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Wednesday, September 13th

New iPhone X fails on launch; Facial recognition software can determine gay and/or criminal tendencies; How Trump is pitting Dems against GOP over the debt ceiling debate


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Goodling story at least they kiss it's cheesy and now he tells you are melting down that total computer meltdown. I apologize but would be the same on the show I mean if we actually had everything work. Coming into the 6 o'clock hour well that's when characters shines through would adversity I know and I had this bang up start of the show but once again we won't have it. Well when engineering comes in around 830 will get a fixed. Anyway. Let's check in Shelley and I know what I. I am a person who strives for excellence that's why commit hours before my show. Mom and I expect everything Norton perfectly and we never have a day where everything works perfectly ever and it just makes you want to obsolete term hair outcry when you are had a hard and he can give anything to work but. So the way I wanted to start showed it would have been really funny but sound that's what can happen. But it never does in the segment so anyway will get show started around 830 or whenever it's convenient for everybody else here in the studio. I'm OK so anyway big news yesterday the ash and the first thing my husband Pierce's. It's a hundred passing glance. And he doesn't even have to say anything it's you know totally covering us he he he doesn't even have to say anything he slicks of me busts out laughing I know what he's thinking. I never get one of those and and night you should see avenue and right now it to seven. Do you know how long it lasted before the front glass was completely cracked. I am noise less than a week less than a week less than a week. Well your fault when the kids of this mine Nokia. And a truck that. On if you make a weekly data otter box. A city it is an hadn't come out yet the fund was sunny and none at any critic you every day that I should really not just like to keep my old one. For a couple weeks to our box comes. Not not he'll be fine on your response ms. animal is a dynamic putts I am a total closely I am I cannot hold on to anything things go flying and my hands all the time. Inexplicably and Don. So he's so I Carrey didn't. It hit the ground. Still shattered to this day. So we DeVon it we have another re up Larry insurance hikes I turn out we could go get another one bright and allowed him. Look at. And now and I play my husband that's a family probably never I don't know I blame I had keys she has older phone than I do so I mean honestly it's only fair rate. That he gets used three you know I guess. Almonds enemy so I have to wait for the next re up after this one. And some singer on my friend and I'm and it and our you know our general manager here and are comes like. How do you see through those cracks that. And I would you know you get used to it as Sony but Imus fired at a press three or four times now on the horn director brand type on reasonably can give fix those screens. Yep we do we looked like a 150 bucks now I mean the past who's getting an iPhone. You know cheaper and Heston did offer have a screen fixed it and you know I known aren't blaming him that I love has been he's awesome but I said no no I just feels wrong crystals Ron Phillips and you're Catholic guilt showing for you know let me just 150 bucks and you kidney issues you know what I'm saying they did did design of the things we need to pay for that I should have a better screen for myself seems to be solo analyst so. Limited and killing they do these things on purpose. Whenever it was all glass okay I'm online. You know that means. You have to pay a 5200 bucks rate. Freddie two dollar plastic to cover the glass and so it's absolutely beautiful and you'll enjoy the look at the phone and for that five minutes them exactly as it's in between a box out. The but the box and a salesman puts it in the outer box for exactly. Our whatever they used for apple Internet. I haven't had an apple that's what I've got yeah it is an auto body and how has traveled sanity for intricate. Yes so OK but the cool thing about K here's the reason that you're gonna wanna pay a thousand dollars for the new iPhone and you know why. Because they don't put that annoying passcode confront. It does it has facial recognition so we can see your face in the open only for you to make you feel better I'll I'll admit I do have a small crack and I think it's on the safety glass. All mine but the cool thing is that I can say is because I dropped my god don't know hey that's us on this that is so awesome okay. So here is the first ever unveiling for the public here at the facial recognition. Feature. Andy here it is. Here. Is iPhone tent now unlocking it is is easy is looking at it and swiping up and you know it's true that it can't. Ho ho ho. Let's. Go to back up here. And get right in so here we are and you see this expansive. Display. It to units and familiar doesn't you. Yeah. So Rick can you don't let I'd at a has an answer is the intercom engineering staff been working an apple argued in overnight you. Highlight wherever. I don't know so I don't see how he felt physically what he went backstage and lost his mind to he did how hard hole. Let's go to backup pair are clearly we got that but that clips working OK here again so yeah that's how that works. Everywhere that there's any former in inner former apple engineers that are looking for works just say yeah after that I know oh I'd that there can you imagine being the guy behind that on my couch. Yeah listen if any type of new technology like that I mean even the foam print thing of the finger for whatever you used to work every time either. I mean it's terrible I really don't like fat. I use it but the what's funny is. The apps that use it like there's a banking app but I have to use it works almost every time. But I don't know how many times that go to do this thing just to open the darn thing up on a block position and it won't do it. You want to haven't put the code anyway. I'd narrow and I have to timing does wanna take code well that'll affect either because my screens that's probably adds up what has yet to them. And it's it's ups and Aysu that was big it and you can have all of that. Com for only a thousand dollars is a here's the other thing that I think's kind of funny about that people are pitching a fit about the price which I agree that's a lot of money. But the fact is if you got the iPhone seven. You are paying 6780900. Dollars to begin with depending on what amount of a memory you've got I mean were close to that thousand dollar thing to begin with. So I mean not that I'm saying you know I'm just find the price and to simply saying the last home was back within a hundred -- 150 bucks well close that anyone so what's the big deal. Yeah and a hey you know everybody has yet you don't. And at ping thousand dollars have fun. You don't you kind of getting a deal on it from. You know your provider or you get one of those things on your you know insurance for you mean get a phone and subs have heavily subsidized I've never paid full price for Brandon phone ever. Armed since I've been on cellphones. Well you always wait until there a year old and you. Yeah 77 our plan is so good we got like hundreds of dollars off which is the only way we approach we were able to afford brand new one which was really cool. So anyway may. Try to find. You don't know direct face recognition is gonna work you know I mean. It's not guaranteed now. Wait I flagged apple one of the few stores. British yesterday our news I think TJ this one of the few stores that but they're actually opening locations and set a closing in retail. And that is alien. Does your products rack you get online. It speech is nobody knows how to work the darn thing well Lester and see every didn't. Yeah every inning gives some Smart they need twenty year old you know Smart out. Kid to fix it for a while you know I've I've always got my kids that you know by the time it's out anyway they already know how to work it anyhow. And like you know what you are committed to setting Jones admits that that's setting yet you haven't don't like ten steps deep into the setting on the sub routines get this done yet come on that call. I can't meaning for like a year fleets of my new android to get them to too chilly figure out how to use the voice feature yeah you know. I think I never did figure it out. My nine year old daughter the other day and I'm give me ask why and I just keep forgetting right as I'm never used it like almost year. On wanna I wanna get a being in the Summers is something here but honest in plot less than that probably but he I salmon nine year old started the day finally. Grabs it and just a good group as her she's in a voice teacher now. I. I. I'm. Margaret. Did you just figured out right now when no other Kenyans know Q school is have fun shape. But she's feared it great yeah oh. To whom. McCain reminds them. Never mind. Arie. Backlash. As predicted by you and I'm over the I gate are now. Yet this from the New York Post a kind that crazy computer program and consult with over 80% certainty if you're gay right. They it needs five photos have you paid consultant Hank yet people saying you know you shouldn't do that. Partly our worst fears. Are we are we eat we profits is this last week a wet if it could you're gay what else can tell about Jim. You ask dad's somebody else is working on that photo of your face. Can reveal everything he wanna hide it. This is freaky stuff in Italy I can imagine with the NSA is conduit this. Text your rates. It's in chewed the oh you know what I can do that because and I don't have the audio for that either I'm sorry rate you know what Alan. I'll get back to dynamic with the computer fully working on it to somebody's face. And had a self correcting them. So our society right now. Is geared. Toured. Teaching you to ignore. The messages yourself your subconscious and and cut it. Level that humans of we used to survive for millennia. Is it not on students and then judge a book by its cover. Our door came immunity and since then we shouldn't judge a book by its cover with such on how long conversation. Nation. Yet solution judge a book by its cover. Whatever your gut tells you when that first and you listen back you'll save a life. And keep you from some very very bad experiences. That doesn't mean we make assumptions about people. So the most wonderful people are some of those that I mad you know the first time. And made a presumption. Well misusing the kind of a boring person not a very interesting person you end up finding out that they have the most. No wonderful site to their personality that she never would've guessed that's the kind of thing we don't want to judge by its cover. When you bad gut feeling about somebody. There's a reason for that. And no matter their race. And we have geared everything toward saying don't judge somebody by what they look like great. Skin color here. It's more than that our society Lucic and by having two extension to buy what you think of how they're here is to just a target but you get that first reaction don't. Where's it come from you experience. Meet a person for first time for the for some say even a young person somebody at 1012. The good and evil looking face. And you think you're so I can't judge and they look at you can't judge I mean is it can't help what they look like they can help with the face looks like. That's just the view of the body they were born. Or is it. That's what's so insane heat. About this research that's coming out. Now last week we learned this Stanford University. They took a bunch of dating profiles. Of gay people and the famine to computer to her about this. And it did they give computer made algorithms of their faces and found that gave people this for this week stint free university. The women tended to demand intended to have narrower chins than straight men. When intended to have wider faces. Up and it really developed an algorithm for telling gay people for straight people this how well it works. V AEA they are official whose intelligence machine is different a different sexual orientation 91% of the time with many an 83% of the time with women if it has a handful of photos. And since Sunni. See your face for what ever reason broadcast what you are this is why you get these subconscious signals. About good. So she need Percy did a great feeling. And not spoken a word to them. Sutton had something to do listen is they talk to Michael Kaczynski the Stanford professor. Who develops. The machine it until you're gay list of what else he can do with a he's a spot militants using photos it's unidentified people's political views. Whether they have high IQ's and the general IQ range. And whether they are pre disposed criminal behavior. Whether they have specific personality trait that's knots. Your feet showed up and why is and it's meant to break into the match. If you're bad person. Are you born with a bad face or just being bad maybe make chemical changes to your brain causes your facial muscles to change concern I don't know. Let's this. Was a minute this just another this is not his nominees they fed. The faces of 1856. People. Violence. A half of which were violent criminals. Criminals violent criminals into a computer. And told it to develop now grit. For. Fighting the faces Incredibles rape big big violent people we know they're violent they've got a conviction. Geno the accuracy with which a computer can look. At mixed faces. Some completely normal no criminal record. And some criminal. And tell you which ones are violent Tino with a Akerson medalist. It's insane. It's almost 90%. Well okay should then next question you have. How early this is where is going to scare folks how thoroughly. Can you tell the computer. They've done this with adults. So what if you Fey and six girls face. He tofu began he. Can you tell if will be violent. For. About the implications of this from. For. June those facial traits that we can read it mathematically. Develop as the criminality develops. George your face only need. Will register at a near 90% rate as a violent criminals face to a computer after a few violent crimes maybe there's chemical changes have taken place in the bring more. Does it register that way when you're okay. And what if it don's. What ahead. Do we do that and I know. Could she legally. Thank you cut your band that. Freedom of. I don't see. And the implication of what you do with this kind of technology. You monetize what I mean he consulted government you could do is security firms might bite but what do you really monetize. I mean it's a billion mayor. People feeding there you know. Brother in law's face intuit. Oh my gosh. He's a violent criminal and he's getting. But he doesn't have a criminal record. Yet. I'm telling you wouldn't feed everybody station known that the U. Would you tell you why did. Yes well what does this got predictive ability. How young can this thing Reid face as we don't know they have in these kids yet. When they do what do we do when they do. Oh and this good this is this since take this a guy kaczynski's it is different does this. Natalie they can they tell you know conservative views from liberal by looking at your face the faces. They can tell where you are in the scale. Not to it's not that far right now the print what I do it and Kaczynski also set I thought I would not this previous studies. Have found conservative politicians tend to be more attractive than liberals. Aside human judgement. The computers. Turner. Texting in about this insane. And it really is artificial intelligence programs they're creating they've done this in China until. When they can literally take. The faces of a certain kind of people in other words violent criminals. If you didn't computer. To teach it it in the computer world. Make its own algorithms. They're looking for similarities in their faces. It will learn and make its own mathematical formulas. And then you three in any tests that. So one of the first when he studies that came at a China they took violent criminals. On rumor Chinese. And from date you know let it build a formula. And then if they randomly shredded pictures half of whom were convicted violent criminals the other half of whom are not. And told to pick out who violent criminals work. Now these criminals didn't have tattoos they didn't have facial scars of any kind those criminals who who who had that were excluded completely from the study. Chose not to confuse the computer. All of them had hair cut the same way because they Wear and no they were in debut under their hair was all too old short is it there's no distinguishing features like. Just faces. Computer was able to pick criminals out on behalf of war criminals have for not an almost 90% rate. Which is nuts. They're doing it at Stanford to. Anne's. They can tell your politics. You're IQ. Your personality did and did in general they can't know until an exact number but they can they can tell when an arranged. Eventually they think they'll be able to nail to an exact number. Personality quirks and flaws the list is very very long just from a photo. In fact. It's already been youths. Did you see this isn't pretty recent events. You know who used to this. In the last election. Data from the firm Cambridge analytic. Has she similar Turk tools to target voters in support. Of Trump's campaign. They're using people's pictures on the Internet to pick out what you'd be terms supporter. Sparking debate about the use personal voter information campaign that's really personal it's a picture. So I don't see how congress can outlaw thing like this magnetic stripe it. But you'd think courts we haven't heard it I mean on what basis can you outline. I know maybe they could. Text your rates is just minority report keep in and margin of air. Is republic garnered Democrat or conservative or liberal does that explain Lindsey Graham Palin vs boxer. Tee time the first picture oh no weird isn't it and yet the first ever anyone struggling to grants pitchers who does things she just pull. Text reads let's she's this facial recognition software politicians. Now the texture rates a touch could judge a book by its cover. You it's fascinating here. Because the just confirms. This what you mean when you get that gut feeling about somebody meet and it's it's you know you want to think to ask you this person maybe you've heard them asking about the and that instantly meet them get that bad gut feeling you tonight. And push it at your mind because you've been taught that don't judge a book by its cover. And then yelled once later when you find out that person. Is just you know a total stinker this betray June double crossed you that you kind of you're bad person. And then you remember back yet if you have to surprised but then you think wait we will. In that first moment I knew denying new annual my god I didn't want to think that and so I pushed it away. On the and that's where society gears is to do is to push that got doubt. I'm teaching my children the opposite. Was until. Always give a little doubt the when your toes she suddenly rain. Listen to that. Don't. Give into the hole you should stereotypes saying listen to. And listen to what everybody whether you're meeting. You know somebody with a tyrant one ton of money to everybody says is grade a religious figures. A guy in dreadlocks was not voice that forceful tell you it will always tell you it did notes and now we're finding out how it knows maybe it's not. Maybe our mind's consumed cautiously do the math that these artificial intelligence computers are doing. I think they're not that bad but it would may compare this to humor and the X. They would show human beings pictures of people ask him to pick out whose day who's not. This sings in Rome being gauge is can he do it. The computer was much better attic 83 in 91% rate if they if it had more pictures but you weren't too bad either. Women can do it at a rate of 63% of men were in the high fifties a little bit better than chance. Text your rates extra day showed the artificial intelligence picture of Hillary Clinton. And convicted her a criminal willow well. Now boy tech stories yet have put Hillary stays in the computer. Streets what movie based on his premise then those who were picked out our rested preemptively move is that where I don't know. That a saturates what are the 10% to got it wrong. Tournament the criminals. They just haven't been quite yet been pets and they attack this strange does this suggest that gay people actually born we see that that's cricket just in we don't know. We know. The answer to that would be to give begin to do this and children than we would know. Again when you're you know we brain does things in releases chemicals heavily. Reagan like if you're wager begin to shoplifting rain. You can have more of adrenaline surged does that change the way your facial muscles look over time I don't know. Version faced born in telling everybody everything they needs don't buy it. This is nuts we all show. On this texture rates what does due to the. Eating Webb says I yeah what are you know you know they're gonna have a pre scan dating website. 85% likelihood of that being gay. 33% likelihood of criminality and you were so darn those so Daniel always feel when. You would all. Around feet. Oh gosh married. I get back and show so much stuff going to edit. I did say was going on which trumping the cut it McConnell it's just it's nuts it's not going on Washington gets crazier every day. With the release of its new high end I found ten. Apple may soon become the first US company to be worth one trillion dollars. Yeah. And that's just from selling five new iPhone tends. Did you just call the new iPhone will be able to track stair climbing. And mountain hiking. Yeah. Big question is what had any features for Americans there. Early night. Oh OK. Strange things are happening in Washington. OK so. Mitch would be McConnell. Got me slept last week by trump hitting nine. Yeah Red Cross the face a look at photo of him and Tom O'Brien sitting there in the Oval Office as they learned that trump has are you going around them and cut a deal with Democrats. And then cut this fake smiles on their face and they are sitting up ramrod straight and looked very very comfortable thing never expected try to find a way to get the upper hand. But I don't like the way he got the upper hand they did it. Which makes this very strange. Sit Tory leader Mitch McConnell hinted leniency was pretty blunt. Said the Democrats are in for disappointment with the trumped up deal. We come again. Didn't tease me. Since city here's what but casa since I was in charge of drafting the debt ceiling provision that we inserted into the flood built. We likely almost certainly are not get avenue the debt ceiling discussion well in the 2018. He told the New York Times. Now the Democrats. Have been out their crowing it. That Oleg we we are we set to staying for three months we and we got a trump over the table damped sentiment it would get. He's yet he's gonna come back in December and he's gonna have to trade this all the dec stuff we want to keep the government for certain that we have got him where we want him. Senate they've been bait they've been they've been doing all week. Number trump did this he cut a deal with the Democrats in the debt ceiling for one reason. To get the debt ceiling debate at the way so Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan the Republican leaders could not drag this thing out rate and prevents him from getting the tax cut debate. He took it off the table toy day. I Democrats Alexi look but good we got a he did not to show that you the government down or. Go along with us on docket entry wants got covered table initial cost Simpson that you don't think that you don't. While you idiots weren't looking and I inserted something it is still allow us to avoid another debt ceiling hike to pay for eighteen months. You lose. Hold out it's the expert witness bankrupt. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Show up after five weeks vacation C a prolonged debate on that so we come to the finals it's a good a long term solution that. Keeps us from you know having to debate every three months what will anyone it goes eighteen months. And they get a read there's a piglet all month. Level you can't just inserted something in the did that. Hong. Well why just do dat. What do you force trump to have to cut a deal to Democrats give. We could go to law. The current state figured they'd just be a trump would never cut a deal with Democrats nick just waste all September. So what this tells you is. The co got left looking like a full. A show Democrats charge know why I just charge that she Russia are sent what I I don't see it look I gave trap eighteen months and I have reduced debt ceiling thing again. When he. Nina audit have to have weeks long debate chewing up all September get that done. Or Paul Ryan saying he was so wrong I tried to do this and read a long term solution on does Sonia we'd eighteen my memory but remember the number all right eighty was me eighteen months solution. Yeah it was is easy is a concert. And telling no. There was anything. Well no what we prolonged debate to get it. So won this one. Term point. Bend them to his will will continue I don't know I'm just I'm just comic play by play offense was tiny what goes on you draw your own conclusions.