The Tara Show - 7-20-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Friday, July 20th
Conservatives more likely than liberals to be satisfied and find meaning and purpose in their lives; You don’t grow if you don’t take risks; Ocasio-Cortez’s district is over 50% foreign-born; Deranged anti-Trump protesters throw feces at new Jewish-owned coffee shop

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May good morning terror tirades. Tell O'Leary. This is I hit Jared translated this is is Hiller re. On their pressure this is the exact thing that trump has been saying this week and getting in so much. Trouble for here we go roll to it I mean we want very much to have. A strong Russia because a strong. Competent prosperous. Stable Russia is we think in the interest of the world. I did feel a difference between men into them course is the amount of money that the Clinton foundation took from. Yeah Russian interests and the fact that you know the last for Trump's impeachment but you know nothing. Just praise for Hillary sing the basic when the same thing and of course the Iranian deal. Of well you know neck. He's it is in this this interest me so much early you know me this. On headline. Conservatives believe their lives are more meaningful than liberals study finds them and that leads that leads them to bomb you know breached. Themselves as having higher life satisfaction right. Food okay this is interesting research by the University of California is is a new study Bennett. Conservatives are more likely haven't established sense of their purpose of light at you know in life than liberals and and a nurse in California study and analyze a series of surveys across sixteen countries. Found those with liberal beliefs are more likely to be a perpetual state of searching for meaning. Then their rage wink outer parts is who. I think is a very simple answer for that put it what is it what do you think. I think that for most part for the most part I think that most people who were conservative most not all. And and and I'm certainly not exposing excluding liberals from the C either right but I think many conservatives. Have a deep faith in god. And they realize that what we're going through now is all temporal this will all pass this is not our final destination. And that. You know also that week. Have responsibility for our own lives. And it is not for government to decide. Nor to be doing everything for us we take responsibility for our actions we take responsibility for a place in life. We take responsibility for improving our place in life. And I feel like that many liberals feel like it is government's place to do that for you. And if you've got an election every two or four years or you have political trends that are going to change the leadership of what governments to depend on for your livelihood. I would be installed constant state of chaos in the who continually as well. But I think when there were many like a said because of I think to a mini conserve not all but many conservatives have a deep religious faith and I I think that that has a lot to do with it. Here's John from pregnant I'd love to find out what would you think about this too why oh why this isn't conservative Serb people who know politically have more conservative views are crushed sixteen countries which makes this is fasting is not just America. Armed dead John you know they are more satisfied with life. They are less anxious. They're happier. Fining meaning in life that when the city cousins said is related to the sense of their or feeling that things are the way they should be and that there is a sense of order of play feels KR eight. Then that would likely dipping your sense that life. Is meaningful. I think this is absolutely. Fascinating. Column that that this is that the case. And also look at what look at what the liberal organizations within this country are doing right now. You're being persecuted you were being demeaned you're being to file you were being persecuted and and and discriminated against you're being dis empowered. An and look what conservatism. Is trying to tell people. You know. Work for yourself. Do if on your own. You don't necessarily have to have all of this. You know government help you can do this on you Roland we're gonna take things out of the way to us to have government stop interfering in your ability. Too you know succeed. In your endeavors and and you. We'll have more opportunity to keep that which you work. Here's interesting that it did the reflex. Explanation for this would be to conservatives are marked no religious than than liberals which has been open over and over by studies that month supposition tiny. But the study's authors I can infer religious beliefs when analyzing the response it's. And still found strongly as strong links between as a conservative ideology is having a stronger sense of purpose compared to liberals who. I would still say the same thing in that like I said many not all but I do think that if you are dependent it if your viewpoint of the world and your place and it. It is incumbent on what you can do about your own situation and life. Then I feel like that you have more you're willing to take responsibility for what you do and into the outcomes. And YouTube put that responsibility on yourself. And so you can then revel in your own success whereas if you were always depended upon the government or regulations or. You know some other outside entity allowing you to succeed or. A paving the way for you to succeed or for giving you something that you determined to be success then I know I just seem much more satisfaction out of those who were you know willing to work themselves. Yeah Bennett that excellent since eight. Too because do you what is liberalism sunny day and day out you can't do anything by yourself heating bill that you can't do anything by yourself that's not George ISI yours if you're a woman black you know whenever. You know lists are lists by a timer -- have to putt at least half the population on everybody everything is stacked against you you're never going to be page or do you in the workplace. You're never gonna earn your do his business he is beyond your control. As an individual you you are helpless and you need us to come to fix it for your report on power you're you're you're on your own and when you're just you're you're screwed you're not going to be able to do anything. And good luck with that. On what that's what liberalism tell you no wonder you feel helpless that you see people enemies faceless enemies coming at you. Bound you know right to left. Oppressing you simply because of your gender or the color of your skin it you would peeled pretty hopeless. Exactly. Think there's a there's a thing here though there's something even deeper. I'm going way deep for Friday OK okay and I would love to hear from you 800 square feet Qaeda or terrorism 803471. As history. I have worked in liberal news terms for for a long time I have been on the inside I've been behind enemy lines and they need to know I was conservative. And armed I've watched how these people work and how they think I'm telling you there's something to this day that liberalism. Ion is a psychological remedy for failing to do painful self examination. If your failures in life if you know you should have been able to achieve more casino in your heart that your capable of it but you haven't for some reason. Bomb. Eight it is used to she's only two ways that it their minds can deal with that. And you can either examining your failures in Hawaii you know you where you failed to learn from and go forward as. Every business owner does is you don't do that you're a felon business and it's a painful process. Com or. You can accepts the wind from liberalism which is really just a psychological solve a panacea for a it's not your phone now you're never gonna 62 things have always been stacked against Rita just middle class and somebody came from a family with more money. Com you AGE is you're never going to be able to do and you know what that is that frees you from having you painful self examination right. And so you continue in the same behaviors. That have continued to gas bum stay on yourself and and will physician your rim and continue to blame others for industry and population has no meaning right. And and this is why despite the failure of liberalism over and over and over in in in every program and everything it touches people continue to cling to and why they need it. Because they have somebody telling them over and over and over it's not her fault. The world is aligned against you you're a woman in your had the wrong color skin you weren't born into a rich family you're never gonna succeed because of it. They have to hear it's like a drug they got to hear it over and over and over and over to protect them from the pain of doing painful self examination so we need self examination rehab. We yeah. We we we would that's what liberalism does and goes and gives you that's where they repeat this already sick of hearing them say. You know homophobic racist a racist sexist now go to Obama but it is they repeated every day he's he. We'll need to hear it they have to have a main lines on a trip and their veins I didn't fail because of me. And I think the problem if you're listening in your ear liberal I say to start liberals quite a bit. On each start to think about that you feel like you felled in your life and that's it convict is it it anyway Q is it in any way connected to your political views to a story there. Clinton is one of the greatest examples of this mindset. Just think about it. Her behavior following the election she long ice. She right he is and she's continuing to search for other people other groups other organizations. Other entities that are responsible for her failed here and she has failed time after time after time. And that is brilliantly. You have display in my mind I'm sorry if temporary left. You speechless that is exactly right is but it's not just her it's all of this they have to explain. Why they're life philosophy failed Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. I mean would you go on and on yeah union bill that it's not yours yeah. You would you know what they're really saying that in talking to us in the business owners they're talking to the people on their site yet. Other capable of what are there others have achieved but for whatever reason didn't do the work too lazy self doubt. Two shy didn't achieve more than trying to delegitimize success yes. You do build that you can do anything sit their follows good yeah yet yet they did you do run day ticket or run you down yet it's not my thought I felt. It's there's. So liberalism is is one big fat pill that you take to avoid the pain of a self examination that's what it is that's what they offer. It's why their followers never hold them responsible. For their failures this year they're not following. To achieve anything their phone to feel better about themselves by what. Everybody being ripped out. Yeah the best illustrations this was from Obama remember one Obama got asked that question. What you know. It was a liberal news reporter who was weird was mainstream media reporter we know every time we act. We raise taxes on the rich like you wanna do less money comes into the it did treasury sec team be good for the company country Obama. And almost did that doesn't matter it's it's ready it's about making things equal yeah. Our. I guess. So it's about helping the pour more money it would oh ostensibly held the pour into the treasury rates no. No it's about cutting of people down decides to save others the pain of watching their success. Deep thoughts Friday I know on the generation deep deep deep voiced guy deep little girl brought. From our relationship no OK but those are all right those are seriously Eric love to hear from you conservative this. Are more Ers try to play because they believe their legs are more meaningful. Watch. Texture is doubly glad we need about combining deep voiced guy for deep thought Friday. LO well. Gesture sure the last ten minutes into an audio clip so we can share it Carla deep thoughts Friday if you want let's estimates the tirade today Chris not put that up. Texture I am conservative not rich but yes happy with my life it helps that I'm easily amused. Him to. Yes I am to. Exaggerates. Nam. Oh by the way those of you who want me to begin giving you. The keyword for the hour. Okay onto my best to remember. Cupcake. Cupcake is the contest where did you text to win the thousand dollar CU PC AK. ER. Teeth in it travelers rest. You calling at about liberals in life's satisfaction yet another major study university California finds conservatives. Are more satisfied with their lives and that they find their lives more meaningful than liberals do why. Well I understand Mitt the findings of the study terrible calls. You know it's much more satisfied that it worked very hard for stomping meaning you get there who portrait they would have in him being a paycheck or whatever. And you're much more says abaco you know people at a 110 and 10% into it no matter how much you'd you don't get a broad. As good liberals said around him why don't someone to hand don't stop in and out you know and it's. Is all based on self pity for them in our biggest also stark that failed because they. You know they can't succeed. And no matter what someone be Obama's not enough. Ab so I mean I become actually commit even wealthy liberals I think I I know so I indeed I'm working a lot of liberals I'm telling you these are the kids who are being up on the playground. And they've never gotten over and and they still have braids and and they and they want it did they wants to healer raids by taking the step. That's who they are. And they don't realize it which makes them very destructive to themselves and everybody around them. It's about cutting everybody else down to size. Rather than looking at myself asking how can anchor. Text we are capitalist dream earlier hard working people and successful business owners are professional success pails in comparison to raising our girls with faith. Family and parental direction we followed all the rules and we are very content. But for you. Let's see. Add tester race in a worst case syrup conservatives donating money or volunteer to keep the government from raising our tax easily feel good about helping and we keep our money to. A text your race conservatives depend on themselves a lot more than liberals do liberals are constantly setting themselves up for disappointment. Add texture raced here when liberals complain about there have failings is talking out loud self help they are talking to themselves. Maybe. Texture is conservatives depend on themselves lemon liberals do liberals are constantly setting themselves up for disappointments. Wrenched in observation. It's it's funny along these lines is Lisa related my daughter and I over the last week and have been butting heads she's getting the age now we're going to be in the the united. And that not that meaning non native way and can become. She has desperately wants me to school played his her pastry and in my she's tried so hard she's gone you know memorized her own you know try average teens. I'm audio hot on our own initiative practice them shall she hasn't done called tried out and two time she's gonna rejection letter. So should sue. Again. This past week. This isn't your first time to get to be in a plague is until going to be plenty in the week. And so they have to travel parts acting at everybody gets one but she doesn't get big truck parts and it look so pressures in the wood wood should. I was offered to parts. How will wood which what did you pick I pick the ones with the one with fewer lines. Did. In a woman who runs acting campus tells the woman makes a decision for the plane fall. So punch you could do one with one why should she have more opportunities to show you good tiny. I was afraid of him my embarrassments and so we messed up and hurt her. I could tell. And I was wondering if I was too tough fine. Should I even grounded after. It was warranted this is this is continued premise of why so much for three years if if you if you don't extend so what might might make Thomason and I may amendment and messed up this is so. Mr. and every day my show a symbol of my words and so cannot Whalen I get to do with the next day. So what. Simonyi an homage what do Imus opened fire. If you don't. Richard quite. You never know at first you know what. And shed tears there's just listen I'm telling you this but so what city for greater for pain I really a couple of years ago something. You probably regrets Miller freight ID will. And a real iced the one commonality between my greatest regrets in life and hit me legislation. Every one of those things that right that I still had an aggrieved. Things are regret every one of those things. That I regret my life the most are things and wasn't old enough to. I just been little bowl there. I just been a little less scary the things is just stop my mom was a very intimidating woman who's very self possession was that she's he's it's his tough cookie. I was hard to tell her how you felt about things like letting her and there was some things I should have said to her intent. It was simple enough. You know and so I told my daughter went cranky about this but I don't daughter is to listen. I've learned in life. If you're not doing something. That scares you a little and I don't mean to jump out of a car like the latest challenge and you two don't and I don't mean trying to have the speed limit. I mean scale in Iraq face. I mean something it scares you a little bit. Going into that big client he's turned down for their sale and get in their face when they told you not to call anymore. If you're doing some his schedule a little bit in your life. You're not growing. You're not. If you're not failing. I doing something that scares you a little bit you're not growing and you're gonna have regrets and they're gonna hurt. And there's only going to be one weighted Hewitt those regrets and that is honest self examination. They'll hurt. Kicking yourself in a button go and onto it whatever it is for you I don't know if we should do that and my blew open I began my you know what she can grow from a immigrant and an edge conference somebody who's failed at everything. Billy everything got fired from my first talk radio job welding and I mean they didn't renew my contract. I ratings are four times what they weren't right now don't we just had a rock and ratings book. Best ever. Show is number one in our demo. Dig you for that. Filled with the business my husband and I started came back dated again it scared me. If you're not doing a sudden it scares you you're sailing and even average so it's a Madonna you gonna regret your whole life. What do you could taken apart would if it would have been great. Anyway we're still butt heads over that. But if I could save or pay later. A little. And discomfort now is an okay thing. Your feet if you're sales you know exactly what I'm talking about. As far as doing something that scares you a little getting a little uncomfortable getting out of your comfort zone and then. Doing it. And winning in a great feeling. It's Tara at this assignment this study that found that conservatives are more satisfied with their lives overall Ben liberals and this is aggressively cross. But dealers in California across sixteen. Countries. It's not just America. Led to and that is because conservatives believed airlines are more meaningful. Interesting cocked. Sure it's details about conservatives we jumped and held without thinking about it com. I'd just since you as some info on to say without having at 52. And let's see. Dexter Tara this this is you're hairy legged it touching a bachelor and I've chosen to embraced masculinity and find love good. Wouldn't it help would be this week. What could I just ensure Enbridge you know I do you've chosen to embrace you know not lastly this is benevolent sexism united it. Members to that was the study before America's that this time is actually secretly love it. The deal they like to benevolent sex is better than the guys who treat them as equals. Like like way better. This easy get to work on hi Jonas okay. It's I've chosen to embrace masculinity and find love I noticed in women want men to be strong and even toxic. Well if you're apparently didn't toxic bachelor has something to cut that down. His good luck being the finest guy a woman irate. Boy. You shame let me know you show me the saturates the truth hurts I've fought a war. Raced motorcycles and other wild things but calling it a word or helping our funding terrifies me because I have a we're sounding voice. I just remembered how my sister used to mark before it but I still don't have the nerve to call and hello well. You what it does a great. Rule of thumb feeling Q what do you be doing something. On the verge of doing something considering density you ought to be doing something regularly that scares. Again not things that can hurt your bodily you know physically. The thing is. That scary. Scary you know employment of cool myself I might. I shouldn't speak but shouldn't. An early shouldn't shouldn't shouldn't. Living a bowl a life that is in bold. Add to a lot of regrets the launch and as I was trying to tell my daughter she is she says she still we're still talking through she if she feels like I. I was maybe a little too rough far. For being disappointed that she didn't take the role with more speaking parts and the play and more opportunities to mass. I you guys congress and that's how you're gonna end up in junior high resentful and all the kids who got the parts they took the risk. Every one of them. Say it was choose which is bag it in the place she had on a construction workers facts about hatfill often Hitler. In boom boom boom. And each little group in the plane had about some and it's real noticeable it was 45 people. And busted out laughing because it was cute it was funny in a good way. She looked completely panicked. And ran off the stage. Some video to show you something fuel. Letting anyone can remember was that was funny if they remember how most people don't notice you always think again. Text your right to guess conservatives are too busy building a life and appreciate. What they have a while liberals are angry and busy blaming the world. That detects the rates rusty is you get with this woman many who shave their legs scare me. But history sure the famous for for benevolent sexist what could you wants to be like to buy that in. And the texture is conservatives only felony felt try. It's true tip. Our. Did the vast ironies sermon of the sex that's irony has of his complete paranoia that Russia medal than our campaigns. Com or maybe dead. Could be. Democrats spreading of the foreign influence it countries allegedly have when he was elections even though I haven't changed singled out but wait we are we even imported. Fifteen million foreign born voters. And they are kid try countries they are consistently and persistently. Voting Democrat at really high rates. An image hears about that. Are gone right for this morning we threats to American electric remain nationwide voter fraud mass immigration yet that's the real story. That's the real story we go I'm sure what is can you mission just the latest Crisco buck. It's biting in his state of Kansas to enforce enforce voting loss. I that would mandate voters approve their US citizenship. Okay so to say timer so afraid that some Russians might pose a native post on FaceBook weren't really given terror of that. Well as people. Odd to prove their citizenship at the polls. About that the irony of that. Anyway he's brining in Cannes today the effort has currently been halted by the ACLU. At a circuit judge she sided with that. Not years ago proved to Susan Jeb Bush decisions are voting laws were opposed for fully constitutional listen lists this is how bad desist. Compare red Cisco buck compared Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaigns. To the kind of foreign influence in the actual election numbers in foreign nationals voting Kovac told bright part. Then that's really more consequential as happening all over the country. Black is currently spreading the ACLU in Kansas. Arm and as part of their you know that this discovery in though the lawsuit. Found that 33 act as many as 334. 33000 foreign nationals are on the voter rolls in Kansas. Not a country in Kansas 33000 foreign nationals on the voter rolls in Kansas for states like California. With the largest foreign Barnhart born published in the country the number of foreign nationals on the voter rolls is likely in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Just based on their system of registration what looks like in Kansas. This is insanity. He threw a chain migration in. Read take an 8000004 and warn voters in the next two decades they vote Democrat and an eighty plus percent rate that's a new study by act CS where have been telling. Now listen you're less likely to some perspective for you what's what's at stake here. What is is gonna look like going forward. The victory of socialist Democrat Alexandria OK CO Cortes the crazy girlfriend. In New York's fourteen district. Is the latest case where a booming foreign born voting population pushed the far left activists over the edge to beat out the incumbent. OK she'll Cortez is district listen this is close to 50% foreign born. A dramatic shifts. Other area that was once populated primarily by native born Americans okay you Cortes ran our congressional campaign on abolishing all immigration enforcement. Across the US. Think about them. This is what's causing this a marriage can use. The American culture the Saturday to kind of shifting toward socialist some. They're bringing in voters who are shifting us towards socialism that is where this woman came from. That is why she has a microphone if we had not had the massive immigration we did in the bush years. And really since the sixties. She wouldn't have been elected. This is how they're trying to remake. The country. We look what that's done in California senator Dianne Feinstein. You know facing a challenge and a daily doughnut. And Democrat party endorses why. It's practically a foreign born party in California. That's the difference. No one cares. Dexter writes your Edison was written ridiculed for failing at creating a lightbulb. Here responded I did not fail I just found 2000 ways not a connect a light bulb tell that to your daughter. Tester race. You read this. But sillier is a good think Hillary Clinton or ran for president twice and failed both. Times. Does your race Obama encourage illegals to vote is that not trees it. Manolo is a good guy and he's smarter than everybody else to say it didn't count when he does. I don't try to since the election was. Exaggerating. You often feel the urge to burn something down. That's Ohio where. Worst slide people you don't even know because you think you don't like you. If you've never found like this before but you know it's very exaggerated Sears the it is and you may be suffering from a case so trump how. Are doing to fix enjoy. More on church. Great nine. The message. These season curling lunatics. A purse to eight at our cars did a Jewish owned the coffee shop. And Boyle heights Los Angeles. Com attacking it the owner and his new company and as you customers. According men met the owner did not have the right to. The coffee shop because he supports tribes. Don't trust stance on immigrants they currently Linas our office FaceBook page where his social media count. I they easily demand there were the neighborhood. On Thursday protesters held signs. And screaming at patrons in front of Asher cafe and lounge on Boyle streets in Boyle heights. A traditionally Jewish neighborhood that is now at predominantly live Tina. They say they oppose the cafe Annie owner over his support of charms immigration. Policies. There are also angry Buckeyes they feel that is a sign of gentrification. That he was determinant in charge money for coffee or something. Because cafe try to open the first time on July 12. Davey and track and identification activists know the ones hurling feces we're LA RPD officers blocking the entrance. They had shouted death. Thirty protesters associated with the group defend oil Hari heights. At show up to speak against she alone. And what they called Echelon Xeon when they called an anti immigrant trump flooding gentle fire. Because the threats of violence they're drilling in the feces and in just the general. Now are nature says the police have shut downs they had he's trying to open it again this week. They really intensely protested in a cost it all the bill visitors that came to our grand opening set his son David it was very scary said to. Salons are Yale at there was a lot of people protesting outside wearing mask maker a significant amounts of BC's. Aaron went. The boy hides chamber of commerce. Which had invited salaam to join and was slid to a ten grand opening. Terminated. His membership. You can't be did did chamber I can't remember. Days before the confrontation. In a letter from chamber president Jennifer Lakota. She mentions a photo shared by salaam on his FaceBook page rating I wish Democrats Democrats would fight as hard for Americans as they do for illegals. The bush said the views are not in London about his objectives Boyle heights could chamber of cars and they kicked him out. That was for the BC's Donna. By the enraged activist. John nice easy anti immigrant or hateful my name is still home he said. I let peace and I haven't emigrant. The prince of course as he came here legally. It's a difference they don't want to acknowledge. It's where we are folks. It's where we are. He says he doesn't know couldn't go on operating his business if feces is hurled at is regularly heard it hurled his customers. Area. Unbelievable. Meanwhile. In this would be like to live in a liberal on cliff. You pretty gray and Emeril that he was in the back of the van. And when the police pulled up he was dead. And a supposition was that he injured himself he'd done it before when they transported amused dived you know trying to break is on next neck was broken. As he ever they did try him in Baltimore they tried officers. Ossetian I did were found not guilty. Well in the way of that. They implemented one of Obama's policing policies which is where the police basically just don't place. They make it impossible. Cutting out. Witty here what's going on in Baltimore now. After the if the attack on on the officers in whose care Freddie gray died. Access again who we're not found guilty of any crime. Weighty here. This. Sort elect has planned for this country complete. Anarchy and Mollison Moses and why is that goes justice. Kiss inject their voters to was it would be wrong.