The Tara Show - 8-20-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Monday, August 20th
Social media using dual justice tactics; The Left doesn’t understand how free speech works; Broward County cops who allowed school massacre still have jobs; Former Michigan Gov. calls for liberals to vote to stop coup by Trump against FBI; More people caught up in dirty Hillary dealings

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Okay so. Utley CNN don't. Is now with this in her in ratings trailing the History Channel and. Eight she TV. McCain well. Had two pretty popular channels I know especially HT BHG TV and my councilman something my wife's watching the line yeah yeah. Com it's easy to get sucked in that if it's on in the background yeah you know you're sitting there and you're planning to renovate your bathroom he'd he had been considered that before. So on CS and show up at CS says CNN different terms of actually watching the news nobody has but. There or web site is really popular. In traffic and and you remember before the throttled led FaceBook put on a bright part. And and Twitter put on bright part bright part was a number three most popular news site in the country after New York Times and On will Fox News which bright guarded actually passed has now surpassed CNN any. And in the ratings in India in the hits now measurement they're so. C.'s show up I guess we can probably suing counts on what FaceBook and where they're gonna have to go and throttle what HDTV. Front. Definitely History Channel and probably fox to fix that is now. Is about to Demi had the only way they going to be able to fix that. I'm saying propping up their bodies they're brightly and yep because what can no longer find Alex Jones who totally turned to see and easily dump. Mercy yeah right. And meanwhile by the way Alex Jones spent over the weekend. Bob while this actually last week but down and just running in the news of how it happened to by Twitter. He is now suspended which is usually the first step to being kicked off of a Twitter. Alex Jones doing aid at d.s are mix of really cutting edge awesome. Are reporting that really gets results. Like he did in the bank shooting mixed in with some just very strange can pick conspiracy stuff that's. Makes you wonder if he's office met. But but he does he does valuable reporting any egg again in Vegas in a big shooting he literally forced the FBI to revise their time when he they don't like that. When you know Alex Jones makes full of them so. And and neither apparently does a YouTube or Spotify or FaceBook or apple or Twitter showing it at his accounts now suspended. It temporarily. And I say get any say he's threatening to hit the mainstream. Media is is when he allegedly dead so. Anyway the the offending. NetSuite urged listeners to quote but to keep their could battle rifles and everything ready at their bedside it's sent. That is apparently a problem that you would see how that would trigger a reaction trigger yesterday. But you know of course when CNN tells you to go out and job beat up people he condemned to be big is that that is not of a problem and they still have a Twitter account totally fine. Right that's not that's up. So anyway and reason I focus so much on our solutions is because. I'm he does it make really cutting edge of reporting contributions I mean I will admit to checking out and for worse from a couple times a week. I just out of your intellectual curiosity to find out what's can be breaking. On you know on an in. Respected ray wing media. And usually a month or two later and he is so cutting edge from so many things I wish she would drop the conspiracy junk. On NB a real site but but yeah I mean I have checked it out in his reporting often is correct some of it just. You don't you don't know insomnia like Le. But but you know he he does Aaron DI you know does have some value added stuff and and he's low hanging fruit an and they're gonna do that first to see what the reaction is with tolerance level is. And I'm Tony they will eventually move all my mom to fox new using your brain part first. But I am waiting for that any day because they cannot elaborate part to continued ivory. Through the mid terms and in simply can't that's helper that's how does not trump one and I mean I documented after the election. That they you know they were in the top 100 web sites in in hits. Bombs through the election and a mean you're getting more her kids and Wal-Mart dot com. And Bank of America dot com now that's serious yet that series in integrate their up there with in New York Times dot com so. And I and it's Ganassi have to be fixed. And in the way that we fixed ever. He means is so crazy here in the media screaming not Johnny Wright has been censored. How I sum on CNN this weekend. But he was screaming treason and some other crazy stepped up to somebody who needs to. You know get as mad just to with Alex Jones you know I mean Edison did to them side by side on the trip. Noting string them out of who's crazy. Brent in order or Alex Jones but anyway. Yet it's it should have been big bread and yes he's screaming not it they're literally the host on these shows over the weekend are saying. And jaw is first to read or write some curtailed by the wait waning if this to memory erasing drink for children what is he doing all over the television. Tig wary exact how did that happen now and well. They didn't explain. Now because there is no explanation because this is simply not happening yet. And as a oh by the way. Is out literally built the left that could accord for lefties. Is literally taking the free speech written squelching speech rate while the at left to tells us it's that. Tour the victims. Of the free speech crackdown yet I defy you to give me even one single example. Of somebody speech. Whose bid it's been curtailed by anything tribes are one not concrete factual example. They can't get them out but it over the weekend Greg Gutfeld. Hilariously nails this whole thing these 300. And coordinated an editorial straight right to scream them. About how trump is violating their first amendment rights yet somehow all 300 of them of them able to coordinate. And publish editorials would notice the president that it was coming right is he told us up. Despite differs married somehow being violent. Here's Greg Gutfeld. The epic grants just full laying these guys. 300 newspapers coordinated articles criticizing president trump just after he accused them of court needing articles criticizing president trump. And nobody read them they're jerks like me weren't talking about it would you even know it and they did the question did the people at home. Who subscribe to those newspapers. Know. With pages read about trump was actually coordinated factory or did they not noticed since such collusion over trumped by the press. Is identical to their usual work day. The difference they actually planned this like a protest. Because it was yep finally the media and their activist politics and made their wedded bliss is transparent. It's been all along but now the press put a rein on their activists finger. And I now rounding second base in front of the family. Seriously get around what hypocrisy now they say trumps limiting free speech as they all scream this thing get there. Drums they can't accuse them of acting as an alliance and they respond as an alliance. Hickory dam no I mean it's a joke that's it's just it's. It's laughable that really is you know that they they accuse this president of colluding with the Russians mail collude together to. To go do an attack piece and talking about how he's. You know. The war on the press and everything is like wolf the world war on the Preston that war is being lost because you're still gonna have to. I now he says not doing very well on that now. I'll speak up I promised the people that I am I would update them on the news spelling for respect all OK go yes and this this may be the new common core. Banner you know spelling it I'd I don't know I'm gonna have to wait until the spelling words come home from coalition or the back. And the nearest yet this is Al Sharpton on an Amoroso. And how I'd trump should show or some respect. Area. Wow would talking about Gmail canines. You know what they say about pay back it's a real. Well with you I'm sure you know the word don't think you know so in the words. All of my late friend or read the French couldn't show some RE ESP IC. T. Respect yes respect okay this guts to get some respect. Or something. Okay moving on. To how you move on from that I don't know how you how you do that. There's certain luscious you don't are we gonna do go home and drink coffee. An area probably well a tablet you can only average had streaking content you'll be able to relieve the kids of making the wrong launch let's go do that. Thanks to rich my blood flow in the morning terra be safe and buckle up gambler I'm better than blood pressure medication. Although if you've been told you have high blood pressure I would get on medication for listening to the shots dissent. Desperate to sit sue CNN will be history general. I got one and amp M and Howard don't worry Mark Zuckerberg and that's what to do we'll fix that they're they're gonna fix it just don't don't you worry Google's step into if they have to. You will be made. To watch the revolution and it will be televised did you like it you'll like it a lot. Protester rights that should Jarrett told you have a provides oppose the people what does it say about Demitra. No I was starting Medea these scientists a sensation that we have on the show Amir Al. I say he's a curiosity in me because he pretty much nailed the electoral count forecast comes when and and lit it literally got it basically rain is scary limo with this statistical model he uses I am I. I don't know I think I AM back a lot of bomb but what you did last penny came on he forecast that we would lose seats in the house. However the house would get it it's still we stay in Republican hands but that would get more conservative because of us from the folks who've won a in the primaries in Kenya be cleared out so a couple months ago we'll see out or not. We'll see that's right so we app I mean I didn't mental note to self and the meaning to have him back consoles. Stepped texture it's out Jones is not crazier England back I think they're both equal and crazy category. I don't win bring Glen on the text you get ice I don't know we begin Alex Jones raids on the crazy scale the crazy richter scale above or below. Krejci John Britain. Well it's a close call I don't I wish is crazier to believe that Cindy cook was a government conspiracy to take your guns. Four to believe that trump colluded with the Russians. When you have not seen one shred of evidence to defect and even admitted yourself. That there is intent yet they go on television night after night and tell everybody that it happened. Which just decrease your conspiracy to think about that to break I'll get back to. As it would be a little bit around here Samari ESP ICG. Just ask. Al Sharpton. Answering silly I worrying. When some reports say. Or something. I've played against tonight the brand Rian. Henry Aaron comedian is simply my favorite means and model and I'm going back to school. How silly I'll let stuff is so much of an anyway. Aaron at lest frigate and a little bit have a bit of my and then. With other addition. Five or random facts here again and now it's time school and ran into ran down fax number 10 Kentucky makes 95% of suburban worlds but the official state drink yeah. British sue the average car's been it was a hundred. I really did the average car spends approximately 95% in his life carts. Written check imagery buddy Holly's bounces less pain HO LLY. Minister's record label left awesome eat on his contract to misspelled version of this mr. Summers and I was doing that stuck. Read in part when Outback Steakhouse was started in Tampa Florida in 1988 mannequins or founders never did. Two Australian. And then finally Brandon kind of I'm the average person do I lose their only spends fifteen seconds looking at the moment. Lisa and it's ugly. And turn around and better stuff I'm tired I found if you ask me but whatever it's. Mainly the let's see what people think. Add text your race. Why is that Alex Jones was nice but the willful negligence of the FBI police department makes Jones look a little less crazy by the way. I meant to get to. You reliance. The calendar Broward. Sure she oversaw the whole arc can shoot it yeah he's still in office he tasteless. Do we recorded. An an audio recording they had him. Where was it thank flyer and messages Mozilla from him on how to stay safe. The school year. To judge you wanted to mocked children. Give them PT EST. To welcome back to school but be a great way to denigrate any slaps his face on. Just to remind them. Up and said okay. Lucky through that worked just threw it into the left says the Lee's surrender or firearms to them immediately. Rice and then we'll all be sick Frey. And how released at previous column please read and don't you all wild west solution and Reyes is is a lot of times. Sometimes. I had this guy says so is CN ocean and have oh wait a modern times kind of solution. And we'll we'll protect you. Well Broward County a totally blew caddie shows you what happens when you surrender your guns and put your trust in liberal authorities. The sheriff. Still hasn't shot. The deputy who okay Howard. Ironic film ever him. Yeah pension is. Roughly 80000 dollars a year. Never are. Allowed to reside. Now collecting his pinch 88000. Dollars a year. That's what she get seventeen months. Just standing there on film as you get your shot after shot after shot. So. When you guns and rely on people like this to protect you. The same sheriff that put those crazy yet controlled kids back in the schools member of the philosophy was even and murderers. Rapists. When they get added you'd be married on July for that. She tried as adult. In its years and we get a GB they were made sure any them back in schools and mourn at and we're not under arrest them once they commit crimes on campus as that as a shooter debt. The shared responsible for that agreement. Did you ever then what on CNN and suggested everybody turn over their guns. We need him anymore. Is still in office when you utterly failed to protect as its star office. Deputy sell off in the sunset on Madonna mania. That's what happens when you trust these people to protecting. And they get go on as if nothing's happening your world shattered. And then they knock your children when you can't when they come back to school with hope be sure to be safe to share. It's unbelievable. Pat text your race. You know and this can't. I'll get you gotta go around Franklin. And yeah I pilot also today is national radio Dan are you aware that. My give a special shout out to the 9% of people in recent survey who think we should have more commercials. I was serving in the station's general re a survey. Yes you said the air raid inside the realist in audience is bigger today than it ever has been more people listening the radio than ever before but in other. Yet it's Massa and grow and as Eileen pointed out earlier on the show the fastest current format is on his talk. Which is super exciting for us here. Nat. Not really got Alice add snag was that whatever music you want so nobody listened to radio no. No well while serving music radio has taken a hit the talk shows by every format. Our rocketed more and more and more people have more easier access to radio. Just the opposite of what most folks predicted to eat the experts the talking that's. 80471063. Text line test 713. At Lucent. And I cannot just a minute. And a I wanna play a little bit of the F four U of of what they're Jews seeing. The American people with. In the left wing media which is to say most of the media. It's it's unbelievable what he's now being reported as a fact not eliminate. For you she can kind of understand where the mood of early electorate is coming. Frock. On any upcoming mid terms. Takes your race. I spent fifteen years any army with a comment torn Afghanistan I was hurt and medical retired and we received 54000 dollars a year in this Carrot Top. It's 88000 dollars year shaking my hat. Source Wendy's Jimmy look at you as what happens. Remember the last never holds their own accountable and her. For the don't just system comes. That's net aid do you. Our card carrying Maryland won the kids as you are never held criminally accountable horror. Or pursing cannibal or they're fighting to make sure that in the future people like you will never be held accountable. It's what it's all about. A silly if you understand what what the left is going through right now and I really want on do you really do concede I understand it but what was going on it in the mid terms. What I would have a debate this mid terms like we used to him about Asia's bridges are shouting match now that. This this is the kind of stuff. That they're here. The kind of hysteria. Get this is former Michigan governor Jennifer grand home. Okay and is she's explain why why don't let these go to the but the polls and is this week the country is in a processor may slow moving due. She's she's Democrat she'd say we we're having it could know by trump. Against the FBI. If they don't they believe they're telling them solicitous. I think it's reason. And this issue about this slow moving cool that you describe is one issue not the only issue but it is a huge it is. It's trees and wishes to which you say is treason is it is Italy's FBI officials and DOJ officials have been fired or demoted and then Brennan's. Security grants has been taken coup that. Usually I think she misunderstand the the use of that word that would generally refer to. Hey an action that removes a ruling party or power right so is the FBI running this country. Well when a lights. Corning New York Post the Daily Beast and in both agreed the same way to the most powerful man in Washington was James coming in and tried to post them. So. On yeah I think so. And adding there okay it would be FBI ruling the country. Pack anybody but trop and they were fine without them and here's Benny here's Bill Maher this is the steady diet of the kids are getting from television. I was gonna ask the question again. Why can't we use that word treason pulling security clearances. Former CIA directors and the people who kept us safe since 9/11 and for the last thirty years I don't get it if you're fighting the people. We're fighting us. What do you call it. Where it gets if you find people who are fighting has exists in this and this is the genius email Jean C Millen today from candy. He writes he nailed this Tara for a farce CIA director John Brennan to claim that a sitting president is committing treason. While he still signed off on giving these same foreign enemy Russia 20% of our uranium is telling. Critics cannot have it both ways as days Tricia who rises to a level of an adversary the USA is at war with ideally post World War II Cold War Soviet Union. Some of global bluff and then giving the Russians. The uranium and flexibility. And not giving Eastern Europe a missile defense would be eighty coverage of the same dangerous and evil put Kenny Perry it. Excellent point now and when CIA overseas aid president who sends billions of dollars. In and a foreign currency on pellets. Patsy cash to eight State Department. On identified. State sponsor of terror that would be Iran. That apparently is not trees not says that's Deluca. Let's just find out what trump. Taking brand security clearance. And presiding. Every enjoy himself except for co meet the firing of these people at the DOJ and the FBI the rest of them were busted out to FBI our regular processes. Bomb it is somehow trees. It's it's a process that for a moment that the once again they don't understand these people punished in the word that the Ku and don't understand the word treason. And real definition of what it actually means did they understand the words authoritarian regime. Because this so here on MSNBC just as trump is a dictator. Just like go the other dictators and and it really leader of the free world that is Angela Merkel. We're a little scary given the oil deals she's making with Russia now if we're supposed to fear Russia and all carry out this is New York Times. Read quarter. I'm on MSNBC this this is what people at the New York Times actually think our telling people. I'm sorry your argument that is not a leader of the free world because he's not getting any democracy saying as you get an area he's right he's asserted junior player and a block of authoritarian country and no and then people like the European Union are no longer looking at him as a leader any longer in a big -- and having him as a great they see he's instead he's like rape he's part of a block that includes Vladimir Putin to terror today he's you know he's kind of part of he's he's part of kind of an accident I for a lot of luck. And at worst it's well it's worse than what I am in certain way I mean is that nothing that's going to worsened the recession is about the worst in and say about it. But he's not Muslim rounding people up and murdering murdering them without any Ed you know be due process like tale I'm Obama and I I don't think you can say that I tentatively anyway now I do. But when that he'd certainly like to Michelle Goldberg that is a New York Times reporter dissent. But if you'll lettuce in that hole of sudden there there's not when try to prove prove given for anything else thaksin and others and a black thing that is only. Conjecture or opinion and let obviously just. That the ratings of some lunatic spacing in the Assyrian just like people one on Fox News and all these other like alphabet soup the kind of places every day and they said you know we're we're living through true. By the president he would like to wind people up and kill them and he's in league with Russia and he says dictator. You know lake. Linked in any near your fed says said he died this day in and day out. I'm how hysterical you would be by election time. You know the the difference between dictators and Donald Trump's is. The dictators are far more effective is that I don't they don't go through the legislature they don't worry about the judiciary that don't worry about the representation of the people. They do whatever the heck they won't whenever they want to. That's what a dictator dies and if that's the case then Donald Trump was a horrible dictator he has failed as a dictator. He's not getting his way almost everything he's trying to their. A dictator what I really spy on on his political enemies in intensive and influence them. And we that was different that was John Brennan this ahead of the CIA you know and I used to complain about this that the book why are you not why are we not talking about the trough of Miami's QB the Obama administration doing this. And and I noticed lately in the media that they are people in these pundits that are talking about this that are beginning to say it was the Obama administration's spying on the trump campaign. I'm actually beginning to hear that phrase so. May be mainstream in doubt one of them and and and and and I'm mainstream media and Canon and now I'm saying like. You know we you'll hear some of the fox pundits and some of these other folks actually save yes. And up until recently I've heard nobody say this even though. You know we've been talking about that here for some time that folks. You know you can sit here and talk about the FBI this is CIA that it was the Obama administration. These were people under their charge. Yes and number you mean filing making that connection to a bomber right exactly that is I'm not as if they're independent doubters you know you talk about all the stuff that's going on. Listen anything that we anything that's on any current member of the trop administration did would be tied directly to drop. He would be held personally responsible for a couple why does the same not put on hold true for the Obama administration. Because we see what all this them all this illegal activity that was going on between the FBI the CIA and others regarding the investigation of the trump campaign. This there should be tied directly to the Obama administration it was under his watch. And I'm began going to set a begin to see two to hear that comment being made by some of these. You know pundits and and folks who talk about this on Fox News another. Well a whole lot of us resources but. There that the connection is beginning to be made and I just wonder why it took so long to do that. I don't know. And here's another one on its exist they're they're putting up a firewall in between these people but when you hear. And Bruce George talked about. You know the things that he did at the Justice Department when you hear. You know Peter struck talked about is is if is is if James coming was not the head of the F Ryan oversee novice it's as if these that was just sort acting in their own capacity in James coming was on some sort of extended vacation. You know and I I think reason for that is they wanna for the firewalls up between slayer management because. Guess what. We know when when. But when struck turns on the cave which will inevitably happen if we actually have a just system McCabe will turn on coming. And come you'll turn on Loretta lynch and Obama. That's exactly how little you know I've got to stop it that's but the fire was up in between each lay year. Of the corruption and other YSE yeses that's why you don't hear it's as if James coming was not running the agency all right. Bizarrely. Number but it is and that all this was going on and Obama had absolutely no idea. Smartest president ever but he had no idea any of this was going right. They exactly. Tester race and it was a dictator image it was a dictator most of the media would be dead dictators and put up with criticism that man -- neither does the CIA. In an endless and they're open that there wouldn't be there would be yes there would be to do would be security clearances yanked by ending the the Everyzing these people exactly that's that's how dictators act exactly. Ice is any artist line. I'm looking for to us every store number four. At the Department of Justice. I'm gonna explain it was nice check inning cap. Ally was working on the Russian collision. And his wife Nellie. Was working. Directly. For fusion GPS putting it Clinton Campaign cash into doubles. Personal bank again she was pay. Helped cook up the dossier. The shore and then took. To the FBI. In the FB lie and I used it to get the two to light the size grew. The never for official at the Department of Justice working in colluding if you well. Bomb on the Russian collusion case. Does not mention to his superiors that his wife Nellie. Is profit. From the creation of the stage dossier. We're early to pause hitting it Clinton Campaign cash in the couple's joint bank account as she works for free fusion GPS. A job to put together the dossier. That mr. gore then passes off as real stuff. At city F FBI and other people at the DOJ and does not disclose any of it including the payments to his wife. And at the time as she was essentially working for the Clinton Campaign against trap. How they threaten its in this duty but scored two. Kennedy. At Bruce or is going to be going becoming before I John were Arabs and John rat lives committee. To attempt to explains we wish him luck. You can't explain it it's impossible to. Is what is she lines of eight a prosecutor here in their agreement tiny really would like to indict somebody. Or at least get the ability to spy on them so they can master world map still like him politically. And prosecutors I would do I have any evidence. The FBI has it continued on that was who in this case to a beating Greenville police. And they're like wow I did not find any evidence either pop where we get some evidence and that prosecutor sense Wacey. Down to the political. A campaign headquarters. And this person's opponent. To create so mad at Allan mighty profits. From the creation of the and it's. That the prosecutor and the police need in order to get a warrant I had to spot and hopefully. Not ruling. The reputation. And political aspirations as a person middle. To prosecutors and happy about the what is it like out there to let go and created will open up. For profit of both of the men and just don't disclose that to. Judge the jury need. Every now and the topic is country it's Carrefour. And John or John wrap our reckless had some in it he my he knows a lot more than we he's got a he's got a security collects. See a lot of the stuff. As you know right now the media defending John Brent and they're defending you know mister or they're they're great patriots are just trying to keep yourself safe while profiting a little bit on the side. And see you know remember they wants said Angie McCabe was an awesome patriots sit. So what happens. To him. Here's today's final at the grants from represented to John Ratliff she's on I was on Marie he was on Marie empire Roma. You know you don't have to and I hit rewind and go back very far remember when. The Democrats. Were saying. How dare Republicans. Criticize folks like Bruce or and that any McCabe and Peter struck who are outstanding career officials who have done nothing wrong. And now investigations. And firings and emotions and in one case criminal referrals later. We're hearing crickets from the Democrats my feeling and you know unfortunately. Yeah let's look at that because you got Andrew came fired for misconduct. Criminally referred Jim call me fired under investigation. Sally Yates why Eric spears drops fired under investigation. Bruce or demoted it under investigation. It's no coincidence that all of these people have been fired at the department of justice and the FBI and this is just the top lob on there are many many more. Yeah unfortunately you know a lot of my Republican colleagues know that as a former US attorney that think that. I'm the last person on Capitol Hill who to believe that the FBI and the Department of Justice aren't doing the right things for the right reasons. But. We. With respect to these department of justice and FBI officials during the Obama administration color he convinced. That there was misconduct here and it's been reflected. Me in those firings and emotions and criminal referrals that you just referenced Maria. Absolutely. John Ratliff. He went on to talk about Bruce for Bruce or the number four. Official the DOJ who when they didn't have enough evidence to trump up a warrant to spy on trumped since his wife. To work pay it by Clinton paid with Clinton Campaign cash to whip up a fake dossier. And cut it mentioned that unifies cord judge order. His superiors at the Department of Justice here's what John Ratliff president John Allen has to say about Bruce or who will be appearing before his committee. At a later this week. So remember Maria how bad it was when we all found out there was this unverified dossier that was used as a basis. Digging a warrant to surveil someone associated with the trump campaign Carter page. And it got worse we found out that that dossier. Was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. But little did we know that some of that money that Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I used to pay for the dossier ultimately ended up in the count of the number four person at the Department of Justice crucial war and his wife Mel you war. Who was retained and paid by fusion GPS to work with Christopher's deal to help create that dossier so. Next week I'm gonna sit down with some my colleagues would mr. Orr and give them an opportunity to explain exactly how that came to pass and more importantly. Who at the Department of Justice authorized it. Yeah Achille theory and explain that more as Al Sharpton with spell it EXPLI. And explains. Her explain. Or.