The Tara Show - 7-16-18 - Hour 1

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Monday, July 16th
Bombshell during Stzrok testimony that multiple DOJ agents knew about Hillary’s insecure server and did nothing; New Mueller indictments claim forensic analysis but don’t say of what; London mayor approves anti-Trump protests but denies pro-Trump counter protests; Generation Z trending more conservative

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Did the morning and welcome back Lee don't think you're much Terrence came along and restful vacation it was a long enough but it was yeah restful yes definitely definitely it's always so weird that first Monday that first day back you know any means to us. I know about you but once my brain gets about four days aria without doing this yet she starts to dry yes and it just hit his shot to come back to work. It's exactly fat yes and show to the system did it is out. Don't be raid by about tomorrow a new idea it's usually how it goes respond I'll get back into the swing at things exactly married so much news today. But I have to stop. And catch up on something I can't say yet so we'll look at this reference point going powered okay this is a big big news on Friday that everybody messed match. And I'll alloy this out before we get into any of this Russian thirteen Russians indicted twelve Russians indicted. 45 persons indicted he'll never be tried on the other thing that's going on here. All because it's really helpful exit to set this all up in the context. Of what the FBI and the DOJ. Have ignored. Have it ignored on the other side when we talk about foreign name. Collision things. That you know 304050. Years ago you would have been executed for doing. That's how big of a bombshell was dropped in next Peter struck. Hearing this is Louis Gump art and now this year pierced practice not to deny what I'm about to play for you. And and I have four test this for a long time I said Hillary is not stupid. She had a bet server professionally set up by a company that comes in and sets up servers and computer systems. For our businesses. Okay and as they know with the server is not secure they they know that that's their their job that's what they do it's I kid you know Hillary and bill sat there with the instructions try to figure out how to do it. And didn't understand how to secure it. It tells agreeable where mannequin help as well. Exactly in admit it's bleaching what would you clean off the top of the server remember when she said that police that would set. I'm okay show an tenure that company has set server app for Hillary would never commended testified to congress they still haven't done it right. The C. Why it's because of the clintons and deliberately wanted that server left open. And that's because they were funneling highly classified data deliberately to foreign governments probably. Fortunate. What is. That came out in the stretch here is you begin to see the panic on apart Rosen Stephen Mueller they can't have this coming out they can't have. Any attention on this this was a big bombshell. From Lily govern listen to how struck. On reacts to this there's no denial on his part it's sounds this anomaly. Let me only say what's going on here at Leah just did little bit back on the inspector general member when he looked at the Hillary. Email investigation right and today went back in and looked at how the FBI investigated it mailer to do investigated sell data forensic analysis okay. Ion and came to find this in homily what monopoly again was it with Hillary's emails. On Hillary Clinton's emails going through Robert server. And when they had done the forensic analysis they found. That. Her emails every single one except for for over 30000 of them. We're going to an address that was not on the distribution. List it was in compartmentalized. Bit of information. That was sending it to an unauthorized source. You'll recall that sir I don't. No I don't remember the inspector general sending over from the Justice Department. Are you inform me that. Tell Larry's. Email was classified highly as some beyond classified top classified was being funneled to a foreign short now Raymond telling it ice and you didn't seem very important to time. Oh really what kind of. Foreign source. Two and a unauthorized source. There was a foreign entity. I'm related to Russia. And from what you've said here. You did nothing more than nod and shake the man's hand you didn't seem shouldn't be all that concerned. Well. That show why that statute that says that shocker the forensic. Examination. Was done by the IC IG. You're given that information and you did nothing with it. No limit. Paula this was done by the ICI to a second that is the inspector general's investigate Torre arm of the Department of Justice. Are different justice. Act tells Peter struck who is heading after he met Hillary email investigation. Well you know tweeting to his lever that she's gonna be president but. Before he's even interviewed the thirty sources covered on any serious kind of investigation. On certain DI CD DIG is is is looking back now that they're doing an investigation. The Justice Department. Go after. Why didn't they where she's sending classified data deliberately to a foreign net source. And it just department knew Peter starts denies he is why did they go after this is the most shocking of all. This is Horwitz. Michael Moore awaits the head of the Justice Department's investigation. The IG. I'll why didn't he go after. Because he ignore it. On purpose. MI away part of what you got Paul fourteen times. But someone warnings have braved him leaving messages telling him about this. And he never return the call. And it hangs there. And sure it never denies it he says he doesn't remember. Now. My we're not surprised right so this isn't probably good from lewd armor he says that's ridiculous that ever happen I'd died and I said at that he didn't happen. I would remember it are you kidding me he doesn't end. So you can see. There rear ends or hang in. Way out here this is coming out they needed distraction bellied what better time to put out this whole Russian thing. Other than before cred trump goes to meet with potent right. So we think about designer to get into what I think in the next and the but I I am wondering as what did you hear that because we're gonna reference you and I going forward so many times and I know your vacation probably were not listened to you in Russia had. Yet no I would have been if it were me. None did was I able to watch much of via. Testimony no public doesn't have time because it was just impossible to watch. The way that I Democrats had absolutely no interest. No interest in any of the accusations that are being you know put forward by Republicans who were doing everything they could to distract. Yeah I mean this was a is it just another sideshow. It was. It it absolutely was so you put all of that in context of what just came out here. The absolute unwillingness to look into very serious allegations of funneling classified data. But few foreign entities deliberately. Now deliberately real collusion. Real actual. Police and you got to put this whole Russian thing in two. That perspective he you're supposed to end. The district is imposing military here in intelligence Russian operatives are who've done a slick but the only people that we know for a fact right now who paid it. Eight for espy to colluded with Russia to get dirt to influence an election. Hillary Clinton. The DNC and ultimately at the FBI who used an informant may have paid form so I don't know. But you study information. To influence election those are the only people factually we know. That have done what these supposed it Russian entities are being accused of yet. It is these Russians that are being indicted not Hillary not the FBI. Not to DNC it is it is staggering. What is going on today. Well and nor was any American named in the indictments. Nor was there any and fall months by the trump administration or the trump campaign in any of these things that they're talking about here. I mean these were simply. Russian crooks if they are indeed Russians and that's what the DOJ is you know while obviously. Implying what not implying but stating here. By indicting them and the things that they were doing word things that are sure being beaten and I'm not listen don't get me wrong it's not that I don't think this is serious it is serious stuff. But this is same thing that's going on from Iran. From China from North Korea heck there's probably some of our allies that are doing the very same thing. And and once again all these people have done is try to get into. The DNC's servers to look at certain campaign stop trying to hack into the east. These systems I mean these are things that and what's not blaming the victim here. They should have certainly been you know trying to avoid this if they were really wanting to avoid it at but also the US government should have been doing something about it which is the Obama administration at that time. And you you also a situation where they were you know buying ads on FaceBook or or social media. To. You know promote or supposedly influence an election which is this. This is just soft a story. Yeah and it's awful hard to one of the companies that are Muller indicted for allegedly doing this was not in existence on at the time. Any of that happened why should that matter what and now we we would know this adorned for the attorneys. They're fighting mower in court now what's worse you know those twelve people that they indicted not not there there I mean I mean months ago or not. Yeah recently they did for allegedly you know coming in here not registering his foray into running those adds. And they all supposedly worked for this Concord management rate the main person who's been indicted by Muller concorde management's filed in court. They'll work for Concord management Concord management doesn't and they are. All this is going Null and Muller's indictment literally is fine apart piece by piece by piece. By Pete is not even clear of the individuals indicted. Are even real. That congress manages Cingular we we aren't they are we can't find proof of real maybe they are we can't we we we don't know they are well and you also and they indicted. There's there's no extradition treaty with a so with the Russians right there is no there's basically nothing anyone can do in this country legally. Two I had to go after these people if they are in fact real to begin. Joba did the text and I text race is indicted by Mueller showed up at the arraignment hearing. Ott and the government wasn't prepared because they didn't think the defendants would show up. And that was the problem with that. But would be. One small problem with this indictment. Of these twelve Russians. The whole thing I read the way you can read this. 29 pages you need a lot of greenery. Simple common sense is on meat and I'd actually put it up on my FaceBook page you wanna read it. He'll just as your radar which on jittery. You can figure this out yourself you don't need to mainstream media tell you what to think reader self. It's not hard don't you took me about thirty minutes to do it not a red pretty slowly because it wanted to make sure that I got. You know got everything. There's once all problem with this indictment. Of these russians'. Motto this. The whole. Entire indictment. Is based on the premise of the FBI conducting Sean not form a forensic data analysis. To formulate their conclusions so they say an area via four mention analysis. Here are conclusion to rid indict these Russians. But no where in the indictment. Right to it when this when this news broke as I have been away and Lee is going to even sings a long time we know. How it happened. They did they influence our election critical admitted. And maybe he was charming not. And but yet they they they did an aid they were Dade they tricked you and and knee and everybody who voted for how did they do it. Give us the DJ Apple's police. How did they do it. And I'm here to tell you the FBI does not. They can say from now until Christmas that they conducted a form of forensic data analysis. You come up with their deeds yelled conclusions. But how can anyone explain. How this yup Ed can't anybody explain. How this forensic analysis was possible. When the FBI has still never accessed. The DNC's server the Clinton Campaign servers for the that's the first thing I want it now and redness. Of prince can we would we finally after all this time. The difference canals out what. Aniston. Oh the hack. And seized so sure they're drug India did the Indians he's turned to serve no. You Xena couldn't campaigns are. No. DC CD's triple c.s servers. Now. Well then. How did you do it. There is nods and I I just read it 29 page there is not a single piece of information. In the 29 page is not went explaining how Robert Miller team arrived there indictment conclusion. There's our conclusions we conclude this could conclude that this is how it was done I was I was I was an idea. You know this house. There's just a bunch of statements. Of fact but no he tales that I enforceable law to stop. Coming out. And that's because they don't. Still haven't seen the servers. And wanna see easterners. In subpoena and not anybody related to the servers. They are basing this entire thing they have never gone in grab the servers they never made them a legal maneuvers to go get the servers they don't want to see the servers. If they sub servers they have a problem. They actually have to do a real forensic analysis or explain why they didn't. The last thing they want is to get their hands on these servers. And I've been saying miss. For a long time. A six grader could figure this out if you're Mueller and you weren't honest cop and you want to go find out. You wanted to investigate Russian collusion witty guy. Semen crap where was that servers. Desist. You go look you do an actual forensic analysis. You ask Democrats to turn it over and go from there. They didn't. They still. Haven't done it's. And so. You can read 29 pages or 79 pages are 179 pages it doesn't matter how many pages they write. It doesn't matter how good their conclusions out. They never. Investigated it. This is like saying well we've mayday get conclusion in this murder investigation. How great. She goes seen in crime. Now. You know went to the scene Graham now. Chew. Forensically investigating a murder weapon found to cry now. You didn't. You didn't do that now what how how do you know who committed a crime and what happened. Ali if she we've done this analysis. Analysis of what. Oh you know we talked to some people who said they would act. Eddie crab strike. At two democratic consulting firm this is they said this is what happens. You talked. To some people. Who were at the scene and out of the crime. After the crime occurred. And they told. Yet but she don't look at the evidence now. I'm Jim nobody's. Now. Every minute courtesy. Net. The case to be thrown around five minutes in court and that's their problem. Can take this to court indict all day is easy very easy to indict you indict anybody and most 90% of the time people get died in these federal cases. That's not a big deal. They can't argue this long term court. Now for an honest judge anyway because the judge is amnesty to murder weapon I wanna see the mercy with photographs and immersing a Weaver went the mercy. You never. Went to the murder she. Bo we know what happened. He did. Hall. Okay. Debts does not make us. A lot of cents. And that's what the media. Won't tell you and this is why trump. Tweeted yesterday. Constructed this. Where's the NC server worship. You'll not find an answer to that question anywhere in those 29 pages. Great weekend myself and a great to have her leave back. James writes welcome Bakley and we're glad to have him back to. Text your well your boat are friends here hell if there was an collision was the Democrat party because the group used Kot that they grip they used cloud strike. As a Russian can kind of lets her. Insurance I have to Google that. I'll but there again we the only actual. If the problem here is colluding and are potentially colluding with a foreign source to influence. An election so only one group of people they did that the DNC the FBI. Used a foreign spike Christopher steel. Illegally because your. Arm not to push to pay foreigners. It is kind of work. Christopher steel to you what use is Russian connections to get dirt to do what T smear trump to influence an election. It is exactly. What they are accusing trump off. Hillary did and paid for her campaign and the DNC. And the FBI used it to launch investigations by soundtrack. We've concrete evidence of that and yet there is no interest in not this morning. There's not. There's no interest in the is that we have this new forensic analysis. Allegedly by the F life and say should have frantically NA not analyze something. Despite tell me what are what is. What what did they analysts that's what I want to know arena 29 pages this week I re too when it came. Finally have is what it finally. They after all this does NTELOS all of them. All of these people all their heads nodding to get even Republicans. I hacked the election into. It's try to influence how. So finally I mean he can't do indictments with doubts. The evidenced when they get. Finally after all this time the braids he was we finally would not know them now. The FBI analysis of watch. I don't know. I've watched. A what did you do an analysis. A dude a key. Role should the Democrats DV DNC server. Now. Hillary's campaign searched. Now. The then what jail once. They don't. Set. Nowhere in the 29 pages. Did they said. Text crazy if you will not turn over disclosure of evidence against other Russian indictments. Com. No one of the businesses was not even big yet what do businesses was not even in business. I during the time the alleged Doug collusion hacking and an you know influence operation went down. That's how sloppy mothers Muller's other indictment it's. Text rates why does the media and liberals not want from me who couldn't privately today be afraid tune has dirt on Hillary. And the FBI DOJ that he could tell trump or maybe insight into the uranium deal. No they wanna paint a picture of audio trumped up meeting it with his puppet master and handler. In pride CCC media that way he could get around the media. And they could you talk privately. Since you know couldn't control straw. Or something. Text your triceps Kurdish trump is made mistakes during his first eighteen months number one mistake. Was tiring it Jeff Sessions can we send at least by his house to do a wellness check. I had this good Josie does not appear that Jeff Sessions has effective control over the DO Jack or has any interest in having. Text your right Sherry using crowd strike is the source of the forensic investigation is hearsay in court. As long as the John FIV. Fed who. Will not look. Add those servers the court cannot allow the results from crowd strikes investigation to quote the Joker this investigation. Need to Anne and Emma. And this would even know from the indictment if the crowd strike. Report was what they used to do different canals we don't know. I wanna now. Mr. Russian tax something I'm willing to do admit look at didn't dig look at and discuss is he what's going on. I I I I don't have evidence to conclude that it is time. Not public. Not publicly released and meantime. The cedes. As honey what folks if you understand the seriousness. And severity of the fight that we are in right now. There is nothing. Needs a look at beyond next. We are watching the iron curtain descends on Western Europe I think I thought I'd never seen my lifetime. We watched the iron curtain come up on Eastern Europe which was once the Soviet controlled authoritarian block. We watch Western Europe battle to make that happen along with the US in our lifetimes when I was kid we saw this he's already do this. To think that this shoot in our lifetimes the iron curtain would come down on Western Europe Western Europe of course being the UK France Germany places like back boys. Is this terrifying to watch. Appreciate as a headline grabber of free speech is dead and it is this morning in the UK. Did you CV. That day they hadn't protests against truck coming do you okay. At very loud raucous thousands of people street protest. Which had to be approved by the London mayor and Elena police. Allen and and let the mayor went a step further and approved this massive float to be part of the demonstrate into drug demonstrations is trump and you know. Baby diaper and it you know it flew through the streets of London. So can protesters. To watch you wanted to welcome trap. Filed that they would be doing a kind of protest. It was banned. The same police department and mayor that an engineer city kinda ate a Muslim personally approved the flat out. And the raucous anti drug demonstration in now which six people were arrested. So I did it the public in order acts. In banning in terms supporters from rallying. At the embassy. Police officers passed out flyers warning folks not to rally on behalf of trying to welcome him to the country. If they appeared in numbers of three or more they would be arrested. Even if they wanted to walk alongside. The anti trump apprentice for us we are watching right now. Or what's in the death. Of free speech. By limited government. Conservative and pro individual freedom people. Is debt. Is it's all but dead in Europe and you know what that means inning in his Marlene good thing got analyst pat now. That means this is the last light burning in the world for free speech. Kind of like goes out here is like soft and the whole world. That's how important this fight is that we are and you are seeing is that you're seeing it. The deliberate silencing of people who think like you and I they cannot speak in public in the UK anymore. That is terrifying. And it lets us some real questions. Are these people are allies. Are we rapidly moving to a future where we have nothing. In common. With are supposed into European. Allies. Where they are worlds actors as bad as potent as bad as China. As bad. As soon as Cuba. He's not seen a big difference between now. And UK right now. GE real last week with a doctor Gerard the marrow. Blood his Bucs. She fascinates me because he predicted he. And he's statistician and and done he predicted a trump went. Yeah just pretty to trump when he got the electoral vote total. Almost exactly correct. Which is absolutely remarkable. As he's not a done interviews I've I've not read it. Most of two of his books. They're actually sitting on my side table my glove of the things a minister mean to finish their their absolute fascinating got the most out of it as a Farber need to finish them. One of the things that he has predicted that Denver's against the grain is a resurgence. Are of interest in love for freedom for christianity. Which seems hard to believe. A please see something like this kiwi watching generation Z. On the Asia. With a lot of interest especially since that massive survey came out remember have been talking about a for over year. 50000 of them. Trump one generation to now some token vote. And they were Shia. Are still on high school. I'll put trump one generation Z by fifteen percentage points. Even among women trump won by two percentage points. On and there had been academics or you know it warning. Payment this generation neared their basically. You know like. That moderate Republicans. Geared they're not what has gone before. And your she miss. And church in industry surveys show one of the biggest ever done 4000 adults. Cameras did. Now this is any UK. But I business is going on here to it. From that bomb. Found that the app currently. The group reporting. The highest level of church attendance. You'd think that would be like what. Older people 65 plus. It's not. Here's put eighteen to 24 year olds about every degeneration in terms of visiting church one industry say they get. Compared to 31% of over sixty fives. Bomb and 22% of those aged 45. To 54. It's fascinating just over half of generation Z said he a positive view Christians christianity. While all age groups com. As said did. So there's this sort of interesting resurgence in christianity happen. I mean these people are heard Greg Crist stands a very conservative Georges it's not that. They're curious that. And the coming back to church to see what's going on. This is one of the eye doctor Chris checked and I had candy and now he's talking in the Daily Telegraph about this to features are going through the roof talked about people coming. And who are young I was speaking of one of the cannons at Westminster Abbey they're expecting one point five million people this summer. As a dealer recognize this that sacred space is important. Not any says the church been following this trend for awhile which is maybe where we are seen as uptick in younger people. Including people whose parents didn't take them to charge. Interest. You know I think I think people are just seeking something I think there's something very much missing. They haven't been raised in that you don't notice. At Chester writes Jen is he started in 20000 of them could vote in 2060 explained. The survey was done. And interns asking you boy who they would have voted for. Detector aids trump has the server would not be hilarious. Text your race the UK it voted to have these Communists to run their country. And allow four. Al migrants to destroy that. And that's you know what you see happening in Europe right now what the silencing of conservatives slash you know. Our individual liberty oriented speech. What's your scene. On is what we've been seeing in this country for a long time the direction and wanna go and the reason that they're doing it is because they can't win elections anymore. Running on what they believe as they need to change the electorate that's why you're seeing these countries flooded with foreigners.