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The Tara Show
Thursday, August 9th
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Flooding lane kind of light out here at the eleventh Danny on GHS. Children's Hospital. Mean. Radio time. We are. Asking all for your journey sends you can tax tip your donations ths 515. Five. I love every year talking Isaiah and his mom they come back every year on their own you know on their own time team tells the story of how Isiah that was ability. Cancer here he's had an EA. Seat eight junior at Riverside high school this fall he's right track beat cancer he had when he was ten. And they say comeback for the kids who can't come back for the parents. You know on those families and children youth who did not make it to talk about the wonderful difference that your donations to this place make one of the things that they do here is cancer research. That's not paid for by the hospital to hospital bills and they care for children and they don't turn anyone away regardless of ability to pay and your donations. Really make the difference. In that and to become America maker you can't again get the call 28777195437. Com and you can you know pledged whatever it is you can you know you you wanna give whether it's the miracle maker about fifteen dollars a month or a 180 dollars a year. Or if it's just you know five dollars out whenever he can afford whenever you can get by the way we not surprised our listeners where we're doing this Entercom white tailed our stations. Com and our listeners leading the pack this morning. Just a suspect they oh ways are. The most generous. Our listeners are and and givers in in the upstate when we do this and then you know he's just really moves me to. To see what were able to do you know with this wonderful array of on. Every year we've raised millions of dollars forge ths Children's Hospital I have no doubt Fisher will be. Pretty much the same as it managed ears if that's just really ponying up one especially here the stories of these kids' hands and what they get through. What are looking for this. This hour. Is sleeper sofa was. Ford for the basically for the child care children's cancer center he's not for the kids these are for the parents and that oftentimes living here. Come with their children they don't wanna leave their kids the line and the children are afraid it at a going to really tough times in the of course the parents want to be here. This pays for a comfortable place from mom or taxes to sleep on their child is being. Treat city to help us with that you can also go to 1063 W or. Why Diop been on how we don't have a set yet I always liked you give a shout out to our listeners who donated but we don't have donations are yet that we try to get shut out by. Mean to as many folks. As possible so we do not this morning as well are you so much going on in the world this morning I I am not scared to death watching. What has happened you info wars this is one of the most frightening things I think I've seen in a long time especially when you see Spotify. FaceBook. Home all of them except for Twitter and expect Twitter probably join them within the next week. Com just that they collect. Com you know FaceBook pages and they'll say you know IE violated the rules what rules give tell tell us what would what was a violation would would they say what specifically what did he do. Is today he is no one on the platform the problem only is that not all the rules are published so you don't even know exactly what rules you violet. That are played as I read into worse regularly. They are often ahead of the pack reporting the news they get they they got some cookies have put their they've got some genuinely good reporting that's way out in front of the pack particularly you know MSNBC CNN that kind of thing. That this is not a homophobic racists. You know Xena folks say it's just it's just not it did the rhetoric is just not there I mean if they. Can take info wars down for these alleged violations of their secret rules. And then there's no conservative site that's going to be left with a platform. On social media I mean bright part would qualify. As simply for questioning whether we should level illegal immigrants into the country. Well and and I'm gonna wonder where are the First Amendment. Defenders. You know I'm not hearing that. Now you remember was it a week or two ago when the White House got into a spat with a particular CNN reporter at the white house press conference in the and that person. And every news organization including Fox News. Differentiated themselves from that and said Mr. President this is not the right thing to do you should not be doing this even Fox News was defending that CNN reporter. And we all know that there's little love lost between Fox News or CNN. And and I just think this is a similar situation you may not like what and you know what Alex Jones dies you may not like info wars. But there is a First Amendment issue here. And and I realize we're dealing with a private business entity when we're dealing with the social media platforms but still. When you have that much power and we have this much access and opportunity being afforded to these social media platforms. For people to voice their opinions some of which may be you know. Against what we believe. It it's just a little scary there were not seeing any First Amendment defenders coming. Terrifying exactly it's absolutely. Terrifying. Meanwhile. Over to New York Times the editorial board editorial board is it it got seven editorial board but before the newspaper at the you do turbulence in college in the editorial board they. Iran come up with say it with the opinion stance for the paper and they publish their editorials on the editorial page. Innocent and you are on editorial board at New York Times you've tremendous amount of power. And net we have a girl hired. Who is called for the genocide. Of the gender and race. Think. About that. But the New York Times has not had their page yanked. From FaceBook. Or Spotify. Janice. Debt. Waiting out cops I mean he's a local level of mental illness that's almost beyond my ability to fathom. And yet they are still sitting there today. Bomb abut it Alex Jones who has not call for genocide. Phone doesn't have. A platform. It's shocking and we pulled a couple of weeks last couple weeks yet this was sick but as we we we have a couple people at a trumped up rally yelling CNN socks okay. And we've gotten mass hysteria. From the liberal media. And shot is gonna get hurt are gonna cause an attack on her words terrible. But yet you have a I again 888 now member of the New York Times editorial board calling for. Genesee. The white male genocide in enjoys being cool told white males cops should be killed. All all of this kind of stuff and yet there's no luck brought. Yet CNN socks is dangerous but look what happened to Candace Owens. She's open did you see she's being and attacked and labeled a white supremacist she's black yeah and. Just just being at a restaurant. And the ante for crowd shows up so there with bull horns interrupting it for everybody. On the opportunity for them to enjoy a meal player. And you know that there were reports that they were throwing water and stuff former army that's assault that is assault. And that's the left that's the ante for crowd left that ray assaulting people who were in in public not saying anything. Just vague here. That's the left for. And you know here here's where the differences and and I know I'm Sam Gejdenson texts on our city Facebook's private company they can do what they want Medicare. But imitated difference wet when time when it restaurant owner of Jack's Hughes Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Spot she Uga Uga blitzer Huckabee Sanders out. Home and guess what she could go to any terrorist strike handkerchiefs or she wants she can so okay you're just one restaurant you're you're not the gatekeeper a through. Home that that's different now that restaurant may get a First Amendment deep down. And get heat directed in their direction that's fair if you wanna say some first memoir wise expecting equal opposite push back. But when you're Google when you're at FaceBook when your Spotify when you were one of these big organizations that is literally a gateway. To the public debate. Com you should not be able to block somebody's axis let me give you an example to all you so you through conservative who shouldn't want you station build you know they should not let me tell you watch. Because in 1970 we regulated the credit bureaus. There's only what five of them really three that matter supposed to credit bureaus came out today and set but you know we think. That if you're conservative that's real credit were so you know after documented in anyway be conservative here registered Republican. What are called go ahead doctor credit 250 points just off the top. Well guess what you're Kabila started business you have to be able to run a business you have to be able to buy a house not going to be able to buy a car you going to be paralyzed. We would never let the credit bureaus do that they are the gateway to investment the gateway to business to keep way to enterprise gateway everything. And we would not let them just do that oh by the way. The rules are arbitrary we're not gonna tell you what jewels are there unpublished they can change it anytime you can even prevent yourself useless in the 250 points we wouldn't do that we would regulate them well guess what. Found these different sites signal FaceBook all of six. They operate it apple they operate exit. Exactly the same way they are the gateway to business for people. Who do this speech did their words are not just words these are businesses. And so we now have. Found these groups saying hey you know what we just don't like you said guess what you get to have a business in the public square and more. That is not acceptable and it has to act and there's a very simple way to end. And and that's apply federal law that says. Four neutral platforms. You can't do reliably can't sued for slander that not neutral platforms anymore take away that protection they want survive the end of the week financially. They'll be sued for everything everybody says and let him go down planes if they don't wanna be neutral platform as the Los satisfied that the protection when. Emily it's profoundly unfair that IE you are station could be sued for slander because we are not a neutral platform. Yet FaceBook. Can't be sued for slander. But they're still operating under the neutral platform protection they're not they need to lose the protection just like we. And we got it we at this that is grossly unfair it's unfair to us it's unfair to them. It's it's incredibly frustrating. At we're out here alive today making eight different who come out meet meet Vince body Mac will be out here live all day long at the eleventh annual radio from Reggie chess Children's Hospital where we're asking you to give here's the number 877. 719543. Step. And we're live here at the eleventh annual. GHS. Children's Hospital radio sign or where we're asking you to help us make miracles. Yet produced fifteen dollars a month it's fifty cents eight or your one time Tony a 180 dollars you can become a miracle maker illicit. We are seeking at whatever donation you feel comfortable. Making whether that is five dollars 500 dollars. What ever it is that you can afford. And this hour we're raising money for sleeper so he's not for the kids these for the parents can imagine being a parent and having atrocities are sick that you. Literally. Lifting while their parents living here. Right now there's 3200 dollars each and this keep the parents comfortable around the clock while the children are being. Treated something. Doctor Austin rocker I can't even imagine being that parents being in issues you worry at pediatric cardiologist Steve also. I treated the children of one of those folks that that I work at. Welcome to show they keep and tell tell us little bit about. Tell folks a little bit about where their money goes in and how it helps to make a difference. Absolutely the first of ongoing thing people who Fareed don't in challenger who want to keep giving and help support our children and their families. We. Find that the money fills the dream gap there are things that the hospital provided that we provide services and their. Enhancements that just make the child's life and family's experience much better. There's dogs therapy it's at least as much fun for buses staff as it is and family to go petted dog and get some blow from a puppy. Then there are things like you're describing here more comfort more sleep. There's child light therapy to distract his own tough things are going on to make being in the hospital as. Funds are not quite we're was joyful as it can be and distract them from the things must happen on behalf they care there's also things that happened on the outpatient side. So there enhancements and offices Veoh to expand and provide services across all regions like inner calm provides radio. Information across the region so do we we go out to Spartanburg out Anderson county. Greenwood and provide specialty services to be as close to almost possible for me these families. That just a trip across town can be expensive and arduous journey so we want to reach out in the monies that you give help us grow our programs not only in the hospital. But outside hospitals. Fantastic and I know they provide a lot of the little extras that just keep its comfortable. Absolutely. And you we'd love to see a happy healthy kids leave the hospital. But it's also great these donations that make them happy while they're getting healthy. Here in the hospital so again I'll leave your personal. Thanks to everyone who's donating and where and migrant and black home half my daughter went off to USC this year I've a sonic clumps and and I would also encourage your listeners if there in Columbia house to bottles via house united endlessly at the loosening Carolina fans to show he's got the bigger. Spirit and donate to children across our upstate. Absolutely and speaking of donations wanna think at Johnny bonds at WORT listener from. Pack collect he has donated a hundred dollars thank you Johnny really appreciate your donation. This hour. Com it does help kids that so much in in post say what you know hey you know it is this a hospitals in the insurance be paying for that we get them text like every year. Tell us that because the difference between you know what what's on your hospital bill in what we're doing here right. So anybody who's ever had a at the pace or been a patient hospital understands there's travel expenses there's housing expenses there's the hidden cost of just doing life. And those things are picked up by insurance I have taught in Vietnam in those terms or even bring meals in defeat their own children do we consider basic nursing care. Here America's very very different. For what we get to do and it's those gaps that meet the needs that are hiding. Behind the scenes behind the insurance coverage and behind the medical care coverage that's the social emotional spiritual. And just the joy of life kind of things that we stream gas spill and so people donating above and beyond help us and hands the holistic care of these kids. Payments that Iran and we're asking again for your donations. Of the next few days as part eleventh annual radio on doctor. I asked the rocker thank you so much for joining us on the show. This morning and I won easily for you to donate. If you're driving and you can't write down attacks number in the phone every team's go to the words but the words I won this state of security got competently prepare and Tony there. As well what ever it is at that you can. And afford and and it's you know your gonna be hearing from it needing him throughout the day to day as we broadcast like here at ths Children's Hospital. You're going to be needing the family tickets have been touched by this place and who come back to just say thank you and let folks know what difference can mean life so. Thanks for everything you do doctor and think he appreciated. Aside again at the number two called I 88777195437. Our right to the text line and we know we're still doing. All of this stuff text rates bank conservative media is the same the Nazis banned burning books in the 1930s. I could I I go further and say it's worse. Honesty person. That is what is civic contract of one right now what writer was compared to the Romans with they would do to you when you know your brother. Act Killinger and took over your empire. You know and in in in ancient Roman times they would scraped you off Thatcher's. They would they would hear it on the statues of you that scrapie off the pins would be erased from history and that's essentially what we're seeing it happening. Here on social media. And you know why is this happening Alex Jones we don't know. They have not published what rules he violated and at some other rules of conduct a secret. And you know when you're when you're looking at this whole thing it again. It's a big we we have gotten to the point where that debate in this country occurs on social media if you're not allowed to be on that platform you cannot have or grow a business to any great degree. And that's what we're talking about and what would happen if the damage cases of your electric company right. Missed 12 options may be depending on where you live. You're Russian companies have we've got these secret unpublished rules if you violate them and we find you'd be conservative. Com or or or to be a conspiracy theorist in our opinion. Armed then you know just what we're gonna shut off the electricity your house. Will we would you would inherently know that was wrong. Let's just like having electricity your business. Shut off. Because you violated a rule that you don't get to know you know as secret really don't get to know the exit into ISIS' an up this is straight. At the Soviet playbook where they wouldn't publish all the laws and they would show that your house and haul you off for violating one laws that could change at any moment. It's just it's eerie how much. It is is similar. To to literally what went. On. Text rates welcome back here I'll thank you mr. I have to say event source that I disagree with it with the band I believe they have the right. To do so great FaceBook is privately out and get more into that at throughout this yet FaceBook is not ate pizza. Restaurant on the court you can just go to another when they are the controller of access to the market. And that's why they cannot be allowed to do this. Out here a lot of ads it GHS children's hospital for the eleventh annual. Radio's time know where you can. Help Clinton make a difference in the life that a sick child. That's right why can't well it feels to get it over 400000 pace seen here every year we helps the sickest children out here. Home and we give we provide all of these extras just heard from doctor Austin rocker about that. On everything from camp courage can't can't two. Family chipped care winds its use sleeper sofas that's what we're raising money for. At this hour I can't imagine having seen live here at this hospital a lot of parents to use of its not for the kids. Their for the parents you om and that staying with the children around the park is get him to get scared you know what's going on they want their. Family around them and the coolest things about this is that a 100% of the proceeds stay local at Children's Hospital. Of Greeneville health system. Com and say it's not easy to give you can text ths the 51555. That's 51555. Text ths to 515. But some specific things. That we're raising money for today and make new web cams. At police and books for the kids. Therapy dogs for kids specialists cribs in Mobil's arts and crafts supplies and of course the camp. Scholarships. And miracle makers are monthly donors who give a donation of a high of fifteen dollars per month or. A combined annual gift of a 180 dollars but again we're asking for whatever you can afford it it's five dollars ten dollars. That's gonna make a difference. And that you can don't meet again I don't want us through to the forty dot com the validation button right there we make it easy. For you to joining get a jump on over to the text line to see what folks are seeing. Texture rates. I kid but I expected to and a lot of you are seeing that at FaceBook Spotify apple they should all have the right Q. Home simply just not that like somebody they can just cut them off from the marketplace. At the the best way to look at this. Is look at the creditors. And effect we had to get it regulate them and in nineteen cents to put supposed. Our credit bureau could write rules that were secret. And if you violate mileage rules. And they're only rules that seem to impact conservatives. That Europe credit will be docked 250 points blue. Oh wait what would I say you violated the rules but would wait I say I do and I can tell you violated rules credit's got. When we act I'm trying to run a business here IE but I haven't been reading Robitaille my bills that do that. And I know credit. Irony of this is that kind. Good luck with that. And so what what is just been done here what you could still run a business that you know good luck. Good luck doing. Not especially if you run a retail business or when that is you know heavily heavily focused on supplies electability. That's what we're talking about access to the market if you are not on social media you have no access. To the market. And the solution here if it is taxing and oil rich shouldn't we should look to do whatever they want to us and we're not going to be a part of the debate not to their choice if we don't get to be a part of the debate if they wanna make. People's businesses go broke will they should have for now they shouldn't. In addition there's a limited number of providers who market it here here's the difference that I would look at Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Was thrown out of that restaurant. I killed guess what. This might impact her accent she Adams street somebody else. She go to questions should go where she and mom and pop shop doesn't last year because your politics. Not the it'll work. Odds are they'll end up shut down as there boycotted as they deserved to beat us from there but no that's that's how a First Amendment works. They'll they'll be boycotted and harassed endlessly. OK well there's there's plenty of other mom and pop shops. These companies control access to the market and you cannot have or grow any significant way. A social media site without access to our Perry what's that with access to that market. And your competitors we'll have a leg up on. When they are other conservative publishers were not that is the key difference and here's a simple way to deal with this. A very we don't need federal regulators we don't need the government get involved in this here's what happens. They are in violation of the law right. Thursday there is a federal law that allows FaceBook and other places to operate. Without being sued for slant. People commit slander libel on FaceBook on social media sites every splendor of the people. Bomb if I were slander somebody on the air today we go through slander and libel training here at Entercom. And you actually if I was to you know slander somebody libel somebody guess what we're gonna get you. And it might cost us millions of dollars why can somebody sue me for libel and slander well because we're not a neutral plus. We are conservative talk radio station. Well FaceBook. And Spotify. And apple on an all these outlets are taking advantage of a federal law that clears the mini to plot. And because of that because they're neutral platform they get protection from libel. From slander. From false advertising all of that kind of stuff that applies to us because we're not neutral platform. And if they're not going to be neutral platform in the media in this protection. According to existing law. They will not survive. The lawsuits which just our heart every time somebody goes through a divorce UK needed to be sticking to be sued. The cash tax. All and they couldn't continue to function. And show if W a RD we're not a neutral platform we don't get that protection they shouldn't get any. If they're not going to be an neutral platform they should get the and they haven't right. And so it's it's it's like immigration it's it's a simple matter of applying the federal law was on the books. Congress can do this any time they want and so when you look at FaceBook when you look at Spotify I would look at other places like that. They're beginning to persecute conservatives were rules that are not even published. For allegedly violating. And you get dogmatic. Get mad upon Iraq get mad at the Republican leadership that's where the buck stops here once again. Once again. Tech straight good morning at shared doctor I rocker is awesome he's been our dark art daughters doctor for fifteen years genuinely cares as has Michelle H. Have a daughter is doing well. And that she's been you know able to. And it conquer her her challenges. And that she you know immediately be bidding been able to let you enjoy you know all of the great things. It's due in childhood so many kids coming through here coming you know nobody. They have cancer you can come and looking at them there with parents they're going about their treatment. This is why we do this every year at the Atlanta where we're at the eleventh annual radio Thon is to raise money for these kids for these families. Just up that you what is really a tough. Time GHS doesn't have to to do this they could they could fill up the care and he'd done with it. But the hearts of the doctors and nurses and staff here are so big this is why go to this massive effort. Every year to raise this money. Police helped us out text ths 250155. Five listened to link to don't. Sued the Cummins has retirement planning it text line again text rates or look at FaceBook Twitter apple at center as operating public utilities that have a monopoly your cause I monopoly status and their respective domains. Remember net neutrality what we really needed all along was platform neutrality a lot of regulations that the left one to a plan ISPs to social media. Known and it could see that Nazi got the bet that would make and we don't we don't want to be fair. Text your rates about two face that could Spotify countless who have dropped kicked out extensively this is just a preview of what's coming. And they're they're they're boiling frog very very slow. And break part daily caller are their ultimate targets you go ahead chances down and pull them off the platform. Because they get the real news out McKesson can't have that. At tech straight yes yanking her libel and false advertising protections overdue as they are demonstrably not a neutral flash for. They're not and if you can to Debbie Doherty fair for libel we are not neutral platform had to be able to FaceBook for level if they're not going to be neutral platform they should not get those protections and a lot and that's what's missing. That would yank them into compliance very very very quickly don't meet federal regulators. You simply need congress to act which they would not they like to seat their conservative base restraint. They don't want them to have. But the ability to tell you how they actually. Which is one of the things break part does so well. And Levy got the ultimate target there. That they cannot allow conservative media to continue challenging them and in the realm of hits and when you have a break our daily caller now making the top 100 web sites in the entire country not just for its but period. They they keep they can out loud they can't when an art and so they don't want to have. And that's that this is about. I'm but what this is about today is. Raising money to help kids who are struggling against terrible diseases struggling against. Life's challenges out here at ths and eleventh annual radio. On.