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Tuesday, July 17th
Bombshells from the Helsinki Summit; Trump draws moral equivalency between US and Russia; Putin claims hundreds of millions of dollars laundered through Russia into Hillary campaign

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Late good morning to Larry Genoa. The senate G yesterday a lot of people saw a lot of different things. Depending on who they where. Democrats of course don't like it. Nemesis print media and Strom clearly there was collusion and net. Comment all of that I'm not worried criticizing trumpet to Newt Gingrich is sounding the alarm saying it tram buck's the good summit. And it was the most serious mistake. Of his presidency. What do you think. Well first off I don't know about the weather the summit has been monster not now certainly during the press conference the president certainly I think. As a self inflicted wound here. On the way that he presented this and but but the what did you expect from a president who has had to battle. His own government as well as the government's slow connection right from day one. Yeah I think he could have handled the the press conference better. No question about that. But I. We don't know what. Happened in this summit all we have heard about is this press conference the press conference was and I met some strange remember I'm Maria and I had lined up air from daily caller new terror. Sounds the alarm price botched Putin summit most serious mistake of his presidency but you're you're right bets I'm talking at a press conference call when I know you are but I yet saying that you know. I think part of this number one as you pointed out it doesn't matter. What happened. Democrats and liberal left media the New York Times wash you posed the usual crowd it doesn't matter. He could have had put my hand trump the keys to all the ICBMs. In Russia and it would have made him a bit of difference they still would have hated in the Stewart criticized him it would mean a bit different so. Then coming from the media I'm not surprised. But I do think that the way at a certain level. At a certain level there's a time when you've got to back off just a little bit and I think this was one of those times where I think he just stepped a little too for. I realize though that you've got a president that has badly his own government as well as foreign nationals and and in some cases his own party. And it's because he's still that outside and out say it again trumps an outsider not a Republican not a conservative he is an outsider and that's the danger here you're looking at the the whole. Though the global a latest that are fighting him in Europe. In Asia. And in this country and and that's why you're seeing so much the criticism did he do themselves any favors yesterday in a press conference now. That's just my opinion. I don't mediated insults. Any favors on either and is first began conservative easier about conservative narrow on the has. He ran the most conservative presidents in my lifetime yes yes she absolutely has since well I agree with a narrow down in in actions. Are growing dispute. I I don't think bush was conservative compared to him and Altman close. And yet he isn't that knocking frustrate which Presley however I think right on it I think trump went wrong yesterday. I think he was. Well there's a couple ways I think he was fine for the most part. That the problem comes. Written this is where you really got hung up yesterday this is the Clinton got him in trouble he's asked. And how do you trust our Intel or crisis. Well our Intel guys are liars they're per jurors there are lawbreakers now and you could argue they're thugs. And prudent is a liar. A law breaker both dugout. And a murderer yeah CNN stay in it and I mean like like just recently. In the last couple of months he's taken people out he's digging journalist. Come out and joke you know you have to be really careful. And that what we know when that he can we trust her her you know can we trust her intelligence sees net the American people agree would trump and I mean I went back and told. A Gallup poll of approval for the FBI it hit a high of two of 71%. In 2003. Today they're 22%. Yes they are devastatingly. Disliked and not trusted show tropic is not wrong there he's in the mainstream. You go on the steps there. You know me I mean I give the president a lot around. Because of all the good things that he doesn't encourage it takes to give him an a personal price he's paying to do the botched yup Paula policy but. But but went okay sharp wit I'm up until that point break your eye it you'd go ahead and in in in in an ass international press conference treasury Intel community. They deserve it they haven't proven their case and they glided every turn. But can't she at she should Jess there's any kind of moral equivalence there between anybody in this nation. And Russia people don't get that now. Lee they just they don't understand if you if you marinated in talk radio 24/7. You don't understand what the president just stood there. On meet you you really don't and again prove his murderous thug. And you can't. I'm eventually find them you know any in the murders committed Larry Intel agencies I still can't go there with the equivalent. It's seed yanish does very little so like between them but I still looking into their thinking revealed don't. Get that I I think this is where he went wrong. I have great confidence in my intelligence people but it's. I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful. In his denial today and what he did is an incredible offer. He offered to help. These people working on the case. Come and work with their investigators with respect for the twelve people I think that's an incredible loss can thank you. Soda drug that's sort of moral equivalence that's where the promise to to the I think it was gas I do I I think it was a gaffe I think terms on a great job but I think he may he made a mistake it if it was neat. I called this press conference off I was at forget it we're not doing I protocol the whole summer off I'll tell you why. A big cut is what rod Rosen seen any Intel committee to need to did to trump. With these indictments. I was put in an impossible position us for all because he had two choices yesterday going to this nation is CNET he either. Admits. It is yeah yeah I rested in my Intel mines are geyser right day they did it which would be an admission that his presidency is illegitimate. He couldn't do that he could not give Russian nailed that yesterday. He couldn't do it it's eat out he would've had to admit that they were trying to get him to say how well you aggressions out how he's not illegitimate president. And we would've heard dead straight up through 20/20. However. His other option that was to stand beside Putin's eyes on Intel committee community. That's not a winning either there was no win their the only way to get out of this with a win was to sensible thing and should have done. Al but I think it Dave trounced at pride in having actually one is you know won this race he did a legitimately there was no collusion or help from the Russians. Are intelligent and you know community has not proved that yet. In fact they are hiding the evidence that would prove it conclusively which makes me doubt everything that they had said. Bomb they do not did ya they fought the you know extradition of Julian Assange who knows who did. The hacking they wanna talk to him coming himself personally fought that the hill reported that last week that's a liberal publication. Connie didn't wanna talk to him they don't want to server they don't want to see Clinton's you know campaign servers they wanna see the they've done everything to bury the evidence today as they do not deserve to be trusted because they have not on the road work are proving the case one iota to go a step further and say hey Russia. You know arraigned may be a trash rusher. Do. Okay. What do while you're doing I know I don't want to still bothers me about this and and maybe I'm I'm completely off base here okay. Why is it the only thing we ever hear about as Russia. I can't believe that Russia was the only entity that there's people affiliated with a Russia. We're the only governmental foreign sovereign nation. That was doing something during our election to either spy on the policy political campaigns or to check out donors or two. To put some information out there that or highlighted formation they thought would help or hurt one particular candidate one way or another. I can't believe that only people from Russia. Are affiliated with Russia could have been the only ones doing that if you were telling me all there was a whole list of countries you know it was China there was a run it was North Korea other. You know there was these other nations around there. Of that were also doing this too which are the Russians were doing and they're probably doing it more to do any more effectively you're telling me that I'd be much more willing to listen to that and think that you had something. But for this concentration. For this. Blinders. Of of nothing but Russia Russia Russia all the time it just smacks of nothing but political partisanship on this. Exactly especially in coney unstable for the nation and say did at least five people access that Hillary server. You know at least five foreign nations they believe axis that server and they came out again. And after the Intel to meet report that definitively fired at least five foreign business taxation is made of the day while out. They won't tell us Dana you and you can rush every time you get a chance named the rest of well and then here's the other thing we mean or go back to it the simplest of things. Date have not presented to run one iota of evidence. That Russia did it and when I hear that repeated his backing on Fox News I lose. My mind in fact they've gone to great lengths. On to not examine the very source material including again the server. On talking to Julian Assange would call me again goes out of his way I'll play that audio to day from John Solomon reporter at the hilly liberal publication. On that coming personally blocked asides from coming to this country because he wanted to tell us he would have been willing to cellist. Who did the hacking they don't want an out so when they say it was Russia and I don't believe them. I don't they haven't done the work. And all they have not looked to to source material they've avoided it like the plague I don't believe them and was right to point all that out. To go a step further though with the moral equivalence between Russia and us is Israeli problematic I think so and he's gonna how he's gonna have it's he's gonna it and it was a terrible gaffe he's going to have to spend a while. Walken it back and now am I hope this doesn't argument the 20/20 but I think it may. I here's my question for AO. Let you do the show it today because I'm really conflict in about this press conference yesterday that prompted with. Potent. Do you agree wit if Newt Gingrich. The biggest gaffe so far that the trump presidency in an automobile press conference here and Newt was neither. He was talking about CD you know making moral equivalence you know it well I don't know I trust you know I don't know which has more. At Russia. You know look pro prudent said he didn't do it show you don't sound convincing more my own Intel agencies. Gas. Not a gaffe. What do you think you do the show I'd love to hear from 803471063. Text line 7130 sat. Bella. Here's an easy trap to fall into it. You listen to talk radio you are super educate. When you are light years ahead of the vast majority of Americans in knowing what's actually going on in this country. And show. Way and in com. We're obligated exhibit yesterday prudent says. Did you hear this by the way. He says Melissa how we like. Via a chance to you know you question our Intel officers for supposedly no one you know for supposedly messing around in your election like two. Question York's. Per laundering. Campaign money and Hillary's campaign for a million bucks defense that would break so many lives. First of all tax laws. Who said that dead for a million dollars that allegedly or Intel agents laundered in Hillary's campaign. Is a bomb yesterday. That taxes were paid on in the US or Russia that means it was illegally repatriated into the country it's dirty money. And I are Intel agents allegedly helped laundry into you know how blundered into the country and in Hillary's campaign if that's true. That there are multiple crimes act. Said he yesterday gut level. Eleanor says trim. Think about that. I won I heard put shade yesterday. Our Intel agency M illegally more laundered money for Hillary Clinton's campaign and went. That's your. Went that it is. That it is trip. That's a little like trying to stir until agencies. So in my guilty what Trenton yesterday. And land mine yet. Do right with went when Russia says one thing our Intel agencies say in did you item to trust no I don't I have I have no idea. Actual level of corruption. And lawlessness we all know here and talk radio. We know that. But. The American public does. And Russia it is a bad place Tony is a murderous thug and you have to be really careful. When you speak aloud a matte kind of thing. We have a beer can you address competition is correcting answers here I just I want you do you show today. Sure it's not a gaffe. If you're entire country under the partner come on that's going too far. Ted straights here you only are talking bad about my president I don't like it. One witness seat he area has the Democrats he stab us with the deep state after him he doesn't need as bashing him to bashing him I tell acting that was aghast yesterday. And he made a mistake. In that part of the of depressed after I filed underestimate. And I'd it was stroke that I love but that he's on a stage that big telling the truth. About the lies told Byron tell agents. I only problem with that. It was a church. But to go step further and suggest date. Now moral equivalence between us and Russia. It's just. He can't forget what prudent use. He's a murderous thug dictator. That's what ES. So it was a mistake. Not condemning the president for Rick I'm just saying to me was it. Tell you where I'm wrong. Tester and it was so infuriating watching all of fox these bash are wonderful present. The checks are red struck a 100% Greg US still better than Russia in regards to our past leaders being involved in all kinds of debauchery. Bomb moon yes under current leaders involved all kinds of debauchery. Desperate I don't it was a gaffe he spoke the truth the same truth that we all believe yet you know and I I agree with that I agree with that assessment. However sometimes she just now. They're bigger things were fighting for Dexter writes I still stand Metropolit did I do too. Don't get me wrong. But it. There's some things just don't say. If you want to win a war. Some say content aware of the terms of bad. And tramp trump is amazing and wonderful bus. I think he didn't do himself a service mystery and the thing that makes me the angriest is because he let the Intel community get one over on him. And that's frustrating. Lets your from not marked in fountain him. Kmart. He cared aborted unborn and I I tell are glad heaven if you trial for a with what. What he shed and and I know we're due regard to what your goal at this I've been in not at that level but I have been a truck shoot many account or out. Open not at all but looker crossroad actually my wife with that. Sudden thought cutting things like shut up they'll say it. But a mouth took me out again the odds and it's you bump but it's it's the truth hit bumped. You know we're gonna wanna put ourselves on the level that and the country on the level or as the Soviet Union. But he. You know if you look at what our government has dug our people as well Irish yes all through through persecuting Christians who do what they just doing their First Amendment right up on abortion clinic. Let alone what can lead to more recent history look where what we did to the ball ten per. Furlough protests don't own doing what they eat their god given right charred protest an entry. Our local we get to the party family get out there are on the ranch the scriptures go as low that the guy at a workshop on the side a little food. If you look at girl video that the FBR government are derivation of mop. And it is there's garlic either militarily or what kind of black option art dark option. Our government does and eagle ray and Paul hit yesterday to at least until we metal and other people election we do that all the cart. And and that the just boil down to what art keep steady. In this to him Republican this is what makes so bad it is the Republicans themselves are are. Circuits like that that'll globe. Settled a civil eat little pale. What Republicans you don't America act in our own our own people trying to make this country better. But it hit them in the pocket in the power global. Indulge. You don't want commercial remote and Russia but we we do win we have done for years the same thing that these are the country's duke. It's just settle level we're out as the don't really get to know what school. Absolutely and I would be really careful because I I still again Amare gonna be careful when you say you know they don't pay would. Well you know wrestle metal and our alleged do we Madeleine there's I'm so that has not been proven. And it hasn't I'm sorry. And I'm not taking issue with you but I don't want to repeat that. I mean it's possible Russia mattered medal than our election at some point figure to review the idea NC server and Hillary servers. On the hell that and Jeffrey veggie you know accepted but until then now. And a proven. Why. It's a lighted they did a forensic examination that was in the indictment did not. They never got servers. So we're there yet we don't we maybe get it I don't. Dana. And they didn't do a forensic analysis and they have avoided like the plague. Any bit of evidence of what actually happened don't want the servers don't want dual Julian Assange. Extradited to the US Tillis who did it. Fought that tooth and nail. They don't want teachers out. They don't some are willing to give him any kind of credibility but mark you're right that was that was a great analysis. Texture rich. Texture is did not say independent crude did not interfere he said he didn't see why he what. He had to be diplomatic what used to. Tagamet lead trumpet. Didn't press conference yesterday highly Gunter is still a lot of criticism of trump. There's a one line that got him in trouble ethic. On the whole thing Arab Brett you know when he's asked listener who he believes. You're an Intel agencies or or Russia is and he you know draws a moral equivalence between the two. And animist Cuba have met you know Russia is about Clinton any it is I mean putt Gooden is a murderous thug he has had people killed we know that. You have to be really careful with. So askew was you know was this gap testing yesterday was as bad diet is as bad as Newt Gingrich says the most serious mistake of his presidency or not so bad. Not a big deal. Was with trump I'd ninety fiber so I need a great job yesterday. On list. The world needs to hear the things that he said. Here's the question and a and I'd most today is not here here we here's here's the question the reporter asked. Mr. President you treated this morning that its US homelessness stupidity. And the mole approach that is responsible for the decline in US relations with Russia. Do you hold Russia at all account. Anything in particular and if so what we do what would you consider them that they are responsible for. Guess you know I don't know they're both countries responsible. I think that the United States is an influential think we. Wish we should have desire. A long time ago. A long time Franken before I got to office. And I think we're all to blame. Right so he's doing good there. Because he's just so nobody's on Obama's watch artists. I do feel that we have. Both made some mistakes I think that being the probe is a disaster for our country it is I think it's kept us apart. It's kept us separated there was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. People are being brought out to before. So far that I know virtually none of it related to the campaign. And the you have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign that was a clean campaign. I beat Hillary Clinton easily. And frankly. We beat her. And I'm not even saying from the standpoint we won that race and it's a shame that they can even be a little bit of a cloud over it. People know that people understand it but the main thing and we discussed is also. Zero collision and it has had a negative impact upon. The relationship of the two largest nuclear powers. In the world. He goes on to say this. Just now President Putin denied having anything to do with the election airfares between sixteen every US intelligence agency has concluded that the Russians did. What or who my first question for you sir is who do you believe. My second question is would you now with the whole world watching tell president whom would you denounce what happened twice sixteen and would you want him to never do it again. So let me just say that we have. Two thoughts you have groups that are wondering why the FBI never justice server thank heavens they've taken the server yet. Why it was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee. Is the Russians didn't hack them. They're wondering that have been asking that for months and months and I've been tweeting and out and calling it out of social media. Where is this server I wanna know where there's a server and watch. Is this servers saying. When that being said oil can do is ask the question my people came to me Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russian. I will say this I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be but I really do wanna see the server. He's right the Intel committee community consider what they want. To provide one shred one iota of proof. And I would challenge you if you doubt me on that goal 29 page indictment original rebates. Don't take CNN's word for the trust his word court for reading it. There is not one shred. Of actual physical evidence in those 29 page does not want. They don't explain how they came to their conclusions. Because they can't. They have not done any forensic. Analysis. Peary. They had all I have as a report from some people who Democrats. Paid you want me to believe. That if the Russian tacked to the DNC to help trumpet defeat Hillary. And DNC had proof of that on their server they would not turn out over for all the world to state. Of course they would insure themselves getting up the door. With the Serb. Happens. These communities simply has not proven its case and that is highly highly highly suspect yeah I miss something yesterday. I miss what was in this I have pleaded for but I bit me and I missed the punch line. About what a lie that indictment was yesterday because it was present it is by Rosen scene is nit while she had gone down this forensic analysis now. But what was its. Had been reported months and months before I don't the Intel community they had this is really is march. It was a M. The reason we hadn't heard before was they redacted it. In the House Intelligence Committee report. Today Nina is flipping out yesterday he's the head of the Intelligence Committees of congress member. So all I did say this is now this new principal now know. They gave this Jewish in March. The line. And that's was in this clip. I miss that part yesterday and yes they did bad things and they're always talked about things. We know that they have very sophisticated intelligence capabilities in Russia. And they're always they're constantly attacking the United States and our allies however in the indictment. They leave out some really important people that they also went after so the indictment plays like they're only going after the Democrats win. Bob Mueller and all his investigators and his lawyers who know for a fact that they also targeted Republicans and why is that not in the indictment in makes the indictment look ridiculous a cut so that and I'm not saying they shouldn't be indicted on six that were targeting both Democrats and Republican and Republican. And and and they know that it's in our report so why doesn't the light isn't Department of Justice allow this to be declassified to the American public can see that's the other thing is that. Again that evidence they Specter marks. Intel committee had a sir reg and for residency to come out and say. Yeah we just didn't have friends that are absolutely cons aggression suited had no they didn't spin around for a long time. It's not new. It isn't and that's that is what is in the year if they had it going back to march. It's been completely misrepresented the American people. Now the new no forensic analysis none of that tell my slice so we do was. Since it was wrong to go after them but he tripped himself up with a more eloquent than equivalents with Russia that's the only thing that's going to be focused on you which is frustrated I don't want to see them get away. Not criticizing president necessarily. Bound just not sure. This worked out the best way. It could have. Texture to weather friend here I don't think trump made mistakes you look at all the agencies trying to prove his presidency is fake. When he won it fair and square so why would he praise our intelligence us I think he should Fraser intelligence officers. Mom but dry and moral equivalence between us. And a murderous regime meant it was a step beyond that and that's where I lost a lot of people I think. You did show that controversy out press conference yesterday what did you think about it Georgia in trial on hate George. I don't go. I'll let. Didn't know a few months ago at my memory serves me right mr. Mueller indicted a company or some this listen well. And they consider rolling over like all when did. They had the money to fight it played OK they get court approve it. Look to which we are OB which Belichick well no I don't have any evidence Kirk and it just getting. Never mind. Yeah Yuriko let. I have we covered it extensively here I have. Exactly but here's the same you doing the same thing with a broad and stop or whatever his name is. They definitely true that these people did anything they probably. But he doesn't have any pro. And they know it they can't go to court because they're not the country and woke come back to get extra. Heat bacon. Ticket chart at just our help Wally no it is a bit. This guy is saying it he's got up we understand it. Yang you're talking about resisting what roses scenes in resisting is the number two it to DOJ who really is number two on any heat so he get your rate heat so we have all these indictments come down. Against these Russian Intel officers and then they send it all of this to eight a sex in all of the DOJ that does not prosecute. Because they weren't ever prosecute they can't they have no evidence. Exactly and that at some point this open Bockwoldt. You know the problem is they want it to crucial bit why didn't they break into the DNC although it did curious oh. Well all this and it all agree but at airport. Good point odd because they didn't want. They look to server. But exactly next step back I work oracle white. People are not in the business of doing anything right there in the best result protecting them old. And that Armenians and their superiors. Yep I listen I can't. Com. You know I I I I can't agree with you more I mean it didn't remember what we had it. Even in the last the last week we have John Solomon highly respected reporter liberal publication for the hill. And I talking about that listened to the person who notes. Who did this Hackett is doing is not a WikiLeaks an elite eldest. Rate. And show Friday indeed they had quite a few folks then you know had it arranged. I'm from our Intel committee for on assigns to come to the US get out of the Ecuadorian embassy where he's hiding tell us who gave Podesta the emails. In response as sun should offer hey listen I know I've got all these hacking tools developed by the CIA that could be devastating. Am I won't release them to the general public yet give me the Ecuadorian embassy. You know you let me off on my crimes okamura so you did hacking Ed of the server and Judd. I won't release all the tools that the you know that that I've gotten from the CIA that was stolen by contractor you'll be much safer is a country. Komi scuttled the whole thing. Co me personally interfered to assure that Assange would never hit US shores. The one guy who can answer the question of who did the hacking. This same James call me who did not want to DNC server never went after it never subpoenaed anybody on it didn't want to know. They have no credibility they have no right to make a single claim based on facts. Here's John Solomon on a staunch. I am not allowed to see the evidence he was gonna provide he was gonna provide technical evidence that what Mansur who did not provide these documents that would be critical to any investigation and why it was turned away. Is as a great mystery to me I mean we should want transparency in this story. Yeah why was trying to turn the way why. And we see sir your server they would talk to a signs. Folks. Now they're lying about doing a new forensic analysis is a new analysis this information is old testament to the Intel committee months and months and months ago. As feminist point that's a lot. Everything they do is a lot. They literally. Can't speaks straight and there and disappoint you simply hoping to confuse. They're hoping to confused on open just a few minutes. And the left goes completely on his yeah I hear what there and you know last. What do you hear what is actually being said on CNN MSNBC all these and replaces. Arm so when you know you see your liberal friends on social media and they sound absolutely nuts you'll see. Why. There was eight panic. In the news media are the edge GMs from being left alone with prudent. They really putting is his hand Miller and that they would be able to confer. About of course the destruction of America. To goodness you know betterment. And show they they were terrified to to be left to luck. And the clips from that are are well there's there and say.