The Tara Show - 7-17-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Tuesday, July 17th
Trey Gowdy effectively surrenders by not backing up tough talk against DOJ lawlessness; Bombshells from the Helsinki Summit; Trump draws moral equivalency between US and Russia

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Adding later that morning terror raid if there's one thing I've learned is rib is is important is apparent rate. Yeah is maintaining your street cred this is true break his hair has to be credible fear of the regime yes Tom other one days. The peasants tend to go a little wild oh yeah you know what I'm saying you don't have the inmates running the asylum Gary Nicklaus will be running the asylum very quickly good you know you've raised three children yes. Struggling to do the same. A daily basis being a parent is never easy so it was a stroke but it's it's an act of of blood that I enjoy very much okay show. Pound chimp and is that urge you told your child. Slash warning you do it again your rounded. And then when they didn't get you don't ground and you take grounding off the table forever. And send them to them. Or fraud. Parents you'll ever get respect again and your Q are you or to put you through have been defeated okay. Trig Audi just did that yesterday. That is exactly. What it was to take trade body last month in in years of gold zone is not to criticize Gary and I am campaign big picture here for you to tell you where we are a country because it's kind of terrifying. Gal he last month you reminisce say if a rod Rosen Steen the number two it to DOJ who really is number two Department of Justice. Likely criminal if everything around was declassified with the team we actually did on the spies awards. And deckers for rate ahead of the F. He said listen. If you don't turn over the documents under subpoena by Carter's mind today is is we're watch analyst with which trump into an analyst. Didn't the FBI and a DOJ. Flat out refused to comply with subpoenas from congress. Demanding harsh and many know how did you arrive at the conclusions. In his vaunted indictment your shutting down our threats how did you arrive at conclusions you used to get a warrant to spy on trop. They won't tell congress congress' subpoena that information. They want turned up show Gabby last month sister Christine in rec is this you have no credibility on anything they say and any of their indictments they are defying congressional subpoenas. Winds you know how they got there. That's stinks to high I have OK so daddy has must is most. If if residents senior IDF and the DOJ don't turn over the documents congress subpoenaed you remember this but the line. Paris Williams the full arsenal of constitutional weapons against us. It isn't every delicately do it. And we're gonna ground resident Steen and raid the DOJ and the FBI. Since it's our butts to drink out I mean you're stupid deadline you kidding me. Daddy's response. He's just yesterday sir impeach Rosie is seen. This from. A truck farm. So that's part where you tell good kids don't do it again on the ground you can do it again. Yeah we don't grab them. It's a grounding off the table as a daddy just did yesterday it was golly. It was terrifying. To you what you can run in the house. This just going to be unpleasant house to live. But what what he'd just did it was all allow placed didn't approve. A law and lawless anarchy by a deep state. And peach. Serb because you said last month you Nellie used deferral of full arsenal a constitutional weapons because they're not complying with your subpoenas. They are mocking you to your face again. Now trump did not do this subpoena documents. Garrity and Ryan did on behalf of congress. Which the DOJ and FBI I have zero respect for so he give you watch him how they've gone buck wild recent weeks right. That's what. Dowdy and Ryan said to them when he's a full arsenal constitutional so you turn a subpoena documents ever they missed the first deadline the second. And then the third ranked Lucia give us more time. And now you never as a single and buck wild. Out there aren't you know witted floating is bogus and I Mittal is crazy stuff entered her due. On that's what I enjoyed yeah you saying to trump is we're done. We're Korean women they can flat they they can ignore subpoenas they can laugh and our faces we are gonna let him do what ever the heck today want. That was a message from Gatti it was bizarre he should've just kept his notion. If he didn't intended Ryan didn't intend. To grab the kids. After given the kids the warning. Steady state. It is pulling off the leash they have been unleashed on machines like in Spartanburg with dogs in the new ordinance and or do whatever they want. Com and that's why you're seeing them go book wild like they have the last couple a bit so there's one. Remedy left because congress is just thrown a chance up and said we're not doing anything to do it I want. I forget this day and from. That sure are you allot a couple ways to less and spent a month. Saying you're gonna use the full arsenal constitutional should get the subpoena documents in. And I'm very surprised about this because so mark Kelly's a Smart guy. As you do as a prosecutor you never ask a question that you ordered authorities in terms of exactly and I he's never done that at a congressional hearing you don't. Wrote down threats you don't intend to follow up slightly exactly but he just did it. And he's afraid because he's watching what they're doing to Jim Jordan he thinks of me personally destroyed I'd. I don't I do I am I and we need to hear that for me he's got is what happens exactly who's our government again now he'll run against you like Obama but here's a he'd be crazy not to say that not that I think he could when dispel this man is anyway. So here's where we are okay and I'm hoping that what happened yesterday is could be a really big upside here. Will push trump toward this he is now in open naked at war with a deep state that congress. Will not rain at dowdy made that clear yesterday. They can they can ignore subpoenas if they don't have to show is a shred evidence we've subpoenaed as to how they got these conclusions on Russia. They don't have the answer any questions about the laws they appear to have broken. They're off to Jane we let the dogs out and Cintron has usually won revenue left enough for Tron to declassify. Declassified. All of it. All it well on the you know what Democrats in the left wing media world. There's no other way believe there's nothing left there's no other way out no but here's the here's Ian just where it is getting schtick okay. Is riskier really changed the things he needs to start with. Is declassify any of the 2017 fines court order. Arm and in how we got to that. See here's his problem you know crowds to credit you know cat crap straight great crowd strike is the FBI it was an FBI contractor a torn 152016 rate. I cry strike the other ones you've ever seen the server. Was sonic. And so it's the custard report that the FBI as using say hey you know address intact DNC server oh did they can we see this Evernote. You have to believe our report OK well get what get get this crowd strike was also an FBI contractor a 20152016. With access to the size of database to go in their Google will be one you can pull up all their emails text whatever read everywhere you want we know there was tries to abuse. By fifteen to sixteen of of in the FBI's contractors rate. This theory out theory is and it's a good point that crowd strike. Why can't access to the NSA database is think about this turn and was also working for hit the DNC and Hillary. And whoever it is contractors who work who led accesses DNC you had access to the NSA database in to search out identifies intelligence. That they were passing. That Intel on the guess here. The DNC BD CC the Clinton Campaign. Aged eighty to 84. V. Com bagged their report on the illegal modifies the search is we don't know who did and we know was FBI contractors. Who did it. It costs by. It really could treat spot. To classify all of it. Here's nothing we don't know we don't know what evidence that they used it to get that Warren to spy on track but we do know because what came out last week. That they had nine as late as October. Against front. But they told congress they had evidence to one instead tries at Warren request in July they lied and we know that because struck in page. We're texting back and forth that they had to go get dirt on people around trop can they have. So that means they probably like defies court declassify. It all. This Theres no remedy left there's there's there's no Webby didn't saudis wash as he ended his Ryan's Washington's this congress is not to hold them accountable. They're going to be allowed to defy subpoenas. It does off the chain their analysts' right now so I mean this comes down the tribe he's gonna have to declassify. I I don't know what else do you think it another way at a list not at all I I I can't. Com we need to know should the contractors were who access to raw FBI information and if it was. Crowd strike ho ho oh my gosh. Oh my gash. And if there was since could do what was it and why haven't they been prosecuted by the same deep state. That was siblings tried this committing crimes but won't go after the people who committed the crimes going into the NSA database and illegally pulling stuff out. Lot of questions John cancer and he's gonna have to 'cause he's on Arizona. And that's the big news from yesterday. Hitting it then age it's hard finally talk to landing Greer DeMarre and Len. Hey Kara I don't know do I lord god bless you hear barely on do your job. And pizzas you got his artwork dictionary you reexamine. Thank you very I think trump the issue. Or this guy we key to reach in the list of the truth premiered you back to. Yep let's get a signs in here he is offered to give us this information before let's get a Seung-Jin here let's get to server. And Iran if you know where where are we can't I embedding the Justice Department will not play ball I mean trot can't just walk in and in subpoenaed the server himself is contained the Justice Department they're not gonna do it. A but he he's tickled declassify all of this stuff just just all absolutely all of this stuff. On about his. Yeah that's what truck and it should be news go ahead and also as these people. You know release all these documents so we won't see and disputed done now Osama. You know and I give trump credit you know he was a bigger man yesterday. Which time we should be threatened Russia. I mean they have an out of our shuttle to the global world we open up our own little world. And you know immediate together in mutual ranch and none enemies. Yes or at least we need so I think we had we need to have at least an open dialogue. Who who with them. All right and you know we don't know what was said behind closed doors the Olympic Torch being up there and say you know what I'll give you were shouted yes. And you know you know like give me give you the benefit of the doubt. But you know I just just listen so to prove don't step Motorola. Absolutely one they Q was so much for your for your phone call Fred and dunking good morning. We aren't there. I just yesterday as Dulles was breaking out on her courage and you not build ceremony to headline that's like it's such a little. A lot that their child and Helsinki with a tough but all of our. And and and I guess what else stop it's OK let's I wasn't present special moment. But had everything Gerber can you imagine. Anywhere. Where you would have seen that deadline traction on the Helsinki. Yeah. No end and see if that is true even at struck at the end early and arguably he went and two. NATO and he read them right activist who has a big trap ally you know then it would be over with NATO being undercut by eighty key element camp. And and so you know they eat it's a credit for that. I figured NHL streets tonight hey look you know bigger trying to. Undermine the will be able on breakfast and didn't end. In private. And they had proper press conference as so let's say did have a bad at moment Andy and again I agree that a lot of what each day at. In a drought on and has been borne out all we are saying with the peach state and and all of this resistance to congressional oversight. But again. They're not gonna give the man credit where credit it deserved. And if that's the case there. How many charitably saying they're so that's an outrage you know we got the tell all book that was gonna bring track down and discouraged. You've got a story Daniel you've got so our. You guys can separate the children and it just the continents like Europe the week. What struck can't do anything or are. And if our tour on this hey wait a second if trump had been brilliant. In all three of these surveillance would they have given them credit. Absolutely no. And we need to remember that. Yep yep I know I can't argue with different matter what time did I yesterday was because cold. Aid disaster. Brett grinning grit or good morning sir what do you think. Paid their luggage the way hey you it's beyond it shows and it's gonna act for him. It's gonna unfold very slowly dramatically Nadal and model would be termed W baby unit it. We when he runs on but I think it'd have to be methodical. A process so I think you in a release information at the right time. Not disturb her body up and it's just unfortunate that he's been Libya a difficult time but everybody takes a deep breath relax it's going to be all that. This. Arie and let you know Brit then that's good advice because it usually is with trump does not. Yep absolutely thank you so much for your phone call this funny text lines he would folks over the year have to say. Texture rates. Exactly yeah exactly what could trump have done it to left in the media would be happy with the feet in front include non live TV and threatened him. If he ever madam our election again they would be screaming trap is crazy and is gonna start a nuclear what you write about that. What does everybody know the text rates what does everybody think is gonna happen was couldn't going to go ahead zero yeah you got us hit. Dexter raids could trump just part massage good. In fact to shed. We have he is really valuable information that we need. As a country. Nike's Assange is a good guy or anything happened because either he does eat he can put this to bed now. In fact they're counting. On that truck does not do that. Tester race less to college were spot on any doing a good job doing assurances this morning 803471063. Text line. 71307. I texture and yet he went hard on couldn't he would have been accused of starting world war three. And it sure is Cheney think the meaning it could mr. showed China the possibility of opening a Russian market. I don't. Possibly. To be some and then I know for certain. Yeah they say air being married it makes you live longer. Pretty dramatic studies on that and by the way longer buy like years. I can't make sure. If there's somebody there to look after you they mightn't you don't notice decliner health before you do or. You know make you do stuff. Like my husband. He's blocking guide our neighbor had. In every neighborhood Livan. That's what they call on the other guy has or is he does walks miles an age skits out there even upsets ET Cassidy doesn't taste good care of himself the problem is when you do that without sunblock on your face. Knew that with precancerous grits on your nose he had to have him removed. As some kind of like the Gestapo with the door. Yeah it does not gotten. As. If he doesn't he hangs his head casinos better. Yeah than try to get passed me without sunblock on tennis stuff that helps you live longer I think that's why it why it is. Get the memo listed on the cap on the on the airports with the Moroccan when we're in our seventies. I did what he's gonna need to Wear that sunblock. Or else. Well new study shows the opposite that a bad marriage can seriously damage your health. They followed symmetry couples over sixteen in years the universities and about a Michigan. And their eye on that deep crease to life except expectancy for those couples in new quite frankly miserable marriages. Where they fight a lot maravent fights and but I mean a lot. NASA found increased release of stress hormones inflammation. Man information your body has been the root cause of every bad thing I swear changes in Apatow made immune functioning they were more overweight. Just announced. Plans are bad marriage killing at least faster. Then you would have gotten there. Anyway eight pageantry for 71 a sixty text line 71307. Coming up the warm for open borders. Add to our border witty here what's going on with that but first. Lurie in Greer wants to weigh in hey Laurie. Current and I have to get her perspective I'm my he has been. I have retired from the army not long ago he served at the end of the Cold War. Our show and has received a purple heart in Iraq. Semi has been served and in the Middle East culture wrote. Actually my. Do you listen opposing the track until take that it's shocking to hear conservatives Colleen and justified what trumpet said he did try to eat health. Countries are until all. And that the US has been a polish. Asia where it's going into it to you word as per his roommate and as Dan Coats. Cho I'm just shocked to hear that conservatives who are extended. That sank somebody would Il but that's. We actually have done which I disagree let what acceptance from Donald Trump. And I'm her. Minded dedication and my supporters. Would support me even if I. Package shoots someone and the street. And my supporters would still be able L. Insecure people call and check. I'd get in trouble next just claims that point I can turn that there's. I'd given my life to it and you understand my track and and that in my house and Ian what to do that did our survey some really disciplined and not have to curb the edge. Think about the character Donald Trump. All he has to do is Google play yet on how Howard Stern's show about his daughter vodka. I can look at the way he usually has teach. I'll live to the scene you know. Life. He does not hesitate character. He. I can't really use your talent much stuff but let's go let's go back to the Jews to their original point that your calling to make great good lord photographers of all wanna thank. You as a military mom you honestly admits who sacrifices as well in the military away from north and such has been on for their service apps apps are facing armed. Live in the moment but let me ask you still quest distancing here OK there's. One name does Trombley of our Intel community and should he and number two. Should he and does he believe Russia. You know and what they had to say is there's two separate things here so let me let me start with with number one and why eighth do you believe. Our Intel Mac community when nick they are currently defying congress is subpoenas. Requesting chin know how today. Have investigated trump where they got the information on trump how they applied for that today advise weren't. Every all of the house of how they got to the accusations against the Russians. These are our Intel agencies are defying congressional subpoenas why do you think they believe deserve to be believed and understand turnaround and ask you Aqua. Yet you can catch this is shown up twenty church rock where clinched I am sure who you know are the other and Lawler is sent decorated marine lips sterling character. I think I'd take his word anger trumps. Any day and I am a conservative American. All right well Slick Rick is seen bruises seen is currently defying subpoenas issued by congress is that okay he's the one who's got people are studies that are right Lorie. I'm. That okay because it is your car information on tight okay your singer Russians did this tried my colluded. Tell us how you know that Telus would JF BI agents say they won't turn. Yesterday deejay bring that espy that was arrested yesterday it has nothing to do is are you can answer me I don't does that leave my question why do you already actually till now Lorena has me questioning why do people who defy subpoenas deserve to be believed. Why. And at eight. I have no idea about that I can see that's Rezko Tony who else they died on nine and I had no thanks to that setup you nine you got none are an okay let's back up crew are ready and I ain't right we agree on the beat it. We agree on. It it's if he's not this guy he should tired and character and carry chipper trying to turn that complete and. He's not believing his young people and it won't appoint he's my car it'll longtime. Republican. I'll French Italian Irish and. Lowe Gloria what Muller was was written Muller's FBI was it was caught removing the IRS records of Tea Party donors illegally from the IRS and ordered to prosecute them and persecute them with Ahmadinejad is a violation of the law they had to give them back after you shall watch caught them. And judge ordered yet so. Certain Mueller last night that that I just radiate untrustworthy guy leave Iraq or Russia would roadways and Melrose didn't give us sacked Laurie all roads lead to Russia so much your CNN commentator give the fact give me how do you know this prove it to me because I don't have any of the data and listeners you know they won't turn it over. I think. I think there aren't there like. 36 people have been arrested I'm actually spend. Or not only one of them has a single thing to do with influencing the election colluding with Russia or in any way influencing the election there are things that greasy men before the election Lorena priest he was yes he was it preceded the election. What palm air force was selected for had nothing to do he had never even met trump at that point. Yeah Bennett and they all have tried I mean he tea at any way wish. Where they campaign. In Ukraine. That was. Turn overturn their act current government. And sabre that tried. Are you so I'm sorry that woody hey I don't let that Laura you're you're not losing you can't answer my question on why they deserve to be. Believe when they weren't turn one turn out the subpoenas be can't answer well I guess I am from my. Christian apply all we're actually turn Russia if you think about that inpatient and Ukraine where. Are rushing an extra. Crimea that part of Ukraine. I upon me in the Fort Worth or. That campaign. Before he ever met trial there's there's no connection to Russian meddling here at all Lori in and you that you know that mean even mainstream media is in has admitted that. None of Muller's indictments have anything to do with collusion or Russian interference. Whatsoever I mean it Carter page we now now from the internal memos and emails that came out last week. That the FBI targeted him say they can get a Pfizer warrant. It is they had nothing on him or trump those are from their own emails back and forth with struck we know that they had nothing in their own words so. I mean again I'd I don't know where you're coming from on this but let's take risks take you. Probably rarely do the united that I eighteen and catch is everybody who admit except trial. That. That Russia and appear there are elections. That they favored Donald try in the election. I favored Barack Obama and bill in the election gives Romney that as prudent admitted on dirt there record it and how did you see an election coming edited that. Are leaky gas leak could go back. Two months now I've been waiting for someone you yourself can now tell me it's me we're not combat but I don't currently recommend this issue. Beatty and inaccurate and our elections hatred out of all information which. And the fact that they did this not. I know not not saying some people from Russia are allegedly Larry King Live team actually and to the seed Elena and or Hillary can never. Getting off and absolutely no OK let let me currently Craig. He'd Ericsson was a country's people that they get again they did not the people in in Muller's in indictments. Put out stuff for Bernie Sanders against pretty centers for Hillary against Hillary Ford tribe against tribe for black lives matter against black glass matter. Com and as FaceBook is told us the vast majority of that was after the uncle election so mean again no. And they've never proven a direct threat connection to the Russian government in fact could challenge them to do that yesterday they got nothing. They didn't let me know Lorena would delete the line. On the is because you say yeah I had two things there and and the second thing Airways. Now you drop moral equivalence between our you know us and in Russia and aren't so community in Russia that's where where trump. Really went on a line in I think lost a lot of people. So wanted to get there which have been fortunate were applicants to break. Steen and I bring bill hasty if. Hey I guess I have to turn my radio off when you argue with necks like that because Obama Kirsten. And I don't care what trump goes. As long as he's doing is more than they know that any other president ever has for the Christian. And Islamic he stayed on that he's against abortion. Then what does it matter what else he does I mean I just these people to Collie and a day. Oh I'm a conservative opinion be a conservative. Who cares what he good he is crazy either and but he is doing great for the Christian and a conservative people. That's all ahead. I am I review I'm I don't carriage from does either as long as it's legal. Arm right yeah in Ann and me I don't mean it. Mahler stretches the laws and he's the only one ever convicted of aid. You know in in in crazy cause I you know judicial interpretation I know I mean you know his lungs when he does is legally I don't care how he plays them anymore I've I've I've long since gone beyond caring Steve given that you know we are in weird war this country. You the most significant long term development that occurred yesterday had nothing to do. I started the hour with this had nothing absolutely nothing to deal with the with the prudent trump press conference yesterday. That the big a big deal. What is the white flag of surrender by trade out yesterday. Because he was speaking for himself he was speaking for himself and Paul right. And trade yesterday essentially told deep state. And the FBI and the DOJ to be specific they can do whatever the hell they want that's what he told him yesterday that's how they'll take it. And and when he's happier just to recap there's tuning in are are represented answering dowdy. You're last month month ago he said of the DOJ and the FBI did not turn over these subpoenaed documents. The what does it tell us how they launched this investigation needs from Russia why they launch student who was involved all of the now wears and what force we don't know. Exactly sure under subpoena. And last month remember daddy said if they don't turn over the documents. Paterson gonna use the full arsenal constitutional weapons against them. Well Rosie Steen and headed the FBI said kiss our butts we're not giving you anything subpoena solve all you want we are above the law. And in the first deadline passed and then second and third man Paul writes about you know maybe we should give them more time. And then yesterday yeah at least it was asked Giuliani in the dog and impeach Ressa C a question from the media. Since he said you know he was gonna usable arsenal constitutional weapons the only one that really matters is impeachment. Where they remove you from your job. And Eddie Reese Barnes. I stunned by this weighs in features a scene from. Sir you order one who brought it up last. Carried an array impeach him or use our because Susan webs where this day we're. Refusing to turn over documents congress had to be you member elect yet it impeach you for that sir that was last month. So just to get you the hour. He's got Jane dogs trap and let the dogs and a this is straight dowdy speaking for him and Orion and congress and went not impeaching. Doing they want. PG for what the subpoena documents hurt you brought up last month. He's devastated and I like this stilted you told your child if they did it again. You're gonna ground them and then they do it again. And you don't granite CT grounding off the table forever what he'll unit in Turkey in your house. And many say busted of their mother. Patty so all I enjoy occasional trouble have to deal that he should do he should car. Well mister Gatti knows full well. Debt in February of this year he would argued truck not inspire Rosen Steve are you wouldn't get anything done. For the rest of his term because congress would block any knows full well Mitch McConnell is threatened tramp with impeachment. If he dared to fire resistant. Or Jeff Sessions did over Charles Grassley. Caddie knows he can't do that. They've warned him not tip or don't try to impeach him and Greg his agenda to a halt. To a decent yesterday's wave noise like. You know why rabbi Rosen Steen is throwing bogus indictments around. Challenging the president like this humiliating them public because caddies and not to Jane I have no fear anymore and I don't care. Terms alone now an earlier and this is an announcement that congress will do nothing. And that's what Gatti knocked it to try and and antitrust court I don't know why dowdy is done this is a complete contradiction of what he was saying a month ago in fact he's done tremendous damage. To congress. By having said they wouldn't use the full arsenal of aggression you 'cause initial weapons and then you know what we take that off the table and in me that after. Indeed stayed defied them by not turning over the subpoenaed documents. I says trump vs and he's all of his daddy said yesterday. I'm not too far Rosenstiel. So got one option left. One and only one he's got a declassify everything. I'm data work because I. So like congress is getting impeach them for not coffin and up when the president orders them to add they must by the way under the constitution. Two more real pickle here at car specifically bar mr. Garrity and mr. Ryan a pickle they did not need to exist that could kept their mouth shut but they didn't. That Sodini Juneau today.