The Tara Show - 7-16-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Monday, July 16th
CBS reports Mexican drug cartels run the jails in Los Angeles; Numerous stories of illegal immigrant gang members committing horrendous crimes; Flores decision turns children into a commodity as free tickets into the US; Financial prognosticator Mohamed El-Erian completely refutes MSM narrative that Trump’s tariffs and trade wars are ultimately harmful for America; San Francisco’s growing problem with human feces on streets and sidewalks

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Meanwhile. The bad all raised file Lleyton and an and in and wondering for awhile how long it would be given how comfortably the cartels are now allowed to be a bring people in operate here. As human traffic on this kind of stuff from home before we would begin seeming kind of so that you only used to see in Mexico. Here. And we are here. I'll what do shocking things they're report by CBS news. You've you know I ever heard the legend about Mexican jails and their run by the cartels. Well they're they're not about you know jailing justice reform all of that kind some of illegals is Smart there is run by the Mexican. Cartels. Com and the politicians that they own and control. And show what the most shocking thing that that I did see is the beginning of this in California. That we have cartels Mexican Mafia running in on him in moving in nick and beginning to take over institutions here as they have in Mexico. This is CBS news OK not not mean not to write into this is CBS news. Feds is a headline feds Mexican Mafia runs California jails like illegal government by whoever. California jails not the Mexican drug cartels. Which is another sovereign nations south of this country. And their running the prisons in the state of California. CBS news reporting BS news. Yet may add 24 Tony eighteenth so the Mexicans are meddling in our justice system. Yep and this de Lima since it was Los Angeles county just technically run by the share for the Mexican Mafia will the power in the underworld behind bars. They collect taxes on the drugs that are smuggled and they control the cantina completely collect taxes on that. The shooter hits on people inside who don't follow their roles and even call the shots on street crimes. From inside and outside of the jail system federal prosecutor said Wednesday. They 83 members & Associates were charged impaired sweeping federal racketeering conspiracies that alleged drug dealing extortion violent assaults and murders. Mom and a whole premise of this is the reason I went Rico would this is because they're baseless and with the Mexican Mafia has and has moved here in the beginning to control the jails here and apparently this city California is unable to control either. Now meaning any name when you have a CBS opening with a pair with a pair references the sheriff is no longer in control in jail except in name. In a Los Angeles. Stunning. And you begin to see crimes that you only hear about in many cat. Like this. Headlined many linked to Mexican drug cartel including one illegal immigrant. Be headed a thirteen year old special girl. It's terrible where in Juarez. No Alabama. We liked. Two men as Susie it would brute Mexican cartel one of them is an illegal immigrants are responsible for getting a thirteen year old girl with special needs and murdering her grandmother. By the way soups our rates this trip just to nab tell the mainstream media to home several. A start at thirty say Johnny had you are an Israel Gonzalez Paula you know. Murdered or reality out Mendoza and her granddaughter Maria Lopez because she didn't trust. Interest Mendoza after she exhibited what they called suspicious activity during a recent drug running trip. To a small town in northeast Atlanta. I'll lovely so. It's not just an Alabama then it's also an island Georgia odd group friends drugs to the Sinaloa Cartel the largest organized crime syndicate and world. At police say Mendoza. Annoyed that I deep connection C a cartel they added on to distrust her and so they you know. Watched her Iowa made her granddaughter watches she was murdered and then they'd be editor. Alabama but Tara we we're always told that this type of activity just that's not true that this is just trouble making up stuff right. Dry Anaheim. Meanwhile. Two headlined let's it was is when I NBC. Chainsaw attacks suspect. What is your removed from the US eleven times according to ice. Reston and cheesy music chainsaw to attack is wave I had some bad veteran who pretty United States eleven times his 2005 immigration officials confirmed Friday. On hundrer Oliver as a Villaraigosa 32 was a residential at least the California. On allegations he tried to kill his wife with a chainsaw and front of their three children. I guess that's arrest report repeat. Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat. BP. On some needed do we you are literally coming off. Act at the border and easier way. To to put that. And me time. Ice reporting one in five. Some of you know what if I'd illegal immigrants cards crossing. With kids. Odds are criminals. One of five. Eight alien adults are crossing United States Mexico border with toddlers under the age of five are either criminals. Not a child's parents or presents an and a danger to the trap you mean besides the crime of crossing the border oh yeah sovereign nation illegally right exactly. When they can apply for asylum and not be separated from the track is so interesting and bizarre thing about this over the weekend. That you know we're seeing that that the Arab grades and the sadness and tears on television are very selective leave their only. For the separation of the kids from the parents. And but when you've got kids being used. At the border. Aum as tickets into the country because of the floor is this in there is no crying in fact there's no reporting of it's just completely. Ignored. Got another interview Fox News did dad McAllen Texas. This 10 with FBI chief patrol agent or role Ortiz with ice. Says he's seen a growing number of migrant children crossing the border with people pretending to be their parents and so does the word is spreading thanks to Lebanese leader media about the Flores agreement. And an an island is he mad time US officials can detain immigrants listen you got these kids daily Shasta twenty days. Pardon me for being stereotypical but isn't it interesting how many times have we talk about ice. And there are people who work in the southern border who have Hispanic sounding names. Well they're Americans and then legally or what exactly that's that's exactly but they may be a disparate Hispanic heritage. Yeah so. And if you know you've got these people of Hispanic heritage who obviously have some compassion for folks and their that there ethnic of their ethnicity and their their past. And they are doing the work of the United States government and following the boom the president of the United States and an enforcement of the borders. Yeah they're incredibly frustrated and they're exactly watching at the abuse is so important point that you'll never catch Rachel Matta outcry and a started to cry tears as separate from the past. Are reselling Border Patrol agents rescued a four month old unborn child from a man falsely identifying himself as her father. It it was officials admitted purchasing fraudulent or documents. Asia's later discovered it wasn't the illegal immigrants first time using a child to cry to avoid long term federal custody. It's money thirteen records Il he smuggled an eight year old shot across the border claiming. At that time that he was also the father they were released from federal custody because they received. A family unit designation under Obama. But nobody knows if he was that child's father he was not the fire father of before your four month old Honduran child who's an abandoned by him at the border. Four month all four months. I guarantee really. He bought the child when he bought the papers have excellent apps you brought that charming but the papers this is what the left. But what it would when they defend this is is still an Republican leadership as they get ignoring this break. And yet they don't accused trump of lying every time his lips are moving but yet what he's when he when he talks about this he's accurate. And the sixth in a ball as is seven point out and we had too liberal judges who last week well one lead did debt rules and I and I trust what did these. Rulings essentially make our borders are wide open right now I think it's suffocating kid because. They are not plunging into DNA testing the kids and the parents and the judge ordered I tried to stop the DNA testing and just go ahead reunite everybody. And any drug administration was in court order a little arguable look good in 15 I mean these different. And no DNA testing just let everybody doubt god knows what's gonna happen to these kids. Com and the trump did the drug administration to depart from a security so far I don't know what the status is an exit confined over the weekend but as of last and last week were defined the judge to continue with the DNA testing. They have to eat how will continue to satisfy the first time they sure happened and and and when child sex trafficker go with a child. You are racial matters will be back on television crying now and there be some attorney used. From some state nurses trying to earn a kid's BI exactly and then suing the federal government over yet. An what are disease is just to point out the left doesn't care about children now if they did they would want them all DNA tests that they don't. And you heard Elizabeth Warren toward the end last week well on Tron for bothering to DNA test and that this was in atrocity. If the left for really cared about these children. They would join the president in enforcing the border and stop enticing people to cross the border illegally that's what she would do. That's the cost of this it is not Donald Trump it is not ice it is people who are enticed to come into this country illegally for financial benefit another game. Yet and what's even more would see stickers are now being enticed he's traveled to do it yes knowing full well because of these judges to back to back rulings. You've got a child under five day afterwards go immediately if you've got a child over five originally detain you for twenty days you got a kid. It's welcome to America and he can just buy one. Pick one up to the store or wherever they seldom location closest to you. And that's where we are right now and they don't care. They're okay that's the part they don't report is only so they got separated well let's hear the story behind the separate know don't talk about. And you're driving miss with his coverage they're making this worse. And they don't care it's all about the votes for them they don't care about anything just aren't coming up. More fecal matter than ever. Where you say DC narrow streets of California San Francisco to be exact what does the new mayor have to say about this at that crack you up and it. On a real game changer a shocking. Statement over the weekend but I wanted to be nice to listen to financial forecasters. On earth. About tribes terrorists. And is opposing trade more you don't want your all of this coming up next. Text your reds or why is someone who abandons a four month old not charged with first degree attempted murder. Especially question I'm about attempted murder but kidnapping. Big plays to start. Clinic it was yours they're not. Immigration benefit brought something could tell it was something. Apparently not. I'm talking about that illegal immigrant caught for the second time with yet another child at this one is not hits he says he body is false documents. Trying to pass is way in the US city by the kid. Is not is. He was claiming ideas Eddie did. And get. Four month old can now tune. I. Tech straight stare at no illegal man period she be able to cross our board heard news of the children who are with them they should all be turned away. Yet they shed their idea that they have to be released in this country is outrageous. It is but it's this really quickly. You know Mohammed el area and is or how big a deal what happened over the weekend once. Hot hiring and is one of to bond kings. One of the world's foremost of financial prognosticators. Like he ever. When he speaks. People listen. And so it was a huge deal. That he and Bill Gross are probably. You had to do absolute legends. And that's just may. That's CNBC. When he's speaks about trans trade war. Illicit to what he has to set let me get the traps on him first this is the host at CNBC talking Mohammad Al aryan. And setting up the question that comes next Nicolaus and your predictions tend to be accurate so. How are we can get up here. Your riches tend to be accurate does some Golan you know could be called tomorrow's head it's well. Servers enjoy Arsenault is. Will we win this war because. The established. Far on this is it's just the disaster in trump doesn't know he still. A lot of L Marion. Does now what he's doing. When it comes to finances. Would he have to say. There are dismayed heads should bin over the weekend. Who is a winning the trade are always. So in relative terms and we all winning it and we will win the big trade war. And I think you just look at the performance of the US markets relatives and trying to and his father is that is consistent. The interesting question is what happens in absolute terms and I think what the market has priced Dayne as the following dad it's a different path continues. But ultimately it doesn't lead to a full blown trade war. Deadbeat dads still asleep unfair trade. But what. I think we should we still scream unfair trade and we win penetrate your I can't say how big deal this was over the weekend. And it's just not some talking head on CNBC. When this guy drugs. Everybody listens. He went on. And continued this is a bombshell and at that proportions. Did the end of the day in the US will prevail because it's a less open economy. Mice is less of economies like China here. Think China is a less open economy. Does this the most dynamic economy for the more dynamic economy and ultimately you may end up in this situation where do you west's position in global. Economic times is better off. That was a financial shot heard round the world. And it is he setting but the coverage. It just means is there's a local coverage is what are you be mad for this vision that never ended this nanny but these are not start. Oh. Another camping sites trop when a but it is there so he's again there's an upset it could be huge. And not Larry and goes on to say it again this is one of the most of it respected financial prognosticators. On earth. When he speaks. People listen. Because of his record of getting it great and he talked about what's this doing on trade right now. At with insurance you know which is carefully calculated I don't college Trey worked as a hasn't come to that yet. He told his trust Reagan moment. And the CNBC you know the talking added that the Harrison who do Reagan's memorably we mean by Rick they did this is chance Reagan nominee would would we talking about. And he explained it this way while explaining why he believes why is predicting we will win at the trade war. And the US will be better off financially take a listen. I'm referring to the decision and I'm President Reagan took don't have any rays on military build up with wins and then Soviet Union wins what he called evil empire. Whenever wrist and I both massive risks. But in the end of the day because the US Marshal to win that war and as long as those risks when managed you ended up with changing the landscape for. A viewer of continuing the position of the US and I think that's one of dean. Upside risks it is a tale. But one of the upside risks is that you may end up changing the global landscape in new way to save is the US because countries will realize. That if we slip into a trade war while everybody suffers. The US does better in relative terms. And the words. We can't. We Yang for a long. Long time. And they can't. Humming hail Mary and that is. They hear people talking about this but that was heard by every talking head talking head wanna be in the finance world and went off like a nuclear bomb. Well let them put the placid. We could wish we could totally. Redo the international financial landscape in a way that is beneficial to the US. Hunt. You heard it here folks on the shadow. Months ago. Text your age. Sarah parents should teach their children and firearms was also geez about the propaganda. Or against gun ownership the left are bullies and the town are fears are progressed teacher kids to stay and it dared ground. Our text your race at love this show Terry thank you why is it that judges and politicians elector so lax on pet files and sex traffickers I think I know why they are evil. Yeah there is only one thing the left values and that his power to do anything to get it. Can find examples of that over and over and Dover history no matter what. Name they are calling themselves to die at the time now that the progressives have gone by many of the names. But the destruction results is always the sick. Text or texture race yet paid terror watch NB hostels some of those torture chamber scenes are actual footage and those are not paid actor who wait right. So I get to read the text line verbatim is that true I don't know how to look up. The Liberal Democrats don't give a blank about kids to America or anything else except their own power and wealth yet I just said that. This picture race I am psychic IC what's going on you don't have to be psyche to see the corruption and liberal left Democrat. Agenda. They. Yeah okay tester is why is is somebody who abandons a form yet informant told not charged with first degree attempted murder is we asked that earlier. Here's another question tip. Might not know Larry and just laid on CNBC this this is huge. I play the audio for you don't win the trade war there's a massive upside for the US. It's gonna put us back on the top. Trade way yet there are big risks are towards an attempt. Under the gains are massive potentially massive he says the markets haven't recognized yet. And it they've already priced in any sort of you know destruction or you know bad things happening. Because of it. But like this was a tsunami. Over the weekend for Al aryan to cannot sit on his predictions are again legendary. The take my word for it and here is the CNBC has your predictions tend to be accurate so. I'll really pick it up here. Now. We're gonna win the trade work. To be much better off for the US. Boosting production can't think reference before. Where I've heard it explained exactly like he explained it but then again if you understand what trump is doing eight a six grader could figure out. Why we have the upper hand. He grabbed explained it many times if you haven't already can listen in applied guest eight. Meanwhile. Meanwhile. You alliance. To boil down everything that is wrong everything is wrong with the left. In our country the lawlessness the air anarchy that they advocate on a daily basis there is no better interview than to listen to even this one personal crack you up. This new mayor in San Francisco her name is once entry. Arm and she says she is she grew up she Democrats group in San Francisco and I yeah she's she's concerned agenda beginning to lose like conferences currency succumbing and you know ensued seemed to have their meetings to have their big annual ocean digger whatever because in an angle on the street is covered with X excrement from the homeless. Here's London breed on this year's she she doesn't even do anything different about that. You need is a San Francisco is this the worst you've seen and I will say. That there is more there's more PG. On the sidewalks and I've ever seen you know growing up here that was something that did not wasn't the norm to nursing. I've ever seen for sure and that is a huge problem and when I'm just talking about from from dogs were talking and humans. Nikki and told him. The less aim at every level. Whether it is the absolute base level. Or all the way up to the presidential level tool justice system. Rules do not apply to their voters ever. Laws. Don't let the voters. Criminal charges should never be leveled at their voters. Ever. This is careful as they're ruling it philosophy. But the law ought to be applied in absolute minutiae to anyone who's not with them that's how they operate at is this is wider species. All over the Streets of San Francisco so much so they have used at the dosage use an apple when walking. So they can avoid the worst areas. A poop. Says she's asked is a classic example went under she doesn't I don't know what do we do a desk this Odyssey probe. We have to make sure that people who live here sadly people were homeless here. There also held accountable for taking care of our streets and is our home can mean. Like for example. I'm network service providers in district five an aide asked her community. And one of the things then I said to them is you work with many of these individuals. I worked hard to make sure that your programs are funded and what I am asking you do. He's worked with your clients and ask them to at least have respect for the community. At least clean up after themselves and show respect to one another and people in the neighborhood. Did you just ask them to stop. Miss please ask him to stop grouping all over the place mr. San Francisco. This is what. Okay good inning Russian force a lot. You're right you know right now they they don't enforce a lot is neither Democrat voters and it is laws don't apply and nursing. So they're allowed to do whatever they. And they were Republicans the Streets of San Francisco would be clean and the homeless would be in prison. Says oh don't why link up to encrypt. Are you talking about harsher penalties. I didn't expect anything about a penalty I just solicited their help in trying to talk to their clients who unfortunately. Where mostly responsible for the conditions of the street. This is simply Cisco are littered with the dangerous mix of drug needles garbage and feces. K and TV it's a local television station. K and TVs investigative team reported in February after serving city streets. This is terrible pumped are you going to do anything about we're not we would have to. Apply at all the water were among voters in new. We don't we we don't do. Like when we get. We talk. We still don't want to ask the Abu last nicely to please. 80347106. Street tech's wind. 713 dose of what are we can't fly a lot to board those are borders would get a life a Lotta Lotta streets simply Cisco those are voters. That's how they opera that's who they are. Please understand. Ari tied for another Caracas addition from. Trump tweaks and the president was on fire over the weekend. She's ten now another day of total toll tantalizing. Trumped sweetheart his achievement between searching for London Tera show America can. A Twitter president's choice 1063. WOR dean. But you're sincere I don't know what I'm Fareed and I went. OK you can translate that I want to be here has finally eat your weekend. Is the NT server and why didn't the FDI takes possession of the question mark do you stay. Yep and Johnny jet and I know that it had dozen rushes. They don't printed in Alice's great at what. They announced they still have never looked at the service so happy they have done a forensic analysis it is the only question many need to ask. Rescue individual day underwear during the Obama years why did Obama do something about it because he thought Christine and Hillary would win and that's why. Had nothing to do the drug administration that thinks news doesn't she'll want your record. The truth. As usual. OK trip tweet I love how uses this term the stories the stories. You heard about the twelve Russians yesterday took place during abomination administration of the truck administration. Why did they do something about it especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September before the election. Terms sweep there hasn't been a missile or rocket fired in nine months in North Korea. There been no nuclear tests and we got back are hostages who knows hello turn on the end but why isn't a fake news tracking of these wonderful Faxon because it is. Fake. News. And finally headed to Helsinki fit I'm looking forward to meeting with President Putin tomorrow unfortunately no matter how well I do with the summit. And I was given a great city of Moscow is retribution for all of the sins and evils committed Irish over the years. I would return to criticism that was good enough that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition much these media is indeed the enemy of the people. And all the dance. Know how. All the does know how to do was resistant obstructed this is why there is such hatred and dissension our country but at some point it will he. Liz Ann all your liberal friends in their from your family members tied. About how she did you know web pretty today day indicted aggressions. Ask them where the cerberus. They wanna what you're talking about numbers server. They had the I didn't have forensic analysis says oh good well. Came up with led the stuff to indict depressions. Print analysis of what. I drilled 29 pages. They Wednesday. They still have never seen the DNC server. Hillary Clinton's campaign servers or the in Messina. So I had to do the analysis sun. Doesn't set. It is a day of the news media and knows not to ask that's what trump asked the question. C did a forensic analysis. Without having any raw material to Kelly that's like going to aim mercy is are you trying to solve a murder rate trying to solve a murder judge says. I K Giguere that was show mercy mercy TJ good immerse Sheen. Now. She currently collect forensic data. Now. Generalized murder weapon no mold then how do you know we want to indict here we should people who were there. You mean the contract to the Democrats hired to write a report about what happened yet. Yet and you cannot do a forensic analysis. Without the body in the murder weapon they don't have the body admiral. They have no interest in getting the body where the murder weapon they have never filed a single legal document to get the DNC to turn a server server or Hillary Clinton campaigned until they do. You simply thing they say. They've never been an emergency. They never half. Grady in at Piedmont good morning. Good morning. Alum I just don't. Want to make a statement in regards Tibet San Francisco. But homeless are looked out there about a year ago and I was very shocked I was used to better. A one around I think it was that City Hall building. And three out of both or shut out of that building. Flows. Are homeless people and I'm not talking about sleet and bagged forward just sitting down and talking. What you would sleep in no what we elect these Tina CDs. And YouTube you can only get into. So just the front door gauge which way. But I always felt it also rectitude pretty arrest that I gets around in here. Or bat but. It it just blew Marmara. It's such it's supposed to break some great treaty never burying it and the homeless more let's roll the what a horrible place. It was kind of embarrassed and almost and the thing that's. But acting. I can understand of that lady willing to. Take cherub some of the stuff that is being born a little better. I really want to take care of it I mean is if she did if she did Judd Gregg she would come she'd actually you know punish these people. Now see in in the beanie you just said you said what you know it's kind of embarrassing. They're not pairs by. Deliberate leadership does not they're not embarrassed by and the poop on the streets and the needles. Is a batch of honor. It's imagine there's hearts. It it is it it it is a signal of their superiority. Because it's all rights. Days are loving and understand they're not going to imprison helpless. An academic and do what they want. Do that there would be cruel it would be discriminatory. Trust me if they weren't barest about the Cuban mysteries they would be doing interviews about. They're fine with it. It is is a virtue signal it is a badge of honor. But says Greg if they wanted to reasoning about it they were truly embarrassed she would enforce the law. And when asked what we don't question tough compelling no no plays it no I say that I I don't users shouldn't say that I would actually enforce the law against perfectly good Democrat voters. The zoo they are. It's for she sigma signaling in a form of group. And Eagles on streets so they act with again. Two they've always been I'd check in net trial on sharply got like many here. Morning how aria. On the Alabama I'm not suggest that we were talking about Brent Cavanaugh and I'd rather leave last week. Green have you ever seen anything like this before with the president out of the country. Mean it's what they're doing right Christine. Yeah I mean there have been sickened 250. Federal prosecutors on go look at his background has this ever happened before. Not so. Prosecutors know the Department of Justice has looked at the backgrounds of as Supreme Court justice nominees. You know at the behest of congress before but congress did not ask right risen seem to do this. And for him to put almost 300 prosecutors on this and I'll tell you what it is this is naked intimidation. Oh yeah and you know I'm still waiting and I enjoy watch him whenever present trump drops the hammer on this fool. And you know he's gonna do. I you know what I hope your right chock. Rosie is seen now as effective control of the DOJ Brit fans sessions is asleep and died doesn't look like that's gonna change any time soon.