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The Tara Show
Monday, August 20th
Keeping criminally unruly children in school; Trump driving the Left absolutely insane; Misinformation from the mainstream media; Trump tax cuts benefiting economy

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Well good morning wave good morning terra especially today it is national radio today really yes where we celebrate the medium oil love. Or at least served the search yes I. Of course and more people ask us how different minds they don't want best be tough and radios declining audiences on when we know what kind of fast fake news. Now yes I would is everybody listening to music on as some kind of bad now maybe I don't know but more people than ever before are listening Torre. People don't know that. Arm and and don't realize it yet and that's talk radio format he is the fastest growing dissidents. People finding you can. Get real unfiltered news there on. And so that's highly valuable thing defense set yes happy radio day we're happy about radio day today yes yes. On is like to eight like CE it's not much we worked in radio but sometimes straight. And meanwhile if you're getting ready for work right now get ready professor. Just a little faster you need to leave early wait what why. Because this is back to school day William Knapp which means it total chaos pretty much. Ahmed as everybody heads you know he hits the road in and part of the reason for that is that a lot of parents alike to take their kids to school. On you know the first aid first week whatever school for the settle into you know putting in the on the bus routines are the traffic is always not. Nets today is crazy seven I would leave to at least 20 minutes early this morning just make sure. Don't if your kids a senior in high school life it's not really necessary and I think that in Hamlin and yes probably. But you know I mean. But but yes so the kids going off to school I know how that ends up consuming so much time but it just seems like that's all I did this weekend now was get kids ready to go back to school. Yes I was thinking about choose a walk by the acoustics of Wal-Mart this weekend where there any left there were plenty. Outlets and am actually was target was a wall parts of the target. Is his everybody bought him a Wal-Mart was RO fifty cents a ballistic. But if you got there and there was none left discuss I bought small. Sorry about that. Cornered the market on glue sticks and you're absolutely. Yeah I was not I usually order omni you can add and incursions or go to you can order and went deli meat for the week or whenever online now which is really nice minutes ready. When you get there are sent a week on the fifteen personal lines are normally you'll literati and says OK at first develop pick ups fifteen minutes when ministry. I did I trial order yesterday pursue rolled pigott two hours while yeah he's everybody's get lunch mean moms factory line shares like I was yesterday. So they have K you know I found a weekly consistently. I did one but yet I was one of my mom's friends was telling me now that her second grader makes his own lunch one and I went last. He makes his own lunch he thought there were child labor laws against that youngest my kids straight Tommy as I had them yesterday enticing their own she's putting their own. On snacks it's together for the entire wouldn't want you could reach idea she said I would he loves it now. Once it yes. So are my children spent almost an hour yesterday making all of the parts of their once that can be made ahead of time and it's already governor as the week and this is gonna be a regular Sunday feature at my house seat what you do now is when you order the blue paper and let them cook this. All mothers almost my eight year old is my chef and he left I don't know what is that you need I say ironic techies can help. Sure okay he can pretty much make a homemade pizza from scratch pretty hosting yet I I don't wanna do the parts where you get candy Evan yet but. Other than that and then dealing with the heat we re back to back in the snow to this announcement once monitor either. A maintenance money said okay and now we knocked out two pizzas in the tunnel one and we just forget the point where. At a have you ever occur to somebody like a spouse or somebody where you could throw on time to get. Where he and I just like complement each other so well that we can kind of a mile and half the time you know the ones that he knows how to make he's got a cup or public house rules he does relatives so. But the Chinese twelve I think he'll be picking for the failing to UN Randall long who don't have nothing to do that work now this is a goal relief. Think his yesterday you know they get paid for some things that they they do in life hasn't. On soon after they spent almost an hour making their lunch yesterday they they wanted to know if they're gonna get paid. Now you get to eat eighteen years it's viewed at TE percent. You'll see how the kids make a lynch thing works out this weekend. The show he had going back to school and all my kids are all little nervous is everybody is always is the first the first day and the teachers are too I can tell you about are they really of course I. You know you've got new you know new students that are coming in you just getting to know them and they've got you know. All the preparation that they've been doing and all the pressure from demonstration on all the different things that they expect to be accomplished so I mean that there's some you know there's some nerves there with the teachers as well not just the students. Meanwhile we're reading at Greenville county schools having some trouble hiring infighting and answers them that right you think that is. I think there's a ton of reasons for that at a gym and and it's not any one reason. And it's not necessarily the fault of the district. You know there's there's just a multitude of reasons why. That's an issue. You know quite honestly a lot of it has to pay. Yes in on. You know maybe you know teachers are Juliet to summer some year out but you know that's figured into. That the salary there and everything but. You know during increasing demands. On the times of teachers that things are expected to do the the government requirements that things that they have to do and and quite honestly sometimes these things that they have to put up with. With regard to what goes on and a classroom in. You know it's it's a very stressful situations very stressful job with a folks wanna believe it or not. And quite honestly we are not on the upper end of the pay scale in the southeast. Yeah and Jesus or Aston to deal with apps with so much you know I I totally understand you also see. Like I am not saying that they're like first responders. But there are such sense situations that you see I understand why some folks can take this I don't want have to see what these poor children going through not every one of them but there's. There were many circumstances trying to moms like you mentioned specifics but. There's many circumstances you just look at that just shake your head in and despite what what can you do. On the. Eat their readers know that and then you know the state newspaper did it a piece on why teachers are leaving and why 10% of teachers leave every year. Ominous turn overs massive in South Carolina won a Heisman nation and anyone interviewed teachers and I mean here's what they were told it was I had to put up with all of this junk. An in out that I I did I put up with it but Delmon a kid threaten to kill me. And a principal or turn into my classroom that was last straw and that was actually an interview got a good ally in the state newspaper from a teacher he threatened in writing to Keller and Imus and that's why every teacher left but I'm a lot of these kids. That are completely disruptive to the class are returned again and again and again to the classroom. And some just voice or a teacher but yet their hands are so tied dealing with them high school these days. Is it's ridiculous. Wondering away with yup it's unbelievable I saw myself on the school that we left. On and we said to heck with this rally here in it was a good lesson there's not a bad school elementary school and own sins of the my kids were enemy in one kid broken and the kid's arm. When my daughter was in the second grade. Second great. Broke the other kid's arm and that he spent he did toward duty does six weeks in the vice principal's office and then was returned to class trip. Mom and you know. We can get woody what do you do there weighty and any readily that is not the fault of the Greenville county school system at all it's the fault of the idiots in congress. You have written these rules that make it almost in possible federal law almost impossible. Armed to get violent kids outside of the classroom and if they are on a behavior IEP which many of tomorrow their behavior is is is a prime you cannot remove that. Now because it's eight symptom allegedly of their psychological problem. Amen and so what he goes right back in the classroom and I said to heck with this rally here well on the show you know we're we're dot. That's just another good reason why we should. The states need to take back control of the schools because quite honest from the federal there is no constitutional call no constitutional justification. For federal involvement in the Q and education. Period end of story. So that this once again is why the states and that the local municipalities. That local school district should be the wanna charge. And if you know the population missile like the job they're doing you remove them and you put you folks and narrower and apparently policies but. Their hands are tied but with so much of this because of justice you what you were talking about but they intrusion of the federal government. Yet and that principal by the way at that elementary school was an excellent principal. She was she was great but there were a lot of very troubled children by a small percentage but he a lot of them enough score on us attack this were right here day she. Would've done a great job dealing with them I think. Had her hands not in tight ends and we just you know we have to pat put off we went down here I mean you have to do what's best for your child do. And huts or frustrating at. Sure it sounds like you are talking about the Obama promised program. Are you know they implemented nationwide public practically did. Tester said teachers in Greenville county are not thrilled with the air condition will be turned off at 230 in the afternoon at elementary schools when they will be there for hours after school preparing for the next day. Hope that's not true. Text your rates my wife had a student put her class. And in 1996 who had firebombed his previous teacher six months before the yeah about this been going on for a long time these are laws that congress is re upped for over twenty years. And then make it again almost impossible to get problem by children but literally violent children out of schools. And in and I documented that my reporting in Charlotte meter had a rapists it'll literally rates would commit his crime act school in high school after. And it they could not remove him so they just kept moving him to different schools. On hoping no one would discover he was there we discovered him. It was a net that this goes on more than YE ST she's put up with the staff now attacked with this money here. And then you don't turn the air and he's turning your condition now feel body mind. Ari anyway back to school. It is it is. I haven't felt right since the election was. Saturating. You often feel the urge to burn something down in their protests Ohio where. Worse I'm people who don't even know because you think they don't like you. If you've never found like this before like. It's very exaggerated Sears good. Residence and you may be suffering from a case so trump harder arrangement syndrome. Or church. Yeah weekend that money in your. Over love plays. Serving as a representative Alcee Hastings to incredibly still cats. And your kind Twitter account. That's coming Alan Jones does not have. He allegedly threatens the media and you do that and they are gonna shake you down onto a. But is a joke about the death the president at a before. That if she would kill the president know per. You are a New York Times editorial board and a member. And you're calling for genocide. Some of always meant that we find two or you're gonna have been verified Twitter account if you suggest that. It would be best ball way people died that's fine too. I you can work in the New York Times. Our demand respect and Twitter will let's go I joist. But you know if you're Alex Jones and use it and he's a really need to fight back against the media. Well. I'll put up with those that kind of think in today's sings with a later latest round. With the latest episode of turns here. He is a Democrat representative. Not Freddie Mac truck drowning and wouldn't that be great over the weekend. He didn't know that. Fittingly enough. Oklahoma. It's. Wrong the whole thing you do we'll tell you all know. And. Young that is that's where at least get that his country. Wii Fit. Now you're on the wrong side damning it you're at their message down to a unit he you'd never you have your FaceBook can't take and what you're never gonna get to speaking publicly given a Democrat this is good humor it's reporters. That pres is only funny when the president cites. I got a sense of humor. No I don't the sick. To be able to say it. Be able to say it not loses twittered counter his basement but no it's it's only being applied one way by the way. If it seems. As if everybody that you're now on the left is is losing it is cracking. I once you understand what they're being treated to some more trump uttered to arrangements cinder just small sample. From this weekend. Here's Ralph Peters for Fox News analyst gambling this. On it CNN who said it this and the if you are listening to this Alec unfiltered on CNN MS MA BC at ABC CBS whenever he you're you're watching. US and head of the CIA see our credit our president is committing treason. Nom you're listening to New York Times reporters. Calling trump an authoritarian who wants to murder people this is mainstream. On what used to be called mainstream media. Does your leftist friends are going nuts. This is what they're listening to its true. But they're trying to Jews so not to go to the polls for the mid terms take a listen here's a just a little bit of the charge this weekend from up or Ralph Peters on CNN. As a former Russian analyst for my. Most of my career. Com can work directly with the Russian intelligence services. I'm convinced. That the president of the United States he's in thrall to Vladimir Putin there's no other way to restrain his behavior. It perfectly fits the profile of the kind of people the Russians target. He's a president who appears to be in stroll to a foreign power hit a hostile foreign power this is unbelievable to me I could never for scene that's I was a pretty good. Analysts made a lot more good calls and bad calls I never could before seen this teaser cliched word this orwellian situation. And dumped as usual Peters. Evidence that trump is an agent of a foreign power what you can tell by looking and we just. Sit racial matter until they are looking at the top school look and time he totally don't get. And throughout the season and he can you just look and you could tell Sweeney temp. Meanwhile. This. From N New York Times. Read Porter ms. Goldberg. Had it this is she's the one I assuring us that trump wants to murder people. And is thought of the as a head of an authoritarian. Read this is what passes for news these days. He's the leader of the free world I know it's not. Enough leader of the everywhere else but sorry yeah. By default solutions from world Angela Merkel literature were high. Well he he is the most important person and in the world and politics right now and he is very vocal and I do agree with you that this does express the level of exasperation among his aides. That they can't. Have any control over your arm. Yeah Kahane. I'm sorry your argument that he's a leader of the free world because he's not getting any democracy saying as we get it in areas he's right he's asserted junior player and a block of authoritarian country and no and then people like the European Union are no longer looking at him as a leader any longer in a big and it's not saying I am as a great AC he's instead he's like rape he's part of a block that includes Vladimir Putin to terror today he's you know he's kind of part of he's he's part of kind of an accident I for a lot of love. And at worst it's well it's worse than what I am concerned anyway I mean is that not that that's not the worst and consensus is about the worst thing to say about it. But he's Muslim rounding people up and murdering murdering them without any Ed you know be due process like tale I'm Obama and I I don't think you can say that I tentatively anyway so I do. Showed over your time's been like amount people for murder and Hollywood. He mentioned. All I can tell by looking at. Did you hear one shred of evidence at all offered their for anything this is this so this is what they have your leftist friends kept up. If they are completely and reasonable and sound insane. This is why is what they're watching. On what we used to call. Mainstream. Media that's just Asian dolls sample I'm going to sprinkle the rest threw out. The show so much trump energy arrangements in drum over the weekend. Out and I can't act came into one or jury in three segments. Anymore. Is passing you you actually use in any that was MSNBC. No you didn't did you. Trust me. I can tell. By looking at ten. Let issues that standard in that talk radium I would have to do any research expect Hillary Clinton. Took criminal psychopath caddie announcer Tony looking out. OK that's good that works that's fine. Tirades new study luck. If it is done. Is is self fulfilling. Prophecy. Replant. Yet tell under the president's new study finds a lucky year you think you are more reluctant you'll actually happen. And yet this is say study published in the journal of those little psychology but it's interesting to me researchers head study participants. Complete life. Orientation test which revealed if they were optimistic peasants. The next. So I just found a connection between how optimist prepay our participant was. And how lucky they thought others where. Now funneling. Between in the amount of luck folks I believe they had their own lives and their level of optimism or peasants. His scenario yeah it makes so much I'd seen people in business and in my family knowing friends who who literally. Com will believe that if they just go the extra mile they will get a big break and they they will could argue pretty specific break. They're just doing everything right and pushing things story I tell you what you do that over time and things just break your way in a lot of weird lucky weighs us where boom rinks and comes back to you. It that way if you're if you're kinda good to people. It boom earrings in weird ways we especially nobody's looking at comes back here and ways that end up benefiting you financially personally an original idea CNET so many times. 803471063. Text line 713. As seven back to school kids. Yeah the other radeon mom and dad while you're Roland as a sleep a little someone's at a bed and of course it's Shaq. Yet the Shaq cannot sleep and and I AM anymore summer is over there. Hit a lot of folks hard time aloof folks at least in my family. It kids go and I feel bad for them I remember exactly what that was like the stages of grief. Another going through in my house this week we did this weekend mom how could summer be over it doesn't fewer and Summers are magical. Nothing like them when you get to be mental. They're really as. Yea yea you know now and no worries NASA and on year endless hours chooses to while away doing what every Allegra mile which is usually mind craft. In my house. And the pull. So I yelled at over in there and genuine stages ray yeah total was at treasure your Summers don't waste them. Because say they aren't they are few and far between you'll never have a time like this and elect against Lee retired. In the commuter plane nice it's over mom what he got a couple more and running as a lot of work to be done before then. Yet 803471063. Text line 71307. Neck cliche. More things change the more they stay the same. Is that trip to hurt to share personnel and chance are you same person knew where when your 15141816. New mass cinema new study they started assessing this in 1960. Researchers from seven universities printed data from US high school students. Who answered a series of questions to assess their personalities in 1960 and they've had an answer it again and again over the course of get this fifteen years. Summing up the findings is same. Com may personality traits remain fairly constant however. Nom. People who are more conscientious than others they're aged sixteen. Are likely you know to be mark conscientious than other city 66 but on average. Everyone becomes more conscientious more emotionally stable and more agreeable. Another words your personality does change. For the better. Overtime. So I just didn't sign individual difference in personalities across time with some people changing more than others and some changing more and more harm for ways. But audit the average. People changed their personalities at changed for the better. Across. Their lifetime. Translated that into people became better people as they age I don't know I don't know let him go that far. Interest. 803471. I sixty text line 713. 07. Text reds Gerry was coming in loud and clear on the radio that come after me Tony down I'm trying to snooze. We talked about the snoozing last week Paul got an ad up a bit. Easing is bad for yeah. And delicious selflessly. Volume like hormone your brain releases to get you back to sleep I need to feel groggy for the next hour as his day at. Public service I do. Paul by blasting him. Out of bed. Every day. Surge is is segment we just did. Net talking about at what they aired dose Singh speaking of drugs what they're dissing their audiences with its not even facts anymore. This is and it was good the Russian narrative is fun part. You are watching. An advanced. As historic if not more historic than Watergate. As we watch this the heads of I Justice Department and FBI fall to their own corruption. We are receiving like this before. Is unbelievable as a U you have to do something big to cover that up. And to convince your eyes yeah I'm be breezy people lose their jobs is that trump is somehow. Affecting a true. On the country. That's Hillary's in. And don't look at all the laws that read don't look all lies they told a look at the perjury Galina that just would get to factor out the door and see trump is affecting you could say cannot control the news much longer. Because I did the dams are our breaking. As is gone. And so you're hearing increasingly. Hysterical voices of the mainstream media. As they attempts to confuse their audiences. Not in it and into I I as I don't know how to describe it at marching like zombies to the polls. It's just. Lap. Tester race. If Russia is if Russia is a foreign hostile power why did Hillary send them plutonium. Our iron. Tech stories don't rush is hard every US president look at the success they had and getting Obama do within my way yes we don't discuss that. Another in the mainstream media ads tester race. Tara might show up but given these morons publicity they are idiots. This must understand that the state of the country as people go on an easement terps. That these leftists are going to mid terms in total panic they think they're living through two. Any trump is behind the kit. And it they are absolutely. Hysterical. And I understand that the anger and the rage of these should be doing what how we are having a really shattering economic records. Weekly. I can get an ownership. What are they enraged about ideas seem bizarre. A vision what they're being dosed with. It it is just like some kind of crazy psychedelic form. Are you know of Abbott drug that they that they are giving Ahmanson B if Yahoo! had a so so that's why. They're not rational and Russian eldest last week you can't argue with them. You can they are they are so delusion you just have to defeat the. A decision as if you truly intellectually curious for disease turn on the news any news he picket. As maybe gave no one tea album it's too fast and using Internet. The more you listen to the news from these people the dumber you get like a double less informed get but the more you know from the no more clueless you are about what's going on around you I've never seen anything. Like. Mean good news it just keeps rolling at I like to focus on this. Began is I didn't I want folks understand the power of capitalism doesn't matter who actually uses it. There's Donald Trump whether it's Ronald Reagan who works the same every time it's tried new study out there love this. Workers at will be bringing home the bacon salaries are about to break out of the decade long slump why. This according to was day news sitting by Willis towers Watson data services US professionals nationwide will soon be taking on their biggest paychecks. As the tightening labor market an economic recovery will be will spur companies to constantly raise salaries and pay bigger bonuses. Employers haven't paid in increased like this is 2008 when the financial crisis torn. Now the Willis stars Watson's survey reported is a survey of businesses and what their plans are coming up for twenty teen risked 192019. Reported big gains. Non dead top grade professionals finance to corporations were awarded the average increases of four point 84 point 6% of salaries this year. Two point 7% increases. At picked up by the average worker and it's only going to get better in the years ahead why. Tax cuts. Average pay increases for nine app management workers. Will reach three point 1% in Tony ninety stagnating wages. Like the first two years Alicia. I am almost four years on the station can you believe. At a edited and read this again average pay increases for non management workers. Will restrict point 1% 2019 compared with three point 0% this year according to Willis a towers Watson study. Bad and they gave semi examples registered nurses pay raise by 4% last twelve months customer service managers. Not see an increase of seven point 4% delivery drivers gains of five point four says this all over the economy is is the Bebo an engine to people not management. A big board and blue collar jobs. Rises. When you slash the corporate tax rate. From 31% down two from 35% down to 21%. This is a Fox News. Analyst talking about why on earth this is happening. Take a listen. So you talk to people like Nancy Pelosi they say that these tax cuts in the strong economy are gonna benefit the companies and the people around the company's. And that their employees are never gonna see any evidence that may be scraps according to Pelosi. What are what are you see here. Well I think we're trying to see data I've actually bears out exactly what supporters and attach a farm lot promised would happen now it's one of the crucial components on the tops of fund Don Allen passed but here is the kind that corporate tax rate which is why you here than you do floats into the wild say that it's only benefits the high them while connected India leaps and that's simply not true or taking out corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Was so important in order to get workers' wages to rise because it increases the amount of capital available to businesses to invest back and their workers to increase productivity and that's finally what we're starting to see what's on the stage here is that workers are starting to see the benefits. That cut in the corporate tax rate. I'm sitting out one thinking OK great what does this actually mean for me. I 2018 general industries that salary budget survey says three point 1% pay increase in the average US worker in 2019. Compared to add 3% to 2018 down four point 6% average pay increased to top performers in 2018. Anything helps and that's not bad. Now as trickling down to an early start. At why is happening. Because corporations are repatriating billions of dollars from overseas they were blocked from doing that before by the massive tax rates we have here. And by the repatriation terms in the taxpayer. And I forecasted disk and there was going to be a massive boom could be the first wave. Where you get you know what do you get to a foreigner bugs to maybe 15102000. Dollars and paycheck extra. He has not been Clinton tactic but that that would only be the beginning it's a big corporate tax cuts that we're going you're gonna see this massive boom and here it's blue right on the beginning at. Things getting so much better in this country what is causing his trot out. Am champion republic known Kaplan's. Networks bet there are just as well that was tried by the Democrats. This is what happens. This is what happens when you get the government that we take money out of the hands of the government bureaucrats and played back in the hands of the private sector and what they do it. BC to grow every single time. They seek to agree. And everybody went. Everybody once I saw you don't hear explained enough. Were often enough but this is what's driving. This that. And if it is allowed to continue its gonna be game changer for this generation. Is going to be game changer. It's not going to be what's at kids coming out of high school and college last fifteen years have experienced 1519 yourself. We totally different Connie so does not part of expects to tell you all the time we're fortunate this country. The problems we have are almost all created in a Washington. Can be fixed there. Too.