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Monday, August 13th
Unite the Right white supremacy rally is textbook astroturf by far-left Obama supporter Jason Kessler; IMF predicts Trump’s tax cuts could impoverish other countries by pulling so many jobs to the US; News organizations collectively denounce Trump’s attacks against their fake stories

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According late good morning Terrance you see this unite the rate rallying yeah I heard about yeah and calm as being covered. As judge and unite great guru Jersey unite to rape you aren't there as white supremacists they hate black people respond to racist. And show on outcomes. Unite their rights organizer Jason Kessler the same guy who organized the Charlotte though rally that turned violent. A year ago and then to catch him are the anti for the people. You're you know margins in the streets seems chanting that cops are pigs have to kind of magnets that yep okay. Hour this kills a cave if you if you are a self. Respecting. True believer white nationalist rate. You give your group a name that I would assume would win would give these kind of denied due what you believe rate. You would think you would think that they don't common Sosa do they become so unite the right. With the implication of course being that yeah I'll read people honorary Darrow white supremacist we know that unite to write often and it shows that day. As one remind everybody who these people bar. Jason Kessler is the leader of unite the right column that gripped the same thing needed last year when he you know was marching around as a white supremacist. Okay will win this merchant around as a white supremacist begin. Our Jim Murray 2017. And the tourism thing. Moon like you know them on that truck took office on January in twentieth it's when that's her oh so and mr. chancellor you know the white supremacist and what was he doing. In November 2060. Two months before. He was just still working with the occupy lost repayment. Hmm. And has a long record of past support for Barack Obama who he must've noticed was black. You think yes so. All was cited. Aussie is November 3 2016. And he's not in a way to prison but now it's. January 2017 and he suddenly discovers what it could have a negative wakes up one day in. You believe that I have got some land I would like to some beachfront property raking in Greenville I would like to sell you. I don't believe it and then it goes in chooses unite the right. As the name of his grip. Rail. Nothing having you with white supremacy or his supposed he believes that he got you know came guy in January 27 CNET when he hit his head it. Like Matt. I believe it I think this entire thing was Astroturf. And anyway I'm if you if you read about what's been going out Jason Kessler an actual way to premises. Are a little last year they won't have anything to do with them they don't consider him legit it's pretty bad when even white supremacist dining do you yeah. Don't think easily voted for Obama what are so self respecting white supremacist votes for Obama. And I I am Tony I think this whole thing was Astroturf I think it's a game B game. Back you know show showboat by the left who tried to paint the right. As white supremacist. But what did she seem calm dash diseases new movie deafening no I have not seen it from my gosh it's made my son my eight year old is asking them practice here to see again because there was so much and he didn't understand there's a has stopped every five seconds to explain something. It's an out he got in I get size of you must go back and see it again running is actually asking but me over the weekend to watch. But another Dinesh D'Souza maybe he enjoyed so much. So I'm greatly but one of the most striking things in there and we've done is on the show before she's really dig deep into the backgrounds of Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer. Our two card carrying alleged white supremacists. Are and I say alleged because I'm not clear that I believe them. Well on their white supremacy I would not be surprised if it doesn't turn one of these days that these guys are paid operatives of the left wanted to Souza sits down. With Richard Spencer. I was another one of the guys involved in the Charlottesville from the monopoly nearly Jason Kessler. And he surged acting is hard until Matt and you know he's asking them who you identify with you or your pass heroes go about and I admits. That he's a progressive. Admits that he doesn't believe in natural rights except those granted by the government if rates don't come from the government and you have no rights. Irate he's fortunately he's from the right right now dead his biggest dream is that we have at socialized. Health care. A state that sponsored. Health care. Com and you know he's sure he's you know he's going on and on and on and on about this. And say you know in just usually you are fresh ideas you weren't the only Democrat party. You given all the things you belief. He's an anti capitalist he's a socialist he wants a socialized medicine would like to see the end of borders worldwide. Would like to see one world government. But who does this sound like yeah. He's not a sound like the right to know. Yeah I mean he did this need this couldn't dig getting get booed for forget his racial politic disk couldn't get a boost and she packed. Based on his economic politics they'd thrown out of there he's a social. Just like. Jason Kessler. A Communist slash socialist that's who they all are. And and you look at these people and especially Jason Kessler again marching into the unite the right. It didn't get remember me telling you Lee I 1990s and has an idea I heard about the Charlottesville rally and I saw that's the name of the group was united to rate and I knew something was Rodham. I knew automatically interest Ramon my bells Britain. Just true widespread swing comes of that. And ripping it that the paperwork for in Charlotte Crable I think. They sent undercover reporter very talented one. The to a lot of these white supremacist conferences that they have opened on the East Coast team you know you want to get to know these guys find out who they aware how many of them there worse this is like a fifteen years ago. And what things as a striking me is that even back then no when he was going to these conferences. A lot of these people they hated during of their racial politics they are not. Capitalists. They are socialists there adherents to not seat you know sort of ideology they are very at Han. With the entire Democrat party ideology except race. And so you look at and who they are to to paint them as members of the rape. Is probably one of the biggest. Bomb propaganda victories that the left has managed to accomplish. Because the justice not who they are and so now. And a Jason Kessler that's data folks and just couldn't find a real white supremacist I'm not gonna say anything that's just a little conspiracy theory going on here that I can think about them not to talk about. But what and I don't go full conspiracy but there's a great video online that was taken from me restaurant was one of the restaurants that was. First stormed by the ante for types last year Charlottesville where people were beaten. Including my grandfathers and stuff like that and they didn't it didn't finish in a restaurant claimed that the NT two guys. And did the arm of racists supposedly racist you hydrate folks got off the same bus together. Like we're dumped off and it wasn't just one bus it was a whole lineup buses. And and we're we're gonna find that outs and Antonin that this this Jason Kessler try to keep trying to white supremacists white supremacist what now. Let's not more accurately accurately describe him as white supremacist. Obama Occupy Movement supporter. Don't know who it is. View that will. Yeah let. Yeah. I'm believe it probably than even I don't think any of this was real I think it was theaters this weekend. Goes theater by the left. I used here by left because they wanna scare black people into voting. Four they're bankrupt ideology and ignoring all of the things that trump has been able to do for economic opportunity for people of every color. I think they they they want to scare them with hate them they can't find an. The whole economic success is the danger to their narrative because it. You know. Negates. A lot of what they're saying yeah. And I have been a you know am I interviewed Nancy blizzard that we can and it was so yeah. I watched I watched those who don't have to. It was set so what was striking was they asked her about you know what are you start creating jobs. You know she's like us were certain with trooper creating jobs. Through government infrastructure program here. I here's a shell. Rangel in average ice. She say where is true create wind insane Marley we we want businesses to succeeds Adobe just. Can you can't even say we want small businesses to succeed so they'll be jobs. Anymore I'll ask you you cannot. Push for any kind of business success the only legitimate job created has to be one created by government campaign in a kind. And that's how radical they've gotten. And right in line with you didn't build this you didn't build this. No job his legitimate must the government creates it would don't want any other kind because then somebody will succeed they might be better than you now make you mad we're we're all for eliminating success and you've got attacks Kutcher taking money from your taking of money that you weren't yourself from the government now. Sure. Streets and chairman is Americans don't know this either we made Apple's CEO Tim Cook extremely rich while he's doing favors for Robert Mueller by. Clearing him to see me in affords phony info yet he wouldn't do the same in the FBI I was trying to get. Phone info about a terrorist this is outrageous I'm ready to boycott. Apple says says Sherry in Greeneville. I add text Rick Sara should be NASA be NEC this should not be any surprise at talking about the at white supremacist who were actually liberals. Actor this should not be any surprises or not he is derived from the German words for national socialist yes there where the national Socialist Party. Tech streets are pretty death domination last night I opening at what they are doing lying about the Democrats in pain in the white as the right as weight supremacy. Yup. Dexter right. On FX seeking out a partner point 5% better looking than them you took something with my significant other the other day Patricia she is at least 75% better looking than me so says mark. Well regrets mark looks like and really halt therein there. 80347. Win 63 text line. 713 arrows seven RA NNN news of filed this morning I say this especially to read this morning because I want to get. I went to taunt. You up. This economy Wall Street Journal which as has banned at best economically skeptical of president trumped. And was little arm on his tax cuts and liking some parts of them at you know asking questions about the rest. Well the headline today is Trump's tax was taxis through nasal Trump's tax was I was wondering parts of the Tia. Because I told you the thing that would BA game changer for a generation which I'm tax cuts. Was not. Excuse me 400 to a thousand dollars is gonna save the average worker when that. It was being able to repatriate the for an nick cash. And having a much lower corporate you know tax rates than we can begin to have companies come home and that's exactly. What is happening here's the Wall Street Journal. Here's what they rate there's now an emerging consensus that the tax law may pull so investment. And back remember investment means just so much investment in the United States that they could impoverished. Governments. Across. The glove. And that's part. This is the cause I lukewarm on Wall Street Journal that was marginally four bit only barely the Tron tax cuts. In the began. There's now emerging consensus that the law maples so much investment in the United States could impoverished and governments across. The glut. Come easily more like it a poll to put profits and a real investment into the US spend they were before the US lowered its corporate tax rate from 35 to 21%. As a going downhill I can't. The International Monetary Fund. Knee. I mean pleading no idea what here's what Wall Street Journal writes about International Monetary Fund nothing says establishment consensus like the international monetary but we're all these people. We're outraged. By the idea of the crops staying in a park it's the corporations. And the American people. And all this is gonna do is gloom and doom and gloom and doom and show and create jobs. According invest Aggie Muster journal editorial. And the International Monetary Fund paper on this forecasting. There results. And the results according Indiana last a sudden. Said. More competitive. United States with a ha. Least at a Hyatt corporate tax rate on earth. Apparently I just summing liberals have called to show over the years and we are eight seed it would Davies it's not a real fat tax rate to 35 today and defected in in now and may do write offs in stuffs it hourly pay 35 persons as cnet's not to make any difference. And narrowly paying and why don't we I would always say and wanna lower. And I'm not. We did yeah went right. No. They're really worried they would tell me why don't do any years the I am us. By the way staffed. By economic liberals. Get. Emerging businesses can says is the track consensus that the drug tax comical so investment in the US it could impoverish governments around. The globe. The IMF economist at compounded by investor level taxation of dividends and capital gains. High tax rates the ones we had before discouraged. Investment. In corporate sector. Yeah a the United States. And the mayor. Now what else is is gonna do it. Is this just get the Jonas that other countries are likely to chase the US by lowering their corporate tax rates to. Creating the potential for what critics have called a race to the bottom in terms of tactic you know that means. Capitalism exploding around the club and just boundless prosperity and opportunity. It's good good good anywhere tide he the best thing you can do to help the people of a country. Any country. Is to inject capitalism and then step back and watch what happens. Jobs created wealth soars government out of the way every type so. For you are you one left who carnage dress codes grew you cotta are you listen to CNN again cause this again is the IMF. When you Earl Libre. Institutions. Not hours I'd abolish it like. But good to see China getting the props that just. As I projected the most powerful part of the tax cuts would be there repatriation investment. In the United States and America and we're seeing that. Sap and broadcasting association that station of the year I'm still pumped from this weekend. We have went to Columbia afford the awards. Sarah Monique and you know your television news station bearden and radio your station near and we won it this year. So just just absolutely thrilled to be able to report that you do in order to what to do that the station had to be out. Every other radio station in the state in every form so this wasn't just best news dot stationary they this is our radio station. Of the year. I'm very proud proud is going to be broadcasting from the radio station the and we just went nuts we we did we are rushed the stage mean Bobby mad Steve mark. Aaron you know my penny was there Alonso was there and we just we went nuts is to win that is such a great honor. As special considering that this station in its format. Has not been around. In in his bid is Carmen the curtain current constitution Everett and we where not to long ago I am station on the you know feeding dial. As AM is no agreement on the FM dancer where Bert weird relatively speaking compared to mean most of the radio stations in the state. We're we're pretty new. In terms of you know being her current home at 106 point three. Com you know FM on the dot. And so parliament to come together and all the hard work over the years to really bring the station to the form again forced not just in the upstate but now on the state is is just it's awesome. It's exciting. Mark Hendricks my gosh just came around you know holding that think that the company is his huge you can use that as a weapon. And it begins in the 92 Cadillac. Not yet and that he could barely carry and he says yeah he's a pretty pretty Buffy in shape got. As does the size of the that the trophy there are so great weekend for us who love the TCW Howard Dean is so often denigrated by you know. Our political feathers. Get the do. That is dessert. And and not just it just saw an ad but. You know we'd we have hit some amazing highs in the ratings here in the last year and I thought honestly after last rating spoke with couldn't go any higher that this was that the united sure mentally prepared my. My boss for effort debt because I just didn't think we can maintain. What we were doing long term issues seasonal changes are listening I'm an everything like that and you know show in I was dreading this book thinking their BA you in debt which is different radios when he hit a high a big yet. You know all the kid as. You know for that period but that means you said in a market so everything else that she heads. Is below that mark. As a what you're doing you know three years ago is now way below that Martina if it's the average. And show jas as west or about this but just because known at any time is a downturn it just it doesn't look good. Even if you coming off an all time high and we hit another all time. So just. Bomb I don't know what the ceiling is this radio station anymore and I'm so thrilled to be along for the ride to figure out what it yes. But I want to thank all of you you make decision what it is. And thank everybody who does our guards are real work at the station. You know that the sound of it. And the way that everything all the elements come together and choreographed. The producers Chris and thank you dig him one show money penny Lee running a stellar news room back there and and all the work you guys do all the time. I do I can't tell you what winning this means to me just like is that I'm still I didn't sleep well this weekend because you know when you get that palm TU. Hard to come down from it. A home and endlessly except. And I was that day as is South Carolina and I'm real personality of the year last year won that award I was one of the EMC's so I actually got. The list of winners. Three days before and I knew we had won it and everywhere around his little. No well frustrated with neither agent Tony went but I took my job seriously and I'm not gonna keep them under wraps I wanna make. Anybody mad not I can't what fun is it going to be if they know we. Com now for everybody to go to the banquet this weekend's pumps or let him learn for the first time on the stage. Wishing I'm glad I did. And because it was just cool to see everybody's face and Syria to get that pumped. About having one so how to keep it secret for a few days but boy am I excited just now what are we and I like. Thanks to you shattering previous fundraising records. As well. For the GHS Children's Hospital where our three million dollars raised in the eleven years we've done it. Arm and you know or little down last year's number ideal but we were little town laster she sees it ACS is set. A an all time fund raising hi mark. On that's your work you you wrote the checks and has can't say enough things to to own ship you're listening to this station and somebody says talk at state. And seriously well. Com this is the radio. Station. Of the year for the state. Of south Carol. It's just really excited for pearl that says to go down 803471063. Text line. 71307. Tester is a moon. Series is for every line. Yeah. Another sad another sister raids. Humor that can. I'll about the last segment if you tally big enough to live long enough people will believe it. Yes we will specially for media repeats it enough. Times. By the way. Almost every weekend now in the country. There is writing going. And if you watch CNN MSNBC are mentioning it you have no idea is this time. Far left mobs have rioted and at least three majors yet US cities every weekend. And not one mainstream media outlet eggs you know except for fox aren't considered a mainstream not. Has reported on a widespread. Violence. Anti cracks goals beat protesters attacked grandmothers in Portland Oregon. Portland is a they did port Portland is well on its way to bring to the gras Providence, Rhode Island Berkeley. It's just it's it it's a it it is not out there. What is going hot and this is being blacked out by the mainstream media. Including listen to list in Charlottesville this weekend. An NBC reporter. Was beaten and knocked to the ground by you and T for. To get reported. Newton. The reason we know about it is because the cameraman posted at the video on Twitter. As you can see where NBC cut out the attack by anti fop and didn't mention it. I nest stagger. The way that they cover for the bucks. That's going. And so I besides China busting glow over the weekend. Set any news organizations have come together. It would truck is going to be doing is negative if it hasn't happened yet. We wouldn't I'll sure yet and they say they trot has become a threat to them. Because he criticizes their coverage he is violating the first amendment rights. That's about the dumbest thing I think I've ever heard. When it comes to free speech free speech means we all have free speech knowing somebody can violate your First Amendment right is it they don't let you speak. If you say something and they don't like it and they argue that that's not curtailing your first amendment rights that's having a debate. And I've the only real evidence I can I can think of anywhere at any bodies for married actually being curtailed. Is conservative platforms on FaceBook and social media. The only real evidence I can think of actual First Amendment violations. Suppression. Is in chief. And how conservatives can even speak on college campuses and its last two or having our rights filing not that. And they're actually argue the prison Chris who's reporting units balloon or personal. Acts. No exact bet like me saying that my latest liberal troll on the text line is violating my first commemorates 'cause he criticize what I just. As stupid. It's still. Text your ice can grad do is thank you. Reveal South Carolina radio station. Leunen. The years. Yes and there is mark Hendricks proudly holding of the cup you know we we close Olympic ceremonies mean that could do in the parking month. You know I mean like whistling metals and stuff and we'll stand on the stance. We'll put body Mac and a short one help him get up there you know I mean. We did this the it would to a ceremony made it a National Anthem play Nash it's a no one O'Neill. They wouldn't dare not here in South Carolina. And the fans and beat them we don't do that kind of thing here knowing. Violation of your first amendment rights that this is that would be somebody tells CNN. Do you bearded. So everybody has a beard now I don't know what side is not my imagination. Yet there were a few kids Wear beards real early where instead trendy. And they've been back for well over. Ten years now and it's show about it doesn't look what they're going anywhere it's killing the port their razor industry. Our latest study the number of times of men shaved in a month has gone from three point seven times to. 3.2 times. Three points he'd been across most but. And we do this. Razor sales just to keep following the pasture they dropped 5% and the industry believes it's best chance of bouncing back is just trying to survive. Until the beard turned. Goes away. Which in its accounting on producer Chris. Than racers there are the. I see trim your dear apple over the weekend he was like three or French is there. I did I I originally started growing it out around the time the Christopher Robin was born. Not because of it but it just coincidentally it's one when it happened and and I do I just gotten any eight idea in my head to see how long it would get. And I think it's pretty clear they got about here you know I guess under certain length and then didn't get any longer and and the kids are our. Growing up and they you know I've played with them and they would step on it. And oh yeah that hurts and in Poland and and you know get their hands caught in it and at Sydney you know this is more of liabilities and anything else at this point so. Plus it turned August. I don't know if you noticed but it's hot outside. Yeah I guess it's like having a little fur coat on your face. Yeah while purely scientific I have always liked beards on men like like way back before it was cool. Into a conflict beards and give me like. Some I guess you don't mean as his eyes he's way ahead of the time I was cutting edge. So I mean my husband had been back and forth on the beer can please go to PC. And he will and he can only stand for salon and shaves. I'm parliament has been spared because he's one of those people who's like his hair is kind of browns browns but he's got that Scotch Irish background so when his beard grows in a threat. The credit is the coolest cover color of red. Some respond to them too but he's been having a beer is actually more work because at a trim it up so much. So. Now coalesce together that I did get to mostly just lazy and less a day you didn't really out of it all yes yes and my husband keeps enticing terms. Texture I never pictured Chris with a beard. Ellen you would never pictured Kristy she could barely see him underneath the beard but we're. You know it's funny I have had occasion to do that to shave completely. In my life and it and I have a baby face and that's part of the reason I grew out and looks so much younger. When I when I don't have appeared all. Love if you ship just one time just to see which actually look like you know I mean McCue wee it's always shocking when that happens. It's my husband and see his face for awhile like well that's weird your face there. So I mean I think she'd known I never see you with no beer on your face have been it would shock me you do that just for fun. Maybe when's your birthday. Yes it was in May doormat to a have to wait that long. Two with whom I shall we I'm gonna make note that asking next year shaped to some currency. Will take a picture and say that. Our text your ex. Arab backed news' Terry testers about anthem I think people should switch their allegiance to the Panthers. And loves our military to team has yet CEO during the whole debate last day of training camp has jagr let's go. Panthers. Moon. Add text your rates aren't here on the first Mehmet class examples of liberals of being guilty of very things they claim conservatives do yes as noise. Texture S ago. Most out here is Tara can X. On it the oh yes Debbie Doherty. When a sister Debbie already has one station near the South Carolina broadcasters association in the process beating out every other radio station in the entire state. We are very proud that we won the award this weekend congrats on the award he writes and what do you shows since day 1 December fisons is Tony from Spartanburg. Well thank you. Tony texture JJ let me show New York transplants since 98. Ruskin hurting me I work on cars a lot of whenever I'm done fixing them I said the radio station and 106 point three on each car. Maybe to customer will keep listening or maybe not we'll thank you for everything that you do you do your part for the station. Text your ice these unkempt beards of the air market a move crests are the your heart of the house. So they can believe tournament. Text your race my husband had a beard when he got out of the hospital it look to really nice but I told him if you ever. What you have and again she day. This text does not say how that worked out but I'm sure he is clean shaven now. And I yeah a lot of people I just can't see Chris with a beard I should Chris without a beard. That would be really weird. You know it's funny idea I actually did this on Saturday a week ago you are all out all last week you were not in the students didn't physically see you ahead in senior Fred did this Saturday before the upstate Paulson our weekend show and realized when I came in Alonso has seen me before without a you know the short BAT's. But the our producer the guy who runs the show Patrick Brown had never seen me that way and I blew his mind. Actually cut my hair and my beard in front of my kids so that they wouldn't freak out at the you know when I hate when they saw it later did they can do to be an Atlanta over the process recognize this is still daddy brain but. I I neglected to think of Patrick should have invited him to. Right so did he freak out then he's broke TOK right now Lisa you cut your beard so Chris what most people would consider a regular bearden. Before that he looked like Graham play Jesus. A prison at present I'm not just call and almost pulled Jihad the polls she got you against you you we should stay in your growth I got to know your. Whitney usually terrorist T shirt. A TT AR a are highest using a lot of people console terrorist who was in the show plenty AAR AIC and and you aware that with your long beard. And that seemed we're gonna get the FBI done here for an interview that's how we're gonna do it. This and Paris teacher and a lot beard I had. Aloha snack bar yes aloha. So leash. She is set for this weekend at the end broadcaster words used to best. Folks working for the station to be in a long time.