The Tara Show - 7-17-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Tuesday, July 17th
The Left refuses to acknowledge the legal amnesty process to the detriment of children; Putting the Trump presser and the Mainstream Media’s hypocrisy in perspective

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You play good morning terror if you people or really mean all of them. Really knew was going on the border right now I think it would Switzerland Nim is an absolute. Total outrage. On what these judges are doing right now let city and had to do kind of what's going ailing back government. Com I you know Lee if you want to seek a sound in the United States of America and you want to bring your kids with you you can come legally to a port of entry. Om and apply for sell it and if you don't have kids just got. Yeah or just by wanna where he might do like that idea of the day just by as a kid every time he comes. And many constituted the border this tiny dumped a formidable but hey. Who cares so but anyway. Com Sergio you can legally come to our country is is is is really not known among CNN collar crime he didn't you can't even with your kids your actual real kids are just in did you pick up along the way. And you can apply for asylum. And we will not rescue. We will not separate you from New York for. Unless your DNA comes back that your criminal partner your fingerprints or whatever in which case we will but. Under the no shortage that's or you got a history of child abuse criminal record murderer something like that on you we are your kids who are not separate you. Com and you can apply for asylum. You don't go in the United States of America illegally and run around bush and when she butchered to be separated from your kids are detained either. And let's not tell you that any media will not tell you that show the people that we are detaining right now. They're just missing kicks I don't know. They broke the law by crossing the border while trying to listen to you know and and she does not unlike the ones who did it lawfully. And at that point when you decide to break a lot that's went your separate from ticket okay. Settle all that's just going on their rescue American people probably don't understand that now to act now here's the real outrage okay Witten. What we have right now because. Obama changed the rules by waving his Barkley grew very little wind. When he was president. Is if if you show up here alone. As a minor as a child. On there's nobody else with you re just you know dumb to the border as many of them are owned by adults who vitamin use them to gain entry. And that child's. Goes into our Foster care system we keep the child the child automatically gets a green card. And on the day at that the child gets the green card at the process of chain migration begins. It's a total outrage Abbott that's how it works in our country right now. The processor chain migration and begins in which you know you'll Pletcher green card on the same day and also giving the immigration papers as prisoner Jensen numbers you assays explain to us. On to begin bringing your entire extended family here right so this is why parents are selling their kids. Non tube across yours abacus Orszag Craig C boarded B two money descended kept their press does it does so well armed but if they get there. And our bid next Lewis abacus now which carries it into adulthood and Foster care. Any kid gets a green card they'll get to come Ariba Ariba on delay is an exact date it is absolutely outrageous abuse of children and congress could fix it in any moment except the leaders of congress likes things just the way that it is with this abuse of children okay. That's where we work until yesterday. Now it's worse. Get this San Diego based US district judge Dana stab broke. At the ninth circus tragically but not surprisingly a George Bush appointee. Bomb has decided. That this is unfair. And hey is frozen in their deportation. Of the adults who come with the children. To trump was reuniting them according to this judge's order and then sending them back over the border. Okay you get an act here and go back to Mexico by judge sent a pass. Between Tempe deport them she said she. So is suspended. Their deportation. Now here's where it gets interesting. This suspension. Is temporary. You know why he's just running it. To give these poor distraught parents who weren't to a port of entry in applied for asylum and never would've been arrested the first place. But then the media doesn't tell you that do that now. Did give these poor distraught parents a week. To set crowns in detention facility getting a free medical treatment and that I spamming and I don't get that we're paying for free food on the tour per week. To decide to make a terrible decision he says will they take their kids backlit. They dump when he. Says it you can get green cards start to immigration press. And this is it's too ugly unfair. To compare to make that decision honest whether they'll abandon their children on the need a week to think about. This is an. Outreach initiatives. Is in outbreaks since children can be used this way. It it is an abrasive congress is allowing machine on all right and shame on Mitch McConnell Shane on every last one of them shame on every wanna be was not speaking up about what's going on here. On the disease some are being used and let you had a lesson so so is when winners are brave for their pregnant this part is when their button taking the border. So but their parents in hopes still be dumped and parents can get to Jane migration later after the kid grows up alone in Foster care. That makes me were Democrat and that's what Obama ordered. And unfortunately I'm we have these nice circus at George W. Bush won world erase the border judges. Who you know like like this guy who has gone buck wild congress could arrangements tomorrow but they want. So here's what he's considering. And he's got a Mulligan on July 23. Base try to decide if he should make it permanent policy as if he is the right to pass Lauren hill he does. He's trying to decide if he should make it permanent policies porn illegal immigrants who bring their kids appear. It really should be. Given a week to decide if they feel like abandoning their kids so they can get you know blah. The chain migration Nan Nan Graham long grim time everybody they've ever known for their village can come at you know at the price of the child being dumped. Don't add reporters dumped on US taxpayers. Would like to take child back from him decide things like that you know just right there on the spot that's really cruel. Our problem with this whole judicial is is to begin with is that a judge can make a determination. And modifying a US ordinance. It means this this one week. You know waiting period to judge to has just no right to to dictate that period. Well but she judges have delegated powers congress delegates the powers to the judges when jet when congress to stand up to the judges did you where they want. And it that that is constitutionally they intended died. A but they disfigured congress would ring in the judges' input Paul Ryan initial caller apparently fine with children being used this way. And you know what may make you cry that I make you cry as the left doing next. It is a left doing this and so we can literally again have running the dinner bell. Singing listen. And you know so you kids some guy haven't executed cross border. And dump the kid the border and Aniston are so you know make him like couple under blacks African and our god knows what happens to in the desert but who really cares and then when they get here. Hingis UN when you never know it. Well not everyone you've ever known but you know grandma grandpa brother sister you husband whatever. I you know it's coming your chain migration data can suffer being abandoned like that Holland. Probably having did not spend thousands of dollars for the psychological counseling and all the problems that come within Foster care really who cares. Welcome to America and they're letting this go on I just can't believe this is going on in my country. So there are real judicial border war going. On right now. We have children being used and you're gonna see a thundering herd. Like you've never seen before of people using children to try to get across this border because his stuff is going on has been red mass has been read in Guatemala can rent Honduras. And they know exactly what they're doing and I'm telling you they're all right now go into villages looking for a kid about. Because he'll left because of these judges. And that is swine the left does not want you wall on the southern Brenner. And that is what the left will not till anymore this story in their newscasts the on its really sad if parents are separated right. No really sad it is a judge giving parents a week to decide they're gonna dump their kidded the border and go back home. That's really sat. Data to be an end to the tricky to judge you can just. You know wait a little glittery want to decide whatever you want. Why this is a mother judge so I don't know conservative judge who believes is soccer team borders dissuade his or her wants at the clear blue sea don't let. I let militant dumped it into the border anymore they had to come home. This wait wait you want why not everybody else does postponed because we haven't had a conservative federal judges that have been appointed the past sixteen years yet that could be it. Yes I know it's deafening weren't thread bush judges I mean forget that bush is a one world whose main goal in life the stories are border and in and I've documented that over and over again now we're paying a price for that but. I mean. Yeah the current so concerned summary Jewish judge why not just go right. Everybody. Everybody who shows opener border bomb and does not qualify neatly for sound must be deported back to their country. Just wait you wanna do it just doing. Did you kids with you. It didn't implement a desert. Just do it you know at that congress would act then they'd be in panic Whitman. Late everyone has to be deported said judge acts out of the clear blue hawk. What do they may Glock would congress not do that at least they didn't do not dare. You know suddenly Ryan McConnell would get busy. We are literally abusing at least two parties one abusing kids for votes and the other one MPs and refer wage suppression and cheap labor it's it's the saddest thing I've ever since disgusting. Texture is is should Jerry let me get this straight truck is a monster for separating families but families have the blessing of our courts to separate themselves. Judge actually ruling we talked about this one cent less and I release more on the set in the beginning of tomorrow sure it was so important. Judge actually reeling yesterday that. Parent that did it from administration must delayed deportation illegal immigrant families for a week. So they can decide whether to abandon their children to border. And they abandoned them to our social services system. Arm and a reason they do this is today it's an NA dom believe up. Issue that they can night begins automatically get the green card because of their age. And then Nyad chain migration process starts. Agassi to kids again to their teenagers at least. But who cares you get a free under way under Larry Barry and into the United States. Which is fine with. And consider this school now. And determine this did you train law he's just make it up and Zito like a good bush appointee. Bomb and so it this judge that you have a wager winds. Can't support for a week that that's like writing federal law. Which she's not customs and led to. There's just no constitutional anything about you go to go look in the Biller writes I don't see that anyway. He just make yourself up or judge could just as easily yesterday. Made a ruling that says guess what. Unconstitutional. To reward parents for dumping their kids to do border. With the green card the ticket and chain migration benefits that's too obvious. Snaps fingers no more. No kids in an ad bar don't get free card anymore and they don't get the automatic chain migration benefits that come with it the start on the day the child is the green card. That's that in the process of not applying for everybody else to come here begets. If he really wanted to and child cruelty that's with the stats could dip. But he didn't. Spend. Just wanted to be you know humane and give him a week to decide whether to urban children in order to get to immigrants. That's what leftist judges like is bush appointee he thinks. Is humane when they're you know writing immigration and congress ignores Arcandor fine. They want every the world come here and dumped a can on the border well. I went from Poland is intend to vote Republican but. Com and Indiana's Jim and I can one anyone and a note from eastern European countries less than Gortat. But I did your country that votes you know 80% plus Democrat to work with you instead dug accountable. Is this complement is his right here in the desert. I'd be fine. Think it's immigration benefits everything illegal. It some. Terrific. But this is where we are a country. This is who we are. And it's just it's it's it's just it's just sit up. Just fine with the abandonment of children on our border pledged his wife's parents have a week to make up by other mines don't. Congress got nothing to say about the mr. marriage. Should be. But there isn't. There is and now that's darn shame. It is it's in not it's incredibly frustrating. Okay. Meanwhile. Blood that this until another subject of blended up a little bit. The key looking good idea relegating you wanna age solo lay. The UN Botox now something crazier. Cat sleep. Yep the Q looking your best is sleeping at least nine hours a night. China because at that different time I would be very good at that yet you need day and Harrison ten minutes it's like. Our trees definitely have hobbies but you're gonna look great it will actually slowdown at your body's aging process used to. So try that get back and she'd feel wonderful I I like twelve hours a night on Friday and Saturday nine me Anderson they feel great when cheeks are glowing. Yeah and gonna go back down into the beat down of the week and I Frandsen time. Engine three for seven when I was 63 text line 7130 some discussing with the people are saying government excellent speaking out. Centuries more find out about the bush just more ID test Emeril what would the world be like if gore had won and would we have got trump sooner I don't know. I don't know. Bad text your grades. Let's go back to square one we had immigration laws that we need to stick to yeah. I'm Paris these to send these judges a message. Investing congress today it could do for this impeached judge into etiquette fire them right. You know put a net they can take back. These judges making law like this guy. Vote to remove this that would stop it. But they want. Text your dissemination of male lead judge pink slip the very least as cinema text message you are fired yet it was into congress Honda. And it's gotten out so much horse and a Paul Ryan's leadership where there is literally nothing these judges can make up that Paul Ryan will be finally. When it comes to immigration law. Texture scary it's time for a month without a true American citizens take a month off no tax is paid let them come forced me go to work. I may be armed it show. Good luck with that. And that was a nine rent idea. Atlas shrugged great book text your grades son now. That we have we have what is becoming gray area when it is black and white that's part of the big con job the Los says you don't come into the country illegally and that. I read this is by what we're all full arguments as I did with Lori earlier in the shadow. And that Russia trying to influence our election not trying to influence our election Muller's twenty million bucks intimate. We gotta say dossier is we got married you know Intel agents are carnage for that is Ed Ed Ed is Tony might have influenced election he improved they did that they might have. Would the word coming over the border. To influence our elections have concrete proof in add in you know Pitt Pittsburgh at a minimum that these illegal aliens are voting in the thousands. Nationals of other countries literally. Directly influencing. The vote. I would okay. But Russia might put some stuff funny Internet or somebody from Russia might put to Stephanie nobody's ever proved to direct connection to the to the Russian government. Might put some stuff on the Internet. That might have influenced somebody or maybe not. And at the country's open arms. We literally we have The Washington Times earlier this week. Was it and it was and a glass of summit FaceBook page. Talking about I'd be these people who are not legally in the country or they are illegally in the country but they can't legally but federal action there register and vote no other place. Election after election. That influence our elections tech yet does anyone care now. No investigation back and whatsoever. I see irony of all and yell at this is all a distraction to making get the numbers they need to override her vote that's what desist. Text your race we needed someone for rower and that's when it Els snowballed. And think trump what is is 2530. Years too late. Takes your right since interest rates are congress' are and yes they are my comes right down to it GOP leadership the congress is a problem number one right now. A text racing entree guarantee. Our rolling over in pain playing dead. Thread is a month ago but he stayed better turned over those documents we subpoenaed you know the ones. That would tell us how you arrived at the conclusion that Russia medal than our election. They won't turn them over a tree Gatti said they would force them to turn subpoena dark you documents over using every weapon in the constitutional arsenal but that was last month. Now we Sam never mind impeach resisting for what. And it's after roses dean refer refused to turn lesson indeed say it's off Jane. It's on. Hundred she wouldn't caddie did this a month ago he was speaking for him and polarize. And so he's your weight does today he's still speaking for him and all right. He sing and we wash your hands that would knock we're going to do usage whoever wants trust problem. Probably the biggest long term. Consequence thing that happened this week. Prospective. Time no more wanna have become an country on the think Cyril literally I'm I'm not and I have been saturating the living it through a two. As we speak. As the puppet master prudent. Takes some control of their president. A national television analysts on cookie. But this this any immediate montage Lee of the actual coverage. Hysterical coverage about this press conference yesterday from the media. For tonight is that to say I'm sick to my stomach I'm really feeling not chests and on jobs and we're hearing words flag until six. This is frightening and calling it an abomination and a strong case stunning genuinely stunning isn't going on. Unbelievable. Astonishing. Just astonishing. Slot machine it's more breaking. Time for Americans to be out on the street there. In the streets every day in the seventy's why is that not happening. Citizen I. Wrestling thing today is just an incredibly depressed. Moment. And yeah calling for a shadow government owns a coup. Meant true. This is the main strength and said Hibbert mainstream. Need you now. Thank you see how people are his steer a listening to next. Think you're living through. Isn't what are some may doesn't pick up a got to go nuts. Given this kind of covers I mean you see you here this kind averaging in or nothing else I fully expected that their their tanks rolling. Now to the capital that's the level of hysteria here. You this about they want to force trump. To condemn the Russians. Because by doing so he will detract OB admitting he's diligent that that is the key that that he's isn't it right to see and they can use that to bludgeon him. All the way to election immunity if he condemns the Russians ever you know hacking election appears what are. Comic day and they are high heat map Supreme Court justice he's legit it. A precedent. And don't they don't you order members of congress say that'll happen in committee meetings. It's with no. That is single but was changed. I mean you've that hysteria was bad Milwaukee through this again and I should play this montage that played it yesterday this is all set up. As we know we know that trump. Is under control. Of a of prudent and show. He can not be allowed to me along with prudent because he then he could exchange Stacy grades. As you know they could talk about their coup. Your child could yet communicate to him personally when he really intends to do let him have Crimea helping to cover your ball this kind of suffering. You people like programs and it had Lil. Saying this all over mainstream media coverage yesterday this is a level of hysteria. That's why is deeply disturbing to present night states would meet with food and I'll Monday. If you go ahead of that meeting he actually cannot meet with coach no loan. He can't be allowed to be alone with put concede then they're gonna sixteen inch there you know diabolical. Information see and is today were terrified that he would be alone could and then once he was alone with her. When they were afraid of is that trump was in right now it publicly I'm I'm you know against you Linux and currently about eligible to tanks right in you go right ahead. And this is why the AP reporter actually. Pat asked trump this listens in their act as put is was the most what was insulting questions all things that he is using I league pitchers are president. I'm and we know to a net he's he's telling us he's against you haven't Crimea but we know he's alleged take over 'cause you control it. Always a question for president for President Putin thank you my two questions for you sir can you tell me what president trump may have indicated to you. Officially recognizing Crimea. Mean it's outrageous. And good luck his Crimea is pretty public will now. Let's Timmy in the media simply we can't trust him he's he's a he's a prudent controlled puppet we wanna know is he Leno what is he lying to us about. It was it was hysterical and cap it off with Dennis and I am still stunned at the the former head of the CIA. John Brent. Would literally set. Gruden must be controlling trop. I mean now is cuckoo third straight jacket. Paula mops to the asylum kinda set a source coming from a guy who has admitted they had let no evidence of collusion much less control. This was him yesterday on cable TV. He words. I'm at a loss of words to describe just how outrageous. Words can say man's behavior. Ten and no one can only conclude that he fears. I don't know who and that one on one discussions. Who knows what was discussed fair and how miss the food now it is for master puppeteers. Spoke with Donald Trump the person who is an Oval Office outrageous. This a former head the CIA. Lee and Nino. US incredibly Hutchison got everything tank you know I mean when you the former head of the CIA attorneys for people who listen to mainstream you know news and think it's real. Own and yell and he's a puppeteer controlling their press. Mike got back. I mean this is this is an unprecedented time we I sinking like this I guess this instills sunny but it does and any car president Steve Cohen. Bomb asking where's the military he's calling for shadow government to coming in it so. In these kids you investigated for by congress no matter what side of the value our. So we have a liberal Democrat who's asking the US military to take over the American civilian government. And it can't yes. You know. In many other nations. From that person would be imprisoned right about now I mean there there we you know boarding been detained arrested and charged. There's a time when you that might happen year. Com you know 5060 years ago but on that that's the kind of crazy I mean I'm noticing crazy like this in my lifetime and their whipping these people opt. And an idea that it would be better for the military and need another thing. We asked the military cadets like seeing you won a coop where Intel service this series sleep. That's terrifying. That state that is the position now of the Democrat party. I see anybody condemning him did you know and her word about it now. When you consider that John Brennan again. Openly admits he voted for the Communist Party. In the seventies and was afraid that the CIA would find out about and kick him out. In August during the Davis was to be battling the Soviets. Crazy I know he's the voting for the midnight on EU ER I mean I'd be and that gang has more credibility than our president. Series. McKenna whack job world we live again and it's pretty Sam and is not to pressure make you mad. All bush today you can understand. The level of looney that your scene from no feeling members befriended years who are liberal on social media. You think man may have gone in Washington know their subject today is slick on on a saline drip in the. The interesting thing is here that when we went through the eight years of the Obama administration. Almost all Republicans and conservatives and an even libertarians. Were trying to battle the Obama administration. On policy and in congress. Yes through the change of legislation. Through the change of low all. Through the lawful. An and lead the proper processes. What we have now. Is Liberal Democrats and down moderate Democrats even some and some Republicans for crying out loud that are trying to start a revolution. Did they are ignoring. Com all the political. Avenues that they have at their disposal and are going straight to the streets. Text rates alone would didn't Chara we shouldn't forget good likely knows everything Hillary and Obama aura to of course Democrats don't want trample on the prudent. Don't that's too paranoid. Look good did yesterday. Mean put EG your net couldn't comes out insisted listen what you mean when you don't need them wouldn't you're you're Intel people held to the final four million dollars. Can't pass the iris pass our tax agencies. Illegally into the Hillary Clinton Campaign. You. You know what's really sad leak out the last to died ten years ago now I'm like them. At this. At. His that's how little I trust our Intel agencies I I I don't know I've actually knows what they're capable of I don't know anything anymore. The two like to. Know. My couple people to be fired. Grosans deep now Christopher Rainey to go to the snack and comply with subpoenas is that this is going at the FBI issuing them all day. So essentially that this is all coming to a head knowing. But this is I don't know would where it's gonna leave and that's what them freedom I don't know where this is gonna leave yet but it's ramping up. Big time. Mean we are almost I think there too where there is I think somehow around November of 2018 it's gonna come to a head explode. Tally at this rate. We will Levy. By November of this year Garth remembered next year now. Cain and him. Year term when Hillary Clinton. Riveting and respective. Showed up with that cheesy reset button. Two member of that for relations with Russia. In immediate thought that was swell. And many remember. I when Hillary Clinton. And when Bill Clinton took half a million dollars or from me Moscow related. At entity was bank first speech and immediate thought that was fine and many remember when that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation 240 million dollars. In fines. And from that I Russian backed their from the Russian backed donors. And in turn around and gave them that 20% of our uranium and immediate thought that was fine and then you remember when I'm Barack Obama's administration lied to us about the whole thing. And sit out that the Iranians never believed the US has just silly. And we found out. After Obama had left office that that was lied to that it had been shipped back to Europe in the Middle East and parts Asia. And that. An immediate thought it was fine. You thought that was fine. An immediate thought it was fine that the only actual factual collision with the Russians that we know up. Was between Hillary's campaign DNC puts dossier together. Are they paid that guy Christopher steel to go to the dirt from the Russian government and that. An immediate thought it was fine. And when the FBI piggyback and joined in on the collision using that dossier to get defies a warrant to spy on Trump's campaign and the media thought that was fine. One person factually documented to ever have colluded with the Russians. That's Hillary. Leadership of the DNC. With cash. And she'd funny cash spent didn't see in Sheikh since we're looking at about what 140 at point five million from the Russians. You're really John Podesta the chairman of Hillary's campaign and him. Was cut serving on the board and they Kremlin financed 1% Kremlin financed shell company. Taking millions in payments for serving on the board and didn't disclose that as he was regard to bylaw. On his filing forms and we took the federal gig. In that. Yes cancer campaign manager. Can you imagine if my dreams campaign mangers have done something like that and liberal media didn't care. Should go one I could for another fifteen minutes just getting warmed up. The hypocrisy here is knee deep and what you can tell that legislate out in calm rational factual terms. Today don't care about collusion with Russia they could care less. Mainstream media didn't care back in 2012. When food was asked who he preferred for president. Not tamper Hillary no. Mixed. Or Obama. Clinton Obama. And it talked a lot of smack about the Russians and couldn't in one of seems logical to me. That rages now. That was an outrageous in fact dating Carole. Trump had been caught on hot Mike yesterday. When he thought the microphone was off telling couldn't he relax second and I'll I yeah I can I can disarm America. Just can't give me and let me get past mid terms. Can you imagine. Obama deduct two Medvedev. The president of Russia to tell to nag I can do something started to turn a disarmament disarming the country. Resulting Jolie later cut disarm this country but allowed Russia to continue building up weapons. Can you imagine a printed he needs. But seal of approval Republican leadership. But the mainstream media didn't care. He really think they care about passion now. And camp that crash. They care about defeating trucked. Why aid are they also obsessed with taking her when she did a cover girl they're on gripes. And pretty big it's kind of nice not to fight a war it's not. Is the one nobody talks about because it's the biggest credible. Hundreds and hundreds. Of illegal accesses. All of the fire is the NSA defies database. My emails or near your emails are in the air my text. All that trolling there. Date the FBI allowed its contractors to illegally access it again and again and again where it doesn't go the final NSA report having announced. Violation of law. At B Elena go on why and where that information go. And the media didn't care. Remember that cemented our former ambassador to the UN under Obama her name was she's hundreds of times you are she was called before congress. List recession unfortunately. And asked hey listen does any you'll let you access center and data and can that be illegal for you did you do without a purpose and you weren't part of an investigation. Not an axis of some Leo she's my name 000. Look there's a squirrel. Is unquestionably. Where congressman screening him and and and into many an answer where they. You know. As the answers would answer all of the questions that we had. And story be a very different from. When the media doesn't want you to hear. So you remember is they Nash your teeth cry. Why Amy and say have steered they are very scared they are what didn't scare that. What you remember that when Obama lied to them and tell us. Uranium it never left the country yet to. Where is it now. Exactly now you know what went through European each. You know the rainy uranium Hillary sold. The Russians. When they relied too about that they danger can imagine if trump gave them another 20% of our uranium. And they donated 240 million dollars into the trump foundation. Try to be in prison in handcuffs. He's then they'd care. Everyday folks.