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Monday, August 13th
Police ignore calls for help from ICE agents beset by violent open-borders liberals; Greer has the worst drivers in the country; Greer also has richest average population in the Upstate; IMF predicts Trump’s tax cuts could impoverish other countries by pulling so many jobs to the US

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Mining laid out a terror now okay you know school starts on Monday yeah signing a counties als yes now yes and so on for the way. First your are not participating in Madison done. School starting likely. Well local mean obviously Colin I'll remind her wife is still a teacher. The hand you know I'm only but the kids well this is sister daughter second your college or first four. From Texas she's this close to being a senior while Atlanta is that I was in Kinshasa to occur. Time sliced and when your country okay so is still anyway yes we just intuition thing huh. Yes so I'm Miami no scramble mode today and going non school supply shopping okay cool yet and time you know you know how my yet yearly trauma with acoustics yeah desk as you know there was at last year it to be like it's easy like for sure we needed ten what do. I contend glue sticks at home. With getting to everything ten schools could lose six at home in like a year Annie and Heidi good timing might you know my second graders can use tennis semester and it's not gonna happen. You know so anyway I'm a lot of listeners hopefully. And I texted and emailed let me know that that Wal-Mart is so linguistics oh yeah. Two for a dollar peso yes he social trouble we Skype I went there and tell my butt all the rest of them if you wonder my where they went yeah there's a Pallet of glue sticks with terrorists like over at my place. And I'll be investigated by the feds for vying summon Enqvist but no you know I'm in now full on school supply pinning it. As you really just don't mean this past weekend how close we word count my mind it was a few weeks away so don't know that she used against is that like yeah vitamin leaked into the beach you had a radio Thon yes no he had yet a deal station the year's ceremony when you put a busy perhaps I have so on I am. In the shock phase of school planning realizing torn on this weekend that I'm going to seven days a I need to know what school shoes size the kids are I I I it's I had I had I don't backpack it's I it's it's not consist. So I'm gonna I'm gonna be beside myself for the next 3%. I just one of those categories I've always been the buying my husband has no idea where the south comes from delicacy and would not be intent on and so yeah I do I did album myself. And so yeah I'm in total stress mode right now that's when you borrow the U haul truck is house. Go out shopping you do absolutely so. Two other moms in the same boat I like it says I social areas that did that this our listeners know me so well that there are ready directing me to the glue sticks. You know like a full month in advance of school start useful information yes I associate works both ways fails to provide me with useful information. Com okay I would it would wanna hit some big is this this is a thing that's beginning to happen in its arsenal scaled two of the app that's how everything happened so. I mean we we've been all of the dole justices to hear and it's getting worse and worse and worse and we're just from a Wall Street Journal. On the Portland has had does some sort of riot. Or violence clash with leftists and their streets almost every weekend. Aren't mainstream media is studiously. Ignoring the badge pretending that it's not their people in the streets. Well origin. And DTD. Didn't elect is they're over 200 room I'm have been occupying the site. Some of the ice is office and demanding ices immediate abolition. To not to London you know function in the city of both Portland to all of that how bad they didn't mean a federal agency like that. Yeah maybe they're causing doubts about we can you write me yeah and OK so anyway. There was joy for 38 days. This went on. The ice office blocks. The ice stuff this is our piece of property Dino the government rents it from their landlord he can't eat he could not even access his own property. That he owns because he was. You know driven off as was but basically everybody else by a vicious leftist mob. The targeted I sauces they they weren't went so far is even to follow ice agents home they told when I see agent to his children's elementary school. Screaming and parading him in the carpal lie so. These things just telling yeah I know that's what has here's what here's thing here's the thing. You witnessed. Like police import cons. But I think you could follow somebody to the carpool line screaming and yelling and operate them. In front of their tour ranking you could block federal down sworn agents. From going to work them how is that have been little luster journal's all over this the reason this is happening. Is. Because the police department has taken the position. That they're not getting involved. Chain a nicer this season that western journal a mob surrounding ice is office in southwest Portland that's our judge you know a ninety day barricaded exits. Block the driveway send guards to patrol endorsed trapped workers inside. Disallowed workers to get into work at night they laid on the street stopping traffic at a critical junction near the hospital. Of course it left buckets of feces everywhere all the sales dipped. I am the other real stint people at this time. That you showed they went support envoys here's a plea cynic at this time. I am denying your request for additional resources the Portland police bureau's deputy chief Robert day wrote to federal officers pleading for help. A K a citizen of that era and area. Needs to take out a federal lawsuit against a a civil rights violation against. The Portland police for not. You know doing their job for. You know. I mean bush is set for not doing your job gimme a switcher packs tax dollars go for. In that and that city is for those police to protect the citizens and and if you or allowing certain citizens don't violate certain rules. And to stop a federal agency from lawfully conducting. Its operations. That you don't lawsuit there that's exactly what the left would do other than you know putting. You know much of protesters out on the street and calling and the NT four buses. You know be on doing that that follow lawsuit. Well that at the end and we I've been I've been all of this I've been watching the law at a lawsuit just like venting and whose day. Where the plea stood back and allowed trump supporters with illegal parade permit to be beaten but do you know and right into San Jose. Medina now and yeah I don't want to know Kazaa and go in there. Forget that. Okay Melissa how about this as a pick so at Robert day the Aaron that the police in London police what is you deputy chief. It was a shame that at this time I am denying your request for additional resources. I was in the Portland police were not going to get involved hours later after he said that the remaining ice workers were finally evacuated. By local police had no they wouldn't get mob. Evacuated by small federal police T. A YUS. Federal literally east team I don't know what agency is NSA Department of Homeland Security because that's the only federal police force and I'm Noah. After Department of Homeland Security the facility then shut down for more than a week the local police did. Not final we tried this with the IRS in the EPA or why not you know. You know we but the concern is coalesce around Robert Molly's office and decides he just can't go to work and guess what. Wolf will follow up all those lawyers around of his sense agreement that yeah. How about that how would be arrested in the outrage I'm pretty yeah okay. I here's some more for the last journal where all the police. Ordered way by Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler who doubles as the police commissioner. I do not want is quite I do not want the ad Portland police to be engaged or sucked into a conflict Flickr particularly from a federal agency I believe is on the wrong track he tweeted if ice is looking. For a bailout from this mayor they are looking in the wrong place and when he said look for about they're just asking can you send the police so we can be evacuated from the building. So let's is now taking a position and dad to you have to pay for police services as a test for about if you're put it your politics is wrong. And they are not gonna provide G the police protection you are four. To pay for then what is the what where is the requirement then for the federal government to support that municipality. With federal dollars I'd cut him off. Congress the House of Representatives should start cutting these people off. That's exactly what they should do if you or not if you're gonna take federal dollars. And then your municipal services are not going to service those of the federal government that are within your jurisdiction then you shouldn't be getting federal tax dollars period. Cut them off. Think it's better OK so after the police decide. And they should but yet it's gonna take Paul Ryan be injected. You know consist he's he's never been to OK so after the police were you majesty did dish they don't come admit it did and that these ice agents and workers are calling 911. From a the ice headquarters in Portland and they're not answering Dobson and people. Can you imagine. Reggie like crystal locked in and not he's an increasing OK then. What does the they a mural of his erected at eight foot wall. Around the site no wait a minute wait a minute. These people that are protesting eyes and they build all yet they don't tell us why that you've got to me there Wallace trying to. There Wallace yes it's partner. Every American flag and yet. Oh there was an American flag outside the a's filling every American flag was defaced but anarchist in Communist flags were on soil or. So they broke out there Communist flags yeah nice yes so we all can know exactly who they are exempt or no matter what. Nancy Pelosi Ceci. OK still relinquish the ice facilities 79 year old landlord. Federal government rents it from him. Visited or attempted to visit his property on June 21 the political power is in the city of Portland have stopped the police from doing what they normally would did. He told me talking about the western journal reporter when he attempted to drive in the parking lot I give buyers swarmed and pounded his windows. In the commission mr. land this car struck somebody in a mob who wasn't injured his home address later appeared online and he says the harassment hasn't stopped. And and America does he know about this because the mainstream media an in attendance earlier has blacked out our coverage on it yeah. And so they got city or NSA did you reach a point Amy you go blue Sydney granting tryst renew America's. Three years five years when police may not come when you college here if your voter registrations wrong. It's just like this thing with it going on at Texas where some. Some restaurant tour had his picture taken with Jeff Sessions ahead and on social media's like hey you know here's. Here's the you know he he may beastly beaches said Jeff Sessions but at least you still look. Attorney general he has you know in theory in theory yes anybody and you know anything goes to this this place and I have to take it down because of the threats. You know we don't get that from the other side. Which. We don't and we would examine if we did very quickly. And it would beg him to stand down as they often do I don't want Ers are being violent I want us to be the ones who look reasonable. Arms so you literally have this leftist moss and near their totally Joost. By fake us. Lies. Media coverage. Out industries to cracked skulls and and the media in nor is it. Doesn't cover it at all chaos meet anarchy anarchy there's chaos and a mess where if our police officer for largest resigned in I mean what was the point. For gonna pick and choose who gets police protection. You know currency come down hearing in in and work in a real city. I asking the tough questions. I sag and it is a little bit during radio fine. And wondering visited. Just gonna run a couple sets of stats by UK and you tell me what it means you do patiently we need to show parts. Spot. OK we learn the last week. I learned from listening to news on 163 WORG that the worst drivers in the nation borrowed barn on. That's according to a survey. Study. Of one point four million car insurance shopper applications. Yep. An ad they admit they said that dead Greer drivers had the highest percentage of active fault driving incidents. Of any drivers in the entire country 33% kits which are about this last. 33% of Greer drivers have had an accident at you during an Indian in which they were at fault. During the last seven price range. They're hunt and 3% more likely to receive a speeding ticket and the average driver. And 60% more likely to get into an ad called accidents. Than the average. Driver. That's. Insane. So guys I happened to be not an hour rounds. This weekend and ran into another set of stats about Greer and I'd be connected in Melanie winners and interest. Did you I had no idea you dress you Greer and still I mean a lot of it and not all of the a lot of this is real real world. Columns I think it this way you Greer is now the richest. Part of the upstate the most affluent part of the upstate. Numbers are staggering we we keep in mind the average American household income family of four's 52000 dollars year. His average household income to pay the average household income in the Greer NSA metropolitan statistical. The average. Income. You know. 1101000 dollar so more than twice the national average at saint. And a total of 2700 households make fat within I'm not okay three miles out from the center of grit. Three miles I greatest average household income 101000. Dollars is about little less than half I mean little less is very little less than twice the national average. And it. There are 181000 households that means it is you know to see it if it's average household income on a 1000 Palestinians in a half make more half make less. Just read this and I was just didn't I just amazed by that level of influence and 181000 council that is a lot. Doesn't mean that is a lot of up during Tom. You know big dollar may compete. And greener which is unanimous to fluke I guess I guess everybody finds out that's where you go he got money you just move I don't I don't know what to do us. But doesn't a women that's interesting juxtapose and his disease his statistics. Worst drivers in the entire nation Greer. Highest earners. In the entire state. I MA is no connection between two to wedge and it's a big dollar and people who Kia truck apparently. Maybe there's no connection I don't. We have fun listen just so I'm just wondering do you eat it if he adds that maybe Livan Greer that makes sense to me. And what is go to grip as I suggested last week or simply put who could come. 63% more likely to crash cart. But it can vodka in the what are. I'm speaking out. At my husband and I snuck off to a vineyard and winery this we can we do that we sit majoring in bliss on the porch with no one going yeah. For five minutes toss of late we went to India and every river winery fantastic. Ana winds there highly recommends that hang. Ian Bennett our outside Greeneville. And I can encountered my first paper struck. He offered me a paper straw he said paper or plastic but to my husband name into the paper or plastic. So I'd never seen a paper struggle for the eye and you seem like I'd been offered one anyway. I sent in my winds slushy. Trying like halfway through to begin to bend to get all kinds is you know CEO all kinds I don't know you know paper dust. Against Lecce Mena did this start as an it is Ben dean accurate in suck anything through its. So I guess to sing what he's paid with he's paper stress is she got to drink fast rate before it goes all site I got it goes a squishy on. And wait did you ice service on FaceBook and destroyed because it is so true day just to mean. NBC news what does this is such a Demi say here's what to condemn the Democrat party platform. Corny AT. No straws. And snow ice. Boy to Staten Island. Or what. Text your grades. I would love to see the police in Portland. To fight their superiors. Joined forces and go assessed insist their comrades in arms namely ice. Tech sure conservative is important and should remember this when their police want a race. I'd catch your race. Around the problem predecessors collected their buckets of feces. In case any of their comrades. Needed a transfusion. Or a brain transplant. Sosa's out. Assuming you're reading and I know let's go donning grit at the most money and they can't tracked like any night they really cute trying to like. Worst drivers in the nation. In Greg. Straightened tired get interrogating Greer on the way to work 5 AM and nobody else but detailed Gator is on the broke. Text your race Chris better school system don't they Richard people want batters with good schools great. Test score rise wise anyway. Texture and so does yankees in it knows I dismiss that a lot in the past. Man you can't blame me but you know ensure that is that is the middle management it's moved down a year tyrannies plans so I mean maybe already. Does sink into. That house again how old are the most affluent people on the upstate to where strikers. You know this idea every step this shocking level influence agree. And we average household didn't come. Yeah 100000 plus Ab it's just not it's. You know I yeah I can connect I. I've actually driven quite a big Greer. As my kids and about that way for sports stuff allies lost art anyway. On and living restricting that Greer she's really get out there and he knew of the dead the bulk Grier it's is disease those. Roads in the fifties and sixties were they have no shoulder there is no room for air. You know I mean where's your other places you tell initial or you concurrent to ease none of that in Greer right. Tim is hey this is a flip people who come from big cities. With good roads and have things like yup shoulders that were built the modern centric. And now they they knew you sir I'm on those does that mean they come here and ironic country rents. And again Hackett 'cause they're not used to that kind drive any good could that be doing here I can come up. Sure it's real household income Amazon needs to England subdivision. To go there. Espionage is bliss text your ice papers tries used to be dipped in paraffin wax. This is did decide Cadillac but it didn't mean a whack sworn dam and he got all sloppy on me like halfway through I was not happy. I was not text rates yet there are a lot of very young very foolish people angrier who think. Speed will never harm them. I hear them driving. Way too much text your age grin as chizik heads. 2965. So rich with Thorne related center at 29651. Rural and pork. Sosa's ray. Into Greer in career. No and I just wondered John who was up. Got tickets it's it's sweet it's weird it's real weird. I greatly in text erased tape share of the guy is a stainless steel straw. The the best and unusable. Now. Popped up one of those we've talked about that yes. She first time I am I'm aidid and I am I did this to a little bit you know and you did I did but then after it was pointed out to mean. About the intrinsic benefits double use of these stills tries but they weapon. Except the and they struck I decided that you Wear you know actually about us for carry my sling testicles draw yet to pregnant Geithner would carry it's still strong I'm sure. Now people under forty eloquent. And I ever nevermind I Solomon we rented I'm OK so yet anyway as you said it. I get when you're when when your kids your little. You are the center of their universe rating right they think momma died condemned Iran you know like a superhero. But they cry when you have to leave them places like school. This is wonderful OK well didn't and I'm sober image that way with with crash in my my middle son I think I am but that has all the dissipated. It with my ten year old daughter yup yet and it isn't that how it's kinda devastating the first time it happens. You know. Short rent a beach in any of those like on. Cloud to cloud lightning storm Gloria they're really called blaming just goes back out can cost. As you're ever be sure like ha yep who can use for work yeah it has to go out there to watch it right. Because it was so cool and my daughter who of course is very dreamy. Everything has to be music great. And has began to protect what you have to wait and my daughter and I buy bonds because she's she's this she's she is young kid kid should concern you like eight or nine days I'm talking more. How we should schooling fine. Perhaps nothing. So my way of getting her to chart is that you know I play her song from my parents who plays his hundred we've been doing that from time to develop we tracked. And so I know. What I your drive what she has to drive a I'm that'll only angrier yes it is and there'll just drive. I'm but anyway aren't yet she's a struggle Mon text but anyways it's not a very Far East. In a couple hundred feeder until they hit something. But anyway I am still if it showed it to I pulled one of her. Favorite songs. Com it on the front and I know it's her favorite she plays no time and I I pull up and I'm waiting if honoring him and dancing. My daughter goes. All hum that it cuts. I. You. Always been a good theater Samantha and I not a good she's like yeah she's always been against she turned out I can't. And my daughter is like my air and my Amma has was yeah your school she's always been cool my daughter looks me Denny anxious. You will never be cool to. Her exact where you will never be cool then again you've turned the corner it's apparent now. Stewart is no hope never there's nothing I could you'd ever because she Cigna. Look at your mom. Look at your DU. And really look. Pre sentencing just I would find. You'll never be cool again some really definite an awful about that you know an like a never be that never. Have tar. So Christian oriented rate as we ran on dancing look at it Jeff don't embarrass her exactly this is how it starts mentally and but before you know she's gonna be asking me to drop rough behind the school exactly. That sort of known suspects that sort of story wanted to walker take the bus yes exactly. I hope boy Barry let's show anyway I learned that I am not I'm officially not cool anymore and I never will be and that was really sat. Now it is a blow to the. It it it is just yet I still cool you know anti how to get I have had ten good years of cool left in me me me you know mom does a radio K okay. Yeah she's got a because people like me you know. Some people now. It's my eye if you haters and start my daughter pointed at my daughter when I hear the curly gray hair slim Q so great about. You got some good some you just diet but it's there it's a minimum. Or maybe one or two OK one or two that's. What to think of them is blonde anyway. Tester race. At when Carter plastic straws they also outlaw plastic bottles are there waiting for Coke and Pepsi to market an alternative now I can't wait for the stainless steel. Coke bottle that you don't see that Siegel's choking on them you know two liter Coke well. Yes when I don't know what to do the don't let us know they in big. And I taking out the plastic bottles of origin distrust but you know. And they announced that would make sense yeah I would Nixon's so what do you think about Ellis. I she ardea had a report about to agree your driver's worst in the nation has regret it and I said I thought I knew I dissent that I I would let you have a crack at this. So when we see that she shocking statistic I mean it is it is not somebody's opinion this is he based on actual stats on driving namely. At fault accidents to US open doesn't do it pushing we are drunk and they can't drive and the bush origination okay but some of these other stats this weekend. I noticed you Greer is now the most of fluent. Place in the entire upstate real blind median house by answering by average household income mount an average does so it's this fragile ties to so. OK so average counseling come within one mile of the center of Greer of the Greer I must say average is 1101000 dollars that is more than twice the national average. Three miles out from the center at the average household income in rare is a 101000. Dollars. A year adding I Z staggering sound now if that was average finish at its. He's rich people will be Olympic movement grew I don't know why or what's not there and they can't trust. Did you things are not related that could be not related at all I is was wondering those two sets of statistics is a saint and he was just interest I. I the one thing I would say is that you gotta remember that Greer. Is. There's several large highways that go through that area. So the people that may be having some of these accidents may not be residence because this whole study was done. The number of accidents in the area divided by the per capita than the you know the population size so it's all pro rated. So it's not that the most accidents are happening in Greer it's like per capita. You know this is this is where the that the the bad stuff going on. But and to say hey maybe the some of this has to do with the though you know the interstates in the large highways to go through the Greer area because that's a a large amount of traffic for us broke totally small municipal area. Many I don't know. Maybe it's the you know like somebody is alluded to these victims of youth workers which are coming in from all over the upstate because you know they. And everybody commutes and now live over and Anderson counties ton of folks on the work over BMW Michelin that I commute every day. And so that bad and having your not a barn two or something could pay him. And text your race tell your sweet daughter isn't gray hair it's metallic. Very cool play. Let's leave me yeah. Can't for the record I don't have critiqued I don't Tex need I have brag a Mac have a helmet head of gray hair a payment of had one or two and I think I died domino gone. And it could've been one we don't know. I did not closely examine they self identified as blah sink you very much now. Text racer you still have a few years to be cool for your other kids or remember you always been cool to us your faithful listeners are thank you very much and co workers and cut health thank you thank you very much. Add Chester writes what is Keller for gonna bland banned plastic surgery. They can to get a should show up after Antietam beats down you know it's great plastic surgery that's a good one yeah I know that. Takes your race what are friend here no plastic straws what happens if you have to do an emergency tracheotomy. The deal struck clearly well you just once you're rated yet to go for the ball point Campbell who's got those any more than I hope and soon anyway I now. And text your rates at what did they ever confirmed that nine year old statistics on class job no rush Amanda did today in fact the nine year old has now. Started nonprofit to confirm his own statistics on straws choking beach animals. As generals he can't even do an image you Brimelow good doesn't count he is permanent beer goggles for you out it was yours and not really cool who has just thinks I am. Or something. And a. At tetris is area 54 in Greer. I don't know area 54. But sure. Oh no excuses academic now considered I'm look it and it's on the methodology the degree Europe's study. They don't do it but eyewear of the accidents happen and they did it by the drop where the driver lifts. So this is not who is not to guide the actions are on the highways into people who are having accidents living Greer. So they went by they did it's using surveys of car drivers. Their car insurance applications. Are based on non. The municipality in a moment to note this disappear it's strange now is no confusion here. They this is actual Greer drivers not to act since it happened in greater then you consider that. Wrists out of the accidents they were at fault in DUS up without. Him trying to crash and people there. I'm still trying to it's an Obama that our people around here drama and did you I don't know it's night's. It's not 8047163. Tech finds 71307. RE and got a bright element. Alley and by the way to Cyrus how to brag without offending people may read this first before doing it. And I kind of bright and I mean pregnant on our station. Great weekend this week weekend for us. Went to the south are broadcasters association awards ceremony and one net station that of the year for the whole state. Does not tax stationed near that station is we were young we we went up against every format. In a radio station over hundred stations to win that award and that's just it's just us. And how to brand without making people he issue here and a. New study finds if you really brag or letters kidding you you better have proof of what every here yapping about. New Jersey did researchers present averages and share with that I don't care but that. Plowed under and uh huh uh huh yeah OK okay it was you know you can look until mile Lordi. He's the patients had a picture of city 500 pound trip it is like 500 pounds I'd that we want. At the station radio station of the year from the South Carolina broadcasters association. Just awesome we know what nots from one not this weekend so I'm still in the sort of on that. Adrenaline surge how IE they're from from winning that and what an art that is. Have for the station in your just making our mark in the upstate. It is in the station is really become a powerhouse they don't issue one for us because get a bit here at main. It's been around for a long time but you know were migrating not too many years ago over from AM which is a dying in a radio man. Wearing increasingly fewer people are listening to zooming in just dying national to meet and we hit the FM dial and so it's been in all the way up. You know on the way up ever since then but you know compared to the other stations that we were up against we haven't been around in the current format that law. And on FM as we are right now so that's that was huge jolt when that we are so proud to keep the trophy for a year and then have to pass it on somebody else but on. But yes I mean that's just some all right you too I mean you have made this the upstage powerhouse in and we thank you for that. And we definitely think you add text your ice. In. The chemicals they're spraying on paper straws now that's not paraffin just saying buckle up. I text your race how syringes being outlawed drug use or revote and you can't do that you can kiss another mostly Democrats you can no you can't take syringes way. That's that's not that's not right you know. I can't do it. Arie 22 and it me my first full day back broadcasting like a week where can really do the show. On a high note normally you would this sits on the scenario are pregnant and adding content distracted. This Wall Street Journal. Editorial and you know what it is awesome to see the Washington and they're very they're very lukewarm on trumpet best they were lukewarm on the tax and all tax cut plan. Associate them now at beating to admit that you may be some as such comes to non terrorist could work. The trust tax plan work. It's done it's it's just amazing and we did this passion Renault Aussie drought three days ago there's now emerging consensus that. The young child tax law may well pull so much investment United States it could impoverish governments across the globe. But then we told you this year. And billions would come back. Just remember. The focus was on the crumbs that what 400 to a thousand dollars that you know individual workers would get to to you know it would actually get but the but the big push there was. The Hillary page trade your money back in the US while the corporate tax rates on from 35 to 21. Now the highest level Nat was going to be the game change. And a lot of attention. Okay this is according. To the IMF the International Monetary Fund. Which. I am athletes in space we liberal or economists organization. I'm just. She working paper forecasting at the our results of the tax cuts. That the US what it suddenly there was suddenly become more competitive and is becoming quickly more competitive. Companies will now more like be more like it put profits in real investment in any US digging hang it. Then they were before the US lowered its corporate tax rate from 35 to twenty like much of the disaster this was supposed to be. Have you Edison media is not talking about it anymore that's why. That they wrote will leave fewer corporate profits. For other countries we're not the last two attacks. Home. Yep. It's awesome. This just they say foreign governments Levy collecting less revenue from US yeah ask is are bad he. And it's awesome. It's not pitino be big as forecast by us. As forecasts. By us scenario. Great things happen in folks I I can't wait to wake up every morning and see what's it. I didn't think I'd ever be that way they're having a fantastic day get out enjoy the sunshine.