The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Friday, July 20th
Russians meddled in campaigns but not the election; Losing faith in the US intelligence community; Left is super paranoid about Trump’s private meeting with Putin; Paul Manafort is a political prisoner for supporting Donald Trump

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Running late good morning Tera you listen to talk radio all over the country are you really gamma talk I'm not just talk radio host in talk radio junkie. Al which amuses my husband greatly. He's just a producer mature consumer yes exactly. I am and so we know when we elastic had some trouble with their rated. Sending them you know. Frustrated threats. I'm going to burn down the building and five minutes if I cannot get yes and so anyway. It's simply right and yes I heard something pretty interesting on the show Imus listening when my favorite host an and I dropping a half an hour at times like some other people are saying what they're leading their shows with no mechanisms make sure that. Kind of read on the market and you know what what I'm doing but I heard a collared ticket has the task in every once in awhile. Your colors particularly genuine that teaches you something. And the this was one of those moments and a collared the show. That was correcting their encouragement and a nice way not in denigrating way into and he was and he knew it got to stop. Using the word or words Russian election metal and election meddling. There was no election meddling here that is on its face. Are incorrect. And I suggested it would have to say instead that was campaign met. There's campaign medal. Is Jennifer facts again no votes were changed or they know I'm no outcome was in any way affected if mom and any of that. And show. And Reggie Bush and Russian election meddling would be like if they got inside the voting machine rotten. And they did not they did not or if they got inside the boards of elections somehow. And they did not. Om and show or share somehow made some kind of quantifiable change she elderly peoples voter registrations they shouldn't couldn't voting well but that was what will be able to vote though. They still would provisionally and I am trying to come up with a way that it would be actual metal and a right. Racing you do your youth your miss informing your audience when he uses Turks say campaign. Met as a good suggestion I thought it was great. And he says every time I say I hear that turned chain election meddling it's easy just grates on me because it's not is what happens through exactly did not happen there was no election metal. From there they're they're simply there was campaign meddling yes bomb not a big scale. And not on a one way scale back again. They don't do the worst thing I think an end right there with you know when Mueller were there of Russian agents who may or may not have done anything would you don't know because we haven't seen a forensic analysis of it on it is is again. All that this idea did somehow that influenced the election again the this the right there operations here whether they were Russian or not. Dig there way economy we noticed from the vice president of FaceBook listed this vast majority of it was after the election. It targeted everybody involved it's hard to Bernie her targeted Hillary had targeted truck. It was pro Hillary was against Hillary was pro pro black labs and I was against black last match I mean the big and the biggest black lives matter FaceBook page. Was aggressions. It was anti trump. And pro Hillary. I mean these deed chills add a whole new. Spin on stuff and that's what at dead daddy is wedged DeVon Muniz was so frustrated by last week when he invited kids to listen. This is almost verbatim what we put in our reporter earlier this year the Intel can committees about what my you know we know all this for a wobble what Muller left out. Was tremendous Maggie still that we had it in our report that we've gotten from any Intel community. Singing listen this targeting of of the election in this you know putting out sites. You're putting up posts creating FaceBook pages socially Alice have. All of this targeting if he didn't just go against Hillary and Ford trumpet the way that the Muller indictment. Makes it sound what they told us engagements and deeds he said it's a four sales still classified her a lot of it in the in a report he Selig to declassify and he could. Bomb to show listen they were for Hillary they were against Hillary there were four Bernie they are against bird. Armed if it went to a lot of different weights. And to paint this is prone trump anti Hillary trumpet a decent is it benefited him exclusively is just I say he's a lot. It's a distortion deliberately created by a very bias investigator mr. Mahler. And used to by the media so I thought that was great so I'm going to try my best and perhaps our nickel jar Lee. To say I am Russian campaign medal. Hopefully double not exceed your education fund for your kids' rights but if it does on display color count. Where it belongs interesting article in time. Com about what's Wladimir could did not rip could set a trap for Robert Mueller in his press conference with Donald Trump cup what he did. Could urge special counsel Robert how are you sending a formal official request to ask about the indictments he brought on Fred. They don't words. Okay. Ask the chef for information about those indictments ask us are you know good go ahead in the subpoenas will be a day we want to turn the information over. We won't provide you with whatever you want. It was a calculated attempts timer rates to pull a similar investigation on the playing field prudent can control. Here's showed couldn't like things into turn out. From Putin wants to see the evidence I Dili translated into Russian and send the authorities and must GAAP. All accordance with an obscure law enforcement treaty US and Russia signed nearly two decades ago. Com Russia investigators have a right to the evidence. They never rates to question the accused. According to the treaty. And send Mueller back a re port. No it was what we did was to see it in in his news treaty between Russia is extend the discovery rates that every defendant has nice it's America. To Russia. Com. And so that's Lisa you don't read send media evidence we're entitled to a by the treaty. Com and Simien and a semi Chris for information we know what you wanna know. We'll send you back T know who knows what foods can actually do. Home. But anyway when I don't sass about it he referred to it as an incredible offer. Allen so there you know there you go out. This is prudent saying is an amazing watching this leads. We Avery to the evidence industry. I don't trust more I don't trust prudence and notre cedar have to suck it doesn't matter if you what I thought a good Colin would be the Americans from for doing a boy. Now. Pretty strict okay Preston's been bashed for this is weak now who do you trust more. Our Intel community. Or Vladimir Putin's. Our Intel community or in the Russian. Intel. Community I know I will quickly answered that and I I definitely. Believe the US intelligence community. With this cabbie dot. I am skeptical of anything from leadership move that comes from that community. But those right now I feel like that the vast majority of the things that are going on with respect to the president are purely political. So the leadership I am very skeptical of anything these people site. The US intelligence community as a whole for what they do for this country in defense of this nation are outside of the political ramifications of what they're dealing with now. I trust. Maybe I'm ninety. I you know that would have paid then my answer on Monday I can say that I'd I'd trust the air rushing Intel community at all like present RL they're the ones walking around with files important. Com how ever so deployment attacks on Monday. Who is it that is trying to in peach in their own words words and overthrew a duly elected president of the United States of America income. That would be the national. Both left this media and the Democrat porn. And and and as an Indian ownership of leadership of the in south of the does the deep state to write in this country up the leadership of the deep state. In this country not. The Russian. Intel they nearly Miette they merely metal if it is to be believed we've not seen difference investigation. If it is bleeding nearly nearly medal in the campaign which is worse and I bet that kind of that that's one of those tested that she sent me sometimes sits in my mind Philly today's and I'm turning in my mind. I'm going yet you get the problem is with tablet trusting am DE the FBI and in this in the CIA that was the FBI we. That the problem with trusting their mean you see an interest least of I don't need the problem is you don't we can't trust because again. Part of the subpoenaed to cut that congress leveled at the FBI was. Which agents were involved. In the trump investigation and in the subpoena process. Because his assistant of former assistant director mr. council of the FBI explained was an EU despite some words PED these tries warrant applications. They go through committee after committee after committee with in the FBI they have to pass. Muster hundreds of people have their hands on the that's how serious of Pfizer. How warrants application. To spy. Under that title is met with that amount of power we can spy on the target and everybody around them essentially Donald Trump campaign as a this is why congress once snow. Who have their hands on this how many words there. What where their earnings and it was how deep does the crushing up and it is when the key things the FBI will not turn over simple list of names to the people's space to be overseeing. At the car so when you say you know you do you trust the FBI is Chris low levels. I any issue that question. Is I need to see a list the names and I need to know how many are on that list adding you know does a good down into middle management. I just go down to lower levels people throughout the bureau settlements committees who Wear that to appoint you know who had they get their jobs where they come for from what they were caught. What are their connections to campaigns what do the connections to Hillary what their connections Democrat right I don't know that the FBI won't tell us as a what you are we taking stress to people blow I can't say that I can't. Ana county because nobody does not even congress. You know there's I understand that but I I'm still I'm still willing to vent about the form so to speak on the organization as a whole I mean it's just like locally. You know obviously we had an issue with the former report county sheriff will Lewis whom we've found out it was not trustworthy. However the Greenville county sheriff's office is an organization that I do put a lot of trust and and down and will continue to do so because the individuals I don't know where Bennett and the actions that that agency are showing or officer showing seemed to be. Hum worthy of our trusted the right. Drab national agency I'm just simply saying I can't tell you what percentage this agency I can trust no because they won't help me do that. On by disclosing who worked on this. And so until then I everybody's a suspect unfortunately in my book and I wish it was in that way I really wish it wasn't. It's Friday and that instantly puts me. And again mood. This study ten they sit instantly put us in a better mood. Number ten using different haven't seen a long time I love that. Numbered I'm getting along this. Number eighteen long high. Shower and my favorite parts of the day my shower. That's silly. It is though it's true. It's my best thinking the next hour at least to somebody banks and adore. Yeah. Yeah. Really sunny day now. I can cloudy days sometimes do. Now the time but sometimes. And I miss you cloudy rainy day session Saturday when you're you know inside may be playing games of the family read a book that's an okay. Think it is simply lift you made joy nice small thing for someone else. Without a charge up your whole day one. Partly meant more than partying in the person you did it for you don't know why. Number six number five paint a dog number four's someone doing a nice small thing for you. Number three lying in bed listening to during you to says that number two being able to sleep in with no alarm alone my favorite things may get to do it tomorrow. And finally finding any in your pocket you didn't know you had no one. 58% said that helps. And I had tons of how much money we're talking here. What is it trio things that instantly puts you in a better mood. Larry I'd check your race I trust my two year old daughter not to draw on our hands and clothes with a marker more interest prudent. And I trust prudent more than I would trust the FB RI. Those profound text about this yesterday from. One UN as a cadence does mean occasionally I'm pretty I'm pretty see you know I know what I believe and why I believe it. Someone famous once at. So while you can rearrange where world with a good chat text that leaves me thinking for a few for a few days and and this Texas stuck in my mind I find it on the text like. So many tests and went back to try to search for a confined but the gist of what the person said. On what you know when I was talking on you know when I Monday about trump. You know meg making then it you know in the moral equivalence between you know Russia and us are Intel agencies in the years. I say hey don't put it kills people as people killed. There is no moral equivalence is firsts it will no known mono nick did the Russians may have medals in our campaigns. Allegedly. Hasn't been proven in court of law. Congress never seen the evidence of that from the suppose it can give you a forensic investigation but just the findings of it but. The Russians may have to meddle in our campaign direction for our campaigns. And Melanie election. That's big news. But the FBI. Attempted overthrow the president couldn't. We know that that's what those tags mean because Lisa page. Testified behind closed doors a few days ago that that was exactly the text mean what they seem like they meet. Let's say. It RG state trying to overthrow a duly elected president if you. And we got the Russians meddling in our campaigns. Maybe possibly probably knows. From her perspective perspective the Russian citizen who could tip of the poison bond. But our perspective. You could have a debate. You can never debate on at least you know as regards the deep in leadership. Of our Intel. Community. Tester race. Kara so's on FaceBook I Democrats demand to know what trump and prudent talked about. Did this reaching the point of absurdity folks. It goes something like this. It because. Trump. And prudent. Our friends. Or some thing. Then we can't trust truck and he probably gave Stacy Christie put Hebrew we told you put an approach he got his marching orders present when I'm proud to include the truth about you know all the US. You know that it would you know initiatives he's an undermine on behalf of prudent and humid we find out what he said he would key interest trot what. Do you think he was too nice to couldn't. I. Is ideally she knew he would give president I cannot be allowed to go on private could asserted they announced the intra administration goods coming in in the fall he's gonna go. Meet privately with trop. As an everybody's flipping out over this this cannot be that we can not trust our presidents meet privately with Putin why. As we know we can Tobin looking in his eyes that he's a good putt Minnesota got. Lindsay piles on witness. Bizarre statement he made yesterday. And it's a waste of your magazine in an action news Newsweek chart figured out. So was that nobody meant by this nobody knows it's yeah he's referring to maybe some kind of legislation Republicans won a pastor some change they wanna make to bar the president from meeting and cried it's. With heads of state. No winner is exactly what he meant but he said the president would not be doing it. Any more. And when he said he couldn't say he could've been your talking about trump had told him that his job and just announced that he's gonna be meeting in private with the Mozilla Lindsey Graham set. Did this or did we know its establishment can't restaurants mean private good why anyone example of what what what bad thing has happened because that they can't. And lawmakers from the president's own party also losing confidence. That'll be the last time he ever. Leaders need to trust announces run. These silly says it's hard to understand how they'll last time. How we can ever have a president I say it's you know meet privately. He's lane and the lodge bazaar area. The navy town. How better. Insurer presence in terms of their ability soft core leaders. That'll be the last time. That a president needs in privately and we had a state like that and agents can be enforced sick as your presence and BM are going to be able in the future to meet with heads of state. Served time that legislation or what what he what. They don't have one shred of evidence that trump did anything inappropriate that meeting didn't they thought it was too nice to boot NAFTA we're. This level of paranoia and just presented. Last sit bizarre paranoid because we talked about deep (%expletive) Look yeah. Believe what passes as news in this country here's a headline just from USA today today. Trusted interpreter in hot seat. After Helsinki. Yeah big big field as it is her duty as an as an American. And it took out and tell us how trump compromise national security in that closed door session include. The assumption being that trump compromised national security and I closed door session put how do we know that well truck seemed a little too charming with a capital. No we would caddie you know you don't. Unbelievable. Growing number of Democrats are asking that interpreter marina grows should be hauled before a congressional committee to reveal. What she heard during a one on one meeting between two world leaders. Doesn't Manning Chris turner Reynosa she took during my day secret two hour meeting in Helsinki. It's like these and but the key for reference. These are this Damon. People. This the same and people. On Kucera who want to sit down to what she trusted down. We Kim Jon don't and had nothing to say it would did you do we do you think he exchange seekers who came John. World leaders sit down on all the time. This is ridiculous. Anyway Republicans he said does that they're not going to haul her in to testify before connect surprised they would descend like something he had GOP leadership allowed today. But Lindsey Graham is warning nobody knows we means yet that don't know president will be allowed to meet anymore. And secret with a world leader because what trumpet stunt he does is it would try did it. This level of hysteria. So what you're planning their plane legislation or or what they're gonna day. John in Anderson good morning. I care. I heard about leadership well I'll believe it happened in you solve the current copper. I think it's geared adapters truth. Apparently headed at the for the million wall that was bad look like he's obviously getting out. Some evidence of that going all understand that he did it job. And it just happened now that I did and that he and that way if you come back in October. So I read the fall I don't know what the month is. Will affect our good good bad beer marketers proudly got back gives job yeah there. Got no relationship with the bombshell on me I don't picture that you're gay guy and obviously can. They. Won't let let me you don't show respect all of it like an automatic if it. As an actor I mean I try out there it was. Is worst nightmares as far as look let slip that if you increased all domestic coal production. Now we're gonna do what the main competition or where's the Democrat. Stop this from ever being out isn't in it when it comes to energy. Now that's changed now. You guys battle plan. And he remained where there what do you think he'd make you know your enemy agent prayer. You know they really in my daily prayer that. They got they keep probably gonna give jobs or have already given chopped up and and there are more than an interpreter come out there so that they can find out without letting all the. Yeah. Given all that big since it barely got the escalation and now what we did wishes to do it shed. A much like a solid ever out of court shall order electorate that you really can't think. Withers away all my there is a way John legally actually anti with a pristine when you could make Lindsey Graham trap. Now voted did you ever count I had were jet noise may primary. Right either badly horrible. Understand what the Democrat but it won't let you get up gonna I'll always be good and they go all out there. Yep yep I could agree with Jack couldn't grew anymore and I. And it's our commanders they do so much for your phone call. 80247. Orders entry text line 71 in 307. Okay. Jump on here complaining in Spartanburg hey Blaine. I don't. Pay I heard the lender and playing and I'm a model in the Grand Slam but I think maybe you can get the first part of the audio not thinking may have been playing. Spirit because of that uproar every but you know because the top media are more and could've everybody agrees she's getting. President may not meet with future leaders long long and that's why price could later and that. Clip that. Let you know and they may need to do this you know in this regard heard. Well no it was an except I wasn't for me that was from Newsweek. Newsweek was saying that they were trying to puzzle out what Lindsey Graham men's and if he meant today. They are going to be passing some kind of legislation or something in it they were baffled by a tune that's where I got that is why accord. He's innocent kind of heard the first part of the Clifford Miller and none at all when the world is they're not our Olympics won't be good I think they do need to meet one on more and you know. Of course this network but you know and he can't I don't think he can actually legislation trying to map both. Also virus baffled by what Lindsey Graham non commitment by the book where we do know is he's basically bashing trap from any with a one on one. Nobody ever suggested that Hillary. If she were elected two new approved one on. And you rarely got Bill Clinton and taking money from banks. For species half a million bucks on by the Gramm. An assist not a concern. Not a concern speaking of how do you see what's going on here this is unbelievable and we if you had any doubt. That we live in a dual justice system where justice is sold out according to your political beliefs. At dead the lowest and the highest levels were seeing this now throughout our courses to you here's your proof. All the proof you need a that is unbelievable Tucker Carlson broke this last night. Robert Mueller. Gave immunity to Tony Podesta Tony Podesta. Is a longtime fund raiser for Hillary Clinton as is his brother John Podesta who was their campaign chairman. Tony Podesta raised a slew of bucks for Hillary in the last election. Okay turning cadets that. Big Democrat. Decades of connections with the but the Clinton and working on their campaigns raise money for them on a case of Tony Podesta. And Paul metaphor. Words together. To lobby on behalf Ukraine. Okay that's the main it saying there's a couple things comment afford is accused of that's the main thing common afford is he's he didn't register is a lobbyist. Violating federal law well Tony to just death and pressures lobbies Dieter they worked on the same deal together. With the same entities they partnered their companies to do. Robert Mueller just gave Tony Podesta. Immunity to testify against comment for the committed same crack. This is. It is it age is shocking. And I McCain and knows this is a problem. Mueller knows how this looks. And show on heat sheet he got that court records of who we gave immunity to. Sealed. So that we can't cede. Fearing that would would hide what he was doing at least for awhile anyway. Well Tucker Carlson I got a hold got to put all listen reported that last night out Tony Podesta. Is the sixth Clinton linked to Democrat to be granted immunity. Who has committed crimes. And doing community works is straight got to explain to us. He would known as a prosecutor. Normally unity where she should take the minor guy in the bank robber you know the guy did drive the runaway car getaway car eight. And give him immunity in in your exchange for his testimony. Against Maine Jack. In the you know ten to two guys who put their guidance in the teller's face. Give one immunity say you'll never be prosecuted you're clear for life if you testify against the other guy who put to go to the face. Nancy the jurors don't like that does make sense would wait what why picked one guy when you both of them did the same thing they were working on a robbery again that's what just happened. And really difference between the two is which side of the aisle. They worked for. Simply Destin is clear for life. On the same charges metaphor is facing life in prison for. Metaphor it is in solitary confinement. And Tony does his locker room with immunity. It's unbelievable for its sickening. I can't believe this is going on our country. The text line kind of fire this morning. Text is so does blatant favoritism covering a high level political or Coke corruption at the same time they wanna pretend the tribes doing bad stuff behind closed doors. Boys and a trip. The fastest way to get yourself immunity for crimes is to commit crimes. Alma in the service of getting Hillary Clinton elected. Now had six people. Who committed crimes for participated crane crimes that Hillary committed. Have been given immunity. Most of them are not in exchange for their testimony just so remember telling. Tech drenched Jersey siege on more please encourage him to run for Graham is TCI will. Dexter racetrack should immediately pardon comment for he should. Texture is maybe know a Muller is putting pressure on minute to afford to flip on trump of course he has. Another check your race and made into desk is going to testify against his bus he won now. O'Neal did CNN Podesta. And to president. And metaphor. Worked together on the Ukrainian deal. They worked in partying your business get busy partner not. An and neither of them registered they both broke the law. Entertainment for our get a free play the pass I'm just saying. When you this is part of a break the lies the lead doesn't get the free press. And it might make a little sense of there was Russian collusion here there is not. Mode just turned over 500 pages of documents from the you know from his investigation there's there if there is no collusion. There's nothing. This Ukraine deal a comment afford to Odessa. Was before metaphor ever heading into extra. I didn't mean you would Russia. It had to do it Ukraine. Dexter raids. Our leaders seem to be able to have closed door meetings we have to say the non politically correct unpopular things to get work done. Can you imagine how little we would get Donna for constantly under the scope of the politically correct police. Yeah amen to that. Tester race. I didn't Clinton meet with Loretta lynch a one on one in private what did they talk about it. Now that's fine it's. And now it's it's good it's okay we can trust or trust Bill Clinton to take a half million dollars for his speech from a bank financed by the Kremlin. Was Kremlin money. Is again. When he's not paying off as rape victims I mean I got in that he's a really good Jack. Dexter race Lindsey Graham never heard of her. The Democrats are nervous enough attention to Democrats are so hysterical you would think trap sold Russia 20% of our uranium you would see that. Text is Obama's interpreter to testify we understand what he told student. Dwayne no way Manitoba need to be more flexible after the election. Flexible about what's. I'd take your race. Whereas is Santo. Or two ago I grim scenes to get so. Battle or get the state is paranoid because the servers may be gone but the info from those servers is just. The infamous be pretty damning and on those servers that's my take. On the paranoid. Another jester race. Now we're Disco. Good morning here I can't stand at Lindsey Graham. Yeah I know how well he's still lists. And it is sixty race. All. Is so when I asked so what makes your day every day my wife calls me with my three year old daughter. On speakerphone tells me good morning and once in a note. When I'm getting off work it makes my day every time I'll how sweet. Liberals like that. I tester rights. Good share roughly tailors your visit visit not a heard anyone and it that may be all of this as a result of Hillary's emails and her illegal server. Knack. Canopy. It's disgusting and we need she's literally watching. Tony Podesta and get immunity for the same crimes he committed. I'm not Natalie asked Paul metaphor but with parliament for a while coming up where he's solitary confinement right now did you know that. Literally on the same week. That in and we didn't saints endangered week we see Peter struck go up there. An exact pacer you're told about so you know Hillary Clinton. Transferring the 30000 emails buyer her server to a foreign government and classified data enemy and you didn't do anything about it would at least say fees just try to remember that. Doesn't deny it. Oh I don't remember that. Anybody investigating the congressional investigation call know anybody care now. Metaphors sitting in solitary confinement. And Hillary's get no way was sitting classified data to foreign governments and firmer faces is unbelievable.