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Thursday, August 9th
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We airline out here at the eleventh and you on GHS. Children's Hospital radio fund raising money before children. To help them through their time here at ths. No matter what is it that they are suffering from Ellis turned away here for inability to pay and your donations cover everything from hip hurts. Four. Kids with cancer institute cancer research. And that we're here this morning with Sam Browne Ian Jake brown near identical twins you think he. CMU. When you're ten cracked just men ten years old and found out that you had cancer Tommie Liddell about that. And so when I was ten years old mum on the original notes as having a bad attitude that those being the preteen and I graduated fourth period. But she took me some of the chose really fail and ship it threw me in the waters to give me to go in the water is really on normal for kids adage. And so it's a means that doctors would at some blood tests and they thought I had mono but they do the little T two predicting they figured out that I had to queue with them limp of plastic leukemia. And so denial is taken agreeing to a Children's Hospital at a port within sort of chemotherapy in June of 2010. What was it like here at TH us. The first thing I thought a budget just like Jimenez though all the doctors and nurses were a lot of familiar than the average doctor I was used to seeing. They really cared about the whole family's well being and not just the patient they wanted to make sure that. Everyone in the family knew what was going on the disease and new with their child who's going through and the child like people really cared to. Suit the whole family was happy while the child stayed here and the everyone have their needs taken care of as well as the child getting the treatment that they needed. And chocolate is one of the things that to your money goes to help pay for these are not medical professionals at all these are just folks that concentrate on teaching you as happy as possible. As content as possible while you're here and you're dealing with this terrible disease coming a little bit about child life. I'm Charlie is really great fit their main focuses to make sure that the kid is happy while they're doing their team and that the family is happy to soak. They'll come in and play games with the younger kids though watch TV or play video games with the older kids. They also are the heads of camp courage so they organized a lot of and they go to the camp and go hire the counselors there and make sure that everything goes smoothly during the week of camp. They'll bring food to the kids they make sure just that the kids are comfortable while they're getting their treatment or as comfortable as they can be late getting chemotherapy. And 3 here I am today for those just tuning in raising money for ths Children's Hospital to donate you can text GA chest at 51 at 555. We go to 1063 WORD station website we battling right up there it really isn't a lot you're both eighteen. You have come back on your own time to help us raise money for. For ths you're both I understand camp counselors are identical twins camp counselors. Act can't Kurds coming about that. Just when you talk Jake. Salute. You start out as a light CU which is a leader in training camp courage. And so basically what that is is you health counselors though. And see how it works being a counselor. And then after you've gone through one year of college you can view a camp counselor instead of loyalties where you actually stay in the cabin with the kids. And that's just been the best part of both of our summer's ever since he started doing its past three years we look forward to it every year. It's really amazing just to see the opportunities that kids the due to a normal summer camp and just be kids again even if they're in the middle of their treatment. And that's sound. The kind of extras that your donation pays for it this morning when you text ths TU 51555. We're asking for. Miracle makers this hour that fifteen dollars month. Fifty cent today we're one time donation at a 180 dollars or you know what what ever you can afford. Com what that's five dollars a hundred dollars whatever you can do what's it like for you Sam. You're eighteen now all but as their as a ten year old with cancer go to camp could obviously mean a big impression on you and if all these years later pulled the fewest wins are serving his camp counselor. It was really great for me mainly because I was going to feel like a normal kid again when I was first diagnosed I used to play football basketball baseballs are really Al Gore's becoming kid. But after I got cancer Acton of the physical capabilities to do any of that anymore. So being able to go to weeklong summer camp and do zip lining go to school go horse riding. And feel like goes a regular kid with a full physical capabilities. That really made a big difference to me and being around kids that were like me because I was used to. Is being at the hospital kind of by myself with a couple other kids that I knew but really there was some friends with a lot of people that had cancer. There's not a lot of kids so. Being able to go there and meet Tony other kids my age that have leukemia and seal that did the same scars on their chest there the same treatment and I was going through. That was really big it's Meehan also. A lot of the counselors there. Just like I am our previous. Just that went through treatment and GHS. So being able to be taking care of by people that are gone through the same thing that I did. That really meant a lot to me and my parents know though is being taken really could care of while I was a week away camp if it's hard for parents send their kids to camp. If they're going through something like chemotherapy they wanna make sure their kids can be safe there's those really big to us. Tell me about come here your recovery here on eighteen years old now you were ten when this happens is since wanna tag all Marty cancer for not. This man Natasha achievement in 2013. Episode. Three nephews of treatment and ever since 2013 have been cancer free has that is great that is just absolutely wonderful what was it like for you his brother to them. Come through this states. I think news it was pretty different for me because were identical twins so we've slept in the same room since we were born. And everything like that who was really like losing a part of myself when he was here at the hospital especially because he would dispute fifth grade. So those my first year of school bomb myself. So I think it was who's really a learning process the whole time that the child life specialists in the doctors here really made a big difference. And made sure that everybody was comfortable. And that I never felt alone without my brother. That's awesome that they were dispatched on you Sam and your interview with the one with the cancer that they were also is focused on the family focused on your brother. Palm because obviously this is you know a tough time for for the family get through to. Home and we know what would you say if it's worth thinking about you know possibly you know making donations mining in the currently aware. I assume there's really nothing announced. Nothing better than to put your money towards and this is small amount of money and really makes a big difference in kids' lives every day. Fantastic Sampson glad you're here at home and and healthy and in just love to see how many people have come back. Home you know years and years later to talk about how much this special place impacted. Their lives and and that's what this is why we're here is why we do this every year as to why this our eleventh. At year if you would like to donate by the way W authority listeners not surprised as you two are kicking tail. We are being number one donating radio station right now not only our conversations. Out here. Raising money this morning but time our listeners have the biggest hearts at least as far as opening their pocketbooks go we have the largest number of donations out here so partly keep that momentum. Bob on and show the upstate that this is the W thirty families that really cares I hope folks like Sam. Like Jake indicates we're struggling right now prominent in fact we have fortunately right now come up in the in the picture you. Who are who are struggling with that parents coming through with children who clearly have cancer he can tell. On and in their struggling with this great NASA's very real for a lot of the folks. So I want to ask you personally it is to donate today texted GHS. 2515505. That's 51555. Or some healing to Tony arrogant. Go to the 1063. WORT. Com website in a page in the got a link there as well or here's a number you can call 877. 719543. Seven at. Tiger got just curious you IC needless completing your college now we're inner inner and our first an eerie colors you're okay. So where would you wanna do you have any plans what would put weight on school. I'm going to be going to USC and I'm going to be in the business school doing operations and supply chain is my major. Awesome that you are doing that and I'm gonna go to Georgia second major and industrial engineering. Great fantastic Arie all I listen bestseller this fall thank you enjoy Collins who supplies a have too much fun isn't he here. Just just arraignment on and so glad that I did see it that you have been able to join us this morning guess they can again. You're listening to an Essex street WL ordeal live out here in the eleventh annual. GHS Children's Hospital radios Sauna I am here alive with that Vince Coakley he'll be joining in fact Bobbie back to will be live out here. In the lobby can come on out and meet us to make your donation today. And we're out here aligned terrorist bases have been technically at the eleventh annual GHS. Children's or. Hospital radio. On raising money. And as usual the purity listeners are racking it you can text GHS 2501555. To make Stuart Tunisian that's ths 25155. Average Cohen has this website what a 63 W forty got kind of finally got there. It's for where folks can donate. Actually awesome and what we're asking to do away is become a miracle maker it it's very easy to do very inexpensive to do. Just a little bit can make a world of difference a world of difference which document only fifteen dollars a month. Which comes down to fifty cents today or you can make a one time donation we would absolutely appreciate. Every every single. Die. Yes alma and you bomb it heard from sammon Jake brown in the last hours their twins one of whom see him when he was ten was diagnosed leukemia. Om and these guys were so profoundly affected by. Know what went on at camp courage when they as a family were able to go to camp courage on the it was a special cancer campus that is put on by ths. That they now have come back in college and sit there on counselors. That's cool that's just core yeah and I know that has to be. Quite a challenge. Your twins yet and you've got a brother it's going through something like that I'm into. Q what walk through that journey together and then to see that identification see them. Continuing on this path and say hey we wanna be involved in an ongoing way because this is made such a profound difference for us you know we wanna make a difference for. Others' sets it's too cool. Analytical things they kept talking mouse the tablet you know folks who are here at the year they're not medical professionals at all this is not part of your bills we pay for that when we raise this money and beat these are people who where they are purely distract these children with fun. All kids who are dealing with that cancer on T you know whether it's playing video games without reading and reading them a book playing with them watching them so mom can just go get a break. And get a cup of coffee. Simple things like that that make all the difference in their spirits. On you know it's are there their outlook mean this is not the way that is that this was thirty or forty years ago when children are being. Treated since and one of the cool things here that it close you know kind of behind the scenes stuff that coastal villages near these these doctors to staff here they put on the whole radio. They don't have to do this for kids they could just do their regular kind of doctor stuff that's part of their target they go. Ayman partner with us to to bring me extras to these kids it's the stuff that that the insurance isn't gonna pay for it's not your medical bill. It's it's just that does therapy dogs it's you know sleeper sofas from mom who has to live here water charges being treated it's things like that. That we are helping to provide. You know I love that the fact use that word extremes because that's that's really what makes all the difference in the world and you can deal with. And obviously this is a hospital you're dealing with the medical need your dressing those. But as those extras. They go the extra mile to really make. The the life experience. So much more bearable for these children and Indian that they really need that. You know you're talking about children it's one thing for us adults from we deal with medical issues in. That sort of thing for for children they really do need those distractions they need those extra comforts get those extra supports. That. You know that that perhaps as adults we don't need as much so. Every single one of those it just makes a world of difference out I was economy and got to. You know I'm on the sector for animals so I mean that for me. Would mean the world if I were going through a crisis like that it's a child you have peck a man and a that's that's just a wonderful distraction as she described absolute. Me and so these exit that we're helping your helping to pay 42 days through. Your donations. And you took your listeners your donations again you can donate by texting she H as the 51555. Rescue for miracle makers this hour X fifteen dollars a month. And today. Our year one time donation of a 180 dollars. I'll gorgeous you know whatever you can afford. To get I think David nick Lindsay he gave fifty acts that the 5050 bucks don't drop ducks off. He yeah I'm still in Iceland vacate beach vacation brain freeze up you don't duplicate when you yesterday you were on the beach. You know I mean with this in your chosen today you're here in in like it's just reality slaps across. As you know that's funny feeling I think that that can't afford them yet and does it takes a couple pasted to shake that off that's kind of where I am in today's so forgive me. Column I also think out dot com where he donated 25. Dollars he sat from the union it and again David Lindsay is from Woodruff. And he's at W ordeal listener. We pledge to two dollars a month late. Thank you. Very much here for doing that in we're watching W Doherty listeners that are really put up with the dollars on the court this morning for these kids. And very much appreciated Gregory Ferrell. 180. Dollars he's from well pardon Edison yes when times are W forty listeners that money's going to make all the world of difference and the cool thing about this is. From a 100% of it is he stays local. Break here goes right to the cause there's not you know it's big over hatter in him that I'd say this money goes right into these. Programs makes a huge difference it's certainly does admit this is the kind of thing yet you know I talk all the time in the program back community that was the difference it makes. You don't we we're we're having these discussions about politics and that sort of thing. What's wonderful about this this this is about choice whom this is about choices that you and I can make to get involved personally. That really make a difference chewed the lives of children and then that's a wonderful thing because. You know there's there's a transaction of love that takes takes place there that's really what that is you're saying I really wanna be involved I wanna make a difference. And said boy these these children absolutely appreciate it. Yes payments that again so to give goatee when a sixty W already dot com but actually write the airport text ths 251. 555. Given to talk all the time about this is coming up the next segment. I talk all the time about you know drive outside Greenville look at it the devastation. Com and some of these small town that used to be mill towns. That that Gary I say so it looks like Beirut after the bombing. On it it's terrible it's happens to our country in terms of our jobs. You being sent to China in terms of all the offshoring all of the things that this had happened. And when you find out some of what we're gonna talk about an excitement about Dianne Feinstein. On and her husband's profiting directly. Not a hunt ya protect tens of millions of dollars all of a sudden. You know she gets a Chinese fire offices now he's rich he's making investor with coincidences millions of dollars she's certainly in favor of most favored nation status for China. In the years after that combined with NAFTA we lost a third of our manufacturing jobs. On Emmy just absolute devastation and we didn't lose that many in the Great Depression we completely lost the third or manufacturing jobs in little over a decade. Comments of nominee look at what's happened to those towns and and you look at how on earth did these. You know politicians cut these trade deals that were so devastating to Americans who beneficial China with nothing for a snow real gains for us well here's how. We're finding out how and yet it's Dianne Feinstein investigating trump for collision with a for an hour. When her husband's. Made 500000 dollars is you know donating before you know it is investing with the Chinese before he narrator. And now makes 23 million dollars. Pure coincidence we'll coincidences nothing just all at highway after the FBI warned that she had the spies. And that their donations at where you know trying to influence her I think we need your chain of lock her up so yes somewhere no we can't do that to a one can see that sexist oh I'm sorry yes and let's answer I have apologists locker. They sensed it duct air white at. We are live out here out without adding ths children's hospital and then small radio kind of where you can donate and make a difference in the lives of children by texting it GH as. To 5155. For each of the station web site. Palm let us into the Ortiz got time to donate there or call 8777195437. As the power hours sponsored by city arsenal. And they are going to be matching or dollars that's an excellent and it really have. More donating power. This hour we're gonna give US more information about that coming up in just his second here with instantly. And we wanna encourage you to come miracle makers this is a great opportunity for you Q. Just get involved in and do that and a very very affordable level we're talking about only fifteen dollars a month. That amounts to fifty cents today or you make a one time contribution that comes up to 180 we absolutely love for you to get involved. And again. That if you luckily you can tell it on any level dollars if you just wanna make a small country may be your child junior the sting out. You know I'm gonna take some money out of my piggy bank and contribute five dollars you know talk with one of your parents and they will help you make that contribution as well 8777195437. Or text GHS but 51555. And it doesn't see people stepping up I thought thousand dollars donation oh terrific go by to re you know what if from government act since until. I will say is in the second when it comes back upon scroll and a riveted people like I was hearing at from caffeine she just donated fifteen dollars. That's how we get there that's they're telling me they're not every bit yep. At Edwards silver's thank you effort that very much appreciate Jay Norton nation. I would jump overt it's just real quickly and do a little bit of a show stuff. You eat. OK we find out Dianne Feinstein. One of the tapped her parents at most favored nation status for China and when they gap that you saw an immediate train. Near that and NAFTA on our you know our manufacturing jobs lost over there are manufacturing jobs less than ten years after most favored nation status and their induction WTO. It was absolutely devastating he can you drive you parts of the country is looked like you after the bombing being grouped. These these mealtime BC right of center greens it. And personally meet my dad worked and can I know what they did to see empty manufacturing industry maybe this is where my passion for this comes from I mean my outrage at what's gone on. And what are you don't why they cut these ones like treatments. It showed devastate America when we got nothing in the Chinese get. Everything what would be thinking and you read stuff like this that Dianne Feinstein had a spy a Chinese fight working in her office so. Around the time her investor has meant he would never invested more than 500000 dollars in China before it was a project that he put money into what some of 500000 out. Just after the Spicer is at now is set firm is making do in 23 million dollars deals with China and guess what there invested in steel. Aluminum she ranges in it you stealing had no man or the biggest. You know critics of terrorists. Hume and here it's. Think Dianne Feinstein the Democrat side anyway Dianne Feinstein she just sit there get rich off everybody else get report. And now we understand why he street deals were cut is being paid cops are it is actually Ares it's so badly that he is about straits could admit that. Literally the FBI warned Dianne Feinstein that the Chinese were shuffling campaign donations to. All I that they were trying to influence her campaign and a whole lot when it. To the FBI told Feinstein she's satisfied working as her office manager Jack. The FBI told fines and that they're trying to influence her to campaign donations checked. Despite whatever investigation we do so Lindsey Graham are senators asking over the weekend on on it who. It what's it just treatment he not make intention to dollars off the rest of us. Where's this treatment for trump what is and he get a phone call hang there might be a spy on your campaign. Not now and I couldn't pass ski we stressed. That Matthew pocketing tens of millions of dollars more than we did before the Chinese spice it up clearly trustee of the person we just thought we let you go out and trying to influence you to campaign donations to that she took. But don't bother to return us everything's back where special prosecutor for this one. What does how. Does get a call for that we're. Good question about Paul Ryan let's go right to roll back over ghostly but so I population and. She didn't want the two leading people say it says eating trumped progression. Connie L committee just wonderful is that did not have been asking her what she cools heels and. So that's so how about starting a movement getter investigated you've had people it just kind of treatment went. Then. I would say I do senator who's going to be I'd get on it yet to senator who's gonna get on this. And basically stay on this until there is a prosecutor appointed. I mean it's really Lindsey Graham is finally talking about it that is as part of speaking of progress not so. Not that I feel so much better it a lot of these groups are evaluated him. I'm OK so anyway. Let's look at the quick speaking of making it making progress this morning we young. We are here with bill Robinson embassy arsenal best place that you don't upstate an excise exec commemorates. Once. Good morning you know make you not good thing and yet you're here matching donations this morning T ths Children's Hospital which is awesome but yeah this is a power hour. Tell us about city arsenal and why you are doing. Both city arsenal and indoor shooting range in retail store we offer. All levels of training offered great place great fun safe place for people to compute with their friends their family and just enjoy the shooting sports or practice. We we were approached Reiner come about this opportunity to sponsor tombs hospital in the dream GAAP. And it just make complete sense to me I mean none of us want a family member in the hospital it's always trying especially. An extended stay in the saw hospital. But there's a son about seeing a little kid in the hospital for its in this day and just. That the pressure that puts on the families and of course. You know the child. And so we have a great resource here that a 100% of our donations go back to the dream that program to support these families and make it as comfortable as possible being here. And to me that's a no brainer as a business owner here Greeneville. To support that type of initiative I have kids myself and yes god forbid but if there ever in this hospital lobby so thankful that. Businesses and people in this town donated to keep this program for young when so that. I mean it makes it is is as good as it can be it in for being in the hospital long term. Payments and though Robinson into the owner of city arsenal where they arm is selling great place to go and and shoot you completely renovate its absolute beautiful. Love deranged but it's also great place to go and buy a kind of by the Lexus Lexus amateurs in the Pepsi. Yes we do some answers are simply hearing protection and the gun so that they are legal and when she worked against silence that's very pleasant. A so we have a great selection now got a great staff and is all about that we do all the foreign process for you so we make it very simple easy process for the buyer. We have ever nine year old guns and some answers to test out that's always a tough decision when your mind something like this what's right for me. What caliber however carry it so we've got a ton of Ronald guns you can try out before you buy it. Makes that decision a lot easier makes it makes more confident in your decisions have. Great place to come try things out before you bond. Then tests tell us your business tell me how do you get involved in this in the first place. Well for about the last 910 years I was in the manufacturing side or worked for firearms manufacturer and hour's travel all the time across US. Was. Basically living in Savannah little family lived here in Greeneville so. I had a big life change decision my kids were young and yells come watch him grow up and not be and how much so. I just made a very tough decision. Straight talk about it and my wife and I decided I was gonna resign that position even though I. Love the company loved what I was doing for a live and love the industry. And did not know Alan arms of their old the old range was going to be for sale or I would end up here but. Talking to the owners of the of Alan arms and said they. We're thinking about moving on and I was looking for a thing to do in Greeneville went out it was real real passion about the shooting industry anyways is a great industry it's great people it's folks that just enjoy what they're doing. And says that opportunity we worked it all out and we bought the place back in February of last year and it's just been tough on. Fantastic the front please go to shoot as well Phil Robinson of city arsenic can find them online at city arsenal dot com. What difference do your donations and naked cheated GHS Children's Hospital around here at the eleventh annual. Radio Thon and I love playing these personal stories of those who have been who have benefited from a viewer donations by the way to donate. You can text GHS to 51555. Or go to W Lordi. Web sites that's my 63 WORD dot com. This helps to pay for all of the extras yep the stuff that doesn't come in a hospital built so that helps keep the kids. Healthy and happy while they're here.