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Thursday, July 12th
Anti-Trump FBI activist Lisa Page continues to defy subpoena under threat of contempt of Congress; Trump pushes NATO members to pay their fair share; Trump’s tariffs working to create fair trade

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I guess. Record you judge you you deliberately Dyson subpoena. In the tried delivered to your rape pillage sent up the sheriff's deputies or whatever. Depending on where you live you know the sense a sentiment out. I'm you deliberately dodge a people go running out the back door to do that has a job to bust you doing that. As innocent people to jail for that. You can't just not accept the subpoena. I knew it. And appeared. And I judged it appropriate. Did you idiot if you do that the system would break out rate. Okay. This tournament what a joke of a job congress is right. Lisa page. You know the one of the two levers FBI levers behind the insurance policy that could take out trump. The one sending me emails back and forth that just came out on Friday about where you have to surveil the trying to tee. In order to find some dirt. You know that. Lisa page who is an attorney wasn't turning anti aunt bee line. Average description. What is putting it through gathered the stuff so the FBI could get subpoenas. On other people. In a chumps like you and a FBI elite like her. Answer disputes. Okay. Decade a tight Connie judges would not put up with at least page. Dodged to the subpoena. Bob good leg and the republic had to send a federal Marshal to her house three times. 'cause it could Naylor at. They subpoenaed to appear. I mean what are joke. What an absolute. Joke. And here's a crazy day. Yet the media and bush undercurrent yeah she headed toward nail owner hey you die I know and Leslie do we asked her to peer. Arm before us starting in 2070. She's Boris the hack off that's why we should be here. This is worried this is the complete lack respect congress has hurt it at among the FBI and DOJ if they can do anything. They blame literally thinks they can do whatever they feel. What a joke. She eagle one and he's been holed an in handcuffs it's time. It is it's not meanwhile. This and this is actually it would MSNBC. Record something correctly. It is such a rare kiss it hasn't returned that every we really have to feature your boy this is a Stephanie rule. Al who will probably have eight a short end and not treeless first career at MSNBC after this report I given its accuracy. When the best reports on what's going on NATO actually seen anywhere. NATO and try take a listen. Nevertheless when president John says the US is paying for the lion's share of NATO funding. Your he's talking about the United States contributes far more to NATO than any other country. Both in terms of its share of GDP. And in terms of dollar amount this year the United States will contribute an estimated 3.5. Percent of its GDP to NATO. That amounts to about 706. Billion dollars get your head around this. That is nearly 70%. Of native entire defense budget by way of comparison. The United States. Gives NATO fourteen times more money than Germany does even though the US economy is only about five times larger. Still the NATO Secretary General says countries are starting to contribute more. And listen to who gets the credit. The how are being used to live at home. Yep. So yeah he gave Fred trump credit unless you transport these guys yesterday was just a thing of wonder. Hang tag. Rare it is seriously. In modern age to hear actual truth spoken. Allowed. Why a political leader about anything. Much in Uruguay in overtime 1:2 but I am I but just I have somebody actually said it would go not. It's done in Washington and I know that because I he's stored there or to Miller worked for our member congress. You don't actually say. The tree you find subtle wink wink nod nod ways to save and he says it was not a Washington in the car is especially if your president. You ready very very very subtle because of your position. On everything you say is taking and with you know show much. Waits this year you don't she's strong in anything you set. Then that was the way that things were you know all the way up through George W. Bush. Charles attack that was it he's sitting there giving engine acrimony this would take giving world leaders. A lecture. But it gives you even to listen to the edge and yeah there is talk too much like what. Tony year. They show duration here and there's no belittling his rudeness here this statement of fact. An infection does it mean one spending 706 billion dollars with a beat you just heard that. You know from MSNBC. That's insane. And what a perfect way. Trump was meaning he was mean indeed we need it when you when when you forms will we soon be our friend news. So we can do what. What's Ferguson what is the purpose and name. What is Dino. And it's now. A journal the probes into the crimson NATO is they don't usually mad. About what to do. What is the purpose of nick. Eight at former lieutenant colonel. And NATO commander explained it in the daily caller today the purpose of NATO is what's. To contain. Russia. And to contain Germany that is the purpose and that's why eat it exist as why Russia is not a member of Nina. There's no other reason first be spent hundreds of billions of dollars are NATO. But to contain Russia. It would Germany and doesn't had to guess deal with Russia. Well not funding their own military. Bid farewell you know the US would do it through NATO. What is the purpose of NATO attack. I tried Cink there's here's here's a problem with this. When police and NATO Yu sun an agreement basically says. OK you bomb are going to have to defend these NATO out. You have to defend. If they get attacked. And this would tell colonel XYZ brilliant Emma about putting Obama if he's the page in academic and he's his lesson. I mean these Nader guy is their socialist and so they look at this is redistribution of Willits military wealth and US's richness not fair. And today inside an up like Macedonia. You know on the waiting list as soon to be sworn in Georgia do you crank when we when we may bring an and that means the US our boys and girls have to go and die. Because of the border conflict between Russia Macedonia. Answer that meets. And he's from Macedonia gets a free ride and had to maintain our military America's guess it. We get a deal. And hopefully it's to protect Macedonia from Russia why the heck we don't MS Russia's military by doing gas deals with the that's what charmed is talking about it's outrageous. But here's the worst part of this is where he's where he's really getting. So called a day nears its its title three part of NATO and what it says it is makes sense to think about it. If you're tornado you maintain your military. You maintain a military. They're legal fight to get the members and they. It's what the requirements of belonged. Fracas if you if you have some shoddy lib military would put you. It's an. What looks lieutenant colonels and spreading Dana daily caller is NATO has weakened. The western world not strengthen. Because the Germans are not only ignored the contribution part as MSNBC just explained. They've ignored the military broke apart and instead take in the position. As Ted has much year and US is pay had a paper if we get into armed conflict but they don't. Arafat didn't have to defend this. Today debt to defense Whitney military Marlins spent money somewhere else. We pay we pay we pay and we. Again when the whole producer don't. Is defend Europe from Russia. Well Germany cuts gas outlined deals. With fresh. I go straight to Russian guards to get fresh 80% of their economy they're GDP. Is oil and natural gas. As a fund their military. So we're paying to protect Germany from Russia while Germany pays rash. Building up its military. It is the height of stupidity. NASA this whole thing is about. Actual debate is broke out on a tax line. Tell a story if on how my mom wanted to television's you know back when they were wooden panel tunnel. As my dad came but the genius idea to put one television on cards that you can roll back and forth between the kitchen and living room our city and and we were waitress is it actual debate breaking at that has broken out on its excellent about whether or not my family was way trashed. Look you guys who cracked me campus where you do. Okay. Getting back to exude type stuff. Mean getting back she did you know every kid's gonna let let my sister step back from an and explain his home in it and is much bigger deal in just need to do I care and I don't know I don't. Okay yeah age. As part of a much bigger thank you amber. When trump went to Europe. He did something insane. And I putted out of time how crazy it was but elegant good. The foot because we begun the seller liquid natural gas rate. And a first shipments of it we're leading kind of living on big ships as a try out before ahead of that European visit. You know she's had a pretty sharply Germany and he's talk rallies you know eastern European countries that looks. At the time it is trying just to two armed peel off. Eastern Europe you know formerly Soviet republics that are now very conservative. Column from Europe out of uncle mark goals orbit and divide up your. I'll these countries arm these leaders have fallen his lead on you if you immigration open borders all these thinks. That they are definitely more now in America's orbit and they you politically than they are in journeys and this is a huge annoyance. Back to. Under the Merkel because Germany is Europe's if he you know Europe's been shipped economies a leader in the every everybody follows her and dumped her pace so trumped 'cause not sustain or liquid NASA can we are not depend on the Russians anymore. Like this Jacki yeah so he goes to Europe. And any also causing a goes difference in calls it trap he personally compliment he offered yup he didn't didn't cut these liquid natural gas deals with. Not in person with the paperwork current into the but that was part of the thinks so they they unveiled generally went -- unveiled a liquid natural gas deals. If they would no longer have to be dependent on Russia which was shoe each. Well we Europe and you you know this thing it has always been done is that you always can spring rates you go and you need to have a summit. I've been reticent to even meet with the with the Germany prince rate. Charmed and do you remember. The security summit he had. Where he spent a lot of time explaining how American prosperity. And energy would lead to at world's security. Remember you had that as summit he did not invite Germany or France. He only invited. You know I pulled poll lindh's Amalia all of loosen satellite got countries and they to get her announced the liquid NASA asked. They show up Merkel was business. As overheard go and come to deal with Russia and it would now right ahead this trip it's that this is this is a visit from entrance. Any news. And she's slapping back at him for how highly effective he spend an accident he was fallen apart. Is absolutely falling apart. Other good all of these former republics. Are now more entrants orbit than they are in any. You know under threat of finder or being fine for not taking these are Muslim refugees that are on vetted they aren't they are following trump sleep not circles. And EU is a house divided it will fall. A trip to the literally trying to realign a world war should that's all the stuff going on here in the background. With all of the X this is Spanish thing between trump and Merkel for a long time. And this was an absolute slap in the face. From her. This was this this was deliberate the timing it was deliberate the announcement was deliberate. This is her rebelling against him. And you know that not happy with the with the populist moves and he was losing a ton apart they can't dictating. To these companies to these countries. OK so. Eight re neck at NBC news say they should have a killer analysis of what trump is actually do why did he personally target. Merkel. Alum practicing at dismissing. Adequate is Chris Isidore Merkel could embolden her great wing democratic adversaries at a time when she's been weakened by a fight over immigration policy. And even a modest push from trump could help. Teresa may she's their leader of the UK am. Could could help topple Teresa may and deliver her job to a Torre who is more committed to isolating Britain from the European Union. After sitting there and Merkel are not Wednesday. Com. And launching his visit here by tearing into Germany rebut the pipeline and its failure. Actually hit a nagger NATO I'm your contribution target for defense spending. Trying to shoot me with actress man Thursday and strive for UK he says her political fate is up to the people. This deliberate strategy and add links when you for a long time. You know what is trap pay globalism. Where they tried desperately trying to build Leo world government. What was the first cell vote that trump launched against global as I never forget it was for him in the morning one of his commercials was running it was 2050. I I did I darn near hit a light pole. It was ad against aren't paying much too much attention to before it was an ad against Obama tried what was Obama turns almost identical to the European Union. Every European Union was only ever supposed to regulate trade and now and now this question for speech. He took aim attic and compared it to see we're going to be the EU this this is that this is what he's got to say is normal. Nobody's dealing. Look what he's doing. He's tearing you apart for Grady for greater freedom worldwide is he doing you battle world government world dominance. Is taking aim at these people and heat it's. That's what all of this is about. And about ending the old regime of just using recipes lesson from a sweat it's what they did. It's it's absolutely with Isa we don't assume would mean it was four again the purpose the entire purpose of NATO since 194090. Has been to protect the world from Russia. It's been a counterweight to Russia we're all gonna go and you tech had a Russia is one of us is attacks. What if you're doing deals with Russia what's heck is important. Suggestion don't let background. Listen how trump sounds this clip his prison he's Bullock and his knee again truck it to mean here. Just statements of fact listen to his tone. This a best smackdown I'd ever heard the trop this is Tron verse is NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Please at a very long case for over like three minutes hate other. The senate minded Russians they expect us to pay to defend them from the Russians underbelly of the merchants military with these billions of dollars in spending for natural gas that could bought from us. Bubble blah and then NATO Secretary General I Jens Thornburgh act comes in and he gives trample lecture well you know it at all. The history of his rare or we all we be together Aaron get along together and be together in getting along. Trump do you stories and listen to him listen to Wear the NATO Secretary General he has no response to trump I can't believe trump said this in public. And it needed to be set it's awesome. And it's today's ethnic greens. But the same phone it's fun. Music is available. You know I have grown. The other two world wars on report polls. I can't think two world wars the Cold War towards where our straw are stronger together together stronger. He's making no factual arguments here Ellison dropped Q Paul. Well it's. G problem. And the person you want cash. Nicole show was not a clue when he's not forget there are also in do you we brush off you are stronger I think. It sees no just like you. Yeah well that's. Richard what a good you didn't Cold War they lost their trading week. Didn't he's human so vulnerable upon. Favorite transmissions. Yeah I think there is a wonderful I think energy is a whole different story. His energy is a much different sort of normal. And you have a country like all of them more exact the yes it's gonna cut. I don't wanna be captains to rush but Germany's cars it's just rush because it's getting so much energy for. So it was impossible for Germany. I think getting your energy. For much these. Did you put 716 street tech sign. 71307. Speaking of the tests on. Text your race is speaking avoid trash. I don't associate low funds below character with white trash you my dear person of high character on the thank you. That's me legend Jack was joking with the white trash is a lifestyle. It is it says you know what. My gosh I'm not going to televisions I'm gonna build myself a cart and wield when I come back and forth between the kitchen and the living room as I dented from an all. Mystic you'll look at my family. Text. All is text juries and listen you religiously because you think be on the story digging down to reveal the night it's been no one else has found. I will thank you that absolutely makes it actually makes my day. I'd Texan Rick she did some good soundbites from dowdy in Jordan today amen to that. Tester race. Wow OK you're showing your show and along with Vince is is probably saved my life. A because he severed from depression it did not and being able. To get a steady steady job building models therapeutic for me since I started losing your shows I feel like I'm having a conversation with you guys in the morning. I no longer I no longer have bad thoughts and I have been say great and baptized cents. I can send photos in my work if you would like thank you sure. Mount Washington to mean in depression is is it Terry is is a terrible disease it's it's a very real thing we've had some let my family and done. Those who haven't had it to be a struggle to understand I really hope that. I just pray for you the tough struggle. It really is. So. One thing I would recommend for. Depression deciding how to my family I just walk. And market the necessary tone in. And make you feel better. Can it help. 8034710632. Excellent 71307. Tester it's tear you are the best talk show host on earth. Well thank you my church that's for real or its control. Soon the next fellow Texas. Tester race. And I can be that's laughing my am behind off trump blasted it. His fill in the blank here on that one he didn't Haver really answer for that. You're talking about Secretary General. Jens Stoltenberg. It didn't have point. Which is doing. And you what was so important for trump to say this stuff in person any and you. Does Tony let me you're this facts. Real problem and. Try this is really weird way you see in this an exposed in Phoenix. Exposing people expressing thanks by saying things that no ever dared say before and anybody everybody knows and what everything he exposed falls apart. Let's see NFL. Common their ops antibody are gonna continue kneeling other not anymore. And I needed to be said the world had to understand what is going on at NATO before we can fix it. And that's really important. For the title together matured a truck this tweet again add this morning. As yesterday sorry. Am. Egg is usually sees this NATO stuff. And a niece is is. They started an American farmers. Any disease spreading for American farmers at the NATO summit in Brussels he tweets but always thinking about our farmers soybeans fell 50% from 2012 to my election. Tied him out of that the value the price of the farmers have done poorly for fifteen years other countries trade barriers and tariffs have been destroying their businesses I will open. And August. Toy train dollars in debt contributing. More than anybody else to NATO. So much so the places like Germany have largely disbanded their militaries are depending on us well they erect trade barriers. Three Ford taught five times what ours are blocker goods for their markets. It's outrageous. John gives them an opportunity is just Smart what he's stuck he gives him an opportunity to fix. If four's first major chip didn't see Europe I was deserves talk about early system. Right here where I liquid natural gas now Lisa Lisa and it's it's sold to even abide. Eastern European bloc countries are like oh heck yeah we wanna get out of Russia's door. France and Germany are not like not so they know they're like not so much. Yeah an opportunity to buy their way out of this star trade let's stop likeness. Now how would rather go do business with our rush. Don't you decrease your contribution to NATO you child's. They're killing our soybean pot farmers. You open your markets not now but we do Americans to continue paying for nip. I didn't what hypocrisy people can't fix this and get angry about until they understand and that's why he had to do what he did yesterday. And it doesn't watch and he's meant that. And link they are different than a reference now. Al ice. Alec is entries like what I just described. What will they do it exactly. I wouldn't do. Contribute less now final pull out. They got no kind of they don't have one minute to put a nasty statements that they want. The whole world has been aligned and built so as to suck the wealth out of America and we distributed. That's what this is all about where is blocking our goods at their border with a stupid Terrence. Actually on the soybean farmers whether you know whether it is having us pay for NATO and everybody else's. Army and military defense it's issues Ben Blake a siege just really did the does like a straw. It was in newfangled like Lee Rogers has slick still straws and they just pop right in American second all. And result connecting trap is now nobody's ever connected to before trop is what's really cool. And really awesome about you know what he was but it when he was able to do here are never for me I'm about me on that but I I decide to say that he was he's so white. So lacked. When he com I mean here in business or you're in sales or something like that and you refer a lot of businesses is complicit at this whole European and NATO I'll. And you refer a lot of business to some money. And then you find out that is that a spent sending their business to UN return it and sending it to someone else the whole time. You be mad about that to total betrayal. Could it jumped onto. Sure looks at trade with Europe that's how troubled said NATO with your we're doing this for you. And he he don't you tell us the killer farmers the killing our manufactures. Wanna know why natural gas from Russia when I offered facilitated. Texture its presidential does a godsend for America even know like his style you have to appreciate his true diplomas truthfully as is his style. Which I'm used to it so it hits as hard. Are you superstitious. If so you may be interested to learn. That there will be eight partial solar eclipse tomorrow which also happens to be Friday the thirteenth. The first time we'll be happening in forty years. To big deal. NASA says there hasn't been a solar eclipse on Friday the thirteenth since December 13. 1987. He tour. I'm an actor this right. I just tomorrow July 13 then next one won't happen again until September 13 twenty. Eight so I'm going to be around for. And fortunately this week's partial solar eclipse. Up so we have you to bond you YouTube for more supply there. So of course anytime you fewest solar eclipse you should Wear the proper west wherever you question on YouTube. Probably not I guess rate. Yeah a tester race remember Murti and back to the future he had to TVs in 1985. But not 55 I loved the show tech stories president trucks godsend for America if you don't like his style you have to appreciate his truthful messed. Now the texture race yet when I can't talk about when you refer some you know punch this is somebody's salesman they go behind your back to refrain their business to somebody else not you. Triplett Shelley's Russian deals. The pipeline deals. What president has ever gone in ahead of European summit in and cut natural gas deals for our natural gas companies to create a market. But no he does. And then when the French and Germans won't pay ball and said they play ball they're enemies slims. Priciest and is likely business and gets that. Text your grades am. We're to discuss. There are all right here you the best and most informative show out of thank you. So good I brought chew on vacation to Virginia Beach so assist Dustin from grayer who have great vacation Dustin enjoy back. I'm jealous. Texture rich takes a big marbles to say the trip trump has been marbles. And does a Texas printed in my truck laments. The Texas says we missed Leann mislead to Andy back on Monday. Tester race. If he may Kurt. Yeah of meadows Zion can choose to do business why did baker have to pay that have to make the cake await their on the left they can do that. Text your rates. What would trump is doing we finally have a weird it's got a set to ante up the world's they broke and lead and not just us but the whole world. I text her greatest why he would Germany feel a need to increase came as the NATO when they can despite their natural gas and oil from Russia are Russia wouldn't attack Germany. Yeah it's kind of have a talk a kind of what to think and Ari jacket. Jackie in Greeneville hijacked. I get a very good Garrett thanks you're not the only one that deals with Dana it just haven't sketch Charles Payne yesterday on Fox Business. I realize that you we have been seeking trillion dollar economy just the whole link. With the terrorists grounds out to be about 32 point five billion which is not than he did like you did so he read a 109. Pages and you know on the pet food and got stops you know and they speak almost that things. That they dug member the other thing is they're not enough. Roy being in the country. Just to supplies China in a it's just ridiculous all the stuff that they achieve here. That not true to our new but wouldn't he came down with the real data about about the whole. Terror saying he was brought on enjoyed step what you actually and he found it got reversed course song on that one since but. It's just everybody want any it's like. Like Charles Grassley want to about corn and ethanol production because he's a core guy you know is that the record state. And Ali's people whining about stuff it's really not bad here. So thank you so much group are being data driven. Talk about what's really used in the chair sitting getting news. Currently a level playing steel and I'm telling you this particular used to deal is that global sourcing. That allow leave it at bat but you gotta realize care. We think. Poland stuck in from other countries want. Again you have had this thought this conversation a bit earlier we'd do this because we're at a disadvantage and then were subsidizing on this because. Every stop we just they did shell what the real the truth this again and get on without it thank you so much scarier here the buck off of. Thank you while I certainly appreciate that. Yeah this is learned from this is one of big long answer to the question. And maybe you would we will watch is stagnation of our country from by the year 2002. Point 152016. And really 2017. You waged in go up you walked out of aggression story had two small plastic bags but somehow spent fifty bucks. I Kentucky could mean a food for afford food in my means you're raising chickens and can afford beep we're joined act. Still it's cents or widgets were going up price war. An America was in this melee is an Obama jabbed they're gone we're never gonna have more than 2% growth again and did everybody out there wonder why. This what is costing them all Americas thugs whenever enemy continued we'll try to hear from NATO. The church everything he's doing is one big long answer the question. America why can't we grow why isn't our grocery where west. Why can't afford groceries in my what's gonna put you what's happening nor like set why is all of this eroded. Athletic he's got everybody's attention because now people are starting to understand all. We have been robbed blind from every direction. Every last what. I meant to get to this. Can't believe I didn't get to this. Stormy Daniels was arrested. Charged with three counts of illegally operating sexually oriented business. Apparently act in Ohio if you go to one though strip clubs Sunnis or make any key but the patrons touching. It's a crime. Com. And apparently she was doing that act it's. There's CR community offense active pars anon family members from touching in nude or semi nude dancer. Who's telling people for I don't really not that like it. Gross way you know and I mean cigars which won't touch her. Gloves something but anyway. She should satirist and visitor forswear of course blaming trump for this. I'm hurt her lawyer is anyway it's retaliation. We didn't we stripper. Arrested for letting people pay Trisha is no torture. And this woman has been a Democrat party's. Great hope and practical spokesperson. For like what for myself. It's a piece of trash listen trash will look. Into an ago. Scour myself. Moral. Disinfectant or something and.