The Tara Show - 8-8-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, August 8th
JIM BOHANNON FILLS IN FOR TARA: Oppression of Christians around the world; Effects of Trump’s tariffs on SC jobs; How to stand up to China’s economic abuse

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Ledger Willis thanks for a bigger part of the program this morning. And we did enjoy the chance to be here terrorists back on the tomorrow. And on. There for a well tomorrow is their exit tomorrow and Friday. Ford via intercom eleventh annual radio Thon to benefit GH is Children's Hospital three million bucks is the goal please help out with the terra and dents and Bobby back. On Thursday and Friday very important. Part of what the the intercom radio upstate cluster does and I hope you'll you'll be apartment because metro were nothing but value. Well 63 W ordeal few of states talk station. The Eagles about it talk why does 18034710631803471063. The comments of retirement planning text line 713. 07. Okay here it distinct text so trump is impeached. And I guess what they Muniz and convicted. Pence is put in place as the president parents appoints trouble as vice president than prince resigned as president making trump. President again. No FFF. Wouldn't work that way if trump is impeached and convicted. He couldn't become president again which means he could become vice president because one of the qualification for vice president is that you have to be eligible. To be president and impeached president would not be so eligible plus. The vice president doesn't just a point to. So much to be their vice president if we have a vice president. Who's been elevated to the presidency. He can nominate. A new vice president which must be confirmed by congress. That's how that works but it's an interesting little theory anyway since Tuesday. Let's see here another Dexter is letting the Republicans keep congress just kicking the can down the road every election cycles the same thing you've got to support. The Republicans look mean hours later. When does later get here. Well. Later gets here when enough Republicans change things on the primary that's when it gets here. There's no magic wand of this involved there. I'm simply noting that yes I would like to clean house but that you we've run out of cleaning house this cycle. You dare not clean house by kicking out Republicans with Democrats even Ryan knows. Who will then turn around and impeach the president and believe me they'll do it. The the the constitution has left wiggle room and that they will do it. You don't always have to quote support the Republicans if you really believe we can stay and safe for years of people more liberal than the Hillary Clinton. Running the country even more liberal than Barack Obama running the country do you think that we can do that could survive that. Just so we can purge the Republican Party a I disagree with you know the time for the cleaning out. That later gets here during the primaries. That's when it gets here. Well and some cases. We did some cleaning this past year in other cases we did not. But this notion of we'll show these right those will let Democrats run things that's dangerous for the country. Later gets here during the primaries so the next election cycle. All right. All right by the way I was noticing me up at the 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. Leave the latest from the DePaul metaphor trial boy it's exciting growth. Be a judge presiding over the Paul metaphor fraud trial his questioning how closely the former trump campaign chairman. Very briefly kept track of his finances that's a key issue in the trial defense lawyers say Matt report. Left tax and banking details to his deputy Rick gates. While prosecutors say metaphor was intimately involved in his own finances. Comments by judge TS Ellis came as gates testified about Matta ports knowledge about his political consulting firm shifting money. Among offshore accounts. All of this is exciting. Gates said that metaphor was pretty good about knowing where the money is Ellis noted that metaphor was not aware of the gates and embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars possibly millions from out of port sperm. Ellis said Matagorda monitor that money that closely. Fascinating. And so connected to the collusion probe. You know civic election. Did you do what I. Utilize its tabloid trash. You know if in fact Paul metaphor broke laws brigades is admitted to breaking laws okay. How ever. How ever. If you please connect that to the purpose of the probe which is the trump campaign collusion with the Russians again. Of just thrilled that the Robert Mueller found somebody to kick around. Maybe even legitimately bit what does that have to do with his purpose. This missing that missing that anyway. So what's for a so much for all of that did this morning. Something else that made the news that it rather. It bothers me. Another crackdown on Christians. In this case in China. There's a shopkeeper in the China named it. Kuo GU oh he's in bad yet in China. He had waited nearly his entire adult life to see his dream of building a church come true. A brick house with a sunny courtyard spacious hall room for 200 believers right there then Yang China. 62 year old Chinese shopkeeper. Now going back into march about a dozen police officers Chinese police and local officials suddenly showed up at the church on his property. And made the congregants disperse. Is a new effort by the year ruling Communist Party of China and make no mistake about it they still run the country they have not. In force Marxist. Economics in every case you do see some free enterprise and China. But most industry is still state controlled. And the Communist Party even if they're not Communist economically in China they are still officially atheist and they are still. Dictating and in some cases displacing the practice of faith in the country churches in China have been rated. Bibles confiscated president Jean Jean ping. Strives to your christianity quote Chinese characteristics that. Well he's like does that mean yet. Told the of the state lie and I suppose. I suppose. And you you estimate at I guess the government like a state religion and practiced their way we'll take those bibles now please thank you at a course comes. As we head the situation with the minister of Turkey. Who. Is at least no longer. Behind prison bars but he still under house arrest. But the talks the more about that because. For some reason when you have actual victims there that they don't seem to matter that much but of course they're only Christians. As we all know. There are some targets out there when you talk about Whitey for every conceivable group out there. LG BQ XYZ. Every every group and America has a complaint something to whined about it. They're two groups of that still have no right to complain. Christians and southerners. It doesn't matter what's done to them. But I'm gonna talk a bit more about what's happening not it's not just China. And it's not just that one shopkeeper. Who spent his entire life fighting to build that church only to have the Chinese Government step in. Looking out to. Over a variety of of industry stuff up there I was it was taken and torn by this this story. Of of this Christian shopkeeper in Hunan Province. In the in China 62 years old. A Christian believer works so hard finally built a church. Brick building. He'll 200 worshippers. And then in March. Chinese authorities came up with skated the Bible's. And the leadership of China apparently wishes to produce a more Chinese. Church at at at. Yeah. There is a lot of that going on out there is actually. A web site. Open door usaid dot org. Slash Christian persecution. And their conclusions are pretty startling it's not just this Chinese shopkeepers not just that ministers still under house arrest in Turkey. But. There's a lot of persecution out there especially. Africa Asia and the Middle East. Have intensified persecution against Christians preps them most vulnerable Christian women who have Olympics double persecution for faith and toward gender. This is wat. This a Christian persecution website says every month every month. 255. Christians. Are killed. It's about to aided today. 104 are abducted worldwide every month. 180 Christian women are raped sexually harassed or forced into marriage. 66 churches are attacked every month worldwide. And every month worldwide 160 Christians aren't detained without trial and imprisoned. And some other people who are so up in arms about the mistreatment of every conceivable minority some that seem rather. Frankly made up at times but boy they don't care about this would move. Thank you as not on their list. 215 million Christians experience high levels of persecution according to the research. Of opened or USA. 215 million Christians high levels of persecution. This is one in twelve Christians worldwide. Wanted to but the seventeenth consecutive year the most dangerous country for Christians North Korea big surprise there. During the world watch list Tony eighteen reporting period. 3066. Christians were killed twelve out of 52 were abducted. 1000 Tony were raped or sexually harassed at 793. Churches were attacked. And in eight of the top ten countries for a persecution Islamic oppression. Is behind it that's the major trends in Christian persecution spread of radical Islam. He continues to spread of course. Aimed to bring many parts of the world under Sharia law never a good thing for anybody but especially for Christians that movement. Is expanding in Asia the Philippines Bangladesh Indonesia and Africa and Egypt Nigeria Somalia. The rise of religious nationalism. In an effort to preserve power and secure government should using the country's majority religion to marginalize Christians and other religious minorities in some cases. This has been observed in parts of Asia with Hindu nationalism India Nepal. And Buddhist nationalism. In the the old Burma Myanmar Sri Lanka both gaining ground. It's been especially intense persecution of Christians and Central Asia. Via the stands Uzbekistan. Tajikistan. Kazakhstan. And a Azerbaijan has to do list. As they grassroots revival of the Islamic central. Asia means more pressure from the nationalist pro Islamic governments and within society increasing persecution on two different fronts. You're the top two in most dangerous countries where it's most dangerous to be Christian. And Overton Iran. Early number two man. Number nine Yemen number eight Iraq. Number seven Libya number six Eritrea. Used to be a part of Ethiopia. The reply Pakistan and the reports the day number three Somalia. Over to Afghanistan and over one North Korea. Syria and couldn't even make the top ten who they've dropped a number fifteen. That's the state. And of course we we can all remember hearing about all of the calls for making things better. From all the liberals there you don't recall list. Then. Funny nose damage and it neither do. Every conceivable group that can be. Whining about some alleged slight. And gets the nod from the left but what about this group this group because they're still fair game. Urgency. Seven point six. At 1063 W or duty of states talks station. And it's remarkable. The extent to which. Left to be so selective in their viewpoints. They're worried about people who have grievances. Of two point. Some people. Lately firmly believe that our constitutional protections outlook point but if they think it gets in the way they're willing to overlook the constitution. It is just bizarre the selectively they want to be. More in tune with diversity and inclusive the tee up to a point where they're quite happy to jam. People in this country illegally who often bring other tendencies with them. Criminals in many cases beyond just breaking our immigration laws. They're very inclusive about that not too inclusive. About people who disagree with them. Try dropping by your local or looks idea of a meeting of your local Democratic Party. If you're like most of this audience and see how much inclusive it TU you discover there. Liberals are extremely selective they have they have viewpoints. But only up to a point. Only up to a point. And yes they certainly are out there to support the downtrodden up to a point. If you're Christian well now. Anyway it is just time that we became aware of stuff like this. An amateur will find out about it so I think I'd pass that along two extra step. It terrible circumstance and I I don't know the answer to this. Techsters here surprised. That's liberated Iraq is more dangerous for Christians a totalitarian Iran yeah well of course Iraq to a certain extent has become a wholly owned subsidiary. Of Iran but yeah of the country we fought for for so long so many lives. Yet. More dangerous to Christians. Our Christian is called to suffer says that Dexter you well they'll put it this way. They they must persevere. But they're suffering is not considered a goal okay. 1063 WO lord the has of course the comments of retirement planning text line for you it's 71307. That's a good morning Jim though the reason the left. Likes is love so much is because. Those people have to be subject unit under a few ruling heads just like with the left tried to do this country. Trying to rule everything they do for power Christians of moral authority from god and we believe that doing. The right thing is by God's word and loving each other about subject giving each other about picking on each other that's why the left has its soft spot in their hearts for his club. That's why Barack Obama and that's the figure to stop anything of the spread of terrorism in this country. There there's one problem with that line of reasoning and again you may be right it may be that's what they're thinking that if they are not thinking very carefully. I understand that the left very much wishes. To run things that they don't care for the First Amendment they'd like. If more totalitarian approach more than a few people on the left would be quite happy living. Innate Castro's Cuba. Pay and health care nursery so what if we're subject needed blood that's not. An unheard of sentiment on the left. I even understand when liberals ultra liberals. In the faculty of of universities use state tax dollars to spread their propaganda. I don't supported too. I'm opposed to it it's an abuse of the tax dollars but there's a logic to it. Their view. Is being furthered by their own aims yes it's an incorrect use of our tax dollars. But at least at least they're consistent. But if you're a liberal. And you support all kinds of things like feminism and gay rights and all the rest of this. And you support fundamentalist Islam. The first people they would go after. Would be those very same liberals that's just in consistently stupid. I must say that the techsters raw and maybe they are that stupid. A good grief. I I am boggled that anybody could be that stupid we are so. Worship full of the words diversity and exclusivity that we must include people who would rip apart everything we believe and weird. Anyway it's just high time that from time to time we paid attention to the fact is not just of the pastor in Turkey. Who was freed from prison but remains under house arrest it's not just this Chinese merchandise told you about from Hunan Province government. Mistakes if you will Chinese flyover country. 62 year old merchant Christian. Worked all his adult life to finally get this church bill totaled 200 worshippers. And in the Chinese authorities come and in March and they take the Bible's. So. It's not just isolated instances in fact is that as you noted there is a web site. Open door usaid dot org and the persecution is real and it exists out there and it is widespread and it is spreading. And again. The most dangerous countries of the world to be Christians serious thought even in the top to drop to number fifteen. That'll tell you a lot. Over Tim Iran numbered I Yemen number eight Iraq. We fought to including a lot of Christians fought and died to liberate. So they didn't quite take Vegas. Then the seventh most dangerous for a Christian Libya. Moammar Gaddafi is gone but obviously the changes didn't to improve things in that regard Eritrea. Same part of the world Horn of Africa former part of Ethiopia. Pakistan. Number five today and the fourth Somalia third which is barely even a country. Dysfunctional collection of savage tribes. And pirates. Number two Afghanistan someplace elsewhere I believe more than a few Christians who have fought and died right dread helpless people. Second most dangerous place on the planet. For Christians number one North Korea for the seventy bureau. Ellis group opened doors as tried to do what they can't make can't do a lot. Of it is not a government. The idea are not too. Possessed of armies or guns or navies or Air Force's. They try to use moral suasion of course moral suasion against countries like the rogues gallery list I just read. That that there's very little. In the way of authority I recall. A comment made by Joseph Stalin. After World War II would if the Pope it was pointed out to him. But Pope. At some disagreement. With Stalin and solace response was how many divisions. Does the Pope how many military divisions. That was his take on moral suasion that held moral suasion so I'm doing bad things so one might makes right. Well that's so you most of these countries so well I applaud the efforts of a group like open doors to point out this problem. And perhaps to ultimately get some kind of backing from a level of authority they could make a difference but that much they can do they can work hard. They can try to equipment encourage Christians and dangerous circumstances. And equipped. The western church to advocate for the persecuted. It is as they ride are one of the most persecuted religious groups on the world and are oppressed and at least sixty countries. Bizarre. Not about that this happens I just except that it's the way the world it is bizarre. That those who stand up first and foremost as being for the downtrodden. And believe me nobody is more sanctimonious. Than a liberal. It's not easy being better than everybody else. But they sure do manage to. To miss the boat more than a few occasions they're for the downtrodden. And some cases. This would not be one of them. I can get right to record well Christians. They equate western values same thing oh pressure men. Rich people. White guys running things I mean this is is chiding leash in the the level. Of analysis here but that's that's what goes through their minds. I'd be worried about all these Christians being persecuted now Christians that western values white guys rich people now. Not worth worrying about. And so there was Stan. And I accept the fact that there are some some on Kerry idiots in this world what I do not accept the fact that we keep putting them positions of authority. Why in the world. Do we do that. This is Jim Bohannon for Kara. Are Eagles advantage talk line is 1803471063. And we have raked in Duncan who calls in this morning. Good morning Rick with undermined. A camera thanks for taking my call hey you know I I have to really. All wonder. Out. How many how many people care greatly about the news story about this Greece and Turkey that in house arrest or some Christian and in China and its getting beat up when. You know truck head. Gone are on the all election trail touting his self focus on the American worker. And I wanna I wanna go. Now all to what's happening today I end up picking up the Spartanburg herald the odds are all I learned that there is going to be out. Sixteen billion dollar terror edit. What's been put on China that's gonna come into effect August start 43. I I'll wonder what from our constituency. Beach icons are gonna target I'm Matt. And then we have a TV plant one of the very few plants within. Our North America that make side TVs and they've just laid off 462 people yesterday in his booming economy strictly due to the Terex. And I think it does I think it's are terrible thing and I think it's 42. All believe that how we are gonna outlast. Eight Communists leak or any odd timing this country where they centrally run the economy and our government. Through this terror war. I drew record or do we know Rick what would you recommend it to do. I mean are we doing just sit back and let China live by one set of rules on the rest of the world by another. If we don't do something that maybe this is easily use the wrong approach but but that the way things are going now is not the right approach just doing nothing. Well that's that's kind of hit that. Finding our blog senior house and burning down your house you taking care you're. Insect. And I don't not recommending that as a means of pest control leader but I would say you do you have a better approach that's what's right well not necessarily at all look for a number one and number two who we cannot continue to let the Chinese do this so what do we do if not. If not terror so forget the Chinese are upset because we're not agreed to be a patsy anymore they are genuinely upset they think our role is to be a patsy. That's not acceptable. I don't I don't believe that I've ever heard anyone can sign it also patsy. Let me like Carlos Apache they simply think that we are up we're supposed to handle our intellectual property whatever we build a plant over there. We're supposed to stand by while our intellectual property is ripped off. We are supposed to stand by while the Chinese manipulate their currency in violation of international deals they've signed an export their. Unemployment to this country we are supposed to stand by. I radiating portions of the South China Sea and that they don't have to say there were accidentally treated as a fancy. Negotiate but who we tell them all the stops we telomeres are brick. Apartment we tellem that it stops. We stopped being a patsy. If you don't you don't tell someone that you owe billions and billions of dollars to. Yeah and our treasury notes just say it's gonna stop you sit and you negotiate. Liken it but I quite like. An adult does in any modern country you just don't draw Terex because. You know I. They did negotiate Rick. The but the negotiators looked like the Chinese were to cut us off that'd be the greatest thing if they ever did we're gonna stop by your team bills well thank you that might sustain that a drug dealer can do to a jockey is to stop giving him junk. The best thing the Chinese can do to assist the stopped. Allowing our profligate spending by backing up are our deficit financing would buying T bills go ahead heard a stop. Stop buying our T bills. Sounds like you're saying it's not all China's fault it's our spending and spending. Our criminal part of it is just because the Chinese may happen to be at a position. Of a vote allowing our profligate spending ways doesn't mean that that we automatically therefore owed them to be the patsy you know yeah yeah yeah. New it happened because we have an awful lot of people in this country. Who were parasites who demand something for nothing that's how it happened I wonder what part of the electorate does that. Well yes well you don't have got Carlos in the white out. Maybe you would be though those people out there who are determined to become parasites. Who wants something for nothing who will will take but will not contribute that's the problem. But that's not even a central issue here the central issue is the Chinese violate every dealer at Riverside. And if terrorists are not the best way I've heard it said frankly that is not the best way a better way to deal with the Chinese would be import quotas. As opposed to terrace but it just sitting back and doing nothing or negotiating over the extent to which they take advantage of us. Is not acceptable. So. Anyway I guess that that that takes care of that discussion but I appreciate your thoughts I would agree with you that there it may not be the best way. Maybe there's a better way but we need to have a better way of the better way isn't doing nothing something has to be done something has to be done. This is the president's way. If not this way than another way but just sitting back and allowing the Chinese to continue this way one of the best things the president has done quite frankly is too. Put on hold our dealings with the Europeans little we can bring forward a uniform. United front against the Chinese. The Chinese. Have got to learn that being a part of civilized society in this world. Involves not only agreeing to certain rules but abiding by them. They have been allowed. To load my ignore that and that's got to stop. That's got to stop so yes I'm sorry for the collateral damage of a places such as. Element electronics. I'm sorry about that. But if you've got a better way I'd love to hear about it maybe import quotas abetted the terrorists Jumbo for terra.