The Tara Show - 9-13-17 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN personality Jamele Hill scolded for calling Trump and supporters white supremacists (but not fired like Curt Schilling); New iPhone X fails on launch; How Trump is pitting Dems against GOP over the debt ceiling debate


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Wedding leaked good morning Kelly better Irma tele. Final tally. Never really how we aren't either closed or partially blacked. By twice by Tuesday morning 21. Record set 46 miles an hour the strongest wind gusts measured in downtown Greenville party National Weather Service. So I'm definitely a record there. Forty miles an hour strongest wind gusts measured in Greenville county. Two different record. 62 degrees new record low temperature. For that importer. And no Monday right measured at Greenville Spartanburg international airport to record low high. Yes a record low high wrap your brain romantic in whilst you really need to copy. Yes let's hear yeah you're absolutely do. And so yes Simitis to Def PS 33000 Duke Energy customers without power as of Tuesday morning says some pretty big numbers there. As we wrap up Burma. So that's kind of told him around. Shutting down schools for 21 roads out. Bomb but that is so you know that's just a lot of routes so. Lucy show anyway if if you are a climate change. Desire. As a bomb when a hard techsters was this morning on tech's when he turned into that jumping tendon big telephone. She wanted to donate. And and you're greeted out the gate by Stevie Wonder who says this. We'll leave it there is no such thing it's global warming. Most people are. Why or how intelligent she just dumb and it ended debate is over. It's like totally over. Well anywhere text you set out to western television often in getting money from me. Well by the time we got to Oprah and share. This year holding onto Oprah for dear life what is fiction a full over. I was on an hour had no intention to watch this I'm sorry no nothing against the the the effort I applaud them for the effort to try to help folks I think that's wonderful. But I have no interest in watching these Hollywood types go often. Rant and rave about their particular agendas under the guise of trying to. Help folks from opera Cain Herman Harvey. You know when you see Patrick go what was the DiCaprio in it was a Jamie Foxx. That started off as like. You guys are actors could you make it look a little bit like you really wanna be there and really believe what you're saying that was a horrible performance. To start things off with. I mean that that's how it started off that I saw with DiCaprio Jamie Foxx airline. And there is ton of other places I'd rather be right now but I've got to do this and I'm going to read from the teleprompter even though I am a highly paid actor. Right okay it will show but if you let me if you if you have any criticism about the climate change then you're just dom right now Camelot mom's a what as a matter AME too. Well I'd like to have seen Stevie Wonder debate this on retired Georgia Tech professor. And she is eight at climate scientist and and she's asking some really interesting questions. The talking points in the meteor that what you are service workers are woods is how to report it's very tricky with the duke are surface waters in service of our growers what is warning that's what causes hurting so. On the no no surprise there there's definitely connection rate that's Heather reporting and they're saying no general surface Warner. Temperatures have gone operate so that's why we're having this these turkeys as to the climate change. And. Well did this circus ordered temperature for this hurricane was it I. Know. Not at all it was and usually. Well. And she's raising the alarm on her. Her blog where she you know she posts all kinds of crimes of she's supposed to. The surprising thing about this developments this Herman developing into major hurricane was it developed over relatively cool waters in the Atlantic. 26 point five Celsius the rule of thumb is 28 point five sells his for a major hurricane. Com and she says so based on all of in of the wave and we predict the Motley model these hurricanes this should never turned into her cane. And she is we can't explain why with our modeling she says it it it it it literally. Broke all of the rules. And Thomas on TV warmer surface Warner's global warming leads to yet. Generally surface waters are warmer but they are cooler for the surgery. And she says it was fueled in part by very weak wind sheer. They occur and that they're hurricane intensified despite the ocean temperatures. On and that that doesn't make any sense and she said listen if we want to protect people from the damage he's urging super getting better at modeling now. And predicting now we need to understand why this one broke all the rules. But their models were completely off too because if you. Look at all the models that showed where was gonna hit it was generally considered to be an East Coast storm know where it wound up being on the West Coast of Florida. As were hit and was not for the models were taking it. Here's fishery so why did Irma developed into a major hurricane we can't play the blame 26 point five Celsius temperatures in the mid Atlantic on global on global warming season they were usually low. Bomb. And so she's agenda when she was very weak and she says this this doesn't fit any of the models we don't know why. When a well we don't know why Burma and it up at one point a cat five status storm when it broke all the rules and you wanna tell me. That you can predict global warming and you know climate change would have been two years from now. It's just me while I'm within a nation than the nation all of these liberal. You know news organizations are now calling this is really scary stuff. For climate it's you know desires to to literally be criminally charged to be fired from their government jobs. That this should not be tolerated. As she's been article after article after article meanwhile when he got Judith curry. Who actually is a climate scientists and what what what if we could if we would sit study why these are actually happening we could save lives. Om and this one broke all the rules you can't blame it on global warming because it was cool what are. I know like talk to my hands we don't care well I mean you know it's it's. It's typical with the liberal arguments they always want argue science until the signs doesn't agree with what you are talking and they bring shut out exactly yeah exactly you're just admire you have no right to speak Q should not paper. It's laid USA the world because well more than what you wanna go anywhere and do anything to tell people to show people to point out the evidence. And it we have congress still suing. NASA. I'm and the LA. For climate data. That backs up you know these studies they put out saying hey you know it's weird we world's warming is causing these these problems they want you turn him over congress the data behind studies. I would think they'd be heard turned or when you could see you born it was say do you want everyone who'd you want everyone you'll look and listen to do that brings. Isn't that the scientific method to two gathered data and then to publish the data to show and prove the hypothesis. Actually I'm commemorating the scientific method ring now for my daughter science test with. Her bomb yeah and this is I saw the what do we see in the media is. Nobody gets the data anyone US Wideman shot up. And if she still showed up than your fired. Is that not the new scientific method pretty much yet and if that it's not that works we'll just call you dump. Not the one I'm studying in my daughter's fourth grade class man but whenever. Our anyway from meanwhile we learn that trump and his supporters are white supremacists. From ESPN host Janelle hill now. I've got a great political. Analysis there the day with some it was awesome. Donald Trump is a white supremacist was largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. So I mean she totally was fired like Curt Schilling and it was good to see that a layman. Well what she wasn't fired but are showing now. Me she apologized rate. For slamming cafe cringe known now cashing in on. Wall warts open. ESPN puts out a statement saying you talked to her and she understands it's inappropriate. They did say she understands it's wrong mind that she apologized for the they apologized. Just a big talk to work. And she understands it's inappropriate between these incidents. It and meanwhile Curt Schilling. Shelling. And for ESP yeah. You know it's anchored some anti be seriously is like Michael Jordan says. Republicans. By ten issues. We have to remember that the. Yes occasionally we either. What is getting increasingly difficult region just sit down the beer in hand chill out watch a football game and not be told your white supremacists them. You know I Sosa white supremacy of football mixing. Now not adult a total you know epidemic the NF felony ESPN are determined to try. Let's see how it works. Straight changed here since I don't like being called white supremacist I am boycotting the NFL this year it's a shame too because my falcons are pretty good. Yeah well. Right it's you know what you're allowed to keep take a sneak peek everyone's wiles on this is not ESPN's. Straight to my opinion it's her white supremacists just offense does the N word shouldn't be allowed rate. Only eleven to decide what's allowed the fight back only two rules to Obama just know him fight back enough. Do we implement. RE two you get a new iPhone next. And he really Koren. New iPhone next. We get 3000 dollars but that's just where it starts he went the extra gigs is more. Who is fingered euphoria. Well. Here is the big reveal it has a screen. That covers the entire face your phone. Wireless charging which school. Always tempted to add that I'm always gonna buy new chargers. The screen it covers the entire face of phone entirely glass I'll never be allowed to own and of these spam has been by the way. You know less one less than a week before the whole thing cracked front of it and if it was all glass you kidding me. You can I would Crowell had to be done finished. She let because they infill leasing and your beautiful new and sleek looking at a class conference just pitiful. And you're gonna get to see that glass cover. For what. Army like out of the total trying young fan how long we actually see the beautiful cover. The sleep cover when an hour to that Sony dared holding your hands proceeded without having covered with a cheap piece piece of plastic great. But setting like two dollar piece of plastic and a charge you 5200 bucks for a you don't play break glass. So what is really matter what it looks like it's never going to be Alicea because he's so I might break it. The skill pick hoping to skills anywhere over the big deal the big reveal. Is he content for the stupid little code in anymore they could it will use facial. Recognition. You unlock. It just yet you it'll see your face it's gonna be awesome it'll see your face and it'll just. Unlock. Here is iPhone ten now unlocking it is is easy is looking at it. And swiping up and you know it's true that it can't. Ho ho ho. Let's. Go to back up there can. And get it right and so here we are and you see this expansive. Display. AdAware. Apple's senior vice president of software and engineering critic of flattery geek or something. Try to show off the feature look at look at this could only get this to get done this discredit once re just one time. Fails. So they lower the price rate go ahead though because on sale October 27. Can look at that. Good luck with that. Worried so. OK if you're trumped. And it's last week. What are they announced. Quote take we might do duck amnesty. If you know we get a wall and we gets the you already know these things Gary Ellis security. And that last week for Sarah Huckabee Sanders but that was last week. So if you think these Democrats Liza comes they really want to dock in assumed that went bad right. So you think you could get a lot like you like even be able to get the were the Democrats to go along with voting for the Walt. Think about that stick to attach the wall of the do minerals tested dock in Asik makes the Democrats vote against the wall in the dock amnesty. Rape. It would you do. Cut a deal ray they can hurt. But he's not content. He's not going to. Eight to Trace a low globally in announced this too I thought that was interesting. That. He's gonna put the wall off. He's not gonna attach to this this one tests and doctor amnesty doesn't have to be well in other words he said I'll sign it even without the law. He's pushed his own wall off. We'll get it done later said they say. Not trump hasn't addressed the ship but well get it done later. He's not asking Democrats for any concessions. Such as funding for border Waller passes passage of the rays act in exchange. For the dock amnesty. Okay. The message here. I'm Tony was going on pay. A passing judgment on some slain in. The so what do what do you mean you get any think what Judas. While the message here is we really need to tax reform. We Democrats go on saxophone. And so a session when the White House is saying. Is that we are going to trade daka. For tax reform no wall. We think that. I mean here we are again. A what these tax cuts and keep Republicans have to bid they weren't for office next year the starts in January September. But make no mistake tax reform is going to be the marker upon which Republicans rise or fall. After the failure to repeal and replace obamacare if they cannot deliver on the second biggest product promised Republicans are making for a generation. What is the point of having Republicans control the house and controlled the senate so if they don't do it this year are you sure and then troubling Tony change well it. But I say this year this session of congress but I think if they don't pass in the house passage in the senate before they leave in December. Then what effect does anybody have that they can get their job done you can get your conference committee I think in January or February but they need to have initial passage in the house and the senate. Prior to leaving in December. Otherwise what. Is the point of all of us and that's why Republicans understand they have averted the burden is to deliver. So. I mean he's right. This economy. At least feet big growth surge in growth we've seen in the stock market anyway. He's good economic signs are gonna start start this tax cut doesn't go through and what does it ultimately come down to the economy. So trump is making a choice. To get to Democrat votes. This way he could get tax cut through. With Republican vets. They don't need Democrats. Yeah he's beginning to trade Democrats daka. Because the Republicans. For whatever reasons won't play ball. Angers me well it's clearly is gonna turn out to left hates strong. We'll play Nintendo games and the question is one. And we have enough energy and drive along our base. The daytime I'm still going to perform well enough that independent society today. One real actors I think this comes down especially journalists but also good neighbors and so. Do we represented. Prosperity economic growth and higher take home pay more jobs or not. But make no mistakes. The I thought they shouldn't spend all residents here on one nation they have also got to pass I think. By Thanksgiving and has signed into law by Thanksgiving and very large tax cuts retroactively design back to January I want to make sure we have enough economic growth in 2018. The Republicans can run as the party of prosperity. And jobs are tired take home pay an economic growth and I would I would say the highest focus ought to be on getting the tax bill through because it simply don't have economic growth this year I think we're real danger of having speaker Nancy blows up and 2019. If we do get those economic growth I think friend who brought you reelection. What trusts. Trump com aid now suing the signaling they're willing. To give to Democrats are dark embassy skin to. No strings attached no border wall funding stuck in their no raise acts. And and we never raise act would would literally. Out literally won't raise wages. Hundreds of thousands of jobs. For Americans. Not even demanding that. I'm not. Here's what he said. All on the day that if that it would slowed down dark guide to put the ball in the air or any of the other immigration fixes Porter fixes. On they wanna do it. I don't find this annual concert that would make a conclusion of the node jacket impossible. Does that give the Democrats a clean bill. For what. During a wreck fish short guy who announces low level staffer announced this at. On behalf of the White House short tat the importance of the tax cuts essential to us right now. Do want to tax cut. For duck. That's what this come down to it. So seconds. It's huge price but keep in mind. Republicans. Control. Congress. We do not need a single Democrat vote to pass that tax cut went. So why is this necessary. Now we're anywhere we bent because that perspective is missing from most of the news transcends Republicans a budget. That slashes spending by ten by trillion bucks a year. And didn't cuts deficit Agca is the prison debt the actual debt in half a decade bounces Baigent decade. They mock him and thrown on the trashy. What else is congress actually accomplished this year. Well they rushed through and passed a bill only one vote against the house taking away term stability remember this. A lot of terms cut power to cut foreign policy deals something it didn't even do Obama when he broke federal lob a pain that illegal ransom team. Iran and then lying to congress about. Indeed it's a bomb that did to trump test center of a culture. What they get done this week. Is cup has been 200 days but C country is not for Smart he doesn't understand things move slowly here. Resolution what do this week so far tax cuts now. Resolution condemning white supremacists. Who through congress on Monday. Less than two days. Condemning white supremacist and demanding that trump condemn white supremacists. They got that done. It's fast. Yeah it's it's until they are what what what what would test prints we remember terms too dumb to understand it takes 200 do you mourn 200 days to the tax cuts on. We even debating tax cut check in committee not nor should busy shaming our president. For Charlottesville. But I mean yeah they through condemnation in their black light smattering. Always he didn't. They didn't they didn't. In chief. Condemnation evolve while we don't like any violence rape. Antigua was mentioned. Just a demand designed to humiliate or president. To point out again to bring up a Guinea in the media. But they don't think he condemned neo Nazi groups enough SO did you Monday and Tuesday. And now are watching our president. With a enough votes his party is in charge of both houses. Heading to give a docket amnesty with no. No immigration. Enforcement enhancements the text know well put off his own while to get tax cuts passed. Because he can't he can't do with the Republicans. Swearing. Where we are. By the way T dental is for black Klansman. Partial dental. People. To lauded the black lives matter on their FaceBook are social media pages before executing cops you know what number were up to a little more than you're not dead bodies we have. Nine. Texas Baton Rouge. New York. They're dead. The deck. Like lives matter is of people swear allegiance black lives matter low black clients Merrill of their FaceBook page can't geeky declared that. Today mentioned black us manner those offices is Six Feet Under. The parents this and we don't have that anymore today even mention black class manner. Now now on an mention I mentioned anti enough room now ninety. How did Democrat shooter but put a bullet that publicist seats police. Let him. Condemn violence on all sides I would that would have been fine. Now. Left it at. What message does that sound he went on. To police officers to regular Americans. Oldest I'll lose offices. Not aware of consummation. Not aware and. That they don't care who they kill and I'm gonna condemn them. And our concerns tax. Tax cuts. Things it would really help this economy to anxious. Not unimportant just not a priority was getting that it got to take its time on Monday and Tuesday to embarrass our president. Make him look like you neo Nazi again. And this is a party do you see the problem here you folks and he should or Democrats only Republicans. Well these are friends who we are enemies. Text your race your will know congress is bad did hard tried to fight them we didn't hire him to work with Democrats. This gesture rates. I. They were again. Texture Richard insulting thing about Republicans. And congress do refusal to condemn black clubs and iron violence in the black community is that people seem to embrace the idea that the black community is incapable of doing any better. Text your rates you better get on board with trump I've donated to Gary and voted for him from but right now I'll vote for whoever runs against him. No sex or race you tiger when he had. Now text your rates to me is to be careful because the first George Bush made a deal with the Democrats after he said read my lips no new taxes. And agreed to raise taxes and a Democrats never came through on their promised trump should get what he wants first then give the Democrats what they want. To make a deal. Chester rates terror cells smoke and mirrors they speak with forked cut tong bait and switch at its finest. It sure is chairman Republicans are spineless idiots they want darker. Merlot that I think pessimistic okay let's jump onto the Ingles avenge talked line talk to markets for green do we think about the smartest. There are incurred that are forward succumb to mop up. They are one bait and switch in that you were fired. And I think what he's 200 manipulating each hoping not to look at the cops would be that they are the little. All what did you see when your kids and it will become strap on the you yet nor do the ball went. That ball. On the current Republican establishment in Washington right now. All he's doing is picking up carpet ready DC it's the Democrats or quickly. Wonder what the Democrat vote argument do you can work with troubled older I'll go about it became medical you can work with trop. To get rid of the current establishment that there on the democratic side and then he's got calls. Hopefully hopefully won't be as ignorant stupid you've been to keep going at the saint equal to the Republican establishment. I think he's trying to clear out the entire slate and he's manipulating everybody to be wrapping it in years. My father or not had a conversation last night and kind of an aggressive our conversation. Absurd. While the normal father not I had a conversation blessed and I somehow turned out to be the only conservative the only Republican in my entire family are much. It get this because I comments and kicked in at some point in time. But. We were talking about heat amnesty the illegal amnesty and are my father and I we'd both. Believe in our Second Amendment are two people have multiple are. I had a full course and that can be if you watch he intends that's optional not signal what do you think about this sit well. They you know they just undocumented alien does he used that term dark. He says what was because they just don't have the proper identification process not someone keyed into your house of course the border of the commercial off your front the war. What would you do you what rights do they have peace in its exact words were they have a right to be carried by twelve or. And I have the right to be judged process that actually know why isn't that the same someone comes into your country's illegal. I didn't say they have portable people commit to this country and are undocumented that they make up onto the Obama administration that they were able to break up. There are bitterly when they came into this country if they wanted to say I'm John Schmidt adding your commander Doug Laird and they came to your home broken here almost older vehicle. And they have the documentation to say hey I'm Johnson head that's what you're calling an undocumented alien. But at the same time you can based on the crawl over the crucial near home and that's illegal there somewhere and multiple people permission. Actually Gordon you have the likes to sit your own. How does it not cross the same on what you he couldn't explain to me. Quality could tell me is that I'm probably be breaks you know I don't like people because double dog trot. The same ignorant actually on the left is what I'm seeing on the light but it's clear now that tax reform. And with that amnesty bill I think you're gonna terrible the left and the right by exporting to everybody in this country how much. How much of an eight immediate we've all been aborted voting different people and Oprah and go and go. Your saying is true markets. And a few but the question is at what price. But did you know who's putting the docket amnesty together. Jeff flake Lindsey Graham. All these guys in the Judiciary Committee. All on Orrin Hanks. So I mean half at what price. How many Arenas is not consuming and I mean Big Ten 2030 by the time you're done.