The Tara Show - 8-18-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Friday, August 18th

WORD on the Town in Spartanburg; Republicans join with MSM in pretending Trump never condemned bigotry and violence; Interview with Historian of Astronomy Dr. Steven Ruskin; Panic setting in on the left because the Russian hacking lie is evaporating


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Good morning on this Friday and we are extra lives and local out here broadcasting from the world famous became. Driving in. We can come on out today need me Vince Bobby Mack will all be broadcast let me get breakfast lunch and dinner. They've actually had a couple folks so watch the show they damn line while eating breakfast they've come on out to say hey Amy which has been released. Alone this is neat to. The famous. Begin driving G so. Maybe some teen grocery stores from from seem to receive this year they serve over a million customers yearly and they sell more tee than any other. Single restaurant in the entire United States of America he wants to teach. This is the place to beat Miami and this is the place to be hammering and hammering poetry this morning of the top of my head approach and I should do veteran. Right she detects line really quickly. The reason number three for the second amendment's a nonexistent corrupt ineffective or person police force indeed the constitution. Does he evolve as society. Delights. Some that the same. Liberals. You want you to give by. Second Amendment right keep. Depend on the police. At the same ones who worked fine with it when the plea stand by and watch veterans in the fifties and sixties beaten. Kicked to the key to the ground and beaten for merely trying to walk into a truck rally. Which is stunning to see who stand at Highway Patrol minister. She's won many examples we've seen as a stand by and watch. That much to give up their your guns and trust them. You know we see that visual. You know what we can't. We keep. They're literally turning mean we we got no go zones for trump supporters in blue cities now. Which is nuts. It's not techsters rate district Washington all the other founders. They can't discredit shred to constitution United States and Billy rates and then rewrite our constitution that is the goal don't don't doubt that. Don't doubt that that is the color wheel we're doing. What do a lot of things out here today at the beacon drive in what as China's part the spotlight on Spartanburg were teenagers do this a lot in the coming year. And go out to places and so in the upstate talk about the talk about the good stuff that's going on and meet the folks there. And I'm going to stirred mean folks to debut with you actually more good morning in my Harry egg yeah I'm I'm great thanks for coming out she is the strategic implementation coordinator. For once barber used to work for trade out eat at the ASEAN which is cool tirade well mom Katie so quit and once Spartanburg. Yeah I noticed a lot of great stuff going on out here in sport for what is once Spartanburg to. Once primaries say fat used to teach these planes have basically mace armour event play so live work in place. I'll we have cell meanie collaborative partners here today want to seize armory track economically and culturally so is any. Last year comprehensive plane some mace farmer at the place at the end as you can see evenly acting can own. Even the Dow's farmer Kenny his seed and we are thriving we are real mean we are growing any is. Eight great happens to be here his partner they've got a five year initiative tummy tummy what's coming up for spurn her. What's coming up as our primary come as you can see we dragged through downtown to see all the construction. You see do we yards economy. Armory place they can retain talent we have seven colleges here with over 161000 students. We are trying to keep those students here is armor canny. I'll we had. Our partners Franken live in which is a organization here to make our community test here and just to make our community a better place we have so mean age is going to only be in this five year plain and we have 42. I'm forty pride is over forty prided. Day ahead derived out of the ones are my plan. And we hope soon complete them in five EU is in if not then. Just keep on line over a year DEA is making us farm raised style. And Lauro. Which is wonderful we're we're out here live today by the way you the background noise went with that is set to begin it drives end. And I think by the way or sponsor were driven by US auto sales today one of the businesses here in Spartanburg there on Asheville highway in in Spartanburg. I'm very shiny gadget actually that I'm just gonna carries. Is is their view here kind of in Spartanburg that this second bedroom community. Greenhill pains are you getting if it is certain to sort of fall off a screen villain that straighten things wrist is Spartanburg kind of you growing in its own rates that we Greenville. It's. In and says Sam Allen born erases our very I've seen this farmer is unique from any other CD we have our only. Saying I know we love crisis is CDO Greeneville we have unique scene say he makes Spartan Mary original. We love it here like the beach in yeah no one has a beacon. We have. People coming in all this sound they hear the beacon so is this isn't enough home our own hometown saying I think this farmer is unique Guinness all night. Which is which is absolutely doesn't tell me a little bit about the business group here camera for you see I don't see why that. I'm my guys it is the ridiculous how my eyes. Business growth that we pay down. It eat it even notice and it just came I think a couple of days goes far Murray is number one and gain. Job growth. And to say the South Carolina right now absolutely out of Turkey per capita job and at it at CD is in her larceny big dream come suffered Saturday S Lambeau we are number one right now on to say the South Carolina as far as job growth. We show chorus week in. Shouts of BMW in all of one of the main catering company say we have here. I'll we also want to concentrate on white collar jobs as Lil. We have a lot of businesses coming in there are point six Kate it's Lara college students home. So we I would just excited we're really excited about the growth this far apart. The home the whole of things on fire me when you is when you read in the Greenville news I'm happy stars plus we pay it drop my John still not over and we're expecting. Com growth. Here in the upstate at before he is 40%. I'm 23. For twelve years for. It's Krejci. He is slightly I like the whole of say some high area now I need is wonderful to see the girl. In in Spartan marrying rain bill Indiana's any names everywhere the say isn't really really lacking that people are seeing that this is a place if they want to live this is a place. What they want to raise their children. This is a place where they want to play in a heavy and it came in having and it's made us coming Agassi in the whole of assays are Mary. Infant safe ways to solve higher now and I love it as a love it. It's sound it's awesome anything about it this way. We're expecting for the eclipse is going to be nights in Greenville kindly man. 400 or 500000 people as Carrie see him in here crazy red they economic boost from from the cliffs solo on Internet is going to be very. So ideally you'd even receive if those numbers a race 400 or 500000 people coming just she just to Greenville and Spartanburg county. And so you take half of that. And that's with the growth. He's gonna look like in this region is absolutely in. In my 23 absolutely gonna basically stay after the eclipse is delightful it is. We need a few would have come back to back and I think if I fear. Is it you're gonna drive in here and like I did this morning driving up this river is. Gorge is really so pretty happy and we had been handed I see that it was stain and a warm statements and go home I'm happy. We need a girly yet Omani everything meals some part is that thousands though he Iranian colony and yes so what we're hoping they go home first for now so away essentially to hammer how can people get in touch with you and pushing get in touch with you. We actually hand I'm a volunteer base say it Iraq out of B wants farmer plant we have nation's teens leave him out until we have high banks and teens. On talent development entrepreneurship. Image and marketing quality employees. And telling me develop me the way they can actually look online at WWW Dow once armored dot com and sign up for agencies. These agencies in the ballot Tuesday are there we have right now are helping to implement this plane and I in and we are a very small team in the west are writing is very small so we have to have people say hill we want people to be. Com. Involved in this process. We want them to be in case in this process so without volunteers. I'll know we can do forty some higher prices and I says so we are dependent heavily applying the wonderful people use farmers and. Help us make this initiative hat and fantastic actually more strategic implementation coordinator full ones Barbara thank you for joining us so much this day thank you so much for joining us this morning a live here at the world famous begin driving and he Spartanburg. All this is a couple in 1 morning I get to needs simplified Tony who came by earlier brought me T shirt. And Marcus. Who came by and Flemmi glue sticks. Oh boy that's right after complaining about having to buy 36 glue sticks from Lincoln to earn a this year. These socialist school supply shakedown list and keep thinking Marcus. Com it's TCU you know what folks look like. You know folks that I see so often Cullen alive when Marcus and I think are now on the FaceBook page which is critical. I'm white race here is the famous beacon drive in in that Spartanburg. Some were out doing word on the town which is so we are taking the show. Taken stationed out to places all are the testing you're gonna hear us in places all over the upstate in the coming. Year panic in the tour if you will wanna thank. The you think US auto sales were driven by US auto sales today you can finally Spartanburg Asheville highway. Or on Lawrence rode in Greenville county. Our it lets Lucy from Greeneville. On good morning Kara. I work in an environment where I'm around a lot of young adults. Early between east and on up. And we can see there I overheard a conversation now wasn't part of it that I have ever heard it. Where a girl. Somebody tried to connect with her Facebook or whatever that is should act against states split. And she said and that issue is a racist then Haskell there's no way. I am my friend and her anything. And the one and other people in the great except war maybe sheets which hasn't changed apart maybe she's seen the error away says she's. I'm reaching out to the people shoot might have been unkind to and they were in the girl responded. We weren't so gracious. Always there racists no matter what. Just like trump. And I have gone through my son and befriended everybody. To mention his name. Supports him any saying if they're connected with trumpet any way they are no longer amount France. This symptom onset of our east today. And I see it and some of the younger people unless they really they are so mean informed. And misguided yes. And I. I think this is why we're heading in the direction we're heading because and my husband when I told him this story civil DG. Energetic case I think that's what I wasn't in a position change that if I come in contact again. I won't make a point of trying to interject. Because we can't let this continue Long Island. Different ways hatred it's pastors. If it is but you have to understand in Manama with dishonest unsaid and and and make this positively C. When you talk about the Al let me tell you why a lot of this is going on why you see antique whenever they're very young model of its paying them to commit the violence that they do. And the reason is apparent panic recede because. On the biggest poll ever done on this was done via a Hispanic or musician an and they polled two generations see most of which are still if you if you remember. In high school some of them some of them voted. In his last what six poll they pulled a mean of did you vote or if you could've voted in this election what how would you vote don't forget. There is a there're there are professors political science professionals professors now we now saw you signaling me alarm here because. Trumpet beat Hillary by fifteen points among generation. Z and keep beat Hillary by three points among. Females in generation Z and so what you're seeing. Now on the television. They they have to counter. Effect on and this is the only way that they can do it to you why because generation Z. And when asked to name the issues most important to them they are extremely strong on foreign policy. The echo trump on foreign policy they're number one concern we see so fight and a fight. Many many women it was it was and multiple choice so I definitely didn't it didn't top three issues for them number three was their gun rights. They want their gun rights. D.s and number one was the kind of the bit Democrats cannot making coherent argument on this. And that we'll do anything but it limp like put a weenie generations Lisa what do they they do. They gotta do this stuff and actually while I their pain these anti for thugs that's why they took an Occupy Wall Street protesters. And two time Obama voter. Mom and he's such as the previous not just a protestor was organizer. Palm of the far left. And they had him organize this is what we're going to continue to find out they had him organized this Virginia rally under the banner of unite the right. Only they have to do just that they're terrified is they're losing leave and so all they can do. Tonight in the quarters were released as they don't have this issue cannot break on the issues. So don't don't get down Lucy they're not lost they're not lost little cartoon hysteria because. Beard the north of the left sense is they've lost the use. Right. Well and do we try to educate and yes sweetie yes we do. Which we read until the end that they'd turn a deaf ear Acadia. Does matter challenge them to listen to the show. It's not this aren't the answer I shot. Do you could. Yeah just even got summit. Middle of the race people. Startled to listen and amazed that that date and termination. Deep accurate information. That you. Eat the Al and it's incredible there's available we'd never heard any of this. And when I can't won't don't just basic at all what she's what appears saying. You can go to show debut where every need again to get to make sure cinema. Carry him to my FaceBook page descendants and WRD face to pay senate to break par dot com challenged on the don't you know and don't go to wall around tripartite con neither read at all so I don't chat and until. Let's say don't stand there and your pierce Fenner in on the mainstream media. Broadening your horizons and we can't look at what every on bad science says that being here got up aren't a lot of faith needed. Because that's exactly what they did space needs that your bank in case. Keeping you alert any court and I need to know better after halftime. That yes heads these kids aren't here which are seeing right now is desperation to them look like that is. I'm recruits you blew it by the end of the show. Pound plus coming up if you have any solar eclipse questions my next guest to. Insert those. Text your race on the text find it solar eclipse glasses ISO certified safety. And magic it vague on who warring. And some behind chick filet. So if you so look at some classes. May be able to get some their. I know with the charges probably a lot of display. Text your race tier marketing engineering business in Greeneville it's ridiculous how long it takes to get permits or approvals for job lately. We've been working with developers who prize the Spartanburg and it's been a breath of fresh air. We're gonna Spartanburg me worsen vs the seemingly anti development attitude in Greeneville we know people who no longer want do work in Greeneville. I get really tired of anti development attitude that some people seem to have. These developers bring worked to the community and on so many different levels from construction to the jobs created those new businesses but that's a whole other conversation. Married show and we're bringing up Spartanburg because word on the town today we're out here life speaking drive in bet listeners. On who come on out here to meet me even do that all day long he convinced me body Mac and eerie you know dean breakfast listening truly listening live. Teeth to air show this morning. So come on out here to begin driving pizza some food Nina enjoy enjoy via ambiance of the lives of viewership. Your soon be filed by the lives Vince yet. Ari. What I jump on over to the guy in this man's talk want to talk to doctor Steve rescue. Event this solar eclipse were having he is a historian of astronomy good morning doctor Ruskin. Or deter you. I'm doing great. I didn't show me tax me we all hype in this silly eclipse my accident that puts before you guys used turn passion honestly worried talking so much about. And you know is somebody putting contest formulas and the news is this is the greatest celestial event we will see our lifetimes why they say that. But I think that's probably true. Edit you know a total solar eclipses it is pretty rare at least over America means they occurred now and then over there in about a year and a half every year and a half percent somewhere in the world but. Dabbled go coast to coast across America hasn't happened in almost a century so. You know it's it just shot up half which you guys are right not part of you know the sun is going to compete completely out blocked by them infer for they're short you know two minutes from my 38 seconds or so what and that's pretty spectacular in the stars come out. You see the planet's you know it's like almost like like he turns to night and that's that's a pretty neat thing I mean it's always effective human throughout history. Yang you're that this doctor Reston this will likely be the most watched solar eclipse. In human history and that Clinton may be even bigger than clap like a Clinton championship. But could be ordinary sounds like he knows it championships here writes yeah I mean I just I think with all the hype and you guys there may be no way to actually calculate the final numbers but. With all the hype and the fact that it's going across America and so many people are are planned he had. It very may or may very well be you know the most viewed clips of history at least at this point. To answer this question I have I don't mean Hicham spike but a lot of folks are texting me if you're gonna go up. To watch it they're going in they're going up on you know this hill this mountainous you know what does it make any did you see it better if your empire does it matter to you know. You know you don't really see unless you're going up high to Iraqis to cover error about in my book him back back at 1878 active then you got her first big Iraqi Iraqis and back to make a difference if you get up really high but just. Going up up like angle or something will be they it will really make a difference but what you might see you get a better view of the big a quick shuttle coming tortured as a member got things moving at about 2000 miles an hour or so. And beat the moon's shadow part of racing torture across bigger. And not serve your iPod you'd like he got from a distance and that's that's one thing that I eclipse chasers say is is really pretty spectacular as well just the shadow. Coming toward you so fast you know it's so big. On what exactly is a total solar eclipse so why is this once or rare. I'm well you know basically an eclipse is when that is a solar eclipse is on the moon blocks the light of the sides. And so again you know the days in pacers turned to night it is once purchased because again we haven't had one and so long in America the last clips we have it was forty years ago but that was just over. Parts of the northwest for the last poster Coastr clips we've had like this. I would in 1918 and that was the end of World War I and so we want you know we were focused elsewhere are mine you know collective minds front. Winning that war and so this is the first poster couscous we've had in. And so long that the whole country can get a chance to see and you know has were Rudolph relative time of peace or we can have the timing and money to go see it. Talking actors Steve Breaston you were an astronomy historian OK apparently. This airborne we're not the only ones who might deceased was a pretty big deal and 187 need to last time. It was that was you know ought to Colorado and and they came seven he would collapse occurred over the Rocky Mountains. That's very right about MacBook America's first critical but I think it was America's first critical to contribute the first time. In American person has had were so excited negotiator clips you know they didn't have the highway system back and that they did have a transcontinental railroad which had just been completed. And so that's summer or July at 1878. People are already what we do go up few Iraqis. Kind of is that just as a tourist destination when the eclipse occurred been cut that would be really cool that's. You know Colorado which had just become a state two years prior and before they knew that they were simply swamped. With tourists filling the hotels and they were living in perceiving and Barnes and out on the streets and so it's kind of like today I think you know they were. Not nearly the same you know numbers but people were just as excited about the club spec and they are today. Well apparently they're pretty exciting mattered with bigger event here doctor Ruskin. Eclipse itself for the fact that Greenville county and this just blew my mind is sitting disk disease and we are forecast to have 400 to 500000. People show up really beginning today yeah that means essentially that county's population will double. For the weekends and through the clips I mean that's that's unbelievable. I know it's odd odd I'm really interested to see how this all plays out myself street seeing much stretch much. It in you know a lot of folks coming in now yet or not. No on the they're saying that we start wishes are to see them you know coming in later on today so. Yeah well I I don't be adjusting you know I'm going up to Wyoming and the white population Wyoming they're expecting to you know at least decreased by 50% which is you know 250000. People are self. So we'll see policy. I'm yesterday Scania have really deafening really interesting and especially here too we have school starting next week which is normally is due on its own you know thrown. Yet people are gonna literally on Tuesday morning in the university's school Greenville county people going to be leaving for the eclipse we still have double the population trying to drive out of here and then we have a local population trying to drive to school. Which people can barely do anyway on the first day so wanna hit is kids can be easier once Tuesday. Yes look back at eighteenth and it had been happening Denver completely shut down part of springer they reduce small do you know it's still sort of a wild west in the front here that you know I think people just sort of the focus of Odyssey up at the equipped sit and everything else asserted drops so wayside. Absolutely. Well so I guess the moral of the story here then doctor wrestling would be you're gonna watch the clip she might hunt leaves several hours are really see it yeah yeah yeah. Or watch from your backyard that's where I think we're gonna do. Thank you so much for joining us today on 163 WORD. There Rory thanks to have fixed here at some folks went into you know meet me talk to me. Eaten breakfast out here at the world famous beacon drive in it in at Spartanburg is we take WLR and you'll see as do this a lot the next your gonna be all over the place. And today we are German by US auto sales still with locations in Spartanburg Asheville highway Lorenz wrote in Greeneville. Well we are first donation today to the terrorists are patients to socialist at school supply line. Yep Marcus earmark is silent on time or near here brought me glue sticks. So problem for glue sticks closer to Michael 36 this morning. For my kindergarten now in my kindergartners classroom. So when we four down and I 800. And I'm 96 ago. These 36 it's eight and that it's 900 clues that for 25 immigrants. We rebuild it glues that house include to get her and I don't I don't add any of them and I think you Marcus and for your contribution to the cause. The redistribution. Okay coming up on the show. Lot is. Always. Die eventually the truth comes up at learned nothing else in years I've watched politics in that. And that's beginning to happen with the whole trump Russian collision that heavy see on the Internet beyond me in every left wing stuff you don't have to. Folks I'm urging Mueller on quickly get this job done. This last round of stories that come out with Robert Mueller and the inquisition by the by the company and then they became your record of the banana republic. That he's yeah he's taking too long these are curry is dragging his feet weren't in miniature wire where they essential otherwise it's occurred. I'm Italian except you know couple things. My third. Need to have a special prosecutor and to federalized. To go after somebody like trump you have to across. With federal statute is they're must name cracked you the police are not allowed in America basic constitutional protections to investigation because they don't like. They can't do you have to have a crime they have to name a crippled don't have. And so they had to appoint a special prosecutor. Under a special says the statute that said that he is doing an intelligence investigation not criminal and this is now if somebody you know purges themselves. And during an Intel investigation that he could prosecute criminally he wants but he cannot do the kind of investigation he's doing if there is no Russian hacking and there is no collusion. Poof. He no longer has legal jurisdiction he's done. So panic is setting in. Panic is setting in because being Russian hacking line. Is evaporate headline from salon did you see this is actually have my Islam which is a very left wing. National publication what if the DMC Russian hack which they put in parentheses was really a leak after all. A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore. Net G and Joseph has been a week. Since the nation. Published they're devastating. Factual refutation. Of the ideas that Russia packed the election and trample over them. Loaded with fact after fact after it's been a week. I need is largely ignored. Have you seen. Any kind of reputation. Of those facts and has series' reputation those specs any kind of real serious debate about those facts. They haven't. His they can't. And to the whole truth is now out there it's online it's it's at the nation announced it's want to come. And so far no one has managed to take this apart the actual fight of of real. Former and as say an intelligence people and it former folks an idea who were saying. This couldn't of been a Russian attack. That was done on the East Coast. It would've probably been done in the same room as the computer in which it was taken from. As a cirrus didn't go in and still stuff off the DNC computer. Now. Ask yourself this. Normal. Brain this is out there that made that is out there. This is being challenged by the intelligence community. You seen any kind of a week in week almost every day from Mueller books about them looking on what might not have been a portal can it now they know interest you. They announcement from Mali will now be looking at the data did the intelligence folks a buffer and these are a couple of Intel have excellent you know Edwards noted these are high ranking people. You seen any interest what's are congressionally here it's army they tell us is a danger to our democracy real candidate he's sitting there at the trump people. Have a meeting. Not with the Russian government but with somebody from Russia and we have to have congressional hearings. Great so what are we having congressional hearings on this Amy assisted in getting to the bottom of this fight I cut it congress members at work.