauren lake overrule delivered just what America wanted. Is they like deflect. And you have kids get hurt by this allow. And for a judge to say you can't have the tiny need to DNA test these are supposed to kids and parents got to let him go. When the trump administration has presented evidence in court. It's of these people claim to be about the claim EB parents are their cards so their murders. They are convicted criminals in Mecca you know in Mexico from Mexican prisons and they don't care. Bill and put America it'll end up. No DNA test that the time Caroline go. It's done is sit and. And if I if if if there's anything that racial man hour be crying about it's that. This is just going on to cause more and more and more at peace until or did you hear the other thing that's going on out. There are thousands of kids being dumped at the border right now. The and a company might Hearst or did you just dumped there went to Paris I think they take him up to the border for the and a coyote do it and they dumped them. They just didn't. Now why is that don't break part right about that today there's thousands of every month. Why is that happening this is just so cool and so sit in congress should should fix this but they don't care. Because if you are an unaccompanied minor at our border. And you don't have any parental figures. They're just gonna not do your longest which you get. Green card. Green card green card comes with a automatic pathway to citizenship. And guess what happens. The day they rewards you with gray car. Which automatically get if you're an unaccompanied minor dumped there by the parents is went crystal won this weather dampened. It's what you get. On the David they did they report the green card. You have ash helpful government paid person who begins the application. After the chain migration for the rest your family and who comes first. Parents. Yep. So they're dumping them off. At the border because infants. Has it chain migration the truck has begged them to fix. Opened Paul Ryan would not removing the bill. Border Patrol found the three year old yesterday. Wondering along the river at their butts and the US by herself. As one in the launch and been dumped by a coyote. Three years old. The US senate cruelty. And yet where's the GOP leadership. Knowing they're finally that they like it. Where is the Democrat leadership other totally in favor this. One I'm most heartbreaking could somebody that I played recently granted a backup cannon was AM Border Patrol guy he's on CNN. I started I just lastly a couple of weeks. Washington nine year old die if he struck. Nothing they can do was too late for a time they found him in the desert. Nine no parents title and all the could do was ultimately died. Now. If racial mad cow once did to gripe but that but that would be a thing to cry about. This is what they do. And they don't care. This is what the Democrats in Republican leadership they are doing to thwart trump. So there's added here's literally ate a civil war I battle for control reporter going on between the president and products. And that Dylan Paul Ryan I just failed miserably an internal embarrassment to him in the chamber. Pop rang as speaker of the house he's a Republican leader of the house. That failed it Kathy Jane I British. So none of those who's gonna change you should be using his I was prostituting children at the border. Which is an outrage I feel for that they ear in this sense. And nobody cares. Any irony of it is the people who care the most the ones who did did isn't doing them did they reported break pardon the ones blocked on FaceBook. Can't hardly seabright particle that share 'cause nobody wants you know the truth. Meanwhile judicial watch got all of that is. Finally to earn 24 page documents. In you know it is shocking documents. That unaccompanied alien children you're the kind being done to the border. Out process during EO Bobby Ers and assimilate into the country given green card rates at its green card when the lottery fulfillment comes. Press sister in your bunny ears included violent criminals drug smugglers and human traffickers. Who pass themselves off as kids we knew we Letterman anyway. Is it to be trailed by our government. It is it is an important reports. Causes the thousand force they have organized into four general categories listen to this unaccompanied minors many in the murder. Lung damage thirteen threading does what trade. Admitting to drug smuggling molesting other unaccompanied. Minors and seriously assaulting unaccompanied minors or staff. There'll into the country these this is a pilot was let into the country but the reports on them. Read like this city category. Of heady days some bureaucrats at the time to sort them into four categories healthful. And a company miners who were raped and molested in to the US. A fabulous. You know we are central BO CC should originally appear that's why we give her birth control but. Should degree carton and all cut some great. Paul Ryan loves this. Cat ornament pre US government contractors and employees allegedly assaulting or having sexual relationships with unaccompanied minors fabulous. Our Josh did victimized Carson does didn't get victimized by us. And other number four category other incidents crimes abuse so far. There were all Lyndon. Some seabirds simply let these people are. A militant unaccompanied minor at DB CFS shelter for a fan that Fairfield California admitted. During is interview being forced to kill. While working for the Gulf Cartel in Mexico. There's a dreamer for yeah and you adamant. A mill company miner being cared for at the heart and international RC facility written report that even an MS thirteen gang member for year. Another guy says he'd been made to kill three people by a drug cartel and now I'm sure is granted. A male unaccompanied minor cows and kids. Told another and mail back their I generate this I am going to repeal and they let him in a yet into the country Alexy. All of the kids at KAUSC had worsened peso. And child care center there informing you care worker that all of the kids at peso the and a company Myers. We're snorting white pills and at some residents had brought to pills in the facility in all the residents are snorting white pills. All the time today kids explained they are taking pills because MS thirteen and given them the pills to get them addicted to they could sell them drugs. Yeah here's another 1 AMA LUA Siena company miner had told he said he was MS thirteen gang member have been selling drugs he's also short is the reason gang members maintains used drugs was to get them addicted and make sentiments among up that. And keep my these little ones we let in. An and a company miner who city Jorge is human smuggler. They seeming no. And the since she was the daughter they coyote human smuggler. A mom. And they let curry and let's hear at female. Lou if she does say any kind to attacks a staff member with the chair. After being told to stop in a primary inappropriate sexual behavior toward another person with a knife. We toward the pursuit. Out after she was strange restraints as she tried to stab at unified unidentified person with a knife. She can't and rent the report concludes by saying unaccompanied minor will continue to work on identifying and implementing coping skills Timmy an eternity. They learn their country. It was our streets folks. Now put together with the whole week that I've done here. For illegal immigrants who kidnapped the thirteen of fourteen year old girls there was some the national manhunt formed it's never heard about because they were illegal immigrants. And I was just aghast at what we're living in this country. I AM. They had no we do occur add to confirm that he unaccompanied minors are actually minors. They had they know identifying documents so you say your minor you're 230 well welcome to American is a great anybody. Is where we are as a country. And talking to operate now because these two judges and what they just ruled. It's done it's back to be that I I I don't know what happens next I don't know with Tony. I would actually take and let no stomach hurt. What would congress would they accent instead of just tens of thousands. Arnold and an audience that. Well female I ain't emails he coming and seeing on the judge's ruling yesterday it was effectively. Implemented open borders for all who bring a kid with them. Annie did they have a kid doesn't matter. I your kids somebody else's kids of kitty fan of the desert whatever. Yep. And judges in this press he had to is under five really they didn't even let him go in and it's over five that you can hope for twenty days many panel and go in the country. So get into the US free ticket. Crates in an email to me it's here at 1063 W forty Terry makes it says the parents RD abandoned the kid in the desert so why should they ever be reunited. And question. We would not reunited American who dumped their kid off in Mexico defend for themselves and we charged that parent. It is child abuse to start with so why give a kid back to an abusive. Parents. Just a basic common sense repair. Texture rich. Our reach mad cow has enough to cry about especially when she looks an American morning. Know each. I texture is pro is the opposite of calm and it hence why there is no progress in congress. Man let's see. Victory through humors are for the prize. OK it's your what you do with the rain and I asked and you responded. Boy tester is your entrance is not acting beta judge any judge on immigration he's plenty of plenty heir apparent highest authority but let's let's CNN door legal announces what right Parma Homeland Security saying that they're not dead they're gonna nor the judge's ruling. We're gonna continue DNA testing and not going to reunite these kids with they're supposed to parents until an end to the parents are. You can figure it out. So good for them. For now. Bush video this this is our Simoneau will be talking about this tomorrow at trump the NATO summit. Love when he gets together with European leaders that they do not know how to handle him he's not link any of our other politicians who let them know run all over him. Headline trump blasts NATO allies intense exchange. Since Germany is totally controlled by Russia. Not the kind of thing a guy who's totally controlled by Russia would say no is it. Not so are the arguments from so make he's at the CA listen said he did journey did journey fresh is kind of their big new. Oil slash natural gas deal with Russia instead of less. And I'm we've we've got to lose serve you know we now that went Poland dollar lose he's from European countries thereby international cast O'Brien went. Trump wanted to Germany and France to do that but terming friends to send. Are vying for Russian. So on trust is really saying was you know journeys now vying Seve has 70% of its. Energy bill is going to Russia. Which props them up could see 80% of their economy is based on you know oil and natural gas sales. And he's liking and then and then they turn around and want us to pay 7% of the NATO bill to protect them from gas to Russia. This is you know we can't do anymore is stupid. Charles said it is this is from the article is not fair to American taxpayer that the payers the journey buys oil and gas from Russia. One join me umbrella of defense provided by US dollars. Germany is a captive of Russia he said. Putting out that the country pays billions and billions of dollars to Russia for energy trump said that was inappropriate. Yes you know he's basically saying you you went on the big trip. And I'm he had the energy summit. The villas eastern European countries and L agreed to buy from him. I and then and he snobs Germany and France number he would meet with them. And because they had not agreed to buy from us so he's trying to open up new markets simultaneously while reducing our nailed down. It's awesome. This is just brilliant. Anyway he just slap them around in the media is gonna slap him around for being mean to them but that doesn't change the truth of the matter. So good for them he's he's he's got done and he's got to Germany I am on its heels. Yes it says say is he's basically saying to a peso dropping chair suicide letter seller Carson your markets by the way too and by and you better be you know buying at least some of your. Energy from us. Three how ridiculous inspect. Would pay 7% a NATO bill. Freezing Germany don't have to keep large sitting military. To defend themselves from Russia they've idea oil and natural gas from Russia. Russia gets rich and finds its own military. All the while while we pales billows. Germany and trains are blocking her goods from competing fairly in their markets with terrorists 30% higher than ours on average. I didn't look at a so yeah pay it pay for military to a like a bunch of chumps we did. You understand now why charms seem so angry when he talks in these people. They took us for fools. Harry can't wait to see what else came out of this we'll have updates tomorrow enjoy the day.