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Friday, July 20th
Paul Manafort is a political prisoner for supporting Donald Trump; Conservatives more likely than liberals to be satisfied and find meaning and purpose in their lives; Peter Stzrok text admits “there’s no big there there” showing Russia investigation is purely political

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Play how they their terror that crew rolls on line you see what the dual justice system it looks like. Are you tell you would be 45% of people who of the people who. Johnny into the Tea Party and or punitive we audited by the IRS that the judge's finding unique. Payment to them in redress from the IRS they didn't get the other 75 he's had had time. To audit them for donating to the wrong. Group and I just started them about their donation aren't there businesses. Their personal finances turn their lives upside down require you calls worth of information. Tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees to the IRS that's the kind of destruction you see in the dole justice system. Well reading a look at what it looks like. In the dual justice system where laws apply based on your politics this is absolutely an out of range this morning. MEI take you back for many and can tell you kind of what what went on here you know Paul man afford is currently in solitary confinement. And as this morning we know he is it political prisoner that's what he is there is no other way to describe it com once you know the simple fact. Of of what is going on today and let me back up remain common and afford the you know who worked briefly live with trump and there was a business associate he and Tony Podesta Abbott an immature he possesses lobbied on behalf. Of the Ukraine rape and it. They both made the mistake of not registering. As a lobbyist violating federal far Lou the rules that's a that's crime you do. Armed but there's at at a premier's comments short. Om and Tony Podesta who is a major fund raiser. For Hillary Clinton. And his brother. John Podesta. Who did all of the fundraising did it was a major fundraiser for Hillary's campaign all three of them lobbied on behalf of the Ukraine. All three the refused to register. Or didn't register in bother where violating. Fairer rules altering it okay. So mayor of fort is not doing is saying things Tony Podesta Hillary Clinton fund raiser and major Hillary Clinton primaries are. He's doing it with Tony Podesta. They worked to get better. To do this lobbying that was illegal because they didn't. Up. Okay. Paul may afford all because he worked with trauma to BB picked the wrong political team you wanted to go to prison in America. Comic book sitting in solitary confinement right. Connie Podesta who did the exact same thing as comment afford. Was given immunity. By Robert Mueller so we can testify. Against Paul man. He is not only not in solitary confinement. I mean he has been released from the same crime metaphor urged calm committed by the immunity so they can testify against. And put in prison probably for the possibly for residues like upon. For the same cracked the only difference is Tony that's was you know it was Smart enough. To do fundraising and held by Hillary Clinton. And con man Ford picked Ron. And not Robert Mueller sixty snake sitter racked. That he mom got the filing. To granted the immunity. Bomb he got it sealed. He got it sealed so we could know he was doing because he knows what he's doing is profoundly wrong. And sick and twisted. So accord emotion. Which showed Tucker Carlson wrote this last night I'm on the show it's not twist dance was to be secrecy don't know according emotion. Toy Podesta. Was refusing to give testimony tell. And a bogey if it is this mammoth prep privilege and said self incrimination he did the same thing man appointed but edgy partner partner with me afford to do it. I do what is in what do smaller due. Rewards him with immunity. Rewards him with Amy there is no difference between Tony Podesta upon airport and that Palmer for sport to run T. That's it Mueller knows it he tried to hide it fox got it yesterday. She it would where we are right now. Tony Podesta. Is the sixth. Clinton. Fund raiser campaign. Purse in staffer. Of Clinton to be granted immunity for their crimes. Bob comment fort rot in prison. For the same crime. Any Canadian partnership. With Tony Podesta I can even wrap my mind around it's. I can't process it all I know is that a country cannot continue to function is way it will break. We have to have. A fair justice system we are no different from the third quarter Torre authoritarian regime that's we're looking at right now so he joins a list. Al of folks yet committed to duke written Clint crimes or who are those who committed crimes for Clinton who have been given immunity pop combat no. As number one computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton's emails when they were under subpoena. By congress. Subpoenaed by congress does matter pressure Republicans pay as many have to turn over a noise out he got immunity that was who has been really helpful for him for his his crimes. Cheryl Mills member immunity deal. Former chief of staff an attorney for Hillary Clinton. From the Justice Department during the yearlong FBI investigation and Clinton server. She had all the dirt on the server she was given immunity says she never would you know she she she would not have to testify John Ben tell director state department's office of information resource is given immunity. Had a Seamus and that was given immunity. These are all people in the Clinton circle. Who knew about the emails had him on their their personal devices or deleted them. Brian had Leon no I couldn't cite the former ITA who separate email server never talk to him earlier this week. Said the email server. Estate professional IT guy he comes from a professional ice tea company what they do is set of service for businesses. Yet somehow mr. Bradley not know left the server completely unprotected. We now know why. We learned this this week have from the start hearings so that Hillary could send all 30000 emails too late yet as yet unnamed foreign entity. With classified data in them. A complete violation of the law everywhere and those emails is a felony Wii to find out more about it Brian drag Leon have Clinton's former idea what is given what stay with me immunity. Why isn't somebody went after him we might be able to get at Hillary's crimes. On the show we just choose what to do now and Robert Mueller is doing is if somebody around Clinton and committed crimes. They or does a veteran guard they had to be given immunity. We're not testify. We in this country away worst used to work is you weren't given immunity to testify against somebody. Now given immunity to show a job so Hillary doesn't have to go to jail. This is banana republic stuff it's beyond. I mean antenna you can import never is not just in prison cell his solitary confinement right now. On neat premise that well you know he tried to influence it would show we're gonna have to put in your palm what happens when you could comment for an solitary confinement. He really can't influence witnesses he can't speak in his own defense. He can't give interviews he can't talk to people he can't talk about what an outrageous is as he's an attorney he hit he and his attorney were doing before. So that's why I suspect he's really in solitary confinement. Locked away in this this is Chinese Government said this is what. Happens to Oleg arch. In Russia who stepped battle lines. They get locked up in solitary confinement so they can defend themselves. And the real collar criminals are let off it happens every time we're watching this with mullah Ramallah we do we can't quit his weekly campfire we can't functions which country we can't we can't function anymore like this weekend it won't. Work long term. And if they get away with it. I am terrified of what the next. Election in the laughter this is gonna look like once funny that we got to as the Democrats that are in control so many things still within the bureaucracy in the accused trump of colluding with Russia but. They're governing like Russia. They are all that's the think you know what if if if it hit this scares me to honestly if Mueller is capable of decks. What is he capable of doing to try out. Well Billie Jean to what is he table literally trapped Tucker Carlson an amazing reporting by him last night nails this let me elegy here his version of this. It's also a close friend any major fund raiser for bill and Hillary Clinton. Talk about Tony Vanessa and the desk a group we reported work for palm an effort to lobby on behalf of Ukrainian interest in the United States. Without properly registering at the time under the foreign agent registration act just call Farrah. Manna for got in big trouble for that he's now being held in solitary confinement he's looking any light sentence behind bars. And Tony Podesta what ever happened to him. Well tonight we can report exclusively based on two separate sources who spoke to today. The Tony Podesta has been offered immunity by Robert Mueller to testify against Paul man effort it's unbelievable the words for a near identical crime Bill Clinton's friend her to sleep and emerge completely unscathed. Well Paul man effort may rot in jail only one of them made the mistake of cheering Donald Trump's presidential campaign. They're the most amazing. Is the pretext under which all of this is happening to the federal law was passed back in 1938 in order to prevent the Nazi government from lobbying in the US. Over a fifteen year period. From 1966. To 2015. A total of only seven people were criminally charged under Farrah many more could have been charged. Washington is brimming with unregistered foreign agents and has been for decades and yet only seven people were charged. Over fifty years and yet in recent months three people have been charged under fair what do they have in common you guessed it some connection to Donald Trump. But let's just note that effort record that died John Podesta. I was chairman of Hillary's campaign her chief fund raiser. Also failed to register sat on the board of a Kremlin financially backed company to millions of dollars in compensation. Doug declined to calm revealed that as is required by law when he went to work for Obama. And is currently a free man. And I believe he also was the chief of staff for the Bill Clinton administration for a period of time I have forgot about that yes he was to. So he's a free man and man report is in solitary confinement and he's an FOC from the Clinton yet Sprint Cup so which erases. Cracked just. Yeah good 1 for Friday morning at 622. What is the meaning of life but it's a deep when rain. Yep well if you interesting study here I'd love to know from you what you think this means. If you destroy our strategy at least sent this to me and this is is fascinating if you struggle come up with an answer the age old conundrum. What is the meaning of life. You can blame your left leaning political ideology. Weighed what. New research claims conservatives are more likely to have established sense of their life purpose than liberals. And because of it. They're far more satisfied with the lions. They're happier and they do within that adversity. Better. When we see that every day in the news rain and a red ones out there going to be able to disagree this to be death. According to the University of California study. Which analyzed a series of surveys across sixteen company that country so it's one of these big Matta Dennis studies. Those horrible liberal oh leaves. Are likely to geno liberals like this idea are more likely to be in a perpetual state of searching for meaning. In their lives and air raid wing. Counterparts. Theory interstate. Why do you think that is. Trying to median life is related to the sense of feeling that things are the way they the only should be and that is there is a sense of order. It's like feels chaotic this is one of DR co authors of the study. If life feels chaotic. Then that would did it likely dampen your sense that life is meaningful would not. This is happening me why I'm having a bad day when I am a bad week what happened. Participants were asked to rate their political beliefs and spectrum Raymond range from been streaming conservatives and liberal. And then we're asked to respond to add to various statements questioning the extent to which the popular superb as probable nobody took that into account and these other studies findings. Over the years. This does he accounted for religious beliefs when analyzing the response it's. And still found struggling between as a conservative ideology having a stronger sense of purpose compared to liberals. Interest. So. This city got the figure doesn't mean it's every conservative finds a lot of meaning you know like every liberal is depressed. He said. All but say that these are factors that influence a person's feelings are toward whether their life has some meaning. But anyway. You look at teen tire. Philosophy that we we now call conservatives and conservatism has been collage fixed. What is it about individual liberty. You're life has meaning. Each life has meaning each life is precious because there there's never been a life like it before never will be again. Everything grounded. In the individual the individual favored. Over the collective. Annually you you value the collective good dubbed the big picture missed like Chinese rate. If you don't think individual lives have meaning and you don't think your individual life has much meaning we simply can't she got another individual lives canyon. This is just what this damned good deed done in the go deep dive psychological and Hewitt 635 in the point. This is why. And so does screaming match yesterday. At between judge judge Janine and Whoopi Goldberg Goldberg on the on the view man edge it jettisoning what terror. Whoopi Goldberg is going on and on about is not fair to say it dead yet you know. And decent easy these immigrant Mexicans are rapists the murders. We can't cede them that way because they can't see the individual side of the last of the victims. They can only see the collective a Democrat voters getting bigger. Thanks to you you know the addition of new illegal immigrants they can't CD individualized damage even if individual lives are damaged the good of society is so much bigger. In their view that the collective whatever benefit stem the big group. That they can't even see the suffering of the individual and they they can't see it. They they can't see they can't feel for that they won't even recognize these four women. That we know are so far who were victims of the illegal immigrants serial rapist in San Francisco there was a lift driver probably more women out there against it. They don't have put great value in their individual lives is they can't see it meant in a written march as fascinating. Keeping drives why do people who tend to be conservative. Tend to be more satisfied. And feeling less have more meaning. What do you think. It I would I'd love to know what you think about this. Some it comes from religion. And where where did the idea of the extreme value of the individual come from. Some Bible. I have free will individuals must have free will unimpeded by man in order to have a full relationship with god. That's where that idea came from you to get out in front admitted that they didn't. As strange an idea it's. There are radical to time the Bible or priest gave a great lecture on this one day. Attacking about your you know your individual life has more meaning than a flock sparrows that are radical idea for biblical times. And always been that way in human history. So what I think I have individual changes your life had been given to me. Woman called show one time spent about an hour maybe nine months to a year ago now. A sudden our friends and there'll struggling to find meanings and and meaning in their life's. And she say it was I'm mad at Amylin heals us in on. It see it seem like pinkish generation there was a lot of searching for meaning in life. And I should tour the TC today I did every thirty seconds into a friends list. Being in life. You're meeting what your role Ferguson my the only meaning in life. Is to live long enough to have children. Raised them well teach them to love send them on today we'll have children. And you pass one spark that is like it's at the taller as the toll get to yes it's really simple. Doubly we look at nature what does nature as survival to live long enough to. Procreate and pass on the sparking the gift that is what that's all it is. That's all you get. Everything year life that has any value is in the people that love you and I you love them. Particularly your family members that comes first that is your job that is why you live that is why you learn that's why you develop. Today you can come to the point where you raise you avenue raise your children. You love your spouse you do it together as a family and you pass on the pupils part that is like that is what the meaning of like is there is nothing else not about she. Never it's. It's about the passing on the hell you do it until you get. And it. Naimi five major titans of industry from the eighteen hundreds. Anyone. I think one. And let's not that. And they amassed fortunes. See what I mean. What they have any meaning left in the world if they were fortune enough their genes were carried on in their offspring that's all you get to what is it should simple of those around you. As you would be low entry does as he would treat the energy the league hit send on pass on what it's easy. It ain't about you and what you say what you except it's not about you. If you're free you are it's done it's very very simple. You realizes. I it was doing research on the Indus ancestry and I looked back. I found from some real science history a picture of my fifth generation back Craig Graham and I was in ought to look at her face and never seen. I know her name. That's forgotten you will be. Meeting in your life is a special buddy you're the only thing you get to do that has any meaning no matter how successful you are. Is raising children well sent about the war love your family loved those around you and help and do the same gut check. That's the only place you're gonna find joy happiness and satisfaction. Salaries. Through simple and wish you accept that. And you get a you develop a passion for it. You free you are you free when you live for us as we lift yourself you're almost up and that's what that that's what they do that's a liberal mindset SARS is cystic it's about me. Never be happy that let you well. Yeah that last bit LA is are very Atlanta's grant. Now the checks your eyes mad men afford the dual justice system if a man authorities can they did did trump should pardon him immediately. Then sessions in recent scenes should be fired and merged out of the DNJ have benefited charged under Rico laws there and you attorney general should be picked. From outside Washington an independent counsel named to clean up. This mess. Text grades folks who are searching for the meaning of life need to search out a litter of puppies this stuff done. Boy. Text rates from. Tara I think should be obvious to all of us now that he Muller investigation is primarily illegal smokescreen. Which is effectively blocking trumps administration launching any type of investigation into Hillary and her cronies yes it. These kids that's why they did a controller but Jeff Sessions. Rate. Sexual Jeff Sessions. Yeah ozone is Jeff Sessions there is done he's done nothing to happen in Hillary. Is it he Jeff Sessions there. By you know having these high ranking members of threat congress threatened trop. It does administration's gonna grind to a holds. And if he fires. And yeah sessions. Its message each state is planning on continuing this investigation neutrons entire first term to legally handcuffed trump from directing the Department of Justice from doing anything to help and yup that's it. This is disgusting. At a check direct about the liberals they are mostly godless and that's why there is no meaning in net fair life. Thank you very unhappy does. I district any hope of any future hope of the radio dot com up. Have any car is rewind fast forward to function like tuning Digg can't listen to the show live at. Only now missing most of the show Saturday two things they're number one. Podcasts. Text the word contest. Or to 7130. Seven due to Podcastalley go forward backward however you need to do it. Did it to try to podcast is up every afternoon can't listen live on anyone is it's we are apparently a big market for. Radio dot com I've learned that the New York are a market of and a constant and it comes New York Merc is still need him to name. This theory early version of tune in at of five radio dot com we we are not on tune in anymore so my hope is that it will get better. I can only tell you that I did not come up with this and all in bed she would they are working the kinks in the system out on you. I had an inning and I am sorry did you big shows it. But still we were just were all doing our our best. Wishes sink in again I I apologize. Protester at the conclusion Jeff Sessions the plans committee stage all along. But wait John Solomon over at the hill sounding the alarm. Mainstream media reporter who has gone broke I do not know why he's being allowed to write distaff at the hill let's a liberal publication. Generally are thought to be part of the mainstream media. I screamed about this last week. When he wrote about this as it is the biggest breaking bombshell story is broken in everybody missed it Solomon realized that he wrote it and so now he's reading about it again. If you read nothing else today about Russia Russia Russia. You re nothing else this month about Russia Russia Russia there's only one thing you need to understand in this piece got I've got it up on FaceBook page. One FBI text message in Russia probe that should alarm every American what is and I put this out last week this was a bombshell. Remember this color me. Went to congress when he was the head of the FBI and C yeah we instead did say investigation June of mr. July of 26. And we found out there you wish to give it hits hints of Russian collusion rice as weak as to wit what would you they said Unser. They won't let us know that's with the subpoenas about our about wide base what was launched the investigation you have to have a press. Besides I made a dossier from a political campaign. To launch. You know he attempted to apply for Fy soared despite dual us and if they did not this is a political operation. Easing political. Research. Operation. Well in the texts. Back and forth between a leopards Lisa Lisa patient Peter struck of the FBI. There is an extraordinary text and what I sought about fell off my chair because they knew it meant. The text was transmitted on May nineteenth. 27 C. There's no big bear they're. Strep test text. My and a date may nineteenth when he seventy. Okay. The official investigation. Was launched went. July of 2016. This is almost a year later there's no big they're there. I mean there's no big beard air will launch the investigation. Here's what John Solomon writes. The data the text has long intrigued investigators. Is today's after deputy attorney general rob rose esteem neither does special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee an investigation into the alleged collusion. Between trump and Russia. The FBI is tight top counter espionage investigators. Knew at the time and there was nothing. Put the reports you could they institute presents to FBI is the investigative arm of the DO Jack. Yet they launched in anyway knowing full well there was no there. There. What does that make this a political persecution. Which this be a light if some people over at the. Greeneville police did not like me. Nate decided it would look really good to take it I'd know a bank robbery. I will launch an investigation. Into terrorist your basis for a lot lot for robbing the bank. I did. Didn't mean it was we will what is your kids well we have to keep that under lock and key well purify California to see what's your evidence against her is we want an sewage and you know printed. Embarrass is more knot oh no we can't turn it over. Jab no evidence. You just pick a crime launch an investigation Carson buddy lives with baited trap and this text message proves it. Says the text was turned over congress John Solomon writes at the hill investigators wondered whether it referred to the evidence against campaign. This month I finally got their chance to ask. Stripped declined to say but Lisa page. During a closed door interview would lawmakers confirmed. That the message referred to the quality the Russian case. There's no there there. Texted in May 192017. By the people in charge. The investigation. In today's later Mueller is appointed they all know there's nothing there. It should be like launching a very public again bank robbery investigation into me when everybody an investigative team knows I didn't do it. You can't do that. As a violation a spokesperson fourth amendment rights when you then go and get spy capabilities by and then knowing there's nothing there. The admission is deeply consequential John Solomon writes. It means rose is seen unleashed the most awesome powers of the special counsel to investigate an allegation that he FBI officials driving the investigation for ten months before hand. Did not think was there. There's nothing. He concluded this the FBI agents who helped drive the resting Russia conclusion narrative is well as Reza c.'s decision to appoint Mueller apparently knew all along it was that the evidence was going to lead to nothing. And yet they proceeded because they thought it was still a possibility of impeachment. Remember Peter struck told us that himself and his texts. This is this is sickening. John's solid concludes it is. How concerned. You are by this conduct is almost certainly affected by your lover hatred for trump but push yourself for a second in the hot seat. And an investigation by the same FBI cast the characters you were under investigation for crime the agents. Don't think occurred but the investigation still advanced is it because the desired outcome is to get you. Fired from your job or in peach inning they are own works. Is that an FBI you can liberal. Tolerate their fence for anybody. Who wants to see it there's no there there there never wise. Actually share a prominent chart shows doesn't guest blink you and then said again the blank out a year and that's. Okay. The view is wholly. And watchable. Trash. And that's pretty a pretty good assessment of I don't see eyes are judged mean. Take him out on the view. Yeah fascinating watching as he should have to set. They they literally kicked her off the set of the view which is crashing noise and you know what they can trust the said he could see it's very it's very transparent when you watch the video. You can argue with a. They could argue that she's got actual an actual set of irrefutable. Facts. When it comes to everything out from how you know what the size warrant was based on. To the fact that you know he illegally alien you know illegal aliens have been busted you know for rape and murder in the last two weeks. But the Goldberg say you can't say that about Dennis Edger or is it wedge she's she put tags points out so they can argue it. And show they're left to scream and cry gnashing their teeth cuss her out Antara dissent. Martinez was unbelievable. What what happened to judge Jeanine. Ages stab really get into it at coming up in next hour because it's a real good microcosm of what's going on. In the country but first I want essentially cannot Muster your Friday off with some good news I usually play a whole segment like this from fox is part sent. Abu dis just chock full of economic news and you need teachers because it runs counter. To a lot of what is being said in an immediate take a listen. The proof is in the numbers they've Federal Reserve chair firing back at Democrats ominous fears of a trade war with everybody. Robust job gains of rising after tax income. And optimism among households have lifted consumer spending in recent months it is difficult to predict the ultimate outcome of current discussions over trade policy overall. We see the risk of the economy unexpectedly weakening as roughly balanced with the possibility of the economy growing faster than we currently anticipate. Stewart Rory Souza boarding coming Fox Business Network one of his top stories today. Because you have a lot of talk about trade. But so far there's no fear revealed in those numbers well let me translate what the Fed Chad just said the translation it's the economy is strengthening. In the face of trade trouble but it sounds like that's. America is negotiating trade deals where they strongly colony after the hour back. Now the Federal Reserve said did say look. The these tariffs which have been imposed have raised some prices in some areas but that's not been defeated with the growth of the economy. If you look at their report it shows that eleven. Out of twelve districts in America which got the whole country eleven out of twelve showed moderate or strong gross. Now the Fed is YouTube restrained in the woods it's used so when you say strong growth that is strong growth indeed. Only one area around Saint Louis that slowed shows slight gross so across the country you've got Grossman who. Despite some prices rising from tariffs and by the way one week from tomorrow will get report 4% of gross for this economy. Best way to me and in many many years and double late in the first. Isn't this the time that when we can have major trade discussions could our economy is booming in doing so well. And we can't afford to raise prices. Well we've gotten a strong economy at pound back as we go forward and and negotiate trade deals with other regions on the country's. On July the 25 the Europeans. Come to America. We are told that may be that come in with a trade deal in mind maybe some lowering of tariffs fought us and by then maybe. But that's what's coming down the pike we are negotiating these trade deals only negotiating I think from a position of strength. You you wouldn't be surprised at just before the the mid terms the president announces we've reached day. Yeah I he ends with that we've reached a deal with China and Europe. Answer front goes on to say I know we're right on track to do that. Says keep Abdullah too scary.