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Wednesday, August 15th
Bad hombres living in the US; Dual justice system; Trump has 31% approval among black voters; This isn’t the first time Omarosa has been fired from the White House

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Good morning play good morning journal yesterday we got a rare complaints almost never happens. But we did that debt our signal was not too hot in says neat. Volume down bomb and working working on them that's. However I have just gotten a text from Lee. And plumber all Arkansas she eats it and he says a good morning zeroed. And he's listening to meet. Lies you how does this signal not regional and says me but it does reach a plumber now Arkansas but just it's the radio dot com asked. I'll element yeah that's most of yeah yes I heard he heard everywhere in fact at the end what we're worldwide. It's really cool how that works yes message got a lot of red Russian bots. And John. They make sure that the showed that gets everywhere needs to go he must listen to terra. Exactly what we're replacing you would be plutonium the one day Betty. Ford may be if it's bad to 24 that. Yet Sony red column yet to make Jeffrey FEM via text me to last week pairs or possibly sky actually maybe. And I don't know time flies when you're buying school supplies but that it parents presidents cup. So. Sister sent it to me about school anyway it's silly little things you gotta get your run around me. And everybody else got there before you say there aren't any C gotta go three stores. Shame on me for being slacker mom this year ran. I'm usually all on top of Italy and usually you know to cancel vacation last night you know I got a better I can't play assortment another neck and have ten issues. But which they're not there's nothing cool left only the ugly ones even online. Anyway so don't put this whole thing was of the fifth and went down to Florida and sir. They want me you know that they still woke up and show every day it's a hand in his radio talk karma would show only gets better every day so you know it. And listened to it there. Terrestrial radio is that is referred to now. You know that there's always going to be issues because it's whether it has something new with weather has do power has do with line of sight since we're on FM now all kinds of things and you know if you're if you're close to our transmitter site and get out that that's great can you you never had a full of it. But if you're anywhere on the outlying areas I mean I know some folks in Anderson county that have little hard time picking up in the office. Total web site to go to FaceBook you can listen to us on FaceBook you can listen to us on the radio dot com amp. All of this is available if you're if you're if you have an HD radio in your car and a lot of the new models do almost all of them. And unfortunately for the manufacturers they make it difficult to get to that second HD signal. But if you can figure it out on your radio go to WS BA knotty point nine HD to its us. And that they have a great very powerful signal cause we have a taller tower in the have a more powerful transmitter and I'm I'm we're obviously a little bit jealous of all that but anyway. You can listen to us on WSB AHD two. Yup and Ali and largest just the app is so easy download the app that is the funny thing has hit folks there the day of my wife Buffy once that was in Charlotte. Picked us up almost six point three no problem in Charlotte each is don't know my husband every time goes their clears about yeah. Yeah Belize is on the way they're gonna figure but I but I go over toward at a head toward Atlanta and what you get passed Anderson and other parts of Anderson county now I I honestly that the radio is I have in my vehicles for animals don't have any expensive vehicles for some reason I had no problem picking us up. A do and people who do say that reverend Anderson count and and we're not only. You know some folks around here not about and to mankind yes but. Yes. Are right now and is an actual show contents until it I don't voice yeah biggest did you Pena generic I'm gonna get to that aren't yet certain segment. And I know our manager listens to these as a cut out meetings they could could we can we promote together for the most news segment producer. That he's so good Promos are not as good as he's very creative. Com and that we need in new Leno from arcades gonna go something like this who the hell is living in this country. Like who knows who don't really who is living. In this country you got asked that this morning. OK after reading nick let me assure you remember when trump got in trouble for that whole battle embraced comment. And that is it's illegal immigrants coming government had me ranked rapists and murderers some of lawman with no that's not her. My out since then we've seen that's more than you can't listen this was an list Perry did it. I hope she's okay this is from and I love mother at an unauthorized immigrant. No you full he's illegal. Who has been multiple times in New Jersey New York sent back to Al sub door last week OK so far so good. This is where things begin to go awry. He El Salvador less week where he was it turns out once did on murder charges. Brian at a Hydro Martinez who was gone by the name Maxine may not know the core Nate joke. Where is El Salvador and turned over to authorities. On Friday. Wait for the punchline cam and we're not even at the punch line yet US immigration and customs enforcement enforcement official says it's. This individual's immigration mr. serious criminal history. You as those charges from the sees what for murder in his country him today his home country. But he's also racked up a long list of felonies here okay. Martinez. 32 years all her across US Mexico border in 2006. In Texas. Was picked up by border control agents two days later we got to punch line. Use your horrified and none out we haven't even when when I never. He falsely claimed to be a Mexican citizen was sent back to Mexico across the board again rent US on unknown date blah blah blah blah blah. Okay. Here. Is the kicker. Here's the kicker raid the guy who we send. We sent home on murder charges. Came back. He was bad they caught crossing the border two days later. AM Sunday. It's Ambac on Friday. On murder charges. His own country and. But it ban number. Well yeah what we seven outside it happened lieutenant we cinema house Salvador. Okay. And he's back he's back because they're like Tim murder do we want to. Her through an offer for its for the rest of his life and bothered charmer do we descend impacting US Allan goes and actually US. Michelin map during more back thanks El Salvador. We're drove probably trip to get here not to my time. So. Arm. Okay meanwhile. Masood has yet that I headlines sources to major ports. And as Sassoon. Who lives in the United States. Wade went. Why is he living in the United States. Reshard challenge Marie was convicted in 1994 murdering Bangladesh president. (%expletive) Moochie veer from month. And nearly his entire feeling any aside nice great pact. So. He's all the guys who worked in the as a whole crew the did the assassination they since been tried Bangladesh and not execute. Yeah that's kind of how they do that there are right right. This is it this bad guy that the country was stable under him on the citizens Swartz started you know it and don't hold the mass the revolution but anyway Ben Bangladesh and Massachusetts. How you say bad sombre and for. Now. The Manger I was convicted in absentia along in his other the other assailants. Who were executed. 23 years after the assassination. And the conviction was upheld by the Bangladesh Supreme Court 2009. When it was three field. Living here. Wait. Watch. He's been living in the US since 1996. Applied for asylum. International law enforcement inform the US every it was has no political assassin in wait for a 2009. Net. That would have been what nine years I need years again. And fortunately quote. And fortunately what do you convicted murders were shot charger at large in the US ambassador Mohammad dude in wrote in US news and world report and 2014. Just as much and it's time for shied Crabtree to come home jump street has lived didn't wait for Chicago. Seattle. And various California cities where I'm sure he felt righted up. According to I knowledgeable Bangladeshi sources. Only talk under the terms of anonymity for fear the former major would likely retaliate against them. On US soil. Again we conclude today's segment who the hell is living in this country. Sheets you have broken immigration system. Good cash. Anyway. She foreign minister Abdul Hassan Mahmud Ali. At Joseph confirmed. Ed that this is to the daily caller I investigative foundation the day every she'd encouraging signs that trap administration will finally extradited him. But the officials told the A di Siena assistant cock. Escude foundation that meetings where held with the departments of state and just this in July in August. With the coming of the trap administration our hope is at its peak. He said he Obama administration did nothing. Just repeated it Bangladesh appeals for child Greece actress is she should Democrats have is he could sit set that is yet. Leak this well we imported a family. Seeking Asylum here back to Germany. But he's Germany would let them home school their children are exactly right because those troops most folks were a threat there are big tech package journeys out our home schooling you have to send your kids to school. And Paris you want to learn about perversion there's been times on so they fled to the US and Eric Holder sent them back. This can't assassinated at. President is melee but I think he's not seeking to home school is children. When there is the issue so he's got Deco and for our this concludes speak could hellish living in this country. Segment we did is almost every day. Sure I'd share of drivers to pull up. To line ad to stop late you have no clue how the sensor in. Road works. Loved the show. Man I know the sensors so well my route to work do you. Imam gives its pitch dark when I go I'm not coming only one right she got a trip since you've still sinner in need at a noon for lunch. So I know exactly where they are. That's for them. Text your race. I had a dentist who commands laid off any dentist who doesn't cut people's legs off its bye stars from me LO well. Set on accepts a word that guy wanted his layup I. I'm okay. At tech stories list driving nor can Breyer I was in dot org mark Gilman far the computer blasting in the office. Policy that's real patriot their you do your part to save the country thank you. Brad sex race about the radio signal being heard that clearly is the thing is to show Sonny hill. That's why you can hear aspirants can hear us in the places in between. It's the wind it's the prevailing wind blows from western to eastern blows all those radio waves away from Georgia and toward Charlotte hello well. But that but. Thank you for your contribution. That this does this morning. Trade. And meanwhile. Now our separate the plastic straws. And shipped to California they will today you could do prison time. For offering somebody applies to strike instead of a paper has taken very seriously. It is now like if you're G Heidi. You know enemy and your running a compound to. Arm near train children to do school shootings yet that seed that's not a big deal but if you if you offer somebody. And as a way to make a plus China that is the kind of thing. That didn't we just we can't have. In this country and Cheney did you believe you're gonna be anywhere. With. A plastic straw on your person. You wanna think about a concealed. Carry. Straw. Permit I just just should be used to be like you you're traveling in the people's republic. Of a people or people's republic of new mex York or California where Jihad training is no big deal. But they plastic straw men had dipped which is Six Feet Under for that. Many restaurants are now or soon will be banning the use of plastic straws to help the environmental which means we straw Israel launches. Only outlaws will have struck us. Introducing concealed struck carry permit coming to a recycling center. You learn the basics of how to handle straws safely and what to do you then you're straw did no one of those anyway. And much more support you've received your license you'll be free to carry a straw in any public restaurants coffee shop and diner cafeteria. No doubt you'll draw some stairs when you draw you stroll. But in an emergency those other people be glad you had you resigned yeah. Enroll now and you'll also receive a handy unit six imitation leather stroller carrying case. Strategy your leg is optional. Gave your concealed straw Kerry pyramid today in the next time someone says you can't use this job. You can tell him to suck it. I'll my guess is country. Data irate if you're a little pot we will win and a pleasure now where pawn in a Ford. Jobs temporary campaign manager is currently facing 300 years in prison. For being at you for being terms campaign manager. Rate I mean it integrates seeking middle of the same ones Hilary committed. That said she committed quite a few more tax evasion check. Lined the IRS check. Putting money from the IRS is getting hurt Casey was writing a 145 million dollars from the Russians that works to donate to the Clinton foundation then you know on Peter. As skies switzer and Nia New York Times busted are on it she just says she'd refile. Her key architects return. Great you reduce tax commercials if you just oh yeah I did omit millions of dollars in income. Just filed that thing again. Didn't get it and she adds cut you know you got pressed. I'll butcher Hillary (%expletive) is an admitted Ford doesn't get dead to deal he says Jack this. With the Clinton foundation said New York Times which is refined. Okay that's not how it works for everybody up fine with. She's Hillary's not currently facing 300 years prison and I like palm import Hillary is not currently in solitary complied. Keeping him in solitary confront the got the guy I'd put down eleven million dollar but he's never killed a child. Like meat gee how these anti child terrorist training camp. Over the body the dead child was trapped. So mid afford in between. Being dragged into the trial room. Forge trial is being kept in solitary but you slid to be a solitary confront it mastermind Kenya like psychological counseling have to spend too much time. Soldier can find okay. For being assistant to being charged campaign manager. Man for rain while the G how these from the child terrorists can't. Or don't want. She hardball. Then like you get here. If you like hit and run or something is yet he had to pay 10% put 10% cash damp for the ledger that's of the isn't 40000 dollar bond to put 2000 dollars down. None in her she suspended apart the judge in this New Mexico case today in have to put a dime down. I thought it so it didn't take dead child. Starting children found on the compound. They're treating him for G hot. In their own words. And they are not as solitary DuPont to walker Paul Mann of port is is solitary the front attempts. To comprehend this this is the country that you live it. But a comment for dig it up on daily there. Hit a put down eleven point 65 million. To bunt up. A nonviolent 69 year old man. It was thrown into prison before strap. To same. I like the judge that did list. Obama appointee again. Sat where she won getter Obama appointee continue to dole justices to you don't want to delicious chest. If you are on the wrong side about the you don't want to dole justice system. Here is a president trams approval rating is great now a better than. Ronald Reagan's at this point. In his presidency. You would not know that. If you watch CNN SR noticeably not controls on the tax line no. Was actually going on. And because that's what happens when you tune in here. You tuning here every age expecting to hear all kinds of crazy hate that they tell you we spew on CNN an ashes are learning what's going on in the world. Yes or even elicited as easy if you listeners say she's terribly unpopular in the relays it. But now he is outpacing Ronald Reagan at this point. In his presidency. And or else going on here too and any if if if you're hearing hysteria like that constant never parenting. Racial hysteria that is thrown. At president trap. That goes on and on and on and on and on and Asia is yeah it is spoken of as facts are a lot of these television station that he is a racist. Well there's never any really good proof of that offered it's just he's just resistance is 'cause he said we say it's. Why are you hearing. Well it's gonna get worse. Not easy could be worst it's gonna get worse than say watt. Donald Trump's approval ratings with black Americans. Just hit 31%. Up. Thirteen points. In one year. They're repeat that point. About his approval ratings with a black Americans hit 31% at thirteen points in one in AZ view all about how easy 31% is terrible. She's gray. Ab why he was taken ten to vote Democrat somewhere between ninety and 92% time. I show ya de have pretty approval rating firfer bush with blacks. As you know would dead at one point was thought to be wonderful at 12%. So uneasy at 31%. Yeah she isn't it if the debt if it is black American to 20% of black Americans are voting for for Republicans. Just just want it 20/20 1% 22 to really to really be strong showing. Democrats this will be cooked at the national level. I Vista this history and nobody has ever done this. Before but I find myself saying all the time about try. This is with resignation. Reports. An last president election cycle. This is not approval this is actual votes in the last ten presidential election cycles the highest black vote share for Republican. Was at 12%. For Bob Dole in 1996. It took cash and 25% of female African American vote he'd win the 21 election and analyze like that's gonna happen. I'm what with Democrats having alienated it out white male voters the way that they had. Now which is essentially them saying you know I hit the road Jack don't come back. And just the constant. Zeroing in answering me all rhetoric. Which by the way. ES I watch is a big guys cheap today I think they do they like male skin here this. This mail trashing never ending on and on and on Sicily to stuff the Washington Post us. Pretty mad editorial. About how. You know quit paying men is is a good option will begin to did to actively discriminate against them. This anyway meant SMS. I'd like many here that stuff too. So and you did it be different Trenton have ducked. Pitch a tent on this year. And you know why don't we did it he's talking about things that matter to people. He's treating people as individuals. We have so much more in common in this country than we have. Not come. You know we all struggling wall won a pair of bills nullify a feel financially secure well my job we wanna pay a you know a good paying jobs. Once we appreciated at our job we want to be wanted add our job wanna be needed to add our job. We don't want our job to go to somebody who's not legally in this country who or who has been brought into the press our wages. On purpose and dilute the debut of the voting pool in the workable we want all of those thanks. So we trucking is in I think the discriminate what what issue is is leading Mets it's still one of the Republican Party member to post mortem on Romney. Narrow loss because we or against illegal immigration that disagree amnesty then elects. Trump went the opposite way. What's the one issue he wins the biggest on Hispanics and black Americans. Immigration they get a they've CNET. They know the jobs Glenn. I want to say Hispanics and black Americans and easing his best when trying to build in those illegally here they wouldn't jobs went to people who illegally they don't like death. And that's how you get RB Harris poll sixty. Percent of black Americans is 61% of Hispanic Americans saying they disagree did they they disagree with the democrats' policies. They they agree would trust policies on immigration disagree with the Democrats. He's got their full attention. And so if you were here three times in a five times a trump series that's what. There in a panic. And here's the Democrats he injured tight. To cut the Saudi of anger around two to complain about. Debt to got the puck it used to be one or two creative lifting and I was the only conservative on staff who worked with a bunch rabid liberals right. I haven't a conversation my liberal editor he hated corporations are corporations. Note no matter. Com you know what what they know what they did what they've produced how helpful it was. Any of that if they were large corporation could could not stand the idea of a large corporation but he would tell me I'm final four for small business I'm fine with that. Okay. I'll business a scale. But it was OK before small business backed. Like fifteen years ago. Nancy Pelosi is asking Jorge had dead turned talks about John do you not job you agree judge judge don't add jobs you know platform. She's is just weeks we would love to create jobs through government infrastructure. In hours you can't even say anymore. In the Democrat party. That you want jobs you do can't admit that wouldn't fly a business six acts. You can't say that you want the economy to be healthy that would imply Disney's success. You can't say. That you want to see companies hire a lot of people that would imply business except we can't have business success. We can't have business success to success because the did the liberal philosophy is based. It's not a political plus speeds is psychological plus philosophy and is based on shelves. It is based on no no we're not gonna help you get ahead but we're gonna take dead guy who you were jealous of down. And what that guy is gonna succeed. Even if he does in an ounce wishing you cannot say to these people. We're gonna create jobs assailed it reads come visit shots stabbing government jobs camper camping so. Energy tied by the lunatic fringe primary voters they can't save these things. Even talk to black people Hispanic people white collar people middle class people Danny O'Rourke. Did to us about I don't wanna job in government infrastructure I want jock. Oh we can't talk T. You know. As she was even willing to say jobs it had to be government jobs. The hands tied. And so all we got his charms a racist and her Republicans are racist. Everyone who loves a Republican miseries and everyone who's married to a Republican is erases. And everybody who even knows a Republican and is Tyson and sometimes and doesn't throw feces at them like anti fat is a racist. It's early yet. NF. And not working anymore folks it's not work in an. So it's all a Marisa all the time I'm sick of seeing her mug on the television. Like nobody's ever been fired from the White House before never happens. This is big news. Mason was not big news. By the lemon get into what is not big news in the circuit. An onerous Mangold Lehman is big news right now. Great. Actress she got fired confront the minister issued and that is a mean and we can't believe did that have Vince. And she say in all kinds of stuff. Shares got a lot of credibility if she says there's and then warranted by the that I must be true Christian sect right. We don't this is not to bring you re this is not the first time that Amoroso has been fired from the White House. Wait what. She was fired from the Clinton. White House. No heating your rent act yet it's neck and stuff happens to a Democrat who cares. A lot of credibility just wanted to she Donald show she must be telling the truth well won't push hard for. Current. Okay. I had this amorous his first series of White House Protestant background. That the media does give you. When daylight all you've you've trolls on the text line that led to keep you people don't. This summer roses first series of White House problems Georgia a good administration. Under vice president Al Gore. As Al Gore's former office administrator. Margaret overby said it's time Irish it was the worst tire. Quote was the worst tired the office of the vice president. Ever may. Mr. she's totally credible purse my. 2000 for the cameras it was good banished from a not one. To opry but full jobs in two years with Clinton and stretched. The White House personnel office transferred her to be Commerce Department briefly. After her shortly into administration role Cheryl sabres in the shavers the four under sector of technology. Clint comes department opined quote she was asked to leave as quickly as possible she was so disruptive. One woman wanted to slug her and statements and completely. Iris only lasted in the fourth and final roll with the current administration for several weeks. Another Clinton minister's official reporters who was fired up because she Clint get along with people. He's given that what what what why is it that only our side of the aisle can go find these people. Another former gap a gore staffer noted she didn't do a job and got everyone in trouble. When she lost a lot. She just invested for exaggerating her role. The Clinton administration. She's our panel discussion on March 19 2004. Called wearing the pants a woman's experience and man's world just what she read our here's what she said quote I have done logistics and advance an event planning for the White House under the Al Gore step. At twice three got appointed the White House. There was not a place to learn how to be a young professional that's a very difficult environment because they don't believe in training they just kind of throw you in the fire except one problem. Course set is different Marissa was never involved in advance work or logistics. Her job was to respond. To invitations. When asked about her employment history amorous have falsely claimed the (%expletive) stain it was due to her marriage to aaron's still worth it since been. The bush. So this kind of person you just don't wanna give a lot of credibility to. Fired not once not twice not three times four times by the administration. And barely a peep about it let's talk. Huge difference here this is how they manipulate you. This is how. It is if you put actual background here this is her fifth White House firing. Five. Times. Fired. Eat eat eat your regular people reasonable people who aren't partisan. You know like. Isn't very credible person. Responsible journalist. But they don't do. And you know it's so sad about I have a black or right now on he says he's black eye on the tax line. Who says he was really starting easily trumped until amorous told amused and word Naira tapes. Go honey you must listen to CNN. Is they would taste they'd be playing. They're not. They're not it's not clear at all. Ways sex. Tester race. You read this but I'm Marissa sounds like a modern day Anita Hill crying about being fired was seeking a paycheck. Our text your race these trolls are definitely entertains by ignorance that's for sure terra.