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Monday, August 13th
Media manipulates message about Manafort while Mueller masked Hillary’s Russia uranium malfeasance; Devin Nunes lays out details of Hillary campaign colluding with FBI and Russia to destroy Trump

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Elaine good morning terra and it is a good morning I'm proud again during parts 1063 WOR GE. Should be tapped O word you're station this weekend at the South Carolina. A broadcasters association. Radio station of the year. Wish come is just an an amazing huge honor we had to beat out every other station in the state when it. Found in all formats are not just news talk everything from NPR to you know pure pop stations to religious stations and like you a whole line the whole Malo lacks. Over hundreds of radio stations are we're number one we're number one has anyway yeah alms Dawson when that. Now this weekend and and a lot of folks have a lot of time in that mark Steve Crist lawns so yourself the newsroom. You know so many people. You are known Mark Richt Bjorn the great everyday so awesome enter to win those who knows it is a group effort yes. On that coming on the heels of the on the highest ever rating but for the show I thought it could go any higher but it has. Com and wanna thank you for that to serve just becoming appeal a powerhouse not just in the upstate and in the state. And no I'm just so. It just excited when that I just. It was just absolutely tickled we will LA running up to the stage mean about a man marred Steve everybody in just we just went nuts Zachary nine enzymes deservedly so. Yes absolutely so around you know Skype to Skype kind of limit for one or 63 to purity right now. Leah always has been yes. Text your right you'll read this text but is ironic that liberals and mainstream media are the most Xena phobic toward Russia it's. Yes. Can't add texture it's your dad daddy back for a regular broadcast more and it that hasn't happened in awhile and neither Bennett to be served and been doing radio fun. Yeah the spent over a week well a week yea I know is striving nest because this stack of stuff I have to get to it. Just absolute must deal goes on the impact on Stanford that tells how bad in this. And of stuff that I didn't did she won't hear anywhere else I got to get it's you and I haven't managed to do it so. We got a lot of stuff to knock off here what this. Didn't just sit just absolute propaganda I dear deer head there's a right there are very gig now most weekends there's writing. In a major liberal city if not several major liberal cities you're literally watching the left come unglued and you're wondering why and you know I've played clips all the time of the garbage they're being fed as news. And he's been actually think. That the DB because racial matter told them this as fact and I did this on CNN today our president is absolute controlled by Russia he's a puppet of couldn't. He does not act on his own accord to prove he's running the country and is a white supremacist. And all he's all in with all great that he Russians. Helped to organize. The white supremacist marching this weekend in Charlottesville Lazarus is to an edge is then they're trying to take over the country you seek. And this is what this is also what they singly new poll 63%. Of Democrats. Sixty stinking 3% of Democrats. Think. Man's sport is on trial for collusion with Russian athletes they think that is not gotten true. That's according to a poll by the economist and you've got. Absolutely not he is on trial for tax evasion. Now which has nothing to do. With the Donald Trump and all because of these charges are things that happened well prior to his ever being involved for that short what was it six weeks that he was the chairman. The. Yeah electorate from campaigns eighteen counts of tax evasion and bank fraud. There is not one net I rode out of testimony that has been offered two dates in this trial it has anything to do with Donald Trump or colluding with Russia because. All of these crimes predated. Man affords involvement with truck. And yet mash the country doesn't it and that's why they're putting a show trial line because they hope to confuse people and apparently. Exactly that's. Who this is this is eerily like the whole Valerie Plame issue during the Bush Administration. You know the only conviction. Was not over. The outing of a CIA agent recently happened didn't happen to begin within and the prosecutor knew that. He was already well determined that it was Richard Armitage who was the assistant secretary of state to Colin Powell that had already done that. And this person was not necessarily a Covert agent to begin with. So and so. Robert Mueller charged in his charge as a special prosecutor. Is to investigate any links or coordination between the Russian government an individual's associating with a key associate with a campaign of Donald Trott and so far none of that and I am there is absolutely none of that in this trial and Alina us. Bomb so I just just under an unbelievable meanwhile. I would pull an article just just to put all of this into perspective is we're looking at. And man authority doesn't register as you know an agent of a foreign agents. As you know when he's running around advocating on behalf of after the Alfred political team in the Ukraine does he does dollars in tax invasion shell corporations moving money that he got from all guards all over the place straight. I'm sad trees on trial for rape I would back to an editorial. By the New York Paris. I'm that grand in at 2017. OK this is October 2017. And just deposed. Where I just tried you would comment affords being tried on tax evasion. Big fraud charges. Com eight you know in in in relation to the Ukrainian older okay. Let's read this. The gifts of a 145 million dollars to the Clinton foundation and a 500000 dollars speaking fee to Bill Clinton for a single speech. By individuals involved in a deal that required Hillary Clinton's approval. At the money. Why is funneled Russian money the hill reports that the FBI in 2009 collected substantial evidence. I would this is back production to get actual rush inclusion here. A money laundering blackmail and bribery by Russian nuclear officials. All aimed at growing Vladimir Putin's atomic energy business inside the United States. In violation of the foreign corrupt practices act again that's the hill a liberal publication. The bureau even a flag there routing of millions from Russian nuclear officials to cut outs and onto Clinton ink mostly through the Clinton foundation. Real Russian money. For real Russian political interest there were detrimental to the United States funneled it in a. To the Clinton backed fund raising apparatus mainly again the Clinton foundation. There is the real threat to our republic. So we can't find it with smaller. And never put it right in front of our faces with Clinton right and it's ignore yes and that once again is the true threat to the republic. Because we are not a democracy as you keep hearing of folks say Donald Trump is not and volley as you know is not a threat to the constitution nor yours so called democracy. But we knew you have. Documented. Evidence. Against a Democrat candidate. And former president and former First Lady and current secretary of state at that time. Who were funneling money. From a sovereign nations. For. Well we were you heard what it's for. Then that they're the real threat to them the republic. The gifts of the 145 million the Clinton foundation and the 500000 are speaking fee which came directly from a Kremlin bank. Kremlin financed back and owned banking rip from the Russian government to Bill Clinton for singles be trade Europe as the New York Times confirmed that. And followed up on Peter Schweitzer is reporting that had come out the book Clinton cash this is not this is not some some railing hit job. This has been confirmed by the hill by the New York Times is raped in front of our pace is much spirit then just the money given for the sale of the uranium. The Obama is from New York Times the Obama administration anxious three said US Russia relations. Under wraps refusing to tell even top congressional intelligence figures. The Russians or compromising American it nuclear contractors in nuclear industry. With kickbacks extortion threats all of bush raised legitimate national security concerns one veteran of the case told the hill. Yet the administration let Moscow move ahead. Publicly insisting it would no national security worries and no evidence of Russian affairs despite winning lawmakers' concerns the time we sport here's the punchline. There's more again this is the New York Post an editorial board 2017. Until September 2013 the FBI director overseeing all of this was Robert Mueller. The same FBI director. Who assured congress. That Russia was not colluding. Not doing kickbacks not doing bribery not breaking our laws in order Q I'd get the not just the uranium but also. And the Intel from our new clearance to contractors it was much bigger than just three uranium. Isn't it funny how it's always the same names it's always the same social suspects you think reading institutionally like twelve people and he grapes that you would think that but they're out to talk. Timmy you've got a guy who oversaw. Massive lawbreaking. Bio Russians attempting to steal our nuclear technology not just. Our uranium. Is now guy bit I now prosecuting Rodham you know beaten folks around trump and can't find any Russian collision. It's staggering is just apps and nobody left knows is that's why they're writing history they have no idea they just they actually noted nor do they want to have any idea apparently and utterly the what are the biggest lies the Obama people and Hillary never held responsible for was. Don't worry that Iranian it never left the country it never did it still right here they just his but control over an and we find out. Now known to leave the country's. Went via Asia would unaware it is now. At least we put this way somebody knows where it is mainstream media has reported where it is they flat out lied about that they just lied and luck and nobody is investigating them. Yet we're trying in afford. Turns you out when you're up five minute campaign manager for tax evasion bank fraud charges completely unrelated to Russia they improve Denny connections are to Russian influence. Before metaphor ever met trap. Yes Hillary did ten times worse. With Robert Mueller turning his head as FBI director. She's not under investigation. It's stagger. Doled justice is the books to justice system. Texture to what has six point three WLR India making it talk radio grade again yes thank you. The winning this weekend after other broadcasters association are radio station but the year. I thank them soprano one night huge aren't this week and 803471063. Text line 713. As seven. Our let's jump and this this is our DeVon you know as over the weekend had the house Intel committee one of the few people in congress. Who's actually trying to stop the south to by the FBI and the justice. Department. He's turning that what we're learning now. About the routes. That the dossier trying to keep mine DeVon you know as has seen all the unclassified the whole unclassified Pfizer application he knows what'd he can't tele. He's desperate for trump to release it. On and here we sit over the weekend. The number four ranking highest ranking person. At the department of -- injustice. Is crucial. Restore so Bruce she is running around and he's persons I mean prosecuting trump their get defies applications by nine hampering you know for the insurance policies and he can be impeached or not. And according to the top FBI agent on the case says Iraq any extra help so he gets his wife Bruce sword dies Bruce again the number four at the Justice Department gets his wife Nellie c.s now go on our work for that fusion GPS. When she would get a job with that okay she does owners it's just this is she's got money how many it. Fusion GPS. Is working. With the Hillary campaign. And the Russians. To put together a dossier. With which he smeared trumped. But with which still identifies a court which is a crime that's perjury felony Max five years in press. Still Lilly is oh work in over there at fusion GPS in money from Hillary campaign by Nellie. The wife is going right into the breeze or failing banking camp while. He is working diligently. On an application to be able to illegally spy on Chara. Knowing it the whole time his wife is being paid with Hillary Clinton cash. Out from her campaign. By the way illegally pay. In violation of like you cannot pay for an entity campaign money over 50000 dollars it is a felon. She didn't reported to the SEC that's a missed. So I mean you have to number four top prosecutor in the country. Notes the origins of the dossier or not only utterly unethical but completely illegal. And he's profiting off of it via his wife in the money that comes into their bank account. He also knows where it's coming from. The information. In the dossier. To avenue in as explained to you this is out. Region we are watching it actual evidence of collusion. By the Russians which the FBI the department of justice and they Hillary campaign. We're watching Justice Department department officials like restore personally. Profit. From eight in a real cash money as they lie to defies court hears dominion as describing. Where the dossier came from now listen this is your gonna hear the real question collision that Mueller cannot sought and and it's you are not here in man afford trial but a metaphor is guilty or innocent vaccination does Mac. You'll hear it race here in this clip it's unbelievable and it's a little Fuzzy is known as is in now a Georgia the country Georgia so he's by fun but you can still make out take a listen. Don't forget that bruising force wife Kelly or she also. Was working for fusion GPS and working for the Clinton Campaign so here you have. Information slowly. From the Clinton Campaign. From the Russian. Widely widely I believe was was handed directly. Russian propaganda arms to the Clinton Campaign. Fed into the top levels of the FBI and department just does not open up they kind of counterintelligence investigation. Enjoyed political campaign it is now. Polluted nearly every top officials of the DOJ and FBI the course the last couple years and that is so extraordinary. And done it quite frankly it's what you've got to be in this part of the world where I'm I'm now. And he's in Georgia yes exactly how they do business there the Intel agencies run politics. What the FBI wants they've seen that model they studied in Russia they like it they think they should be in charge they've seen in China and I wanted to. Ask a question. It's pretty on top stuff do you think not Intel wise straight do you think the Russians knew. That the information they were feeding to Hillary and the spy Christopher Steele. Was being used against China. They're void their main man according to Rachel manna. You could just tell by looking at companies controlled by the Russians you need to know waking up his ashes knew where that trap again it was going. Hillary was using its forecast take out truck and yet they they provided in any way an estranged. A strange thing to do your main man trump net if hearing controlling him. DeVon in as that continues with Maria Bartiromo over the weekend about the implications in this. What's wrong with declassified all of this information. So the American people understand exactly what took place finish your ride this is an incredible story and that is why we are doing it every Sunday morning. To make sure the American people are. I informed as far as what went on do you think the president will declassify this and that people understand what took place. I think you really had no joy love because rebels tell you you're gonna you're good enough bit with a situation. Where half of America. Including many number of nearly every Republican members of congress who walked out. Zero confident in the department of justice and FBI. And I just can't beat we have been having strong performance of the strong FBI the station out of politics. I'm and then if we don't get that there. I think you're just gonna continue to deteriorate and I think it does reflect the speaker of the house Paul Ryan doesn't have a month ago the Department of Justice. And FBI needs to decide whether you thought they wanna be part of beat. Cleanup crew for the cover up through. Yet it is. And we did decide as a country. But they're not going to be running this country's politics in my approach to that's what's at stake in these mid terms. That all of these investigations the DeVon newness is doing all of his axis these documents once immediately if Democrats win and you know that means. Ku wins. Nobody's happen anymore it's over. It's done it's finished. It's just a stake in these mid terms. We only know this step because ebony and as is the chair of the Intel committee if the Democrats win control of the house that flips and the Democrats chair of the Intel committee. These investigations stopped documents dry up. And the FBI is celeb to do what ever the heck. It wants to do and we've already seen how terrifying it is when they do that. Cummins since retirement planning text line text grades. The last segment wonder why the GOP led congress in GOP led Justice Department refused to go after the clintons in its net clear they broke the law. Now this is the same GOP led congress it's been traumatized by what's being spied. Including our own senator Lindsey Graham by the CIA. By his own admission in his own where it's they know what happens. They don't gigs up. Nobody wants to step out by themselves out by the way. You can tell the Lindsay Graham is running for office. Mr. week yeah interfere with the highly. Qualified mr. maul her as he attempts to cover up his own crimes as documented by me in the couple segments ago. Ignoring the Russian bribery kickbacks. That were rife throughout the nuclear industry not just in the purchase of uranium. But in repeated purchases of companies to get our technology. All of them approved by Hillary State Department. They know about it they lied to congress about it's it is documented to have been real. Mahler recital. Massive Russian collusion to X still treat not just Jerry at our uranium by our nuclear technology. By our biggest nuclear rival and fellow. Here's nukes mainly pointed at us. We call that treason in a different hair in this one he gets to run a political opposition hit job investigation. And so Lindsey Graham and he's headed or just seen some poll numbers. Actually had this to say over the week and what they difference from his previous wreck du when he threatened. She's been like nah it's last year threaten trumpeted as he dared to fire Mueller do anything about this FBI investigation. Edit the senate would grind his entire. Arm agenda to a halt. Yes what difference a pending election. And at some really bad poll numbers make in a man's opinion here's Lindsey Graham it's days and take Brandt we actually have now have Lindsey Graham to an epic grants. That's how big turnaround by the skies right now. But anyway when he says is true. At and I welcome him to the debate. Shares put out of the American people both campaigns were investigated by the FBI and department justice and 26 thing when it came to the Clinton Campaign. She got to pass the criminal investigation of Clinton Campaign was a joke. When it came to the trump campaign it was corrupt it was biased. And I think unethical nest or should not have had any role in investigating the trop campaign because this. We're diffusion GPS. Good to let the FBI agent in charge of the Clinton Campaign hated trump like Clinton and also started the counterintelligence investigation gets dropped. When it came to Dianne Feinstein. They went to her and say hey there's a Chinese person working on your staff. That we think may be tied to the Chinese Government when it came time to. They never did the same for trop so. They these investigations against trot or corrupted the core they gave Clinton a pass bruise or was at least unethical. We need a special counsel to look at all things department of justice and FBI when it came to the trial investigation. Particularly the counterintelligence investigation we're gonna. How. Yeah we do. We absolutely do 803471. Essex street text line 71307. Unbelievable this up it's kinda country this morning. Text right shared China's going to have to classify I'll listen I just will ever be a darn until Jeff Sessions is fired so says Donnie Atlanta. I'm hoping all of that comes after the election. By the way it's on now you know that right. Yet the fact that I had an in the final battle lines have been drawn here and I'll tell you what would happen with this over the last week and we Madonna to get into the class with the wind so much else going on. DeVon you know as head of the Intel committee is sat at a fund raiser rape and he says I don't know if he just got caught on taper he wanted this message out he had to know than people of phones everything is recorded I don't know. But he's asked by Donna this is ridiculous why don't why don't shell and peach roses the the guy who's smaller spots. We know we like defies Corey signed off on on an application he knew the dossier wasn't verified he lied under oath. By shell fire and she's well we can't. Not till after the election to see it would have to go to the senate and we might get cabin not confirmed on the Supreme Court. Yeah well when he left unsaid as he does what the controversy going into the election either because you can you know repress turn out and put Democrats in control the house but he said yeah he said listen where we're gonna worry we are going to impeach risen scene after the election then you know individual Republican congress members of pat. OK so Mueller knows this now. Rose's team goes to be an honest prosecutor put in prison scenes placed the Muller investigation would be up. So monitors she's got to limit terms to take out chop. If he's read the news in all I'm sure he passed. That that things are speeding up. Now. Pain as with the parameters are. And there's a good she interest is he's going to be gone after the election of the Republicans went. So look for fireworks from here on out Muller's gonna half to manufacture doubt. About trump gonna have to manufacture dad to turn the Democrat base out that's his job turn the Democrat base out. So why should just keep your keep your eyes on all of this as it's about to get pretty heated. Text your race trampled declassify right before the election you think. Look I hope he doesn't soon before reason diet and don't text me I can't indict the president. Rim remember laws and the constitution do not apply to trump he's already been stripped of his Fourth Amendment constitutional protections nobody connects. You do anything you trumped you want to. As far as trump goes he's the first American fully stripped. Of his bill of rights protections rape before face they do anything they want to keep yourself 803471063. Text line 713. As said. Had to laugh at this by the way. Studying totally different topic. Most people. Try to land Jeanne app partners desperately that's how you Dana you go online you can order anything online including via the date. A Ding yet partners were at least 25%. More attractive. Then themselves. In that age cinquanta is around 30% to say you think in IKEA I can't get the person that's just 25% more. On average. But let you know. Was forty Internet. Re striving for someone at least 25% more attractive than you and who is the person in your relationship used point 5% more tried to busy new. Your spouse or your significant. Other. 803471063. Text line 713. As senate. He's elevates my husband my husband was a each and he's hot dog at a time he was the fact the first time I showed up for my arranged to date with him. We it's gone our officer in my group then you can describe you were just a lake. I was in the restaurant was news restaurant and IA. Walked by him because he was so good looking I assumed he was my day. And I figured you guys need somebody who arranged it's. Weird. I'd I'd put her off furlong. And I'd put our for a long time the woman in my office and you know I'm gonna have to coming and he really is time to go after him go out within reason is Carolina would be Alina. I feel we're so. I got to deal with her she's a word I finally broke down and went to she just would not let up on me. Yeah I walked by my husband he was sitting at the team's early he was sitting at this table. Because they assume someone that good looking could be wiring stating must not be here. Went back piano like we got him here's kind of old is nineteen and twenty years past Elena this. So by date according to the AG was supposed to be and you day. My day that's 28. NASA this'll last Wednesday it then to see Sarah could look at people they tend to hang out together you know and mean and I have anything to do with us regular American people. We click in I got to veterans of the deal so is that you. Are you one usually 5% better looking. Or is that your spouse. Dexter writes I am the lender. I am the when here's outlet I think I waste tire eagle on looks so I'm probably the 125%. Uglier. No text your rights though so you so so sure I'm in my husband was a fantastic looking back when and he still list. But you know. To twenty years ago. Texture its share my darling husband is an absolut hunk what makes him reach a rock star status is how caring and giving his I love my main man correct. It's awesome. If Craig Martin shadow tear he apparently Craig couldn't quite good looking handed fantastic husband rich wake up to bat on Monday morning rent. A text your reds and ice drive 300% better looking than myself. Okay how and then work out opening heat when they leave me hanging in these texts. And a Jeep. 803471063. Text line 71307. I can't. Meanwhile. Over the weekend. I give it did this did this stuff that you know if it was actually reported by the mainstream media would change the country. But never will lead. Yet if you listen to talk radio and you know assisted this station and you don't watch Fox News at you would not know what is happened infill. The police there in the mayor allowed anti thought. And these you know no borders no USA kkk crazy people to shut on the ice office there. Are demanding that Philadelphia no longer comply in any way with ice. And other words completely rip up the contract they're knocking a column for any reason. If a murder. You know it is done serving his sentence and he's an illegal alien no colds ice. Agreement totally ripped up I mean that's a level of radical that that the the Philly mayor agreed to. Today well that we just found out an illegal immigrant released. Am under these Philly mayor's policies of Sanctuary Cities. Good man deported they never called ice. Has rapes a younger. Sending it didn't have to happen. But it. This is the Philadelphia mayor this is the audio from a few months ago. And court somebody challenged their Sanctuary City status. The city of silly got the right liberal judge who was allowed to remain a Sanctuary City a place where illegal immigrants are reiterate younger. With no consequences whatsoever to do here is the mayor of Philly few months back. Dancing for joy evidence. Did the mayor of Philadelphia and lasted for celebrating the Sanctuary City status after a court win over the drug administration. Sanctuary City here. OK we are sanctuaries in a it's so sad. Here's the weekend at Philly mayor's asked are you grow got raped on your watching relaxer or do you directly to your policies you know he says. Let's ice is well. They should've gotten a warrant to come getting. According to federal laws or they don't you weren't too come get him and you could got a warrant 'cause you didn't tell about it. Or any other the other criminals illegal immigrant criminally illegal immigrant immigrants turned back down streak. They get ignored for anybody they don't know who they aren't whose group. Which by the way violates federal. The justices to Mike here's Jason Shay fits. A former congress member trashing the filling filling air. On fox. Over the weekend something by the way if you're one of these CNN MSNBC listeners. Of viewers you occasionally wander in here you've probably never heard any of this before well it's what's going on your country to Nicholas. Yes no way to look at actual tragedy at all by the way this is the mayor yet in the beginning. Being asked by the reap the liberal reporter you know hey he did trashy is this your fault certain that the little girl got raped. Yes no way to look at actual tragedy and all ahead there was an award and money thank you weren't. If they don't inform them about the guys existence would turn him over. They didn't even know about how this is to get a warrant if they didn't know about an hour they contacted eyes this is discussing I'm telling you may have tears in congress I saw this time and time again we had. Hearings about this the Obama administration released 80000 criminal aliens back into that. Into the homeland it's that it deporting them and you got mayors like this did sit around and this young woman was raped by somebody that we had. In custody and instead of adhering to I'd detain or request so I. I noticed from ice saying hey if you have this person let us know the mayors over their dancing releasing this person any rapes a young girl. Totally preventable totally preventable for. Yup totally prevent. And we're are the advocates for children want to know one time ripped from their legal immigrant parents' arms after those desperate along our border where today. No. They're nowhere to I don't care they don't care about children. No they see them as potential Democrat voters and no more.