The Tara Show - 8-20-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Monday, August 20th
Judge in Manafort trial getting death threats; Social media using dual justice tactics; Judge gives child predator probation; Larry Kudlow defends Trump economic results from pundits who want to give Obama credit

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Clay County terra married and there are often think it Leslie stay. Greenville county land should be in school now so my husband just send me any amount letting you know that the kids are safely that's cool. And they're off and there there are so there again. Mission accomplish mission and I accomplished. Yes. So an area meanwhile. In real me as I China understands and the way he's being reported about former CIA director. And Lola John Brennan magazine your mainstream media you heard this weekend at his first amendment rights. We're being threatened by the president right. With my answer would intend to go into ways to security. Career low limits you know why. Hasn't talked to him to stop them from speaking he's not supposed to be speaking. About the secret stuff he has access to. And I haven't seen explain ship this anywhere enemies Jimmy Howell. Our Brennan's first Mehmet rates threatened down the by having his security clearance he can't exactly have you seen anything explain because I know I Kiet. Made that makes McKinney argue against you because I can't find anywhere where they've explained. How that worked. They want because they expect everybody to simply didn't take the headline. And assume out okay trump is guilty of doing something to this former patriots. And now that's that's what the narrative is with the media. That's is exactly what they want you to believe that this former CIA director he is being a maligned. Maliciously. By the president. And that the he's got to be stopped from doing that. Even though Brennan says nasty things about trump all the time. Great sermon the president response. And you know even when data security clearance Brennan I saw him on the news this morning I mean you know majestic yesterday morning and he was still saying nasty things about trying to show. It doesn't appear to head. You know slowed him down it. He seems to be you. Very capable of first amending all the greats so bomb I'm not sure what to turn but I guess it just sounds good yeah that's that's and that's what they were Davis right it's just it sounds really scary. And so. Yeah I guess that's what's what's going on there or so or something screen are really scary. I do does the judge in the common afford case now has to have our around the clock now US marshals protection because of the death threats. Exactly who is threatening him he's not set X evoked a means yours that I would. Take him and Abby taken at face value that that there are threats but if if this is the judge who is certainly hope output this quite openly hostile. To the concept. Of man afford being prosecuted. Because he believes as many others do that this is simply a a payback against strong and a payback and and a warning to people who want to affiliate and associate themselves with a trump campaign. This is what's gonna happen to you if you oppose us. And end of the judges very open to that concept that that may be what's going on here. So who's going to be threatening and I certainly don't think it's the RNC or any of the trump supporters. Net at meanwhile. Knowing full well this got any easy in the Justine says hey listen you know I'd basically he's moving from hotel hotel he staying in hotels. He's been very careful about coming and going from the hotels and that's apparently house has hears threats are meanwhile CNN. Is attempting to intimidate the comment forgery. Bomb Mari questioning jurors names and home addresses known full well this judge now going to be under marshals protection. At a business threats against. And they want the they they want the names and home addresses so they can publish that. This is in Sydney. Heretic gonna defend themselves from Liz six or going after this judge once CNN publishes their names addresses and why on earth eleven got. Would you need a jurors address. Why would you need. Yeah exactly and you don't need to act and were something to happen. CNN to me would find themselves in court immediately because if you know if you could say look you took this information. Knowing full well that there was a threat I would sue the heck out of them. It's I could see maybe one in the neem some how I don't know. All but the address is come on this is a need to bid to literally. Help the NT the types. Intimidate members of the jury buy their way of calling them when they're sequestered. Or whatever and saying hey listen some guys threatening to kill us in the kids this is. What the left does all the time they want information like that I remember when there was like. What was it were there wanted to in our A list or the young gun registry list or something they were wanted to print all that after round of the doomed there's shootings may be one of the school shooters on reverend sandy hook or what. But due to the left was going after a New York Times when the publisher. Yeah Bob Webb Webb was it was all the gun owners out on the wanted to and I know their son and break into their house is or what it can't being. This is something that the left wants to use all this apparently is is one of their tactics he is home all identified one mean these people ocean over they would have single hassle once you go. You know was shot him on the bull horns outside their house Salma. And you think that Dan. Publishing meant and the address to these people would never affected. How that jury votes and all totally would affect how many Jerry book is it of the threats of violence would begin. That's exactly what they would do you know if Paul manna fort can't talk to anyone who's gonna potentially be a witness then why should they be able to do that with a jurist. He's going to be locked in solitary confinement. Yeah my. But he this was CNN does is what they wanna do they want they want to threaten those witnesses they know people will do it. They had eight Amylin to violence remember this is remember CNN explain just last week. We said Cuomo to explain Riyadh ZABC a big it's it's it's you know may be illegal for you than him but you know morally it's the right thing to do it. They will define big. Can Joseph call all of this big it's all day long on CNN who voted for truck. So we know what's a big heat isn't defined that he leaves that up to the beater. He leaves that up to the dog and that's the danger she means she is got a Jews they have incur at actively specifically encourage violence and and they want to addresses and names sit at these people the day of primed to go committed confined targets. This is the country we live it and it's really really skew speak have a country we live in a lot of other people live in the country we live in two who's living in this country notice. I I'd I have got to meet with the management to get my knees haven't put together computers so mentally I can keep up was is more than 700000. People. Overstayed their visas in 2017 that is staggering. That is staggering 700 yes that is according to a recently are released estimate from the Department of Homeland Security that's million nearly a million even the McCormick. Even now I know. 600000. Of these individuals are suspected to have remained in the country according DA just while the other 100000 or so simply departed after their visas expired. It has about a casino like really who cares young man lead toy days played fifteen easily whenever inside we enforce that stuff. Now here's the thing here's your drink it's okay beat 300 that that's 300 sad cases 700000 people overstayed their visas and Tony simply. This 300000 more people. Eminem apprehended trying to illegally cross in order our southwest border saying. Anything these overstays her present a more serious source of illegal immigration and border cross hairs and they know it they they have for a long time it's over 50%. Yes so it turns a source for illegal immigrants. Bomb and then I mean this is this is this has got to stop with we have we have got to get serious about cracking down honest and Minnesota we started the only people prosecutor for those are those who commit crimes while I understand minis at the house is guest Stan. Wonderfully even though that in and of itself as a crime. So I mean this this justice this is just out of control. I and is toy and I can spell it had visa overstay rates of 10% or higher. Law these small east African nation of 41% to mean coming they are Beverly Djibouti Djibouti. Yeah so the folks in what is your not least you duty yet so here again. And the wanna listen the it was as the overwhelming majority of those over 10% countries over 10% of those who come here and visas overstay any stone ground. Bomb are located in Africa louse booed ton hears ago went Afghanistan and Yemen. Hell yeah I don't go back to Yemen are rack. And a tiny piece of garlands of pollutant Palin and a place and that winner. Yes OK suing get rid Yemen Iraq and Afghanistan they're arresting these you spoke in a terrorist. A huge terminal and go to Disney World. Great they can go home yen looks like they didn't too bad. Out of control music we wiese was issue we become open borders country we are an open borders country. This is complete lawlessness. And I camp what. Is in this country. That's why he. Just last week when we fight. The assassin when this. Essence who killed the entire first family they wanted to try him in Burma we have a day and ice is member. Who executed members the police force is one or murder charges in Iraq found him Sacramento. That we have a guy. Poor thing driving his wife did to the top passed earlier just trying to get her fists to Syrian section on attacks paired diamond he's arrested by ice turns out he's won it. On murder charges in Mexico. Should stop their just keep go this is just the last week. Airbus and I remember much atop my head to cement. By the way Utley. May managing her to calm these spelling of our respect. I now has only one. He's had to a real it's yes I'll I'll let Alexander and explain and next. Segmented that his London they're looking for Sheen insists speed that common court English. Sam Sherman like as much as the common core math. OK apparently. Yeah I wanna disaster OK you can predict how much money somebody makes but their favorites had a music according to a new study. The citizen's right okay. Now did this. Classic music. Lovers and they highest average incomes at a 114 GAAP efforts 1141000. Dollars your by the way. This is a new study by TBA. Anti America and skis TD Ameritrade. Says you can predict how much money somebody likes by their favorite type of news K here we got. Number seven century average of 58000. Dollars just as an aperture. Number six top. 61000. Dollars number five. Rock hard rock 65000. Number 480s. And ninety's music 67000. Dollars. And a very rap and hip hop 69000 dollars on average. Number she electronic music. Now define what that is I'm not really sure 92. Thousand dollars on their a year average. And classical music fans again. Average a 1141000. Times a year and said the results or surprisingly accurate when they correlated the encounter is it to be music. Preference. 803471063. Techs like 71307. Man. Tester race Alex Jones warned me about how the Democrats are pot belly hub goblins and he was right. Nor can be able warned about much of anything entering he's going. As seen as he's pretty much banned everywhere. By the way. A strange ball of pretty tight if you like peace security tire puny I don't I don't know. He's aware oak but he's really rich and he's a ton of followers online because he plays video games really well he's one of those guys. Taking up for Alex Jones and and net Bill Maher. The left wing nut taking a frown Jones or that we can do this is Dana we're. Either where it ended with the censorship Alex Jones. Had his Twitter account hung up. And he's done a temporary suspension. And SF just today India owner of Twitter came out Sabrina I can't find any violations of our rules but then it. All the left wing nuts who who worked for twisted they wanted to suspended anyway and they want Fox News taken out tip. As a nice that well okay we'll take about as a they've found a way to do it they said that he was threatening the mainstream media. Threatening Maine to me. I may well see and still has. They yeah active Wear caps weren't checked few minutes ago just not on last week by one they're Talking Heads. About how if you see senator looks bigger idiot got just beat them up. Had might be illegal it's morally okay. The find Vick did he did. Alluding to find big old time on CNN is anyway just agrees with that. Entrance they get everybody supports him is a big it's not you racist Obama buck. So any of the big the pulled its in your eyes it's America is very large if you listen to CNN on Denny's is so mean your here. Choice of targets and he just wanna go up and clocks and it is massive could be jump virtually any. Can Joseph owning a violence on CNN do they still have me working Twitter handle yes they do the Smart. In view condoned violence or suggest bouncers isn't that suggested violence. It's true you are what you do it. Big problem. 80347. When I was 63 text line 71307. Text your ice here at CNN should be asked is should be asking for the names and addresses of those who have overstayed their visas. In some (%expletive) Text your race. Couldn't change the name of the Democrats to the new Socialist Party after the Elizabeth Warren billed to basically have the government confiscate. All private business and go ahead run I had I think cell. Many do that Cuba. Not entirely. Tech strange CNN should be charged with intent to jury C. You know somebody got the good the demand for jury looks like a bit I mean they should be the bright. According to CNN. What Saddam would that. Sir is your without a fuss about John Brennan has forgotten about Sandy Berger and what he did with his security glanced. Yeah but he's kinda says he does cap. That would these these these couldn't even just trying to make the country bad a grant to break a few laws along the way like John Brennan did when he was head of the CIA then what we do. He'd be out. Tester race how about my a monologue in last hour Sherri were awesome thank you. They sure my. All the young ones of their potential my son graduated high school not having stellar grades. But a very good work ethic he's taking welding this year at Greenville tech he'll do well in that. We will listen Texas overtime and they they do very well. I'm very excited for him in his future despite not being an academic superstar sex. As we wanna make some money. Sure. You're a woman. Go to welding school and Greenville to I I can I add that I'd we have recently ran I can tell you how in others but. I recently ran into a female welder 29 years old. Talks at a 150000 dollars years she did you could make much more but she doesn't feel like working anymore. Just this this is isn't phenom minority conscious I know women welders. And I've yet to what she does is run mostly male Chris. Usually on a cruise dismissed the people and women are meant for whatever reason and they they get a minority contract where did she gets. My companies who want her went. And so assassin homicide if you're if if McCain I'd say they beat my daughter asked me right now which are doing graduate I I would be tempting to tell her to go to welding school. I win heading to count the average relevant we've got a guy who listens to us as a mother makes a thousand dollars a year. So you know I mean you know schools not I think there are listened Telstra some parents owes her circuit there are a lot of great ways to do really well might that have nothing to do with eighties. And peace. Text sure it's why would anyone neither deserves security guards after they leave the administration they should. You should get a limited security clearance. If you're John Brennan or any fire you know prior head any agency. That'll let you only to speak. To the current head if they call use. And once your opinion on some things. And then you insisted this stuff I need to know basis that's it you don't needed to go get a job. You don't need debt. I now the children are safely ensconced in escalated any adult version of the program when this question. I start a RUH child sex predator. Money can be honest with me. Maybe wanna be putt. To Greeneville count. Consider that kind of think big deal. My talking about two to see this did just a bit onto this I did I know what. The judges are smoking. In this system but the ones getting ridiculous. And my personal favorite the 151000 dollar bond for the mid day main street. Shooting. Is rolling shoot out anybody could have been hit thank god nobody was killed 151000 backs you know get a bond at 151000 bikes to somebody you'd do that means. Did you could put down 10% 15100 dollars media drugs like those gangsters did their son might be as like which you are brought up in your sock. 151000 dollars a surely keep the thing like it rolling. 3 o'clock PM broad daylight showed out from happening on main street again god forbid anybody wants a walk to work. Or from work or anywhere. Now face. And finished we have judge so than Pete and to thank you can thank him if he would like. Mine. Man deputies say wanna in China as sex life gets probation. Wa Pope liked. Gap. Probation. Where do I begin with this one. This at this case. Made statewide it news and it should. But does this is ridiculous. And it. This is this loser jest just in bends it. Lives in Myrtle Beach where an incredible number of sex offenders instantly if about 25% impact of all the sex offenders the total population of north and South Carolina live emerald sea she gotta you gotta know that if you go there with a child's not a good place. Anyway. Office was doing a sting operation online. When they when they cut discrete he was talking to a fourteen year old he was a great pick her. Says she could be his sex slave and baby making machine. Yeah he was actually talking to an undercover officer. According to authorities. To have more for him good actually. And that's about in my he has his his hobbies your passions include cannibalism and beast yelled he's a real winner this guy. He's actually pretty terrified. Sit at the judge didn't seldom. People. I decided that this is lingering unease quick pat then saying. Her husband is with autism. Considered low risk. This is one thing have to Julian. Low print he was Ronnie is a way to pick up a fourteen year old girl. I then Singh who is is not Susan was considered risk according to masons and she'd obtained during the county clerk of course our office are you the 101000 dollar bond put I guess you better oh yeah it gets better. Has just sentenced to ten years a person's. Good you say oh no wait. That was suspended. Two hard years of probation. He got. Probation. Now. They busted doing missing getting god forbid I can't imagine how the victim come out of that one. There will enacts. His tenure prison sentence. Goody. I agree. So does create another child victim here I created sure victim before he goes to prison. That's just great. You discuss induce. Yeah yeah just. That's really yeah. I have to do to get opponent in this guarantee of over when he sell orders. What would do dried up Shuster Medina head during rush hour I knew we set for the eleventh. Leading we're acting like I mean these numbers us and she has not kid did you hear in court assistant Mike since 1960 night or some crazy today. 101000 dollar first probation. Yeah it's so insane is making news Ramsey. I don't know what's going on now marriage court house to Joe Buck up. This is ridiculous. Certain Naimi Jamie judges but it's not come back. And what how. And if you're looking for. Sex slavery child sex slave of your own ideas Greeneville look at better place in any other car coming in now that's what she gonna get past. He's got Nazis you know we saw much of the day. And what we will why. He's not much of flavor what does it have to do anything you didn't severed from new amassed. Any time. Until about you know action gonna see with tax on those with the S and have a good time does Dexter is she more trouble for mistreating a dark. Yes. I on the show. The liberal friends online user academy might be like Rory in Iraq are sort of way she would tell I was not attacked it and deathly was an eighty neutron. I was so he's all lit and he's all of Obama's deal. You and I had a responded that I have got the best response ever coming Abbott is an epic rant by Larry Kudlow you'll enjoy very much. A sort all that plus their reactions into this and they keep that skinny key member of the Hillary Clinton team loses his mind. Over what the FBI and the CIA top officials and DOJ top officials are getting away with. Criminal. In all moved to Greenville county they know do that. Yet join me. Shoot that gangsters and child sex offenders get away with it now. She this whole economic. And could degrade done. You know recession that and then and then we had the economic troubles under Obama used you know that was Bush's fault right. Missing yeah well there are having economic resurgence under trumped. It's totally Obama did. EC yeah a body it was Nat truck. You liberal friends telling us. Yet well tough economic advisor Larry Kudlow has great come back to backs. The other side of the story if you will it's today's epic rant from Larry Kudlow by net the 4% growth we're experiencing now he'd. Larry I don't know if you read the New York Times so I read that the reason things are booming is because of a combination. Between Donald Trump and the great situation. Barack Obama left the government went. I love this story I just love this story because. All my friends who worked in the Obama administration and I have a bunch of them. Told us repeatedly. We could never grow faster than 2% ever that was their master okay new normal now we are growing had. 4%. And they're saying Obama should take credit now always. We couldn't grow its move but I always just double left the floor so got to give credit to our man. No way gives Donald Trump some credit. For Lori tax rates rolling back regulations. Trade reform and let me add one you know the numbers keep rolling and that's was so great here. Good consumer confidence numbers record high and rising small business confidence numbers record high and rising. Large business confidence record high and rising. We're gonna see a big number in the third quarter of the Atlanta fed has already predicting over 4% that would make back to back 4% almost say it is. You can't say and the wind and in the these are 2000 Lyonnais c'mon my TV show like that you can't tell me on the one hand. They'll never be better than to. And then if we double that just for this month it was are we take credit for that even though we told you couldn't happen. It did happen it's the story of the year and it's going to be a big election and Barack. Never Obama. Certain kind of back and lynch is here the DC. Hasn't can't imagine why. That. As he did. Never knew normal person. Your funny jog your wishes are gonna go up you just. She shades turn your AC up a little bit get used to it being 78 degrees year round because. It was good for the environment and besides snack you be able to pay for your bureau you know your cooling bill any other way in a degree gonna love. Part Cuban let let headless saying this in this I've destruction the show renal a lot of listed the biggest untold story. I didn't energetic he's untold story right now aside from the fact that we are living through. The biggest political scandals since Watergate probably a bigger political collision scandal. Since you know Watergate and and it is the top glare of the FBI added that it along with the toppling of DOJ that's the number number one big story the second biggest untold story. Is he cannot. It's just it's nuts what is not in this isn't companies Greg I know it's because probably is is has embraced a little bit a capitalist. Capitalism says the world on fire every kind of shark. Here's Larry can't say in the same thing I am saying they untold story is the economy it's today's sat second epic rent. There's something weird things and in newspapers and in the media. V single. Most important political story this year by far. Is the economic boom that virtually no one expected to happen. I sort of make that point out that is the political story of the year it's gonna continue. Right through to the election right an economic boom. 4% growth of the recent numbers that we go through this budget is you want but here's my second point. This is gonna have a huge impact on on the November mid term elections here's a factoid. After tax. After installation and come okay think of his paycheck. And come take home pay to use Ronald Reagan's. That sick she political. Economic indicator. Is moved up from 1% only. When quotas took office says over 3%. Recently any political scientist hey that's the one who watched before election. And I think it's because paychecks arising in the economy is growing on a good actively. GOP is gonna keep the house they Larry the congress that's my take. Narrates today's second and big rim by the way. So here at last we we had. Shattering records or with business confidence and consumer confidence I was much. But this week where on 20 isn't it true workers not to take from their biggest paycheck in years. So much suffering under trump the Nazi racist and folk out workers will far and didn't Zeller is about to break out of a decades long slump. As a predicted after the tax cuts yet this according to a senator Willis towers Watson at data services. I dirty seeing actual I'd take home pay increases that Murray happens when he Tina for Cashman between nineteen. And is so this survey is based on interviews with a sample business across the country what the plans are was in the best. Yes top rated professionals in financing corporations awarded average increases of four point 6% this year that's already. 7% higher than that uses two point 7% to Deb by the average worker but we'll take it. It always trickles down. Average pay increase for non management workers three point 1%. A forecast for 2019 compared with just three point out of this year I in the weight is we're not going up. More than tax cut they were snagged. These numbers are nuts there gossip. And is out across the board salaries for registered nurse is rose by 4% last twelve months customer service mangers. An increase to seven point 4% there'll delivery drivers are gains of five point four percentage gossip. Our rise in the minimum wage is also contributing to the pay about nationwide according Nellis is not. But because somebody legislated that rises because they got to pay. On now that the economy is boom. And again that's what happens when you practice limited capitalism you slash corporate tax rate from 35% 21%. And companies are finally able to relocate here repatriate the billions of dollars roughly 15%. Of our economy hat was no hidden off support. This coming back I mean those are staggering. Numbers when you for that money. Backed into an economy because you can't because you have to hide from the tax man in a tied neck. Irina died in India on diet every rest manufacturing. Com business practices. Friday she could joy in America again. And that's creating a lack of jobs texture is an 11% increase this year thanks to Trump's tax cut out which Suisse which is to begin folks.