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Tuesday, July 17th
Bombshells from the Helsinki Summit; Trump draws moral equivalency between US and Russia

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Lake good mornings are irate well the danger arrangements. Mom. And literally you watch seeing the wheels come off with the media and the left yesterday. Instead she of their kind you have to listen to a lot of coverage there was one theme going into the summit going into the press conference with. Written. And it is this they did trump has been tried and convicted of collusion in the media even though there isn't one iota of evidence. On as has been emitted by every one of our Intel agency heads at the time and the election and sets. Got one shred of evidence of collusion but that does not matter. On EI CNN. You know MSNBC an alphabet soup networks it does dad is dead does not a they have Ari treading too big to him of collusion and show. They weren't full panic no yesterday. A listen to a lot of this these stations that trump could if true is we is trump Chandler and trapped cannot be left alone could. Home because they are gonna exchange secrets. They're going to be able to cut together prove he's going to be able to give directions is to be terribly damaging for the country this actually pass is Asia's trek. Here is I just one example of that our representative Ted lieu a Democrat from California. That's why is deeply disturbing to present night states would meet with food and I'll Monday. If you go ahead of that meeting he actually cannot be with coach no loan. That's the level of the arrangement now. You wanna know how far the drink it adds one crazy Democrat Carson note that was standard boilerplate. On and on mainstream media news. It would we listen. To the level of deranged we hear from not just some congressman not a congressman on television this is our former head of the CIA. Brent. List less that he flat out cut this who is admitted. There is no evidence of collusion okay he said that he's gotten he's been asked asked riser and has no we don't have. This woody said. Actually believes. That trump is control is being controlled by Putin said it's. He words. So I'm at a loss of words to describe just how outrageous. Words can say man it's behaviors. Has been and how one can only conclude that he fears. I don't know who and that one on one discussions. Who knows what was discussed fair and how miss the food now is the master puppeteers. Spoke with Donald Trump the person who is an Oval Office outrageous. You literally have the mainstream media. And why liberal friends seem deranged on sesame you have to arrange streaming from here former CA. And I keep saying listen to this guy present completely controlled by good hearing he's he's public and I are present to take over a group. They they they believe this. Least I mean they debt this honestly it is so you know with six wackos stuff I mean this this is big beyond. A break with reality. Yet this is a kind of stuff they used to before the ACLU intervened it'd take you away in a straitjacket except now it passes. Purdue's that's how unhinged. All of this this. These kids and we had this guy cut co and dirt cut another kind Democrat congressman college for the military to step it. And take over the punch. On out. There is something that is true treason. If you're calling for military conference that some of our military can and that's what he's governing an N misses because says is really sure things like I left field. If you've been listening today's of liberal media coverage it's it's not I mean they've been repeating over and over again our country's being run. A Biden glad we are prudent who has total control. Over and why wouldn't you believe it if if if the ex CIA don't ya chief is is same leasing and should that went to questions. Like at and by the way pretty busted out laughing after her discretion okay bomb that that leads to just deranged bizarre questions. Like this AP Indy it from the Associated Press let's address. He's did you miss it mr. Putin do what do what should tell her we know that you're given trump construction is behind closed doors which what do you really tell us about current criteria Crimea would at least eighty. Is a question for president for President Putin thank you my two questions for you sir can you tell me what president trump may have indicated TU. Officially recognizing Crimea as part of Russian. And that's going to say you know behind closed doors would he say what he stays the same thing that they added that he's telling us. Armed and you know good comes on his well China's position on Crimea is pretty well now you look it up. You know in other words he didn't tell me anything different behind closed doors on but this is the level. Of the deranged. This is what one half of the country is being slow and it is tearing us apart. I mean when you consider. John Brennan should have been on kicked out of the CIA. In the eighties. Yeah I think 1975. Best he had best here Putin's record in the KGB rating means the wind where is 75800 rushing is a very real threat to two world in terms of being Seve unity. And next year John Brennan the votes for the Communist Party candidate for president of the US. I an even confess is hey you know what web when I'm fifty grand lie detectors at the CIA I was really afraid they were gonna kick me out when they found out that I was a Communist. That's our running the CIA. Ones what's net under Obama. I guy who should have no credibility ever anyway. And yet he's out there would open up the other side it you know component is clearly in control of trump. It was treasonous the press conference yesterday. Don yeah he's treasonous for meeting with the Russian president. It's just down that you don't with when you have that we mean I don't know how we can continue to function as a country. But you have that level of paranoia being fed the American people if trump was doing prudent bidding. Don't you think we'd about a serial a long time ago. Yes if trump was doing Putin's bidding don't you think that he would not. Have us tried to do those a natural gas and petroleum deals with the Eastern Europe. Don't you think that he would also be I'm trying to weaken NATO. And no limit its influence. Not trying to get the other members of NATO to pay their fair share. Because that's what NATO is NATO is a military European. Obstacle to Russian expansion the only reason as it is only like refresh exist despite the fact that it's and Afghanistan but that's because of the you know attack one you've attacked all and that's that policy. But there's so many things that. If if we really. If if if prove he really had. The control over trough. That there would be some different policies that this country would be undergoing that would make things easier for Russia. And I don't see the arm in fact he spent all of last week battling out Russia at NATO when our alleged allies. You know want to throw in and partner with. Or Russia so the idea is it proven is somehow controlling what the president says is bizarre or if he is he doing too good job of it. Because tribes going after his number one cash cow his big dream and that's the pipeline to Europe. That's what he's why that's why couldn't find in Syria because he wanted to run the pipeline across Syria T Europe Ayman sell their natural gas in trump is trying to stop the one thing proved once the most that would give him the most. Geopolitical dominance. And show I mean you know yet definitely not the actions of a person controlled by Russia. But then I guess facts don't matter in no wise but as far as the post fact society anyway. By the way. The jeered hysteria yesterday over put admitted he wanna judge from twin election he admitted CC now we know. Well I mean did you realize that could also admitted he wanted Obama win. Did anybody catch that why wasn't it a problem at a time. You know put did he he actually see this was talking about this is where Romney was very anti Russia right yes yes. And Putin at you know one point back in 2012 praised Obama. And Citi preferred him to win overrun I need because he didn't like Romney's ideas are dealing with Russian considering Russia you know. You know big enemy and big problem. And that's what Romney did in the campaign he said that yes that was our biggest foe they've made a big deal about that in. You can and in fact you Obama said he was rob we are you had Obama come or how wrong it wasn't that Russia's not a threat and all this other stuff and now. You know that I I disagree with mr. Romney on several issues but he was correct on one. Yeah I think I think she'd China's and equally big foods like I think every day for different reasons for different reasons but champ. But yet no I mean is should the ER an end nobody even batted and I Ed Ed Ed prudent wanting Obama to win over Romney. And saying it but now there's some easy supposedly it's practically convict double offense that couldn't preferred he said he preferred trump. Back to Hillary. Jimmy who knows. If anything good says strict Mo exactly that's the other spot to that point dynasty he's been. She's a just reporter. Asking prudent. In the middle the election if there was any collusion. A good turns the question on him insisting that any group. Reporter has no answer. It was awesome. It did not. This thing to remember here no matter what trump said no matter what good is that they have nothing. In her house. They still don't have any. Russian president Vladimir Bruton is asking US officials dissension concrete proof that Russian people in a feed American elections they can't do it. I have to see first what they don't give us materials gives information. And said. I mean they've got indictments that don't make a lot of claims but they have absolutely not shred of once try to forensic evidence backing any of it up other than to say we did a forensic investigation. And here's what we found how did you find wage investing its Galilee DNC's are. Now. Bold and how yeah. They don't you're still taking the word of Hillary's contract. The app Democrat party subcontractors they don't they Ben deference convinced it investigation and avoided it like the plank. They got nothing. They showed my nine. Did you see this. The leading lights of the Democrat party. These shining hope for the future allow Allen Hunt yeah okay see up Cortez. This capitalism. An interview. Yesterday. This this is what do on this capitalism an interview yesterday. And said it won't always exist. And can you chiller one. She's best by the Fox News reporter hey you know. Rick kind of get into in pretty good and we have a great economy right now about regular on employing yeah. Isn't that a good thing when you say capitalism good day and ms. Abkhazia accord says that she says. No unemployment is low because people aren't working 67 little little hours a wolf and can barely full fair and and so I do you think that right now we have this no holds barred from wild west hyper capitalist found. What that rule this profit at all costs. Capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not only is excess in the world okay that's chilling. That's silly name. That's kind of saying it that you would expect to hear from the Communists. Like circa 1980 shot. Not Democrat party's leading light. You pretended like capitalism we knew they weren't serious but there actually now saying. They don't like capitalists. That does scare the heck caddie. This is what we're up against. 803471063. Text line 713. As seven. Let let it let what do you think about the press conference. Yes a lot of opinions out there are any like surprised by the opinion is of the Democrats. Or the mainstream media. Now but when you have Newt Gingrich saying added this is the single worst moment of his presidency. An edge miss cheers mistaken mistress to wings' checking about. The whole press conference. But departed when she's asked hey listen you know who do you trust more our Intel agencies. Or the Russians. And truck manager moral equivalence you know between the Russians and net. That this. Was a disaster. For truck. You agree 803471063. Text line 71307. Love to hear what you think about the would have when things I. I won one of the days it was she would do that part of the Shia. Here's what I said earlier look I love trumps you know that I give him a lot of leeway because of the personal risks he's taken. Alum you know they're the things that he's doing for the country the way that he's risking his eagle very reputation and name to do them. So how lack Pamela slack. Com but it was it's me Al and act and act and look a look frustrating yesterday. To watch the deep state went. On and that's because you they are you mustn't talk radio you know what to realities the rest of the world's not. They are not as educated as you are and so when you draw a clear equivalence between a murderous thug dictator. Like. Couldn't. And Ari intelligence agencies or thugs. Criminals. Mergers. And liars. Murderous dictators. The average American is confused by the when women. Put his bad daddy need to have some people killing did. He's a lot of people can. Yeah I'd be really careful with that and that's kind of the moment that I talent. His mantra was on fire he was Killen in a press conference. Remember who the audience is as I was us. Get country. They they don't and it so I you know I. I thought it would have been better off if he had just cancel the whole thing. Let us know what you think and here's why the the V dumb broad roses Steen. And DJ have put him in a terrible position. Hit two choices going into that press conference and they were both bad twists. He either had. To admit I don't want witness they want him to admit he's an illegitimate press that the Russians Matt. Condemn import and then alliant nominee well he's illegitimate he's legit and he should get a Supreme Court pick he didn't really win he can admit that he can do. Let's not trip. Least deep stage that approved. Or his other bad option was. Odd to finish to Vladimir Putin. And give him absolution. Which is a look. He's murder stunted kicked. BJ's lion Neely had been the could still wears I did care either way Eddie stayed Wentz. And that's what trump should say he should cancel that press conference extra patient and try to do it there's no good way out. No matter what he said they were gonna hang them. And they get. And I take in the road to do. I usually in credit and even given all all the trouble he was gonna have to do that yesterday he still is doing fine until the moral clinical equivalence question. I thought it was gaffe. Would you think special present you know I love truck. I love the truth telling he was doing yesterday this would've incredibly still but a win for him yesterday if he didn't step in with that. I thought but hey you know what I think he's been on fire lately and I I think this is the biggest thing he's CIA I think he's yelling mistakes he's made but am I it's one is gonna documented 20/20. And I hate to say dad. But I'm always honest with the but you know what that doesn't you know would be if you disagree think I'm wrong on this please give me call 803471063. David in Easley hey David. I cared sister or remind everyone the power of the media. 1898. Immediate boost public opinion against Spain. And it led to war. You know with who is still the world and the journal competing to get speech or sales. Supplied the picture and I'll supply the war. Said William Randolph Hearst sewed up part of the media as this and a lot of this craziness against Troy a follow on this site. Yeah no it's most of it's a lot and now I totally agree with you on that David. You're you're not you're not wrong about that lets somebody know with William in at Spartanburg. I am. I hate their list of black Kory Castro Louis our members are did not Obama in an age to Israel. And bit three million dollar probably need all Netanyahu at all the see nothing that yes. That is amid a spot in efforts. It is. Now instead totally is I'd be careful though when trying to Marlon good as there when because again. I don't wanna. Evidence including his tee DNC server blocking this as signs of WikiLeaks from coming to the US when he wanted to tell us who did it. All of that they have very V evidence in this they have not proven their case so I don't wanna I wanna be really careful Williams a well they do it took which they did it. Did he say it has not prove and only. This loose lips while what do we actually eight. These are our everybody urged by our oldest he's got the gold outlet he wore. 08 we it was a Winslet got to CIA spy on Dianne Feinstein Lindsey Graham that's what their four. And by the way violation of federal and that's that's what they did that and to have them torque but it was certain things you can switch it icky but I'm Lindsey Graham and I'm glad somebody to CIA's duke when no way that would be. Illegal wouldn't it but they did it and no one cared. I'd Johnny guitar lines like to take over the show a little bit and China in Spartanburg. What do you think. Newt Gingrich aren't saying this is the lady's press averages. And I did illiterate are very common leave. Think the whole thing in consideration you're talking about somebody who know more as eight. Politician this is competent air and gonna bet he doesn't have. Eight cavernous Belfour and gradually you know everybody didn't realize. You know you must serve bust so that was a lot to do so he's kind of when he and they. And this far and doing a pretty good job so he can accommodate the consideration. Yet you might you Midas consoles and slid a little bit. But it was a very big big of a deal if you compare it to the other side you nodded Democrats and super serve and slid every day. I'm laying down. Oprah Oprah gives a look very good this same page you would need to really beat. Too worried about the use purpose for the most you mark my words you are only every other very little mistake. But we also need to make sure that we give have chosen what you need to do make outs and not out of Tibet our child the doubts about well I guess there. Yeah I am and you know you're right about that in terms of budge from playing from him for an hit this is not as the message intended to deliver the White House intend to deliver going into this. Al Wall Street Journal is reporting that trump kind of went off script there I'm in a when he was asked if he blamed Russia. For anything. And that's kind of where he got himself a little bit I I I the rest of the press comes with great. Here's a question from the reporter and I jump on a constitution think. Erica you just did the reporter president. You treated this morning that its US foolishness. Stupidity and the more liberal that is responsible for the decline in US relations with Russia. Do you hold Russia at all account. Anything in particular and if so what we do what would you consider them that they are responsible for TSA you know I don't know. Countries responsible. I think that the United States is doing foolish I think we. Wish we should have desire. A long time ago. A long time Franken before I got to office. Is to blame. He's in all of this happened on Obama's watch and it did. I do feel that we have. Both made some mistakes I think that'd be the probe is a disaster for our country I think it's kept us apart. It's kept us separated there was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. People are being brought out two before it. So far that I know virtually none of it related to the campaign. And they you have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign that was a clean campaign. I beat Hillary Clinton easily. And frankly. We beat her and I'm not even saying from the standpoint we won that race and it's a shame that they can even be a little bit of a cloud over it. Yeah he's right there he's he's he's doing good he's doing fine. Just out president who can deny having anything to do with the election airfares between sixteen and every US intelligence agency has concluded that the Russians did. What or who my first question for you sir is who do you believe my second question is would you now. The whole world watching tell president whom would you denounce what happened between sixteen and would you want him to never do it again. So let me just say that we have to Phillips do you have groups that are wondering why the FBI never just a server. And and they taking server. Why I was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee I've been wondering that I've been here ask him that for months and months and I've been tweeting and out and calling it out of social media. Where is the server I wanna know where there's a server and watch. Is the servers saying. When that being said all I can do is ask a question my people came to me Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russian I would say this I don't see any reason why would leave but I really do wanna see the server. Sees it is done people coming to him and saying hey it was Russia. You know I you know and is Ryder amateurs men people or or or Russia those really are his own people as aren't Obama's people. And that's she that's where you gave them the opening. It was awesome leasing about server everybody needs to hear this. They've never done a forensic examination because they don't have a certain I didn't want lesser. That needed to get out he was doing great there. Just out President Putin denied having an interview with the election airfares between sixteen every US intelligence agency has concluded that the Russians did. What who my first question for you sir is who do you believe. My second question is would you now with the whole world watching tell president whom would you denounce what happened twice Eckstein and would you want him to never do it again. So let me just say that we have to Phillips do you have groups that are wondering why the FBI never didn't deserve her. Yeah cancer that was tomorrow want to urea and I am. Confidence in both parties I really believe that this will probably go on for awhile but I don't make it can go on without finding out. What happened to discern her. What happened to these servers. Of the Pakistani. Gentlemen that worked on the DNC where there's surfers can miss seeing. Where I think what happened to Hillary Clinton's emails 33000. Emails beyond just guy. I think in Russia they wouldn't be guns so easily I think it's a disgrace that we can't get Hillary Clinton's 33000. Emails. Bingo. Here's someone that got him in trouble and I'm gonna jump on the phones. I have great confidence in my intelligence people but I. I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful. In his denial today and what he did is an incredible offer he offered to help. These people working on the case. Come and work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people I think that's an incredible loss can thank. And and put his murderous dot. Excellent man he is nailing it he is absolutely. Nail it. If every it would prudent is and you can't forget that most people know what prudent it is and they don't know allied. About the server about the way that the Intel community has lied about the for at your back about the perjury. About all of these crooked things they've done about the fact that this Italy's documents under subpoena they won't turn over to congress about how the even arrived at their conclusions. There or even do that. On the show an advantage does note that and you have to remember that. When your speaking answered it was a gap yesterday I think that was it. But overall grade press conference. Terry in great court you disagree. Just my employer public trough numbers like awarded to him he has always been better. And though I played the country's been in trouble for that sixty to forty years yeah it would it would look bad in the thank you small compared it to the six in forty years and compare them with the clintons are heard that they've got a string of bodies that you work within. You come up mr. I don't know exactly that best trip them up no doubt he knows upbeat. How cruel they all of them and an all American people will have a clue. And out of the bobbled and dropped operated you to do. All well put thank you thank you Terry I appreciated on. And I don't see trunk and his own way all he's been on fire lately and you know I think he's he's been a flawless performance. As so yesterday kind of cringe a little of that only because I want to get that I want him to let them win. Wait speak what you said Jerry. God you know about about you know he knows what Hillary did. Got Mike Huckabee nailed this Hillary is waged with Hillary tweeted she had for trump as he needs couldn't you know Eckstein you play for. And a credit between. The pressure on never accepted 500000 dollars for one speech from our Russian bank. Never took a 140 million dollars for his foundation from Russian sources or sold rush out one fit the US uranium supply which team are you on Hillary. And that's the outraged carrier rate. Your heart let collusion with Russia actual concrete payoffs from Russia. Look no further than Hillary Clinton and they won't look at her at all and he can't taken seriously to link it. Is it treason Perez thanks yeah. John and CIA and John McCain in. And some Republicans and chastising president trump. What do you think that the press conference yesterday with triumph and we would trump imprudent afraid in a Williams in the morning. Good morning terror. Opera plot. Trust what they were constantly and I think he's got. All in one this got a brain that there's actually doing the right stuff but but I want you little different perspective I've been working with a lady from Russia for about eighteen years and she's super good conservative she's actually publish your show now and she's a big frame and put. It's interesting when he talked people from Russia. The different periods of perspective they have on the situation. We've been told our whole lives how bad or she is Molly just in this funniest thing he was told to assist our whole lap. Obviously want to keep telling us how bad the president president trumping and so you know we may all have a whole different. Paradigm only displaying if you are actually also some people from Russia you might have a different outlook. The lady word we and his super conservative her family's still over there she was in the military. She's raising children only hear her husband live here and she's super conservative super Croat or supporter. A Christian they're famous Christians and thought you know while cult who are the Russian people don't hate us like we seem to hate them. It's just amazed and actually open some eyes from Russia but I would imagine most of the people this made up their opinion he's got their minds made up. Have never really help somebody from. From the country to their sit here Haiti. And you're a 100% trusting that Sling Media that they know who our line about how also is just different perspective. Well amen and amen to that frank and I appreciate you phone call. 80802471. Essex street text line at 71 read. As seven. Let's go and jump on detects signs that people on near our are saying about all list. And I actually that Tex lines used here. I had tester race you and Lee are wrong wrong wrong until she doesn't against Mary you're being disloyal what do you have the budget you are wrong. All that (%expletive) was I didn't think trump helped himself yesterday at you doing a moral equivalence in between Russia and America everything else he said the other 98% of the press conference was right. Unfortunately. He gave them the Yemeni used against him but it's getting really good at not doing. I this is the first and get I don't inquires I gaffe from him and in a long time in as you change these people really need to focus on the server. And in fact that the Intel I'd community. Has just made this whole forensic examination up they'd do no new examination. DeVon it says over the weekend went on with Maria Bartiromo exit Lessig. Which we this information it's in the indictment by mode we met march. For a new friends contamination. Is old stuff. It's old they brought it out right now. And these are all claims that none of this has ever been proven they don't have a server. So the idea risen earlier I know frigid announces here's a New Jersey and I know it's not new. This is like we know this for months and months in estimates its own law. It's like an I was into doing one thing. And one thing only. Giving it decrypt forcing trump to make a terrible decision. What I want him to do was acknowledge the Russian hacking. And chastise the rhetoric Russian government for. Because by doing so he will be confirming that he's an illegitimate president. In a legitimate way where he needed their help. And it. In that it will give them at all of all you know all of fuel they need is you should get a Supreme Court says he's illegitimate argue that straight to 20/20 or. He doesn't. Condemned the Russians for. In which case they say Al patsy impression either way they went that was the purpose of what resisting did with a bogus forensic examination that was not yet. This is old and stale stuff. They never serve then they don't have it now. They have no interest in getting it's they want to trip they don't wanna know its comments are ready because they know what's on that server and they know it has nothing to you with Russian hack. If it didn't. They would be poor rating in the server around they would be doing press cameras as an observer in front of them they aren't 'cause they know it's all lot. That's why they don't want anyone to see does her. And I just hate that. Went there with ally in our Russians here in our minds our Intel committee disease aegis he gave them the fire they need to say got nothing else. You disagree lending your mere 803471063. Text line 71307.