The Tara Show - 8-9-18 - Hour 4

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Thursday, August 9th
2018 RADIOTHON TO BENEFIT GHS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL – MAKE YOUR DONATION BY CALLING (877) 719-5437, VISITING GHS.ORG/RADIOTHON, OR TEXTING “GHS” TO 51555; Members of Congress politically influenced by business with China; Social media platforms cleansing conservative voices starting with Info Wars

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Here's your Asus and they're Vince Coakley alive out here at GA just eleventh annual. So at all or radio sign where we're asking you to make the donations that make the difference in children's lives. Rescued a call. Just out pick up the phone make the call 87771950. Ford 37. It also text GHS 251555. We're looking for our miracle makers. Can you just. Spare fifteen dollars a month fifty dollars fifty cents a day actually. Or make a one time contribution of 180 dollars that would make such a world of difference. In the lives of these young lives that are here at she'd just children's hospital and we would absolutely appreciate your contribution as well. It is what this with what they do in this but he goes for so much stuff everything from camp courage for. Kids with cancer to cancer research that is done. Out of here. Home and it goes for child life specialists that help children or they're not medical professionals near the hope you know children to just feel better. You know while they're here they play games with in the coming in razor spirits. This hour we're raising money for the pediatric medicine center. And it they're asking price for signing an iPad makes it easier for parents to sign in allows them to include any sense of their child is feeling that we can log on. Directly with the doctors and ENERSIS. When they're at home. And on this day in you know Constant Contact. And calm they know they did this is despite the kind of little bit of extra things that you know your money really does help to make a difference and today earning you can text GHS to 51. Five 55 that's 51555. You know it had an interest in which you mentioned about the site in pads against number one of these things it makes it convenient. And in the user friendly for the parents need just imagine you know you're Europe. Your wife your mother you've got all of these responsibilities. And many of these parents they've got jobs going on. And anything that's going to help advance. The key here for these children medically and to be able to communicate have that open line of communication going with the medical team. That's just absolutely vital to do that just this extra to this one of those extras again yet it makes life a little bit easier for those parents it and sure that's. Greatly appreciated. Yep and this is not that insurance doesn't cover. And again Nam one other reasons one wouldn't it that's that we helped to fill here it is it no child is turned away for inability to pay here which is perhaps enemies seemingly helpful. Uncover those gaps as well and you know just economy helped make in keep this place. I'm running on a dated thesis if you are driving you can't break down the text not numbers you can always go to. What a sixty to be orgy dot com that is RO website we've battling right up there on the front for folks to don't make sense that. So very easy to it we try to make it convenient we also want you to be safe you know we don't want you were to risk your life. Try going to has it exactly you talk about you on the hair that would reality that's exactly we don't want a new story down a road about you because. Hey I was making my contribution and I got. They had said yes so I get we'd love you to become miracle makers partner with us. You know I mentioned earlier what do these that's iso value is the importance of community. Just volunteer as a this is one of those wonderful ways you can make a difference in the lives of not only the children but the parents. Who. You know through. Just circumstances. Of life. Bind themselves. Here with in the medical system and here probably for times that extended periods of time that they never. And you know. Absolutely and that's how you can help out today again one a sixty W orgy dot com click on the donation that would get big donation but right there and you can make a donation where you could do whether it's a thousand dollars would seem to be to do that today or fifteen bucks. That. Makes a huge difference knew we were talking about this technology these ipads. Thirteen of the seas are 500. Dollars each you know how technology works you know how costly it is. We wanna purchase thirteen of these ipads. They are 500 dollars each. I'm gonna go out and eleven. And I think there's a business owner right now listening to me you're within the sound of my voice. You've got 500 dollars. You want to spin you wanna put to a good purpose which you make that call right now 8777195437. And say. Hey I wanna be one of these I wanna go beyond the miracle maker thing. I wanna buy one of these ipads. Clothes right now and so we would absolutely love for you to make that sort of contribution. Payments that things. And you know. I went at it. We're rustling of the doing custom content here on what's what's going on in the world at this is from Ralph he's a really great return a Dianne Feinstein. She's got an actual Chinese spy. Working part pusher chief. Of staff okay Diane Feinstein. Heads. Depending on whether you know Democrats Republicans aren't part she's the number one or number two ranking member of the senate and talk and so she's got a classified. Clearance so noticed her chief of staff who need to have the same things he does she keep sealed stuff freight. So she's American she's got a Chinese by working for her her husband's co went to dental. Goes from being having 8500000 dollar investment in science in his serve firm partners with others. To making 23 million dollar investment all of a sudden after the Chinese spy Souza. She becomes a huge proponent of China favoring most favored nation status he's investing in steel and aluminum. Chinese steel costs are not American. Chinese steel and aluminum as are you know as our factories are are closing she's favoring most favored nation status for them. Which is allowed them to get those jobs. And the whole time displays there so what is the FBI do. What would we launched a special prosecutor to go after they caller good did you ask Chinese spy working for they could have done that would trump. And yet on despite the fact that the FBI also warned her that the campaign donations she was taking via the chimes that. We're trying to influence her nobody investigates her nobody does anything. Yet trump we have no crime. We have no evidence of collusion we have none of that and he's still under investigation we have actual evidence of collusion a person who has profited turner has been. Tens of millions of dollars up partnerships with the Chinese. During a period this is what Ralph writes from Miller is with show I mean emails was sorry to tear up. Well it's not like China's other senator red Mitch McConnell was going to Colorado eating. And I strange image column is not an attractive man god bless him is to a beautiful Chinese woman. Either I. Like we know where and her family just happens to be in shipping and very very well in Macau's have to get very very wealthy enough Chinese should show strong and pass that money on to them too yeah. They've made him well it's patient flips his position. On guess what most paper based nation status for China how does this result coincidence I'm sure no key for us special prosecutor. Ari anyway at Ralph writes I have another article it says China was was that killing and imprisoning yes he's attached here CIA assets. That were on it that were undercover in China during the whole time the skies spying for Tennessee got the cheapest after the Chinese spy. That's been getting rich off Chinese deals and we have when he CIA asset either kill. Were in prison. During the time okay how I. I wonder how Ralph rates the Chinese were fight the CIA assets that were under coverage I could hitting with. Dying and sick ahead of the senate Intel committee with her Chinese spy chief is stacked. With all the clearance to she Harris the skippy it's nuts where are the FBI investigators know where they're too busy trying to frame trap. I would towards insurance policy impeached. Yet while the actual spies go dancing right by right right in front of the face in this is why we cut these ones right trade deals that benefit China not America. Anyway he said I I think we just found he was compromised in this kind of trail that the FBI needs to be thought Vince but it is utterly uninterested. Yeah and just news media's just no interest either it's sick what we're watching. Without a cinema has certainly we finally have an answer of when you look at the one cited NAFTA deal when you look at how are we couldn't deals that seem to benefit China and to help us well. Why would our why would our elected officials do with things like that why would they sell out middle America like they have ego. They were pocketing cash. Pocket. Actually when we're in the wrong field we we we have done this launched a broad Vista and you seem to be able to get rich off Russian spies have noticed. There's like no money it'll pay the money you know letting you view yourself as well I know they don't we isn't Chinese spies the that's insane and nobody even cares if you have a lot of pet Chinese by. General may be them maybe Mitch can help us out yet I don't know. Yes maybe as some connections. You have a beautiful Chinese woman happy. Most of these ferry were only wait a second terror. I used say are you suggesting that she doesn't find him attractive. Luckily. It looks. Revealing reality here oh well I don't got some very terrible indictment for you to make of me on this program terra. I wanna hear an apology. I think that's very mean if you mean spirited just because. I don't know let's let's let's let's let's take Mitch McConnell spamming a multimillion dollar bid just teary John Kerry and Joseph Biden go to China. They come back this sounds good to partner in a billion with a B billion dollar deal with where China. When Kerry is secretary of state thinks anything of this. Get trapped allegedly colluded with Russians we have no evidence of it and women especially well I think we need to take a bipartisan approach to all of this schrader and do. Nothing a bipartisan approach. I. That back out here at arrives at radio Thon for ths Children's Hospital. We're asking for your donations as you once every year you can text DHS to 51 at 555. This hour we're asking them for your donations for signing an iPad and make it easier for parents to keep up with what's going on with children's. On medication can't allow them to include any symptoms their child is. The feeling is keeps them in Constant Contact with their. Doctors and the nurses who are T who are treating dear child. Nominees are some of the extras that. Are covered by insurance arm and that that we. Ask for miracle makers to preach that gap incidents Coakley is out here life with me only fifteen dollars a month you can become a miracle maker or one time donation of a hundred. Eighty dollars and what we're looking for right now this one a would love to be able to for each participate by providing more of these ipads. For these parents. We want to provide thirteen of them their 500 dollars each and put out the idea a little while ago and I. Don't have any doubt that there are people have the means right now maybe you're not only a businessperson. Maybe you're just an an individual you're making some pretty good money. And you're thinking I wanna do something special today I wanna make a contribution that really make a difference. Maybe you can write that check for 500 dollars to buy one of these ipads you can single handedly do that. I love you to make that call right now 8777195437. His phone number. We can text GHS. 251555. And we would absolutely appreciate your contribution. Yes we let hum and you know come on another surge since we're both from Charlotte and I don't you remember you know back in the days before the inner. Which we shouldn't and I can still and it should donate yes which about. There was a lawsuit in Charlotte because I'm in order to have you had a publication you're putting out. And you could gauger you know newspaper in the box like in the box row and you forget it. How are you going to reach your audience you weren't and so the city ended up. Settling lawsuit they had to accommodate everything they had hello everybody in the city street from one box on the box type that it didn't matter we had this. Q notes we had the in the gay publication conservative publication challenger we head off all they were all right there in the box rate. Well suppose today instead of having to see the city. I think it's vice unite box out they can distribute good lucky muscles closed doors supposed to got a private entity cuts that it's this site. Oh you know what we don't like to. You can put your box. Will that's where we are today. With FaceBook Spotify. Apple. Blocking Alex Jones we have private people now control of that street technology is very different. Om and so you know are you going to be forced to go out of business if they don't like few. You know I know you study business license you can still you know produce your continent but is anybody gonna see if and I and and watching what happened without since this weekend to meet. Vince was absolutely terrifying because that they this is the precursor this is where they put the front in the water and they turned the heat up just a little they're working their way up. Two at booting break apart and daily caller. Often off of these social media platforms that that are everything out I mean this is just freed First Amendment this is a business. Yet. You know it's really interesting it reminds me of the conversation that that we've had about guns as well. Because. You don't have to pass a constitutional amendment get rid of the Second Amendment. All you have to do is go after this corporately. Now this is what they figured out okay let's. You know let's try to get the banks to stop providing funding. For these companies that are involved in the arms business let's you know let's pull the plug up. And this is the same kind of thing and I think there's a challenge in here for us. Terror and that is for us those of us who don't subscribe to the ideas of the left. We need to come up with some of these -- years or selves and take ownership. We need to provide an alternative to FaceBook honestly. An alternative to Twitter. And yet but. You know what we're going to be by the time we did that happen running will be living in an authoritarian regime let me go to let go my run on inherited the problems the access to this alternative. What would you have to go through to go to get to the old whatever the platform has and Google is what they view they throttled down web sites Google has the control here to. Amen this great you know. US news and world report article honestly how they direct traffic to divert traffic away from the site to get. Even if you were to do this you would never be allowed a playing field to go head to head with Google because guess what they control the playing field. Oh yes I I don't doubt that at all and at that part of what I. I'm just trying to put C thought of how can we get ahead of this because I mean at one time I don't care who you are. If you if you run a business or you've had I'm gonna make of a few days ago I saw a story about blockbuster. And they have an opportunity at one time to buy Netflix. I'm no man. You know yes can you imagine what they're thinking now you know that at one time blockbuster was a thing. How they're there in the you know in the dustbin of history. And CIA dared to believe terra at some point. Google. Is there's going to be something that's going to train sin that. And I think for us conservative minds we've got to be thinking ahead what can lead you to be on the leading edge of what comes next. I agree but for the time being weaker start looked at it if you and I libel somebody today on the show. Our station is gonna be sued. Into oblivion we might say from multi million dollar just you know we just makes yeah but whether nice nurses walking by here ths rate will be will be sued and we should be sued. Why because we're not an inch platform. We are conservative talk things right so we don't have protection for libel. You know from defamation from lawsuits that could cost us millions of dollars and we have to do what corporate training your your mix or we don't do that rate will FaceBook. And Spotify. And apple have protection from that. Because they are neutral platforms that it integrys brilliantly lays the saudis listeners of federal law that we created two allowed into existence a platforms of usage something. Terrible about your neighbor on faced. Rate they can't you faced. Bomb because they are in neutral platform they take no position well they spoke in neutral platform anymore. After this weekend and so guess what it is unfair to us here at WORG. That they can't be sued and we can't that is a that data is arm putting a Ka bosh on our business ability it is absolutely imperative they want to. Bring it on being neutral platform and take a position now is they're doing with what they're doing Alex Jones which they're what they're doing when they throttle my site which are documented on the show how it throttle. And then throttle since about January. Of this year. Then you know what they need to give up their libel and defamation protection and Ted Cruz is actually right we don't need regulators we need congress to step that up and say OK fine. You've done. You can be sued for defamation Lebanon last week took over. Being sued because they're cash cast if we can be sued. They should be said they don't get to have it both ways we don't get to have it both ways that'll be new show anymore fight so. Let me soon. And it's that simple and and so again when you have a Republican leadership outstanding Brian not doing anything because condi like Republican wise yes that's right leadership is probably not. He caught all we can't say that word on the air we're losers station since except well OK so yes. But yet the Republican Lisa and once again don't get out of FaceBook get manic then there is a simple fixed and it's. Yes there there is he's used all you need is strongly worded letter where gunnery that you're neutrality. You've done and you will see them straight up real fast what you know what. They wanted they don't care there's no money and it. The lake at their base throttle and silence. That you think they want us telling people how they vote you think they want brake parts telling people how they vote oh heck now I get reelected. Their Elena together it's why they're all an act together. And nor are asking for your donations it this year when local. Places that money goes is to camp buddy it's pediatric camp specifically for type one diabetes. Patients. Where children. And you know parents can send their kids to camp without fear. I just went campaigns with crash. It was a mommy in the camp we had an absolute ball clear Greenfield why eye or eyes I've absolutely discipline and black eye I just to be here. You know brush his teeth at night in his pajamas on the controlling you know I know I didn't really are we doing here too. Yeah as you aren't I an armed what do all I had to go to camp. You know and we take that for granted that we can Jimmie we had these amazing time that he asked needs you make of photo book of the whole time there so. I made him a photo book and he keeps at his like my special treasure placement he'd and it's a nobody a ticket tickets but that's how special is that you know I mean it doesn't crash four and it's. See you when you have a a child who struggles with. Type one diabetes as the mom said. Listen you know they can't test at night when they're sticking your freaked ill wake up in your child won't wake. You know because they can't has below Pletcher this is the kind of differences not counting a hospital bill pays were kind of thing insurance pays for but it's kind of anger donation pays for. And you can text on GHS 251555. And make a donation whatever you can give. I'm looking at 25 dollar donation from Morgan Parker thank you very much fifteen dollar donation from our Livingston and we have other she'd given a 1000 dollars this morning. And you know in all of that helps us get to you our goal. And it we want you to hear from somebody who sees your donations. At work and I'd Tammy glad sin is it is a nurse my mom listeners special place in my heart for her sense. Com or your nurse manager actually for the center for pediatric medicine welcome to the show this morning. And Eminem you've just oversee that so that we can hear you but turns out that there ago. On and you used seat where some of these donations go in difference can they tell us about that. Yasser. Into. I am from the center for pediatric medicine. This is actually the first year that we really thin and particularly involved in the Iranian time. And but I have had a child actually in hospitals myself haven't had type one diabetic laugh what okay. She was diagnosed when she was six is now you're nodding all through that OK I was just I was very much emphasizing with that mom because everything she says is true. Unless that is actually one reason I ended up coming in the nursing. Nursing the second profession for me well and when my act in years after my daughter was diagnosed and decided it. I needed to go in and help. Any team to do something to help into the kids. My daughter has done very well she's 26 now I'm doing great. But we didn't get there by ourselves. We got there with the help. I'm really gave to health care. Club professionals scenes. And from the results of and things like this that we're doing today where people's money is going to help those children. Campus and man. Special equipment then maybe they're like you said there insurance doesn't cover the hospital doesn't provide. But its ways that other people's money or community the village if you even that. Can help support those kids. At CPM. I mean are the we are the primary here print pediatric. Residency program. For Children's Hospital. And we provide primary care so well visits as realistic as it's. Four. A great part speak English county Medicaid population and we serve children that are under covered. Or am I recovered by many. We have. Three primary care facilities we have one. And primary care complex medical facility makes a lot of sense as your friendly I think. And we also have yet to conclusions and the money that people donate today through the radio Thon. Comes today inpatient Children's Hospital they Nelson helps kids an outpatient swing and a lot of kids who may not be six left in the hospital but they're coming to us for war. On there will visits from coming to us for that theory. You became addicted to go away and the different different things to kids come down with every day right. So the items that. The radio Thon helps provide. Where science. Are things that. We would not only be able to provide. Them with our budget a budget money and let things that we can end game make those kids' lives easier. Word there experience in our office. More efficient. And you don't have a screaming kid for an hour away not a doctor right yes exactly suit so that we we with specifically seeking and has asked or on ipads. To allow us to be able to do screenings. Using that time that the parent is in the waiting room were waiting in the exam and let them answer the questions. That tomorrow on these screeners in these screeners are not just in a checklist. But they are on. Their questions that help the doctors. Figure out what list that child's needs might be so that when the doctor comes in. They know what they need to talk to the parent about before they even get in the mix that you entered east. And it's one of the things we're seeking to do especially in this hour. We're trying to raise enough to be able to purchase thirteen of those ipads. We need your call right now it's 777195437. Can also text ths 51555. We're looking for miracle makers. A level fifteen dollars a month fifty since today. Or one time contribution donation of 180 dollars so that means what two and a half review and I contributing to be able to buy one of these iPad but. We dare to believe that there are some review where have the means. Whether as a business or an individual you might be able to buy one I've you might be able to buy two ipads and provide those. For the folks here GH as Children's Hospital. And we are live out here at the eleventh annual. Radio Thon for ths Children's Hospital. At where we are way our breaking fundraising records with the purity leading that charge as in most years the most generous donors out yet they are to reality donors. And we appreciate every single one actually making that called it 777195437. Texting and as well it ths. 251. 555. We're looking for miracle makers fifteen dollars a month fifty since day one time donation of 180 dollars this hour. We're looking for you to hopeless purchased thirteen ipads 500 dollars each were having a conversation with the owners manager. The center for pediatric medicine and a missed him collections legend should we've been talking here. And I have before the break I was asking you this question about the practical way how these ipads work. You were describing a little bit earlier red. Give us a sense of of how important that is in the job that you do great. Thanks for that. So the intent and I this is to help doctors. Identify. Developmental issues. Food insecurities home concerns. Safety issues in that kind of thing we read. We we as far as the process is the iPad would actually be used as those questionnaires that I didn't as issues would be loaded onto the ipad's. The ipads would then be given word or. Used for. By the parent time. To answer those questions and been through electronic means to us. Those questions in are our show or the interest this place and show up on the doctor's side in Myanmar in that electronic medical records doctors it's. I'm using for the charging. The doctors enabled T evaluates the answers to those questions and determine. What needs. That patient has before they even walk in the field. So in in one sense. It allows us to use the time that we have face to face with the patient more efficiently can maximize it exactly because we had the interest of the questions we need before they even see them. Enjoy the doctor Watson really maintain it. After after reviewing your strainer and I see that you have concerns about this in this in this thing. Yet concerns maybe that your child isn't speaking early in the word that there there walking is is not normal order. Bomb that they can't count yet in your other child. Get different things like that. And and without having been through all of those questions face to face in use most of the exam time asking questions they can lock in knowing what positions are. Instinct these are the things that we can do to help time. And that's really the idea behind. It's wonderful that. On endeavor an egg and I want to thank you let him live since using our nursed your nurse manager actual actually the center for pediatric medicine for stopping mind. Thank you I'm telling your story thank you for doing what you're doing today this is awesome absolutely we were up not being able to do this it's just under wraps up the show today. Vince is going to be carrying you through the next two hours. We're one of the things that touches you and I say. Has been hearing from mom Isiah. Who had been diagnosed with cancer time. And create a convenience and mistook the girls just not done historically what and he you know he's sixteen now he's at Madison high. He's clean clear of cancer he's on the track team and the football team. Bomb and he's so it's just he's terrifying is Mann's got his license yet he comes back here every year to do the interview with me. Talk about what a difference a special place means to him and I asked him when he didn't he sit the kids I knew. Who can't use that's what scares me so for those kids for all those kids text GHS to 5155. I. Help us out you go live station website as well thank you.