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Wednesday, August 15th
Chelsea Clinton bizarrely claims abortion provides economic stimulus; Young people get tattoos; Woman gets 12 years for killing her husband dragging him under her truck

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And late tallied Sarah married well. Since it Nancy Pelosi Obama now will not condone the creation of any jobs other than those by the government we're gonna have to have some things. Nancy Pelosi of course is it Democrats are highest ranking Democrat leader in congress but it does something to stimulate the economy. And and you know good things didn't thing that we had Chelsea Clinton. To help us with that Alia be a good thing for that. Nom she says. That abortion is what we need to stimulate the economy. What's wrong with these people. But even so it and what leg did she not have some read these. I mean it just doesn't even more she says that's unevenly logical now. Our decision is legalizing abortion created trillions in economic or she would never abortion and we can have government jobs. And then we'll all eat. I'm sorry but when you kill people that do not become citizens and consumers. You're hurting the economy. Think of all the jobs that it could have been created from the millions of aborted babies that have been killed. Over the years. Just think of the opportunities there American citizens born here. Who would have then had needed education they would have needed health care they need cars the houses I mean how you can say that killing. People before they're born. In India shows growth. That makes no sense to me at all. And you get no matter how you feel about abortion and wait race him that we we we used to agree I don't like what was it 24 months ago. That it should be no I don't abortion even those on the left right where it was only if we don't want people to have abortions you would you want to be safe and rare. That that was at now it's it's hot and I mean you people in Hollywood ran around saying they wish they had one like crazy limit dump. Om and she's need to be part of the club and neither Jessica was what she says okay this sick. On in this part of the you know abortion is great stuff and this is a totally new turn for the com it's not it is not they disconnected fact she said while speaking at rise up for wrote the American women entering labor force from nineteen semi greeted 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Then net new entrants of women that is not disconnected from the fact that Rowe became the law of the land in January 1973. So I think whatever it is that people say they care about. Say the coming years ago I guess she just never had a real job okay I get so she thinks that you have to kill your. Children to have that she. I don't I don't and I have three children I have a job. Ozzie connection. There's not many women if she would get out of everyone's wallet leave the five million dollar Condo and get out need to do she'll see that women. Work with children women who have children work all the time yes. Well it's been done since the seventies and Fuzzy Holman announced site and outside yes. She says I use right what are people say about that I think you can connect. To this issue of course thank I would hope that they wouldn't care about are equal rights and dig need to make her own choices she says. So abortion. Because of abortion three and a half. And eat them American women though threat how many women actually can is not listening to take American women entering the labor force from nineteen symmetry 2009 added three you have. Trillion dollars to our economy so in other words if those women had become pregnant and had children that they would never have been into the economy which is that an. Illogical 18 plus speed is not necessarily equal see here because there is no direct connection between that. And is a complete lack of understanding of economics here yes because we pay descends. In that American women entering the labor force from 1972009. Added three and a half trained Ellis torque I know they didn't. Now beat Tennessee three and a half trillion dollars routed to our economy that created jobs. That employ those wind. EV don't go create the EU. Yeah you gotta save people you you would you hire workers because your business is growing and you need people to handle right. Yeah that I workers because they want a job. Great you don't hire workers laid. At the go you're here. It adds something to the economy if we pay you know you hire them because you you know we need you you got more products to somebody did lash out. You've got work that has to be done the exact be accomplished through new revenue to generate. Hi. Complete lack of economics understanding and logic there's there's just no logic the whole argument. And the sad thing is that you'll have the Washington Post the New York Times MSNBC. CBS ABC all the usual alphabet soup of the liberal media. Get out there talk about what a wonderful statement this is you know how she is empowering women by telling this. This is. This is idiocy. Any idea that somehow. You have to have an abortion to have a career is in here too and that's real weird that is inherently faults. Guess I just I dishonesty and I act I just I can't even if I I east at least be able to relate to a liberal women. Yet we can all agree I mean I have a lot of conversations with other members liberals in the newsrooms are only concerned that we can all agree that we didn't want somebody to have an abortion. You don't agree that the abortion was a bad thing that we wished it just didn't happen. But you know whether we're pro lifer pro choice or whatever we could agree we can't agree on that. I think that that that is crazy long time ago Tara I should. I've seen that militant attitude I mean you know that the whole thing about this being called women's reproductive rights. I mean that's. I mean I'm sorry I just you know but the thing. The the fact is that every successful abortion in in the death of a child. Period that is yet. There's no denying that you can say that I'm I'm being ruled you can say that I'm being. You know mean spirited or whatever you can say whatever you want but that is a fact it is undeniable. Period. Damning I think I would pretty much be the goal of procedure. You know that's settled science right there every successful abortion in in the death of a child. Experienced Chelsea Clinton leaves a child must Dyson that women can get a job. Progressed tester race and good morning cheering and me I'm just gonna say Chelsea is a demon just like her parents love you girl on the show. Well thank you. Text your race then we all. Know McCain's. Biggest game show said it right maybe Hillary should abort her. Just think how successful she will she would've may she be president. Who caught for com. Or other event I guess who agreed to. My mother worked as a teacher. We she had three kids. And she worked that entire time my mom had it was a she retired was in her seat jets had three kids still. You know an and an instant supposing you are out every time I do this again I get anti accidentally rips me apart from a woman who has had an abortion and regrets greatly. Com and in you or not who we are talking about. And please please please I don't want to compound your payments when their own pain lingers afterward and please I don't want to pound your pain you and those of us not what I'm saying. Those of us who've lost children to miscarriages yes he just because I must Tutu miscarriages in one you know fairly lean on later in Ann Ann was one of the most devastating things of my entirely I cannot imagine. Choosing is that I mean I can dares not. You know they're they're very few days ago why when I don't think about those children who they would abandon how beautiful and wonderful there's Whitney's semi dissing the other day about telemedicine abortions I'm just look all. They think they can do that now. In an and it went. Well just white told the the death tolls starts rising up from women who have taken these things that they have. That these what but the story was is that there was say an apple mail that where the you can. Get in touch with a doctor and you can have the the morning after pill or whatever the prescribed it for you. There will be women there will be young girls who will die from taking that who will die bleeding to death. There weren't gonna barely hear about the I know you will not hear about that demos as Dole's complications. Yeah. Yeah. Take your little children need jobs or to raise an LC child. Care which creates more jobs becomes hostess I have yeah. I mean that's more consumers. And you know when we have more. People that are born here. American citizens. Then they require protection from police there require education from educators they require health care. The major gonna have the job opportunities that think of the job opportunities that provide to people who were already here that are making. You know infant clothes and diapers and and all the other things that it takes to. For children and and the houses it would have to be of people buying more houses buying vehicles and car seats and baby food I mean this is just. The whole thing goes on and on and on and when you think about the millions of children that have been killed over the years to abortion and what that has done to limit. Our economy. Takes your race as an adopted child I am so glad my biological mothers and not have an abortion he meant of course yes. And answer to end it is stories we should push a divot document children out after they are born and many couples. Have to look overseas to adopts nap. You know I N I his bid for everybody I don't know I don't know everything but I have girlfriends who have become friends with and later found out that they had had an abortion and there is at every single one of them. Is still Tuesday devastated about the i.s so a lot of regrets. About it I'm sure there's people out there like Chelsea who who don't but it's dad's side of it never comes up either. I'm and they really do suffered they really do have a lot of pain who operates on an announcement is easy thing you know go get it were removed. How hot tester race one of my favorite quotes I've noticed that everyone who was for abortion like Chelsea. Has been born. Roderick. Some really cool is going on in this country I tell you what you see this. Small business optimism. Is survey have been doing this for decades National Federation of Independent Businesses. It's an assembly and survey of small business owners throughout the US can do this annual survey has been going on for years your ears. Small business optimism just hit the second highest reading in in in history. The highest reading was a 108. In 1983. We just hit a 107 point nine. Why is this happen. Because Chile trapped now. They're delusional they're confused and we have to educate them on how was a bottom or did this cut now. Now I'll pass on the topic. A tie you to the big business is repatriating billions of dollars back to the country as we removed the barriers because the term tax cuts. And when they repatriate money when they do they build new headquarters they open new offices they buy new paper they need new copiers they need new staples. They need new people they need people to manage all of that. And who serve them big as my business. We're a little question billions of dollars of investment pumped into the economy as this money return jest. As. Tim Cook forecast that it would just as Jamie Dimon. CEO of by JPMorgan Chase a Democrat don't forecast that. And it's trickling down. Cause dots. That's what's going not. That's why you're seeing this kind of know these kind of numbers we haven't seen since the eight weeks. It's a massive impact of the tax I mean when you go from 35%. Corporate tax rate down to 21% that's what does that. It's simple economics. You put the money in the hands are capitalists. They go do stuff with it. And everybody. When's the first 35 mr. at third 5% of all business is a breeze to wages. 22% more plan to raise wages. At 7% of all US workers who work in small businesses. This from beyond. The years said the survey although. Dared to ever see a little does some pants are going to be needing any celebration four point 1% second quarter GDP growth so this is ours beg to disagree. Majors performance in the last 21 months is unprecedented. Based on reports the last Wafer. 45 years. By hundreds of thousands of an FIPs member firms. Owners have never been so optimistic. For so long. This is translated to improve employment investment spending that police the GDP growth even at the end of what will be the longest expansion. In modern history. Consumer sentiment is a record high levels consumer spending which accounts for 70% of our economy posted 4% growth this is just. It is simple. Economics. Lesson. Many take the money out of the government he as he put back in the economy he removed the barriers onto US business is coming home where they would rather V. This is what you get all we did is get the government to heck out of the way. Stephen in Spartanburg good morning. And there are eight and a quick thing I'm. One. Why didn't until he decides so border shall benefit that this search and empowerment to be a little deep debt. And that's on the sale net. So we only know huh. Steve listless exams with Chelsea has never had a real job. To see I think I should say get a real test the first to decide Chelsea does not have real Jesse I mean she writes children's books and she gets occasional. 500000 dollar gigs like MSNBC. Sims and decision had to worry about hurting did you everybody else's that's. He's given everything right. The other thing in the big blue wave it's been going on for awhile I mean if I'm not tricked I think that bit the Democrats held. The presidency and both beat. Everybody both houses. Couple years ago they've lost that and they they think that they're gonna have a big blue wave and they're gonna gain more seats what. Most of stop them from losing sleep on the net collection. I think the big blue labor mingle and honored and it's going down indiscretions so are they gonna continue to crashed I think the way distractions they also. I think that's what the little blue wave Ecuador and so. Just did not content I don't know I'm writer not the thing that's what look we conceit. We'll see an image or any complicate this Stephen is when I'm afraid but the mid terms. I that a lot of these Republicans running are not Trout. And I they have opposed truck. Yet they are reelection will be got taken as a measurement of charms XX. When they've done nothing but style his agenda stolen tax cuts get in the way and criticize him. And is a lot of people on their home districts who here with their individual congressman says he does and again met. And unfortunately all that's going to be swept aside by enemies who I mean I don't know how it's gonna work out I mean if you if you don't vote for. The Republican in your district a lot of times you're gonna have to really hold hold your nose. And just tell you self how horrible would be for democratic dialect so I mean I don't net Stephen. Oh my gosh. Scott is taxed. Text your rates am terra my mother was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and was pregnant with me. They want us to abort the pregnancy because they felt as though she wouldn't make it through the pregnancy she adamantly refused Al Micah. I was born naturally on August 5 and she died. September so. Well. Tirades I don't know as a sign of the times and when. You pull this summer. As everybody under forty hesitated tattoo now. Everybody dies. And my husband now B singer you know taken a sullen look appeasement doesn't have a tentative. This is not a kid anymore because everybody's do you know as Jeremy is doing. And most people to. So woman to be a kitchen night. Content to limp to herself. Not just any it was a one possibly institute and you what it was. Any did you does gag Williams like it ends at a high yield. Should. Lead with fish it's shocking. One of those living he had a bad one for as a gag she had kept it up. Well. On record. Was the point of that. What. Okay. Doesn't has been as a touch and I love it's it's the Marine Corps insignia it's awesome. Although when I'm we had really been muscles in his arms. And is which get a tattoo and muscles. Nerves muscles will whilom will eventually go down a little bit you know as UH. Yet so tattoo I met him was in the middle and now it's kind of off to decide this thing to consider when you get attentive. Anyway sometimes. Have probably tattoos I just wish people would get better tattoos and they do so many of them look like they've been drawn on with the shark week. Tattoos we used to have when I was younger Nikita and number eight. Nominee Peebles it. Moments ago with sentiment. But many do you take pride your tactics they would look like you put money into every listen to got to 8999 special lease to sway here. And try to touch yeah just your trip like an extra did you not. Would you forever I was gonna get another thumbs stuck to my hand would want some crappy 8999 dollar you know that that might meet all good looking son. So on my hand. That's just me or enough about that. Listen it's if you are hiring manager. They discrimination against workers with tattoos now which at a hiring dis a competitive dis advantage. Yep so if you have tattoos according to the study you may actually have an advantage. When it comes to getting hired in competitive labor markets. Yet university. I eater she Western Australia researchers looked into 2000 US participants and found a perception. And tattoos and or place has changed so much. That now even any visible tattoo. Is not linked. To employment wage or earning its discrimination so you know when junior wet and got that thing tattooed on the side of his neck he thought honesty and his like maybe that's. You may hero in the courtroom. In a couple of years. In hiring market data showed had two job seekers would just as likely and in some cases even more likely to gain employment. Is there a middle management processor tentative. Oh lead study out there Michael French says given the increasing prevalence of such is the society around 40% for young adults. Port keepers to see how much how your next waiter. And Harry managers and supervisors who discriminate against tech to workers. Will likely find themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the most qualified. Employees. Who has known ranked. Parent. The signs. It's all going as I guys by the way for men didn't just just does at it as a healthy living sorts of TO advice to sell. You get into an argument with your significant not other she major room at a rate. In your life. You know he you remember it was you you live in South Carolina okay. You live. In a normal functioning criminal justice environment. Need to be nice to her no matter how mad she makes you an even if she's a focus list the list. Taylor Louise bright. Age 23. Was pregnant. With her second child. When she downed a ready for this warriors. And smoked marijuana. Well. At that time I was when her husband John Taylor bride made it V. At regrettable decision. To disagree with her. Is in and it is in second two NM had an argument. Rate. She put the forty year old in the curb my she's pregnant and drunk get pushed a four year old daughter in the car. The 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck. Surround 9 PM so it's his night. And most him down. Most of the hits. With a track. While legally intoxicated. But does this stuff better. After she hit him and written him slap over with the truck the two were still arguing the driveway. She let him through the streets of Seneca the solicitors office. Jelena claims that truck was not operating correctly. And that she'd discovered John under the truck. He had just seen as a result of chest and abdominal trauma can match ups here. You're asking yourself gentlemen. Years in prison you think this woman got. She's. Pregnant Jirga under forebears and to marijuana. Hit her husband Emmitt Odierno attract and then proceeded to drag him for over 500 yours. What do you think Debbie should it. An optional criminal justice you. System which we do not hear pat here in South Carolina is what we think and get into good number in your head three years that. What a life wife sounds good. Can you ready for this this why you warming that woman yours too Matt is me governments to South Carolina. Ten years in person. On me. Reckless hunt reckless homicide wreck with little reckless your honor I just see their nutritional products but you know I had four Beers. Plus he may mean that. Ten years on in prison on a reckless homicide just two. On the unlawful neglect of neglected child should be out twelve. Told times just to don't make. They'll make you think you gonna do lead to prison you gotta think again. Tester procedure don't you don't ransom tattoos I got a beer bottle on my leg. And the mist. Mister Sheen on the side of my sonic. My mystery machine is a bit distorted because of gain some weight since I got a place a limit to each their own. Text or it's great future business tend to remotely Damon tonight. Add text or read. A text or just a reminder the eagle tattooed on your back ends of being the buzzard in your crack always does. Had sixer instead to you don't put a bumper sticker on the average and on a Lamborghini Sosa's Bob I'm without I'm not sensing. And text arranged syrup. My wife and I also look for people would know tattoos it's getting our rare to find personally aren't what they reminds me of the satire. And the movie eniac receipt when the future world after a accused have sunk to around 51 character is terrified that he is spotted a person without a tad too. Can has us every weekend at the pool text or race it zero. That tattoo is from the movie a Christmas story which LC. Says she think there. The lamp tattooed his case. And so what. Text your rates you don't know about the lamb played alone because they don't I I don't know. Text Tracy tour I'm 35 tend to listen proud of it could be a add texture it's Asus fan a Christmas I I'm Imus that I guess I don't as I am. Imation tattoo that under the lamp. For people like me you don't get it like who who missy go by the listed did you joke is on you it's Christmas story intensive. About time she right set out to be done to wrangle Orrin. Harry by the way for those certain texted me about not hitting on ransom tattoos have a beer bottle and you're like okay. I got and what what what what is this significance is to be your vice is a special deal appeared bodily unity comes from a movie love I mean what. A beer bottle. Eric. Twelve years imprisoned for dragging her husband to death. Tissue are mad at him. Underneath the truck. Gotta look. So after it's a beautiful day a restaurant or her struck in which case no it's. Nine holes only make it worse. Text your mission should you decide to accept this direct the made a Christmas stitch. I have had more ones. Pressed for mine holly was actually into may be pre small part but. How could you not know about this American 'cause I do I just I can't remember Billy apart. Apparently did not make enough of an impression upon me that I want to touch to it to my body. Like. Some. Oh my guy. Talking about south Carolina's injustice system. Woman dragged her husband to death underneath the car because they were having an argument she got twelve years I'd Melissa don't you wrap up your thought in this state. No cross the line in North Carolina do find maybe Georgia but not here twelve years. For drinking your husband to death penalty in the car. Think it is Seneca. So you know how it is incentive. Even with the show since the beginning you know that sonic. Dexter writes the titles this is South Carolina there's a you have more route clearance. And can get out from underneath track. When she traction. Dexter writes let's hope judges responsible for the repeat offenders the same way we hope bartenders responsible for serving too much alcohol. And text and wants no but the Tutsi were kind of genie pops out if you rub the lamp I don't know don't ask me I don't know. My gash or eight. By the way we and you feature with the sharks were injured trying to understand is if your money when you listen to the show you are not part of the problem. If your leg and you can get through the show. Without screaming crying or ending up in a fetal position. You are not a part of the prompt the rest your generation is the answer we going to attempts to understand. Now you millenniums it's gonna bring a little more money or influence to the show. So that you folks are in the fetal position. At will feel comfortable here OK so here is our first. Inaugural here if it is millennial. Minute. Episode. What. Hey guys it's Melissa Gomez hit I'm your body can hated Erica CNN now ross' Michael Smith Edwards is the show for millennia is. By millennial. It. Today's hash tag is raise awareness. Think of all the amazing things that have come out of raising awareness so we thought I would be super awesome. If you could raise awareness. About raising awareness. And then. Even more good things could come from that still has jag and everybody would Jackie next time I'm millennial minute. I indicated Erica Siena Ross Michael Smith Edwards. Okay. Sit there we now. 80471063. Techs like seven might damning incensed you by the way. My opinion the show and when PM 1803471063. Test line 71307. Coming up on the shelf. We have documented. The investor extreme. Carelessness. Callousness. An outrageous acts of the FBI that have led it lets you easily stop global terror attacks again and again and again and it yet. On the ship. Om and as more information is coming out about these jihadist compound is double your mind but the FBI did you but then again maybe not he was in the show for a long time. And I did too we had talked about on this yesterday. This is the say FBI. That guy did it they Garland Texas drama homage shooters. I ended doing the shooting encourage them to do the shooting. They were in contact with the knew they had bought the weapons for the shooting and an agent told them to the shooting and watch them open fire. The Asian carp who is ever going to kill people never bothered to call 9119. Or Warren anyway. I was reported by sixty minutes by the way Anderson Cooper's show what to tell you next main check you knowing that the shocking nonetheless open next segment.