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Monday, July 17th

Mainstream media focused on finding Trump campaign’s Russian collusion to cover up Hillary and Obama’s; Horrific shooting in Upstate was revenge-based murder/suicide; Being evil is a psychological disorder; Congress dragging their feet as a way to oppose Trump agenda


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Adding lay good morning terra welcome back thank you much. For the first time during when your vacations are refrains from emailing you on Thursday to demand he come back immediately I noticed that it is a mile light summer reading that I did though just keep you updated yes actually get resting now. To read it down no items aren't your baby Tripp yeah exactly we did have Wi-Fi there but I am sorry just an answer can get a chance. But it's okay Noel lung pledging had agreed to vacation that was good it's going to. Everybody needs one of those. Yes everybody does and they die so that. Some obviously more than one Annette Annette. And it's because you've been here forever might come since the dawn of man so I actually have vacation time. Yes I had this idea two weeks he's you don't get the noted that the bigger package down you know like body Mac oh yeah it was off like every other week yeah he's got like six months pay great he had a he has every year yet to be here since like 1976 to get that yeah. Right. So bloodshed but so no I I'm I'm glad that you folks who have been here forever get to enjoy your vacations when you really great years. Propping the station up in hopes of your return. It says now I'm just giving you a hard time so much happens yes did done anything kitchen W have gone well it looks like the claim. So there was absolutely no contact between the trumpet minister ration and the Russians that has sort of gone poof. Looks like the wise and it looks like the denials about that were not completely accurate. And I I think that's that's going to be a political problem for the president now because this gives. The Democrats see opening that they have been looking for there is a hint of let's put it this way. There's more smoke now now the Democrats won acclaim there's fire there's not a fire yet but the smoke definitely thickened. It. I mean look at yo we do when you're arrested you have contacts with the Russians that means the Russian government Russian diplomats in Russian down. Foreign ministers say you know the people who go door to door down. In the halls of congress and talk to everybody right and so they said no okay well. I cut an attorney who is Russian couples are two different things from if you ask me have you contacts with the Russians mean. Somebody ME is somebody who's half freshen with academic quarter aggression would that count any. She wasn't sent by the Russian government she's an attorney who happens to be rationed out. I mean I don't know that I would've thought of the diet I mean added they're moving the goal pets now it's how I anybody have you had contact with anyone who's Russia. Right. Now love the Russian dressing that somebody would come at him in about that and we didn't have Russian dressing. Yeah that's at but you know you qualify this by saying that to trump junior said this on Fox News shall be settled Fox News and either didn't happen or is lying according to the mainstream media so district. In the meantime. This whole thing is getting this bizarre. In so maddening about this it's not the extreme. You know. Vetting. And criminal investigation. And heart you know at congressional investigation into every last detail of this to make sure that our election process is fair and that's really the problem him. That that really sticks in your croc and makes you feel like somebody's choking you went back to throat that's how I feel. It's the extreme. In new Noory. All of the other side doing what the trumps did to the nth degree yeah. You know. I need for instance this is just come out this morning okay. This is so WikiLeaks is released before everybody's ignoring it Ayman WikiLeaks put it out again to make sure everybody side it's from the John fee the John Podesta you know collection. In which they brags about getting Bloomberg. To kill a story. About how Hillary. Opposed sanctions was that legislation against Russia rigid ski act. In their. Bomb in. Exchange for the 500000. Dollars Bill Clinton took from Clint Kremlin. Connected groups to give a speech in Russia and they're taking a victory lap in this email. How we kill the Bloomberg story you know trying to tie. Ice Hillary. Opposing. Russian sanctions Nijinsky act to. You know the 500000 built trip from Russia which is the definition of collusion be deaf in absolute definition so you know try and sooner money taken from Russia as far as we know it's time. Zero. I can't we have them in rating admit it. What Coco we could have million dollars from the Kremlin think we knew we give bust that we got Bloomberg to Cilic all you you look at that the hypocrisy of that. And the lack of interest. Okay now or wait now it now we've got Don junior and he's talking to the Russians sanctions woman who once they're from her a clearly he was trying to colluding with gays gonna trade and some think what Hillary Clinton did trade for something to oppose them just yet. Any it. They're own words this is early email talking about this. And there is no congressional investigation there's no outrageous no coverage by anybody we learned that when he Hillary's cells State Department influence she is secretary of state. And Don junior some you know assistant. In the political campaign. Just secretary of state her opposing Russian sanctions is a big deal her admitting that adversely in many they got paid to do it is a big deal. And so it's just a hypocrisy that gives them absolutely. No credibility if they really cared about Russian influence we go well we have Hillary here Hillary's people. Under campaign practically bragging about taking the money getting away with in killing the store. Now let's see advantages Democrats have with the mainstream media being wholly in their camp. Because then you have a situation where if the Republicans or anybody who runs a Republican does anything similar to what Democrats have forty Don it is a major news story. But the fact that Democrats have done it in the past and done it to a greater degree it doesn't matter and it doesn't get covered. As he that's a mean. On which makes me display new wanna blow off the whole ranting assays not really you know why because of these people really cared and by that I mean Republican leadership comedian any of them about true Russian influence. On than we would be looking at this as well and we're not they doubt that makes this completely political and a total joke. Let's look at the whole ball election is like I've been saying an air cared cynnex asks I don't usually agree with him an excellent question do wire. We're Democrats working with the Russians. Were they working both sides of this they're they're they're writing half a million dollar checks the Clinton administration in exchange for Hillary's. You know opposing the magnate ski act which magnate ski act which basically was the imposing of sanctions on Russia they wanted to Atlantic. Down and it's on so and there was a quid pro quo. Rates so if we really care about the influencing. The and we should really care if our first secretary of state is selling her influence. And if we can do is just Hillary you know she's out office suite where the pilot during all here's the problem. Now are finding out that Loretta lynch. Bomb lifted woodwind to a store and an extraordinary degree to get the visa for the Russian lawyer there's only two circumstances under which she should have been allowed to stay. She was either the loner. Counsel for the guy she represented she wasn't yet another council bomb or work she was other value as an asset to the FBI. How how low will hold apple and it has backed a familiar what how did the FBI says her in the now valve that is worth a congressional hearing especially when we know she's the main lobbies for the did you know magnate ski act right against it. And we know that Bill Clinton by their own emission. Onto to half a million bucks. In exchange for Hillary opposing him via Magnus ski act she managed to get killed the Bloomberg story Joseph Maddon and now we have a story. And when you look at what did they need any questions of wheat we Leno Hitler and at the highest level I mean Loretta lynch the departed the DOJ. You know due of the GO JC's the top prosecutor in the country personally. Made sure this woman could get in the country she meets with. Donald Trump junior I'm sorry what where are the collusion investigations against Loretta lynch yuck why isn't she under invest. Negation for Russian collusion because if it's a problem that Donald Trump junior met with this attorney that Loretta lynch made sure state in the country then Loretta lynch should also be under investigation and she should be asked okay. Clearly she doesn't meet category one I mean the kind of visa pearl that she gave this woman is incredibly rare it happens you know maybe a dozen times in a decade. And it usually record it occurs at the highest levels so here's the question if she didn't meet category one. And that means she was working as an asset for the FBI or whether it'll instead was illegal. Color before congress and ask her which US because you've got woman was an X asset for the FBI what the heck were they do it sounds like a job portrayed got. Yes it does. Umbrage you know what I I expect to be disappointed will never see Loretta lynch is faced before congress never mind the and less collusion and law breaking on the behalf this woman and that's what makes me say. Congress is not serious they don't care about election meddling in Germany this this is purely political as we can't take the series. As what I say. You know I mean if it's okay if it's wrong for Donald Trump junior to collude with this woman why is it not wrong for Loretta lynch. And four on that the clintons to collude. Now why is it why is guide not a a major story. Why is that not worth the congressional investigation. It's just when you see what they've gotten away with Lee it's just. Isn't staggering away they sold our country up and we're told no don't worry about I Hillary can sell. You know her opposition for Russian sanctions for half a million bucks what we do you worry about is if Donald junior met with a lawyer. He had taken money now hitting getting influence now be getting info now then. What what are we talking about here. Again the investigation should be where the Russians trying to influence our elections on both sides then I can take him seriously until then not so much. Right up next. Americans. So let's be alienated from trump while the media's rush coverage are they instead becoming alienated in. Or you know they are feeling alienated toward the mainstream media that and much more up next. The common sense your retirement. Adding text INN. I'm with you share this isn't serious about finding that true throwing these people accountable for wrongdoings at this point I wish they would just drop the whole thing. Biggest. It's not actually charge anyone to get to the truth it's just a waste of time. I think he's just trying to match Hillary and I mean they spent what three years on Hillary senile investigation what happened in the end she walk free. Text arranged Chara so why does did you. Descriptions in apartment pursue an investigation of Loretta lynch the clintons the silence in this regard from the White House is both puzzling in Manning I don't know well. Can our feet two things I think that Jeff Sessions. Is. Not blindly party was thinking he's very much quaking in his boots. I'm because there would be an uproar. I think there would be an uproar. From the media they would accused trump of you know. Playing partisan games trying to cover the rice in thing going after Hillary inner written is being Rick Richard beauty of I mean I did the coverage would be so bad they probably figure it's not worth it. And number three I don't think they have functional control of the I don't think they opt functional operational control the FB. And you need the FBI don't investigate that kind of thing. Normally that's how it works or not I I don't think that trump has control of the FBI I am not even sure that sessions has full control and Department of Justice. There's so many holdovers there. Think your very insulated citing those are the answers to your questions. 803471063. Text line 71307. RE giant died today and you missed it to a today is the first day of your diet. Will how Long Will that last. According this. Sticking to a diet health and I can be year old challenge. Is funny new data from growth hub proves it. And they deeds is deserve this food delivery site reveals certain. The two dishes people are ordering more of each day compared to other days of the week on Monday salad. Yep Monday its salads. Give Cobb salad 52% to more than any other day of the week that's disordered by others say pizza. I'm going to sell it. Three days that we get have. That's a little break up were tar. Again you found most effective thing to do to control wages if you're really trying to eat healthy. It's too and he's just he personally like you can lie to me current stretch all the time you cannot resist your team. So I mean I I don't are you heard core really healthy most of them at every week except Saturday that's my diet Daffy whenever I want whatever I want. And so instead telling myself I know I can't have died. I think has to have Exel Saturday I can live with that. And a horse I don't count calories on Saturday and I am whatever I want I holed some of but injuries could you do a scream on Saturday was awesome. It's what I did the whole thing is all I'll confess that suit on any of the daily though it's you know it's protein shakes and. Vegetables from the garden in pro clean protein stuff like that and I'm I'd that's that's just me that's how I have to do it. So he's with a diatribe that. It's funny so you get a feeling of play grief we see that like really good looking piece a kicker or is costs have a little led no I just have on Saturday. It it really where it does work for me has soared few gonna try. A story she can't diet and lose we have to change her whole life style if you really want to work. Any different planet works via. You get 803471063. Text line 71307. So much stuff going on sale on or begin. Sonny I noticed on Friday. I did not my test actually asked me about it I don't hound me and it horrific shooting on fray. You thinking going on here is an unknown going in. National ID it was Friday. There's nothing we can do. China should the show has up as possible on Friday while covering real news which is hard to do. I told rice I said nice save for Monday. Doing that then. Where is so you wait and Susan Smith. The kids and yeah the car no water and almost terrible wasn't. And the whole country grieved. And it was meant it was front sensor didn't stay in and day out day in day out. Is lights. We've become immune to this. Like with all of the violence which can't even processor anymore. I mean this barely made national news in contrast that was Susan Smith. I is amazing the stuff that's going on now that doesn't is just a bit a blip in the news which would have you know in the eighties. They do in the nineties and huge. Just horrific mother I guess believes. That's her. Estranged husband who she was separated with was win another woman app I don't know. Killed her. And then went killed her two beautiful children and herself one of the children was. The did the daughter. Harper was the child of the father. She was strange from obviously trying to get back at practice was saying revenge crap. Banish kill yourself. And it is so our first responders had defied a car with a dead mom and TJ children an. Student Susan Smith style but no water. I just horrible. It's horrible. But barely a blip in the national news. This is what our countries become. It is just you're just to you to at a I don't know I mean it's like it bounces off Tina. These stories there won today's stories and so it. Everybody online asking why. We get to that in. It's really interesting poll that and it the next in new hot hip place incurring built to invest in their realists they really. Already that I tell you you can sell me if you think it's right on tracker no way. All that coming up plessy your responses text your rate that's two writes the story broke my heart yep reminds him. Beautiful children just beautiful. Arie comedian is obviously trying to take out. Trump. But is better earnings for. The media. New poll from Harvard hardly a liberal organization. Nearly two thirds of Americans believe in campaigning exist to delegitimize. Truck. Yeah this is a campaign they believe on behalf of the media and politicians political class a Washington. Including 87% of Republicans 63% of independents and even 40% of Democrats. That's right 62%. Said yes there is a campaign to delegitimize. The president. You wonder here is all of this Russia stuff hurting try. Where the medium more. Now when Yogi Bear reruns. Get a bigger audience than CNN. Cut close what's going on me why. This is interest. And this tell you country's fragmented into two separate countries culturally politically. I know what does. Was this new. Poll. New NBC news Wall Street Journal poll and those work. The NBC news Wall Street Journal polls were probably some of the worst of the political campaign and in ended up being off by an average twelve points. So you know it's back. You know as an and they were they were all of course biased toward Hillary. What are you finding now try approval. Is that fifth this is m.s so it's probably huge. Tried approval is at 50% or higher. In the US counties that put him in the White House including the blue ones. As amazing. The 2% of adults in those counties or higher. Approve of the president's job performance. So we look at these polls czar NI is not a 50% well if you strip out. The coasts. And a big blue areas of the country. Which not that large in size compared the red areas of country. He's doing well he's doing 50% or more. Prom last month's NBC the Wall Street Journal poll had terms overall approval rating at 40%. Did the media is getting numbers like this means trumpets approach was to be somewhere around 60% these pro trump counties. So another words. Ali's places they'd hoped to Whittle away that. Our Democrat strongholds they're gonna get back and I trump will be able to win next time so far we we're not very far into this presidency so far not market. Just don't work. Hey speaking of not working. We pay you here for not doing much but listening to the station. And that the cash contest is back agree favorite of many of our listeners we are going lady first around the inaugural round of cash in his round. Coming up around me at top VR around 7 o'clock. So be sure to listen closely for that keyword text into seven to 881 not to detect not the regular attacks on new contest Tesla. Seven to. Eight H want somebody need to have a head start they're giving you the cash contest line in advance. 72881. Just listen for the word and texted to that line should go ahead complete your thought. Okay LaMont got mad through a it's effect. Temper tantrum. I guess thought she'd get back at her estranged husband's. Who heads separated from her was trying to get. Partial custody of the children she had full custody. Demi are ready made a mad I guess that she thought he was having. A relationship with another woman I don't know if he was or not that's not clear from the news reports says she killed another woman age Tony and killed two children. And herself. Shocking news breaking on Friday. Just absolutely. Heartbreaking. That level of just. Absolute. Selfishness. It's almost unfathomable. Alicia consider this. If people online I saw a lot of asking why how could this happen how could this happen here how could anyone you know at this country question asking don't think. How can anyone do that I think yet but you better listen listen children can grow up. To be second pass socio pass or score high on the second Patrick scale. Begin showing identifiable signs of age story. It is clinically diagnosed all of our society cared to recognize. Evil for what idiots. Maybe that's readable but recognizable. As a precious why this month killed her children and another person I think. But how she was able to keep from doing something like this off pulling everyone around her about her true nature for as long should it. I think the answer is simple she was born stone cold evil. If you went back he looked you can find signs you could straight a student will be hand blah blah blah I'm Lamar. UN last stories of the well I was Dele story the last big story were times reporter Erin Grant never got to finish it. Because I really want to see where it went. No it's still probably a folder somewhere in garage. I'd discovered it was I was in Charlotte and I had discovered. That the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system had a program. To identify psychopath. Children who were second pass socio past the idea being. In partnership with law enforcement that if they could catch them early enough. They might be able to direct them in more positive directions. As a as a partnership between me and you law enforcement and the schools it was very hush hush program. I had AM very non descriptive name appointed you couldn't tell what it was I heard about perhaps school's doing. And more. As I started interviewed people who did this in it was a combo of school counselors teachers. And the police department facts and they even had told me that's images they work with. A lot of them came to the attention of the program through the police side thanks. Generous and no one can particularly were very proud of they had managed to. Council and follow him into the military. Or his proclivities. Might be better handled I wasn't sure if that was a good place for him or not. And and a few interviews analysis for as a guide. But especially by the fact. That they could ITV's kits. Not all of them obviously but some of them. They're well aware of their existence and party tagging them at a young age. I really miss the kids a program had not done anything violent to other people. And I had done anything violent to other people. Some had harmed animals. Some are not. Just does certain point proclivities identified. But Pearson say is a wanna recognize the evil that walks environments. North try to diagnose to figure out what it is try to recognize it by the way if you're an OC says why when these things happen you always want an answer. And you find yourself searching I've recommended a spoke for your book for years Scott Peck's people of life. You want an answer to what you'll never ask why again have you read that. Never ask what he's a psychologist. Who dealt with evil people. And argues that psychology can clinically diagnosed them as evil can't treat them. So untreatable but could diagnose the society should recognize evil and let's say college you want it to CN fades to amazing book. He take issue I journey looking at his evil patients. And how they fooled everybody around them anyway this is the question why better than anything I've ever found Scott packs of people of the lie get a read. You're looking for answers to those questions. Ari done. And and do something else you're actually but I guess as I can work. RH show rid of all. Not happy not happy at all with what's going line with this whole health care bill Gina was going on to hit. Okay. While the entire country waits for them. To pass tax reform. And trump finally bullied Mitch McConnell. In cutting their vacation in half. They're now going to sit back and wait at least we can have maybe two weeks for John McCain to recover from his surgery before they take about. Sit back. So Leonard take a tax reform raped and take up the tax cuts and attempt to got plenty of time sitting around went for McCain now. Now. I cannot walk and chew gum these people. Measure chill out sit around and wait for McCain to. Show up. Lastly producer Chris figured out they had com 31 day what 31 working days left. Says what like Thursday 31 working days left. In the fiscal year. They claimed they had 31 working days yet that's where the Monday through Friday's words it was actually more like 57. Right but there's no would you say a thing would you fear that was we had 57. Working yes well people regular working Monday through Friday. Had 57 working and this is as of last weeks of the numbers slightly Thursday quite like okay. The people who work Monday through Friday had 57 working days whereas congress was claiming they only had 31. And if they had I had worked Saturdays as you were suggesting. Just to get this thing done then they would have had to. More than double the 31 that they were claiming. Right. OK so now another going to take day we get after two weeks away for McCain to get back which would you aren't engaged in tax reform now and now. That we cannot work on two things at one time. Suez sit around and waited for John McCain to get back. Even though bottom half we still won't have enough votes. To pass health care. Why they join us. They're lazy. Yeah. That's part of it. The ran out the clock. And until he does nothing but an exercise in running out the clock so is not to get health care dying. And not to get tax cuts dot. Before the matrix. In the hope. In hope of giving one of the house is two Democrats. Say don't have to make these decisions anymore. That's a great quotes on that coming up in the next hour. Rim Republicans doing these town halls saying it being hassle you you city refuel and even brag about that for three years if you read carried her pillow and I can't. And aide who dat members of congress and we'll look we we never thought we get power when we prospect. Showing me it. Here's Rand Paul on this disaster of health care been Billy's a senator. This bill keeps most of the obamacare taxes keeps most of the regulations keeps most of subsidies and create something the Republicans have never been four that's up. They giant insurance bailout Superfund the one thing we should do is try to repeal as many of the taxes as many of those regulations. And as many of the mandates as we possibly can. Rates words everything they told they were gonna do on the trail on the campaign to they mean any that. And they just said because they thought they would never be in power again and now they are and it's nightmare so there and in what they're trying to run this out. In there and get one house under controlled by the Democrats. Whistled and gum up the works nothing will get done and other due to be happy trump goes down in points when he and everybody's there is limited CC is as good as it gets a day or govern. And I could be clear.