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Wednesday, September 13th

Trading DACA for tax cuts; Facial recognition software can determine gay and/or criminal tendencies


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Laying good morning turn Perry here's what's on the table today. Stunning yesterday. The White House similar level staffer out to deliver the news. They were willing to trade the border wall. And they want to build it they just won't build it and don't get funding for now. Give Democrats. A doctor amnesty bill. With no border security and it. No raise acts. No. Is it he would do it. They said they might be willing to do that if they have to. So this reverberating around the Internet like shock out there. And all the same low levels ever and I never even heard of before they sent him to like open formed table thing. Armed to date announced this. The same staffer said on debt what they what they would they're doing this on because their top priorities for tax cuts. Now. On its face. If you look at it through a lens analyze the media has told us trading. Amnesty for 800000. In exchange for tax cuts that'll literally revolutionized the prospects of generation. Allow American business to compete again repatriate 15% of our economy that hides from our highest in the and you know industrialized world tax rates. I mean you can't when you have effective marginal tax rate. Of almost 19% kid does is eight. You cannot compete is a country sir is you know our our financial future is estate but it what caused. And I tell you why and twenty cents yesterday who is being put in charge of Wright said doctor bill. Well that's being punted to the. Gary Kennedy well who's on the Judiciary Committee. Lindsey Graham. Jeff flake. The worst of the worst. Com and daily caller yesterday reporting. That Lindsey Graham. And Jeff Laker adamant that there will be no board you know border enhancement border protection. You know security or improvements. Of you know the fight against illegal immigration bill they wanna clean bill they don't want any sort of border security. In that bill that's our senator by the way he can be proud him. You know I guess he likes finding Muslim prayer rugs in the desert. That's our vets say OK with Clinton he supports I but all of that aside that's she's going to be reading and we are you know what your bill is gonna say I could try to start written. And it it is it is a Singapore Armenia we've been over it we've been through here up on the on the air with Rosemary Jenks you mean. And the background checks most standard background checks prohibited. Can't prosecute illegals for fraud so if you tell claim your mom watching your bitching but she didn't can't be prosecuted for that. On the only requirement is that you have worked three years the United States of America so you don't have to have graduated from high school you know to be enrolled in college not wrecked credit tell us you have to be in the military at all like. Com they know what's in their listener bill right now. Mom and there is no age limit so any would apply any illegal your 55 became your 53 or three years what you are now doctor recipient. And even worse bomb it it would appear there's nobody here illegally in the country this would not apply to. And this is what we've seen them sponsor is full on aims to. It is absolute full on aims to know Lindsey Graham visited an announcer doctor bill they party sponsored it's it's already hit it's it's died. Now will Lindsey Graham and Jeff flake on them. On who are working with Democrats and ignored by the way the Jerry could add Kushner on spell Lee will they put that fell word. Is that to build a really gonna push this I don't see that passing in the house that's suicide. In a Republican primary. Are they gonna go for the whole hog and try to lot of people about it. Knowing trouble signing it I don't mitigated through the house but that's who's reading the bills that's signals to me. That trump Peta doesn't get what's at stake here we're talking about a full on amnesty. Homage he's still buying the 800 number. Or he's gonna let him go hole Hagen in exchange for that prayer dirt you know gain Republican leadership to put tax cuts through what do you think of analysts are maybe he's gonna let the house skillet. CF thought about that too if you if you're gonna let Jeff flake and Lindsey Graham given the horror they Marty filed which is full and you received thirty million people come form frame sympathized and there's nobody would be excluded under this. Oh plus they can all bring their family members to. Once once they file bid and they can bring the process to start the GeMS and go ahead in and make this you know 30405060. That's realistically what it is. Over a decade Benetton family here and by the way the Dak at last forever. So anybody who makes it over the border. Brought their parents in the future gets this juice it was a massive magnet. It's a disaster basically but you know what I I when I looked at the level of the disaster and who trump is bargaining with the allowed to write this year rate it won't get through the house a fan. Because if you're looking at it Lindsey Graham your he's not facing a leper reelection this cycle. So he's safe as far as that's concerned politically for four right now scores and elections or Paterno Rican primary threats death but the in the house obviously every two years every single member of the house is always thought. So if you get a situation where the house can the Republicans say we voted against this causes some bad deal. They can they get support from the Republican. Voters and conservative voters who were warning to see something done saying hey we voted against this we voted against this so you give how's the opportunity to give themselves some cover they are on bad. It doesn't get past it doesn't matter with the senators because some of those that he's worried about a monastery up for reelection so. You know I we try to negotiate we tried to do this we try to we offer this for the Democrats I mean bush event if it doesn't pass does he get the Democrat help on the tax cuts yeah that's that and this is a part I don't understand too why would you have some low level staffer. Come out and give away your negotiation strategy. I don't under why we care why would you sit on the border security off down and say oh you know just let the Democrats is that they want trump is known for. Going into demanding. You know way over and above anything that you wouldn't think he gets. And then having somewhere to renegotiate some more tobacco from a which that's that's a typical tactic tactic the a lot of business and an unpalatable folks uses well. There you always puts on to get a piece of legislation the too willing to give away. All the Democrats and you don't have their. In his everything they say they want is to tax cuts down so. It's gonna be very interesting to watch all this go down I hope trump is not pardoning from a position of endurance because I'm telling you if that kind of an amnesty passes. We will learn very quickly his followers will learn very quickly what was really in it and is good toast him wells could destroy him I mean I played this yesterday here's Steve Bannon. Former White House advisor Steve Manning continues to make music easy interview with sixty minutes predicting the battle over what to do about docket will ignite a civil war in the Republican Party. With serious consequences. I'm worried about losing the house now because there's a because of Dhaka. And what does it do it by house can vote against it. Saves those Republican seats and I was just gonna say this doesn't sound like a plan that Steve van and came up with and maybe that's why he's gone now. Yeah keep it Demi because he you know he said and that sixty minutes interview which would they this amazing how much that much mileage they've got out of that they just keep putting up pieces and pieces and pieces of the but he said he wasn't going to be their for more than a year anyway that was all he warned today of he wanted to be there for a year he was coming up on the year anniversary Doherty turn in his resignation. Although the story is that trump. Let him ago. I heard the truth there on the lights on the yet there's one person in American Media there's only one who could break trumpet that Steve Bannon he can break him. Because that is how trumps message got out temporary part. And when Russia as a rush is right the media cannot break time no one believes them. But who but you know he says who made you can break you brake part made them mean when you you know again is there we say we got more hits the Wal-Mart and Bank of America. That's how powerful bright partisan and if they turn against them on this. I'm number one term and I hope he understands that I think he goes looking at here's a bizarre thing don't throw in freely and that this is where it gets real weird. OK remember Paul Ryan saying we need to take weeks and weeks and weeks to debate with their permanent debt ceiling solution toys saw. All of September doing that bombing trump said sorry made a deal with the Democrats. Cheap rate okay. Tom for the sixteen month and he says he knows it's a very long time. Okay well what comes out yesterday he's the head of the senate. We elect McConnell. He's prickly Democrat himself as is the Democrats didn't get the good deal they thought it did on the debt ceiling. His riveted the pig Democrats a dragon always had trouble over a barrel man you know we we extended does she went for three months and he's gonna have to give us everything we want docket the industry wants me and we own him. And McConnell came out yes it's a nice don't. Is what she Democrats and this is that I slipped something in the air saying basically we're not gonna have to do of the debt ceiling thing for eighteen months yell missed it when you voted for. Since what happens when nobody reads the bills she's good and so miss calls no less at the Democrats say truck just pulled one over on he full sewed it. I don't know only. This is working with truck to pull one over the death. Now come into any any question women well if Paul Ryan was saying every discuss that he was it trump. All we know there's been a long time to beating the permit solution we gotta do it right now we know I just spent five weeks on vacation waste a lot of time Christian it's tolerance try to put off the tax cut the B rate. What make you told time Mitch McConnell could just slip something in to a hurricane bill and fix the debt Selig. Is that these. Possibly I mean obviously they're gonna be some pieces of legislation that are gonna get a lot more scrutiny than others. And if maybe if trump was doing the bums rush with the Democrats here on this one. And McConnell was able to do some legislative maneuvering to get something in the air that is not going to be to their liking without them noticing it now. But but yeah but McConnell and trump working together and that's ahead scripture. I now know. So basically left you Democrats saying she you get one over on trump Boris so all we tricked you you know leveraged three months from now. You can read to build morons will still. To semi truck built bent McConnell too is well. That there is that. That's the the twist concerns never end and this is better thinking would turn its watch this type of recent history. How does one know who has the dragons you know any real you know I think Democrats have been dead one. If you wish game turns you know I'm talking about maybe the just lol charcoal is lowland tropical yeah all so. I either that or McConnell trying to save face. Rape -- how unpopular he is now on the criticism he's garden and trump spent into his well I I don't. I don't know I can dredge and I was an almost wanna get mad your but I don't. I never seemed politics played this well I don't even know what to tell you about words don't. I guess to strap on your seatbelts and France elect Tony first cup. Your deepest started seek it deepest darkest secrets all of them out on the Internet for everyone to see. All your flows an your strengths known by everyone you can't hide it's it's if you're naked can you imagine. Well it's well on its way I'll tell you what I'm talking about. OK apple today held a big announcement event where they unveiled not one with three new iphones the iPhone eight. The iPhone eight plus. And a special ten year anniversary edition of the iPhone the iPhone ten which goes for 999. Dollars they could have charged a thousand dollars for the sake you know what. Let's give our loyal fans a break. He iPhone ten comes and everything the iPhone has but it also includes an amazing new feature. That takes 300. Did your checking account. Has a faster processor better camera pans glass. Literally no way to drop it without breaking some part of the call. Did you see this. Get a big feature is the face recognition. Jab to turn that stupid code anymore cross entrance notes. Mr. recognize you face. It totally does so they sent to park guy out there. Right as sort of work great once rate for the demonstration before the entire world so one of the top news stories yesterday meal in the entire world. I mean you're so. Debbie it's gonna recognize your face. Hole. Let's good to back up here. Didn't happen that failed. In oh heck no. And no Fritz from York good morning sir. No LO built into a Christian yeah. Yes I am psyche is set traded or not a traitor all we already got amnesty on the former artwork with each spokes. They've got jobs they owned home they have businesses. They can get any documentation they want what by our probable. To get the tax. Reductions tax reform and it's if you trade something that they've already got something we don't have upper. The venerable walloped air restaurant you're not talk to which will there will not go all. There is no wall we don't have border security. Anybody come across and as you point out the grandparents are all wet which is what's happening eat your. The refugees from. From being Syria. And it is stoked a minute you know all the great comparison. Anyway that's my point and are now in bits and what it. All we're broke quickly they are trading for something am habits vote. Because if lynch again the Lindsey Graham bill as written gets past again there is nobody is illegal immigrant is country right now that would not apply that would not. Be able use stock. Fell 3040 million of them on a percent. And wouldn't just apply young people. We know what happens when that happens. Again Texas goes turn we blew Florida permanently blue South Carolina purple North Carolina permanently glued Georgia permanently blue and the Republicans never win national election again. The party dice. It's a heck of a price to pay for tax reform. Heck of a price especially when once the you know party controls everything not just jacked tax rates back. Mac is it helps us compete at the casino it's fun to punish people. So I mean you're looking at illegal immigrants are being indecisive voters in this country and having that little power over us. It Lindsey Graham version passage now is signed lease though Everton have through the house. And happen. So I don't know. I do not know. Are you gonna get to this. And it's in this due last week. It can you imagine I mean it your deepest darkest secrets right up there on the Internet for everyone to see you would never do that. Is face on the Internet. Only ninety. Member last week's Stanford University. Announced they had an artificial intelligence out over the program that could sell with in amazing accuracy whether somebody scared. 91% for men 83% for women. And yeah that the computer had taught himself to do this by looking at dating profiles. From you know that it was was fed to a from gay went sized people declaring themselves get and then they could take the mathematical composition of the face. And apply it to people knew me know if they were gay or not the computer enough they're gay or not and it would it would be right 91% of the time and now his stunning. SeniorNet last week. Implications are staggering Wilbon got right at Steve for the professor behind Mott Michael kaczynski's his own and now we understand he's got a lot of criticism from the our algorithms do much when Matt. He says they can identify people's political abuse. There IQ range. And whether their pre disposed to criminal behavior. Also what they have spur a specific personality traits like narcissus some on things like that just by looking at their faces. Computer can learn to do. The great Gunnison China. China said this. All credit violent criminals pictures into an algorithm into the computer it learns it to look at their faces until he was a violent criminal. Mathematically. Com and then it could it correctly distinguish almost 90% of the time violent criminals. From regular people. When the photos were fed to it. Okay. You know true. They haven't done this on think about that think the implications this from. Children. This is a great question. Obviously we Wear a lot more about ourselves on our faces and we realized. The question so haven't done on adults. Can you look at the face of the seven year old project with 90% accuracy whether he'll be a violent criminal. Or her does his face change as he ages because of his violent crime like. You know maybe your body releases certain chemicals when you commit crime and that changes your facial structure your muscles. We don't know we don't know this can be used predictably. On children and what was what could be. And really stock is and see you could legally Al life. Mean could you imagine feeding the photos of everyone you know into this thing. Wholly count would that mean I feel like unbelievable what you hear from you on this. Arranged your at a couple questions in mr. trump is a white supremacist. What NBC employed him for so many years how trump tied his white supremacy from every went. For so many years. Great question. Jimmy eat on the Eagles advantage talk line. Hey. Did you mean. From easily you're on the air Jimmy. In Jimmy. Let's go to an intense line. Tester race. Oh where oh where we UK after forty every man gets the face he deserves a said president Abraham Lincoln and true. There is your rates he'd tear Graham is the very internal enemy he took an oath to defend America against he's trying to kill the Republican Party destroy jobs and American workers and bring down America. A Communist to do little better than him. This is Richard. Noticed strange tiered did you see the movie minority report that program sends a scary let's show thank Cheryl. Text your rates now apples can be looking at everyone's. Face. This is not it's. Eight it is. And to the crater critter has would you use this. And this election. This technology that can read your face to tell your political leanings. About Michael Kaczynski the Stanford professor. Behind this project they're not the only ones doing this thinking read your face until basically everything about you. So that conservative politicians tend to be more physically attracted the liberals. And assign him miss the algorithm. And then interest and they mean and scored an analogy they wish your face they can tell Natalie that's a conservative or liberal but how concerned vehicle WR the can put you on the whole. Scale. Tell your IQ. We 90% accuracy tell whether UEFA are violent criminal or not almost 90% accuracy. He imagines this. I mean if this was like if you could if you could make an app that would do this everything and everybody would run everybody's patient through you would be so rich. A person user right away for hiring right of course they. Never wanting your picture taken is good gosh I don't know your deepest darkest secret they can do this boats. We would if it comes back a 100% positive deter violent criminal and your only seven. But we do if you see Jimmy's back Jenny. Hey all I'm sure which way it can you hear me yes. Rock the most abundant the issue this century United States is going to bring him approach you're able to coast. Twenty million. Or they get up to recuse. Books are blustery. They cannot vote is bogus supper and caught in the most Hispanic countries or all of the children Koreas have been to several. We cannot do we have to tell shouldn't though. Could not ruling archer house or deplete lip outs when they became a model so we all world coach better. Hispanics need to get out with this wonderful I know wonderful expand Hispanics who are here legally and are illegal about it. Illegal. Yet. How little I looked critical public not the main person. To do our culture torque cute Smart Greinke putt just straight. It's Arabs and what are these people would like old home country we will all know punch dashed at all. This even people Jimmie it's whether we're gonna have borders tonight. We don't have borders in every country and try said that over and over and over. All and that's what that's what he's bargaining with the chick peas pardoning west for the tax cuts. And don't underestimate the value of the tax cuts either. Our our companies are businesses cannot compete in the world we would panic Canada has a marginal effective tax rate of 8% ours is nineteen. I'll do you know we can't that's what the companies actually pay we we can't compete. Businesses how many more talking. Congressional Budget Office says two million jobs from this tax cuts included 15% they won't get that she is unfortunate. I mean so what we're literally talking economic prosperity for generation. As to what you're saying what Norwood Woodward we can just tuning in trip yesterday since a low very low level staffer out to announce. That they are they they are not going to a trash they they don't necessarily mean to attach. Border security the wall any of it to daka. No border security no enhanced measures. None of it. At at the top priority is tax cuts. So we drew is Wallace side now I don't build it. Now the story today bomb Homeland Security is moving forward with the planning to walk. And the bid suspending certain environmental rules all that stuff so they're obviously moving forward with. The issue key waiver I'm allowing border while construction began. And they actually have some funds to begin construction with so they abandon its Harley eerie thing. Does not what you expected to trump void. Virgin. However. When you look at this means it's happened yesterday isn't so you everything. Have Mitchell Collins Paul Ryan. It's lecturing trump white western Georgia is Joseph we should she is not very Smart he doesn't understand it congress moves slowly. I really. You pastor overwhelmingly through congress took a lesson 48 hours this week starting on Monday. A resolution condemning white supremacists. And neo Nazis along with a demand that trump condemn them so this issue had fallen off the table. The GOP brought it back up in an effort to humiliate their president. That went through with no problem. We don't they totally they totally condemned anti fat and black light smattering. No. No mention that and you mentioned that. So good button known neon. She's kill their country. Passed a year you're not one of the car. It's terrible tragedy. How black lives matter supporters killed a vowed that black lives matter supporters in their own words on their social media pages how many. Nine dead police officers. Members fighting bout Delis. Three in Baton Rouge she's ten to a New York. Those are folks who buy their own admission. Were black let's matter fanatics. The dead Six Feet Under. No mention blacklist neck he mentioned how their families children. This sure Republican leadership folks so before you did too mad about him dealing with the Democrats remember her. What he's up against you this is he Republican leadership. I know when he did this is is this was in revenge for him dealing with the Democrats. There is no time for tax cuts. Three page street 15% of the US economy creed two million jobs in an attempt it but they have time to humiliate the president. Finally the latest is written implies that he did not condemn neo Nazis and then he should. Another lie. By the way. Everybody Fred did they all voted for they held it. Here we go this trump condemning both sides of the Channing need in condemned both sides he Charlottesville. We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred bigotry. And violence. Series work and went to see the problem here. I don't know on the angles today should talk climbing in Greeneville hit poll. Eric thanks stick it close quarter. Our magic question about that facial recognition. Mom didn't do it's what company develop that. On their mother been multiple companies several of them in China comment also Stanford University. I think that's really her erratic out much by your bank. But up. What they are contractual. I think they had tried all the all Fisher. You know like the local state federal politicians. And of people that work like the FBI negotiate if I made a and then post them on top U auto web site out hitter and. There would limit now you ease public about it. QQ did you implications of this. Kid and what would happen. If this technology sees put out an apple. The Internet you can pay their run people's pitchers threw it. On an atoll site how intelligent they are where they really are on the political scale whether their compulsive liars whether their narcissistic. Whether they are violent criminals and whether they're gay and knows the things they can do with this at huge percentage of and percentages of accuracy 8090%. Of this ball. You mean imagine being born and and by the time your fifteen that your face has been run through so many times. That everybody knows. On the turn gay liberal. Non and you wanted to run as a conservative she can never you know or an and that you have criminal propensity seem to never run for office and literally because your face. You are no longer be able to lie I mean people would be a million jobs that wouldn't be able to run for office when I can imagine a society like that. Well I candidates limit. I think anybody that ran for public operation out there that because we trust these people. And the problem has very archer crux. At all would it be nice not big guy at it yet Krupp. If you proper public popped. Yeah. You could never. I didn't. From you know being patient out certain requirements of course like all our arch ordered it stopped. Or it'll regular job sir but you know corporations are probably use a vote what I and it for public office and people like judges. In all judges. And people letter all of brush their political walk or take a peek at true. Yeah. And and if this thing ever gets out of the confines of the walls of Stanford university and attorneys companies developing and I would totally be used that way it'll be used in ways we mean thought. One tester is why wouldn't FaceBook use this labeling categories users area billions of pictures of people. I don't think about discriminate dating. You would come with your own score. Conservative liberal IQ. Criminal propensity. Your heterosexuality score. Have had or are you. Think about that. 8090 PA from from. For many it with gay man is 91% accurate. And it does back menus is the guards the entrance like heck for just telling who's gay wouldn't we can tell your IQ your political leanings. Your personality traits. Your propensity for criminality and violence. So on your face. Fascinating. Gut feeling about somebody. That's why. Our brains can read your fit our brains can read faces not as good as the machine. Crazy isn't it.