The Tara Show - 7-16-18 - Hour 2

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Monday, July 16th
New Mueller indictments claim forensic analysis but don’t say of what; London mayor approves anti-Trump protests but denies pro-Trump counter protests; Generation Z trending more conservative; Mueller indictments leave out crucial information to give the appearance Russians only targeted Dems

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Adding late good morning turn Barry says the big story today the arrest Jen net indictments. Yes and I didn't Russians. Russians who attempted to catch the election Howell but don't check. We saw this is like when this came out on Friday. I went straight for a dog got fry LE UN I'm gonna get the answer the question we wanted an Oprah Show off how do we know any of this. It is taken as an article of faith. By a lot of people who don't even go to church that does happen. They never seen any proof that. But yet they believe so far we're gonna find out how the scent I read between nine pages it's nowhere and now. And does not cancer. As I once all digital forensic Nelson's old what. You know other crimes. Could you had to do it analyzed something and I'd like like up like a physical thing and it would what did you physically analyze that's what forensics is all about how yes forensics. So hopefully meet ya gotta hold the DNC's. Now. They couldn't campaign servers. Known. These dribble cease or. Not. Okay. How are you at that. I like this earlier that it too we try me average in case. We solved did the OJ murders. Cool we knew that's yeah. We get it. You are good crimes he now. Exam about. Frantically analyze the myrtle every now know. I hit a patio. Louis Tyson people who are there. He talked to some people who were there. That was your forensic analysis. What do you do what did you forensically analyze that. Specifically review did go to C net and didn't analyze the body and you look at the murder weapon and would you analyze. We should we try to some people who are there. Yeah exact. Any indictments related that would be thrown right court you know and lashed out at decay united canning its state level. Come back when you do a real analysis in net will have some murder charge me. But that's where way. And in addition this is that the thing you only thing you have to remember is that the DN the FBI was never allowed access nor was it interest in gaining access to the DC CD NC and Clinton Campaign servers until they look at those I stopping they have to say that I wanna hear. Norman there's been to once again we still have a complete lack of evidence and complete our lack amendment. And DeVon you as she's ahead of the Intel committee armed they have looked not at the DNC server duties she sees her clean campaigns are none of that they've looked at any that. On any it is is remark this report concludes the server was hacked. But everybody looked at this hour. The Democrats won't turn it over and if they want filed legal documents to force them to. Why and that is to be that's the big question what 29 page and you still don't want to server no one unity any legal action to get. You forced the president yeah I'd say it's America's turn over a million documents over a million documents to look Muller's investing bigger. But you don't want the server. Okay. I am really want to fills it and living in wallow in this orange wig and what what the heck is this as a DeVon you Anez. Goes on television piecing it listed all of this stuff in the indictment and a place in this audio layer all the stuff means that he's ahead of the house until the end. Is not new we added our report march. And they base their record not on what's on the server Don you know what's funny he serves as they weren't given access to be neither a bush on what the intelligence committee kite. Had happened. And see what Muller's indictment strangely does not do it. Bizarrely doesn't do is that it focuses. Only on these Russians supposedly. Going after Hillary lord help trump he says put completely left out of the indictment including all these new counts where they lay out know what they did. Was the fact. That this emit pure the the intelligence community has also told neither has any Intel committee that they went after the Republicans that they went after Republican. You know servers that they went after oldest again this is our this is not based on any analysis of any server okay this is what the Intel committee community has told. These kiddies he's in but we look at dollars an indictment it is completely political document because it totally leaves out. These suppose it attacks by these same Russians. On all of the political stratosphere. And it makes it look like they only went after Hillary and he says if you read it it is based on the same. Supposing Intel. There are report was written they just left to that he's it's completely dishonestly by Muller they're trying their best to make it look like this was a one sided thing where the Russians went after Hillary. Now when they're talking points to that committees in other laughter everybody. Now that's that's what I've been saying all along is that you can't you do you'll never give me to believe. That only the Russians were only looking at DNC. And end up Clinton Campaign computers. But that's I mean this ludicrous that there have been other nations other entities other. You know non government organizations. They were you know trying to hack in and do things when this happens all the time. This happens every day it's happening right now. Right now here's another one hour now patty knows the Russians again if you haven't for a musically and lives right at the hard drives that they date you haven't taken a look at the servers. How do you get. And I'm not saying that it's argue that it wasn't the Russians on same ads argue I you can't convince me until you do that until you do that. One thing then I'm willing to listen or asking for some evidence that. Arden he had nothing and all you know eat you have all these opinion pieces you have all these attack pieces. You have all the trump haters in the never troopers and the Republican haters. That are per spouting off stuff but there's absolutely zero evidence of any collusion between the trump administration or the trump campaign. And the Russians and this indictment still does not tie any Americans do any of office. Net period the only Americans that we know of for a fact coup colluded with a foreign spy to dead. Information from the Russians in order to influence this election. Hillary Clinton the DNC and the FBI they are the only Americans who had ever done that and there is absolutely no. Allah evidence that anybody else. Ever has and the fact that Mueller is ignoring the actual evidence of collusion with the Russians to get influence yet it county getting information to influence an election. Never mind launch an illegal investigation. Into the entire truck team now would be dole you know the whole dossier utterly on -- interest and so today what. The Russians are being accused of and what trump is being accused of by the media. Potentially colluding with these people the only people who have ever been proven to a diet Hillary Clinton again the DNC and the FBI. And it is important to remember that. The absolute lack of interest. Does if if there are trying to influence our election. And they said fake information with which to influence that election. To be DNC and Hillary and the DNC and Hillary then took it to the FBI and learned to influence the election right. And why is that not worthy of investigation. Indictments. Charges. Crew was the Russian Intel operative. We know Obama for a fact it happened who's the Russian Intel operative who fell that false information. To Hillary Clinton. The DNC and the FBI cool was that and where is the indictment of that person. Where's the indictment this morning Christopher steel. For doing exactly what they said these Russians did. Which was illegally or unethically or whatever with information attempt to influence an election where is where is all. There's not going to be nine investigating. Not gonna see it no and so until we see that. We see you are real too cited balance investigation arms I simply didn't consider the amount melts. Am my next question is. I want to know if these Russian operatives are real in fact if eyewear Donald Trump I would demand their extradition today. He had the media Charlotte ran first Jersey you had goes in in my testify against Yemen and mono did you demand there expedition owner and they are I want to know. I wanna see the Russian government's response to that and you know why would demand I. I want a surreal but there's two problems. If they're real people that no one there is no extradition treaty between the United States and Russia the second is that under the Russian constitution the Russian government has not allowed to extradite. Russian citizens to another country for prosecution. I don't know I know that but I know did you do gear and no show you can guarantee that is why I would I would ask for the extradition parent trap. Because you can guarantee the Russians will have me into that now. Take a two on these people who want to extradited knotted the Russians are actually I am I love to see Putin's response when you now. Out of their real today actually exist. That would be the first. I would with a fake investigation here we we don't want to see the server we don't wanna go to the murder scene. So I I would love to know what rush has to say this I am eagerly awaiting. Their response. Let's sit and jump China with Johnny in great court good morning John. Ellen you know Richard urgency how do you explain it a lot of our public education system the media and earlier blitzes that did just spew out garbage brits think things went right on through. Did the beginning of the second barely understand he's you talk about generations easy going and going back to church in larger numbers older. Oh. Yet again being grand jury sixteen more to the search. I think he has to do it he breached Euro YouTube and other which conservatives have a platform. And I think it to put that their. The poll which America silent they will not risk political issue which. But I think the profits of insurance at the pockets of generations see in this generation. Are the talk show host my daughter's just heard a kink she's been wishing you every day. You've been here in more more young people are listening to talk radio and listened to bin Shapiro and call Bert in mutually. How can do when you're using your daughter listens everyday Allen does she do that you know her own choice or she in the car with you or how does that had that happen. You know all Archie sir podcast. Every day take. The podcast or two hours law. She works its school Archie and school she listens to your podcast every single day because she wants to. Oh absolutely because you bolster. OK you know. And not should much the British government to form the eighteen year old you've you'll ever hits but I meet you execute. That is awesome I wanna know what I wanna soaps that for myself too because I'm trying to keep my kids on the right track how old. Did you get her on to to do that he'd had a would go how did that happen how did you introduce her to an in a way that she took to. Arched bridges is to troops it's it's true and Kara the truth is powerful. Yet is married to Rick. Yet we would you know we go to addition church. We're always listing. But we we also urge spoke to the contrary ideas and point out the fallacy which. And what you will probably Christians so we have a standard. To which we can compare cinched. In particular concern my daughter says there's all that you'll Wear. We listened that you are far that you are cheap low stand on chino and children that. Where the preacher where the preachers who were is truthful in his arm up. Is terrorists are gracious we compare separation this in our programs. You know we do you know I know we do and and you know what you people so what you'll lose your tax that is the deer are on funniest thing this. There are moral issues that can be addressed in a way that is not political. Septic loose so what a about the tax issues to speak to what Australia is you'll hear age you have cross from the preachers in America. If there's ever moved to remove your tax exempt status. Are you ever move to remove this sweetheart deal that they get further. Total of mortgages. And detached and it's the poll which in America what light. When you dig into the airport their pocketbook. And you judge I I wonder what your daughter would say this I love my lent younger listeners to to call me at Chevron's the call until now putter to the final line will will drop what we're doing. Onto Kazaa I love to talk to young people and I especially love other young people hear them on the air all but. You know going for trumped by fifteen points again many of them couldn't votes it was a 50000 a 50000 person study. Arm but did they arrest him they would vote for if they could say they went for trumpet fifteen points and female members went for trumped by two points in other words they bowed jump over Hillary. And she never find other going back to church in larger numbers than any other generation in this in this other study. And I love to know what is missing. I'd love to know why would they what are they seeking that is missing from their lives they know something is missing. They're looking forward to church in a way that other generations did not what what is it with this generation now famine and a teacher I would be fascinated to hear that from. From some folks who who who are in this generation city. A lot I think street sanction from observational award. They're looking for truth and number two they're looking for solid shut down lashing social relationships. Something that's really ensure that. Something that's been on Israel yeah of course they're looking for people who bullied like they do my daughter and and other conservatives liked her work her age. They're basically a lowering. Yet the big screen feel pretty nicely. Yet they didn't say what country or Carol there there are. And see you know what I wonder sag is you write it you've probably heard me talk about the psychologically get the thing that trump has done that more than anything else in this country. Was to re deal. Armed that the media had convinced us that people who feel like us were in the minority for a long time and as we were silent because we would you be afraid did. We were found a majority in and one of the things he has revealed time and time again. Is that we are in the majority we didn't know that and so we're becoming a more content you know that's a listen to the media you feel like your isolated and alone and I are finding out on all these issues I and I ice swear goes back to the NFL kneeling thing when we found a 60% of people with. The president on I think was 6360 I can't remember that what what it is not just made it he'll speak out so more. I think trop is awakened the sleeping giant. Well that's. There has to be some type of education and instruction you show the troops you've got enough of the troops before or separate them. Yeah have to absolutely content. Absolutely I'm Anne and John thank you so much in in again I'd tell tell your daughter and thrilled that she listens as welcomed the caller email. Any time. Love to have her input on the air 80347. Whereas 63 text line 71307. Tech sure it's my daughter left here a year and a half ago good conservative she went to you and asked and now she's a little she's a liberal lesbian very frustrated. Fought. Listen don't give up on her. Dole don't give up on her keep that it keep that it keep that it keypad no matter how much ignore us was set. Some I'd tell commentaries I don't put I don't paint myself to something I'm not on the show like I don't do that I left the Turks COLT. Done finished totally agnostic. My broke my father's heart is deeply religious man I left I was gone for many years I even baptized my children. And believe. And he kept at it and can't static and never gave up on me never given this is well over a decade never gave up on me never gave up on me never gave up on me. In every dead. And I am back. And that is a miracle. If you had asked me seven years ago we are being true or seven years now and left. And I have a deeper fated or never had a. I'm and so I would encourage you just don't let up don't give up but bid would be respectful. And loving in the way that you get my dad never once raised his voice and kneed or got angry at me. And that's why was still able says it was in to him as he only did do. I guy knows is an act he told need to pray. Since I was a diamond doubting Thomas Agassi facts legacy data this is why don't believe does the Russian indictment ICI is he faxed Devin Thomas I am. So I'd actually a price dis to pray. For Brit prayed for a revelation pray for something. Can you do Daschle Kayla I can happen died but okay go ahead. Listen. Tranda. If you if your daughter about the stuff because I less. Safe so be talking like this to me 78 years ago item brought my eyes. But I did it and boy did I get walloped. If I told you what happened to me after I said those prayers eventually took awhile you won't believe it anyway which is why I want telling. But it did you let happen is something mass Abbas have been bigger than you aren't. Prayed. For revelation pray for proof and then go back on and I elected be open to it. The open to it I was in an open to a and I got walloped by. So that would be my advice to parents who feel like their kids are lost. I was lost and if I can come back. Anybody can't. And again I know how nuts this sounds TU if you are like me seven years ago. I I would've laughed at this and thought that host was nuts but I'm here and I am wearing them today. And listen don't upon them about the other stuff either keep sending them articles keeps sending them information. Keep sending them links to podcasts. Don't give up on them this generation can be convinced we're seeing it in the studies were seeing it in the surveys. What on earth is going on in our capital with. Rosenstiel. And this announcement the indictment of the Russians. DeVon in as head of the Intel committee had a really interesting take on this over the weekend. He's in this is not newness. This way is EN. The Republican in shelled committee report that came out a few months ago and was widely mocked. We've reported everything in the indictment longtime. And he said there's a critical part that's miss. That was even mind DeVon you know as does not know better than any better than anybody else what actually frantically happened here. Because yeah even mind it no matter what they say no matter what you hear about this server no matter what your liberal friends say online about the supposed hacking. They have never. Looked at the DNC serve her Hillary Clinton's campaign servers or the DC see these double to deep trouble c.s are. They could not have done a forensic analysis without looking at these things. Not alienate not look to them they've never tried to look at them they have never issued any kind of court order for the Democrats to bring knees in. So when it comes to what kind of forensic investigation they did. The question is what don't look at. And Utica 29 pages are bred the mall read yourself don't take my word for a also with the media says it got X. Go read it yourself. And I defy you to tell me where they got this information. It's what you counted did this happen in this seven and that happened this happened and media's prize all of T tells a lot of DC it was amazing. There is no detail on how they got the information. In light of the fact they never looked at the servers. They don't have they did on possession they they cannot now. And yet somehow they do and nobody wants to answer that question. So when DeVon it says here is talking about the Republican Party and every 3-D. He's embracing his report off the scene information which is the claims of the Intel community about what happened and never seen actual proof of how they know they could have. Again they don't have the servers and have never looked at them. Put lettuce died. Listen to what DeVon in as sets. About what is in this in diabetes this is old information. And there's another problem with a T it here and it's. And yes they did bad things and they're always talked about things. We know that they have very sophisticated intelligence capabilities in Russia and they're always they're constantly attacking the United States and our allies however in the indictment. They leave out some really important people but they also went after so the indictment plays like they're only going after the Democrats win. Bob Moehler and all his investigators and his lawyers and know for a fact that they also targeted Republicans and why is that not in the indictment and makes the indictment look ridiculous the cut so that I'm not saying they shouldn't be indicted practices that were targeting both Democrats and Republican Republican yeah. And and they know that it's in our report so why doesn't the light isn't Department of Justice allow this to be declassified to the American public can see this. The other thing is that. You that's why not. And DeVon knew this is facing his conclusions from off data provided by the Intel can. Not off of a real look at the server because he'd like everybody else has never been given access to. If you only go by what the Intel to me he has told congress and types. As we look at the way that Mueller wrote that indictment you extremely dissect. Assuming you would be Intel community has told the Intel agencies have told congress is sure and you really can't assume that since. We've never seen an actual forensic analysis of any. But assuming what they have told congress is true they're now changing their store and leaving off. The targeting of every nut. To make it sound like it was only pilloried upstart who start. 803471063. Text line 7130. Sat. Hours it's a political merit not investigation. Nab an honest investigation. Of any kind. Tester race. My daughter went to cushion less cheery conservative Christian and after one year she napping summaries is pig it's because they're like trump. On and is a big liberal she quotes a professor is almost daily how you combat that. I can tell you with luck messages from work. You're going to have to do some work. You're gonna have to go and find other sources and very lovingly challenged things that she says don't let up. Don't think about don't don't don't argue Yucca when an argument with her at this point is that this is that this is a face. I'm Anita feisty child need to do that. At every level so take the time she says this that yeah before and combat. Come back. With facts. You can go find Faxon do every day could find out what's really going like. You can challenge her. Even in this a part of your relationship that actually is positive and grows. The debate between you but you can't even get angry you can't do that or an analyst. Tech sign it 71. At 307. Dexter is has been an iron on big TV watchers but we said on Friday night to look for something interesting and a stranger things have told my husband that I've heard it's good. I only heard heard you mention a few times when the first episode was over we looked at each other and I said no word it's it's all your fault and the oil. We managed to squeeze your binging. We managed to squeeze five episodes into a busy weekend. Gosh it's gonna be such a long week waiting for Freddie again yet and by the time you get there the dishes will be sitting in the sink in there. Carpet will not be vacuum to come up to the having a good time. Text your race Healy analysis came from crowd straight kick and they are Google who is all in no for Hillary. Test gray instead terrorism is in Indian Caesar was not hacked and that it was a fishing expedition how does he know that he does not. Or if he does know this seeming to tell us how he knows this he will not. Because they can't they can't tell us. If they could they would if we can do you think for a minute. If they could forensically delineate for a fact how this happened they would not have done publicly Ari. Do you under the months and months and months that went by. Imagine trumpet one and the investigative committee's asked. Call me and it's bad DF BI to come before them with the details. At the hacking. I deficiency webinar call. And it wouldn't show up. You're the Democrats. Rode their own letter. On the intently asking you concur should we wish we needed need to know how I happen and they wouldn't show up for months and months and months. And never did get the explanation. That's why. Hasn't. The emperor has no clothes. Text your eyes let me mr. the FBI will get their reputation back. After what they I think we never get their reputation back after what they did. Experience what do we combat the lies from universities had your children watch videos from Prager university. Here are you from familiar with Prager you yet they do a good job. Thank you tester race. I may have a DNC Lee stopped after such rich was opt. That they really don't want that information. Revealed but there's something on the server they don't want us to now. And at the FBI and the DOJ don't want us to now are they got after. They didn't there's a reason for that that's what I wanted to. It's they raise it to Minor League Baseball team. It's causing quite sure they're harassing a millennial nights. Twitter is not healthy how happy. Meltdowns are occurring. Jo white person clubs say is says will be millennial late quote. Who's there. From the club suites announcing millennium what free things without doing much work well you're in luck. And by the way and we laugh at colonials on the show if you can get three journal an alien get through the show without winding up in years. In a field position you are not part of the problem. You're in fact part of the solution. Sworn an attack. Okay. The wedding like Tampa Bay Rays here's what they said what freezing is it without doing much work well your luck. Clint treated more stadium will be millennial friendly on Saturday July 21 when they participation ribbon give away just for showing up. Now I think and sell you stations along with lots of Afrikaners. And the picture that they tweeted out with the announcement of who in the late hours as opposed millennial thinking is Sophie. Of who else themselves. My guess meltdown on Twitter has occurred yet they are very. To the very offended that they have been characterized. In this way. Speak meltdowns by the race here and schools and I particularly if we're going to be back in school. In like a month from now a little over a month from now summer is going by so fast they still so much opponent with McCain's. Any wonder seriously you know when I was it's a mama me camp with my son. The boys were running around just raucous had a great time. Com. At and it was wonderful to watch in one of the things they were doing that was you know making near their fingers into guns in foreign power pout pout and let them I was meaning well. So I can keep young you didn't you can't do that. He can get in shape you know what if it you know when you're gonna get in trouble was it in school we can't you know as she Mino against a guy that was doing that she meant she meant more like you afraid for the kids. And it was interesting this is so programmed into parents now even year. Trisha when you know what just happened I Jackson elementary student every inch Al Washington. A fourth grade this is ended the year last year it's just coming to light. Which one of his classmates. About guidance and the students. Are rightly Malone. Mention that it's one into bolt action rifle that he occasionally goes the gun range whose parents give a thought that was really cool and wanted to try shooting sometime she's is by the end of don't you. How well that was the end of the conversation. Another ship overheard the talk about the guns and shooting ranges until her parents about it. The parents. Notified the school. Riley's mother Christine Malone. Received a call from principal affiliation green there was understandably concerned that students would be talking about her arts. She did you know having guns in the house do we. I told myself and does not have access to go acts. Christie Milan as said at the time I was very worried my son would be targeted in some ways scope my son's life and rifle is locked up. Along with a all the other guys in the house he cannot access them are safe has a fingerprint luck. Once says that might ask my son about the conversation you started crying he thought it was in trouble I shorting me was not while mom was wrong. I also took on school was not good good good place to talk about guns to people can forget sis is this just being repeated even here. I can't limp it's. Do you remember when that calm was in the second grader. Straining at stake. Maybe it is not by name name name them but the school for bringing a broken it clearly toy gun for to school. An absolute freak out of her what is kid pulled that a class. And questioned by the guidance counselor. Sent down a NASA to beat every use of business is hurts. He was terrified. Historian right well. Apparently it anyway. But I tell you schools are you glad you talk I don't know what you tell your kids you got an idea text me 71307.